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Count Rows (Excel 2002)
passing variables (2003)
Finding Linked Worksheets (2003)
Combined Graphs (2000)
Conditional Pick Lists (Excel 2000)
Quattro Pro 10 files (XP)
New menus! (XL97/WinNT4)
User form in Excel? (2000)
Macro Help - Adding std formula to cell contents (Office 2003/XP)
Charts: Area and Bars (2000)
Removing stubborn characters? (Excel 2002)
Trend Line on Stacked Chart (Excel97SR2 et al.)
Excel Spreadsheet in Word problem (XP)
Copy/Paste in one entry (Excel 2002 sp2)
Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle) Properties (2000 / SR1)
How long can a .csv file be (Excel xp)
Opening workbooks in code with partial name... (2000 SP-3)
counting and subtotaling list items (Excel 2000)
Automatically Dup cell info (2000)
Save and Close behind a button (Excel 2000)
Customer totals in a spreadsheet (Excel XP)
OnAction for a menu item (2002)
Extra line added in Print Preview (Excel XP)
Undo macro action after running macro!!! (Excel 2000 >)
Percentage of the difference (Excel 97)
Nested Subtotals (2003)
Arrays (Excel 2003)
Menu Bar (Excel 2003)
Subtotals (2002)
Logarithmic Trendline (Windows 2000 Pro)
sum cell if bold (Excel 2000)
user interaction (2003)
Cell Contents Visible? (Excel 2K)
Lookup more than one row (2000)
Capture a range using an inputbox (Excel 2000 >)
Turn off calc from VBA (2002 SP2)
Autorun xls (2000)
Cannot Access Dialog Box--Error (Office 2000)
Split worksheets (Excel xp)
Print Defaults (2000)
Sorting multiple columns (Excel 2000)
Switching Columns to rows (Excel 2000)
getting rid of javascript (Excel 2000)
Problem with Concatenation & Dates (Excel 2002)
VLOOKUP in multiple ranges in multiple sheets (2000)
cannot save footer (Excel 2000)
Controlling Chart Size (2002)
changing links to values (2000)
Corrupt Workbook (2000 9.0.4402 SR1)
blank sheet ('97, SR-2)
Lowercase Macro (2k)
vlookup and/or format woes (2000)
Error in SUM function ? (Excel 97)
Count cells by font color (Excell 2002)
CLEAR ME... (2000 sr 1)
TIP: >> Dual action toolbar buttons (Excel 2000 >)
column sorting (office 2000)
TIP: >> Sort data in middle of a string (Excel 2000 >)
TIP: >> Prevent List Duplicates (Excel 2000 >)
Add pictures to a comment! (Excel 2000 >)
Scrolling Charts (Excel 2000 >)
Count Em Up (Excel 2K)
subtotals (2002)
count? (2002)
Double Quotes Broken (2000)
#N/A (Office 97 / xp)
How many worksheets can you put in workbook? (Office 97 / xp)
Combine pivot table with autofilter (XL 2002)
Using DFunctions with MSQuery Data in Excel (2000)
External Links in Workbook (XP)
Comparing Pivot table results (Excel 2000)
COUNTIF , conditional but for complete column (Excel 2000)
sumif overmultiple columns formula (2003)
Macro to find an adjacent cell (Excell 2002)
Automating charts (Excel 2003)
Adding Times (XP)
Pasting Formulas into Different Workbooks (Excel 2003)
Insert blank rows (2003)
Convert Imported Negative Numbers (Mirror Negative (Excel 2000)
Update Charts Automatically (Excel 2000)
Link formula (Excel 2000)
Finding duplicates (2000)
Stopping updating linked workbooks (2000 - 2003)
Excel and Files (XP 2002)
Formula Query (Excel 2003)
Paste Special (XP)
Autofill (Excel 2000)
Ranking formula (Excel xp)
Cell referencing - How to exclude workbook name? (
Inserting Blank Cells (2000)
Page Setup (2000)
Modifying Unique extract (Excel 2000)
Calling a procedure that is held in another book (2003)
Disable Scroll Wheel (Win98/Office 2000)
Creating a calendar from existing data (Excel 2002)
Put a page break in a row (2000)
VBA Calculations (Excel 2K)
Workbook.Saved=Ture not setting (Excel 2000/SR1 Sp3)
Formula (excel 2000)
last row or column with something in it (2003)
Fonts in Copy and Paste Picture (Excel 2002)
different files>in Window display same filenames (Excel XP SP3)
Mailing filtered data from Excel (2000 sr.1)
Cannot change the Excel 2000 Saved Property (Excel 2000 SP3)
Copying large amounts of data (Excel 2000)
Excel and OUtlook (XP)
Default / Paste Problem (2002)
Count business days (XP)
Convert Text number to year (2000/SP3)
.xls to .pdf (Excel 2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3))
Freeze Pane in a macro (Excel 2002)
32MB????? (2000 sr 1)
Excel File Type (2000)
Reporting of Colections in Locals WIndow (Excel VBA (all?))
combobox error (2000)
Cell cannot be blank (Office 97)
What Does This Do (Office 97)
Edit ODBC external data source (2002/2000)
Pause printing (XP)
Formatting (2000)
Formatting Code for Path (2002)
Automatic Calculation Setting (Excel 2000 SR-1)
hyperlinks (2000)
Vlookup N/A (2003)
Number format: 1,000 = 1k ... How? (2000)
delete blank line (2000 sr 1)
SUMM GG (2000 sr 1)
Excel formula to save time........ (2000)
Help with Microsoft Script Editor (excel 2002 on win XP)
Excel lookups (XP)
Lookup (XP)
If statement (Excel 2000)
Data carried forward to new workbook (Office 97)
Shortcut/macro to increase/decrease # decimal plac (Excel XP)
Subtotal view with extra columnar data (2000)
VLOOKUP (2000 sr 1)
why!!!!! (2000 sr 1)
pivot table formatting (2000)
Excel Opens Without Worksheets (2003)
Changing the legend key (XP SP-2)
Tab to different cell (Office 97)
Excel crashes (Excel 2000)
2000 (Totals with out 0.00)
outlook 2000 sp3 (2000 sr 1)
Excel Macro (Office 97)
insert text from one sheet to another (2002)
convert or transform a text string into a numeric
Autofilter Oddities (Excel 97/SR-2)
REPLACE 'C' (2000 sr 1)
List drop down dependency (2002)
Array of Random Numbers (XP)
characters in a string variable (2003)
Quarter Reports (2000)
Blank appearing as zero (Excel 97 / NT)
FileDialog or is there something better (2002)
A command button to pass a value between sheets? (Excel 97')
SaveAs (XP)
Auto-Numbering (Excel 2000, SP-2)
Excel Look up Function (Excel 2000)
help with excel (excel 2000)
Capture Daily Value (Excel 2002/2003)
Work Menu (XP)
VBA Design Help (Ranking Arrays) (xl97, Win2000)
Date Formula (Excel 2K)
Analysis Toolpak - DollarDe bug? (Excel97/SR2)
compare and copy only (2000 sr 1)
double lookup (excel 97)
Conditional hiding of cells when printing (2003)
Moving a UDF from a Workbook to an Add-In (xl97, Win2000)
Mail Merge (Excel 2000)
Updating a Value in a Cell (2000)
Select Locked Cells (Excel 2002)
In-Use Area Problems (All)
CSV File dropping leading Zeros (Excel 2000)
How can I 'read' a formula? (2000)
Loop through each worksheet (79/2000)
Excel Chart (Excel 2000)
Record collection info (Office XP)
Data Validation (2003)
Problem with Advanced Filter (2000)
Initials from a name (WXp+OXp)
Formatting Outlining rows (2000)
Controlling Text Entered into a Cell (2002/2003)
Set Charactor (2003)
Grouping Sheets (Excel 2000/SP-1)
Report Manager gone? (Excel 2003)
open page (2002/xp)
Sort not sorting! (2000)
Array Range (Excel 97)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2000, SP-1)
Repeating Data Across Sheets (Excel 2000, SP-1?)
Merging Cells (Excel 2000)
format cells (2002 sp2)
Remove ' from a line of Text (Excel 2002)
Replace Label Hook (Excel 2002)
Open File in a User Form (Excel 2002)
Just to confirm about encryption (XL 2003 and <)
Application.Run (XP)
Drop Down Box Protect (Excel 2003)
Stop Recording Button (Excel 97)
VLookup Interpolation Formula?? (Excel 2003)
Unprotecting Many Sheets (Excel 2002)
Looping (Excel XP)
Open Text File forcing use of the wizard (97)
Export chart as JPG options (2000)
Slow calculation (from 2000 to 2003)
Worksheet Chang event (97)
addition formula (EXCEL 2000)
Counting characters (2k)
querytables.add (XL97 sr2b & XL2K sr1)
Including Word References in Excel cells? (XP and later)
How to control toolbars at startup (Excel 2002 SP3)
workaround: text box in chart can't be accessed (Excel 2000 SP3)
Subtotals (97/2003)
#N/A's (2k)
Merging Columns (excel 2000)
Symbols (Excel 2000)
Angled cells with borders (Excel 2002)
Help Files (Excel 97)
Dropping down a list with a macro (2000)
CountIf - multiple criteria (Excel 2003)
No Recalculation (97/2000 Latest SP)
Cant Empty Clipboard (Excel XP SP2)
Excel Chart Y-Axis Scale Won't 'Stick' (2000 SP-2)
Calculating with 'IF' (9.0.2720)
Countif with 2 conditions (Excel XP)
message boxes (2003)
Setting criterial for autofilter (2000 SP3)
Display of '
Setting correct macro path for custom toolbar (Excel 2000)
Numbers Formatting (2003)
range table is zero (excel97)
Number & Text (2003)
Useful Add-ins (All)
Inverting a Spreadsheet (2002)
Excel stops responding (Excel 2003)
some basic questions (excel2000)
Multiple instances of workbook (97)
Alphanumeric character conversion (Excel 2000)
Fonts and dropdown lists (Excel 2000)
Conditional Formatting (2000/SP3)
Avoid plotting blank values (2000 SR1)
Factors of a number (Excel)
Values in Bars (ExcelXP)
Fonts and scrolling (Excel 2000)
Cuting a cell value (2003)
Code does not work any more (2000 sr.1)
Colored cells (excel2000)
Superscript on toolbar in XP (XP)
Countif range contains text (XP)
Missing fonts in Symbol dialog box (Excel 2002 (SP3))
Stymied By PivotTable (2000)
Date format in combobox (2000)
Post it to here (Excel 97)
Random Numbers (2003)
FTP to Unix (2000) (385767) was moved to the Other OSes - Palm / Linux board
Something like Mail Merge (2000 SR-1)
Excel Formatting (2000)
Ontime Method (Excel )
Worksheet_Change (Excel 2000)
Merge several identical sheets into one (Excel 2000)
for HansV because it know my problem (2000 sr 1)
Anomalous File Loading (2002)
Tracked changes (Excel 2002)
import from a txt file... (2000 sr 1)
skip record from import file (2000 sr 1)
When The Mth Changes (Excel 2000)
Excel 9 SR-1; Win XP 5.1.2600 (Excel 9 SR-1)
Centralised Macros (Excel XP)
count value... (2000 sr 1)
Animate a graph without screen flicker (OXP)
MS Query (xl2000)
Excel Worksheet to PPT (Office XP)
Combo Boxes in Excel 2000 (Excel 2000)
Copy user Entry to history (excel 2000)
Excel document from 2000 to 2003 (2003)
Update to Name Manager (97, 2000,xp,2003)
day of the week ('97, SR2)
Copying macros (Excel 2000)
Cell formatting (v2000)
Border dashes (Excel 2002)
funnction help required 'IF' (officexp 2002)
Date problem (2003)
Transpose (Excel 2003)
Wrong Format ? (Office 97)
Converting from O2K to O2003 (O2K / O2003)
Circular Reference causes loss of data/table (Excel 2003/XP)
Named Range (XL 2000 Under Win XP)
Excel macro using IF statement (Excel 2000)
tab order (Excel 2003)
Bar Chart Axis-Right Side (Windows & Office XP)
Excel crash involving SQL Server (Excel 2000)
Adding Time (2002)
Select Case Odd (XP/SP2)
Imported text gets refomatted as date (Excel 2002/SP2)
xlVeryHidden property (XL2000 sr2 on Win 2000)
create workbook wo macros (2000+) (383348) was removed
create workbook wo macros (2000+) (383347) was removed
Protection (2000)
Formula to count days within a range within a rang (2000/SP1)
printing A3 problems (XP)
Update FileName? (Excel 2000)
READ A CEL IN WBOOK... (2000 sr 1)
set MSO Scripting Library (2000 sr 1)
Excel Dates (XP (but others also?))
Arrays - creating (Excel 97)
If Statement (Office XP)
ControlSource and Option Buttons (Any)
creating text boxes (2000 SP3)
Vlookup - If Null (Excel 2000)
x-y graph (2000)
Personal.xls (2000)
Format Issues (2003)
Formula (xp) error (windowsXP officeXP pro 2002)
lookup with variable number of matches? (Excel 200
Count within a date range (Excel 2000)
Something like MODE for text values? (2002-XP)
Calculating Grades Using Excel (XP)
ListView Control repositions (Excel10) (382329) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Customized Validation (2000)
Array - objects? (Excel 97)
create workbook wo macros (2000+)
Excel date functions (Any)
Two-way Formula (2003)
Need help with SUM(IF (Excel 97)
excel 2003-exporting to outlook (2003)
MsgBox (Excel 2000)
Command button (Excel 2003)
Brio application and Excel (2000)
Graphs (Excel 97)
Hyperlinks (Excel 2000)
formulas dont get evaluated (2003)
If Functions (NT)
'Dirty' flag, ala Access? (OFF2k/sp3)
Maximum file size (2002/SP3)
Disjointed timeline (2002)
Corrupt Pivot tables (Excel 2000)
Blocking link update (Excel 2000)
Excel.xlb (Excel 2000)
old userform (big work) (2000 sr 1)
USERFORM... (2000 sr 1)
Copy to Clipboard as Text (Excel XP)
function (Excel03)
Default worksheet format (MSO 2K SR1-a)
Wrapped text cells aren't the same as printed. (Office XP)
Adding years to Dates (Excel XP)
Excel 97-custom function (Excel 97)
Payment Schedule (Excel 2K)
Split One Sheet into Several Sheets based on Col A (2000 SP3)
search/replace 2 decimal places (excel xp)
Wild card? (Excel XP)
Standard 'new' workbook (XL XP/2002)
user-defined functions (Excel XP)
Last save date of a worksheet (not workbook) (2000/sp3)
Update value on change (Excel XP)
Auto protect on opening (excel xp)
Daily dose of Excel (All)
Checkbox (Excel 97)
Excel Characters?? Max?? (2000)
If based Formula (Excel 2K)
Formula to find duplicates (2000)
Find last value (Excel 2002)
Financial Formulae (XL 2000)
Print selective sheets and pages (2002)
Formatting the date in a header (Excel XP)
Open Workbook (Excel 2000)
no flipping... (2000 sr 1)
Inserting Dates (Excel 2000 Sp3)
Copying formulas between files problem (Excel 2000)
Macros (XL97/WinNT4)
Change the font colour (97/2000)
attending a time in seconds.... (2000 sr 1)
Flight Simulator (2000)
select foreign characters (excel 2003)
macro help needed (2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Changing Cases in Excel (Excel 2000)
Printing Workbook (Excel 2002)
Can multiple worksheets be linked to a Pivot Table (Excel 97 SR-2)
Save Charts to individual files (Excel 97 SR-2)
Shading Rows (Excel 2002)
Printing Problem? (2003)
Vlookup update doesn't update in worksheet (2000 SP5)
formula for count (excell 2000)
How to count this.. (2000)
Checkbox (Excel 97)
VBA - Excel - Unknown Binary File Structure (Excel 10)
Command Button Hide (Excel 2000)
New Template Dialog (2000)
Excel Formula for Stocks (Excel 2003)
Align Drawing Objects (XP)
Excel Pivot Calc Field (Excel 2003)
add fields to pivottable via VBA (97, 2000, 2003)
autoUpdateFrequency (Excel 97)
Histogram (XP)
Monthly Spreadsheet (Excel 2003)
Sorting with formatting (XP)
Copy & Paste Method (Excel 2000)
Name Manager on Office Market place (97, 2000,xp,2003)
know when the job of print is finished? (2000 sr.1)
Running Macro in background (Office 2k)
Automatic numbering (Excel 2002)
Unique Records (Excel 2000)
Form fields (Excel 2002 XP)
Strange error message when opening an excel file (XL 2000 SR1)
Page Break Color (Excel 2002)
Save As (Excel 2000)
Print Excel Comments? (2003)
Workload Graph (2003)
Flexfind updated (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Two Numbers in Same Cell (Excel 2000)
Array formula in VBA (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Date Formula (Micorosft Excel 2003)
A weird problem occured to me.. (2000)
List Box (Excel 2000)
formulas (2002)
Any help is Appreciated (Excel 2003)
Conditional formatting (2002)
Macro Security (2002 XP)
How all negative numbers round to 0 (Excel 2000)
Conditional import from text file (2000 sr 1)
UserForm and Text Box (Excel 2000)
VLOOKUP and non sorted lookup arrays (2000 sp3)
formula auto calc. (xp)
Comment (Excel 97)
graph a line (2000)
Auto_open in .xla addin doesn't run (Excel 2002)
Linked Files (Excel 2000)
Relative Reference (Excel 2000)
Formula help ? (XP)
Sorting a List (XP)
Subtotal hotkeys (Excel 2002)
Exporting Calendar (2000/SR1) (2000/SR1)
Run Code/Macro (Excel 2000)
IF Formula...Values Between (XP)
Page Fault in Important File (97-SR2)
Go To Cell (Excel 2000)
Reset end of Worksheet in Excel (2003)
increment month (97 sr2)
Sum by conditional formatting of font color (Excel 2000/2002)
CommandBar Suggestion (XP)
dbl lookup + sum (2000)
Deleting Rows where condition is met (Excel 2000)
extracting data from word (2000)
Shortcut to AutoSum (XP)
DSUM Info (Office 97)
lookup based on two criteria (2000)
border tools not available (Excel 2002)
template path (2000 SP3)
Vlookup again...aargh! (Excel 97)
Copy data to other workbook (Excel2000/VB6)
Links Within Spreadsheets (XP Pro SP-2)
Hyperlink: Problem with Spaces (Excel 2000)
Removing Hyphens From Numerical Data (2000)
Counting only unique records (Excel XP)
Execute on Cell Value Change (Excel 2000)
Summarise a Questionnaire (2000)
Highligting Axes Labels (XP/SP3)
Formula to show absent (2000)
Excel Sumif (Office 2003)
Formatting Time Difference (2003)
Controlling VBA run-time errors (2002/2003)
Formulas (2002)
Specific Text Identification (2000)
Convert to Text (XP SP2)
Inserts decimal points (Excel 2002)
Looking at file without opening (Excel 2000)
subtotals (Excel 2000)
Data Conversion (2002 SP2)
'Rounded' chart labels (Excel 2002 SP3)
conditional cell coloring ('97, SR-2)
Error in calculating the min/max values (97 SR1)
Combo boxes (MS Office 2000)
Help with a VBA Print Range Code Problem (2000)
Web Linkz (2002 SP-2)
Cursor moving to new cell location (2000)
Revised Formula (2002)
excel file links now display as #VALUE! (excel97)
Sum From Variable Range (2000)
First 2 negative numbers (97 SR1)
Range to array (and back again) (excel xp)
Drop down boxes (Excel sr1)
Define Name Function (97 SR1)
Avoiding duplicates in a combobox (Office XP (Excel 2002))
Using the Image from an Image Control (XL 2000 SR1)
MOUS (Excel XP)
Select Random cell (Office 97)
EXTRACT ALWAYS (2000 sr 1)
Month Sort (2000)
Pivot Table Refresh (2003)