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Variable File Names (Excel 97-SR2)
Cursors, foiled again! (Excel 2002)
Text File Import vs FSO (2000)
Import mailing addr from SQL into Excel 2000 (Excel 2000 / SQL 2000)
Print 2 ranges (2000)
Status Bar Panels (XL2000)
Excel Header (Excel 97)
Descriptions for the Arguments of a Function (XL 2000 SR1)
Save-As csv file problem (Excel 97 SR2)
Custom Number Format - Scientific Notation (Excel 2002/SP-2)
if statements (Office 97 SR2)
Formatting a Chart data table (xp)
Custom VBA funtions in array formulae (2000SP3)
CountIF Help (Excel 97)
Trigger code from cell click (2000)
sending emails and attachments via VBA? (2000 SP3) (224813) was removed
Count non-empty cells (E2KSR1)
Calculate Difference in Time (Excel 2000/ Windows 2000)
Functions & Formulas (Excel 2000/Windows 2000)
Search on Text Challenge (XL97; SR2)
Setting Focus in Cells via Macros (Escel 2000)
countif criteria (2000)
More UserForm Stuff (XL2002)
sending emails and attachments via VBA? (2000 SP3)
VBE Additional Controls (XL2002)
Excel 97 in Win XP Pro - Out Of Memory Errors (Excel 97 SR 2)
Bug in Areas collection (All)
copying names from one sheet to another (XL97 sr2 on Win2000/NT4)
Auto recalc when VBA function changes cell values? (2000 SR-1 (9.0.4402))
MultiPage UserForm (XL2002)
Missing Numbers (97/2000)
Resetting the ListBox (2000)
Excessive Pivot Tables? (2000/SR1)
Text to Columns like Fomula (Excel 97)
t-test rounding problems (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Using Filters for permutations (Excel 2000/2002)
Macros in Excel (Excel 2000)
Open most recent spreadsheet (XP)
Lost in Hiding Rows... (XL 2k SR1)
Cell Formatting (Excel 2002)
Compare (2000)
Loading and unloading xla AddIn (Excel 2000\SR 1)
VBA 'Select Object' Mode (XL2K)
SUMIF an Array? (Excel 97 SR2)
Finding Links (Excel 97)
Sort error (Excel 2002)
Chart Title (2002)
Excel/IE6 problem? (Excel 2000, IE6, Win2000)
Book recommendation (Excel 97/2000)
Excel 2000 - add cell comments to chart (Office 2000)
Converting Minutes to Hours:Minutes (excel)
Comments & Protection (XL2000)
Selecting Row to Hide based on Criteria (Excel 2000 - Sr1)
Commandline switches (2000)
Entering Dates (Excel 2000)
Graph Problem (Excel XP)
Lotus Copy (Excel 2K)
Adding Elapsed Times (2002)
Formula to find last cell (XL2K)
Determine which text box(shape) called macro (97 )
macro to negate (97 no SR)
Random list of numbers (Excel 2002)
Print all open files (Excel 2002)
I Need Help with a Look-up (Excel 2000)
Two Versions of Same Workbook? (Excel 97/Windows NT)
Using One Macro for Several Worksheets (97 SR2)
Chart title linked to cells (Excel 2000)
Data Entry Form (2002)
Cells excluded when computing sum (Excel 97 SR-2)
Dates in Formulas (Excel 97)
Multiple trendlines on a graph (excel xp)
Run a macron in a workbook that is NOT open (Excel 97/2002)
Transferring data to a new sheet (Win ME/OXP-SP2)
Personal.xls (Excel 97/2002)
Crashing:Strip Macros from a book without opening? (2000)
footer in Excel (Excel 2000, SR-1)
Excel won't close (2K)
Prevent User From scrolling down (97/2K)
Macro to Add a CheckBox (XL2K)
Repeat Column Headers (Excel 2002)
Running Sum
Lost custom toolbars (Excel 2000)
Show Cell ref of cell in another cell (2000 )
printing on one page (2000)
File search on sub directories (Excel 2000)
Pivot Tables and Totals (XP)
UserForm Problem (XP)
Escaping For Next Loops (2000 sr1)
Multiple Cell criteria Sum (Excel 97)
F9 not calculating (2000/2002)
Invalid File Format? (97 SR2b)
Finding duplicate worksheets (97)
Disable Save (Excel)
Assign a Macro to a Button (Excel 2000)
changin case in a cell (Office 97 SR2)
Form/Template Wizard Questions (2000 - no SP's)
Chart source data (Office 2000)
Delete a sheet in Excel (Excel 2000)
moving text from a multi to single column (Excel 97)
Path Name in Title Bar (Excel 2000)
=+ (97)
Blank Cells (Excel 97)
formula returns '' (97+)
floating command button (97+)
Function ShowFileAccessInfo Problem (Excel2000)
It won't take a second ! (excel 2000)
Referencing IP address does not work.... (Excel 2002)
Nominating post entry cell (Excel 2000)
Hyperlink across network servers (All/2002)
Comparing Text (Off 97/XP Pro SP1)
Macros and browsers (XP sr1, i.e.6)
Pivot table: sum at end of month (XP SR 2)
QuattroPro DOS (4 and 5)
Show standard File dialog box (97 sr2, XP sp1)
paste unformatted macro (2000 9.0.2720)
Copy Paste Macro (2000)
Aggregate Scores (97/2K)
Entereing a negative time value (Excel 2000/XP)
Class module events not being handled (Excdel 2000/SR 1)
Pivot table refresh (Excel 97)
Sum using filters (XP SP 1)
Sorting in a Pivot table (XP)
Close without saving (97sr2, XP sp1)
Combobox listfillrange (Excel 2000)
Date format problems (2000sr1a)
.plugin141.trace (2002)
Search Feature not working (2002 SP2)
Need Array Formula (XL2K)
Phantom ranges (2000)
Gradebook - Loss lowest score (Excel 2002)
Conditional Formatting (Excel 2002)
need formula (97 SR2)
min >0 (97 SR2)
Yellow Highlight of current line in Excel (Excel 2002 / XP)
Update a worksheet from a UserForm (97/2k)
Formula in Excel (Excel XP)
Sticking Select (2002 - 10.2614.2625)
Database Lookup both Horizontally & Verically (XP)
auto date series (97+)
Formatting Protected Cells (Excel 97 on Windows NT)
Repair corrupt Excel names (2000, XP)
Macro to change to a specific printer (Excel 2002 SP2)
Dot leaders in cells? (Excel 2k/SR-1)
Log plot (XL2K) (217032) was removed
Sort by date/time distributing to separate sheets (XP)
Flag record based on Row and Column Criteria (2000)
Check Box Button (Excel 97)
Command Button (Office 97 SR2)
Repeat first row in print on each page (Excel 2000)
Excel Printing Problem (Excel 2000 SR1)
Time elapsed application (Excel 97 SR 2)
Price point line chart (Excel 2000)
Macro Not Running (2000)
Excel Charts (2000)
Convert Chart Series to Array of Static Values (2000)
finding location of template file (excel 2000)
Count Text Cells (Office 97 SR2)
Typing into combo boxes (Excel 2000)
Sorting (XL 2000)
Macro Buttons For Personal.xls Macros (2000)
sumif or VBA? (Excel 97)
Dropping 2 lowest scores (2002)
Macro to Remove Hyperlink (2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
UserForm Property (97)
CSV files with large numbers (Excel2000)
Dropdown List without VBA Code (Excel 2000)
Importing Bank Transactions and transposing (97)
Run-time error '9' (2000)
Personal.xls File Opens When I Open Excel (2000)
Fix corrupt names utility (2000, XP)
Finding non-unique numbers (97 SR-2)
Worksheet Page Numbers (2000)
Link to a databse (Excel XP / 2002)
Lost protection and sharing password (200sr1a)
Hidden Auto Open Routine? (Excel 2000)
positioning different charts on same location in e (1)
Move to new worksheet (97/2000)
Validating E-mails (97 and >)
Printing a Sheet (Excel 97)
A Macro That Runs Automatically? (2000)
Last Entry In Column (2000)
Keyboard Shortcut (2000)
add-in (2000)
E-mail current worksheet (2000)
Consolidation Using Indirect() (XP)
Checking for references to another sheet (xp)
Find Differences (Office 97 SR2)
Watermark in Excel 2000 (9.0.3821-SR1)
2000 (Indirect Function?)
Summing By Day (2000)
Vanishing Footer (Excel 97 SR2)
If formula (XP)
QFD in Excel? (Excel 2K SR-1)
European Number Formatting (Excel 2K SR-1)
Easy Excel 97 Question (Excel 2000/97)
Looking for a formula (Office 2K SR-1)
Freeze Cells (2000)
Problem with formula (Excel 97)
Find whilst protected (Excel 97 sr2)
Recursive equations in VBA. (Excel 2000)
Controlling the re-distribution of a workbook (XL XP)
Name manager 2.1 released (97, 2000, XP)
Excel 2002 Calculation is Slow (2002 SP-1)
VBA, which point? (XL 2K)
Change Chart 'ToolTip' (XL 2K)
No shift cells? (2002)
Vlookup function (Excel 2000)
Update or insert new VBA module (Excel 2000/SR2)
Keyboard shortcut list (XL97)
Workbook_Open does not fire in Excel 97 (97)
Formula Help (Excel 2000)
Problem signing project (XP)
A problem using class instead of regular modules (2002)
Accessing Outlook contacts in Excel (2000/XP)
Grey Graphs (Office 97 SR2)
Link Removal (2000 9.0.4402 SR-1)
Miles and Yards (97)
paste, link, etc XL2000 (2000 SR-1)
Search thru file and calc formulas (Excel xp)
HTML Error Copying Worksheet (97)
Find & Replace (all)
Workbooks to Worksheets (Excel 2000 SR2)
Formating a Textbox on a UserForm (97 and >)
splitting one cell into two or three (Office XP)
Worksheet name (Office 2000)
Projecting Future Values / Advice (Excel XP)
here's a challenge! (Excel 2000, SR-1a)
Making a nested IF statement simpler. (Excel 2000/SR 1)
Tabs Don't Have Any Colors (Excel XP)
Limiting Access to a Range (Excel 2000)
Worksheet activate event being called over and ove (Excel 2000/2)
Need Formula (2000)
Excel Macros - What am I doing wrong? (Excell 2002)
ExcelXP (Max records)
Viewing All Sheets (2K/SR1)
Code works in VB 6 and Word, but not Excel (97/2000/2202)
User defined functions (XL2000)
I don't like the confirmation dialog...Can I kill (Excel 2002)
Convert a string (Excel XP)
Tracking Changes in Records in Large Database (XP and 2000)
Charts, Pictures, and CPU Usage (XL2k)
Excel Pivot Tables (97)
Difference between a blank and a blank cell... (EXCEL 97/2000)
Refresh chart (2002)
Sorting Protected Worksheet (Excel 2000)
Prevent Excel from removing leading zeroes (2002 SP-2)
add vertical lines to charts (XP)
Disable Save in Template (Excel 2000)
Timesheet on desktop (2000)
Formula assistance (Excel 2000)
Mass Hyperlink Updates (Office 95)
CHR error (Excel 2000)
Function update on load (97/2000/xp)
Too many fields (?) (XL2K SR-1)
New session/workbook (Excel 2000)
Sum of Range (Excel 2000)
MSQRY32.exe has generated errors and will be shut (Excel 2000 SR-1)
IFs can you nest or extend them? (Office 2000)
Accessing an Excel cell
Finicky Find (XL2000)
Sorting Numbers (Excel 2000)
Multiple SumIF Criteria (Excel 97)
compare two columns with B contain A (excel 97)
Get Cell Value Based on Cell Color (Excel 97 SR2)
if formula or conditional formatting (97/2000)
Defined Name range count (Excel 2000)
Sum Offset (XL97;SR2)
Grouping (XL97;SR2)
Access to XL auto refresh (XPSP1)
Userform Maximum No? (97/SR2)
Payroll withholdings (Excel 97)
Row Too Tall (X2K)
File Save Path (XL2000)
Date mask (office 97)
Moving non-hidden rows (Excel XP)
finding matching text (Excel 97)
Using Range Variables in Formulas (Excel 97)
Save As with extension (Excel 97)
Chart printing over many pages (excel 2002)
Movable Toolbar - frustrating (Excel 2002)
'Mission Impossible' (Excel2000)
link excel with access query (Excel 2000)
Formula needs work (Excel 97)
Excel INstalling Microsoft Excel Feature evry load (Excel XP Office 2002 sp2)
User-Defined Function (XP)
Cells (Excel 2K)
Consolidating Cell comments (Excel XP)
Line Graphs (XL.7 SR2)
Protecting Ranges (XL 7 SR2)
Data forms and macros (Excel 2000)
Sys automatically saving to temp doc instead of (Office 2002)
Need Way to Sum 100 Categories (97)
Formula (Excel 2K)
Size of empty(?) WB (EXCEL 97/2000)
Add consecutive number in cell on each sheet (Excel 97)
countif and? (97SR2, 2000)
excel (2000/2002)
Drop Down Boxes (Excel 2000)
Diagram Style Gallery (Excel 2002)
New version of Name Manager!!! (97, 2000, XP)
Merge 3 documents (Excel 97)
Exel crashing (Office 97)
Bottom Scroll Row (2000)
'Save' doesn't save to original location (Excel 97)
Count unique entries? (XL97, WinNT4)
Find method, after parameter (Excel 2000)
Maths problem (2002 sr1)
Counting Unique with an added IF (Excel 2000)
Not calculating (2000 SR1)
Instalaton language (All)
Excel file bloated (XP or lower)
Forwards compatability of Excel (xl2000)
Virtual time line (All)
Pivot Table & arbitrary consolidation (2000k SP3)
Create an updateable Calendar (Excel 2002)
Office extension for Tablet Pc (1)
SORT ROWS (2000)
Compile Error Else without If (Office 97)
Conditional Formatting (Office 97 SR2)
to sum all the sheets (excel 2002)
formula to indicate percent higher (excel xp)
File format error (Excel 2000)
AutoCorrect File (2000/SR1)
add formula to column (8.0)
Disable Macros in Worksheet (Excel 2000)
Stop New workbook dialog box (Excel 2002)
How does one load/unload a COM AddIn via code (Excel 2000/Excel 2002)
shell program calls (Excel 2000)
showing forms and templates (XL97 sr2 on Win 2000/NT4)
Backwards Compatability of XP (Excel XP)
Value from a control (Excel 2002)
Corrupt Excel formulas (2002)
How do worksheet references get resolved? (2002)
count char instances within a cell (no vba) (Excel 2002; 10.4109.3401; SP-
HELP with VB and Excel (Excel 2000 VB 6)
Another Hyperlink Cell Question (97/SR2)
Excel - Illegal Operation message (Win 98 SE - Office 2000)
Sort but Keep Linked *DATA* (XP SP1)
Quiting Excel from Macro (XP)
No Task Pane (2002)
Is there a quick way to... (2K SR-1, 2002)
Problem Code (97)
Flexible Find/Replace Utility (2000)
xlDialogSendMail (2000/SR-1)
How to change the font size? (2002)
Filtering for text (Excel 97)
Simple Macro?!?! (2K)
Clip Art killed my budget (Excel 2000)
Excel/Word Question (XP 2002)
Drop Down Calendars (Excel 2000)
substitute formula (excel xp)
Excel autosave (2000 SR1)
VBA Update desktop shortcut (2000 SR1)
Excel/PDF and referential links (XL97)
Beginning Excel book (Latest)
Page numbering in fields (Excel 97)
VLOOKUP Anomalies (97 SR2)
Protect / Unprotect (Excel XP)
Text Direction (2002/ SP2)
Sort by date/time distributing to separate sheets (97)
Go to a cell based on selection from listbox (Excel 97)
Pivot Table Sum (2000/SR1)
Cell is truncated between two workbooks (97:SR2)
make green cells (excel xp)
Importing Word Table (Excel 2000)
Excel App losing focus (Excel 2000/Excel XP)
Smart??? Tags (XL 2002)
VLOOKUP confusion (Excel 2000)
Excel Security Issue (Excel)
Charting Advice (Excel 97 to 2002)
Working with Absolute Values in Cells (Excel 2000)
file open & file exit greyed out (Excel 2000)
Changed cell color based on IF statement (Excel xp)
Custom Fonts? (Excel 2000, SR1)
Validate date from textbox (Wni 2000/ Excel 2000 sp2)
Incrementing column value in VLOOKUP Thanks Folks!
Calculations 2 (Excell office XP)
Calculations (XP office version)
Can't Find Link (2000)
Assigning the value in a named range to a shape (Excel)
Merging to Word Labels (Excel 2000)
IF and Date (Excel 2000)
Sheet name changes when saved in CSV format (XL2000)
Language problem (Excel 97)
Clearing the clipboard (excel 97 sr2)
Printing Problem (Excel XP)
Search form (XP)
Date Formula (Excel XP)
Workgroup Templates (Office 2000 / XP)
Duplicates opening (2000)
Change dates from one time zone to another (Excel 2000)
Protecting Multiple Sheets (97)
Multiple Excel Windows (Excel 2000)
Copying List from Photo Editor/Paint into Excel (Excel 2002)
Averaging rows where data is in every other cell. (Excel 2000)
Find first non-null value in an array (97)
Calling COM addin methods (Excel 2002/1)
End-Home (Excel xp)
Week Number (Office 97)
Data Validation + AutoComplete (2000)
making a formula with a variable range (Excel xp)
Importing csv files to Excel (2002)
Advance Filter (Office 97)
Simple link return 0 (Environment: Win2000, Office 2000 pro UK - Sp2)
Excel and VB (Excel 2000)
Annualizing volatility (2000)
Excel/Office Templates (2000)
Protection (XL97, WinNT4)
Add an IF stmt to existing formula (excel xp)
Dynamic range in a Pivot Table (2000 - SR1)
Hyperlink in Cell (97 SR2)
Cursor selection (2002)
Smart Tags - access to host document (XP)
Automatic Numbering (Excel 2002)
Autosum after filtering (1)
Data Validation Formula (Excel 2000 SR1)
Macro not running in XL2000 + Win XP Pro (Xl2k Sr1)
Run macro on Cell Content Change (2000)
Concatenate (2000)
combo box and LinkedCell (XL97 sr2 on Win 2000 sp2)
Populate Userform TextBox's From Cell Range (XL2000)
Time In Excel (Excel 97)
COMAddIns Again (Excel 2002/r 1)
I Need Some Business Data Sets For Textbook (Any)
Pasted Null Value Not Null (97)
Clear locked files (2000 SR1a)
background colour in a drop down list (XL 97 sr2 on Win 2000 sp2)
Menu Item in xla (Excel 2000)
Count different dates (Excel 2000)
Date & Time Diff (Excel 2000)
Distributing an Excel application with toolbars (5/95/97/2000/2002)
Copy onto Piv Tab menu (XL2000)
Format cell 0.00 - 0.00% to show a 0 number result (excel xp)
Dynamic Graph Name (2000)
Complicated formula or macro (excel xp)
Find one letter in a string of letters (Excel xp)
Excel (XP)
excel mail-to on menu (Office 2000 Excel)
Up or Down arrow if text in cell (Excel xp)
Save worksheets as a separate Workbook (Excel)
Checkspell to check a textbox (Excel XP)
Joining Ranges (97;SR2)
Copy/Paste (97:V2)
Resistors Ratio (O97)
IsPageBreak Function (Excel97)
Auto Filter Macro (2000)
Validation No Blanks (XL2K)
File Not Found (Visual Basic Error) (97)
Reading 2002 files (2000)
Multiple sheets (2000 SR-1)
External Data Query based on Cell Value (2K)
Averaging cells (Excel 2000)
Template vs workbook (XL97, WinNT4)
Is there an Excel Reader (all)
Breaking rows across page boundary (Excel 2000)
Broken Link in workbooks (Excel 2000)
How to tell if a range has text in it (excel xp)
Count Cells that contain red text (Win2k, Excel 2k SR-1)
Personal.xls with menu (excel xp)
Turn off Auto Format of HTML (2000)
Excel Add-ins and COM Add-ins (Excel 2002/1)
VBA StarPost Cross Reference (Excel 2K and Up)
returning values from functions (XL97 sr2 on Win 2000 sp2)
Using same cell formats on user forms (97sr2)
Print preview crashed when using wheel to scroll (Excel 97)
Closing inactive workbook windows (Excel '97)
Birthday Code (97/2k)
Cell formatting (Excel 2000\ SR1)
Averaging cells, excluding 0s (Excel 2000)
Counting within a cell (97)
Graph of Pivot Tables (97 SR2)
Timesheet (Office2000)
MSQuery and Left Outer Join (Office XP)
Excel (2000)
Search characters (2000/SR 1)
File Lister Macro (Excel 2002)
Date Format (Excel 2000)
Grouping (Office 97)
Best Practice - Using Links (Excel 2000 SP2)
Find and Replace (Excel 2000)
interactive row hiding / unhiding (Excel 2002)
Hiding All Extra Rows and Columns (97)
Preserving formatting (Excel 2002)
Linked Files (Office 97)
Save to specific folder (Excel 2002)
Header with dates automatically populated (97)
Using a COM-AddIn for Excel (2002/1)
countif between two dates (2000 SR1)
Name manager new release BETA (97 2000 2002)
Check Mark Macro (Excel XP)
Labels to txt (Office 2K)
Protected Shared Workbook (XL2000 SR1)
Option Group (Excel 2000)
Default location of links (97 Sr2)
Skip File which is Open-Password Protected (97+)
Splitting/Parsing Names (97 Sr2)