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Here's something back for the help I have received
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copy and paste
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Alphabetical sort of burial book
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Recalculating continually
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Excel help with spreadsheet
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Returning table to another sheet
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Names Nightmare (Excel 2003)
Create report
Pattern identification
Conditional Formatting Help!
Moving & Deleting Columns
Excel Formula Bar & document recovery
How to change column heading from number to Alphabet?
Custom Sorting crashes Excel
How to display No. of Rows and Sum value in MsgBox
How do I display a listbox in VB?
VBA for conditional formatting, but not applied dynamically
Macro or Formula to delete rows where values and stock $# is the same
Sort a list for the size of each row
Exported as Text file to have a Header line
Compare 2 sheets
Excel: Clicking in one cell annoyingly highlights several cells
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Finding Unique Entries
Networkdays (Excel 2003) UDF
Exporting Sheets
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Copied a worksheet, now combobox is broke- what happened?
Create calendar from a list
Run Batch file inside the selected folder
Get Values and report blank cells
Excel 2010
Protected worksheet with subtotal function
Delete both duplicate rows
How to count text values from multiple cells in one cell
Need a clue on managing data on date that is split into three cells
Lookup function problem
Autoincrement a single cell on a template
Ap ageing worksheet, to ten vendors, protected worksheet
Finding date to match MAX and Min values (Excel 2010)
Search All Excel Files On Drive If Data Already There
Sending text via email results in unaligned columns
weekly average for daily data
How do I close Excel from VB?
Repeat copy
VBA FileSystemObject Properties: Dimensions, Size and Vertical resolution
Merge multiple workbook with 1 sheet each from one data to another
Excel hyperlink
Employee Scheduler
Macro to open file and copy data
Message to warn which sheets have a variance
Interpolation functions
Force Web Pull Macro to Run First
Best way to match a cell value on worksheet
If Date is Day Before or After Holiday
finding duplicates in a data base with 3 three criteria points
Constants Declared, howto call sub from userform
Summing columns until all totalled
How To Close 5 Instances Of Excel 2007 At Once...
Macro to create index sheet
Can I create a standalone VB program to access Excel spreadsheets
Percent formulas
looking up for a cell in multiple files
lookup or vlookup using Excel 2010
sum across various conditions
convert id number into date
Close Matches
Vlookup & Subsitute to get result
Establish a Pattern in Excel
each worksheets in a folder copy header and last row paste masterworkbook
list and calendar on excel
Drop down list
Trailing 26 Periods for Charting
VLookAllSheets excluding current sheet
Insert sheet based on Template and Cell Content
Files not visible in folder
Can't enable macros on 2010
Macro to split out spreadsheet-Reopened
Using countifs
How do I reset a spreadsheet to it's original starting point to make it reusable
Web query VBA
Multiple sumifs formula in a cell
Auto adjust the vertical axis to the same scale for four graphs in the same workbook
Macro to delete Row & Sum
Macro To change Month in Link
Total invoice amounts by project
Copying and pasting a matrix from one workbook to another
Excel 2010 - Beginner help - dates along horizontal axis rather than vertical.. how can I change?
Macro to split out spreadsheet
Importing multiple XML files into Excel
Macro to delete Numbers
Computing Concurent Usage from Log File with Multiple Criteria
Error message after cut&paste Word-->Excel 2010
Error when creating pivot table
Search Files in Folder
Restrict cusor movement
Web Query to get all result pages
Lock down Excel's custom quick access toolbar
convert folder listings to excel
Macro to delete rows where values are the same
Excel 2013 - so slow to open!
Excel: Conditional Locking or Data Validation
QuattroPro to Excel conversion
Imperial to Metric conversion
Total filtered items only
Needs some modification
Extracting Data from Excel Database
Programming Excel w/VBA
Aging report
Find High, Low, and Average Price
Pattern Analysis
display conditional formatting rules
Concatenate, Remove Period and Save as Text file Through Macro
Denormalize a variable number of sheets with variable number of rows into a Summary sheet
Help with Code
Need a Macro
Parsing data from xml file in folders and subfolders
Creating Buttons in VBA
Protecting Hyperlink in Excel 2010
a blank cell result in Excel
assign variable in data fill
Excel: Dynamic Range
Extract specific text from a string
Leading zero
How do I copy different columns of information into one column and then add...
Excel 10 - Disable Automatic Hyperlinking
Produce a count of types?
exclude zero in pivot table
Excel: Solving Bloat and Corruption
x-axis format problem: How to label the first date and ignore the rest of the day
open *.xls in already open Excel 2007
Need Help Looping through Sheet with Concatenation
copy and paste document names into a spreadsheet
Extracting data in Excel
HELP converting .txt to excel with certain data stripped out and reorganized
Using SUMPRODUCT between worksheets matching but cell content
Help with setting up loan payments
Delete Blank Rows
Excel 2010 Time on Y-axis?
Excel: Need help with macro for data management
Function substitute
Selecting certain cells to record in another tab
Libre Calc adding a new sheet
cannot get proper sorting
Formula to compute value based on Ageing
Search files for information contained in Excel cell and return path
Convert Excel formulas in VBA code
Pivot Table - Grand Total for Rows
formula help
Writing to cells in Excel 2003
Importing (truly) random integers
Setting the months displayed for a 3-month date picker (Excel2010)
Custom Number Format for Date
Show last birthday date in Excel 2010
Hide properties in one tab
,Run batch file from VBA
If formula using time
Number format error
Vlookup VBA
Customer Sheets and Customer List In Same Spreadsheet
Show last birthday date in Excel 2010
Count including decimal places
Excel XP can't save
XL Macro to place date in sheet header
Excel 2007 Conditiona Formatting Formula help
XL13 - Worksheet tab navigation
Calculation appears when it should be an error
Macro to hide rows based on cell value
Excel Time/date and phone numbers
~ merge two spreadsheets with one sheet each into a new one based on matching ids. please advise ~
Delete range of numbers
Best approach to display days, hours, minutes
Macro to extract specific desciptions
Help with Offset
Macro to highlight Data
Hide Rows Where data is zero
Print External PDF Files from Excel Sheet
formula help
Macro to range value items
Show message Box and delete rows
What-If Analysis Data Table
Copy a cell format from one cell to another?
Dates in the columns up to last date of the month
Loop through excel files in a directory and copy onto master sheet
Email to Excel
Have I found a sorting error in Excel?
Coding Problem (Excel 2010 VBA)
vba to set worksheet Tabs based on Language
Find-Replace Formula to VBA
need to change 0 or 1 to show as an empty check box or checked checked box
vba to rename Tabs based on sheet codename
Macro to move files from one folder to another
macro project unviewable
Solver constraint problem
Using Excel vba to stuff a new page into an opened Word document
XL '97: Current printer is unavailable. Select another printer.
combining data from one column all into one cell
Excel 2007 - problem breaking links
mail merge (?) on certain rows of sheet with access records included too?
solve for x ?
Reporting in Excel by data source (SQL Server)
Excel Digital Clock
Several Excel 2010 ?s: mostly editing hyperlinked text issues
File requested
Excel 2010
VBA Currency format issues when users around the world run it
~ how do you add the horizontal axis labels to a scatterplot when the 'edit' button is blanked out?
*** Simple Muti-Series Line Graph ***
Beginners Question
How to count no. of occurrences of a particilar value in a cell range
Inject code into another workbook
Shortcut question using Open Office
Can I change code on the fly?
Combining several workbooks
VBA instead of formula
formula help and adding error
Numbers blurr when cells add up total
Error Bars with log scale y-axis
Saving File as CSV-zeroes removed
If and statements
Creating an XML file modified by data in spreadsheet
Pop up Message
File closes on scrolling down Excel 2007
Macro for fetching data from dynamic range of a spreadsheet to another spreadsheet.
Automate deleting filtered results
Data Matching problem.
Importing scenario parameters into the Scenario Manager
IF formula, but a paradox
Un-protect worksheet without PW
Concatenate columns
Data Connection build up "fix", Macro
Moving average, variable date range and number of entries per day?
Windows validation
Summing a column based on the number of the row
Moving data from one sheet to another based on a "key"
can't insert rows or columns in excel 2010.
making duplicate cells unique by adding counter
Training records
Duplicate records
excel ghost - cant x out of it - have to ctlaltdel select and end task
Large data set filtered to new tabs
Create pop-up map in Excel