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Sorting a Text Box (XP)
list box formatting (2003)
Create Outlook task from Excel information (2003)
Custom Function Similar to SUM (XP; SP3)
Getting external data ( )
LOOP (Excel 2000)
Time in increments (Excel 2000)
User Defined Function - problem with Parameters (XP)
case is.... (2000 sr 1)
Find value in hide sheet and put into other sheet. (2000 sr 1)
Excel Add-ins (2000/2002/2003)
Treemap Charts (All version)
VLOOKUP help (2003)
Insert value into cell ... (2000 sr 1)
Recopy line into other sheet with index in column (2000 sr 1)
SaveAs Code (2003)
Extracting data from a PT (Excel 2003)
file system object (2000)
opening Excel spreadsheet (Excel 2003)
Cell format for hidden rows (Excel2003)
Listbox, ComboBox or ? (XP; SP3)
adding a cell and linking to other sheets (2000/2003)
Me Reference (XP;SP3)
Sorting - List of Characters (2000)
10points - 12 points (Excel 2002)
If and VLookup formulas in same cell (XP & 2003)
Dating Problem (Excel 2002)
Links & Insertions (2000)
Using a Form with Print Options (Excel 2000)
Image Control (xp)
why not work... vlooukp (2000 sr 1)
Insert Blank Line Before data (2000 sp3)
Gap in dropdown list (2000)
Split screen (Excel 2000 SP3)
Arrange vlookup (2000 sr 1)
FileCopy to web folder (xl2000)
Input mask for date in Excel? (Excel 2000)
pivot table of only visible data (Excel 2000)
Cannot rename series on chart (2000 SP3)
Pivot Table not updating (2000)
Reference another sheet (2000)
Don't want NA visible (Excel 2000)
Sheet format page (2000 sr 1)
Lock cell based on contents of another (Excel 2002)
If statment that displays Text from cell ref (Excel)
Decimal to Binary (XP)
Populating a worksheet from another w/s table (XP & 2003)
Label Caption Property (2000)
v2000 (Graphic Handling)
Overwriting filters on a an excel spreadsheet (office 2003)
LOOP sheets (2000 sr 1)
Adobe PDF Printer (2003)
Drawing multiple borders (2003 SP1)
SOLVED all sheet hided in one 'shot' (2000 sr 1)
email (2003)
Marketing and business charts? (2003)
list sheet hided... (2000 sr 1)
Get from table. (Excel)
How to format cell to input only a range of number (2000/2003)
Array Formulas (All version)
Excel 2000 hyperlinks (2000 Sr2)
Conditional Array (2000 SR2)
Behavior change (2002 SP3)
Create a Word Doc from within Excel (Excel 2002)
Chart title link? (xl97/WinNt4)
create sheet based column and TEMPLATE sheet
Error Handler Query (Excel 2002)
explain a formula? (all)
Row Calculation Query (Excel 2003)
Show comment... (2000 r s1)
Need Help With Formula (Excel 2003 SP-1)
Computer Freezes Closing Excel (Office 2000)
Comment Boxes (Excel 2000)
Sorting Numbers (n.n.n) (Excel 2000)
ComboBox or Something Else (XP:SP3)
fill child table from master (excel 2000)
checkbox formula (2000)
tables on graphs (Excel 2002 (SP3))
cut sting at , (excel 2000)
Digital Signature Probs (XP)
Attaching toolbar only to one workbook (2002 2003)
SUMIF based on empty cell (2000)
Vlookup from Pivot Table (Excel 2002)
Transform string in code.... (2000 sr 1)
Breaking news on Excel 12!!!!!!!!!! (Excel 12)
Conditional Formatting (2002)
Equivalent Code (XP; SP3)
6 Unique Random Numbers (XP; SP3)
TextBox Centering on UserForm (XP; SP3)
Calc # Weeks Based on Date Cell (2003)
Comment Boxes with Freeze Panes Alternatives (Excel 2002 SP3)
Stakced Bars with Line? (XP)
Add Excel link to Explorer favorites (excel 2000) (519551) was moved to the Other Browsers & Email Clients board
Hyperlinks off by 1 (Excel 2003 sp1)
Formula assistance please (Windows XP)
Transposing alternate cells (2003)
refering to named ranges in code (XL2000)
ISNA Problem (Excel 2002)
Protect drop down menus (2003)
If Then and Percentage formula (2002 SP3)
Saving a Range as HTML (2003 SP1)
Validation (Excel 2002)
Data Filtering & Printing (any)
Excel Macro (XP)
Data Validation (2003)
name sheet (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))
Excel VBA Time Calculation (Excel 2002 SP2)
show list of wbook into dir (2000 sr 1)
Counting Multiple Criteria (2000)
Carrying data between worksheets (Excel 2003)
Extract Unique and Sum (Excel 2003)
Switchboard (v2000)
Excel 2003: Not prompting to close (2003)
Insert current date (static) when file is modified (2003)
Mac/PC date problem (Excel 2000-2004)
Find a string (2000)
Open Word Doc with Links (2000 sp3)
Macro for automatically naming ranges (Excel 2003 )
Formatting a custom header (Excel 2003)
'Never say Die' macro(s) (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
copy and add line ... (2000 sr 1)
Excel Objects In Word (2003 SP-1)
Extract Data (Excel 2002)
how can i automate this? (2003)
cannot copy sheets (2000 9.0.4402 SR-1)
Pivot Table Calculation (XP, 2003)
Formatting the date in a footer (Excel 2003)
How to draw a line on a form (2002, XP Pro SR2)
Plot a circle/spiral (2000)
import txt into table (2000)
Pivot Table (2000)
Formatting graph area (2000)
COUNTIF (2002)
margins do not fit page size (excel 200)
Pivot table problem (2000)
Make Cell Addresses dynamic with hyperlinks in VBA (Excel 2000>)
indirect (2003)
Bolded text on a msgbox! (Excel 2000>)
Conditions (excel 2003)
Calculate microseconds (2000)
IF any of the statments are true then (excel 2003)
Blinking Font Format (XP/SP2; OXP/SP3)
Copy/Paste error (2003)
Check cells for valid (Excel 2003)
delete dupes in orizzontal (2000 sr 1)
Split screens (Office 2000)
Count rows in multiple selection! (Excel 2000 >)
Solver/XNPV (2002)
MultiCalc Function (Excel 2000 >)
MAC AND PC (Excel 2003)
Is WorksheetFunction really necessary??? (Excel 2000 >)
suggestion... (2000 sr 1)
Catastrophic Failure (XP; SP3)
call my macro or... (2000 r s1)
Pull in amounts from one worksheet to another (XP & 2003)
Peoples names - one column to two columns (Excel 2003 SP1)
Named Ranges II (2003 SP1)
Consecutive 3-Character code (Excel 2000 >)
Floating Toolbar (2000 sp3)
Generating Permutations (Excel 2000>)
adding a menu bar item (2003)
Creating a transparent chart series (Excel 2000>)
Error deleting pivotitems (2000 2002 2003)
Separating duplicate records. (XP & 2003)
Insertion of date into cell (2000)
Macros within excel (v11.1.1 for Mac)
Using a tab's name in a calculation (Excel 2002 SP3)
Special Paste (XP SR!)
controll loop.. (2000 sr 1)
Finished with a form (2003)
Time entries in 15 minute increments (Excel 2000)
Form button not working (2002 SP3)
What is () (Excel2003)
Removing 0 when referrer cell is empty (2002 SP3)
Conditional Formatting in List (Excel 2003)
Excel Styles - Why Use them? (XP/2003)
few items for class score sheet (2003)
error msg 'cannot complete task' (Excel 2003)
Radar Charts-resources (97-->)
Adding hours and seconds (Excel 2000)
Combo Box with Titles (Excel XP)
doCalcuating tax year (2003)
Interactive Chart (2003)
Pasting data in other tables (Excel 2003)
WHO!!!!!!!! Where is my command and list command? (2000 r s1)
Auto Filter Same info multiple columns (Excel 2002)
Sorting a sheet with multiple heading rows (Excel XP)
Application Quit; Server Side (XP; SP3)
Order column based CTR (2000 sr 1)
Data Cleanup (XP/2003)
Two condition on REPLaCE (2000 sr 1)
Importing dropdown box into EXcel (2000)
Counting based on 2 conditions and in a range (2003)
redim of an array (2003)
Compile error in hidden module ? (Excel 2002)
GET RID OF #DIV/0 (XP & 2003)
LOOKUP formula (Excel)
Check for total digit count (2000 sp3)
Formula in UserForms (2003)
Paste Lock problem (2002)
Creating a link to a specific message in Outlook (Excel 2003)
trapping cell (2000 sr 1)
Scan into all line of txt file... (2000 sr 1)
Mailto: Query (Excel 2002)
Workday question again!! (2003)
very slow calculation (Excel 2003)
Choose a target cell in a table (XP & 2003)
Intersect Target (XP; SP3)
Passing Variable i (XP; SP3)
the offset function (Excel 2003)
Format Plot Area (Excel 2002)
search and replace with formatting (Excel 2003)
Method to split delimited value like this: A;B;C (2003)
Organising chart labels (WinXP, XL2003)
Iinsert value into column L if... (2000 sr 1)
Sharing violation during save (Excel 2002)
Show Month Name (Excel 2000 >)
Template Wizard add-in tmplwiz.exe (Excel 2002)
? function to count unique similar to CountA( )? (Excel 2003)
formula help (office XP)
search for a value using a macro (xcel 2003)
Horizontal bar chart data labels (Office 2003)
Automatically copy cond formatting (2000 sp3)
Formula Problem (Excel 2002)
Excel formula query (2003)
WHILE NOT... (2000 sr 1)
Control toolbox grayed out (XP)
IF Problem (Excel 2002)
#N/A's in cells (Excel 2000)
PasteSpecial xlPasteValues (Excel 2000 SR1)
Pivot Table Problem (Excel 2002)
IF formula (XP)
vba loses a range on data (excelxp)
Modeless Message box (Excel 2000)
run macro on file | open (xl2ksp3)
Conditional format of date (XP)
Toolbar Icon via VBA (2000 sp3)
Skipping oCell (XP: SP3)
Sheet x of y (WIN XP/Access 97)
Unsaved Pivot Table Crashes (Excel 2003)
Lottery Checker (E2003)
Formula help please (Office XP)
Cycling sheest... (2000 sr 1)
Apply Autofilter on multiple sheets (Excel 2002)
Extract number.... (2000 sr 1)
Can't see all rows (Win xp + Excel 2000)
Moving Comments (2000)
Convert EST to PST in formula (Excel - Office XP)
Notify-Reverse Engineering (XP:SP3)
Window freeze & split (xp & 2003)
Bar Chart Labels (Office 2003)
Why the macro not esclude the sheet... (2000 sr 1)
List Updated Workbooks Between Dates (Offive 2003)
why overlow... (2000 sr 1)
Code Crashes Excel (XL2002 SP1)
Condition very strong... (2000 sr 1)
Compounding Interest (daily) (2000)
selectively add from a range (Excel 2003)
Print Macros (Excel 2000)
multi-select Forms listbox (Excel 2003)
Function or Macro for Adding Non-Adj. Cells (XP (2002))
ActiveWorkbook.SendMail (Excel 2003 VBA)
VBA code block inserts! (Excel XP)
Error run time.. (2000 sr 1)
XY Graph labels (2003)
pivot tables (XP)
Excel VBA modules still open (ExcelXP SP3)
Monthly balances (Excel 2002)
help for the new one (Excel 2000)
Active Cell Offset (2003)
Custom Function to search for text (2003)
Formatting (2002)
Filename With Variable (XP; SP3)
Execute GoTo Label more than once!! (Excel 2000)
inset name of the sheets into othaer sheet (2000 sr 1)
calculating date and time (2000)
Printing problems (2000/XP)
Reference Activecell in class module (2000 sp-3/ 98SE/ VB6)
convert .wk4 to Excel (Win XP Excel 2003)
multi tasked if statement (excel 00)
Excel Automation of PowerPoint (2000 sp3)
Undo in VBA code (2000,xp,2003)
Why Value returns 1 (Excel 2003)
Disable Marcos (Office XP)
Scrolling a Userform (XP 2003)
1004 runtime error (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Getting Workbook Names from a consolidation (Excel)
Dynamic Autofiltering?? (2000 SP3)
Excel 911 Replace mystery (Excel2000/ExcelXP)
Chart Data Labels (2003)
Help with Formula (e)
Another Approach to Vlookup? (excel 2000)
Indexing of data (2000 sp3)
Faking a Gantt chart (Excel XP)
Perhaps my post is a stupid question.... (2000 sr 1)
Tabbing (E2003)
filling fields (Office 2003)
Populate a range from a single cell (Excel 2002)
Custom Form buttons (2002, XP Pro SR2)
Count and concantenate (XP)
transfering data value from 2 Wbook... (2000 r s1)
Help on Formula (Excel 2003)
Customizing the built-in data form (XP)
Round up if (2003)
Size of charts when linked to Word (2003)
Locked cells in Excel (Excel 2002)
financial functions (2003)
vb formatting cell (200/2003)
VB to add worksheet to end of workbook (2000/2003)
Data Sorting Problem (Excel 2000)
If statement (2000/2003)
Conditional Formating (97)
Advance Filter & Copy (Excel 2000)
Multi Selection Lists (Excel 2003)
Work out date from hours (Excel 2000 >)
IF Problem (Excel 2002)
MEDIANIF Function??? (Excel 2003 SP1)
list which can be added to (excel 2000)
filter by length of cell contents (2000)
sort by last 4 digits in field (2000)
Close All Event??? (Excel 2003)
axis labels (2003)
Hans remember my old prob to order sheets? (2000 sr 1)
Hiding columns if condition is not met (Excel)
Use sheet name (WinNT4, XL97)
copy also into LISTA shett (2000 sr 1)
Devide record in sheet based first letter (2000 sr 1)
formatting for percentage (2000/2003)
Workbook Delete After Expiration (Office XP)
showdata (2002 sp3)
Saving from a Macro (2003 SP1)
Waiting for another OLE action to complete? (Excel 2000, Access 97)
Excel time (2002)
Convert XLA to XLS (2003/SP1)
Protect Individual wksheet (Excel 2002)
Pivot Table Number formats (2002 sp3)
protecting spreadsheet (2000/2003)
Excel Presentation (Xl 97 and >)
Hold one cell constant in formula (2003)
XIRR and stock/mutual fund purchases (Probably all
Open workbook from VB (XP 2003)
Rid of Notification (Office XP)
expected expression error (Excel 2003)
SOLVED--SUMIF blind to value calculated using IF()
Copy customer data (XP)
Running File | Send To (Excel 2002)
Force Data to certain Format (2000 Sp3)
Gantt chart? (Excel 2003)
Limitation In VLookUp (Office XP)
Reading A CSV File (XP:SP3)
Eliminate Error Messages (Excel 2003)
Calculate on Status Bar (Excel XP)
Comment - How to write a macro to move & size cell (XP)
Takes time to open a sheet (2002/2003)
Remove/List Duplicates from SAP list (Excel 2000 >)
rows & columns / square (XL 2003)
VBS Code - Create Txt file (Excel 2002)
What if statement on two sheets (VBA Excel 2000)
Excel IF Function (2000)
selecting from a list and filling out the rest (excel)
link excel to outlook (excel2000)
Tracking changes in excel file (excel 2000/2003)
making a form (excel 2000)
Capture No from a range (Excel 2002)
Identify Upper Case Entries (2002)
Automatically copying into multiple worksheets (Excel 2003)
Adding sheets (Excel 2003)
Undo after saving (2002 SP3)
Slow Macro (Excel 2002)
filtering data every 5 secs (excel)
Cell Formatting (XP)
Delimited Text File (Office XP)
Excel mis-reporting Macro Security Level? (2003 SP1)
Excel questions (2003)
Excel file it takes long time to open it (2000/200
nON BLANK VALIDATION! (Excel 2000 >)
Export to Text (Office XP)
Summing calculations (Excel 2000)
Vlookup with ComboBox (2003)
Complex Formula--need help! (Excel)
Green bar paper (Excel 2002)
Formula Help (2000)
Deletion of Range Names (XP)
Recalc is not working with validation! (Excel 2000>)
COUNT/SUM (IF) (MS-2003)
Excel Currency Conversion Template (Excel 2000)
Row Conditional Formatting (2002)
Changing size of Checkbox (excel 2003)
VLookup with text as references (XP & 2003)
Random row in sheet! (XL2003)
AutoFilter (Excel 2003)
Last cell (2003)
Rounding to nearest .125 (Excel 2003)
find matching values in two lists (xl2kspsomething
Unable to access hidden shapes (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
charts (excel2003)
Divide into three (excel 2003)
Excel - Fill? (Excel 2002)
Lost Bullet (Excel 2003 sp2) (508210) was moved to the Word board
Formatting Pivot Tables (Excel XP)
Multiple Find & Replace (XP 2003)
Excel Program Error (2000 sp3)
Partial Derivatives (Excel 2003)
outlining in a cell (excel 2000)
UsedRange Scrollbar (2000 sp3)
Custom Button Recommendation (XP; SR3)
Convert Positive to Negative and Vice Versa (2003)
cannot open excel 2002 file from windows explorer (excel 2002)
SUM based on MAX condition (2000)
VLookUp (Office XP)
Setting Range? (Excel 2003)
Auto Resizing Comments (2003)
Showing Numbers in English Words (2003)
Active Printer (2002/SP2)
Help with IF statement (2000 sp3)
Pivot Table Assistance (XP: SP3)
Chart type vs Y-axis definition (2003 xp prof.)
reference between sheets same workbook (W2K SP4 & Office 2003)
Disable the Debug button? (Excel 2000 >)
Conversion Functions (Excel 2000 >)
Workdays Discrepancy (Excel 2003, SP1)
Format Cell Color based on value (2000 sp3)
Time Calculation (Excel 2003)
Excel object embedded in html (11.0) (507045) was moved to the Web Design, Coding and Scripting board
Format (Excel 2000)
Formula too long (Excel 97 on XP Pro)
Max No Users Shared Workbook (2003)
Copy Marco (Office XP)
Code to Hide Error Formulas (Excel 2000>)
Default Settings (Excel 2003)
Simple Macro (2003 (11.6355.6408) SP1)
Concatenate (Excel 2000)
Sending attached file (2003)
Templates Wizard? (2003)
Find&Replace in Comments (Excel 2003)
NETWORKTIME??? (Excel 2000>)
Refresh Charts (2003 SP1)
Can't close Excel (Office XP for Students and Teachers)
XIRR (Excel 2003)
Modified file not available with AutoRecover (Exce
Exported numbers formatted wrong (2003)
Excel Filters (Excel 2003)
Excel Macros (Excel 2003 SP1)
Format Percent (2003)
Seperate Data again (Excel 2002)
Find value based on column/row intersect (Lookup?) (2002)
spell check & CAPS (XP)
Formula doesn't copy (XP)
Error Message (97)
Gridline not printing (Excel 2002)
Links to SubTotals (Office XP)
Worksheet to workbook VBA (Office XP)
Help with Formula (2000 sp3)
COUNTIF Problem (2000)
controll read write error on floppy disk... (2000 sr 1)
changing format problem (Excel 2000)
Why not is delete the first line (2000 sr 1)
Inconsistent scrollarea results (2000)
Variable range name in a function (Excel 2003)
Subtotals (Excel 2000)
If / Then Formula (97)
Lookup function help (Excel 2003)
Sort the entire region (2002 SP3)
Closing one workbook closes all (Excel 2000)
Pivot Table (2000)
Text prints outside margin (2003)
Too Many If statements. (microsoft XP)
Extarct line from all sheets... (2000 sr 1)
Text to two columns (2000)
Concatenate a range (Excel 2002)
formulas not updating (2002)
Save as fixed width text file (Excel 2002)
Change cell Colour (97-->)
peraphs i am a stupid! alwauys on format number... (2000 sr 1)
Graphing Zero Values (Excel 2003)
running totals (Excel 2000)
Frequency of text entries (Excel 2003)
Default Pivot Chart (2003 XP)
Date File Modified (2002)
Calculate CIN (2000 sr 1)
Euro signs (XP)
VB Text Argument as VB Instruction (Excel 2003)
Reading Text Files (XP: SP3)
Passing a variable to another workbook (2000)
UserForm screen updating (2000)
A Better Way (XP; SP3)
Difficult to import some Variable (2000 r s1)
VBA Problem Re: Printing (2003)
Function Troubles (Excel)
Separating Text in a cell (Excel XP)
Excel and ODBC (Excel 2002)
Validating test questions (Excel 2003)
File Used By (2000) (504263) was moved to the Windows 2000 board
devide data from changed var... (2000 sr 1)
How to remove dashes, periods, etc. (Y2K)
Excel Formula (97)