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Excel 'Save As' cell contents (Excel 2000)
Autofilter Count Problem (2002)
Autofilter Count Error? (2002)
Average from Multiple Worksheets (2002/SP2)
Delete blank rows (Excel 2003)
IRR calculation (2002 - SP3)
Font issues in Excel (2003)
Conditional Formatting of Filtered Data! (Excel XP >)
Excel formula (Excel 2000)
Global ranges (VBA) (XL 2003)
Charts - automating scale on Y axis (XP)
Picture control (Excel 2000)
My first work with PIVOT TABLE... (2000 sr 1)
File size reduction (11.6355.6360 SP1)
Disk Write/Save Errors (2k)
Chart (2002/2003)
What is AutoLoad?? (Excel XP)
Resume at a certain line of code! (Excel 2000 >)
Lost Excel Keyboard Shortcuts (Excel 2002 SP3)
Count text (2003)
Logic help. Conditional Formatting (Excel 2003)
Excel Crashing (MS Excel 2003)
Error in sheet... sometimes?? (ExcelXP)
Condensing Multi-Row Records (XL2003 SP1)
Open Workbook (Excel 2002)
Worksheet before close (Excel 2000)
ChangeLink (Excel 2002)
Error (Excel 2000)
Objects moving on Sheet (2002)
Deleting unused col and rows (Excel 2000)
Setting Default Path (Excel 2002)
counting formatted cells in a formula (excel 2003)
Extract Trendline Equation (2000 sr1)
Sorting Data / Button Look (2003)
SAVEAS with DATE (Excel 2000)
Fake check boxed (Office 2002 XP SP2)
Replace * and ? (2002)
Interest Calculator (Excel 2000)
Display entire linked word document instead of 1pg
Linked chart format different from source sprdsht (Exce 2000)
Missing colors (WinXP NL / Excel2003 NL)
online Graph updates (excel 2000)
Opening linked data 'quickly' on startup (um, 97)
Custom Color in cells (excel 2003)
Wrapping Text in Merged Cells (2002/SP3)
Selecting Two Different Ranges (XP; SR3)
Total Occurrences in a Range (2000)
getpivotdata (Excel 2003)
Creating date/time graph (2000)
Recopy do until change (2000 sr 1)
Checking for Subtotals (XL2k SP3)
Offset cell (Excel 2000)
Date to Text (XL97-->)
Unprotect to Copy (Excel 2002)
Calculations in OLAP Cubes! (Excel XP)
Multiple VLOOKUP (Office Professional 2000)
StrConversion (Excel 2000)
Comment author (ExcelXP)
Changing comment text in VBA (ExcelXP)
Activate function palette from VBA (Excel 2000 >)
Clipboard as Text (2000 - 2003)
Forgot password to unlock spreadsheet (Excel XP version)
Formatting in Thousands (2000)
Columns (2003)
Hide Blank Rows (97)
Retrieve part of a web page! (Excel 2000)
Date Text (2000)
Paste Options (Excel 2003 SP1)
charts (2000)
Problem with item formula in pivot table (2002)
excel 2000 to XP (2000 to XP)
freezing a date (2000+)
Remember Print Range (Excel 97 SR2)
count array formula (xp)
Excel List formula (2003)
Delete Rows (Excel 2000)
OnOpen based on mac address (2003)
Call another program (Excel 2000)
Picture (Excel 2000)
radio buttons difficulty (2003)
Excel question (Excel2003)
Fill Series (97/SP2)
XLS in Template Folder (2000+)
Chart Does Not Update? (2000, sp3)
pivot table query source (2003)
Ugly PT - how to fix? (2k)
On Open options (Excel 2003)
Customise protection message! (Excel 2000 >)
Charts/Graphs for Excel (2000)
Countif of Wild Characters (XP)
Name selection (2000+)
Conditional Format Problem (2000 SR1)
export to Outlook (2000)
finding duration (Excel 2002)
Exclusive Or function (Office 2003)
VLOOKUP function (2002)
Ordering a list (Excel 2002)
Excel IRR function (2000 9.0.6926 SP-3)
Counting Function (XL2K SP3)
resizing commandbar button (1)
Code for password (Excel)
How to run Excel macro... (2000 sr 1) (450778) was moved to the Web Design, Coding and Scripting board
Blank ('') not seen as blank??? (Excel 2000 >)
function (Excel)
Retreive a Value from a Chart with Ranges (Excel 97)
ASCII tab (Excel 2000)
Column Headings (Excel 2000)
Absolute Referencing Sheets (Excel 2000 >)
Creating an Outlook mailto from within Excel (Excel 2003 SP1, Outlook 2003
Create User Defined Folder (Excel 2002)
mo'ly vs bi-weekly pmts (2002)
macro needed to convert one large col into many (2
need code (2000)
two days time period (Office 2003)
sumif with 2 criteria (XP)
Go Back!!! (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Total Interest Paid (2002)
Excel & MS Reports (2003)
Stupid Excel and Dates (XL 2002)
default font for comments (Office 2003)
Remove links in formula from extermal ref. (2000/9
mergecells and comments (1)
Automated Printing of Non-Contiguous Data (Excel X
Formula in 2 cells (2002/XP)
transfering value from 2 MDB (2000 sr 1) (449727) was moved to the Access board
Time (Excel 2000)
Pasting rows with formulas (Excel 2000 on 2K Pro)
File names in Range names (Excel 2000)
Hide and Unhide (Excel 2000 on 2KPro)
Chart with vertical lines (Excel 2002 SP3 on XP)
Quick referencing with double click! (Excel2000>)
Punnett Squares?! (WinXP/ExcelXP)
Excel Conditional Sum Wizard (Excel 2000 >)
Excel Sort Macro (Excel 2000 >)
Date field mask (2003)
daily and monthly data (Excel 2002)
Macro Security Popup (Office 200 w/ Windows2000)
variable in lookup (Excel 2003)
if (2000)
Remove buttons (97)
Seperate data (Excel 2002)
97 macros crashing 2003 (97 -> 2003)
Is file Already Opened? (2000)
Formatting? Causing Problems with Vlookup (2000)
Graphs - proportional X axis dateline (Excel 2003)
Disable Print from File Menu (XL 2002)
adding zeros and a comma (Excel 2002)
Changes to Refreshed Data in Web Query (Excel 2003)
Restricted Percentile (XL 97 / 2K)
Hyperlink to custom view of workbook (2002/XPSP3)
Tabs showing sorted views? (Excel 2000)
Cell Formatting (MSO2K)
If or Or Statement (Excel 2003)
VBA test for Subtotal (Excel 97 SR2)
Graphs (Excel 2000)
Not getting pivot table row totals (Excel 2000)
timing (2000)
Links in html-files (Excel 2000 SP3 / Windows 2000)
Go from A to B (97)
Where to insert VBA Code in Macro (Excel 2000)
Advanced Filter (Excel 2000)
Formula to Get total per (2000)
Disable Autocomplete in Excel for Mac (Excel for Mac)
Referencing 3 columns for a result (2002 SP-2)
filename variable (excel 2000 sp 3)
Trend Question (Excel 2002)
Named Ranges - Available on one worksheet (2003)
Large .mdb file (Excel 2002)
commentbox and freeze pane (1)
Dialog Button Appearance (2000 sp3)
Data point inconsitancy (XL2000)
Unable to Import text files into Excel (2000)
Importing data from several text files at once (2000)
Highlight/Color Row (2003)
Averaging with Zeroes (Excel 2000)
Evalute a Statement (Excel 2002/sp3)
Workday + Sat (2002)
Date Problem (Excel 2003)
Opening Works file without Works (Excel 2002)
analyze cells & make entries (Excel 97 SR2)
Value not showing in drop down list. (2000)
Excel tabs (excel 2000)
Adding secondary axis series to pivot chart (XP)
File size (2003)
Sorting linked sheets (2002)
Match Records (2000)
Formula Help (2000)
Federal Withholding Taxes for Payroll (97 or later)
Module (Excel 2000)
Locking the format on a Pivot Chart (XP)
excel files moved and now have problems with addin (o/s Xp office 2003)
Max Value in a string (XL 97-->)
Macro Help Needed (2003/SP1)
Link to other workbooks! (Excel 2000)
Lookup more than one number (Excel 2002)
Formula-help (Excel 2000)
Merge/Combine Workbooks (2000)
Increment formula by 7 horizontally (Excel 2003)
Radio Bttons (97 SP-2)
Need Help Writing Formula (Excel 2000)
Leave Management - glitch (Excel 97)
Print settings for workbook (2K (9.0. 4402 SR-1))
Adding months to a date (Excel 2000)
Index Match Lookups (Excel 2000)
Macro access to named range (Excel 97 SR2)
Rank/Percentile (2000)
Speed/Time/Distance conversions (2003)
New WorkBook - 1 Sheet (2000)
populate cells, sometimes (2002)
ADO query record count (2000)
Covert to Multiple Spreadsheets (Excel 2003)
Test for Bold Format in VB (97 SR-2)
Curious about EMBED (Excel 2002)
Can templates be in the same wkbook w/ master data (Excel 2003)
Autocomplete in color (2002 SP-2)
Multiple Vlookup (Excel 2002)
Importing text (2000)
Sum By Color (Office 2002)
Counting Rows (Excel 2002)
Keeping a value constant (Excel 2000 SP3)
Sticky Labels and Sort (2002 SP3)
Connect to FTP (W XP/O XP)
Excel Help (2000)
Comparing columns in different workbooks (2000)
Add count to cell (Excel 2000)
Row height autofit problems (Excel 97 SR2)
Totals on Filtered columns (Excel 2000)
Display Right axis on stacked bar chart (EXCEL XP)
Fill Down (2002/SP3)
Smartlist togo (Excel Xp) (445024) was moved to the Other OSes - Palm / Linux board
Calling UserForms from different points (XP SP1)
Delete Multiple Macros (Excel 2002)
Named Column Range to Variable (97 sp2)
Test for column selection (97)
Fixing Today's Date in Cell (2000)
Sum if meets two criteria (2002)
unmerging merged cells (Excel 2003)
Convert .colorindex to RGB (O2003/WinXP)
macro to insert file name in cell link (Excel 2000)
formula does not take (MS 2000 )
Macro to edit multiple sheets (Excel 2003)
Display graph (Excel 2000)
2 Screens, same workbook ??? (excel 2003)
Function Returning an Array? (Excel 2003)
Preserve Custom Menu Command (Excel XP >)
Interpolation option not active? (Excel XP >)
What changes (2002 SP3)
Array help (2000)
Refresh Multiple Sheets at Once (2002/SP-2)
Import csv file results in blank rows (Excel 2000)
Sumif (Excel 2000)
NETWORKDAYS formula error (Excel 2000)
Does not calculate (2003 SP1)
Indexed filed... (2000 sr 1) (444307) was moved to the Access board
Countif (Excel )
Excel Won't open (97-->)
Transposing a column (2003)
Workbook_Open() (excel 97)
Protecting columns (Office 2000)
Consolidating Text information (2003)
VLOOKUP with missing data (2000)
list (97)
Add Ins (2003)
Excel Type Mismatch on some PCs (Excel 2002)
Insert pictures based on cell text (excel 97)
Application Events? (Excel 2000 >)
Free utilities add-in
Watch Macro Run (2003)
Can you rename Custom Button? (Office 2000 / XP)
Colorindex (O2003/WinXP)
Mail Recipient Toolbar won't go away (2000)
Query Question (Office 2003)
Paste every other cell (Excel 2003)
Enter (Carriage return) difference Excel/Word
Excel saying Query not installed (Excel 200 sr1)
Hyperlinks (Windows 2000)
New/Edited Hyperlinks not backwards compatible (Excel 2002/97)
conditional range within a formula (2003)
Prevent autofill outside scroll area! (Excel 2000 >)
Roman Numerals (Excel 2000)
count number of record of an MDB (2000 sr 1)
Delete row based on combobox value (xp)
Unable to copy sheet (VBA/Excel/97sr2)
Excel Combo Box (Excel 2000)
Status of Sheet Protection (Excel 2003)
Data changes across PC's or platforms (XP, sr2)
File Link (Excel 97 - Serv Pack R2)
Formula required (Excel 2000)
Unable to select names (Excel97 sr2)
Automatic Refresh Setting for PivotTables (2000)
Match dates to select data (2000/SP3)
Workbook_BeforeSave macro (Excel 97 SR2)
Custom Subject in Email (XP)
Toolbar Option > Reviewing (XP; SP3)
Moving VBA (Excel 2000)
Total of subtotals (Excel 9.0.6926 SP-3)
Auto Mail when spreadsheet opened (MS Office 2003)
Parsing PDF source text files into tables (All?)
show zero as negative when required (Excel97 SR2)
4th Condition (XL2K SP3)
Time format (Excel 2000)
Rounding to Nearest 5 (Excel 2000)
Macro to auto-adjust row height (2000)
find duplicate and delete... (2000 sr 1)
blanks in bar chart (XP)
Row vs Column Formulas (WinXP and Excel 2003)
'replace' function within formulas (Excel 2000)
formula to add columns together (2003)
mystery link(s) (2002)
Deselect one of many non-adjacent rows selected (2003)
why the line is copied to start another... (2000 sr 1)
Breaking Up A Master List (2000)
Using GetPivotData in macro (Excel 2003 SP1)
Cells won't calculate (Excel 2000)
copy a whole folder (excel97)
Change Footer in Normal Template (2000)
block cells macro (excel xp)
Cell Contents not Visible (2000)
Auto Filter (Excel 2000/2003)
Need Help Writing Formula (Excel 2000)
Query edit (Office 97 & 2003)
Extract Text from space (Excel 2002)
Hidden Tabs (Excel 2002)
Figuring time (1993)
Call Word from Excel by vba (2000)
Merge and Center (Excel 00)
row heights (2002)
Sheet order (2000)
VBA Function for alphanumeric function (2000 and 2003)
Links between workbooks (2003)
Macro Help Needed (97/SR2)
All or nothing (Excel 97-->)
Number Change on Year (2003)
Cells combine at random when printing (2000)
Missing/Corrupt Data (Excel XP)
function to enter value (EXcell 2000)
Autofill a cell after selecting from combo box (2003)
Hidden formatting? (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Autofilter (xp)
Excel book1 looks odd (Excel 2003)
Where is my UserForm? (2003)
adding a listbox (E2000)
Removing Spaces etc (2003)
Search for Initial Space (2000)
Identify INCLUDE Worksheets (97/SR-2)
combine cells? (ms office 2000)
List of Functions & Syntax (Excel 97)
XY Scatter Chart (2000, on Win XP)
Filters + calculations (Excel 2003)
Military time (excel 2002/xp)
Pivot table grouping rules (Excel 2000)
repeating something on every page (2000/2003)
Library Not Recognised (xp)
sum fractions as Hrs & Mins (Excel 2002)
Hiding #N/A (E2000)
Make worksheet unavailble (Excel 2002)
sequence no (Excel 2002)
Looking up part of a string (WXpHe O2003)
Excel not responding (Excel 2000)
Extracting decimal numbers (2002 SP3)
Range for SUMIF (Excel 2000)
Selecting range in macro (Excel 2003)
Excel Chart Search & Replace (2002 SP-2)
Web query's (O2003/ WinXP)
Create formula using VBA referencing changing cell
Need formula (2002 SP-2)
summing cell in text format... (2000 sr 1)
Autogenerate new workbooks using template (excel 2003)
My macros disabled (2002 SP-2)
conditional formatting (XP)
Changing formating shortcut (Excel 2000)
copy and paste (Excel 2002 Windows xp)
Personal.xls in Excel 97 SR2 (Excel 97 SR2)
Last Checkbox not hidden (Excel 2000 sp3)
Summing cells (Excel 2002)
Print report... (2000 sr 1)
Charts with scrollers (Excel 2000)
Formula to count characters? (Excel (Any))
run macro on pressing Enter key? (Excel 2003)
Leave record (MS Excel 2000)
Why the whell of my mose not scroll (2000 sr.1)
ACCPAC (2002)
Link to Word (Excel / Word XP)
Store variable for next use... (2000 sr 1)
Insert Null (Clear Value) (2000 sr 1)
returning Range names (2000)
Returning FIle Names (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Data from old to new (excel2000+)
Sub Extensions (Excel 2000 sp3)
Legibility of list items (2003)
Fiscal years and pivot tables (Excel 2000)
Can't Update Links (Excel 2000)
Adding pivot data (Excel 2000)
Hyperlink colors (Excel 2000)
Suppress 0's in a pivot table (Excel 2000)
Cell Color (Again!) (Excel XP-SP3)
Select multiple ranges in VBA (XL 2002 SP3)
Importing XML into a template (2003 Pro)
Too Many different cell formats (2000)
Test if record has been modified (2000 sr 1)
sum of columns (2000)
Organise data (Excel 2002)
format number (2000 sr 1)
Max number of columns (2000)
Create Word Doc from Template in Excel macro (Excel/Word 2000 sp3)
custom dictionary (excel 2002)
Expanding or Nested Menu Selections (2K, SR-1)
Converting Date Calc to days:hours:minutes (2000)
print option greyed out (Excel 2000)
Top of the list (Excel 2000)
I LOVE THIS FORUM... (2000 sr 1)
Charts (Excel 2000)
Looking for Duplicates (Excel 2002)
Custom Right Click menu for an embeded ppt object (2002 SP3)
convert to julian date (Excel 2002)
count data in column by exlude some records (Excel 2002)
Excel error (Excel 2003)
Tab name in Cell (2003)
Greater Than, Less Than formula (Excel 2000)
Heading rows in multiple tables within one tab (2002)
VBA References (XP; SP3)
Concatenate (Excel 2000)
IF Function with both text and number (excel 2000 SP1)
Unicode Revisited (Excel 2003 (SP1))
Spreading Data Into Differrent Files (Excel 2002)
Paste ID In a Loop (excel 2002)
Cell Name w/ cell content part of name (Excel 2000)
Importing to Excel (9.0)
Google desktop and Excel (2000,xp,2003)
text to link (excel2000+)
NETWORKDAYS Function.. (2003)
counting certain cells correctly (Excel 2000)
Conditional Format (Excel 2000)
ALL WBOOK ARE CLOSED... (2000 sr 1)
Change text globally (Excel 2002)
Access macro from worksheet (Any version)
Parsing cell contents (Excel 2000)
Multiple Max/Min Values (XP SP-2)
TMP copies of XL files (excel 2000 (SP3))
Save Embedded Objects (2002 SP3)
Deploying xla (Office 2003)
Display item in different col (MS Office 2003)
Can you disable Undo? (Excel 2003)
global dimension (2000 sr 1)
Transition Navigation Keys (2000)
formula-help (Excel 2000)
Re-Sizing Table (Excel 2000)
MS Excel calculation bug or Pentium processor bug (MS Office Excel 2003 v1
Folder-workbooks (Excel 2000)
New Menu Items (XP)
WHY NOT WORK? (2000 sr 1)
insert dates HELP! (excel)
Red X (Excel 2002)
Separate Execution? (2000)
Mirror a tab (Any version)
The address of this site is not valid. (MS Excel 2002 SP3)
Opening workbooks (Office 2000)
Line/Bar Chart (2002-SP2)
condition... on 2 column (2000 sr 1)
Excel Shared Files (Excel 2002)
List of non-duplicated values (xp)
Location of executable (Office 2000)
vlookup function (2000)
Show a progress bar on the status bar? (Excel 2000 >)
Active row - column G & H - call macro if unmatch (excel - 2000)
Major UDF Problem (Excel 2000 >)
Code to select cell 1 column left to active cell (XL 2002 SP3)
Converting time/assigning values/I don't know?!? (Office XP)
Round down? (Office XP)
Custom Numeric Format (Excel 2003/2002)
Formulas (Excel 2002)
Invalid outside procedure (xp)
Automatic summing (sometimes) (2000 and XP)
Icons (Excel 2000)
Metric vs Stnd, Currency in Global Spreadsheet (2K
Two lists (excel 2000)
insert field (97/2000)
Excel Template in XLstart (Windows XP/Office 2003)
Edit Legend Lables (2000)
VBA for Excel (2000 - 2003)
Google Desktop - Excel VBA problem (All)
Data Analysis (Excel 2002)
Sort currency (excel2000)
Test if cell contains hyperlink need help (excel2000+)
Worksheet_On Open Event (XP)
Pivot Table Filter or Something Else? (2002)
Test if cell contains hyperlink (excel2000+)
workstation location (Excel 2000)
Text to Columns (Excel 2K)
advanced filter/uniique records only (xp-sp2)
Manual Line break in a cell (XP)
Import text file? (2003)
Links Frustration (2002/2003)
How two fix bust autofilter?? (Excel 2000 SR1)
CountIf in filtered list (2000)
Side by side pie charts (Excel 2003)
Aligning Text (Excel 2003)
Spell check error (Excel 2002)