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2 Questions/Problems (2000)
What are the odds? (2000)
Help with Formula(s) (Excel 2000)
Split text into 2 cols (97)
Batch number (Excel 2000)
Excel connecting to MSProject (2000)
Sales, Tables & Arrays... Oh My! (97)
Count Worksheets (97 & 2000)
Search Woes (97 SR2)
Analysis Toolpak - VBA (Excel 2000 SR1)
Goal Seek Problem (Excel 2000)
Apostrophe (Excel 2000)
Read cell color while importing into access (Excel 2000)
VBA is a file already open (Excel 2000)
trailing letters on numbers imported from other ap (2000)
Copy Personal.xls (off 2000 SR1)
Excel Fonts (97sr2)
Circles in Excel print oval?!? (Excel NT4 & Win2000)
Excel Hanging (Office XP Professional 2002)
Index/Match (2000)
Round up to a given value (2000)
Recalculating Divide By Zero Errors (Excel 2000)
Find & remove links (2000 SP1)
Auto choices for pop up window data entry (Excel from Office XP)
Formatting Bar Chart (2000)
Save .txt file without Save As prompts (Windows 2000)
(custom)'autoformat' according to changes in col1? (97)
2 Recent Problems (2000)
Adding colums (Office XP)
Extra parameters in the Sort Function (Office XP)
Countif forcomparing values in 2 columns (XL 97 SR2)
running .xls as web app (Excel 2000)
Multiple Values not Links (2000/SR-1)
Counting 3 or more in a series (97/2000/XP)
Calculating Difference Between 2 Columns (2000)
zip file that can be customize to be like an exe (excel 2000)
List Manager (Mac Office X)
Conditional Formating (Office 97 SR2)
Inconsistant Validation (XL97)
Calculations (Office XP)
Problem when loading Excel (Excel 2000)
Insert XL Objects into 2nd XL file (XL 97, SR-2)
Disable copying in a spreadsheet (97)
copy & paste ranges again (2000 or xp)
Form caption (xl2000)
Flashing Cell (Excel 97)
Applying colored border to a cell (Win 98SE Office 2000)
Copy & Paste a range
Copy,Paste Info. into a range (2000)
Hide and Unhide worksheets using code (2002)
Finding Duplicate Rows (Excel 2000)
Cell Stick (ME 2002)
Formula help (97 SR2)
CountIf (Office2000)
Transposing repeatedly (97 SR2)
Swapping axes (1)
Summarizing Data (XL-XP)
Conditional formatting based on another cell (Excel 2002)
Forms (XL97:SR2)
Conditional Drop Down Lists. (Excel 97)
Populate with last entry (2002)
Hyperlink from Excel to Powerpoint (2002)
Application Error (Excel97SR2 on NT4sp5)
Delete and Move (Excel 2000)
Protected Cell copy mystery (2002)
Update formula for inserted row (97, SR-2)
VBA code to paste Excel data to Word (Excel 10)
Custom Function (XL97;SR2)
Run-time error (97 Sr-2)
Selected Cell (97/SR2)
simple vba (off97)
List (Combo) Box Help Please (XCEL 2000 SR1)
Strip Leading Characters (Office Xp)
Vlookup & Dget (Excel97)
Help with function (Excel 2000)
Hidden Formulas (Office 97)
automatic printing of mutiple sheets (office 97)
circular calculations (office 97)
Text Numbers (Office 97)
xl data via netdde (w2k/office 2k)
Forms List Display Next Column (Excel 2000)
Print Copies by Range (Excel 2000)
Merge 2 columns (Excel 2000)
Print area by range name (Excel 97)
Addressing Merged Cells (97+)
Amending Worksheet Tab Titles (2000)
Opening CSV files (2000)
Using Charts (Excel 2000)
Charting 'Empty' Values--Please Help! (97, SR 1)
Display filename in Excel titlebar (Excel 2000)
Use multiple pages (Office 97 suite)
Named Cells and Ranges (Excel XP)
Execute Code Behind Form (97 SR2)
Can the lounge help with this? (eXcel 2000)
Bulk Mailing (Excel 2000)
Out of memory with shared workbook (2000sr1a)
Stacked Column Chart? (Excel 2000 - SR1)
Annoyance (2000 SR-1)
Formatting cells with color (Excel 97)
Counting non-hidden rows (97 SR-2)
Stumped by a question (Excel 97+)
calculating age in Excel 2000 (2000 SR1A)
Excel Formula with Combo Box (Excel 97)
Inserting Merged Rows ('97 2000)
Is there an answer? (2000)
Time Elapsed Calculation (2002)
Edit/Replace in Links (2000 SR-1)
Tools/Options causes crash (Excel 97)
Combination charts (2000)
Start-up problem (2000 sp1)
Excel Date Formula (Excel 97)
If/then constructs in conditional formatting (Excel 2000)
Custom Number Format (97+/All)
Triggering macros (XL97/WinNT)
isblank function (XP)
Worksheet Function (97)
Compare work books (97 SR2)
Problem In Getting Full View When Opening File (2000)
Lookup Function (Excel 2000)
Moving Boxes with code (E2kSR1)
Omit '/' in date (Excel97/SR2)
Insert Rows on Condition (excel 2000)
Template and saving (2002 SR1)
Moving a Macro (97)
Colour Sub Total Rows (Office 97/Office XP)
Using PROPER (2000)
Macro needs to be used globally (2000)
counting cells with certain characters (2001)
Desktop shortcut link (Excel 97 NT)
Copy from text box (2000 sr1)
'Cannot Empty Clipboard' (97/SR2)
8 largest? + (office 2000)
Sorting Items On Different Worksheets (2000)
Slow opening workbook (Office 2000)
Recently Used File List (2000 SR1)
password protect (Excel 97)
Top Ten Subtotals (Office 97)
filling down formats (excel 97)
The Memory Could Not Be 'Read.' (Win2000)
Automatically Open Workbook (2000)
Numbers convert to date format (Excel 2000)
Deliminating Cells (Excel 2000)
random order (Excel 97 SR2 on Win 2000 SP2)
File Management or How to use startup parameters (97/2000/XP)
Excel AutoComplete (Office 97)
Losing formatting when copying/pasting a worksheet (Excel XP)
Excel 97 to Excel XP (XP SR1)
Macro to name sheets (Excel97 SR2)
Numbers in Excel (Office97 SR2)
Calculate months between dates (98/2000)
Copy Sheets Failed (Excel 2000)
Saving keystrokes (Excel 2000)
daily updates to a remote cell (2000)
Sort is re-writing fields (Excel2002)
Update an Access database (2000)
CSV Files (1)
Change margins in print preview (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Maximum Number of Sheets (2000)
Excluding data from a large file to fit (Excel 2000)
More functions missing (Excel 97 SR2 (Dutch))
An Excel Macro to control actions in Word? (Office 97)
Automatically delete cells/rows (97)
Function to spell out numbers (97/2000)
Sum Function by Groups (Excell 2000)
Colored Tabs in Excel? (97)
Regional Settings (Office 2000)
default page settings (excel xp)
Calendar Control 8.0 (Excel 2002)
hyperlink to a named cell from powerpoint (Excel 2000 sr1)
HTMLMaker add-in problem (2000)-MULTI-HTMLMaker add-in probl
range substitution (excel 97 sr2)
first column cover second column (97 sr2)
search and replace (excel xp)
Counting not Sub-totals (office 97 and 2002)
Custom VBA function to sum or count (97/2000/2002)
Overview page (Excel 97)
Starting parameters (97/2000/XP)
Average cells with bold font (2000)
Change Heading (Excel 2002)
Gas meter readings (XP, 2000, 97)
Can't format cells after QP conversion to Excel. (Excel 2000)
Calculating with dates (XL97/WinNT)
How do you determine who has a file open (97)
Tiling (Office XP Pro/ Excel)
compare two colunms and bold different cells (2000)
MinIf/MaxIf (All)
Exporting in Excel (1998)
Keep losing toolbars (2000 SR-1)
Hide Row Macro (2000)
Strings and concatenation (Excel 97-SR2)
Split Window (2000)
Removing empty rows / columns? (Excel 97 - SR2)
IP-addresses in Excel (2000)
System Crashes After Using Print Preview in Excel (Excell 2000)
Temporarily Disable Pivot Tables (97 SR2)
Coloured Cell Count (2000/SR!)
Day of Week to Match Date (Excel 97)
Counting cells (Office 2000/SR-1a)
Automate a ratio calculation? (97 SR1)
Need Excel help (2000 SP1)
Field or Cell Constraints (97 SR2)
Countif for dates between (xp)
Using a combo box to enter a cell value (2000)
How to save a range only (2000)
Password Recovery (97 & 2000)
Excel Comparison Function (Excel 2000)
Last Date Data Is Entered (2000)
limiting macros (Excel 2000)
User Forms (Excel 97)
IR Control (Excel)
Excel as data source? (2000)
Select and Sum (Office 97)
New Worksheet Behing (97)
Including Graphics in Formula (97)
Make an Empty Cell (Excel 2000 SR1)
Value function (Excel 2000)
Toolbar troubles (OPro Excel 97 W98)
Where is it coming from? (Excel 97 sr2)
Toolbars (Excel 97)
Formatting (2000)
Number of days from present day (Office2000)
Named Formulae (XP)
Upgrade Issues (2000/97)
Converting annual interest rates to a daily rate (2000 SR1)
Permanent Formatting (Excel 2000 9.0.2720)
Excel 2000 (SR-1)
Formating Depending On If Statement (2000)
Error Message (2000)
Cumulative Formula (2000/XP)
If statement (97-02)
COUNTA function (2000)
Holiday (All versions <g>)
email attachment (2000)
Update cell only on condition (Excel 97/2000)
macro relative vs absolute reference (2000)
Using IF to put a value in a remote cell (XP)
Transpose link (Excel 97)
Linking A Changing Reference (2000)
Sumif formula (Office 97)
Negative Time (All)
How to activate multiple worksheets in code (2000)
adding time (97)
Counting Cells (Office 97)
Worksheet Tabs (OPro Excel 97 SR2)
Using a calculated number as a row reference (Excel 2002)
menu commands cause freeze up (Excel 97 office 97 sr-2)
Did Microsoft lie? - Excel Viewer (97-2000)
Quattro to Excel Conversion (Quattro 7 / Excel 2000)
Excel Start (Excal 2000)
Excel file too Large to open (Excel 97)
Avoiding divide by zero errors (97 sr-2)
Comment Owner (All (?))
Row Sorting (2000)
XLQUERY.XLA in Ex2002 (2002)
Compile/Run if libraries not present (97/2000)
File format: XP vs 2000 (XP/2000)
IF Formula with dates (98)
If/or statement (2000)
Old Macros (Excel 97)
Importing Word Tables (97sr2H)
Taskbar - create custom button (Excel 97)
MATCH function (excel 97/2000)
semicolon separator in Excel 2002 (xp)
Extend Selection of Listbox (Excel 98 thru 2002)
Name of Day as Condition (97 SR2)
Quattro Pro - Jurassic Park job needed (WinXP\Excel2002)
Hyperlink Mania (97 SR1)
Pivot Table - Select All Categories (2000 SR1)
Printing Problems (Excel 2000)
Pick from list and Go to different cell (Excel 97)
Wolfram cellular automata in Excel (2000 etc)
Hyperlinks (9.0.4402 SR-1)
'Unique fucntion' in excel (97)
A challange (index?/array?) (2000)
Conditional Sum (Excel 97, 2000)
Converting excel to html (user)
Typing 2 lines of text in one cell/row (Excel 2000/SR1)
Multisheet cell capture (Excel 2002)
Grade sheet (2000/xp)
Prevent Changing Sheets (Excel 2k)
Create Cell reference from Text (Excel 2000 SR1)
timeout userforms, message boxes, etc. (97/2000/2002)
Validation message format (Excel 97)
Formatting (2002 SP1)-MULTI-Formatting (2002 SP1)-MULTI-Fo
Cell formatting (XL 2000)
Excel Lookup Table (Excel 97)
Chart from multiple pages? (Excel 2000/SR-1)
Searching for Month (97 SR2)
Count individual days (97 SR2)
protections without protection (97)
Variable unknown rows (Excel 97 SR1 NT4)
Count(if array won't work, but sum(if will (2000/SR-1)
Strange update (Excel 2000)
Date Function (Access2000)
Comparison of 2 values (97 and up)
linking worksheets (Excel 97)
Link Bloat (Office 97)
need macro help (excel 2000)
Contains a criteria (2k)
Criteria in Functions (Excel 98 thru 2002)
Excel's new Loan amoritation template (Excel 2000)
Controls do not work on web page (Excel 97)
Change text case (Excel 2000)
Combination Charts in Excel (Excel 97)
postal & telephone formatting (2000 9.0.4402 SR-1)
Insert Unicode? (2002 SP 1)
Week number dates (95/97/2000)
Maco Help (95/97/2000)
Chart display problem (2000)
Listing Items (97 SR2)
Make a macro standalone (2000)
FileSearch for folders (Excel 97 to 2002)
Count unique records based on criteria of 2nd colu (Excel(2000))
Delete Rows with Zeros (97sr2)
Date Format w/o year (Excel 2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Printing Embedded Excel in Word (Office 2000 SR1 )
Copying & pasting formulas - potential bug?! (Excel 2000)
Excel crashes (XL97 SR1)
Prevent renaming a sheet (Excel 97/2000)
conditional format (excel 2000)
VBA in Excel (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Hour/Minute Format (97/2000)
disabling autofilter macro (Excel97 SR-2)
Graph problem (2000 SR1)
Pasting Excel graphics (SR-2)
Excel 2000 Split Function (2000)
Formatting Data Ranges on Charts (Excel 2000)
Dropdown 'Shapes' (97 SR2)
Macro To change Text to Value (Excell 2000)
Excel Function (Excell 2000)
AutoFilter Locks Sheet (2002)
excel macro (2002)
Cannot Show or Hide Detail for this Selection (XL2000)
Can cells be referenced from a header? (Excel 97)
Non-Microsoft Active X Control (Office XP)
Multi-condition formula (2000)
How to stop auto circ ref 'Assistance' (XL2k SR1)
add button to chart sheet (Excel 2000)
logic help (2000)
EXCEL: Charts & Graphs (Office XP)
Autofit row heights too big (2000 SR-1)
Books on VBA and Functions (Win ME; Office XP)
AutoReturn (Excel 97)
Mixing cells and Controls on a sheet (97)
Forcing workbook to recalc (2000 )
using %documents% in link (2000sr1a)
VBA syntax question (Excel XP SR1)
Excel to Works (2000)
Conditional Formatting with Color (Excel 2000)
Calculations Not Updated (Excel2000 sr1)
76K+ records (Excel 97 +all others)
Underlined Sheet Names (Excel 2000)
Format of 1,000,000 (Excel 2000)
SUBTOTAL inaccurate (Excel 2000 SR1)
Chart 2 series of different lengths? ((2000/SR-1a))
Custom function for matching bad data (2000)
Set Calculation property from another application (Office97, SR2)
Comments re-sizing in Excel (Excel 2000)
Help File (Office 2000 SP-1)
Calculation (Office 2000 SR-1)
Scaled number format (Excel 2000)
Simple formula query (2000 SR1)
When 8.95-7.95!=1 (Office 2k SP1)
Multiple Max Peak Search (Excel 2002/10.2614.2625)
Macro or Formula? (Excel 2000 SR1)
Finding matching values (WinME,OfficeXP)
The disk is full (XL97 SR-1)
Excel to PDF problem (2000)
Query Fields not listed in MS Query (Excel2k-SR1)
Making XLA = Crash? (EXCEL 97/2000)
Date Format (9 SR1)
Slooooow opening of a file (2002)
VLookup Data Woes (XL 97 SP2)
Select Random Rows of existing data (Excel 97 SR2)
More Date Stuph! (Excel XP SR1)
Date Arithmetic (2000)
Renaming Column Headers (Office 2000)
SAVE AS with help of text box (97)
Finding the Desktop (Excel 97 and >)
Building wkshts for others. (Excel XP SR1)
Add 1 Month (Excel XP SR1)
Macros in Book.xlt (97 SR2)
Alt + numeric data entry (2000)-MULTI-Alt + numeric data e
2000 Start Up (2000 SP-2)
Pasting from IE (Excel SR 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Help with Chart (97 SR-1)
Remove cell contents (office 2000)
Excel Worksheets (2000)
group & count function (Excel 97)
cube root (97)
using SUMIF (xl97/xl2000)
Copy Column Width
Help with date columns (Excel XP SR1)
Excel XML Tag Contains Virus Vulnerability (Excel 2002 Office XP)
excel book recommendations? (Ofc 2000)
Macro recording button (Excel 2000)
Splitting cells at a delimiter (Excel 2000)-MULTI-Splittin
File locked (Excel XP)
Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables (2000)
Sharing workbooks crash (XL 2000)
Alt E Key (Excel 97 SR-2)
Slow worksheet closure (XP)
Cut and paste from Access to Excel change format (XP (2002) 10.2614.2625)
Cell Comments (97 SR2)
#N/A with Graph Labels (X2K)
FileSearch on a USB drive (Excel 2002)
Can't see data in cell (Excel 97)
Identifying formulas (Excel 2000)
Corrupt Excel file? Memory error. (2000)
Date Formats (97)
Link between workbooks (Excel 2000 / 97)
Month as Number (97 SR2)
Gain/Loss summing (Excel 97)
Make worksheet invisible at end of macro (97)
Deleting Multiple Blank rows (Excel 97, 2000)
Autofill and links (Excel 2000)
Update Files in a Directory (95/97/2000)
Protect Cells/Workbook (97 SR2)
Excel graphs resizing (Excel 98)
Excel shortcut CNTL ~ (Excel 98)
Spurious decimal places (Excel 2000 - SR1)
count cells with specified character (Office 20
data type and calculations (Excel 2000)
Printing Tables (Excel 2000)
Data validation drop-down text size (2000)
Help with IF formula to return a null value if cer (2000)
Std width of object? (2000)
Conditional Sum (97,2000)
Lotus's 'Group Mold' (123)
File error: Some data may have been lost (Excel 97/SR2)
MouseOver Userform Objects (97 SR2)
Opening Excel in IE (Excel 97, IE 5.5)
Need Special Characters In Formulas (97)
Cell Protection (Office 2000)
Sending a sheet as the body of an email (2002)
Excel 97/XP object library problem (97 and XP)
If Formula help please (97)
Reference button missing from Toolbar (Excel 97)
Cursor Movement with a Macro (Excel 2000/SR1)
WebBrowser Control (97 SR2)
Menus in Userforms (97 SR2)
'Do You Want to Save' message (Excel97/2000)
Time formulas (97)
Cell Formulas (Office 2000)
Very Slow Macro execution!! (Excel 97)
CountIf and Format (XL97)
Search for coloured text (E97 SR2)
Customized toolbar (97)
IF formula won't work right (Excel 2000 SR1)
Repeating data in Excel cells (2K SR-1, 2002)
Macro for on-sheet combo box (Excel XP)
Downloading a File from the Web with VBA (2000 SR1)
How to convert tex to clickable email address? (2002)
How to delete the apostrophe in a cell value? (2002)
Excel window won't restore down. (Excel 97)
Excel Headers & Footers (2000)
Relative References (XL2000 SR1)
Printing Cell Formulas (97, 2000)
Timer driver (Excel 97)
'Stairstep Charts' in Excel (97, SR-1)
Graph with Calender Week (Excel 2000 SR1)
Border at end of page (97-SR1)
Carriage return (ALT+ENTER) not working (Excel 97 SR1)
Text to columns (Excel 2002)
New to Nesting (Excel 97 SR-2)
Cell capacity (Excel 97 SR2)
Cell References across worksheets (2000 or XP)
Insert Button-Pick From A List (2000)
Macro help for Timesheet (Excel 97)
Calculated field vs calculated item (Excel 2000 sp2)
Pivot Table & running total (2000k SP1)
Several Formulasquestions (Excel 97)
Macro for header input (Office 2000)
UserForm (Excel 98)
Macro to insert formula for dynamic column numbers (97-SR2)
Autocalculate Box Glitch (2k)
Concatenate many values into string (97 SR2)
Calculating Next Anniversary Date (Excel 97 SR-2)
Custom Function and Recalculate (2000 SR1A)
Vlookup and Named Table (2000, 2002)
Insterting Dates into a text cell (2000/SR1)
Background Picture (Excel)
Adding numbers. (2000/SR1)
selecting cells problem (97)
Unlink data from worksheet in Chart (Excel 97)
Excel UserForm ListBox (Windows 98 SE)
Combine Three Text Columns (97)
Excel 2000 & Lotus (2000 SR-1)
Adding 0's to zip codes (97)
Function Wizard - How to add custom functions (2000)
Formulas sorting by Month and Quarter (Excel xp/win2000)
VLookup Criteria (XL97; SR2)
vlookup inside of macro (how to expand?) (Excel 97 SR-1)