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Sort sheets not working (Excel 97)
Sort more than 3 columns macro (2000)
Unshare a workbook (2000)
WHY NOT ADD UP THE LINE? (2000 sr 1)
I want to save it here..... (XL 97-->XP)
Dissappearing Excel Options Dialog (seems to be all?)
Excel stability (multiple)
Custom Validation Formula (Excel 2000)
Complicated formula (Excel 2000)
Lookup help (Excel XP 2002)
Create Sheets Macro glitch (Excel 97)
Filter by data acros multiple columns (Excel 2002)
check boxes (E2000)
exporting from Outlook... (2000 sr 1)
'Between' statement (Excel 2000)
Autofill in different locations (Excel 2002)
Query Question (2003)
Calculating Dates (Excel 2000)
Hyperlinks (Excel 2003)
Conditional Sum Error 1004 (Excel 2000)
breaking cell data down to smaller parts (Excel 2003)
Fractions & denominators (XL2K SR1)
Disable all controls on a worksheet temporarily? (2000/sp3)
Last entry (2002 SP-3)
Add New items to Autocalculate Menu (97+)
Pivot Field 3 sigma (2003)
3D Range Name (Excel 2000 >)
Populate Combo Boxes (Excel 97)
Special Parsing Methods (2002)
Determining the Active Series in a Chart (10)
ActiveData for Excel (Excel 2000 and above)
Simple search text not found!? (2000/SR-1)
Seperate Data (Excell 2002)
+if ? (Excell/All)
Insert Userform (Excel 97)
Working with Time (2003)
Export to CSV file (2000 / 2003)
Debug a macro (Excel 2002)
Macro to copy only bold lines (2002 (SP3))
.value = .value screwing date format (2002 SP2)
Excels default template location? (Excel 2000>)
limit to listbox (E2000)
Vlookup #NA (2000)
Create filename from cell content (2000)
Excluding zeros in Charts (2003)
MenuItem Statusbar Text (97/Others?)
Excel VB Constants (2003 and before)
Joining Cells Question (Office 2000)
Run macro from a different workbook (XL)
Inserting a tick (Excel 2000)
Nesting formula (MS Office Professional)
Forcasting and quality control (xp and 2000)
ISNA formula (Excel 2002)
Apportioning interest rec'd (XP/2002)
Insert text (via macro or other) while editing cel (2000/XP)
adding items to right click (Excel 2000)
Forgotten Password (2003)
Negative number of hours (Excel 2000)
Hyperlink to hidden sheets (E2000 with ASAP utils)
Complex Macrotable select & Apply Average function (Excel 2003)
Detect Screen Resolution & Change View % (Excel 2002)
PivotTable Row Fields (2003)
Sort routine in a macro (XP)
Data validation form (XP)
VBA Exclusionary Macro (2000)
orintation sheet (2000 sr 1)
Rounding Up (2000)
Extract Data From Multiple Sheets (xp)
PivotTable Refresh (Excel2000)
Problems with Array Formulas (Excel XP)
Get value from cell range (2000)
Lock Pivot Tables? (Excel 2002/XP)
Change DSN (2003)
skip record from import file (2000)
VLookup (2003)
Roundup (Ecel 200 SP-2)
Histograms - Dynamic (Excel97SR2)
emailing a worksheet (E2000)
'Read-only' error (Office 2K, XP Home)
Round and Round the Column (2002 SP2)
Can't Unshare workbook? (2003)
Lost dropdowns (2000)
Headers and footers (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Deleting a macro (Office 2003)
data corruption (xcel 2000)
Number or Text (Excel 2002)
links don't update (Excel 2002 SP3)
select last cell (2000)
Lists and formatting (2000)
Filter Criteria (2000/02)
2 Auto Lists? (Excel 2003)
Unprotecting a project programmatically (2000, SP-3)
Find Unique Items in an Array (Excel 97 SR-2)
Export Function (E2000)
time sheet challenge (xp)
Send File as Attachment (EXCEL XP)
Excel If Statement (Excel 2000/xp)
how to sort by digit (excel 2003)
Variable Range w/in Sumproduct (2002)
Can this be done Graphs/MS Query (2003)
Paste Data from Several Worksheets into one DB (Excel 2000, SP3)
Open readonly (2000)
Guidelines (Excel X for Mac SR 1)
Histogram in VBA (Excel XP)
Excel 97 (?)
Deselect listbox item (Excel 2000 SP3)
Tricky Stuff! (Excel 2000)
Adding Cells based on other cell color/format (2003)
COUNTIF and SUMIF slow recalculation (Excel 2003)
Handling Invalid Range Names in VBA (2000 +)
lookup with date ranges (2000)
RefreshTable vs PivotCache.Refresh (2002 SP2)
specify paper tray (2003)
Pivottable Refresh Problem (2002 SP2)
Updating weekly averages (Excel 2000/SP3)
Macro Question (2k)
Weird behavious - INDEX and Form/Combo (2002)
Controling VBA Projects (XP)
Validation lists (2003)
VLookup in VB (Excel XP)
date in the form (2000 sr 1)
Graphs with 2 cols (2003)
Protected Cells and Floating boxes (Excel 2000)
Sort & other features greyed out (Excel 2000/SR-
Automation Error (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Inserting Picture to Email Message (XP)
Zeros at Beginning of Numbers (Excel 2000)
Drop Down Lists (XP)
Display Clipboard Window (2002)
Inconsistent formula (Excel 2003)
Random Numbers (na)
Dealing with Names (2000)
Drop-Down list (Office 2000)
Update Links (v2000)
Phrasing a formula (E2000)
last not- 'blank' row? (2k but prob all)
Autoformat Macro (Excel 2000)
Formulas won't update (Excel 2002 SP2)
Vlookup? (2000 (SR-1))
Loop (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Tax Function (Excel 2000)
Database query (2003)
Choosing 2 out of 3 (Excel)
Web query to site that requires authentication (Excel97)
Hyperlinking to a table
Hiding blank rows and columns (ExcelXP)
Docs & Settings 'username' (2000/2002)
Locating Macros (XP SR1)
How to anchor Comment Bubble
Combine and Format Multiple Cells into one cell (E
Automatic count from AutoFilter (2000/2002)
Break Single Line into Table Format? (2003)
Need Arrow... (2003)
Show hyperlinked cell Top Left
Sum of integers (Excel2000)
Isblank (Excel2000)
Consolidating Worksheets (Excel 2000)
Find/Remove Duplicate Entries (2000)
how can i get this formula (office XP)
Worksheet Tab color (2003)
Conditional Format (2000)
Variable Rate Car Loan (Office 2K)
Adjusting Macro (Excel 2000)
Combining report (Excel 2000)
drop down list (excel 2000)
Array formula (xp)
Copy replace worksheet (Excel XP)
File Size & Modifed Date (Excel XP)
Other way than IF? (Excel 2003)
Copy a column in a Macro (2003)
How to run a macro at a specific time tomorrow (Excel 97)
Pivot Tables (2003)
Hiding Pivot Rows (Excel 2000)
Defined Name (XP)
force the cursor in a txtbox (2000 sr 1)
Filters (XP)
Sorting help (2003)
Format IF? (Excel 2000)
Header/Footer Left & Right Margin (2003)
hide/unhide not working?! (2000)
WHY!!! (2000 sr 1)
DOCS Open Native Save (Excel XP, DOCS Open 3.95)
Evaluation Date (XP)
Insert Special Characters (Excel 2002)
Want to print to an IP address (2003)
hide cursor in scroll bar (2000 sr 1)
Need Symbol Arrow in Excel
Make standard row height? (2003)
Blinking Cell (Excel 2000/XP)
Automatically Generate Subtotals (Excel 2000/XP)
ISNA (xl 2k but probably all)
Export Macros to New Computer (Excel 2003)
Excel Extraction (2000)
IFs shortcut (office XP)
latitude and longitude (all)
Adding a menu to a Userform (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Formatting Numbers Beginning with Zero (Excel 2000)
negative time (XL2000 sp2)
ListBox.Selected (2000, SP-3)
Count only once (2000)
Creating a list from worksheet names (2003)
Pop Up Query (E 2000)
protect a form (Excel 2000)
RowSource for a ListBox (Excel XP/2000)
Compile Error (XP)
Pre 1900 dates (Office 2002)
Shortcut accelerator key (2003)
UpdateLinks (Excel 2000)
Simple determination for Quarter Number (Excel 2000)
How do I get the leftmost sheet name?
RUFL Greyed Out (Office 2003)
Timed on-line downloads (excel 2000)
Extract email address (Excel 2003)
Close vs Close Window (2002 SP2)
auto sort (excel 2000)
Automatically fill in date (Excel2000)
Deleting Toolbars (Excel XP)
Extract every n row (2002 SP3)
Check box (Excel XP/2003)
Moving Rows (2000)
Cell shows formula not value (Excel 2000)
Using SUMIF in Links (Excel 2000)
sumproduct and index/match formulas (2003)
Categorizing Custom Functions! (Excel2000>)
Export to Excel > 65000 rows (2000)
Printing Filter Name on Worksheet (Excel2000)
Find top (x) number of results? (Excel 2003)
carraige return in a cell (2003)
.patterncolorindex vs .colorindex (2002 SP2)
Paste Special All?? (10.4524.4219)
excel (2002 sevicepack 2)
Excel XP Driving Game? (XP)
Data Link refresh (2002 SP2)
Help (2000)
Insert balnk row on change in Social Security Numb (Excel XP)
Help with formula (Excel 97)
summ during the importing... (2000 sr 1)
Sorting & Fractions (excel 2000)
Formatting Elapsed Times (Excel 2003)
Jump to Formula Bar? (2003)
Highlight Cells referenced to by formula
controll on flopy (2000 sr.1)
Clear All Advanced Filters (Excel 97 Upwards)
Formulas -> Values (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Analysis Tool-pak (WinXP - Ofc 2000)
color cells (2000/xp)
External Links (XP)
moving columns? (office XP)
Allow hyperlink editing in protected worksheet (2002)
Sum same cell reference thoughout workbook (2000 SR-1)
Links don't stick (2002/2003)
double click (excel2002)
user being logged out (Office 2000 Pro)
Pivot Charts - Series in rows (Excel 2002)
Precision and Conditional Formatting (2002 SP-2)
Stepping thru a formula (Excel XP)
ways to reduce file links memory (office XP)
Opening Files in Explorer (Excel 2002 SR1)
Send a Range in excel to a page via email (9.0.7616 sp-3)
quark to excel (E2K)
VBAProject Scrollbars (XL 2002, SP3)
String Frequency Counting in a Single Cell (Excel 2000)
Line Weight ((Excel97/SR2))
Counting (mon)days between 2 dates (Excel 2000)
Textbook (2003)
Writing visible records (2002/SP-2)
Sorting Dynamically (2003)
What is the order of event handling (2000)
a line in worksheet (Office XP)
Absolute to relative references (Excel 2003)
formula / calculation problem (Excel 2000)
why!!!!! (2000 sr 1) (2000 sr 1)
General Excel Question (2002)
formulae (2000/xp)
Named Range (2002)
Subtotals & Data (Excel 2002 SP2)
Objects on sheet move after printing??? (Excel 2002)
Count Duplicates in a List (2000)
Graphing - Variable distance along X axis (Excel 2000-2003)
Embed XL worksheet into Word (XL & Word 2002)
data summary: week,month,year (microsoft xp)
Excluding zero values in Charts (2003)
Date Formatting Doesn't 'Stick' (Excel XP)
VLOOKUP in VBA problem with ' (2000sp3)
AutoFilter Problem (2000)
Resizing A4 worksheets for printing (2000 sr 1)
Worksheets (Office 97)
HI, ... (2000 sr 1)
scroll bars (Excel 2002)
Values to text (2003, SP1)
combine reports (Win XP)
RE: Automatic workbook links (SR1)
Delete recent files (2003)
Msgbox based on cell value (Office 2003 or 97)
rounding cents in spreadsheet (Excel 2000)
Totalling letters (Excel 2000/SP3)
Lookup in Excel 2000 (Excel 2000 SP3)
Going Toolbar Nuts! (Excel 2000, XP)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2002)
Extra Spaces (Office 97)
Change Case (Excel XP)
Complex List Problem (Excel 2003)
'Enable Macros' Message Disable? (Xcl 2K, Win 2K)
??Avoid a formula error?? (Excel2000>)
Get rid of zeros in formula (Excel xp)
Cell merge/formatting (Excel/Word XP)
Shading and Value Edits and Screen Scraping (WinME
Auto Start Macro (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
macro for checkboxes (2000)
Saving a workbook (excel 2000)
tabs among others (Excel 2k)
Ude validation as an Input Mask? (Excel 2000 >)
Counting Value with 2 criteria (2003)
How to create a 'MegaFormula' (Excel 2000 >)
TIP>> A Primary Key fro Excel Lists (Excel 2000 >)
time stamp (Excel 2000)
Match Found cut and paste from one column to anoth (2000)
Excel 2003 File Properties (11.613)
List Compare and Add to One List (2000)
Conditional Formatting (XP)
TIP>>Describe Custom Functions in the Function Wiz (Excel 2000>)
Year = number (Excel 2000/3)
create a math practice table (excel 2003)
Delete Macros (Excel 2000)
splitting a columm (excel 2003)
Vlookup (2003)
Recalculation (Excel 2002)
Phone Dialer (XP) (400949) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Recording a macro (Excel 2000)
Checkbox on click event handler (Excel 2000)
Phone Bill comparison (Excel 2000)
Watching for Invalid Values (2000/SP3)
Excel workbook corrupted (2000 (9.0.3821 SR-1))
VBA to print multiple workbooks! (Excel 2000 >)
Data Validation (Office XP)
Unknown XL file (2000)
Asks for a link update, but there are no links (2000, SR-1)
Trouble pasting into Excel (Excel 2003)
Print multiple columns on a page? (2000)
Detect wether Excel or OO Calc open a workbook (10.0)
Month plus 1 (Excel 2000/2003)
Help Needed (2000)
Time calculation!!! (Excel 2000 >)
Select Locked Cells (bug?) (2002)
vlookup within sumif (2003)
Add every other column (Excel 2003)
List Box (2000)
userform formats (2000)
Formatting radio buttons (Xcl 2K, Win 2K)
Import Unix Files with INPUT (ALL from 97)
Underscore instead of space (2000 SR1)
Stop at a certain date (Excel 2000/2003)
MS Query (2003)
Currency Icon (2K)
Can't get my dates right! (XL2003)
linking files (Excel 2000)
Stripping Formats (XP)
changing margins (Excel 2000)
Travel Hours (E2K)
Multiple Conditions-Conditional Formatting (2000)
Row Column Fonts (Excel 2003)
Limitation of length of cell contents? (2000 (SP3))
Bank Account Formula (Any)
format cells (excel 2000)
Graph Background Colors (2K SR1)
Graph Question (2000 SR1)
Time sheet hours (Excel 2000/2003)
Public holiday formula (Excel 2000/2003)
corrupted startup (2003)
rounding numbers (2000)
Filtering in Pivot Tables (Excel 2002)
Data Formula (Excel 2003)
Count Objects in an Array (XP)
Split date into separate cells (2003)
Option Buttons (Excel 97 SR-2)
excel formula (2002)
formula help (2002)
Another Pivot Table ? - (blank) cells (Excel 2003)
Pivot Tables - saving formatting changes?? (Excel 2003)
Statistical (Ratio) Question (Excel 2000 >)
Record Quality (XP)
Assistant balloon option buttons (Excel 2000)
Turning off the TextToColumns Wizard (Excel 2000+)
Advanced filter criteria (Excel 2000)
Number Adding (Office 97)
Hiding Non-Contiguous Rows in Target (Excel 2002)
Automatically Resize to Fit Contents (2002/xp)
range event (2000)
Text to Columns (2000)
convert a fraction to a time (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Combining Worksheets (2000)
Calendar Control not loaded (2000)
VBA References (XL XP)
Link to a Excel help file (Excel 2000 >)
Keyboard equivalent to D-click? (Excel 2000)
Formula Help (Excel XP)
Combining text from several cells (Excel 2000)
Excel charts to 4 color print (Excel 2000)
Concatenate Function (2000)
Compare to Columns of Text Data (2000)
Preventing Autoformat (Excel 2000)
Workbook_Open Macro (Excel 2002)
Using Macro to delete a shape or textbox (MS Excel 2000 SR-1)
Menu Bar in Excel (Excel 2002)
Percent (Excel 2002)
print page totals (Excel 2000)
Not really an Excel problem, but..... (xp)
Grouping Sheets Dynamically (Excel 2000, SP2)
Format row based on single cell contents (Excel 2002/SP2)
Count Commas (Excel XP)
Write Line (XP)
Worksheet Protection (Office 97)
e-mail mail merge (excel 2000)
Count Rows (Excel 2002)
passing variables (2003)
Finding Linked Worksheets (2003)
Combined Graphs (2000)
Conditional Pick Lists (Excel 2000)
Quattro Pro 10 files (XP)
New menus! (XL97/WinNT4)
User form in Excel? (2000)
Macro Help - Adding std formula to cell contents (Office 2003/XP)
Charts: Area and Bars (2000)
Removing stubborn characters? (Excel 2002)
Trend Line on Stacked Chart (Excel97SR2 et al.)
Excel Spreadsheet in Word problem (XP)
Copy/Paste in one entry (Excel 2002 sp2)
Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle) Properties (2000 / SR1)
How long can a .csv file be (Excel xp)
Opening workbooks in code with partial name... (2000 SP-3)
counting and subtotaling list items (Excel 2000)
Automatically Dup cell info (2000)
Save and Close behind a button (Excel 2000)
Customer totals in a spreadsheet (Excel XP)
OnAction for a menu item (2002)
Extra line added in Print Preview (Excel XP)
Undo macro action after running macro!!! (Excel 2000 >)
Percentage of the difference (Excel 97)
Nested Subtotals (2003)
Arrays (Excel 2003)
Menu Bar (Excel 2003)
Subtotals (2002)
Logarithmic Trendline (Windows 2000 Pro)
sum cell if bold (Excel 2000)
user interaction (2003)
Cell Contents Visible? (Excel 2K)
Lookup more than one row (2000)
Capture a range using an inputbox (Excel 2000 >)
Turn off calc from VBA (2002 SP2)
Autorun xls (2000)
Cannot Access Dialog Box--Error (Office 2000)
Split worksheets (Excel xp)
Print Defaults (2000)
Sorting multiple columns (Excel 2000)
Switching Columns to rows (Excel 2000)
getting rid of javascript (Excel 2000)
Problem with Concatenation & Dates (Excel 2002)
VLOOKUP in multiple ranges in multiple sheets (2000)
cannot save footer (Excel 2000)
Controlling Chart Size (2002)
changing links to values (2000)
Corrupt Workbook (2000 9.0.4402 SR1)
blank sheet ('97, SR-2)
Lowercase Macro (2k)
vlookup and/or format woes (2000)
Error in SUM function ? (Excel 97)
Count cells by font color (Excell 2002)
CLEAR ME... (2000 sr 1)
TIP: >> Dual action toolbar buttons (Excel 2000 >)
column sorting (office 2000)
TIP: >> Sort data in middle of a string (Excel 2000 >)
TIP: >> Prevent List Duplicates (Excel 2000 >)
Add pictures to a comment! (Excel 2000 >)
Scrolling Charts (Excel 2000 >)
Count Em Up (Excel 2K)
subtotals (2002)
count? (2002)
Double Quotes Broken (2000)
#N/A (Office 97 / xp)
How many worksheets can you put in workbook? (Office 97 / xp)
Combine pivot table with autofilter (XL 2002)
Using DFunctions with MSQuery Data in Excel (2000)
External Links in Workbook (XP)
Comparing Pivot table results (Excel 2000)
COUNTIF , conditional but for complete column (Excel 2000)
sumif overmultiple columns formula (2003)
Macro to find an adjacent cell (Excell 2002)
Automating charts (Excel 2003)
Adding Times (XP)
Pasting Formulas into Different Workbooks (Excel 2003)
Insert blank rows (2003)
Convert Imported Negative Numbers (Mirror Negative (Excel 2000)