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How to Count number of items in a sum formula (97)
Importing text file (2000)
2 Excel Sessions (Excel 2000)
Corrupt Defined Name Formula (Excel 97-SR2)
SSN Conversion / Losing Leading Zeros (2000)
Seperating numbers and letters in a cell (2000)
MS Project VBA Export to Excel (2000/9.0.6926 SP-3)
Copies of file (XP)
macro redundancy (97)
Hide Code Execution (2000)
VBA to Enter Formula not Value (2000)
Move to new row in list (2000)
simple 'tamper' detection (Excel 2000)
lost macro password (2000 SR-1)
Gap both sides in XL table? (XP)
WS Change stops working (2000+)
Mixed sheet refs (2000+ ?)
XL Watermark? (XP)
mail and print (excel 2000)
Freeze Panes Question? (XP)
Footer Problem (length?) (XL 97/2K)
Sorting on Pivot data (excel 2000)
If Or (XP)
pivot tables (XP)
Remove multiple string (2003)
'Transposing' columns (2000)
GetOpenFileName (ExcelXP)
vanishing toolbar customisation (XL2000)
Paste Function with Dates (Excel 2000)
Tabbing into locked cells (XP)
Row information cut off (Excel 2002)
Copying sheets to a new workbook (200)
I need a SUM IF and PRODCUT in the same formula (excel 2000)
Advanced Filtering Unique Records (XP)
Can't change reference to msquery source (XP)
Paste to new sheet (2000-SR1)
Name Conflicts (2002)
Hide Rows & Exclude from Calculation (2000/SR???)
Reset a chart's index number (Excel 2K, Off2KPro, Win2KPro)
Sychronizations (97 sr2 )
Get UserProperties from Outlook (XP/SP1) (345135) was moved to the Outlook board
Editing the VBE with Code (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Cumulative calculation (9.0/2000)
Entering Music Track Times (all)
page numbers and printing (xp)
wrapping text (xp)
Validation List (2000)
Editing duplicate rows (XP)
writing a macro (excel 2000)
Looping Code (xl97)
Excel Error (2000)
More Complex Cumulative Total Bar? (XP)
Custom userform checkbox won't always work (xl97 xl2000)
Create Totals for Specific Months Automatically (ofiice xp)
Can XL have a Cumulative Total bar? (XP)
How can I copy specific content from other cells? (excel 2000)
How can I force Excel to always open .prt files? (2000)
SUMIF based on font color (XP)
Duplicate Footer throughout spreadsheet? (XP)
Count spaces in text (XL2k SR1)
curve lines (9.0/2000)
XL's Customised Page Numbering? (XP)
Formatting on demand? (XL97/WinNT4)
Plotting 2 diverse ranges
User input range for VBA by selecting (2000sp3)
importing data file (Excel 2000)
Filename from full path (Excel 2002/SP2)
Track Changes in Excel (2000/9.0.6926 SP-3)
Using Logical cell references (XP)
Compare Worksheets (2000/9.0.6926 SP-3)
Create a Summary Sheet (2000)
Copying data and derived graph & pivot table (Excel 97/all)
Missing Cells? (XP)
XL Preview Heading Problems? (XP)
XL Order of Table & Graph Changing? (XP)
Deleting Duplicate Rows (2002)
excel XP (registry key for 'Formula omits cells in region')
Format Fractions (Excel 2000)
Date Format (Office 2003)
Freeze Frame on the printout
Diagonal XL Divider? (XP)
Calculate Expense Ratio for Mutual Funds? (Office 2003)
How to delete the digit '1' (XP)
XL Graph
Help on Help (2000)
Text to Columns (XL 97 and >)
INDIRECT and OFFSET oddity (Excel 97-SR2)
Diagonal or Vertical XL bar chart labels? (XP)
Create a Drop Down Box (2000)
Disable Calculation While Spinning (2002 XP)
collumns to row (2003)
Publishing to HTML (XP)
Looking up range values (2K-SR1)
XL Plot Area white space? (XP)
Best way to deal with multiple tables? (XP)
Pie Chart Line
CheckBox (Excel 2002 on Win XP Pro)
White Space around XL Pie Chart? (XP)
XL Links Error? (XP)
linking worksheets/deleting records (xp)
Macro Run (2002 SP-2)
Paste Link (XL 2000)
Hide XL Sheet? (XP)
Networkdays Formula Help (2000 sp3)
Graphic in Worksheet Template (ExcelXP)
Worksheet Font Change (2000/9.0.6926 SP-3)
Password protect code modules (2002 XP)
Lookup/Array (2002/XP)
Find Excel entry in Outlook (XP) (342619) was moved to the Outlook board
Multiply IF (2002 SP2)
External links (2000)
Dir ==>Excel (--)
Linking worksheets (Excel XP)
Changing location of pivot table data source... (2000 SR-3)
OT: If you are interested (All)
Cascading windows within a workbook (excel 2000)
.DAT files (XP)
Time Calculations (W2K)
Funnel chart (Excel 2000)
3 Questions
charts, dynamic ranges and volatile functions (XL2
Predicted Vs Actual Chart? (XP)
Best way to make Excel Banner? (XP)
Split an Excel Table Cell? (XP)
Excel Charts (2000 & XP)
Maths Mistake? (Excel 2003)
Shading (XP)
new user ... help (excel 2000)
Combining stacked colums graphs (97)
truncated X-axis label (97)
copyingt in excel (2002/SP2)
how to get multiple documents protected (Excel 2000)
Page break does not work in Excel (Tried in 200, XP, and 2003)
sum; count (2000)
formulas from linked db (9.0/2001)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2000)
Name Manager beta (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Show Site Details on Graph
How to show Levels of data on 1 Graph? (XP)
Multiple Tables & Graphs in one Excel Page
XL: True Global Search and Replace
Plotting date & time (Excel 2002)
Getting Started switch (Excel 2003)
Re-formating data in tables. (excel 2000)
Running Access from Excel (Excel 2000)
Macro to delete rows (2000)
Autofill problem (2002 (XP))
Move Row Data to Columns (Excel 2000 SR-1)
XL XP's Point Markers? (XP)
100 Step Gradations in Excel? (XP)
Convert text to number (Excel 2002 SP2)
Validation drop downs - number of rows (XP)
Select new directory to search (Excel 97 sr2)
XL: Remove Extra Years on Graph? (XP)
Excel XP Graph's Numbers cut drawn line
How to insert multiple Excel Sheets? (XP)
Calculating Work days (2002)
hyperlink, unwanted web toolbar (XLXP)
Excel Graph Questions? (XP)
Change Cell Format For Existing Data (2003)
Sending email with Mozilla and Excel2k3 (Excel2k3) (335929) was moved to the Other Browsers & Email Clients board
Formula Calculation (Excel2000)
time calcs (excel)
Autofilter with Protection (xl2000)
Crash after rename Auto-backup copy (<save option)
Auto Save (Excel 2000)
Custom Function (2002)
Hyperlinks from excel to pdf (Excel xp, acrobat 6.0)
formula from formatting (XL97 sr2 on Win2K)
Finding non duplicates (97/2000/XP)
Weird toolbar behavior (Excel 2000)
Combine a Chart and Data (Excel 2000)
Excel 'handle' (Office 2000)
Empty Book opens no matter what. (OFFICE 2000 SR-1)
flashing cell (XP SP2)
How does one tell if Worksheet embedded (Excel 2000)
Cursor location (Excel 2000)
All Caps (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Accessing a public method in a template (Excel 2000)
Extracting Coefficients for Trendlines (97/2000)
Web Commandbar always showing (2000)
Timer Function (2002)
Vlookup (2000)
Conditional Format (2002)
Conditinal Formatting (Excel 2K and >)
DateDif Function (2000)
Discovering background EXCEL running (Excel 2000)
sum; sumif, etc. (2000)
'Save Preview Picture' (Excel 2000)
Change Font Colour Macro (2002 SP2)
import from txt file (excel 2000)
4-way independent split pane (Excel XP SP-2)
Various Formulas (Excel 2000)
Can there be multiple sumifs or countifs? (Excel 2000)
AutoFilter (2003 / 11.5612.5703)
consolidating data from different workbooks into 1 (Excel 2000)
in cell editing (EXCEL XP 2002)
Supressing Excel Errors (2002 (10.1302.1219) SP-2)
Replacing Dates (Excel 97)
Convert Excel to PDF (Excel 2003, Acrobat 6.0)
Calculating times from day to day (Excel 2002)
Passwords (XP)
if statement with an 'OR' nested (xp)
Object Library Not Found (XP)
Linking data (2000)
Cell Trigger (2002)
Mouse pointer turned into plus sign (Excel '97)
subtotals (windowsXP officeXP sp3)
Copy/paste values from other source computer (Excel 2k)
Paste link/hyperlink (Excel 2000)
3 high values (2000)
Deleting A Character (2000)
Number format codes (Excel 2002)
Worksheet-Visible Formulas (2000)
How to Find & Replace #DIV/0! (2000)
Formula errors in converted Excel spreadsheet (Excel 2000)
Ignoring the remainder in a formula (Excel 2000)
Chart Wizard (Excel 97, SR2)
formula to format imported date problem (Office XP)
Activ Cell Color (Excel 2000)
Macro Secruity Message (2000/2003/XP)
Averaging Daily Data (2000)
Auto run code (XP)
Automatic entry (2000)
Named Ranges (2002)
increasing number of columns (2000)
Anyone know where one miRegression Explanation (2000)
Comparative Chart (Excel 2002)
Lost menu Bar (Excel 2002)
sumif -- but with dates (Excel 2000)
Selecting data in an array (2000 SR-1)
Will developer tools work with Office 2003 (Office 2K and Office 2003) (337345) was moved to the VB / VBA board
scroll toggle (xp)
Date stamp (2000)
Annuity Functions (Excel 97)
Entering date in spreadsheet (excel 2000)
Keyboard shortcut for Date (Excel 2000)
Parameter Query equivalent in Excel? (Excel 2002)
Locate Cell containing Maximum (Excel 2002 SP2)
Missing Mouse Pointer (XP)
Import formats on CSV files (All)
for the wizard sdckapr (2000)
MS Query (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Temp files during save (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Convert Date 'number' to mm/dd/yy (Excel 2000)
Named ranges don't expand when adding rows/columns (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Database in Excel Macros (97+ (Using all upto XP))
Open Word Doc from Excel Macro (Excel 2000)
Trace dependents (Excel 2002)
email attachment (Excel 2000)
personal.xls error (2K)
Formula Help Count and Percentages (2000 SR-1)
Negative Number Formats (Excel 2000)
Hidden defined name - how to delete ? (W2K, O2K, XL2K pro-UK sp2)
Rearrange Data (Excel 97)
File size with pivot tables (excel 2000)
COM Addin (335895) was moved to the VB /
Toolbar icon for this? (excel 2000)
date to text (Excel 2000)
Right border next to hidden column doesn't print (2000)
RANDBETWEEN-excel xp (sp-1)
Formatting numbers (97 SR-1)
Excel 97 Locks in 'select' mode, etc (Excel 97/ SR2)
MSMAP in Excel 2000 and up (2002)
Excel 2000 freezes Windows 98SE PCs (9.0.4402 SR-1)
Who was in a file (97)
Data Summary-Reference (Excel 2000)
looping through cells too slow (2003)
Workbook Events (Excel 97)
set of date (2000)
Excel Text Wrapping (Excel 200)
Lookups & Charts (2002)
Summing with conditions from 2 lists (2000)
Default Graph Options (2002/sp-2)
Payroll woes (Excel 2000)
Conditional graph labels (Excel 2002)
Range names in formulas (2000)
Multiple Print Areas (Excel 2000)
Workbook Compare (XL 97 and >)
Writing a Custom Function (Excel XP)
Jump to Worksheet TAB? (Keyboard Shortcut) (2000)
Linked cells display a zero (Excel 2003)
Opening separate workbooks in separate windows. (2000)
Spaces (97)
Pivot Table Inconsistencies (XL97SR2)
Excel Tool Bar (Excel 2002)
Excel 2002 Pivot Table Non-Zero Averages (2002 SP2)
Crashes when printing selected cells (EXCEL 2000 SR-1)
Requery method (2000)
Long path names (XL2K SP1)
Worksheet Events (Excel 97)
change column letters (excel 2000)
Lookup Values (2002)
Filter (2000 SP3)
Displaying large amounts of text (2000 SP3)
Command Button to access Multipage (2002)
Printing a monthly calendar (2000)
Deleting a Date Substring Occurring in a Range (97, other)
Delete row based on cell value (Excel 2002/SP2)
Hyperion Essbase (6.5.4)
adding sheet name to footer (Excel 2000)
Subtotals (2000)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2000 SP3)
What caused the BeforePrint Event (Excel 2000)
Converting lots of money (2000)
ISERROR Function (xl97)
Colums (97)
Excel 2000 Macros (Excel 2000 SP3)
Clobbered Autocorrect Options (2002)
Autofill in VBA (Excel 2002/SP2)
Excel Commments (Excel 2002)
Determining File Types from Extension (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Start up problem (XL2002)
Chart Wizard (Excel 97 SR-1)
rounding (excel 2000)
Excel Conditional Formatting limits (Office 2k)
Range of Cells Containing Text (2002 SP-2)
Color in Truncated Cells (1997)
Hyperlink to new window (2000)
Define Fixed Header Row in Excel? (XP)
Best way to implement Diagonal Divider? (XP)
formulas (quattro pro 11)
Date formula (excel 97 (at work))
Hiding errors (2002)
Formula Help (2002)
Finding macros in modules (Excel 2000)
ba (vba)
date text to datevalue (Excel 2000)
Making a 'textformat' button. (XL XP)
Retrieve Specific Info (1997)
VLookup Woe (Excel 2000)
Formula Look Up (2003)
Keeping data on prior dates when modifying lookup (1997)
make bookmarks in pdf from Excel (excel xp, acrobat 6.0)
'Text' Dates (Excel 97 SR2)
'#VALUE!' Error...using as text (XP)
VBA for VLoop (XP02)
Color command button (2000)
Set footer with no printer (2000/2002)
Watermark (2000)
Searching Function (Excel 2000)
Personal Macro Workbook: PERSONAL.XLS (2002)
Excel Chart View (E xcel 2K 9.03821 sr-1)
get external data from Access 2000 file format (Excel 2003)
Excel Problem in VBA Code or Formula (Excel)
Short cuts (Excel 2000)
Changing icons (97)
Excel Formula Problem, Tax Related (Excel 2000)
howmany wednesdays... (97)
Start Excel from command prompt (2002)
Eliminating Invalid HpyerLinks (XL 2000 SR1)
Excel (2002)
Saving a file as a .CSV LIST FILE (EXCEL XP)
Histograms (2000 SR-1)
Strip RTF Tags from Text (2002 SP-2)
Locked in Select Position (Excel XP)
Can't get whole numbers to display correctly (XL97 SP2)
Named Ranges (XL 2000 SR1)
Insert Blank Area Between Bars (2000)
Excel 2003 and .123 files (2003)
User form text boxes and new lines (97 SR-2)
Overwriting a file with a macro (Excel 2000)
better way than pivot tables (Excel 2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Speedometer (2000)
Attaching Sheet As Message (XP02)
EXCEL multiple status not showing (OFC2000 SR1 - on XPPro PC)
Charting 'High/Low Reference Range' + Actual value (2000/SP3)
For loops (excel sr1)
offset and all that (office xp windowsxp)
Worksheet properties (ofice 2000)
custom dual-axis chart (Excel2000)
Duplex Printing (2000 SP3)
Short cut keys (Excel 2000)
Excel 2000 - Macro assistance please (Excel 2000 SR2)
Basic Excel Facts and Flaws (2000 SR1)
If formula (Excel 2000)
Deriving the remainder of a range intersection (97sr2)
phone # format (2002)
stepping through a macro (Excel 2000)
How does one ad text and or icon to bottom Excel (Excel 2000)
wrapping text (xp)
How do I include a snapshot with a post (2000)
Removing an xla addin via VBA code (Excel 2000)
Variable sheets in a formula (2000 and up)
Trouble with Err.Source (Excel 2003)
Need 2 compare month 2 month multiple years (2000/XPHome)
Protecting multiple sheets (2000, XP)
Excel (2000)
Pasting a Chart into Word (Office 2000 SP3)
Months Before a Date (2002)
Determine the name of a cell (Excel 97)
Can't Start Excel (Office 2000)
Parsing data with wizard, interpretes as date (XP)
Seperating Names (2002)
Calulation based on Date (2002)
suppress File | Properties (97sr2, and 2000)
Addin locaton coming from cache location??? (Excel 2000)
Scrolling a textbox w VB (2000)
Remove Duplicates in Excel column? (XP)
XP Broke Grade Macro (XP)
Project is unviewable (2000 SR-1)
Number formats in macro (Excel 2000)
Array Formulas/Conditional Sums (Excel X for Mac)
SSN Formatting (2000)
Question about Formatting Value Axis (Excel 2000 SP#)
Workbook Links (excel sr1)
Office SP3 clobbers fullname footer macro (O2K)
Excel '97 & XP (XP & Excel '97 )
Change date format (Excel 2000)
Text to Column (Excel 2000)
Shell Command (XP)
Customizing Changing Menu Commands (Excel 2000, XP, 2003)
Unprotect (xl 97 and above)
Excel Add-In Names (XL 2003)
Jumping Cells (2002)
Importing data from Word tables (Win XP)
Graph from several sheets (Excel 2000)
Calc'g a 'Banking' Day (2002)
Beginner Question (Excel 2002 SP2)
Printing Comments (Excel 2K)
Counting (Excel 2000)
Testing for selected sheets (2000)
Help Needed (2000)
sumproduct (2000)
Object disconnected from client?!? (Excel 2000)
Multicolor Cell Formatting (2000)
Frequency Sorted Unique Values (2002)
increment date automatically (Excel 2002)
A Better Formula (XP (2002))
VLookUp returns #N/A but looks correct (2002, SP-2)
Macro security tab missing (Office 2000)
Speed of file open/use (Excel 2000 W/SR-1)
SUM issues (2002)
How to add comments to a protected sheet (XP)
problems saving as web page (2002 SP2)
Variable results (2002)
Access Forms with Excel (2002)
Text matching (2002)
macro to eliminate punctuation (Excel 2000)
macro for column width (Excel 2000)
How to get rid of PPoint tabs? (XP SP-1) (324978) was moved to the Powerpoint board
Railroad Overtime Problem (1997)
Age in Years (2002)
Add-in Security (Excel 97/2000/2002)
Pivot Table from External data source (Office 2002)
Moving Average for variable range? (2002 SP-2)
dates in Advanced Filtering query (Excel 2002)
Detecting is object is an embedded Excel Worksheet (Excel 2000)
Reference check box values (2000 /2002)
Grouping (Excel XP)
Format Dates Only (2002)
Printing at single row height (Excel 2000)
How many times a number appears in an array (2002)
RailRoad #NA Error (1997)
Turn off
Excel file can't be opened after copying to new lo (XP SP-1)
Mapping (2000 SR-1)
Printing Multiple Page on on Page (Office XP)
AutoCalc Off for a file (Excel 2000)
How 2 compare two files (2002)
Object Variable Not Set (Excel 2000)
sumif (2000)
Too many columns? (Excel 2000)
Automated conversion of CSV to Tab Delimited
String as Index Argument (Excel2003)
Always Print Gridlines (2002 (10.4302.4219) SP-2)
Printing a very long row (XP SR1)
Cell references between worksheets (2000)
Finding values (Excel2000)
Commandbars/.OnAction (Off2K / Excel 2K)
AscII Characters (97)
Possible Loop? (2002)
removing an addin via code (2000)
Active cell format determination (Excel 2000 (SR3?
Sort in Excel (2000)
Recover Tool (Excel XP SP -2)
Custom Date Format - 1st December (e.g.) (any)
filter database range (XL97 sr2 on Win2000)
How to delete Excel Macro? (XP SP-1)
Excel 2000 Eating Up Resources (2000)
latitude longitude (Excel 97)
errant apostrophe (xp sp1)
searching a string (Office 2k)
Graphing X-Axis Issue (Office 2002)
Menu/Right Click Face (ExcelXP)
Office 2003 Update Version (Office 2003)
Clipboard Paste fails (Excel 2002)
Excel com addin not loading at startup (Excel 2000)
Function to recognize numbers (excel xp)
Numbers That Won't Format (Excel 2000)
Bypassing Scenarios (Ex 2002)
Subtotals (XP02)
filtering (XP / 2000)
Autofilter for numbers (Excel 2000)
Hyperlink to a particular Sheet? (XP SP-1)