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adding a listbox (E2000)
Removing Spaces etc (2003)
Search for Initial Space (2000)
Identify INCLUDE Worksheets (97/SR-2)
combine cells? (ms office 2000)
List of Functions & Syntax (Excel 97)
XY Scatter Chart (2000, on Win XP)
Filters + calculations (Excel 2003)
Military time (excel 2002/xp)
Pivot table grouping rules (Excel 2000)
repeating something on every page (2000/2003)
Library Not Recognised (xp)
sum fractions as Hrs & Mins (Excel 2002)
Hiding #N/A (E2000)
Make worksheet unavailble (Excel 2002)
sequence no (Excel 2002)
Looking up part of a string (WXpHe O2003)
Excel not responding (Excel 2000)
Extracting decimal numbers (2002 SP3)
Range for SUMIF (Excel 2000)
Selecting range in macro (Excel 2003)
Excel Chart Search & Replace (2002 SP-2)
Web query's (O2003/ WinXP)
Create formula using VBA referencing changing cell
Need formula (2002 SP-2)
summing cell in text format... (2000 sr 1)
Autogenerate new workbooks using template (excel 2003)
My macros disabled (2002 SP-2)
conditional formatting (XP)
Changing formating shortcut (Excel 2000)
copy and paste (Excel 2002 Windows xp)
Personal.xls in Excel 97 SR2 (Excel 97 SR2)
Last Checkbox not hidden (Excel 2000 sp3)
Summing cells (Excel 2002)
Print report... (2000 sr 1)
Charts with scrollers (Excel 2000)
Formula to count characters? (Excel (Any))
run macro on pressing Enter key? (Excel 2003)
Leave record (MS Excel 2000)
Why the whell of my mose not scroll (2000 sr.1)
ACCPAC (2002)
Link to Word (Excel / Word XP)
Store variable for next use... (2000 sr 1)
Insert Null (Clear Value) (2000 sr 1)
returning Range names (2000)
Returning FIle Names (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Data from old to new (excel2000+)
Sub Extensions (Excel 2000 sp3)
Legibility of list items (2003)
Fiscal years and pivot tables (Excel 2000)
Can't Update Links (Excel 2000)
Adding pivot data (Excel 2000)
Hyperlink colors (Excel 2000)
Suppress 0's in a pivot table (Excel 2000)
Cell Color (Again!) (Excel XP-SP3)
Select multiple ranges in VBA (XL 2002 SP3)
Importing XML into a template (2003 Pro)
Too Many different cell formats (2000)
Test if record has been modified (2000 sr 1)
sum of columns (2000)
Organise data (Excel 2002)
format number (2000 sr 1)
Max number of columns (2000)
Create Word Doc from Template in Excel macro (Excel/Word 2000 sp3)
custom dictionary (excel 2002)
Expanding or Nested Menu Selections (2K, SR-1)
Converting Date Calc to days:hours:minutes (2000)
print option greyed out (Excel 2000)
Top of the list (Excel 2000)
I LOVE THIS FORUM... (2000 sr 1)
Charts (Excel 2000)
Looking for Duplicates (Excel 2002)
Custom Right Click menu for an embeded ppt object (2002 SP3)
convert to julian date (Excel 2002)
count data in column by exlude some records (Excel 2002)
Excel error (Excel 2003)
Tab name in Cell (2003)
Greater Than, Less Than formula (Excel 2000)
Heading rows in multiple tables within one tab (2002)
VBA References (XP; SP3)
Concatenate (Excel 2000)
IF Function with both text and number (excel 2000 SP1)
Unicode Revisited (Excel 2003 (SP1))
Spreading Data Into Differrent Files (Excel 2002)
Paste ID In a Loop (excel 2002)
Cell Name w/ cell content part of name (Excel 2000)
Importing to Excel (9.0)
Google desktop and Excel (2000,xp,2003)
text to link (excel2000+)
NETWORKDAYS Function.. (2003)
counting certain cells correctly (Excel 2000)
Conditional Format (Excel 2000)
ALL WBOOK ARE CLOSED... (2000 sr 1)
Change text globally (Excel 2002)
Access macro from worksheet (Any version)
Parsing cell contents (Excel 2000)
Multiple Max/Min Values (XP SP-2)
TMP copies of XL files (excel 2000 (SP3))
Save Embedded Objects (2002 SP3)
Deploying xla (Office 2003)
Display item in different col (MS Office 2003)
Can you disable Undo? (Excel 2003)
global dimension (2000 sr 1)
Transition Navigation Keys (2000)
formula-help (Excel 2000)
Re-Sizing Table (Excel 2000)
MS Excel calculation bug or Pentium processor bug (MS Office Excel 2003 v1
Folder-workbooks (Excel 2000)
New Menu Items (XP)
WHY NOT WORK? (2000 sr 1)
insert dates HELP! (excel)
Red X (Excel 2002)
Separate Execution? (2000)
Mirror a tab (Any version)
The address of this site is not valid. (MS Excel 2002 SP3)
Opening workbooks (Office 2000)
Line/Bar Chart (2002-SP2)
condition... on 2 column (2000 sr 1)
Excel Shared Files (Excel 2002)
List of non-duplicated values (xp)
Location of executable (Office 2000)
vlookup function (2000)
Show a progress bar on the status bar? (Excel 2000 >)
Active row - column G & H - call macro if unmatch (excel - 2000)
Major UDF Problem (Excel 2000 >)
Code to select cell 1 column left to active cell (XL 2002 SP3)
Converting time/assigning values/I don't know?!? (Office XP)
Round down? (Office XP)
Custom Numeric Format (Excel 2003/2002)
Formulas (Excel 2002)
Invalid outside procedure (xp)
Automatic summing (sometimes) (2000 and XP)
Icons (Excel 2000)
Metric vs Stnd, Currency in Global Spreadsheet (2K
Two lists (excel 2000)
insert field (97/2000)
Excel Template in XLstart (Windows XP/Office 2003)
Edit Legend Lables (2000)
VBA for Excel (2000 - 2003)
Google Desktop - Excel VBA problem (All)
Data Analysis (Excel 2002)
Sort currency (excel2000)
Test if cell contains hyperlink need help (excel2000+)
Worksheet_On Open Event (XP)
Pivot Table Filter or Something Else? (2002)
Test if cell contains hyperlink (excel2000+)
workstation location (Excel 2000)
Text to Columns (Excel 2K)
advanced filter/uniique records only (xp-sp2)
Manual Line break in a cell (XP)
Import text file? (2003)
Links Frustration (2002/2003)
How two fix bust autofilter?? (Excel 2000 SR1)
CountIf in filtered list (2000)
Side by side pie charts (Excel 2003)
Aligning Text (Excel 2003)
Spell check error (Excel 2002)
Conditional number format - Possible? (Excel 2000)
Assigned macro gets lost (ExcelXP)
Export Excel data to Banner (Excel 2002)
Changing Formating (Excel 2000 Pro)
Repetative Task done with VBA code (Excel 2000)
Changing Range Names (2000)
Advice on best approach! (Excel 2000>)
UDF argument help! (Excel 2000 >)
Very slow start up (Excel 97 sr2)
Macro to Personal.xls (2000)
Conditional Formatting (2000)
Delete Duplicates based on another field (2000)
Leading zeroes in .CSV files (XP)
Passing Array Variables (XP; SR 3)
IF - testing condtions (Excel 2000)
How to? (Office 2002 SP3)
sorry for this problem... (2000 sr 1)
REFER NOT VALID (2000 sr 1)
Matching Cells (2000)
SumIf and Sum Wildcards (XP: SR2)
Is This Possible (N/A)
Inserting multiple rows (2000)
Transpose (Excel 2000)
Data Validation (2000)
Open excel in groupwise (office97/gw6.5)
Time calculations (2003)
formula based on a string (2003)
Run-time Error 13, Type Mismatch (2000)
spit+sip=tips (2000)
Macro opens input box only on Template (Excel 97 SR2)
How does conditional formatting work? (2003)
Cell Relationships (2003) (432527) was removed
Count of Nulls (Excel 2002)
Activation notice (Excel 2002)
Percentages (Excel 2002)
Side-By-Side Data Fields In A PivotTable (2000)
Counting like a clock (2000)
Combo Boxes & Formula's (2003)
Counting unique (visible) items (Excel XP)
Keeping Rows together (Excel 2000)
Creating Complex Chart (XP)
statistical analysis (w/attachment) (excel 2000)
statistical analysis (Excel 2000)
Tennis Scores (Excel 2002)
Paste Special macro (2000)
delete a read-only file (XL-XP/2003)
delete rows macro (Excel 2000)
Manual Calculate Part Of A Worksheet (2000)
Calculation (XP)
Formula for conditional subtraction (Excel 2000)
Macro to copy cells from previous worksheet (XL 2002 SP3)
VLOOKUP problem (Excel 2002)
Macro to sort variable length list (Excel 2002/SP3)
for the wizard Hans... Insert record in the userfo (2000 sr 1)
Disk error on open (2003)
MS Query and cubes (Excel 2000)
Macro to check cells in range (Excel 97 SR2)
Custom Views Col Widths (2000 & 2002)
Excel - Changing a value of a checkbox with VBA co (Excel 2000)
WHY THE MACRO FIND ... (2000 sr 1)
FILL IF IS BLANK (2000 sr 1)
Can't open because of a macro? (2000)
.csv inconsistent behaviour (XL 2k)
Excel will not open from Explorer (Office XP)
MSKB article question (excel 2000)
formula help (97)
Modal UserForm (XP; SP3)
IF F'n Date logic (Win2000&up; MacOSX)
Hidden rows within groups (Excel 2000)
unknown range (Excel 2000)
#DIV/0 (2000)
Creating a linked Order Sheet (Excel 2003)
Finding records that do not match (XP; SR3)
Read Code Modules (2002)
Query Access Data via Excel (Excel 2003 (others))
Unique List (2000)
Stopped Calculating Data (Excel 2000)
Average (2000)
Adv. Filter help! (Excel2000>)
Performance problems w/o calculations in XL2003 (Excel 2003)
Find in custom functions (2000sp3)
intercept the line (2000 sr 1)
Non-printing characters (2000)
eleiminate ' (2000 sr 1)
AutoFilter No Work (2000)
Spinners (Office 97 -SR2)
Export a pie chart? (XP)
Fonts (Office & Windows 2k)
Linking Drop Down Menu's (2003)
Formula, function problem (Excel 2000)
Merged Cells (2000)
Sum (Excell 2000)
sort by dates with inconsistant format (Outlook 2000)
Header color (EXCEL 2000)
Opening Same file multiple times (Excel 2000)
Copying Row Height (2000)
Unlock cell on condition (2003) (2003)
Highlighting part of a cell (xp)
Which Directory (XP; SR2)
Locking a sheet, but not the headers/footers (2000)
Query SQL dissappearing (2003) (429187) was moved to the Access board
Concatenating cells (Excel 2000)
Opening forum attachment leaves hidden instance (WindowsXP) (429007) was moved to the Windows XP board
Easy Excel Problem (Office XP)
History of entry (2000 sr 1)
PARSE (Excel2000>)
The Secret Dialogs of Excel (Excel 2000 >)
GET.CELL function (Excel2000>)
Data Validation Stopped Working?? (XL 2002)
Macro shortcuts for Add-ins (2000)
merge with Excel data source (Excel & Word 2003 SP1)
projecting future from past information (office 2003)
Lookup city/state combo (Excel 2003 (all))
macro strat with a condition (2000 sr.1)
Add simple radio buttons to excel document (MS Excel 2002)
Command Button to Print (Excel 2000)
move/copy worksheet (Excel 2002 SP3)
Counting comments (Excel 2000)
Ampersand in Header (any)
Extract Text with space (Excel 2002)
Digital cert ignored in High security (Excel 2003 (all))
Naming cells (2003)
Auto copying between worksheets (2000)
CSV file (2003)
IF Function (Excel 2000)
VBA code in a macro (Excel 2000)
Excel Name Range problems (Excel 2003)
memory management (Excel 2000)
value cleared with scroll bar (2000 sr 1)
Finding Links to Other Workbook (Excel 2000 SP3)
Link or Formula to pull Outlook GAL details (Excel 2003 / Outlook 2003)
Text doesn't wrap (Excel 2003)
multi area range name (2000)
Remove Text (2000)
Excel Macro accessing a Web page (Excel 2000)
Conditional Summing (2000)
Solver question (XP)
Slow Calculate Excel 2003 (Excel 2003)
Find user whos locked worksheet (2000)
commandbars position (XL2000 sr2 on WW2K sp2)
Customised excel formulas (97/SR1)
Copying whole worksheets (Excel 2000 SP3)
error trapping (XL2000 sr2 on W2K sp2)
Edit Links (Excel 2000)
Mixed integers and text in a column (2k)
ASCII Combobox (Excel 2000)
joined file.... (2000 sr 1)
Search in Sub folder (X97-->)
SOLVED: MULTIPLICATE * 1 (2000 sr 1)
Averaging (Excel 97)
CUMPRINC formula (2000 sr3)
excel file name (Ver 2000/SP3)
combine multiple books into one book (Excel 2000 SP3)
conditional formatting (2000 sr3)
Text in SUMPRODUCT (Excel 2000)
Max Num of Sheets (any)
lookup between sheets (Excel 2002 SP1)
macro to open a file (Excel 2000)
VBA Finance and Math Site (1)
Ctrl + Insert to Copy (Excel 2003)
Using a lookup and retrieving a number of rows (XP)
wrod wrap in a msgbox (XL2000 sr1 on W2K sp2)
Clear previously used cells! (Excel 2000 >)
always in txt format... (2000 sr 1)
Macro (MS Excel)
password applied in macro (excel97)
View data in sheet (2000)
Controlling Msgboxes (XP;SR2)
Excel Addins (Excel 2003)
lookup (?) (2000)
Saving One Sheet into a separate workbook (2000)
Custom AutoFilter (XP; SR2)
LOOP Counter (Excel 2000)
Incomplete Macro (Excel 2002)
Match Absolute Numbers (XP; SR2)
Selecting folder and reading file names (2000)
elminating duplicates (Office 2003 Windows XP)
Sheet Numbering (Excel 97)
reverse last name, first name (Office 2003, Windows XP)
Calculate result from other WS's (E2002)
VB Userform Timer (XP)
If Formula (Excel 2002)
COLORIZE LINE (2000 sr 1)
Userform (Excel 2000)
ComboBox with dynamic list (2000)
linked files in same directory (excel 2000 ver 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Phantom macro (2003)
Multiple print ranges (2003)
Pivot chart item (Excel 2000)
always in upper case... (2000 sr.1)
user name in the cell (2000 sr.1)
Userform gif (Excel 2000)
A Better Way (XP; SR2)
Wrong Subtotals (Excel 2002)
Screen resolution (Excel 2000)
Hiding Rows (2000)
Macro Disabled (2000)
Drop zero values in Pie Chart (Excel)
Clean up data (2003)
Extract and Replace Text (2003)
Macro to paste into different workbook (Excel 2003)
Data Validation (2003 SP1)
FIND DUPLICATE (2000 sr 1)
Copy Subtotal Rows (2003)
Format List in Data Validation (Excell 2002)
Move to cell after list selection! (Excel2000>)
Printing Comments (2000)
Inverted date... (2000 sr 1)
Formula Help (2000)
Name Manager Update (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Using xp templates in older versions (xp and lower)
Book for Excel 2003 (2003)
F1 doesn't bring up task pane (2003)
Help with formula (2003)
Excel XP - Dynamic Print Range (XP)
Count Characters (Excel 2000)
Extract Part Text from cell (Excell 2002)
#Value error (Excel 2000)
ActiveX Listbox does not save contents (Excel 10)
Help with a formula please (Office 2000)
same first line on all pages (2000 sp3)
Notification of workbook updated in Excel spreadsh (2000)
cell color (Excel 2003)
Naming multi-area selection (2k)
write and read on a closed wbook (2000 sr.1)
Variable # of data rows (Excel 97)
Secondary axis (Excel 2003 SP1)
Userform Textbox value (Excel 2000)
Message Box When Changing to another worksheet (Excel 2002)
Combobox Change event (2k)
data validation list source (Excel2000)
Number Display (Excel 97)
Extract first 2 numbers from MM/DD/YY data (Excel 2000)
Workbook list in Window menu (2000/SP3)
workbook_open & workbook calculation (XL97 and XL
Help Windows (2002 (XP))
Dialling from Excel (2002 (XP))
Decimal Alignment (2002 - SP2)
colum to rows (officexp 2002)
Number match (Excel 2000)
Percentage format (Excel 2002)
checkbox, and textbox (Excel 2000)
guide of ADO (2000 sr 1)
Formula Help (2000)
Excel Macro (Excel XP)
(Impossible)Number Add to Find (Excel 2000)
VB edit not responding (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Look up/prevent duplicates in a column (2002)
Office Clipboard (XL 2003 SP1)
Wrong ISSEROR (Excell 2002)
Disable Smart Tags? (Excel XP >)
What are 'Label Ranges' for? (2002 SP3)
Pivot Table and Countif calculated field (2003)
Tracing external data links (2003)
Count If Like (Excel 2003)
Getting Around Password Protected Worksheet (Office 2003 Professional)
Narrow Name Box (Excel 2002)
Calculating Time (2002 SP3)
A spreadsheet's bottom right-hand corner (Excel 2000 and XP)
Print Multiple Worksheets (E2000)
Cell reference (Excel 2000)
e-mail different tabs in excel (excel 2000) (421835) was moved to the Outlook board
Incrementing a row value (97--->)
half kilo calculations (E2000)
Sum Query (Excel 2002)
combo box list fill range (2k)
formula auditing toolbar (office XP)
excel formula (office xp)
Inserting rows and AutoSum (Excel 2002 SP3)
How does it find the answer (Excel 2002)
Yet again..sorting problem (2000)
find second text string (excel 2003)
Excel Worksheets to Text (Excel 2000)
Freeze panes (2000)
Row height automatically adjusting (Excel 2000)
Uncorrupt a possible corrupt file?? (Quattro Pro?)
Comments in Excel (2000)
Radar Charts (2000/2003)
Requerying a form?? (2002)
combobox recycling event (2k)
copying row heights (Excel2000)
Text in formula (Excel 2000)
Cell Formatting (2000)
MACRO + ACCESS (2000 sr 1)
IF function with date as logical test (Excel 2000)
How old is Great Grandma? (Excel 2000)
Code only runs once (2000)
Creating list from sheets (2003)
sending mail (2003)
Formatting using Case Statement (Excel 97)
Filter by combobox (2000)
Macro for Row Inserts (2002)
IS NOT a word (Excel 2000)
Split full name into first and last (Excell 2000)
Forcing screen update? (2000/sp3)
optionbutton select case (2000)
Shortcut to Re-order list items (2000)
Displaying additional values on chart (2003)
axis alignment in chart (XP)
Protection ,,,, Shared (2003)
Using .find() without wrap around? (2000/sp3)
Selecting a random name (2003)
Using Macros for inserting Symbols (Office 2003)
Prompt for Delete Sheet (Excel 2003)
Cell Sizing (Excel 97)
adding custom buttons to worksheet (EXCEL 2000)
Shift Set of Cells On The Right... (2000 sr 1)
Combining Data (2002)
VLookup With LEFT Function (2002 SP3)
Customize Menus Question (Excel 2000)
Test for sheet name (2003)
Conditionally Select Formulas (Excel 2002)
Print Question (Excel 2002)
If OR statements (2000)
dynamic range name (2000)
selecting relative cell (2k)
Saving a workbook (Excel 2000)
Comments (Excel 2000)
Reinstall of Excel (XP)
Reverse calculation (MS Excel 2000 SP3)
repair workbook no more macros (officexp)
RE: Importing External Data (XP SP1)
Advanced filter criteria (Excel 2000)
F9 shows different answer than cell (2002)
linking (2000)
Each sheet in book (XL-97 +)
Sound on Re-Calc (Excel 2000)
Remove blank rows! (Excel 2000 >)
Formula Problem (again, sorry) (E2000)
Plus sign (Excel xp)
Find Match and Insert Name (2000)
error FileSystemObject (2000 sr 1)
Dropping the lowest grade formula (Excel 2002)
Creating a database table from a summary table (Excel 2000 >)
3 Useful date calculations! (Excel 2000 >)
Shading alternate rows (Excel 2000 >)