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How to tell if a range has text in it (excel xp)
Count Cells that contain red text (Win2k, Excel 2k SR-1)
Personal.xls with menu (excel xp)
Turn off Auto Format of HTML (2000)
Excel Add-ins and COM Add-ins (Excel 2002/1)
VBA StarPost Cross Reference (Excel 2K and Up)
returning values from functions (XL97 sr2 on Win 2000 sp2)
Using same cell formats on user forms (97sr2)
Print preview crashed when using wheel to scroll (Excel 97)
Closing inactive workbook windows (Excel '97)
Birthday Code (97/2k)
Cell formatting (Excel 2000\ SR1)
Averaging cells, excluding 0s (Excel 2000)
Counting within a cell (97)
Graph of Pivot Tables (97 SR2)
Timesheet (Office2000)
MSQuery and Left Outer Join (Office XP)
Excel (2000)
Search characters (2000/SR 1)
File Lister Macro (Excel 2002)
Date Format (Excel 2000)
Grouping (Office 97)
Best Practice - Using Links (Excel 2000 SP2)
Find and Replace (Excel 2000)
interactive row hiding / unhiding (Excel 2002)
Hiding All Extra Rows and Columns (97)
Preserving formatting (Excel 2002)
Linked Files (Office 97)
Save to specific folder (Excel 2002)
Header with dates automatically populated (97)
Using a COM-AddIn for Excel (2002/1)
countif between two dates (2000 SR1)
Name manager new release BETA (97 2000 2002)
Check Mark Macro (Excel XP)
Labels to txt (Office 2K)
Protected Shared Workbook (XL2000 SR1)
Option Group (Excel 2000)
Default location of links (97 Sr2)
Skip File which is Open-Password Protected (97+)
Splitting/Parsing Names (97 Sr2)
need macro to stop after last page (Excel97)
Adding a button to a form (Excel 2000)
forumla needed for grouped sheets (2000 excel)
Split a cell (2000)
Links (97 sr2)
Macro Password Protect Doesn't Work (Excel 97 SR2)
Format data copy from Web Site (Office XP Windows XP)
Finding a value in an array (excel 97)
Macro for chart labels (excel xp)
transfer names to new workbook (excel 97)
Page Numbering in a Workbook (2002)
Flaging Dates with Conditional Formatting (Excell 2000)
Macro not working (2000)
Automation with Lotus Notes 5 (5.0)
Generating a List (Excel 2000)
passing a range of cells to a VBA array (XL97 sr2 on Win 2000 sp2)
What could be the formula? (XL/2002 - SP2)
texts in diagrams (Excel 2002)
Fill in of Cell with Macro (Excel 97)
Apply formula to Selected Cells (Excel 2K)
Application.caller Help (2000 sr1)
Lookup on different page (Excel 9.0.3821)
Multi-column Validation list (Excel 2000)
Clear Row Contents (Excel 97 SR2)
AutoSave Default Time (Excel 00)
invalid name for VBA function (XL 97 sr2 on Win 2000 sp2)
UserForm help (97)
Retain Comments in HTML? (Excel 2000)
Excell contact hyperlink (2002 SP2)
Cum Frequency scale (2000-SR1)
Search and Insert txt from external file (Excel 2002)
Formula for times (excel 2000)
absolute values of array elements (XL 97 sr2 on Win 2000)
How to use the same function with a shortcut? (XL 2002/SP2)
importing data (97sr2)
Add-in UDF's (2000)
COUNTIF using two arguments (Excel2000)
formula for criteria (2000 sr1)
Summing by Attribute (Excel 2000)
Links (file not found dialog) (2000)
Column or bar chart percentage labels (97)
We need Beta Testers for new Auditing Tool (Excel)
typing in worksheet (excel 2000)
Message box wil Yes/No option? (97)
Searching for File Contents (Excel 2000)
Does Excel 97 Support Hyperlinks (Excel 2000/97)
Complex Formula in Name (Excel 97-SR2)
Filling gaps (2002)
Finding errors with VBA (2000sr1a)
3 dimensional charts (All versions)
Extracting Data Table Formula instead of Value (Excel XP)
calculating business days (excel 2000)
Macros in Excel (Office 97)
Adding in a formula (Excel 2002)
How do you add a paper size to Page Setup? (2002/9.0.4402 SR1)
convert hours:minutes to number of minutes (Excel 2000)
Tracing Dependents to other Worksheets (XL2000 SR1)
Excel cell refs to other Excel files (XP)
Draft over page (Excel 2000)
Cell Control for show/noshow (Excel 97)
Best Excel web sites for VBA knitty gritty (Excel 97 and up)
What's the cell format? (2000)
Excel Shortcuts broken (Office 2000)
Superscript character in cell (Excel xp)
Excel crashes when copying sheet (97 sp2)
Rows to Columns (2002/XP)
Locking Cells (All)
Lunar calendar? (2002-XP)
Calculate N Years Inflation (Excel 97-SR2)
Obtaining Cell Address from Input Box (Excel XP)
Text Word Wrap (97 SR-2)
Validation from Lists (Excel 2002)
Multiple Sumif (Excel 97)
Converting Cell Formats (2000/SR-1)
Excel Formula (Excel 97 SR2)
MS Query into Excel has suddenly gotten really slo (2000)
Vlookup (Excel 97)
SUMIF and change in a cell (Excel 2000)
Custom graph (Excel xp)
Remove IF? (Excel-97-SR2)
Charting only non-zero values in a range (2000)
Controlling Keyboard Keys (Excel 97 SR-2)
'Help' listing for parse (XP and 2000)
Excel Function- Between two values (Excel 2000)
Testing For Zero (Excel 97-SR2)
caller address - worksheet? (2000 / VBA)
Removing Duplicate Rows (Excel 97) (Excel 97)
Trendline (Excel 2000 SR2)
Calendar help (97/2k)
vlookup including the comment (excel 97)
Referring to a checkbox control on a worksheet (Excel 2000/2002)
Formula to reference a cell based on another cell (Excel xp)
Calculating Time Sheets (Excel 2000)
DSUM criteria problem (97 SR-2)
NUMSONLY function (Excel XP)
Numbers with asterisks (Excel xp)
Autoname Workbook (97)
The Big 'X' (Excel 2000 sr1)
Renaming Sheets (Excel 2K/XP)
Pivot Table (2000)
BIG BOO BOO (Excel 2000)
Count if and (XP)
Complicated IF/Then (Excel xp)
Linking Worksheets (Excel 2002)
Help! Save xla to xls (2000)
Move/Copy Worksheet (Excel 97-SR2)
Global Macros (Office XP)
Custom menu changes path with macros on SaveAs (Excel xp)
Array function oddity (Excel 2000 SR1)
Delete empty columns if not equal to .5 (Excel xp)
Delete empty rows (Excel xp)
Command Button behavior in Excel 2000 (2000)
Difference of Private, Public or Just Sub (Excel xp)
Three Dimensional Plot (97)
excel workbooks (windows xp)
if formula (XP)
Delete Sheet Macro (Excel 97)
Selective Cell input (97)
Autofilter (Excel 2000)
Excel Chart Axes (2000)
Worksheet name without slashes (Excel XP)
Search for text, cut and paste to another sheet (Excel xp)
Test for Cancel of SaveAs Dialog (XL2000)
sum ignore '#VALUE!' (Office 97 SR2)
POP to show picture (Office 98)
Convert poorly formed text dates into XL dates (Excel 97)
Splitting apart one chunk into columns (Excel xp)
Floating Control (Excel '97 SR2)
Settiing 1 range equal to another (2000/2002)
Pivot Table Error Message (2000 SR-2)
Not Recalculating after upgrade to Win2K (2000)
Text Box Distortion Upon Deletion of Rows (2000)
The problem with blanks (2000sr1a)
excel header date question' (excel xp)
Prevent user from selecting a cell (97)
Workbook is Locked (Excel2k SR1a)
Task Pane SHOWING on startup! (Excel xp - )
Adding Add-IN programmatically (2002)
Test Questions (MS-Excel 97-2002)
Printing a Word Doc (excel 97)
Complex Summing Problem (XP SP-2)
Shorter Concatenation (Excel97-SR2)
Update to Name manager (97 2000 2002)
Excel Summarize Time (97)
Argument Descriptions (XL2000 )
Accessing Word options from Excel (2000)
File Size Again... (Excel 97-SR2)
Empty cells until typed in (Excel 2000)
Calculate message on status bar (97SR1)
Compare Oddity/Rounding (Excel 97-SR2)
losing custom date format (97 sr2)
Odd and Even Row Extraction (XP)
Find the remainder of a list (Excel 2000)
odd #value! (2000 SR1)
Pass cell address to fn (dumb q #327) (2000sr1a)
Range Name Across Multi-Worksheets? (Excel 97-SR2)
Custom Views (Excel 2000)
Slow Activation after WorkBook Is Open (Excel 2000)
Dynamic Print Area (Excel 97-SR2)
Calculate External References (Excel 97-SR2)
CTRL-End sends me too far away. (Office 97 SR2)
Grabbing Offset (Excel 97 SR1 NT4)
Flexi Time calculator (2000)
Testing Date Ranges in Excel (97)
SUMIF and cell references (Excel 2000)
Command buttons (XL 97 SR2)
Automatic Functions (Excel 2000 SR2)
ToolBar & Windows Explorer (97:SR2)
Adding and subtracting with conditionals (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Cannot empty clipboard (Excel 2000)
Conditional formatting (Excel 2000)
Conditional Custom Functions (2000/2002)
Excel 97 in XP O/S (97 no sr)
Scatter Graph (Excel 97 SR2)
Advanced sort in Excel (Excel xp)
Naming Excel Sheets (Excel xp)
MIssing cell contents in PDF (Excel 2000 Acrobat 5)
Formula Assistance (97;SR2)
How to determine cell when function is used (2000/2002)
Macros in custom menu (Excel xp)
Pivot table and zeros (Excel 2000)
Need Help with automatical copy, paste then sum (Exel 2000)
Adding a row automatically (2000)
Numbered forms (xl97)
custom formats (2000)
Excel Bullets (Excel 97)
Excel (97 SR2)
Unloading a Macro (2000)
Print Setup Automation (97 SR2)
Record count divided by time? (Excel 97)
How to get a count of cells with formulas (2000/XP)
Formula for Filename (XL 97)
data netry cell order? (2002 - XP)
Looping through cells in a range (2000/XP)
Hyperlink Embedded in a Cell (Excel - W2K & 2002)
Printing Macro (2000)
Doc created from .xlt jumps to 7MB on one PC only (2000/SR2)
Excel Macro activating workbooks (Excel 2000)
Macro: print each sheet to pdf using sheet name as (Excel 97 sr-2 Win95)
Either/Or (2000)
Conditional Formatting (2000)
Track Changes (Excel 2002)
Validate Loop (Excel 97)
String code to bold face lines (Excel xp)
Excel files in IE (XL2000)
Range Names (Excel 2000)
List box directly in cell and not on form (Office 97)
re:Making the enter key work on a UserForm (XP)
Pasting RTF format text in Excel (Office 97+)
fill series in filter mode (excel 97)
Problem with Cells.Replace via OLE call (Excel 2000)
Adjusting Cell Margins (W2K / Excel 2K, SR1)
VLOOKUP & Combobox (Excel 2002)
Unhide Row Problem (Excel 2000 SR-1)
formula to make text all caps? (XP)
Error when trying to send from Excel (97)
Text color (Excel 2002)
manual calc is default (XL 97 sr2 on Win 98)
Shade cell in one sheet based on another sheet (Excel xp)
Workdays Formula (2000)
Platform Upgrade (97 SR2)
Excel 97 (Win95, Office 97)
Files list in VBA (97/2000)
Chart label - alter with autofilter (97)
Workbook/sheet reference (Excel XP)
Show Formula in Specific Cell (Excel 2000)
How big is BIG spreadsheet? (Excel 97-SR2)
Date formats (2000)
Default Color (Office Xp)
Insert CR/LF In Text? (Excel 97-SR2)
Loooonng String Concatenation? (Excel 97-SR2)
Assign Range Name (Excel 2000)
resource tracking chart (Office 2000, MS Exchange Server)
Repeating Rows during Print (2000)
ChangeLink Command (w2kO2ksr1)
Need to make a survey? (2000)
controlling chart position in same sheet (Excel 2002)
ChangeLink Reference error (w2kO2ksr1)
Filter Drop Down (Excel 2000)
WebQuery question (Excel 97)
Dos Style Text Box (97 SR2)
Visio import of Excel data (Excel 97 SR2 WinNT Visio 2002)
Counting filtered rows (XL97, WinNT4)
SUM Nth Column in Array (Excel 97-SR2)
Auto backup of open Workbook - again ! (Excel 2000)
Specific column width (any?)
personal.xls (2002 (10.2614.3311))
Drop Down in Excel (Excel 2000)
Sorting odd and even (2000)
Date calculation difficulties in macro (2002 SP/2)
Macro for Book.xlt and Sheet.xlt (2000)
Rows & Columns (Excel 2002)
Import Spanish data into English spreadsheet (Excell XP)
Sorting Dates (Excel 97-SR2)
Canadian Mortgage Schedule (2000)
Liniks - Linked document now corrupt (Excel 2000)
Name manager, released. (97, 2000, XP)
Remove outside links (Office 2000 SP2)
Saved file won't open (97 SR-2)
Font of Autofilter (XL97)
Macros in workbook (2000)
Excel Causing Crashes (Excel2000 sr1)
Is C a reserved Name? (2002)
Worksheet function (not VBA function) Randomize (Excel)
Excel Footer Font Size (2000)
Run macros automaticly (Office 2000)
Merging Workbooks (97 SR2)
Excel Workbooks (Excel 2000)
Group & Outline, crashes on Hide Detail (2K)
Column widths in multiple worksheets (all)
Default Styles (Excel XP)
Now() Function (2000)
Conditional formatting based on reow visibility (97+)
XL97 File Unretrievable from Floppy (97 (NT4 OS))
Auto Update Comments (Excel 97-SR2)
Excel Window will not maximise (Excel 2002)
VLookup in Array Formula (XL2KSR1)
reverse cell contents (excell/97-2000)
Calculating Formulas in SUMIF/COUNTIF? (Excel 97-SR2)
digital dashboard & excel (Excel 2002)
Name that Shape (97+)
# Error on text (2000/sr1)
&[TAB] (2k2SP2)
Can you run code when cells change (2002)
Comment Distortions (w2kO2ksr1)
Recently opened list (2000)
Basic accounting programme (Excel 2000)
Save warning message in Excel 97 (97 and 2002)
Delete unique rows, leaving only dups (Excel 97/98
Auto Filter (2000)
Color Print Preview (excel2002)
Find Macro and find link (2000)
Name manager -getting closer- (97, 2000, XP)
Sorted ListBox and CursorWait (XL2002)
Importing fixed-width text (2000/sr1)
Pivot Table Calculated Fields (97)
Finding field name for the maximum value (2000)
Display Progress in a Userform (2000)
Userform showing text after being displayed (2000)
Comment Alternative (Excel 2000 SR1)
Row Elimination Macro (2000 SR-1)
Converting Lotus macros (Excel 2000)
Function equivalent to 'text to columns' (xp or 2000)
Day of Week as single letter (E2K)
INDIRECT Function Alternatives? (XP/SP2)
Equivalent Code (XL97:SR2)
Building Userforms (97)
Calculate documentation error (w2kO2ksr1)
Sharing/Saving Files (Excel 2000)
Excel 2000 Date conversion (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Nest functions inside OFFSET function (Excel XP)
Breaking VBA code (2000)
Insert Word doc to Excel (Excel97)
Mapping Software
golf: counting my pars etc. (97)
Unexpected Defined Names (w2kO2ksr1)
Triggering Recalc (w2kO2ksr1)
Drawing Text Boxes: Show results of formula ? (W2
Deleting specific shapes (2000)
How 2 Run Xl From Bat file and .. (Xl '97 up)
Excel 4 Macro in 97 Worksheet (97)
Hiding rows without selecting them (2002)
Built-in Footers (Excel 2000 / SR-1)
Addin for daigrams (Excel 2002)
Separating Date/Time (97 SR2)
Please help w/Macro to position cell focus (Office 2000 SP1)
UserForm QueryClose (2000)
Smart Tags (Excel XP/SP 2)
deleting links (97)
Making Curves (w2kO2ksr1)
Is there a 'Scroll' event for Excel worksheets? (Excel 2000 SR1)
Searching through dates (2000)
SUMIF??? (Excel 97)
MAX function (XL97)
Named Pivot tables (Excel 97)
Zero and Blanks (2000)
Name Manager (97/2000/2002)
seven becomes eight (XL97 sr2 on Win NT4)
Parsing Problems (Excel 97 SR2)
Date Format & Day Of Year (2000)
Heating Degree Days (2000)
Excel Add-In (2000)
Can't close Excel with X (97 SR2)
Bullet or Numbered List (Excel XP)
Pop-Up Toolbar Button (Like the Borders Button) (Excel 2000 SR1)
Can't change page breaks (2000)
IF Function in Formula (2000)
Week # dates (MS Office 97 SR1)
Password protected file (Excel 2k)
which financial function? (excel 97 sr2)
Calling Macro from one workbook to another (Xl '97 on..)
Hooking into an AddIn (2000/XP)
Absolute Values ABS in SUM (Excel 2000)
Range Syntax (2000)
Excel graphs linked to Powerpoint (Excel 97/2000)
No. of Filter Items (Excel 2000)
Rank Function (Office 2000)
Drawing a circle with a macro (Excel 2000)
Mathematica (95, 97, or 2000)
grab delete (excel xp)
AfterRefresh event of a QueryTable (XP)
Format Millions (2000 SR2)
Which Function (2000)
hidiing tabs (Excel Xp)
Array Dates min and max (97/2000/XP)
Syntax Error (2kSR1)
help needed in excel (excel 2002)
Disappering Tabs (Office 97)
Excel (2000)
Deleting rows based on specific criteria (Office 97/SR2)
Variables (XL97:SR2)
Saving copies automatically (XL97/WinNT)
Use results of 1 cell to be formula for other cell (2000)
Excel Users Anonymous (Excel)
Subtotals Just Don't Add Up (XL97:SR2)
Help with dates (excel 2000)
Pasting Excel into Outlook (Excel 2000) (180155) was moved to the Outlook board
Insert exact same text inbetween every line (Excel 2000)
Sorting Items On Different Worksheets (2000)
returning to where I came from (XL97 Sr2 on Win 2000/NT4)
automaticinsertion of date and time (2000)
Best Excel VBA book (All)
Password Protect Excel 2000 (Excel 2000)
Insert Object (Excel97)
Changing a number field to a text (Excel 2000)
duplicate records (excel 2000)
Print incrementing date (2000/9.0.3821 SR1)
Lookups / Match (Excel 2000)
Date/time picker (DTPicker) (EXCEL 97/2000)
Excel open in a explorer window (200 sr1)
Disable Alert Display? (2002)
Error Checkin and Dependant Data Validation List (Excel XP)
Working with Flat files in Excel (2000)
Custom Functions - Determining the 'Calling Cell' (Excel97)
Using UDFs on multiple PCs/Macs (Excel 97/98/2000)
Default file format (2000 SR1)
Count On SubTotals (XL97;SR2)
Sorting by Color (Excel VB )
VBA to see if a Workbook is Open (97+)
Excel series with datalabels from different column (Excel xp)
Sorting WSheet by Name (Excel 2000)
Date formula problem (Excel 2000)
Paste Special Using Drag and Drop (Excel 2000)
Control Toolbox Objects (XL97;SR2)
Two Variable Data Table Oddity (XP - SR2)
Disappearing Add-In (Excel 2002 SP-1)
Font size for comments (97)
Counting cells that contain certian text (Excel 2K)
Hyperlinking a Query (Excel 2K)
Sorting by Code (Excel 2K sr1a)
Cell value not recalculating (Excel 2000 SR1)
Printing an object (xl2000 sr1)
formula (Excel 2000)
Avoiding Circular References (Excel 98/2000)
Chart 3 columns, 1line (Excel 2002)
Special format codes in header (2000)
Formatting Subtotals (Excel 2000 SR1)
Lost Cancel Button (2000)
WorkSheet macro problem (Excel 2000)
Saved Dated? (97SR2)
Sequence of updating links (XL2002)
Cancel BeforePrint Event? (2000/SR-1)
Conditional Format Significant Digits (XL5)
Format Cell for Euros (97 SR-2)
Change Worksheet Names by Function/VBA? (2000)
BuiltinDocumentProperties('Revision Number') (97 +)
Multiple Criteria (97 SR2 )
Print Active Sheet(s) with Code? (2000-SR1)
VBA Scroll into View (XL 97)
numbers-to-text (xl 97 sr2)
Dumb Chart Question, Why Some Bigger (97)
Using Excel 2000 with a FTP server (Excel 2000)
Set chart data programmatically (XP SP1)
Find/Replace * (Excel 2002)
Hiding a macro (2000)
Custom Printing (2000)
What the??! Incorrect Totals... (2002)
Running Totals (2000/SR1-a)
Pause-Resume Macro (XP)
That Sums It Up (XL97:SR2)
Calculated filenames in function arguments (Office XP)
manual page breaks (office 2002-sp2)
Copy Worksheets & Links Change (Excel SR-1)
Array Formula (XL97:SR2)
Protection vs. copy/paste (2000 SR1)
VLookup (Office97 SR-2b)
How do you clean up bloated workbooks? (Excel 2000 SP1a)
Global Formats (Excel 97 sr2)
Pivot Table Help (Excel 2000 SR1)
wrapping a custom date format (2000)
MsgBox Command (97 SR2 VBA)
Do you use a multicell array for this?? (Excel 97)
Opening Files (Excel 2000)
User Defined Functions (Excel XP)
sorting and protection (XL 97 SR2 on Win 2000)
Smart Options/autofill (Excel XP)
What is in a Name (XL97:SR2)