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green triangle in date cell (office xp pro 2000)
Problem with 2nd combo box (2000)
File Name Using Now() (XP)
2 Copies of Same File Open (Excel 2000 SP3)
Excel Time Calculation (Excel XP)
Export Text File to Exclamation Delimited Format (XP)
Convert to Text File (Excel2000)
Combining data (XP)
Excel Formula (2000)
Autofill macro (Excel 97)
Comment Box-Tracking Changes (2000)
A Better Way (XP)
Grouping dates by month and charting that data (Excel XP)
Excel If Statement (XP Rel 3)
Gray Box Display Issue (XP)
... CASE IS (2000 sr 1)
Excel template (Excel 2000/2002)
Passing Control to System (XP)
Pattern Match (Excel XP)
Excel 2K auto correction help needed (Excel 2K)
Extract format from cell (2002)
Pivot Tables (2000)
Need help with some formulas (Excel 2002)
Non-continuous range in hlookup (Excel 2003)
Summing merged cells (2000)
Rounding numbers (2002)
returning the formula from another cell (2000 SP3)
Pulling info from Worksheet A for records in B ??? (2000 9.0.3821)
Formatting Time (XP)
if statement (excel)
A 'Lookup' Formula (Excel 2000)
Excel Graph labels (XP NL)
Excel Macro (Excel 2000)
Return On Investment (Excel XP)
Array Count Formula That Doesn't Work (Excel 2003)
Tricky IF statment (Excel 2000)
Retrieve SLQ dbase Data thru Excel (2000)
Conditional Hyperlink (2000)
Remove carriage returns and extra spaces (Excel 2000)
Open more than one sheet on startup (97/XP)
Replace placeholder with 'alt-enter' (2000)
Diffence in Dates (Office 2000)
Header/Footers (2000/SP3)
Removing blank rows (XP)
Dropdown Default (Excel 2000)
Order Changes in Place Bar (2002 SP2)
Format button to save work (Excel 2000)
graphs (2000)
Compile Error in Module:UI (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Conditional formatting based on cell other than on (2002)
Excel start has Windows configure Office 2000 SR-1 (Excel 2000/9.0.3821 SR
Chart ColorIndex vs Shape SchemeColor (97, 2000)
Sorting with negative number ...again.. (2000)
Plot Data (Excel 2002)
Formula's (2003)
Saving changes message (2000)
file path (2000)
paste special arguments: SkipBlanks and Transpose (2000)
ComboBox/UserForms (Excel 2002)
Rate of Return Formula (Excel 2000)
eRoom and Excel Problems (XL2002)
Macro code in Excel 2000 (Win XP/Excel 2000)
Opening Excel Files (Excel XP)
Separating decimal and negative sign to the right (XP (2002))
Polling Option Buttons (97, 2000)
Bug in Chart? (2003)
Column titles stay visible as screen scrolls down (XP)
Excel Upgrade Problems (2002)
Import spreadsheet (2000)
'unimbedding' a spreadsheet from a Word doc (2000)
Explanatory Note on Line Chart (2003)
hiding Rows or Columns (Excel 2003)
Misbehavinging PERSONAL.XLS (2002)
Courrpted file? crash with attempted copy (2000)
Increasing row numbering (2000 SR1)
Formatting Margins in multiple sheets (XP)
Open Folder (XP)
Filling rows from previous row (Excel 97)
Date Sensitive Average (200)
Hyperlink a portion of a cells content (Excel 2000)
Parsing (formula error) (XP)
runtime error 1004 (Excel 97)
Save As in VBA (2002)
Complex Formula (XP)
print non-contiguous tables (Excel 2k/XP)
Excel miscalculation in IF formula (XP)
ComboBox Value (XP)
Open a file window (2000 sp3)
Validation formula or function? (Excel2000)
Protect the name of a sheet? (Excel 2000)
Hangs on Copy (2003)
Availability Table is all wrong... (2003 )
Changing Formats of Time Duration
Range names and charts (Excel 2003)
Aggregation Aggravation (XP)
Multiple links in same cell & half-linked cells (XP)
Multiple links in same cell & half-linked cells (XP)
No. of Working Days in month?
Formula Help - Price = result (Excel97)
Mouse Shortcut (All)
Test For Apostrophe (XP)
Code Assistance (XP)
Macro warning (2000)
add new category (2000)
Command Button (2000)
Frustrating VBA Goal Seek method (2003)
Slow saving spreadsheet (XP)
Date Format (XL 2000 Under Win XP)
Body of Email using Excel (XP)
Pivot Table (2000)
Preventing Automatic Hyperlinks (XL 2000 SR1)
Understanding new pivot table (2003)
Error while running paste special macro (excel 2000)
Opens in Personal.xls workbook (Excel 2000)
is my number too big for excel? (XP)
Proper function (XP)
Right Click Menu (XP)
If statement and Vlookup (Excel 2000)
Age as of this year's birthday (Excel 2000)
Save with Hidden Attribute ON (Excel 2000 VB)
Wildcard and replace (xp)
TRUE = -1 in VBA (2000 SP3)
Extending a Bubble Chart (2000)
Shared excel sheet (XP)
Find next empty row (Excel 2000)
Print Selection Range (XP)
Password (XP)
add a word ... (2000 sr 1)
Last user logged (2000)
Decimal places in pie chart percentages (XP)
how to convert excel into access table (Excel 2000)
Error Message (Excel 97)
Disable the F1 key (XL 2000 SR1)
Financial Calc (2002 SP-2)
Proper function (XP SR-1)
Creating and using DLL's from C# in Excel (Excel 2000)
checking excel (2000)
error ole (2000 sr 1)
formula to find file mod. date of exel file (2003)
Vlookup...I think (Excel 97)
Print column titles on all pages? (XP)
'unique' Filter criteria (Excel 2000)
Code assistance for macro (WINXP Excel 2000)
ADO ADODB.Connection (2000)
Problems with Functions (Excel 32003)
pull-down choices ('97)
Cannot disable macros after digital signing (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
count no duplicate value (2000)
excel XP strange (2002 (10.6501.6626) SP#)
Constant file not founds (2000)
SUM function don't work (Excel 2000)
Conditional Format for public holiday (Excel 97)
If function or Change Event? (2002)
Outline v Subtotal (2000+)
Automatically Caculate Bills Needed (2000,SR1)
Copy & Paste Text (XP/2003)
Data acquisitioning in excel (Excel 98 )
Wrap Custom Format (2000+)
ASAP Utilities (97-2003)
Default Template (2003)
Crystal Ball v. @Risk (XL97 / 2K)
Formula Entry is Text (XP)
Automatic Print Paper Size Reformat (Excel 2000)
I probabaly have something better to do (2003 115612.pii)
Macro to hide rows in Excel 2003
fit to the left (2000)
Outlook t Excel (MS Office 2002)
Goto source cell (2002 SP-2)
Time Calculation between two dates (2000 SR-1)
Multiple calculations = Multiple IFs? (Office 97)
Using month in Concatenate (2000)
Return date for max number (2002 SP-2)
16 weeks Hence (Office 97)
calculating results on a subdatasheet (2000) (364722) was moved to the Access board
dates corrupted on import (2000 SP3)
Sorting problem with negative value (excel 2000)
UserForm (XP)
Ctrl+Enter (Excel XP)
MID Formula in VBA (XP)
loops to update new data (2000)
Displaying Pivot fields (Excel 2000)
loops for columns (2000)
Automated File Creation (Excel 97)
How to make maps (O-XP)
Running Total Formula (XP)
VBA Programming with Excel Reference Book (2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
deleting non-duplicate rows (xp)
Where the Excel template is at (Excel 2000)
Bogus 'Data Consolidation' warning on HTML Save (9
Save to Web Page problem (2003)
Getting rid of (blank)s in Excel 2003 pivot tables (2003)
IMPORT 2 TABLE ... (2000 sr 1)
Will wrokbooks open OK in Excel 97 (2002)
contour plot (Excel 2002)
Parsing text in a cell (2000 SP3)
modifying sheet code by VBA (Excel2000)
Parsing data in a cell (2003)
Excel and Documentum (2002)
Formula Assistance (XP)
Adding two dates for time (MS Office - Excel 2002)
Conditional Formatting - Borders (Excel 97)
Command Button question (Excel 2000)
Automate import text files (Excel v2002)
Selection does not turn off (Excel 2000)
import one SS into another (2003)
double underline vs. double accounting underline (Excel 2000)
Drop the Lowest Score (Excel 2002)
Adding custom Header/Footer to Default Listbox (Excel 97)
Converting HEX Values (EXCEL 2000)
Looking Up Column Headings (2002)
Most Recent Files Stuck at 4 (2000/9.0.3821 SR-1)
Select Macro (Excel 2002)
Learning Querys (Excel 2000)
Problem with Personal.xls macro worksheet (2000 SR-1)
Formula for unique values (Excel xp)
Pasting Text in Excel Doc (excel 2000)
vlookup and combobox (excel 2000)
Searching for Question Mark symbol in Excel? (2003)
Cursor movement & Command Buttons (Excel 2002)
Importing from Excel (Ex 2002) (362366) was moved to the Access board
Filesearch (WXP, OXP)
Pivot link (xp)
Won't Unprotect (2003)
Removing Hyperlinks (Excel 2002)
Printing to Acrobat 6.0 (XP)
Using ANd or and If statements (excel2000)
Error Message (2003)
Concatenate (Excel 97)
*** in password field (2003)
Can't open file (excel 98)
close all worksheets (office xp 2000)
How to analyze this data (97 sr2 or 2003)
Save file on close (Excel 2003)
Nested Formula - 'VALUE' result (Excel 2000)
Pivottable autorefresh (Excel 2003)
Variable size indexing (2002)
Change Data Labels (XP)
Date of Pivot Table refresh (2003 / 11.5612.5703)
Excel - linked formats (2000/sp3)
Excel Protection (2000 9.0.2720)
Locked for Editing (2K)
Duplicate Entries (2000)
Access man needs help (2002 SP2)
Return column number? (XL97/WinNT4)
Password Access (2002)
Separating text in a column (XP)
Nested (?) sub-totals (2002)
dynamic titles for charts ('97, SR-2)
data labels ('97, SR-2)
Track Changes->History (Excel 97)
Finding Text within String (2000/SP-3/VBA)
Pivot Limits (Excel 2000)
Directory of Personal.xls (xl97, Win2000)
Auto Date command? (2000)
Font Colours (Excel 2000)
Workbook Printer Driver Dependency (2000 SR1)
Formula in Chart title (2002)
Listbox Item Delete (XP)
ActivePrinter and 'Ne01' designation (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Monthly Automatic Updates (Excel XP)
Check for Duplicates across two workbooks (Excel 2002)
Centering Text in a Label (XP)
calculating only new sheet appended to a workbook (Excel 2002)
Can I rename a sheet tab based on cell info? (Excel 2000, SP-3)
Financial Statements (Excel 2002 )
ComboBox (XP)
How Many Days (XP)
HP7750 Plotter? (ExcelXP)
Toolbar button (2000)
ActiveCell in Another Sheet (XP)
Linking data to secured database (2000)
Counting string occurrences (XP)
(if and) formula not right (excell 2000)
Data Consolidation (Excel 2003)
Unable to move focus to different cell (Excel 2002)
Proper IF syntax (Excel 2000)
Editing problem on Excel (2002)
Intercepting ESC-key (97,2k)
Open File (XP)
Editing Cell Comments (XP)
Reseting the last cell on a worksheet (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Highlighting of a control element in a UserForm (Excel 2000)
Checking for a linked file (Excel XP)
format blank cell to display zero (Excell 2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
VBA Term for 'Select Sheet' (Excel 97)
calculate total hours (2003 or 97sr2)
Use a UserForm? (2000 / SR-1)
Search within a Date Range (Excel 2000)
two column conditional format (Win XP / Excel 2k)
Embedding Help in Workbooks (XP)
task in Excel (2000)
Percent number formating
Macros (2000 to 2003)
Combobox Change event (2000)
Delete lines at end of file (WINXP Excel 2000)
Pivot Tables (97)
custom formatting lost ('97)
Excel Error (2000)
Retrieving info in Excel (2000)
Startup with Shift Key (2000/SR-3)
Pivot table grouping (office 2k)
Macro from Macro using Shortcut (Excel 2002/SP2)
How to calculate Easter (All?)
Create ASCII table (2002)
List files from Folder (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Relay Score Worksheet (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))
Email Addresses (Excel XP)
Floating bartitles (Office 2000)
Match/Index (Excel 2000)
Restricting Workspace and deavtivating menu (2002)
Sort a Growing Range (Excel XP)
Trigonometry (2000)
Excel & Versions (XP)
Form vs Form (2000+)
Fit to scale (Excel 2k)
Average 'Overload' (Excel XP)
Calculating hours between dates and times (2003)
Anding (xp)
cell format problem (2000)
text boxes III ('97, SR-2)
html to .xls (Excel 2000)
Lookup value in table (97/SR1)
Autofill Dates - Excluding Weekends (2000)
User form (2000)
UK Phone Numbers (2000)
Formula - False when Should be True (Xp SP-3)
Date functions that don't automatically update (Excel 2000 SR-3 (?))
text boxes II ('97)
text boxes I ('97)
How do I show a file dialog box? (Excel 2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3))
Vlookup (Excel 2000)
Using dcount with text values (2000sp3)
Help with Formula (Excel 97)
Extract text to a file (2000)
Saving as Tab Delimited (2000 )
File Opens Twice (97/5.0)
Too few parameters (2000)
Sorting Sheets within a Workbook (2000)
Values Instead of Formulas (2002 SP-2)
Wilcards in IF statements (XP)
Excel Mail Merge (Excel 2000)
Protecting sheet problem (2000)
Arbitrary lookups in VBA (2000)
Returning the cell reference with array formula (2000 SR-1)
Small Business Spreadsheet (Excel 2002/2003)
delete entire rows if... (2000)
Protect and copy (2000)
Sending sheets by email (2000)
up date list (excel )
Displaying 0.5 as
SUM of True/False (Excel 2002)
IF Formula (Excel 97)
apostrophe replacement ('97, SR-2)
Solver-Save/Load Model (Excel XP/2002)
Remove Calendar Control (2000)
Subtotals & Worksheet Protection (Excel 2000)
RAND() Fix (Excel 2003)
How is it doing that? (Excel 2000)
Insert Row (2000)
Cell Reference (Office 2000)
Chart sheet not showing in landscape (OXP)
vlookup (2000)
Sort Question (Excell 2002)
Formula request (2000)
more then 3 conditions with conditional formatting (XP/2003)
checkmark ('97, SR-2)
Compress Excel (Excel 2000)
Excel vs Access (2000+)
Help needed creating an array formula (2003)
Need Help With Combo Box (2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Pagination in Excel (2002)
CSV keeping format (2002 SP-2)
Crystal Ball (2000)
Can't get YAxis label to center (2003)
XL 2K macro not working in OfcXP (XL XP)
PC Mag responsible for RAND Fix! (2003)
Open Access Report in Excel (2002 - SP2)
NAme Manager 3.0 released (97, 2000,xp,2003)
headers and footers ('97)
i need a mcro to rdering by color line (2000)
Access Code Prompts for Multiple Copies (2002 sp2)
Copy Macros and Toolbar to Another User's PERSONAL (Excel 2000)
multi-sheet formula (2000)
Stupid Reviewing Toolbar (Excel 2002)
Help with Excel Task (2002)
Save as csv (Excel 2000 Sr-1)
Datavalidation (XP)
Updating SQLServer from Excel (2000/XP)
Excel function for all caps (Excel 2000)
formula for monthly data (9.0/2000)
'Split Axis' Charting (Excel 97, SR-1)
Negativ Dates & Times (XP)
macro issue (2000, 2003)
Viewing help (2000)
More Colours on XL Palette? (XP)
Countif (2002)
Macro (Excel) (2002)
'Like' Operator Formula (Excel 2000)
Conditional format blank cell (2002, 2003)
phone bill challenge (all)
Sorting a list with a hyperlink field (XL2000)
xl on the web (2000)
Format Menu (2003)
Dropdown list (Excel 2002 & 2003)
Averaging Time (Excel XP)
Conditional Formatting Problem Solved (XP - but probably earlier as well)
Huge File size (Excel 97)
Need help with Formulae
VBA Control Button's Font Size Attribute? (XP)
XL White Background? (XP)
Links formatting (Excel 2000 SP-1)
File association problem (XP)
Wheel mouse with VBA (Excel2000)
New Autosafe version (2000, 97, XP)
Flexfind (5/95, 97, 2000, 2002)
Words on screen (XP)
Update to flexfind (97, 2000, 2002)
Update to Autosafe (97, 2000, XP)
Update to Name Manager (97 2000 2002)
Autosave VBE objects (97 2000 2002)
Stephen Bullen's Website (All)
button to open folder (97)
date window (excel2000)
Extracting Information (2003)
Macro execute from another work book (Excel 2003)
Macros in Excel (Excel 2000)
runtime error 91 (Excel 2000)
Paste Special -> SUM (Excel 97)
Data Validation using source from other worksheet (97/XP)
PDF to Excel (2000)
Chart Percentages Incorrect (Excel 2002 (SP-2))
Fill cell - on screen but not print (2002 SP-2)
Print Multiple Ranges (Excel 2002 SP2)
Last value before empty in Column (2002)
.pdf documents Import (2000)
remove blank spaces after cut and paste (Office 2000)
Function (Excel 2000)
Incorrect Result of Formula (Excel 97)
Look Up Table? (2002)
Opening Excel Attachments in Outlook XP (XP)
Extracting Data (2002)
Countif (2000)
Populate one spreadsheet from another (2000)
Multiple condition Sum: syntax or logical error? (ALL)
Looking Back At Dates (2000)
Date series excluding weekends AND holidays (XP)
How count cell contents based on multiple criteria (Excel 2002)
Adding lines to a sheet (Excel ver. xp)
Check Box (2000)
Beginner Excel VBA Course (All versions)
Formulas stopped working (Excel 2002/SP-2)
Excel won't load (2000)
Rank Subtotaled amounts (2000)
Help with Calculating Time (Excel XP)
Pasting Named Ranges (2000)
Print to Distiller (Office 2k)
Position of X-axe labels on graph with neg. values (Excel 97)
Faulty Macro? (Excel 2002 NL)
MsgBox (office xp)
Weekday Function (ExcelXP)
Copying Subtotals (XP)
Combo Box (2000)
State of menu items (Excel 2000)
File Copy & Rename (02)
Where Are Query Codes ? (Excel 2000)
Function to eliminate duplicate entries in columns (2000 - SP-3)
Moving a toolbar (WINXP Excel 2000)
Links on / off (ExcelXP)
Error Message (2000)
RE: Enabling Macros (Excel 2000 SR1)
Worksheet_SelectionChange (excel 97)
Date and Text Fomula (2002)
Number & Text (2002)
Cannot get Workbook_BeforeClose to run (Excel 2002 SP-1)
Nested Function Returning False (2000)
fill column (2000)
Nested IFs (Excel 2002)
Change a Whole to Decimal (2000/SR-1)
Mechanising 'bulk' calculated field creation (Office 2000 )
Strange Graph (2002 NL)
Extracting currency from format (Excel 2002)
cell reference in a worksheet (office 2000)
calendar control on WORKsheet (Excel97SR2)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2K)
find rightmost positive cellvalue in a row (excel2000)
Concatenate (Office 2003)
Data Compare from 2 lists of data (Excel 2000)
Hidden Workbooks (2000/9.0.6926 SP-3)
Deleting links in files (2000)
Saving info in EXCEL (ExcelXP)
Excel and Win 98 SE (5) (350463) was moved to the Windows 98 board
Removing a command from a Menu (Excel 2000)