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file save (2000/xp)
Loading addins on a Server (Excel 2002 sp 2)
Auto Filter (XP02)
Printing Excel Chart (2002)
Excel Macro (Excel 2002)
Application Open/Save/Close? (XL97/WinNT4)
Excel 2000 to 2002 macro (Excel 2002)
Railroad, changing single cell values (1997)
Selection color (2000)
Look Backwards? (Excel 2002/10.4524.4219)
Excel Margins (Excel XP)
Does an Addin use memory? (Excel 2000)
Meter symbols Hi, Medium Low (2000)
Mathematical Calculation puzzle? (Excel - ANY)
Slow open due to virus scan (Windows XP)
Macro in Office 2003
Help with a Formula (Excel XP)
FIND Function (XP)
Reformat Excel spreadsheet to fit a particular siz (XP SP-1)
Addins with Citrix (XP)
VB AddControl (2000)
Navigation Keys (2000)
Separating data in cells (Excel XP)
Averaging formula (2000 SR-1)
Recalc freeze (2K SR-1)
Formula problem (Excel 2000)
i vs. I in text format (2000)
NEW Get Excel Column Routine (v1.0)
Update Links (XP and 2000)
Excel 2003's RAND() bug (2003)
Count if not a formula? (Excel 2000)
Running Column Total (Excel XP)
Requesting Virust Scan (Excel 2000)
why does my pc freeze. (97 on win NT)
VBA in Excel 2003? (Excel 2003)
update access table from excel vba macro (excel 2000)
Conditional formatting - multiple conditions (Exce
Zip Codes drop starting zeroes when merged (2003)
Upper Case Input (Excel 2000)
Excel Shared Workbook (Excel 2000)
UK date format (Excel 2000)
Emulating drag & drop (Excel 2000)
Reference Button (Excel 2K)
copy a partial string (97 SR2)
Calling a routine (XP02)
Total number of hours (Excel 97 sr1)
Adding accumulated totals (Excel XP)
Customized Data Validation (Excel 2000)
Run-time '6' Oveflow (Excel XP SP-2)
Tab Name (Excel 2002 SP2)
Formulas not Updating (XP/SP2)
Workbook_Open() and Templates (XL97 sr2 on Win 2K)
Count entries in visble cells (ExcelXP)
Trap Add/Edit Comment (ExcelXP)
Workbook_Open() (XL97 sr2 on Win 2K)
Concatenate in VBA (Excel xp)
Running Macros without opening Excel (Excel2000)
Global format change (Excel 2k)
remove decmil point (Excel xp)
Conditional Formatting (color a cell)
Diagonal Summing -Averaging (Excel 2000)
Protection Problem With Excel (2000 & 97)
functions not calculated (excel2000)
UNCs changing (Excel 2000 SR1)
Conditional Formating (2000)
Figures into words (Excell 2000)
Cash Flow Function? (2000 SR-1)
Uppercase Date Format (2002 SP-2)
Unwanted macro file save when closing Excel (Excel 97 / WinNT 4)
Trend Charts (2002)
Accessing sub-totals automatically (Excel 2K/Windows 2K)
Scroll Bar not scrolling (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))
Cut and Paste (2000)
Multi-axes chart (XP)
List Unique Value Problems (Excel 2000)
Playing sound during macro (Excel 2000)
Grouping Radio Buttons (2000 SR-1)
Unwanted Macro disable (office xp)
Writing values to custom Outlook form (Excel 97/Outlook 2000)
Literal format for formulas? (2k)
Data Validation List (Excel 2000)
excel file on open - opens twice (excel 97)
Manipulating Lists (Excel 97)
UserForm textbox scroll (2000)
Sort Option on File Open (XP02)
looping (windows 2000)
Array Sum with bad data (Excel 2000)
Open File for Input (XP02)
Append worksheets together into one (Excel 2000)
Coercing XL into decimal places (Excel 2000)
compile error (office XP professional)
Stop bringing up the Review Toolbar (Excel 2002)
Excel Macros in Hyperion Essbase??? (excel 2002 sp-2)
Formula Assistance (2k) (2K)
Columns - Sorting (Excel 2003)
Formula to check numbers (xp)
Column / Row Font (Excel 2002 SP2)
Answering macro (Excel 2002)
Displaying Tab Name in A Cell (Excel 2000)
conditional formatting (2000)
Check/Change Drives in macros (Excel 2002)
Document Not Saved (2000/SR-1)
Simple? array formula (2000)
macro (excel 2002)
Data Validation by Exclusion (Excel 2000)
OT- Emergency Numbers (Excel 2K and >)
Locking up during copy/paste (2000 SP-1)
Max Value Lookup (Excel 2002 (xp) SP2)
Setting .xls as the default file type to open (Xcel 2K, Win 2K Pro)
Match/Index/VLookup, etc. (2000)
Validating a date in a userform (excel 2000)
Shortcut Menus - Free Add-In (97, 2000, XP, 2003)
Excel & Palm IIIxe (1997)
Saving A Word Document (2000)
keeping conditional formats in html (Windows xp home ed.)
batch print to pdf (97+)
Another Railroad Time Formula (1997)
Data Menu Form in a macro (Excel 2002)
excel problem (2002)
Macro in XL (XL 2000)
Bloated Excel Workbook (2000)
File Chooser (Excel 2000)
Excel Custom Header Alignment (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Do I use the OR function, or something else? (2000)
VLOOKUP weirdness (2000)
Running Macros Automatically (2000)
Recover Spreadshet Content (Excel XP SP-2)
Help in understanding Percentafe (1977)
Can Vlookup return blanks? (Excel 2000)
Excel to Fixed Format .txt (2002)
Indirect (97;SR2)
excel problem (2002)
Number of WorkSheets (2000)
Font =PROPER (2002)
Forgotten Password (Excel 97)
Array formula help (2002)
Updating currency rates on the internet, how? (2000)
Removing links (2000)
Better way to test templates? (Excel 2000)
Compare Lists (2000)
VLOOKUP (2000)
Getting rid of new window (Excel 97)
reassign keys (excel2002)
passwords (excel 2002)
Out of memory (Excel 2000)
File Format Invalid (Excel 2000)
Mail Merge to Word (2000)
Close only one spreadsheet of many open (2002 SP-2)
Excel (2002)
simplify and generalise macro (97sr2(n))
Another Railroad Time formula (97) (1997)
Message box is dull (Excel XP)
Currency Rounding (2000)
macro (excel 2000)
InputBox (Excel/Access 2000)
Copying Excel tables into Word (Excel XP)
Time length calculation (2002)
Shortcut key for Paste Values (XP (2002))
Auto Sequential Numbering List? (Excel 2000)
Couple of Advanced questions (Excel 2000 SP3)
IF AND Statements (ExcelXP)
Getting a negative '00:00' (2002)
Pasted data from an Access Crosstab Query to Excel (Access2000 (9.0.4402
Beginner needs help (Excel 97)
cutting&pasting from a column to a row (XP)
FTP (97:SR2)
Different/no header on page 1 (2002)
if not found -delete entire row (97+)
Testing text case (Excel xp)
Line charts again (2002)
Activate another window (2000)
Line Charts (2002)
Date format in Footer (ExcelXP)
Protect an Outline? (ExcelXP)
Copy cell to variable (Excel XP)
Excel charts (97SR2)
Charting Question (2000)
what is 'new fonts' message (Excel 2002, SP2)
Macro Opening Zip? (Excel xp)
Auto Complete (Office 2k & XP)
Control Box's (Excel 2000 and XP)
Open File in Excel 2000 (Office 2000)
Exporting (2000)
Open File From Desktop (97:SR2)
Saving multiple Excel files (Excel 2000)
Calculations not working (Excell 2000 9.0.3821 sr1)
parsing field (v2000)
Search for hard returns in cells (2000 or 2003)
Gray Chart (Excel 2002)
Header settings (Excel XP)
XLXP: Text cut-off at end? (XP)
Data Tracking Wizard go bye bye? (2003)
Conditional formatting question (Excel xp)
Comparing 2 lists of names (XL XP SP-1)
Suppress error message (97sr2)
Automation questions? (Excel 2000)
Percent problem (Excel 2002/xp)
run a macro on a batch of files (Excel 2000 9.0.44
Changes aren't Saved (XP)
Finding related data in Excel 2000 worksheets (Excel 2000)
XLXP: Numbered List not showing? (XP)
XLXP: Type bulleted list in 1 cell? (XP)
Form focus (Office 97)
Filling a combobox list (xl2k)
Formula Help (1997)
Create time difference formula (Excel 2000)
VBA Project - Immediate Window (2000)
Copy Values (XP)
hyperlink (excel 97)
LIst box in the worksheet? (Excel 2000)
Merged cells / Row height (2000)
External Data Format (2000)
Toolbar Ghost (Excel XP)
Excel won't open files (Excel XP)
Some kind a look up table (2000)
Multiple workbooks into one workbook (Excel xp)
Dates (Excel 97)
Error in formula (Excel 2002)
Paste loses formats erratically?? (2000 SP3)
current row /col shading (Excel 2002)
Excel (Report Manager) (2003)
Fixing Startup Problems (97 - 2002)
Value as sheet name? (XL97/WinNT4)
Creating lists (XL97/WinNT4)
Unique records only (XL97/WinNT4)
Move Cursor via Macro (Excel XP)
Database (Function) Help (Excel xp)
Two column in-cell dropdown? (2000)
Finding the MS Excel user template path (Excel 2000)
Auto Update Linked files (Excel 2002)
Date Format a column in code (2000/SP3)
How 2 get countof AMs and PMs of date column (Excel)
US vs UK date formats (Office 2000 SR1)
If and Left (Excel2K 9.0.3821 SR-1)
auto filter limitation (97 sr 2)
Date Gap analysis (Excel 2000)
Linked Workbooks (Excel XP)
Multiple column/row selection + right-click (Excel
Formula Help (2000)
Refer to Custom Document Property in Formula (XP)
Macro structure (Excel XP)
thanks heaps guys. (Excel XP)
excel formula needed (excel XP)
removing duplicates and summing (97 sr2)
Measurements (Excel 2000)
Cluster and Stacked Column (Excel 2000)
Showing split lines (Office 2000)
Business Days (Excel 2000)
Incrementing Invoice Number on Template (Excel 2000)
Minus 14 (2002 SP 2)
Line in macro to 'Remove Shading' (Excel 97)
Command button mailto (2002)
Excel-Cannot access directory (Excel 2002 SP1)
PivotTable Data from Multiple Sheets in Workbook (Excel/2000)
Pivot Table -Dates go Awry (Excel 2002 SP-2)
WinZip and XL VBA (97; SR2)
Excel macros (Excel 2000)
cell/range address (97+)
Assigning unique numbers (97/xp)
Adding data to Pivot Table (2000)
Month to Quarter Formula (Excel 2002/SP2)
Total (2000)
Delete Information (Excel 2002)
edit hyperlinks (Excel 2000)
If function (97)
Round to the nearest .125 (2000)
Solver with > 100 variables (All)
When does 0 not equal 0? (Excel 2002 + Excel 95)
Userform / Textbox - Character Limit? (Office 97 SR2b)
Sendmail (multiple recipients) (2000/XP)
Macro to check for text (Excel 97 SR-2)
Hyperlink event (Excel 2000/Sr2)
Running out of memory with external links (Excel 97)
Dropdown box (Excel 2000)
Root Mean Square--Does it exist? (2000)
Deleting a macro upon save (Excel 97)
Number formatting (Excel XP)
Run-time Error 2147417848 (80010108) (Excel 2000)
format dates (2000)
Macro Security (2002)
Excel '=' problem (2000/9.0.4402 SR-1)
A new Macro (XP)
Excel keeps resetting (Excel2000)
Limit to 'Copy A Sheet' (Excel 2000)
Limits on Grouping and Hiding Columns (2000)
formulas to name tabs and custom header/footers (XP)
Recently Used file list gone... (ExcelXP)
WB sharing & id's for different users (ExcelXP)
Footer Linking to Cells (97/2 & 2K)
Hiding Cursor (97 & 2000)
Forcing Excel to open at specific sizes (97 & 2000)
Print Preview (97:SR2)
=SUMIF question ('97, SR-2)
PivotTable Catagory fields (2000 SR-1, & XPsp-2)
Copying worksheet to new workbook exactly as is.. (2000 SR-3)
Controlling UserForm (97:SR2)
Column Contents Merge (Office 2K)
Insert creation date in footer (Excel 2000)
Arrays in Excel VBA (97 sr2)
excel to printing labels (excel 2002)
macro help (Office 2000)
Excel weirdness (2002 SP2)
Excel charts ('97, SR-2)
Dates in mixed formats (XL2000)
Conditional Formating (2000)
columns to rows (xp)
Views - only for the active worksheet (Excel 2000)
Force a Sort Order? (2000)
'Cannot Shift objects off sheet' (97 SR1)
Cell('Type') (97:SR2)
Automatic Link Update (Excel 2002)
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs needs autoresponse of Yes (Excel 2000 +)
Solver (2000)
countif question (excel '97)
Curve Fit Problem (97SR1)
Objects & Code Oh My (97:Sr2)
Conditional Foramt (Excel 97)
Excel Variable Definition (ExcelXP)
Excel print must ask how many prints I want (Excel XP)
Excel print script (Excel XP)
Freeze panes problem (2000)
Not sure.. (Excel 2002)
Toolbar customization (excel xp)
Count Unique Locations (Excel 97-SR2)
counting instances of the same word (excel 2000)
UN-Wanted Format Change (Excel 97 SR-2)
Euro symbol as part of text (Excel 2000)
Menubar missing (Excel 2000)
Calculate date range (Excel 2000)
Common File Dialog (A2K) (304805) was moved to the Access board
Workbook Calculation (97:SR2)
ColorIndex Colour Palette (Excel 2000)
Sort dates by year (Excel 2000)
Start/Stop Button (Excel 2K and >)
Linking to an SQL7 database (Excel 2000)
Managing named ranges (2000)
Does Excel Know the Alphabet? (Excel 2K)
Anchoring Command Code to a Cell (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Can you change font properties in a function? (Exel 2000 SR-1)
Pivot Tables (XP / 2000)
Protecting all sheets (Excel XP)
Mail Merge Question (Excel 2002)
Global Change COmments Properties (XP 5.1)
Pivot Tables with Dates (2000)
ODBC over a WAN (#N/A)
Digital Signatures (XP)
Parsing cell (excel 2000)
adding a new record (excel XP)
prevent blank entry in cell (Excel 2000)
Worksheet_Calculate never stops (Excel 2003)
Macro Help (Win and XL - XP)
Add to a time (XP)
Transposing Data (Excel 2000)
Number of minutes between 2 times (Excel XP)
Reset Advanced Filter (97;SR2)
Code help... (2000 SR-1)
Database connectivity (2000)
Use code to define a range (2002, SP2)
Excel VBA Naming Conventions... (2000 SR-1)
unviewable (2000)
Turning off XP auto-calc on open (2002 XP1)
File renaming (Excel 2000)
File size (97 SR2)
Paste as Value (Excel 2000)
Round up and down (Excel 2000)
Indirect Formula (97:SR2)
Calc Formuals - Elminating Zeros (Excel 2000)
How to set column width in points (Excel 2000 +)
New Sheet Names with Sheet Templates (97 SR-2)
Separating same cell alpha & numeric data (Excel 97)
Automated formula documentation (Excel 2000)
Organization Chart (XP)
Offset Formula (Excel 2000)
Timing a Calculation (97 SR-2)
Delete a file inan Excel MAcro (Excel 2000)
Ranking (Excel 97)
Negative sign alignment (Win2K Office 2K sp3)
Excel maximum row count (Excel 2000)
code execution has been interrupted (XL97 sr2 on W
Straight line depreciation (2000 SR1)
Date Last Modified Macro (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Excel Chart Background (Office 2000)
Application Icon (2002 (Office XP))
[arrow] as [tab] (2002)
Database query (xl2000/sr1)
Formula output to chart range (2K SR-1)
Using a Macro to copy data (2000 or 2002)
Ignoring hidden cells in Calculations (2000)
Viewing Two Worksheets on Different Monitors (2002)
Excel Cashbook (Office2000)
Automate 'Pick from List' in certain columns (2002)
Declaring VBA Variables (Excel VBA)
Copy if the font colour is black (97 onwards)
Sumiff snag (Excel 2002 (10.2614.2625))
Identifying Sheets in VB (xl97)
'Don't Touch' Box... (xl97)
Need a formula (Excel 2002)
Saving data from a formula cell (2000)
XP defaults (XP)
Excel97 SUMIF help (Excel97)
Yield Calculation Problem (2002)
Using the Average function (2002/SP2)
Copying formula as text (2000 SR-1)
If formula (WIN XP 5.1 SP1 Excel 2000)
7th Grade Homework (XP)
Using Subtotal levels in code (2000 SR-1)
#VALUE! (Excel 97)
Files in the FIle|New dialog (Excel 2000)
SAVE AS .... Different Folder (xp/1)
code to convert forumla to number. (97)
Change scale of a graph (2000)
A way to see Headers/Footers on screen? (Excel 2000)
Formula (2000)
Matching values in a range (97)
Appending to File (97:SR2)
Cell Format - Accounting (2000)
Backing Up (97)
Handy macro suddenly not working (Excel 2000)
PgUp to top of sheet (Excel XP/97)
Toolbar coloration (Excel 2000)
Plotting blank cells in a chart (2000)
opening autosave with wb open event (97 on win NT)
macro to change name of sheet tab (97)
counting unfiltered rows (97 SR2)
Weekend formula (2000/SP3)
Shared Workbook (2000/SR1)
sort includes header row (97 SR2)
copying and pasting multiple times (2000)
PROPER function (XP)
Excel Stat functions accuracy (All)
Task Pane Appears and Then Disappears (Excel XP)
Pivot tables custom calculation (2002 SP2)
sort order (excel 2003)
Date Error After SP3 (Excel 2000 SP3)
TextBox not updating (2K/XP)
excel (2002 sp1)
Adding Data to an Array (Excel 2K)
Shared workbook problems (XP Pro)
Formula view (XP)
Sort tabs (Excel 2000 SP-1)
Subtract time from a number (Excel 2000)
Interesting discovery (97 2000 2002)
Reversing number order (Excel 2000)
Charts - X & Y Axis (Excel XP)
What am I not doing right? (Excel 2000)
Time Sheet-Project Tracking Template (Excel 2000)
Web query refreshes (2002)
Selecting a Range (2002/97)
Tricky Formatting Problem (2002)
Excel Macro (Excel2000 SR3)
Strange Formula Problem (excel 2000)
ASCI File (2000)
Bad DLL calling convention (Excel 2002)
Creating filename (Excel 2000)
How do I do forms in Excel 2000?
sumifcolor (excel sr1)
deleting dashes (XP)
Chart Series Min Max (XP)
Copy/Paste Subtotal Summary (WinXP/OfficeXP)
Sorting rows (Office 2000)
Bar of Pie... ??Bar of Bar (2000 SR1)
Compile Error - DistMon (XP SP-2)
Excel 97 - Macro assistance please (Excel 97 / 2000)
Template Locations (Any)
Time formula help (Office XP)
help tips when mouse over text box (2002)
Excel 'Read Only' File (Excel 2002)
formula result a 0 instead of TRUE (2002)
date calculation (97 or 2000)
Excel 97 (Formula Assistance Again)
Compounding for each day I hold a stock position (2002 SP-2)
IF(Logical=this OR that),'X',' ' (2000/9.0)
counting days (excel 2000)
Help Counting Text (Excel 2002/WXP)
ComboBox Selection (XP;SP2)
Selecting a cell at startup (Excel 2002)
Stopping a calculation (XP Edition)
Backwards lookup (Excel professional)
Reverse Concatenate? (Excel 2000)
Excel Formating Help (Excel 2000)
Subtotalling (Excel 97/SR2)
extrapoltion (Excel 2k, Win 2k)
Excel AutoFill (Excel 2000)
chart help (97 or 2000)
Changes to linked worksheets (Excel 2000 SR-1)
error reconnecting (excel sp1)
Shared Workbooks (Excel 2002)
Words Capitalizing (xp)
Macro Tracing... (2000 SR-1)
Temporarily hiding Taskbar (xp)
Formula assistance (Excel 97/2000)
Improving Code (97)
10 decimal place mystery (windows xp, xl97, sp2)
Creating a Splash Screen (97)
Dial a telephone number (Excel 2000)
Convert cvs to excel (Excel XP)
Urgent: Excel Installation Problem (Excel 2000 Professional)
Net Present Value Formula (XP)