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Declaring VBA Variables (Excel VBA)
Copy if the font colour is black (97 onwards)
Sumiff snag (Excel 2002 (10.2614.2625))
Identifying Sheets in VB (xl97)
'Don't Touch' Box... (xl97)
Need a formula (Excel 2002)
Saving data from a formula cell (2000)
XP defaults (XP)
Excel97 SUMIF help (Excel97)
Yield Calculation Problem (2002)
Using the Average function (2002/SP2)
Copying formula as text (2000 SR-1)
If formula (WIN XP 5.1 SP1 Excel 2000)
7th Grade Homework (XP)
Using Subtotal levels in code (2000 SR-1)
#VALUE! (Excel 97)
Files in the FIle|New dialog (Excel 2000)
SAVE AS .... Different Folder (xp/1)
code to convert forumla to number. (97)
Change scale of a graph (2000)
A way to see Headers/Footers on screen? (Excel 2000)
Formula (2000)
Matching values in a range (97)
Appending to File (97:SR2)
Cell Format - Accounting (2000)
Backing Up (97)
Handy macro suddenly not working (Excel 2000)
PgUp to top of sheet (Excel XP/97)
Toolbar coloration (Excel 2000)
Plotting blank cells in a chart (2000)
opening autosave with wb open event (97 on win NT)
macro to change name of sheet tab (97)
counting unfiltered rows (97 SR2)
Weekend formula (2000/SP3)
Shared Workbook (2000/SR1)
sort includes header row (97 SR2)
copying and pasting multiple times (2000)
PROPER function (XP)
Excel Stat functions accuracy (All)
Task Pane Appears and Then Disappears (Excel XP)
Pivot tables custom calculation (2002 SP2)
sort order (excel 2003)
Date Error After SP3 (Excel 2000 SP3)
TextBox not updating (2K/XP)
excel (2002 sp1)
Adding Data to an Array (Excel 2K)
Shared workbook problems (XP Pro)
Formula view (XP)
Sort tabs (Excel 2000 SP-1)
Subtract time from a number (Excel 2000)
Interesting discovery (97 2000 2002)
Reversing number order (Excel 2000)
Charts - X & Y Axis (Excel XP)
What am I not doing right? (Excel 2000)
Time Sheet-Project Tracking Template (Excel 2000)
Web query refreshes (2002)
Selecting a Range (2002/97)
Tricky Formatting Problem (2002)
Excel Macro (Excel2000 SR3)
Strange Formula Problem (excel 2000)
ASCI File (2000)
Bad DLL calling convention (Excel 2002)
Creating filename (Excel 2000)
How do I do forms in Excel 2000?
sumifcolor (excel sr1)
deleting dashes (XP)
Chart Series Min Max (XP)
Copy/Paste Subtotal Summary (WinXP/OfficeXP)
Sorting rows (Office 2000)
Bar of Pie... ??Bar of Bar (2000 SR1)
Compile Error - DistMon (XP SP-2)
Excel 97 - Macro assistance please (Excel 97 / 2000)
Template Locations (Any)
Time formula help (Office XP)
help tips when mouse over text box (2002)
Excel 'Read Only' File (Excel 2002)
formula result a 0 instead of TRUE (2002)
date calculation (97 or 2000)
Excel 97 (Formula Assistance Again)
Compounding for each day I hold a stock position (2002 SP-2)
IF(Logical=this OR that),'X',' ' (2000/9.0)
counting days (excel 2000)
Help Counting Text (Excel 2002/WXP)
ComboBox Selection (XP;SP2)
Selecting a cell at startup (Excel 2002)
Stopping a calculation (XP Edition)
Backwards lookup (Excel professional)
Reverse Concatenate? (Excel 2000)
Excel Formating Help (Excel 2000)
Subtotalling (Excel 97/SR2)
extrapoltion (Excel 2k, Win 2k)
Excel AutoFill (Excel 2000)
chart help (97 or 2000)
Changes to linked worksheets (Excel 2000 SR-1)
error reconnecting (excel sp1)
Shared Workbooks (Excel 2002)
Words Capitalizing (xp)
Macro Tracing... (2000 SR-1)
Temporarily hiding Taskbar (xp)
Formula assistance (Excel 97/2000)
Improving Code (97)
10 decimal place mystery (windows xp, xl97, sp2)
Creating a Splash Screen (97)
Dial a telephone number (Excel 2000)
Convert cvs to excel (Excel XP)
Urgent: Excel Installation Problem (Excel 2000 Professional)
Net Present Value Formula (XP)
Active cell is in Range (xp)
days between dates (2000)
Hours Calculation Function (Excel 2002)
passwords (2002)
Cells Not Updating (97:SR2)
calculate weekdays between two dates (MS Excel 2000)
Replacing name reference in formulas (2002)
charting on two axes (XL 97 sr2b on Win2K/NT4)
textbox as value, not text (2002)
Web Query (Office XP)
Pivot Table (2000)
% chg from neg to positive not working (Excel 2000)
Aggregating Coursework Marks (2K/XP)
Counting Visible Sheets (97; SR2)
Adding Time (XP professional)
Cut Row and Paste as Column (Excel 2000 or XP)
Sort worksheets alphabetically (XP)
Combinations (Excel 2K/XP)
=PMT, but backwards (97 sr2b)
Validate lookup table (XP)
Linked Objects (2000)
criteria (97/2000)
Landscape over network? (Excel '97 SR-2)
Autofilters using top 10 percent (Excel 2002)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 97)
Functions/VBA (XL2000/VBA)
Extremely Large Excel Files (Office 2000)
Table to List (XP)
Finding the rate and Graph Question (Excel 2002)
Finding vlookup with dates (Excel 2000)
Number of week in month (Excel xp)
Using class in add in (2002 sp-2)
SumIF (XP)
Personal.xls (2000)
Populating a spreadsheet (XL97/WinNT4)
Format Numbers (97)
Green Error Indicators (Excel2002)
cell content challenge (Excel 2000)
Lock Cells or Row in macro (Excel 2000)
Time (2000)
Unique Entries (Excel '97)
change macro address to relative (XP)
Control File|New dialog (2000/SR1)
Call To VBA in Another File (97:SR2)
Word to Excel (ExcelXP)
OL Not Registered error (OXP-SP2; WinME)
printing out code in colour (XL97sr2 on Win2K/NT4)
Pivot Tables (Excel 2000)
Questions on pivtbl calc fields/items (XP)
Auto Numbering (Excel 2000)
Pie Chart with Value & Percent (Excel 2000)
Workspace function (Excel 2000)
Seagate Annoyance! (Excel 2000)
Starting toolbars (Excel 2000)
Email Merge (XP)
Wrapping merged cells (Excel 2002)
Application Quit (Excel 2000)
Wrapping text (Excel 2002)
Minimum Values (2000)
Help! Help!
Days Of Month (2000)
SpreadSheet Explorer (2002)
Calling a Logo from an Equation (2002)
Automatically Update Footer (2000)
Multi select list box (XP)
removing custom entry from a context menu (XL97 sr
Removing a hidden module (2000)
Excel Takes Forever to Launch (2000)
Dynamic Print Range (Excel 2002 - XP SP2)
Macro help Excel 2000 (Excel 2000)
IF function (XP)
Extract and mail section of worksheet (2000)
Sorting on relative references (XL97/WinNT4)
Checking Capitalization (Excel 2000)
Prevent Formula Changes (Excel 97)
Down selecting data through multiple columns (Excel 2002)
Excel lookup (Excel xp)
'Book.xls' Already Open ?? (Excel 2000)
Sum every other column (Excel 2000)
Hyperlink in Protected Sheet (Outlook 2000)
Opening Excel File (Excel XP)
Multiple Workbooks (MS Excel 2002/Win XP)
Drop .00 but not .03 (Excel XP)
Save CSV as Unicode UTF-8 (2000 SR-3)
Obtain window 2000 userid (not username) (XP)
Linking Cells Between 2 Workbooks (Excel 2000)
Can't open file (2002)
List Data Validation (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Template Wizard won't save (2000)
Add-in Function - how to find it (Excel 2000)
sumif Function (Office 2002 SP2)
Record Counts (2000/XP)
File path in Footer (Office2000)
Nested Grouping (2000 SP3)
Mystery box is driving me crazy! Please help ... (Excel 2000)
Summing of music running times (2002 SP2)
Help with Spreadsheet formulas (2002)
Spell Check a Single Word with VBA (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Indirect validation list range (Excel2000)
Watermarks (Excel 2000 and XP)
macro help Plz... (XP)
Nested If Thens (1)
Synchronizing Pivot Table Page Fields (Excel 2000)
Bars don't line up (excel 2002)
watermarks in Excel? (Office 2000)
Dates (97:SR2)
Now() (2000)
SUMIF (97:SR2)
Open Specific WorkSheet in Excel (Off XP Pro)
Showing Smiley Faces depending on condition (2000)
Percentage Formula (MS OFFICE 2000 PRO)
Enable/diable macro (2000 SR1)
Buttons On Worksheet (XP)
MATCH Function (OXP-SP2; WinME)
ExcelXP Shortcut Key to Formula Bar? (XP SP-2)
Excel XP Shortcut Keys? (XP SP-2)
Allocation criteria (Excel 97)
Converting cell to number (XP sp2)
runtime error (office 2000)
Relating Top,Left, height, and Width (Excel 97 and >)
Workbook Navigation (XP)
Scenario Manager (2000)
NameTages (Excel 2002)
Advanced Filter - Best practice (97:SR2)
Remove chart margin space (Excel 2002)
Old macros (2000)
Filter on cell color (XP)
Preventing A Blank Cell (Excel 2K/SR1)
if function question ('97, SR-2)
Cells Flagged Not To Print (97:SR2)
Splitting Data in Cells (XP )
Loading an Addin via Registry (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Auto Coloring in Excel (2000 Professional)
consolidating several worksheets (Excel 2000)
Tab Names (Excel 2000)
Insert Comments (Excel 97 & Excel Mac X)
Modify Graph Debug (2002)
ShowDependents (97 SR-2)
Email authentication (XL97/WinNT4)
Is it possible to set variable cell validation? (XP)
Getting a macro to understand option buttons (excel)
conditional formatting of text (2000)
retaining trailing zeros (XL 97 sr2 on Win 2000/NT
Chart macro (2002)
Wrong Century Displayed (XP)
Installed & won't work (2000)
use next row? (97, 2000)
Drop Down Boxes on Cell (Excel 2000)
Opening a file (Excel 2002)
Checking Data on part of a cell (Excel 2000)
Saving format changes to .csv file (2000 SR-1)
IFODD statement help (Office XP)
finding old advice (excel 2000)
Auto Run options (Office 2000 Pro)
IF function? (Office XP)
stop the flashing (office 2000)
Slow Excel 97 (97)
Emailing with Outlook 2002 (Excel 2002)
Excel 2000 hyperlinks (2000)
Runtime error (office 2000)
Can't Remove Gridlines - Causing Anxiety :-) (Excel 2000)
MSN Money Stock Quotes (Excel 2000)
Hiding Sheet (97:SR2)
So what's numeric? (2000)
Name Conflict pain (excel 2000)
Reverse Pivot Table ? (XP SP 2 )
How do you check a range is empty (97sr2)
.csv files (excel2000)
Saving worksheets to separate files (Excel 97)
Recent File List Not Working (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Multiple Passwords (XP)
Close Workbook with VB (2000)
Availability of Excel 2002 Post SP2 Hotfix Package
date query (Excel XP)
Minimised Userforms (xl 97)
Rename sheet grayed out (Excel 2000)
Error Type Formula (Excel 97)
Auto Fill Not working (XP )
Save a file (2000)
Template Wizard not working (Excel 2000)
Handling Lengthy Text in Excel?? (Excel 2000)
E-Mail Worksheet Only (XP)
Test Ranges (XP)
Custom Toolbar/Excel Add-in (Excel 2002/SP2)
Formula (Excel 2000/SP3)
Counting records? (Office XP)
Using Proper and Lower functions (Excel)
Concatenate (2000)
counting with dates (2000)
File Path in Footer (97:SR2)
Finding duplicates (2000)
Returning a column letter (2000)
Drop Down List (MS OFFICE PRO 2000)
Cell Formatting (97:SR2)
selecting the current row (XL 97 sr2 on Win 2K)
Forcing cell entry (2000 / SP3)
Calculation (Excel XP)
Error on inserting rows (2000)
Opening Attachment (Excel 2002)
VB System Error (XL2002)
Create Subset Files (2002)
Averaging between ranges (SR97)
Headers (Excel 2k)
Automation: delete columns is failing (97)
Weighted moving averages formula (2k/SR 1)
Moving last names to another column (Excel 2000 SR1)
Colorizing Sheet Tab? (Excel 2KPro, O2KPro, Win2KPro)
File | Close on a workbook (Excel 2KPro, O2KPro, Win2KPro)
Tools\Macros\Security menu not available! (2000 SR1a)
Error opening file in XP (2002)
Reverse Lookup (2000)
Is there a better way to do this? (Excel 2002)
Matching values in a workbook (Excel 2000)
Paste link in VBA (2000)
Fuzzy search/ regexp (2000)
Memory Problem in Excel 200 (Excel 200)
Application.Caller (XP & VBA)
Deleting Rows (97:SR2)
Printing worksheets in a Workbook (Excel 97/SR2)
last column with text copy to next column (2000)
Help ! Emergency ! (Excel 2000)
Moving modules vs moving sheet tabs (Excel 2000)
Grid (Excel 97 SR-2 (1))
Sending Same Sheets to Several Email Recipients (Excel 2000)
Sort by format (97 SR-2 (h))
Multi-colour data points in scatter chart (97)
Security (MSOFFICE 2000)
Can't open Excel 97 file (MS Office 2000 Pro/SP-3)
Functions (MSOFFICE 2000)
Paste v paste special (2000)
gridlines covered up by fill color (2000 SR1)
XL App Error (97:SR2)
psycho Excel selecting problem (2K)
Drop down list (2002)
Excel extract from LDAP source (XL2000)
A couple of questions (maybe easy!) (Excel 2KPro, O2KPro, Win2KPro)
Pivot Table Controls bypassing Worksheet_Change? (2000)
Inserting numbers from word (xPRO)
cut/move multiple cells (Excel 2000)
IsBlank Function in VB (XL(97))
Track Changes turns off. (Excel 2K -sr1)
on screen view truncates my cells text
Avoiding duplicate edits (Excel 2000)
Copy Borders (XL2000)
Mass rename of macro buttons (2000 SP1a)
Interactive Links in Excel (Excel 2000)
Moving text (2000)
Combobox problems (2000)
Breaking a link (2000)
Why This Macro Only Work On One Sheet ? (Excel 2000)
Automatically filling a column (XP)
Common Dialog Control (2000/XP)
Delink Chart with Data (Excel 2000)
Compression (2000 SP-3)
Word Excel paste link (2000 SP3)
97 to 02 (02)
Custom Message - Protected Sheet (2000)
External Links (97:SR2)
Calculating Formulas (Excel 2000)
Excel Header from cell formula (2002)
workspace copying (xp)
linking workbooks (XP)
VisualBasic Macro to Indent (Off 2002/XP Pro SP1)
Filter by cell color? (XP)
What is up with these drop down buttons? (office 2k)
Decimal test (2000)
Where is the Macro? (office 2000)
Combining bar and stacked bars in a chart (Excel 2000)
Linking to worksheets (2002/SP-1)
Created Menus (XP)
Changing Dates to Text (Excel 2000)
Comment box size (Office 2000)
Updating Records (2000)
Dropdown list in cell (2000)
Offset() in Graph (XL2K)
Max / Min with error cells (Excel 2000)
Dynamic Cell Entry (2002 XP)
MS Query Trouble (2000)
Conditional Minimum (EXCEL 2000)
Sorting (2000)
Pivot Table Page Fields (Excel 2000)
Pivot Table Columns (Excel 2000)
'Ne#' USB Printer Port Settings (XP Home)
Spliting A List To Several on Different Sheets (Excel 2000)
Excel- Page Numbering (XP)
Calculated Fields and Pivots (Excel 2000)
Email Different Sheets to Different People (Excel 2000)
Column and Row Headings (XP)
conditional vlookup? (97 SR2 (h))
MultiPage Control (XP)
Excel files saving as Word document (Excel 2000)
annual average growth (Excel 97 or 2000)
CAN'T OPEN EXCEL (xl2000 sp1)
VBA function (XL2000)
Password Cracker (2000 SR-1)
Excel and XML (2000)
Cell Aliases (2000)
Saving Toolbars Etc. (Excel 2000 - XP Home)
Error report (Excel 2000)
airline airwaybill sequences (97)
Excel (All)
Restoring Settings in Excel (Excel 2000)
Match limited # characters in cell not exact (Excel 97)
Damaged .XLS spreadsheet (9.0/2000)
Worksheet (not Workbook) change detection (Excel 2000)
Cell function problem (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Link Excel Data to MS Project (Excel/Project 2000)
Format to CAPS (XP )
Convert Time (Office XP)
Creating a Desktop Shortcut (xl2000)
Counting data (Excel 97 SR 1)
Max Values In Columns (2002)
Generating Table of Contents (Excel XP)
Personal.xls not running at Excel startup (10.4302.4219 SP2)
XL Hangs on Close (XL97:SR2)
Printing Dynamic Range (Excel 2000)
Help on IF statements and nested IF statements (Excel97)
words instead of cell numbers in formulas (2000)
linking data between excel documents (excel 2000)
exporting (2000)
Complicated IF Statement (XP)
How do I prevent a template from being overwritten (2000)
Trendline with polynomial fit (2000)
Stripping characters (XP)
Comparing data in columns (2000 sr-1)
Memory errors (Excel 97/SR2)
save and overwrite (2000)
Partial formatting of function results (XL97 sr2, WIN2K)
Chart (2002)
Permission denied (Error 70) (Excel 2K and >)
Option Setting (Excel XP)
Creating and Rotating an Object (97 or Higher)
Find/Replace errors (xl2000/xl2002)
Change $ to other currencies in entire model? (XP)
Control Toolbox Button (XL97;SR2)
Menu/Toolbar Actions (Excel XP)
Perosnal Macro does not work (Excel 2000)
Worksheet format question (Excel 2000)
Links to Other Workbook (Excel 2000)
Run Desktop Shortcut (XL97;SR2)
What happens if find fails (2000)
Count Rows (XP)
Accessing Calendars (EXCEL2000)
Formula for sequential years (any)
Disabling macros (xl2000)
Proportionate circles (Excel xp)
Prompt to save non-existent changes (Excel97 SR2)
Automatic sequential row numbering (Excel 2000)
Deselect single sheet (Excel XP)
Preventing Save AS (xl2000)
Text is not wrapping correctly (v 2000 (9.0.4402 SR1))
Converting upper case text (Excel 2000)
Validation Text Box Location (EXCEL2000)
Dialog Box Controls (XL97:SR2)
Automatically fill in current date? (Excel 2000)
'Problems obtaining data' error in pivtbl (XP (SP2))
Button with result in messagebox (Excel XP)
Tracking number of employees (office 2000)
Interpret this message (Excel 2000)
cell must contain numerics (97)
Pasted Column Won't Sum (2002 SP2)
Excel Object on top of Excel Sheet ? (Excel 2000)
inserting alternate blank lines (excel 2000)
Getting data from a website (2000)
macro for every Excel File (Excel 2000)
Delete 1st byte of text if it meets criteria (Excel 97)
Available Printers (XL97; SR2)
Export a Named Range from Excel to Access... (2000 SR-1)
Some kind of count fxn - I think . . . (Excel 2000)
Row function plus a number? (Excel XP)
Custom Header question (XP)
Prevent printing of single worksheet (Excel XP)
Fill a series using the pattern of another series (2000)
Excel templates (XL 2000)
selecting a filtered cell (Excel2000)
Pocket Excel (Excel)
Personal.xls (Excel 2000 SR-1)
highlighting changes after pivot refresh (excel 2k)
Conditional Format on Font Color (Excel 2000)
'SUMPRODUCT' with 'IF' (Excel 2000)
Help importing Word text/file into Excel (97/SR2)
How to refer to another cell (Excel 2000)
nested ' IF ' more than 7x (officexp 2002)
Macro/Paste Record Excel to Access (97)
Save As in a macro (XP)
Email one Sheet of a WorkBook (Excel 2000)
Hiding Rows with zero sum, with conditions (9.03821 SR-1)
Sendmail questions (XP)
Insert cells with previous formulas? (Excel 2000 )
Cell Formatting (97)
Unhide Column A (file imported from Lotus) (Excel 97)