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Chart Formatting (XP)
Storing user-defined functions in personal.xls (Excel 2000 /Windows XP)
2 Y-AXIS BAR CHARTS (Excel '97)
Paste link gives zero (Excel xp)
Prevent User Closing UserForm (XP/2k)
Events for Drop-down box Results (xl2000)
Times and Numbers (Excel 97) (267954) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Bookmarks in excel (Excel xp)
MS Query to Access Database Fails (Excel 97)
naming cells with a macro (excel 2002 sp-2)
Conditional Max (Excel 2002/XP)
Guass normal distribution curve (XL2000)
time Formatting (xp 2002)
Change 'Licensed to' string (EXCEL 97)
Shared Workbooks (XP)
Server-side Automation (2000/2002)
switching formula source data (Excel 97/2000/2002)
Any Excel/Word magizines (2000/sr2)
Excel Invoice project (2002)
Conditional Row formatting (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Preventing Excel from making email addresses links (2000)
Password protected workbook (XP)
Excel Charting (XP)
DataValidation (XL2000)
Circular Reference Toolbar (Excel 2000 SP2)
Excel error (97-SR2)
Increase a group of number by a specific amount (Excel 2000)
Losted Pivot Table Data (Excel 2002)
IF Function (Excel 2000 SR 1)
Sorta combining rows (Excel 2000 SR1)
Automatic Calculation (Excel 2000)
Using the checkbox (excel 2000)
inserting LastSavedDate/Time (Win 2000, Excel 2002 SP-2)
E-Mail Hyperlinks (EXCEL 2002)
Clearing COM addin cache (Excel 2002/sr2)
using the MIN command (excel 2000)
Excel (2002)
Referencing Sheets (2000)
SendMail Options (2k)
Large numbers in cells (Excel 2000)
Lose precision when copy between cells (2000/2002)
Pivot Tables (2002)
Can't remember Addin (XP sp-2)
Copying Cells (Excel 2000 SR1-a)
Force it to be text (2000)
Range Sum (2002 SP-2)
Number Formatting (97)
Times and Numbers (Excel 97)
Sicky Cells (XP SP2)
Delete a picture with vba (excel xp)
Time Expired Between Two Dates (97)
Huge Spreadsheet Size (Excel 2000)
MOS Certification (All)
Summing coumns of differing lengths (XL2002)
Multiple Conditions for COUNTIF Function (Excel 2000)
paste value parsing (Excel 2000)
Lock Down Embedded Object (XL2000/2002)
Conditional Calc? (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Conserving/Freeing Up Memory (Excel 2000)
VERY SLOW OPENING a file (xl2000)
Date last saved field (Excel 2000)
Formula to find first nonblank (excel xp)
Two Way Summing (Excel '97)
Template Checkbox problem (2000)
charts (Windows 95)
Excel Formula (97 SR-2 (k))
Build Worksheet Ref Formula (Excel 2000)
Error Log (Excel 2000/SR3)
Size to fit printer page (Excel 2k Win 2k)
More Than 3 Conditional Formats? (Excel 97 SR2)
External Data (XP)
Absolute Absolute Cell Reference (Excel 2000)
Finding path to Add-ins (Excel 2000 on NT)
Cursor Focus (Excel 2000)
Removing Blank Spaces in a number (2000)
Conditional Formatting (2000 SP3)
Saving an Array (Excel 2000)
'Personal' workbook (XP)
Hiding menu items (Excel 2000)
Finding duplicate records (XP)
Formatting 'pure' vs derived data (All)
When a dot is not a dot (97 et al)
Excel spell checker location (Office97SR2b)
Problem with Excel (Excel 2000)
MultiDimensional Arrays (Excel 2000)
Scatter Plot Question (2002)
Combo Box and Hyperlinks (E2000)
SumIf Across Sheets (2000)
Option buttons (2002 - XP)
Formula combining Convert and Round (2000 SR-1)
Placing a web page link on the desktop (272392) was moved to the Internet Explorer board
MATCH function (XL2K)
Excel Validation (Excel 2000)
Hiding a checkbox (EXCEL 97/2000)
Windows in the Taskbar (ExcelXP)
Text vs Number Lookup Issue (Excel 2002)
Make Directory (XL97:SR2)
Excel 2003 (Excel 2003)
Checkbox results test (Excel 97 SR2)
Custom Type Graphs (XP SP1)
Hyperlink Default (9.0.6926 SP-3)
Can't FIND value in HIDDEN column (xl2000)
Finding the last \ in a string (97)
count in filtered list (2000sr1)
open only to folder level (Excel 2000)
Period Formating (Office 97)
rounding limitation? (XL97 sr2 on Win2K/NT4)
Find 2 letters formula (Excel xp)
SpinButton causes crash (Windows 2000 & Me/Excel 2000)
Converting Formulas to Values (Excel 2000)
Excel xp missing charts (Excel xp, sp2, win xp)
Circle invalid values (Excel2000)
Sharing info to other workboooks (Excel 2000)
FileSave Macro (2002)
Deleting Files (Windows XP)
Cannot open Excel File (2000)
Does Direrctory Exist? (XL97;SR2)
XL Range to NotePad (XL97; SR2)
Statistical flaws in Excel (Excel 97 / 2000 / XP)
Saving custom headers in drop down list (Excel 2000 SR1)
assign shortcut key to macro (2002)
User's group? (Excel 2000)
VBA find code nt working 100% (2000)
Compare (Excel XP)
Export To Text File (2002)
Auto Filter/Sort/Undo Bug (Excel 97)
Exporting Multiple Sheets to Access (Excel 2000)
Annoying Office Assistant (97)
Referencing another worksheet in formula (97)
Simultaneous Saves (2000)
Wrap Text in Merged Cells (Office 97)
Update Pivot Table Range (2002)
On open ? (2000)
Vlookup Help (Duplicate Values) (All)
Custom Numbering (2002)
Links to other worksheets (XP)
Counting Formatted Cells (97 and >)
Save As CSV (XL97:SR2)
Absolute-ly! (Microsoft 2000)
Printing a Hidden Sheet using VBA (2000)
Age (E2000)
Excel starts WITHOUT Blank work sheet (Excel XP)
Using VBA to access the VBE (Excel 2000/Sr1)
Print preview is in B & W (Excel 2000)
Conditional Formating (Excel 2000)
text format marker (XL 97 sr2 on Win 2K/NT4)
Unique Values in a Column (2000)
Before Print Macro insertion (Office 2000?)
Set a Default Date Format (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Using Cell References in INDEX Function (2000 sr-1)
Sumproduct variable (2000)
Pivot Table Fields (XL2000 SR1)
Conditional Formatting (XP)
Message to Users (Excel 2000)
Header Color Help (Windows NT Pro)
Put Excel Worksheet name in Clipboard (EXCEL 2000 ver 9.0.4402 SR-1)
Excel - macro find loop (Excel 2000)
subtotals (excel 2002)
Opening UTF-8 Encoded Files in Excel (2002 (10.2614.3311) and others)
Paragraph Bullets (Outlook 98) (268837) was moved to the Outlook board
mail merge (97 sr1)
Pausing a Macro (Excel 2002)
Changing Font Size in Combo Box (Excell 2000 SR-1)
Catching what the user clicked (2000/SR1)
Lookup() (97)
Absolute References (xl 97)
Saving Data to xls. (2000)
Column Widths and Row Heights (Excel 2K)
Password Protection (Excel 2000 SR1a)
VBA Code to use ListBox (2002)
Parsing problem (XP and 2000)
Isolate Highest Ranks in Table (2k)
Lock Cells Using Combo Boxes (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Duplicates (Office 97)
Does cell have comment? (EXCEL 97/2000)
Cannot hide columns (EXCEL 97/2000)
If Saturday then Zero (Excel 2000)
Significance test between proportions (Excel xp)
Excel to HTML: Stripping excess html code (XP or 2000)
Fish Bone Diagram (Any (2000/2002))
Re-arranging List According to Ranking (Excel 2000)
Test for open workbook (2000)
Opening xls from Outlook (2002)
Sum positive values if 2 conditions are true... (2000 SR-1)
Listbox question (Excel 2000/Sr1)
Display lots of text (Office 2000)
Referring to Filenames in Formulas (Excel 2K)
merge files same fields (2000)
Copy Subtotals (Excel 97)
Automating excel sales invoice with outlook (2000)
Chart Question (Excel 2000)
object invoked has disconnected from its client (2002)
Excel Formulas & Functions (XP (2002))
Averaging by N (97,2000)
Ongoing dates calculation (XL97/WinNT4)
Outline Data (2000)
Find number of hours between two times (2K)
Struggling with a formula (Excep xp)
Simple formula??? (Win98/Office 2000 sp1)
Automatic update for charts and statistics (Excel 2002 SP 2)
Stop Excel from creating email hyperlinks? (2000/No SR )
Excel Sorting (2002)
Double Axis Mark Labels (Excel 2000)
Format midnight as 24:00 (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Adding a simple check box (office XP)
Comparing Lists (XL2K SR1)
Report List with No Blank Cells (Excel 97)
Libriary missing in XP (Excel 2000 & XP)
Remove links (Excel 2000)
Deleting parts of a spreadsheet (2000)
Identifying Who Has File Open (XL97: SR2)
hyperlinks (Excel 97)
exel math + visual basic (exel 2000)
Numbers Refusing Text - with sample file (Excel 2000)
Numbers Refusing Text Format (9.0.6926 SP-3)
What's so special about History? (Excel 2000)
Endless Loop (Excel 97 SR2)
File Takes 30 Minutes to Open (2000 Service Pack 3)
Incomplete Copy Area from Excel to Word (Excel 2000)
Setting default page size in Excel (2000 SR-1)
Worksheet name tab font (2000/SR1)
Not remembering toolbars (Excel 2000)
Already open messages (Excel 2000)
MsgBox (2000/2002)
Type Formula (XL 97; SR2)
How to print formulas (Excel 2000)
Excel drilldown - Security (Excel97 SR-2b on NT)
It Just Doesn't Add Up (XL97;SR2)
Printing problems (Office 2000)
Excell Defaultsd (Office 2000 on WXpHE)
Excel charts (2000)
Line Chart: Line drops to Bottom if Zero (Excel 2000)
Color Prolbem in Copying Excel Sheets to Word (Excel 2000)
Venn Diagram help (Excel xp)
Macros in Personal xls (Excel 2000)
Custom Menu in Workbook (Excel 2000)
Automatically Selecting 'Read Only' (Excel 2000)
pasting an area one workbook to another (2000)
lost sharing abilities in Excel 97 (Excel 97)
Extracting MP3 Data (Excel XP)
Flashing Cell or Fonts (Excel 2000)
repelling date format heist (all)
Changing Excel defaults (XP - 2002)
Hiding Sheets BeforeSave (Excel 2000)
Complicated IF statement (Excel xp)
Trailing negative sign (2000 SR1)
Disable macros on file open (Excel2000)
Protecting formulas (Excel 2000/SP3)
File Opening (Excel 2000 / SP3)
Exporting from Peachtree Reports (Excel 2002)
Reversing order of entries in a column (OXP-SP2 on WinME)
importing from Word table (XP)
2 Parter on Links (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Pausing a Macro (2000)
Mystery text (EXCEL 97/2000)
distributing modules (XL 97 sr2 on Win2000/NT4)
'SendMail' failed (Excel97)
Z test for 2 numbers, conditional formatting (Excel xp)
Change color for 'found' cell (2000/SR-1)
Compound Discount Calculation (Excel 97-SR2)
Import problem (Excel 2002)
Some kind of lookup table? (2000)
Selecting Cells (2000)
Macro/ Blank Cell, delete row (Excel 2000)
INFO command in VBA (2000 SR1)
Chart (Excel 2002)
diagonals in a cell (Excel 2000/Sr1)
Cut and move columns, need help with set statement (Excel xp)
Conversion from Word (2002 SP-2 on XP Pro)
Updating workbooks when changing template? (Excel 2002)
Filter without Autofilter? (2k/XP)
Sort Groups (2000 - 9.0.27)
Excel - Work Menu (2000/SR-1)
Compare Side-By-Side (XP)
Disable a menu item (Excel 2000/SR1)
Excel 97 Shared Workbook (Excel 97)
Weighted Average with SUMIF functions (Excel 2000)
Copy Subtotal Data (Excel 2000)
File|New view (XL97 on Win2000/NT4)
Link Finder: Only free? (Excel 97)
FileSave macro (Excel 97)
Selection is too large (Excel2000)
Calculating on dates in fields (Word97/WinNT4) (263019) was moved to the Word board
Hypergeometric Distribution (2000/SR1)
Sorting a Colum of numerical values (XP SP-1)
freezing rows (2000)
Macros & Path Name (Excel 2002)
'Locked for Editing' notice (Excel 2002)
Range Fill with date & time (Excel 2000)
Count IF function (Excel 2000)
Linking many XLA's (Office 2000)
Worksheet displays Page 1 (ExcelXP)
Forwarding mail macro (Outlook 2000)
Cells won't format in Excel (2000 )
Automatic data entry based on conditional formatti (Excel XP)
Last used cell in row (2000)
Conditional Formatting (2000)
Indirect Data Validation (Excel 2000)
Excel Scroll (2000)
Doc already opened on another computer (Excell 2002)
Find Function in VBA (Excel professional)
Filling data from 1 sheet to another... (2000 SR-1)
checking cells with custom formats (Excel2000)
Running a macro at night (2000)
worksheets - side by sid? (Excel XP)
2d grid into single column (Excel 97 -SR2)
Print One Long Row on same sheet (2K)
Referring to cells pt 2 (XL97/WinNT4)
Warning message (Excel 97)
Using 'INDIRECT' to refer to anohter file (Excel 2000)
On_Time Macro (2000)
Relative sheet reference (97/SR-1)
Picture as Watermark (Excel 2002)
Chart Pivot Table Grand Totals (Excel 2000)
Protect cell (97/2000/XP)
Format using period (Office 97)
Pivot tables (2000)
Spreadsheet complexity (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Drop down lists (MS Excel 2000/SP3)
one-time macro (Excel 2002)
Page Format with Macro (WIN2000-XL97)
Writing a Macro in Excel (2000)
Count based on formatting (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Excel Function Question (Excel 97)
Excel Functions (Excel 2000)
Loop-de-loop (2000/2002)
Chart Sizing VBA (Excel 97)
Row number of last non-blank cell (2000)
autofilter and protection (Excel 2000)
Do Not Print Formatted Cells (97: SR2)
Cell Values used in formulas or conditions (2000)
preventing enable macro message (2k)
Speed and Large (2000)
Copying a sheet from another workbook (XL-XP)
Open Workbook with links. (windows 2000)
Is There an ActiveWorkbook? (Office 97 SR2)
nested if then formula (office 2000)
Using CommandBar Captions (2000)
Auto filling cells (2000)
Copy/Paste (Excel 97)
read only file (msoffice 2000)
XL to Word table (2000)
changing errors to 0 (excel xp)
Language Toolbar (XP)
Chart Color (XP)
AutoRecalc turned off by keyboard shortcut (2000)
Excel and Worldox (document management system) (Excel2000 SP-3)
Insert Comments (Office 97-Win, Office Mac X)
Excel - Date Format (2000 (9.0.2720))
VBS in Excel (Excel XP)
Convert Footage to Inches (Excel)
Creating a Work Schedule (Excel v97 sr2)
Formula for value of column title (2000)
Address dip switch settings (Excel 97)
Disable Options Button (2002)
using the results of controls (2K)
Consolidating Spreadsheets (XP)
List Unique Names in A Column (Excel 2000)
Making a form (2000-sr1)
Format in VBA 2000 (Excel 2000)
reset default settings (xp)
Adding color to header text? (2000, SR1)
Flexfind build 513 (All)
Excel Quirks (Excel 2002)
Annoying Excel Messages (Excel 97, SR2)
; or , (XL 2000 SR1)
Translating a Lotus formula (Smart Suite 97)
yet another multiple condition challenge (97 - 2002)
Chart coordinates (97 SR-1)
Excel Worksheet Template (2000)
Protection confusion (Excel 97/2000)
auto lookup print macro (Excel 2000)
Current time (2002 XP)
Display dynamic result range (2002/Any)
Opening Lotus 123 files (Excel 2002/2003)
Select Cells by Clicking One Cell (2000 (SP-3))
Insert new data in chart (Office 2000)
Wont accept Input (Excel 2000)
Hiding Cells Whilst Sheet is Protected (xl97)
Get 'find all' results in worksheet (xl 2002 sp2)
Sorting, but no VBA? (EXCEL 97/2000)
Header/Footer Margins (Excel 2000)
formula or macro to calculate days between dates (Excel 2000 sr-1)
Excel file bloat (Excel 2000 SP-3)
Variable Printing Area (Excel 2000)
Create a drop down list for column (excel 2000 sr-1)
Macro to assign extended character? (Any)
Lock cells in a worksheet (MS Excel 97)
Auto-incrementing invoice number (all versions)
Multiple conditions for 'SUMIF' Function (Excel 2000)
Repeat Line At Page Bottom (Excel 2000)
Extra blank lines (Excel 2000)
Selecting cell below found data... (2000 SR-1)
Date Stamp Save As (2000 SR-1)
Chinese characters - revisited (EXCEL 97/2000)
Worksheet Change Event Doesn't work? (EXCEL 97)
Query excel data from within the same workbook (Excel 2002)
Excel send to (XP)
pivot table %difference field (2000 9.0.4402 SR1)
Get Info on One Line (Excel 97 SR2)
Data Validation list dropdown (XL2000)
Faceid's (XL2000)
Working with comment cells (XL2000)
Variable problem (2000)
Chart Tool Tips (97 SR-2)
looking for a volunteer with office 2003 beta (2003 beta)
Links to Access tables via MS Query (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Adding times in excel (Excel 2002)
How to test for column (Excel 97)
Relational files (Office version X for Mac)
Remove book Level Link (Excel 2000 Sp2)
Invert Color in Column Chart (Excel 2000)
Disk space (Excel 2002)
structures as variables (2000)
Passing data to email (2000)
Insert jpg files into Excel cells (Excel 2000)
Count items in one column based on another column (97, XP)
Preview? (Excel 2002/SP-2)
Cannot shift objects off sheet (Excel 2000)
Right Click in Excel (Office 2000)
Distribution List to XL (97:SR2)
How To Change The Default Fill Color (All)
Number of Pages in Message Box (2000/XP)
Launch pdf from Excel (2000)
Marine Corps PFT Calculator and Tally Sheet (MS Office 2000)
Using LOOKUP (Excel 2000)
Simple Message Box Macro (Excel 2000)
Repeat a cell 33 times (excel XP, SR1)
Strange Code Behaviour (2000)
Week Of Year? (Excel 2000)
Adding shortcut keys to macros (XL97/WinNT4)
Conditional Sum Wizard (2000)
Command Names (XL97/WinNT4)
Flexfind version 5 (Beta) (97, 2000, XP)
Unprotect to run macro (Excel 97)
More than 4 conditional formatting options (2000 SP1 Win NT4 sp6)
Parameter Array (Excel 2000/SR-1)
Customized Toolbars (2002/SP2)
Import fmAccess, Save as New Worksheet (2000)
Date question, forms & templates (XP)
Excel Links (97 ?)
Opening without running macros (Excel 2002)
Detect when a row is inserted (Excel 2K SR1)
Printing Non-contiguous Cells (2000)
Calculations Using TextBoxes (97/2k)
Offset/Match (Excel 2000)
Inserting Excel 97 into Other Programs (Excel 97)
Where have the Shortcut Keys gone? (Excel 2000/SR-1)
Deleting Columns (Excel 2000)
Drop down data (Office XP)
Excel Functions (Excel 2000)
Conditionl Formatting for the whole row? (XP/2002)
sumif (2000)
Unhide Rows/Cols (2000)
hyperlinks (excel 2000)
Locating a Filename and Path (Excel 2000)
Custom Shortcuts (2000 SR-3)
Make unwanted text disappear without VBA? (2002/XP)
Error In Code (1997)
Create Budget (Excel 2002)
Automation Error (XL 2002 SP2)
VBA Variables available entire workbook (2000 SR1)
File opening without updating links (2000)
vlookup then count? (2000 sr1)
Coloring half a cell... (EXCEL 97/2000)
Naming Tabs for Months (Excel 2000)
REPT function (XP - 2002)
Importing 256+ colum text file into Excel (Excel 2000)
Conditional Format for Public Holidays (Excel 2000)
Hyperlink (XL97:SR2)
Finding * in formulas (XP/SP2)
Save date in Cell (Office97 - Excel 97)
A spreadsheet larger than Excel (Excel (All))
Range Name (XP)
Watermark (XP)
Custom Functions (XP SP-2)
Conditional Formatting 4 conditions (Excel 97)
Removing Macro (Office 97)
Conditional formatting (2000)
Overflow Error (XL97:SR2)
Amending a cell value (XP/SP2)
Adding Non-contiguous cells (Excel 97 SR2)
Count IF statement (Excel 2000)
Summing visible cells (2000)
Run Code when creating a new workbook (2000 SR-1)
Cell Not Updated (XL97:SR2)
get address of non-contiguous cells (Excel 2000/2002)
Format Cells, Telephone Number conversion (Excel XP, SP2)
Can't save template (Excel 2000/Sr1)
Sorting Checklists (97)
Embedded fonts (2k)
scrolling problem (2000)
Combo chart (Stacked Bar and Regular Bar) (2000)
Link Excel document to Words and vice versa (97)
Help dig me out of a hole (XP/2000/97)
Excel - add custom image to a toolbar (2002)
possible hot keys/toggle (Excel 2000)
New file dialog tab text limit (Excel 2000/Sr1)
File Compression (XL97;SR2)
Hyperlink to Word (Excel 2002)