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Deleting Multiple Blank rows (Excel 97, 2000)
Autofill and links (Excel 2000)
Update Files in a Directory (95/97/2000)
Protect Cells/Workbook (97 SR2)
Excel graphs resizing (Excel 98)
Excel shortcut CNTL ~ (Excel 98)
Spurious decimal places (Excel 2000 - SR1)
count cells with specified character (Office 20
data type and calculations (Excel 2000)
Printing Tables (Excel 2000)
Data validation drop-down text size (2000)
Help with IF formula to return a null value if cer (2000)
Std width of object? (2000)
Conditional Sum (97,2000)
Lotus's 'Group Mold' (123)
File error: Some data may have been lost (Excel 97/SR2)
MouseOver Userform Objects (97 SR2)
Opening Excel in IE (Excel 97, IE 5.5)
Need Special Characters In Formulas (97)
Cell Protection (Office 2000)
Sending a sheet as the body of an email (2002)
Excel 97/XP object library problem (97 and XP)
If Formula help please (97)
Reference button missing from Toolbar (Excel 97)
Cursor Movement with a Macro (Excel 2000/SR1)
WebBrowser Control (97 SR2)
Menus in Userforms (97 SR2)
'Do You Want to Save' message (Excel97/2000)
Time formulas (97)
Cell Formulas (Office 2000)
Very Slow Macro execution!! (Excel 97)
CountIf and Format (XL97)
Search for coloured text (E97 SR2)
Customized toolbar (97)
IF formula won't work right (Excel 2000 SR1)
Repeating data in Excel cells (2K SR-1, 2002)
Macro for on-sheet combo box (Excel XP)
Downloading a File from the Web with VBA (2000 SR1)
How to convert tex to clickable email address? (2002)
How to delete the apostrophe in a cell value? (2002)
Excel window won't restore down. (Excel 97)
Excel Headers & Footers (2000)
Relative References (XL2000 SR1)
Printing Cell Formulas (97, 2000)
Timer driver (Excel 97)
'Stairstep Charts' in Excel (97, SR-1)
Graph with Calender Week (Excel 2000 SR1)
Border at end of page (97-SR1)
Carriage return (ALT+ENTER) not working (Excel 97 SR1)
Text to columns (Excel 2002)
New to Nesting (Excel 97 SR-2)
Cell capacity (Excel 97 SR2)
Cell References across worksheets (2000 or XP)
Insert Button-Pick From A List (2000)
Macro help for Timesheet (Excel 97)
Calculated field vs calculated item (Excel 2000 sp2)
Pivot Table & running total (2000k SP1)
Several Formulasquestions (Excel 97)
Macro for header input (Office 2000)
UserForm (Excel 98)
Macro to insert formula for dynamic column numbers (97-SR2)
Autocalculate Box Glitch (2k)
Concatenate many values into string (97 SR2)
Calculating Next Anniversary Date (Excel 97 SR-2)
Custom Function and Recalculate (2000 SR1A)
Vlookup and Named Table (2000, 2002)
Insterting Dates into a text cell (2000/SR1)
Background Picture (Excel)
Adding numbers. (2000/SR1)
selecting cells problem (97)
Unlink data from worksheet in Chart (Excel 97)
Excel UserForm ListBox (Windows 98 SE)
Combine Three Text Columns (97)
Excel 2000 & Lotus (2000 SR-1)
Adding 0's to zip codes (97)
Function Wizard - How to add custom functions (2000)
Formulas sorting by Month and Quarter (Excel xp/win2000)
VLookup Criteria (XL97; SR2)
vlookup inside of macro (how to expand?) (Excel 97 SR-1)
Password Protect WB (Excel 97)
Opening Excel Starts Dialup Internet Connection? (2000)
Vlookup (2000)
Animation on a sheet (2000)
saveas error (XL 2000 sr1)
When styles get overridden (2000 SR-1)
Worksheet XOR (97 SR2)
Values showing on Charg in Axis (Excel XP)
Sort Macro (Excel 2000)
Tab moves screen by screen, not to next column (97 SR2)
consecutive page numbers for multiple worksheets (2000)
VBA - Invalid Qualifier with Err (2000 SR1)
Removing links to other spreadsheets (2000)
Supressing zeros on charts (Excel 2000)
invalid reference to a worksheet (Excel97SR2)
default menus (97 sr2)
Running slow (2000 9.0.3821 on Win95)
Help Files (2000)
Column widths not staying put after closing (97)
Picking data out of a large group (Excel 97 SR 2)
Names Collection Index (XL 97 and >)
Controlling tab order (Excel 97)
Linking to cells with text (Excel 2000)
Excel Ignores Page Breaks (97)
Oversized display (Excel 97 SR2)
Bloomberg DDE (2000)
Add Values Incrementally (2002)
Paste string from input box (Excel 97 SR-1)
custom toolbar (excel 97) (97)
Paste Special Transpose Values (97sr2H)
Global Number Format (XL97; SR2)
Sorting changes data (2000)
Format Month from String (2000)
Hyperlinks in Excell 2002 (Office XP - Excel)
'Calculate' problem (2000/SR-1)
SaveAs Filename quits working. (Office 2K SR1)
Formatting Comments (97)
What is it with forms? (2000)
Sheet names in formulas (97)
Password protected sheet (Excel 97 SR2)
Default Worksheet format (2000 SR-0)
Creating sub-directories from VBA code. (Excel 97)
convert subtotals to means using sumproduct (97sr2H)
Data form (Excel 2000 )
Curious results from Database Functions (Excel 2000)
Coloured Sheet Tabs? (Microsoft Office 2000)
Formulas appear but no values (Excel 97 SR2)
Excel Rows To Text (2000/SR1)
Copy Destination Code (2000)
Transition formula evaluation (Excel 2000 SR-1)
VBA in Excel, need help with a basic function (Excel XP/2002)
2000 crashes with 97 file (2000 SR1)
Extra Credit School Grades (Excel 2000)
Second / Third copy of file.... (XL97)
blank cells which aren't! (2000/2002)
'Merging' Rows (2000)
read only (97)
Paste text from Cell (Excel 2000)
borders (version 97)
WorldCup Excel (Office 2000)
Values and Text (Excel 2000)
Unsigned macro (Excel 97)
Inserting Dates-VBA (2000)
strange startup problem (Office 97 SR 1)
Excel 2000 and Visio 5 (XL2000/VisioPro5)
Currency format problem (Excel 2000 SP2)
custom fill series--moving to another computer (Office 97 SR 1)
Graphics on multiple sheets (Excel2k SR1a)
Printer turned on? (XL2000)
2000 (cell width)
Data Consolidation From One Worksheet To another (2000)
Set Directory with msgBox (97sr2)
need help in Excel 2002 (Excel 2002)
Cannot open Excel (2000 with Win98)
My Spreadsheet is HUGE!!! HELP (97)
Name = RowHeader_ColumnHeader (97)
links (Excel 2000)
disappearing Excel doc (Excel 2002)
DBF to XLS (97)
Screen Updating (Excel XP SR1)
printing formulas (2000)
date format (2000)
Excel 97 Macro in 2000 (Excel 97)
Condition Format with Sharing (Excel 2002 (10.2614.2625))
UserForm Parameters ?? (97 sr2)
Capitalize dates (2000)
Converting XML to excel 2000 (Excel 2000)
userform textbox numeric format (97)
Workbook Duplication (97)
Macros/Amortization (XP)
Template for Pivot table detail (97)
Limit Scroll bar (97 SR2)
Custom Toolbar - Where is it saved? (97)
Grouping on Protected Sheet (97- sr2)
Ratio (2000 sr1)
Wrong Syntax (97 sr2)
user function (Office 97)
FindFile Dialog (1)
Offset Variable (97sr2)
Pivot Tables Many Weeks Data (XL 2000)
Query (Excel xp, Access XP)
'greater than' formula (Excel 97)
cell.ClearContents (97sr2H)
Comment Position (97SR2)
nested IF formula (2000)
Code/Macro to make new worksheet (97)
running total (2000 sr1)
File Extensions (XL (All?))
Out of Memory Errors (Office 97 SR-2)
EXCEL CRASH (Office 97)
cells.find (Excel 97)
red text footer (Excel 2000)
Line-Column Chart (Excel 2000)
Pivot tables (Excel2K)
= Causes Crash (97)
form (97)
Formula Problems (Excel 2000)
updating charts (2000 SR1)
How to disable hyperlinks? (97 sr2)
Thoughts on using XL as a Personal Organiser (97)
Summing values without N/A (2000)
DisAssembler (97 sr2)
1000+ File data extract (97 sr2)
Print Borders (Excel 2000)
Excel XP (Counting sheets)
Function of &[File] (Office 2000, W SR-1)
Using Autofilter (Excel 2000)
Sumif data from other workbook (Excel2000)
Count unique text values in a range (Excel 2000)
Formatting Subtotals (2000)
Chart colors (2000)
Add-in not working (2000)
Counting used cells (2000)
Scatter chart with error bars (XL 2K)
worksheet links (97)
mitchsu (2000)
File / New from the Toolbar (Excel 2000)
Beyond a vlookup (97/2000)
Count red formatted cells (Excel 2000)
Splitting cell contents (2000)
Class and Userforms (2000 SR1)
Excel-UserForm-VB (Excel 98)
Writing a Formula (9.2.2720)
Custom Number Formats (Excel 2000)
Count text cells? (97)
Compacting Excel Workbooks (XL97 SR2)
Automation-Excel to Word-Waiting for OLE Action (Excel 97)
Error Message: Shift objects off sheet (Excel 2000)
Bullets (2000)
ShowDataForm (excel 2000)
Immediate exit from Excel after entry (Office 2000)
Operators in a Table (97-SR1)
Index/Match ??? (2000 sr1)
Column Matching (Excel 2000)
Detaching a custom toolbar (2000, SR-1)
strange behaviour... (Excel 97/2000)
Error in defining qry from SQL Server (Excel2000)
SOLVED - EXCEL Freezes at splash screen
Events not triggered with Forms control (Excel 2000, SP2)
Excel 2000 (SP1)
excel macro to bold or italicize (W2000, office xp)
matching formulas (Excel 97)
hyperlink (2000)
Resizing Outside of Chart Only (97)
Spinner command (Excel XP)
Using the Common Dialogue control (97 sr2)
Quick Books (97 SP2)
Blonde secretary saves workbook in MSWord format (2K)
Print data from AutoFilter (Excel 97 (SR-1))
Excel automatically adds an = sign to all entries (97/2000)
Trapping a pivot table change (MS Office 2000)
Excel saves.xls and .lnk (Excel 97 / Win95)
sample size (Excel 2000 )
Date custom format (XP)
Conditional Formatting (97 sr2)
Fromats from Excel to Publisher (Excel 200 / Pub 2000)
Julian Date conversion (Excel 2000)
Exel divides by 100? (2000)
Adding up sheets (Excel 97)
Transpose (Excel 2002)
Putting a pic in Excel header (Excel 2000 SR1)
row width (Excel 97)
Extending a selection using Find? (2000)
check to print sheet based on cell value (Excel2k)
multiply each value in a range (2000 SR1)
Splash screen (2000)
Excel SendMail - Message Body Text (Excel 2000 SR1)
Copying cell comments (Excel 97)
Show hyperlink path (Excel 97)
Application.OnTime (97 -> 2002)
Excel/VBA Don't print if cell is empty (Excel 97)
Printing File Properties (97)
Lost Office Icons (w2kO2ksr1)
Calculating Sales Tax (Excel All versions)
run code while creating new workbook from template
Displaying on a userform (Office 2000)
Use VBA to check for the presence of a sheet (Excel 2000)
Conditional Formatting (XL97)
Copy/Paste Autofiltered Data (97)
Password protect CSV files (Excel2000)
Graphs (1)
Change of printsettings after new driver (97 SR2)
Macro Message (2000)
What does this mean (2000)
Excel never quits clean (XP/2002)
Deleting Empty Rows (Excel 2000)
excel autocalc (excel2002 no service pack)
Help needed!
OLAP .oqy Updates (2000)
replace text with special characters (2000/9.0.2720)
graphing/showing hexadecimal (Excel 2000)
Text not wrapping properly (2000 (9.0.4402 SR-1))
associating cells between sheet tabs (2002)
Function for # of days in month (XL97)
Can Excel automatically type in words? (Excel 2000)
scan for corrupt documents (97)
Unclosable Forms (Excel 2000 SR1a)
when opening up this 1 file opens a new file (excel 97 - sr2)
Page Set up (XL 2000)
NETWORKDAYS (2000 9.0.4402 SR 1)
Dynamic graph titles (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Hour Format (2000)
Combo boxes (97)
Calculations and decimal points (Excel 2000)
XY chart: Dynamic minimum x-axis w/o VBA (97 SR-2)
Error Message when Saving my spreadsheet (Excel 97)
date format (2000)
Unprotected cells (97)
Decimal palces (Excel 97 and >)
unprotect worksheet (excel 2000)
navigating in vb / Alt F8 (97)
Formula problem (Excel 2000\ SR1)
Statistical analysis Excel VS MiniTab (97 SP2)
SQL & VBA (2000)
Macro with system clock reference (excel 2000)
Attaching a toolbar to a workbook (97)
Ctrl C (Excel97 SR2)
Multiple Workbooks (97 sr2)
Assertion failed (2000 (9.0.2720))
Amortization Schedule (2000)
paste on n-th row if empty (excel 97)
Cannot save Excel workbook (2000)
web version of Excel tools (97/2000/2002)
Excel Macro Virus? (Excel 2000)
ActiveX data Objects, Decimal Type and Oracle (97 SP2)
Reformating from Text (Excel 97)
Over 15 Digits in Number (Excel 97)
Excluding cells (Office 97/SR1)
Modify format of part of cell (2002)
Hyperlinks in Excel (Office 97)
Data Validation (2000 SR1)
Font Point Size and Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (97sr2H)
MS Query, Oracle to Excel (97 SP2)
BeforePrint Event (Win2000/Excel97)
AppActivate (2kSR1)
Detecting line copy / insert (EXCEL 97/2000)
Hide Sheets during save (97/2000)
Consolidate Data? (2000 SR-1)
Format a cell (excel 2000)
EXCEL (Excel 2000)
Date formula in printing (Office 97 / Office XP)
Detect Double-Click in a PivotTable (97 Sr-2)
time formatting and adding (2000 sr1)
Cloning Macros (97 sr2)
Excel (Office XP) (Pro)
how to run macro automatically (excel 97/2000)
Macro and save files (Excel 2000)
Duplicate rows (97)
If And Hours and Minutes (XP)
link ACC to Excel (formula) (2000)
calculation performance tuning (2000)
CountIF Woes attachement (EX2000)
Displaying Last Twelve Months (Excell 200 SR-1)
IF...OR...RIGHT (Excel '97)
Spreadsheet will not reduce to print (97 SR-2)
quiz template (97)
when i press TAB the cellpointer jumps about 10... (97)
Remove File Shortcuts from Work Menu (Excel 2000)
Design question (2000)
View to fit (97 > 2002)
pick lists (excel 2000)
Excel97 VBA (Excel97 )
shading date ranges (XP)
Overtime pay (XP)
personal.xls (Excel 2000)
Run Macro from IF Statement? (Excel 2000 SR1)
Finding Items that don't match (all)
limit access to sheets (Excel 97)
Excel VBA (2000)
Summarizing (Excel 2000)
Counting Blank Rows (2000)-MULTI-Counting Blank Rows (20
Pivot table not allow more 9 fields for rows? (excel 97/2000)
VBE/Enabling Worksheet Tabs (2000)
Conditional Std Dev Calculation (Excel 2000, SR1)
Freeze panes-troubleshooting (Excel-97)
Can't Drag & Copy (Excel 97 SR2)
Running Macro's on Password Protected Sheets (97)
Excel - Error Message (Excel 2000)
Save as v95 kills features (EXCEL 97/2000)
Auto TimeStamp (97 SR2)
Flexible find & replace utility (5, 95, 97, 2000, XP)
Printing A4-ISO paper size on 8.5 X 11 (Excel 97/SR-2)
Formula that changes if row is hidden (Excel 97)
Statistical Analysis and error calculation (Excel 2002)
Printing issue in Excel 97 (Excel 97)
Excel and Word Printing in Windows XP (Excel 97)
RGB v CMYK (Excel 97 SR2)
hidden macro (Office 2000)
Pivot Table - Access source location changes (Excel XP)
Count Values in a list (Excel 2K)
How can I sort by last digit (97)
How to Format sheet so number display correctly (excel 97/2000)
Run a macro in a formula (Windows NT)
Looping through form controls (2000)
'If' forumla looking for text (Excel 2000)
PivotCharts (2000)
Pivot Tables (Excel 2000)
Excel 2K calculation problem... (Excel 2000)
VBA command to select to end of row/col? (Excel 2000/SR2)
Lookup - exact match of text (9.0.3821 SR1/Win95A)
Recording current state of commandbars (2000)
Range Names and Linked Files (Excel 2000, SR1)
Convert seconds to MM:SS (Excel97)
Change cells to list the number not the formula (97SR1)
Excel 2000 - Extract names (Excel 2000)
Excel VBA (Excel2000) - call stack
Text boxes on line graph (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Outlook Contact to Excel Spreadsheet (Outlook 2000 / Excel 2000)
Glitch with Excel 97 and Windows XP (Excel 97)
Page numbers in footer (Office XP)
.xla addin - any advantage? (Excel-2000)-MULTI-.xla addin
Controls Disappear (2kSR1)
Multiline summing (Excel 2000)
Excel VBA Userform (Excel97)
Cell/Selection Outline Color (2000)
Macro help (Excel 97)
Update Distant Cell with Formula (2000SR1)
Currency Exchange into English Pounds (all)
hyperlink limitation (Office XP)
=table() function (2000 SR-1)
Autocorrect (2002)
Print all function ordering (Office XP)
Radar/spider charts (97/2000)
Insert decimal point (Excel 97)
Random row selection (XL97)
Default Directory on FileOpen & FileSave (EXCEL 97/2000)
Fixed Width Import (WIN2000-XL97)
Printing odd/even pages? (Excel 97)
Popup list of worksheets (2000)-MULTI-Popup list of worksheets
If statement to change cell colors (Excel 2000)
Network File (97 sr2)
Syntax for QueryTable (XL2K)
Copy a chart and pasting into Word (2000)
Using Excel to work in Access (2000)
Data Validation (2002)
Calculate and sum time from variable length rows? (Office 2000 SR1)
Swap column and row values (Excel 97)
Textbox control source in R1C1 (2000)
Protection and Comments (Excel 97 SR2)
delete extra pdfmaker toolbar (2002)
excel page setup is letter (excel 97sr2)
Navigation suggestions? 95 sheets! (2000/SR-1)
Conditional Compilation (Excel 97 and >)
Understanding complex formula (Excel 97)
Adding & removing buttons via VBA (2000 / SR1)
Hyperlink use? (Excel 2002)
How do I supress Ctrl-PgUp/Ctrl-PgDn? (Excel 97 SR2)
File -> New - Looks strange? (Excel 2000)
Cannot build XLLs using Visual C++ .NET (Excel 2000 SR1 & Excel 97 SR2)
'Automatic' file name when saving as a Web Page (Excel 2000 SR1)
Automate task (2000)
Pull data from one row into two or more rows (Excel 97 SR2)
bookmarks (97)
Sheet becomes big and slow (Excel 2000 SR 1a)
Renaming Module1 (Excel 2000)
Select distinct entries from a list (2000 SR 1)
make copy of worksheet (office 2000)
Average (2000)
'Text to Columns' problem (Excel 2000)-MULTI-'Text to Co
Rate of Return (Excel 97)
Offset() (2000)
File takes TWO HOURS to open (2000)
Maximum Number of Worksheets? (Excel 2000)
using if statements to strike through text (excel 2000)
countif depending on three condictions (excel 2000)
Header and footers in a shared workbook (97 sr2)
Formulas. How can you change a worksheet ref ? (Excel 97)
record macros with keystrokes (97)
missing tab on Forms toolbar control (xl2000/sp2)
file transfer (Excel 200)
Definition of an Array Formula (all)
Pivot Charts (Excel 2000)
page of pages problem (Excel 2000)
get rid of spaces AND points in a cell (EX 97/2000)
call code from another module (Excel 2000)
PageBreak view shows separate page for each cell! (97 Sr2 on Windows 2K)
Appending Access tables prior to a parameterQuery (OFFICE 97 SR2)
Deleting Macros (2000)
Cell Reference Arithmetic (Office 2000 SR-1 / Excel)
Excel Corrupted letter (2000)
Confuggulated XL (W97, WinNT4)
'Not enough Memory' Error Message in an Excel File (97 SR-2)
Dialog Sheets and User Forms (2000)
Formula Bar vs. Number Format (Excel 2000, SR1)
Missing Toolbars (97SR2)
Calculating (Excel 2000)
Listboxes fail to get .Values assigned (Xl2000&W98se, Xl2002&WMe)
Excel column width (97 SR2 (m))
excel/modules (win98-2/excel 9.0)
Pie chart - percent (Excel 97)
Formatting Column/Row Width & Height (O2K)
Take out the asterisk (*) in a cell (Excel xp/win 2000)
Excel keeps crashing (Office 2000/SR-1a)
Matching Control Colors (Excel2kWin2k)
Count The Number Of Times A Character Is Present (2000)
Formula Bar (2000)