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VB Corner for Excel- Learn Visual Basic, VB Code Repository
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Excess Spaces
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Help to adjust this Spreadsheet please? :)
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Find function
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transpose column to row in loop
More on Sheet Tab Names
Quattro Converter
Sheet Tab Names
pdf conversion issue
Permanently save custom number format for all workbooks
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pivot table and calender month view
Lining up decimal points
Changing the order of columns
Conditional Formatting with colours - tied values
I saved over a file I can't replicate
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Select and print defined areas of spreadsheets
Hyperlink formula to long file names that include commas
Help with Excel formula
changing to lower case
transfering excel spreadsheet with hyperlinks into Access 2010
Excel File Growing Beyond Belief
Help with arrays couning dates
Days between 2 dates, including the 2 dates
macro to copy cell contents and preserve data regardless of change in orig
Restrict the number of colors in Excel 2007
Close routine, cancel close and return to spreadsheet
Formula help: is =Right right?
Excel 2010 loses number formatting
Macro to copy data from multiple workbooks and sheets
How to Change Cursor Behavior in Excel 2003
Create new spreadsheet (13 columns) but data has variable number columns
Editing a user defined function
Count based on two conditions
Delete rows base on string first text and also leave numberic
Derive a Cell Reference in a formula, not the value
if statement
Offset funtion challenges for date selection
Excel Help
Need help debugging user-defined function in VBA
Macro/VBA if statement-Excel 2010
Workbook Tabs
Message to advise when values <>0
Excel 2007 - PERSONAL.xlsm project locked
Excel count enteries
Excel 2010 Date Picker
Highlight Cell if Row is empty
sorting grade n marks
Excel 2010 color scheme
.xlsx file not opening in Outlook
Upper Case Date Format (2007 SP2)
Rolling Calendar
Limiting user input
Macro to auto-hide rows
Forgotten Formula
Excel formula or macro for string of numbers
Index and Match
Selected output from coin inventory
Forgot Formula, and can't find it
How to get name of selected sheet for use in excel macro (vba code?)
Compare multiple (non adjacent) columns between 2 sheets in Excel 2007
Excel VBA to Clear Ranges
Need a Formula to plot employees within a range
Excel for iPad
Export to Excel from webpage no longer works
Printing to JPG Format
Excel 2010 bar chart with 2 y-axis
Can updating rolling calendar tables and their graphs be automated?
Macro to format Dates
Need to create a simple Hierarchy
Combining Workbooks/worksheets
Inbed search function inside array
Spontaneous shutdown of Excel
Convert hours
Formula to find and relocate discontinuous series of numbers
Want to highlight missing dates
Calculating date and time in business days other than Saturday/Sunday
Combo Graph Question
Excel 2010 SP3, intermittent link cell problem
Conditional Formatting Problem
Excel Options question
Adding amounts across multiple spreadsheets within a date range
Dual Axis Graph Question
Checking overdue date value from cell
Get average of percentages
IF function
Excel 2010 formula to shade cell to match another cell
Changing formulas to point to new column in budget
Sumifs within a range
Sumifs Question using Excel 2010
Need some help with visual basic to use cell ref for Y axis values
Excel - output in Unicode
Excel formatting
excel compatible format
Saving files to sharepoint
Pasting a volatile formula in Excel 2007
Password protect all tabs
█ Automatically transferring data between worksheets █
Data validation with a named range and conditional formatting
Conditional data formatting in excel 2007
Rearrange Smith, John to John Smith in Excel
Data validation annoyance Excel 2010
Excel comment font.
Excel formula or formatting to change number
Copy Data from One Col to another
Grouping Dates in Months Pivot Tables
Putting Cell Contents into a Print Header, Then Formatting
Default Folder
feedstream calculation
Networked EXCEL - warn and protect against access
proprietary spreadsheet protection
Testing error conditions?
Making Excel 2010 accept quotation marks and spaces
Help with excel 2000
Smooth Vertical Scrolling in Excel
Display a graphic based on a cell value per row
Dynamic Print Rage
Need help w/duplicate data
ActiveX Listbox problems [2010]
Comparing mortgage loans
Microsoft Excel
Rolling Counter using CountIf (Excel 2000)
Excel will not print the complete cell
External hyperlink to Excel 2010 worksheet
excel 2010 wants to install another program when opening
Code to open up worbooks and copy data
compute sequence (partition) number
Line spacing in wrapped text
Excel 2010 Flowcharts
Hide Unhide Columns
Check for certain duplicates but not all
Using the "find" command excel 10
Link Several sources to one spreadsheet.
Graph Needed For Time
Concatenation and quotation marks
Adding values based on a certain criteria
Fliping a range
Filtering based on text in Excel rows
Setting up a check box
Pivot Table Macro
Some design ideas please
working with multiple excel sessions
Writing a formula in a pivot table & being able to copy it to other cells
Excel Vlookup $ problem
Sending a message in the body of an email
Interchanging columns in Excel 2010
Macro to create Pivot Table
MS Query in Excel 2010: concatenating two fields returns error?
Getting rid of #n/a in a vlookup formula ( excel 2010)
formula help
Hide Duplicate rows in a range and give serial no
Batch file to copy sheet
Excel - how to copy the sum from one cell and pasting as a value in another
Excel - how to automatically format number (##) to text (US$##.##)
Help with Code
Form, hiding/unhiding active X controls & maintaining position
MS Excel 2010 { } function
Julian day in formula
VBA Code to copy specific data drom Source Workbook to Destination Workbook
Strange behavior for a combination chart (Excel 2010 and beyond)
Convert Formula to Value and copy values
VBA Code to Open Workbook and copy data into destination workbook
More than one Cell Being Selected - Excel 2010
Want a user function in Excel to add incrementing counter to list of values
A quick way of naming a lot of cells?
Protected Sheet & Book but developer mode still allowed?
Tutorials on VBA
Column name headers cut off at top
Macro to export sheet as CSV
VBA Code to extract specific Data
MultiConditional formula
curve fitting
counting greater thans
Sales Forecasting
Need a Macro to turn "off and on" conditional formating
find a text in a string
Excel 2003 using Send To, Mail Recipient quandry
Design Science's MathType add-in to Excel 2010
formula for adding time to a date based on a number entered into a cell
Cell does not display formula results
copying and pasting a hyperlink in VBA Excel 2003
Page Number to Exclude Count for Title page and TOC
Change Excel input mode
Dropdown conditionally based on values in a table
Formula in data validation List
Select Data in Excel 2007 will not update graph
Highlighting rows based on column value