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button for macros (excel)
Macros (Excel)
Goal seek displays 2 results! (Excel 2002)
Creating a clock using pie charts (Any)
link data sheet to data sheet (Office 2000/2003)
Excel Average Formula Needed (Excel 2002)
Help with macro (Excel 2003)
Security (Excel 2000)
Progamatically add text to custom button (2k with windows 2k)
Survey Results Formulas (Excel 97)
Filename/Path Suppression (XP; SP3)
Validate for blank? (Excel 2000 >)
Object Error (Excel 2000)
Auto create with similar names! (Excel 2000>)
Sumif multi-conditions in same column (Excel 2000>)
Crazy file size behaviour (XP)
Sort based upon cell color (2000 sp3)
file size explosion (2k with 2k)
Macros assigned to toolbar buttons (2k with windows 2k)
Refresh all pivot tables at once macro (Excel 2003/2000)
average compond interest calculation (2000 SP3)
web query (xp)
daily to semi-monthly (2002 xp)
Convert text to rows (Office 2000/2003)
Expand RowHeight for merged cells (Excel 2002)
Combined point & bar chart (Excel 2000)
Data Validation Format (Excel 2002)
Format Cell, Special (2002)
VLOOKUP (2003)
Excel Search & Copy Macro (XLS2k SP3)
Last day of Month (2002)
Code Doesn't Find Blanks (Excel XP-SP3)
Size of Combo Box (Excel 2003)
Square Grid (any)
Chart color coding (2003)
Parent Directory (2000)
Find and delete duplicates (2003)
Copy files to fold if value is true (excel)
Chart Axis Custom Format (XL 97)
Generate report from lookup table (Excel XP)
Cell References (2002)
Conditional Format ? (Excel 2002)
Range refers to wrong worksheet (2000 sr 1)
Delete names - update references (2000)
count a last cell (2000 sr 1)
value not found in VlookUp (2000 sr 1)
Long macro run-time (Excel 2000)
Convert number to month (2003 SP1)
Add Character to Cell (2000 sp3)
SUMIF Help (Excel 2000)
Protection and the ability to Tab (Excel XP, SP1)
Document Properties (XP; SP3)
skip worksheet on looping (excel)
Indirect Formula (Excel XP)
Delete rows (Excel 2000)
error handler (excel 2000)
Can't Import Excel File (2002) (481009) was moved to the Access board
sheet control (2002)
Covert hours to days (XP)
Prevent Format changes between Appl's. (Excel 2002)
Format NOW (2000 sr 1)
Userform connected dropdowns (WinNT/XL97)
Assistance with Formulate Macro (Excel 2002)
Find a Percenage (Excel 2002)
Formula / Macro (2000)
Application wont release (Excel 2k Sr1)
Showing a picture from a list of pictures (97, 2000,xp,2003)
add unhide worksheets to workbook (excel)
Transpose column (2000)
Copy, sort, with hidden rows (XP)
Count if date (Excel 97-->)
Select case help (Excel 2000)
Write in a txt in a specify position (2000 sr 1)
Specify range within current region (WinNT/XL97)
charts upon Pivot Tables (Excel 2002)
Email from within Excel (Excel 2002 SP3)
#Div/0! (Excel 2003)
getpivotdata function (Excel 2002/XP)
Worksheet change (Excel 2000)
Stop Rand() Recalc on F9 (Excel 2000)
Pivot Tbles (2000)
form isn't unloading (Excel 2000)
syntax pls (97+)
Add-in Functions Scope! (Excel 2002)
Open PPT Show with Excel VBA (Excel 2002)
Extract by date (2003)
use macro in another worksheet (Excel 2000)
Begining of month formula (Excel 2003)
Sorting Validation dropdown lists (XP)
Vlookup using =Max() (Excel 2003)
Returning sheet names (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Showing more than one document open (97)
Message box entry and cells with a formula (Excel XP)
Totaling a Column of X's (Excel 2000)
Setting Relative Reference to Access (Excel 2K, Win2K Pro)
ShowModal (Excel 2000)
Find a line in import and copy in other sheet.. (2000 sr 1)
A stats question (Any)
Sort in memory (Excel 2000)
Very difficult to replece a value... (2000 sr 1)
Extract Text (XP)
summing by date (Excel 2003)
Why not summ? (2000 sr 1)
Graphing Time Series (2000)
Eliminate Zeros (XL XP)
Paste Vertical Columns to Horizontal Rows (Excel 2003)
Inventory system (2002)
Sorting boy/girl (Excel 2002 SP3)
paste into 'save as' dialog box (2000 / 2003)
AVERAGE(IF Formula (Excel 2000)
Automatic printing question (Excel XP)
Make a date! (Excel 2002)
Return function to range (Excel 2000)
Additional IF statement for formula in use (Excel 2000)
Input Box (MS Excel 2000)
SumIf with multiple criteria (XP)
colors of quarters (2003)
Why 2 clicks to run macro (2000)
Vlookup or match (Excel 2000)
Counting Unique Items in Range (Excel 2003)
Restore standard toolbar (Excel 2000)
Open Dialog Box (2003)
Cells context menu (VBA) (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
fill in some column according to the information i (excel 2000)
Reading & Writing Cell Values (2003)
Combined IF and OR (Excel 2000-2004)
Class Module help (Excel 2000)
pivot data copy data (Excel 2000)
Delete Names Excel 97 (Excel 97)
PrintArea Problems (Excel 2000)
Who is the best instruction? (2000 sr 1)
Row increment (VBA) (2003)
Help with NPV (Excel 2002)
Round to 3 digits (Excel 2002)
4 digit PIN creation (97-->)
Transpose in VBA problem (Excel 2002)
Multiple X-Axis labels! (Excel 2002)
Mail excel file on close (Excel 00)
Common Dialog Control (Excel 2002)
FileDialog (XP)
Formula for Counting (Excel 97)
Charts (Excel 2000)
Filter numbers as text (2002 SP3)
Print Screen in VBA (Excel 2002)
Dynamic range within named range (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Formula assistance please (Excel 2000)
Delete worksheet quietly? ie without prompt (WinNT/XL97)
Dynamic Worksheet Tab Names (XP)
file renaming with excel vba
A bit of light relief (Excel 2003)
Show only one VBA Object (Excel 2003)
Creating Charts from Excel Data (2000)
Importing to excel when file is too large (2000 sp3)
Styles al la Word (XL XP)
Help on Understanding a formula (2000/9.0 6926 SP-3)
Search for partial match (Excel 2003)
countif based on two columns (excel 2000)
Converting Base 32 to hex (2002)
Excel VBA (Excel XP)
Excel Auto Printin (Excel XP)
nested if formula? (2000)
Category labels when sizing horizontal bar chart (Excel 2003)
Vlook up Made in Hans.... (2000 sr 1)
Crazy Links (Excel 2002)
Conditional Formats (2003)
transform com in slash (2000 sr 1)
go to in to cell if condition not existis... (2000 sr 1)
Data validation (XP)
Disabling Cells (2000/20002)
VBA - SaveAs (XL97)
Macro/Formula in a Form (Excel 2002)
Track Changes (Excel 2003)
Setting Page Breaks In VBA (XP)
Array formulas (Excel 2000)
Import data into Excel from another spreadsheet (Excel 2003)
VBA - ScrollIntoView (XL 97)
Len reads incorrect lenght (XP)
Highlight word Total in Pivot Table (2003)
insert comment in a cell... (2000 sr 1)
force entry only in a declared cell... (2000 sr 1)
Filter for ** (Excel 2002)
Formula creation (Excel 2003)
Charting a second value (Excel 2002)
Cut and Paste special (2000/XP)
Macro help (2000)
Conditional Formatting - Blank vs non-blank (Excel 2002-2003)
Toolbar Buttons Side by Side (2000 sp3)
Page break causes cell border not to print (Excel 2002)
Formula Help (2003)
Problems with geometric progressions (XL2000)
XML numbers formatted as text (2003)
Hidden Rows (Excel 2k)
Update Link (Excel 2000)
Down Arrow (WIN XP/Excel2003)
source for Excel graphs (2003)
Chart An Equation (97, 2000,xp,2003)
ActiveX component not correctly installed (Excel XP)
Handwritten input (office 2003 Pro - WinXP Pro)
Problem accessing range (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Userform code problem (excel 2003)
Workday (Excel 2000)
Tab into cells (excel 2000)
Help with counting data based on date (2000 sp3)
Moving Rows to Columbus (Excel 2000)
variable help (Excel 2000)
Checkbox Enabled (XP; SR3)
Sumproduct critieria (Excel 2000)
Formula Streamline (xl 2002)
Dynamic Sheet Name (Excel XP)
Sorting Subtotaled List (2003)
Don't print Cell A1 (Excel 2002)
Listbox.value=null? (Excel 2000)
if else in a button... (2000 sr 1)
Countif based on result of a range (Excel 2002)
Excel Text Formula (Excel XP)
chart text on 45 deg angle (97 SR2)
Formula / Date / End of Month (XL2003)
Filter Info on Summary Tab (2003)
Change #DIV/01! to NA (2002)
Creating a Dropdown Toobar Button (2000 sp3)
Conditional Hyperlink (Excel 2002)
Forecast Function! (Excel 2002)
Excel not changing imported text to number
se vlookup and #/nd (2000 sr 1)
Row height won't expand for imported text (Excel 2003)
VBA question (Excel 2000)
Formulas for Sets (2000)
Arrays to copy sheets (Excel 2002)
Variables in formulas (office 2000)
Count Number of Unique Entries (2000)
Complex Average Function (Excel 2003)
Selected Cell Condition (2003)
Interest Calculation (Excel 2k)
Vlookup array formula possible? (EXCEL XP)
Scrolling Text (Excel 2003)
Truncate a csv (97-->)
LISTBOX Listindex (Excel 2000)
Compound Annual Growth Rate? (2000)
From Excel to DBF (2000 sr 1)
Conditional Filters (Excel 2000)
Conditional Formatting Problem (2000)
Consistent Pie Chart colors (Excel 2000)
Months/year in sumproduct (Excel 2000)
extracting numbers from within text (XL97 or 2)
Formula (Excel 2002)
Header - 255 Characters (Excel 2002)
Excel tab Names (Excel2003)
Autosize cols. in ListView (VB/VBA) (473351) was moved to the VB / VBA board
if formula (2003)
Use Macro to select defined Database (2000 sp3)
Finding existing data (Excel 98)
Variable help (Excel 2000)
Sorting / Dynamic Range? (XL2003)
Comments (97)
Import Data From Web (Excel XP)
Replace characters (2000/XP)
Windows File Structrure (2002)
cell entry via VBA (excel 2003)
Comments (Excel 2003)
Combining Personal.xls and toolbars (Excel 2000/03)
COL Reference (Excel 2003)
Indirect Function to Another Sheet (Excel 2003)
Mean Marks (Excel XP)
listbox problem (e2000)
Transfer Info to another sheet (Excel 2002 (XP))
Getting tabs from files (Excel 2000 or 2003)
HLookup and Column (XP: SR3)
Random cell selection in a specific range of cells (Excel 97)
MAX Function (2000)
Free text in cells with validation list (2000)
Cell Coloring (Color Coding) (2000)
Stop MSG's on exit! (Excel 2002)
Creating an add-in is finsihed! (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Multiple range test (Excel 2000)
Finding a vacant row (2002 10.2614.2625)
IF formula (XP)
Header / Footer Dialog (XL XP)
ASAP 3.09 Available (97+)
Raise a pie slice (Excel 2002)
Width of bar in a stacked bar chart (Excel 2000/XP)
XL 2003 Calculated Item (2003)
Can this VBA Code do this? (2003)
Array #value error (2003)
User Defined Function (Excel 97 SR2)
Wait for Paste (2000)
Mail merger using Excel data (Word/Excel 2003 SP1)
Saveas webpage (2000)
Formula-Converting time to Number (2003)
Open folder to view files (xp)
Autofilter count in Status Bar? (Excel 2002)
copy data from one area to another (windows xp)
emailing an excel project (microsoft excel)
Force page to always display on open (2000 sp3)
Sum after each month (2000)
Condensing Rows (2k and 2003)
Can't scroll down (Excel 2002)
count number of spaces in a cell (Excel 2002 SP3)
images (excel97)
Allow cancel during Loop of dialog box (2000/2002)
Count blanks in a list (Excel 2000/SP-3)
Creating arrays in runtime (2003)
Seperate data (Excel 2002)
Pasted Lines (OFfice 2000SP1)
'Stable' Random Numbers (XL2000)
if then for changing color (windows xp)
missing underline of F in File - menu bar (Office XP-SP2)
Help with VBA Approach for Report (2000 SP3)
Upgrade from 2000 to 2003 (Excel 2000)
Day formula problem (2000)
Registry Keys for Excel (2003/sp1)
Authorization Request Template/Form (All)
Split a cell (97)
Semantic (XL2003)
Run-time Error 1004; General ODBC Error (2000/2002)
Conditional Format - Dates (Exel 2000-2004)
validate (excel with xp)
More Calculations (Excel 2002 XP)
Cell Movement (XP; SR3)
MS Query of Excel Datalist --DataType Mismatch
Excel Tab Color Change (2000 sp3)
CSV to Excel (2002)
Scanning ISBN into excel (Excel 2002)
Relocate selected cell with macro (2000 sp3)
Related to Post: 469274 (2000 sp3)
Using dropdown or pick list in Form view (2000 sp3)
Help with a repetitive task in Excel (MS Excel 200
Stock quote and excel (2000 sr 1)
Change Spelling Language (Excel 2000)
Other time-pickers than DTPicker (XL2003)
OLE Syntax (2002/XPSP3)
Delete certain rows (XP)
On Line Training (2000)
Graphs/Charts (9.0.6926 SP-3)
More than 7 Nested Ifs (Excel 2002)
need formula help (Excel 97)
Auto Run Macro needed (2000 sp3)
Zero fill numbers (2002)
Word cut off in cell (2k)
Secondary Axis (2003 sp1)
Footer Problem (2003 (
Can't Undo in file? (Excel 2000 >)
chart Legend Issue (2003)
if else in a mdb (2000 sr 1)
Number Formatting to Significative Digits (XL 2000)
Multiple Line Text Formula (2003)
File corrupting (2002 10.2614.2625)
Inputbox entries (XP SR1)
selecting pictures (excel97)
Need Help With Military Time Formula (Excel 2003)
Custom number formats - international (2003)
Excel Tabs (Excel 2002)
Equivalent of ISNUMBER for a date (XP)
idle question (2002)
Excel and Assistive Technology (Excel XP)
Re-paint bad painted control (1.0)
Amortization (Excel 2002 XL)
IF Error (Excel 2002)
excel validate (2002)
payroll formula (Excel 2002 XP)
pie chart (Excel 2002)
Getting Data To View Properly For Multiple Users (Excel 2000 2003)
Export Bad Amounts (2002)
Alternate row... (2000 sr 1)
Tracking Users (Office 2003)
COUNTIF? (2003)
Merge Two Workbooks (2000)
find nick name in name list (excel 2000)
Two Dimensional Lookups (XP; SR3)
Tab Names (XP)
Autofilter Limit? (XP)
Please help with a simple Excel formula (Excel 2003)
Worksheet Limit? (Excel 2002)
Not sorting under protection! (Excel XP)
Suspicious Filter (Excel XP)
Pasting Text (xl2000 sr1)
Finding a ? in a spreadsheet (2000)
Emailing a range (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))
Lucid 3D (office 2003 Pro - WinXP Pro)
File Manager for Excel (Excel 2003)
disable Click event (2000 sp3)
Formula help (XP)
Finding the longest string (X97 -->)
Creating an addin from an Excel macro. (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Not supportet arguments to functions? (1)
Combine Workbooks TIP (Several)
Auto Install Addins (All Excel above 97)
IF formula (XP)
Macro Open File Stops (9.0.4402 SR-1)
Screen size (2003/10.2614.2625)
Docked and Semi Docked (XP)
Conditional Formating using check boxes (97)
Calculation Error Query (XL 2002)
Selective SUM Multiple Sheet (Excel 2003)
Import Multiple Text Files (Excel 2003)
Memory (Excel 2000 Professional)
Xlodbc.xla (2003)
Windows configures dialog (2003)
Importing Data in Excel (not sure)
Changing Range Chart! (Excel 2000>)
'blank' cells (2002)
Secondary Axis (Excel 2003 SP1)
Counting Names (Excel 2000)
Show repeat of details! (Excel 2000>)
Min and max values on xy graph axis (OXP)
Listing Data from Multiple Sheets (XP)
Setting cbo RowSource prop to another Wbk list (2k)
VBProject Protection (XP SR3)
excel drop-down list (excel 2000)
Averaging Problem (97)
vlookup (excel 2000)
therefore symbol (2002)
Input Mask (Excel 2000 9.0.6926-SP-3)
Protecting A Worksheet That Contains A Pivot Table (Excel 2002 SP3)
Delete a Module (XP:SR3)
Conditional Formatting (2k)
Fill-In (Excel 2003)
Changing Password (Excel 2000 Pro)
Twist on simplified TIME/DATE entry (2002)
Simple Date Question! (Excel 2000>)
Calendar control does not work on other computer (OXP)
Can't open E2K file in E2K3 (Excel 2003/SP1)
MAY BE IMPOSSIBLE (2003/10.2614.2625)
CLASS MODULE (Excel 2000)
Vlookup 2 tables (excel 2002/03)
Deleting Print Titles Tip (Excel 2000>)
Restore Defaults to Autoshapes! (Excel 2000>)
XY scatter chart (2003)
Chart Class Error (excel 2000)
Rotating the screen! (Excel 2000>)
Scenario Express! (Excel2000>)
Is file open locally (excel97)
Simplify VBA (2003)
Transferring Custom No. Formats (Excel 2003)
2 Hyperlink questions! (Excel 2003)
uneditable cells (excel 2000)
Variable Retention (XP; SR3)
Sorting data when there is hidden rows (2000)
Combining Several Cells into One (2003)
Linest (2000)
Cell linked to Access table (2000)
merging info (2000)
Customizing Toolbars (2000/SP3)
Formatting dates in pivot table (2003)
Problem with cond. formatting (2002: 10.2614.2625)
Trimming and then calculating (2000/SP3)
Column Name (Excel2003)
charts (2000)
What's My Sign (XP; SR3)
FileSearch error (XL 97 & 2K)
Dates Flipping (Excel2003)
In Range Replace (Excel2003)
Hyperlink in a Formula? (2002 SP3)
ODBC fails from Access Query (2000)
password protect a vba project (Excel 2002)
Curious 'Compile Error' (2003 SP1)
Auto numbering (2003)
Can't scroll (Excel 2000)
FindNext (XP;SR3)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2003)
Removing Object from Cell (2002/SP3)
Excel creating strange copies on save (v9.0 SP3)
Copy information to bank reconciliation sheet (XP)
Variable List Details (2003)
iserror - error (2003)
getting a date to stick (97)
sharing violation problems (Excel 2003)
is it paste special I need? (97)
dates without /'s (2000)
Weighted Averages (XL XP)
Protected Worksheets (Excel 2003)
Headers (Excel 2003)
syntax pls (excel97+)
passing data from mdb to anoter (2000 sr 1) (463615) was moved to the Access board
Calculation help (2000)
list of files with common prefix (excel 97)
Check if .gif file is open (2000 sp3)
Lookup Problems (2k)
Searching for box characters in Excel (v.2002 SP3)
Vlookup and an External Reference (Excel 2003)
max rows in Excel XP (XP)
Specify Excel Version in Task Scheduler (Excel 2000/2003)
Sumproduct and Wildcards (Xp and up)
Collect non contiguous data (excel 2002 /2003) alternative (2000 sp3)
Time Conversion (2002)
looking for Excel function (2002)
Sorting Page Break (Excel 2003)
Change Text Color based on cell Values (Excel 2002 SP3)
Count multiple variables (XP)
Subtotals (Excel 2002)
FileSystemObject first step... (2000 sr 1)
Negative amounts (2003)
Web Form to Outlook Exp to Excel (2k)
Tabs in comments (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Combine Stacked Bar and Line Chart (XP)