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vlookup on date (Excel 2000)
freezing on one screen as macro proceeds (excel 2000)
Graphs - Connecting the dots (97,2000)
Reading Pictures from a table (Excel 2000)
Find Last number in Column (XL2002)
convert date to number (excel 2000)
Excel Macro to dial phone (Excel 2002 (Office XP))
Repetitive graphing task for multiple worksheets (Excel 2000)
Menu Oddities (97 SR2)
Numeric function and inserted text in same cell (2000)
copy sheet with macro on (Excel 2000)
Breaking It Down (Excel 97)
Cells overwriting when saved as Web page (2000 SR-1)
EXCEL question - protected sheets & sorting/filter (97)
Need to buy Excel 2000- which version? (2000)
=IF function (9.0.3821 SR1)
Macro to operate on close of file (Excel 2000)
countif formula (excel 20000)
Array Formula: (Excel 97)
Porting a spreadsheet to another machine (Excel 2000)-MU
Excel Filtered List (Excel 2000)
Lotus 1-2-3 97 files (Excel 2002)
Calculation Funnies? (MS Excel/97)
Class Modules (2000)
Adding names to points in scatter plot (Excel 2000)
Cell Character Limits (Excel 2000)
Links (97)
Foxpro to Excel Spreadsheet (Excel 2K)
'Right' won't compile (2000)
Compound Interest Only (Excel 2000)
Using Match in VBA (Excel 2000)
Sharing Excel Workbooks (97, 2000, XP)
Validate email format? (Excel 2000 SR-1)
List of external references? (Excel 97 SR-2)
Macros and security (XP)
If Commands (Excel 2000)
What the .... (XL2000)
CopyPaste to Notepad (Win98 Excel 2000)
VBA Userform Question (Excel 97)
Delete Identical rows (XP)
Use 1 set of formulae for 5 cells? REVISED
back to 95 (95)
strange access msg while firing up excel (2000)
Adding thePlus/Minus Symbol in Excel on the Mac (Unknown)
Change Cells of Certain Value to Blank (2000)
Filter list limits (2000 SR-1)
Change Value to Formatted Value (Excel 2002)
Application.ScreenUpdating (EXCEL 97/2000)
Saving Lotus as Excel (Excel 2000)
FYI - Illegal Operation (concerning forms) (2000)
Yes\No in a cell (Excel 2000)
Sorting with hyphens in test (XL2K SR-1a)
graphing add-ins (Excel 2k)
Data Entry in Excel (Excel 2000 SR1)
Can I Include Character Format In Formula Results (97)
Column and row widths in inches (Office 97 / Office XP)
Spell Checking and Error Handeling (XL 97 and >)
Chart Update (97)
Personal.xls Tutorial (All)
File, Save in Macrow (Excel 97)
Populating a listbox (XL97/WinNT)
elapsed time - to next day (Excel 2000)
Calling a procedure in another workbook (97-2000)
Importing text files with more than 65,536 rows (Excel 97 or 2000)
Unexpected language changes in Excel (97 SR???)
Extracting Text (Excel 2000/9.0)
Suppress zeros and errors (excel 97)
Adding to an array variable (Excel 2000)
Comma-Delimited Text File (Excel 2000 / Word 2000)
Creating a Outlook Task (Excel 2000)
Doughnuts (2000)
Duplicates (MSOFFICE 97SR2)
Computing Dates (Office XP)
If Statements based on Auto Filter (Excel 2000 SR1)
Mid & Variable Range (97 SR1)
Current Worksheet VBA (Excel 2000)
Using NAMED RANGES in VBA for Excel (97 SR-2)
Passwords (Excel 2000)
Macro Password (2000)
Trapping an Excell Error Code (2000)
Printing Problems (Excel2002)
Cell Protection (2000)
Entering data in cells (Excel2002 (Office XP))
BeforeClose and Cancel (Excel 2000, SR1)
Retrieving data from an Excel database (Excel 2000 SR1)
Mail merge changes data (Office 2000)
#DIV/0! (MsOffice 97 SR2)
vlookup with external file changes to startup dir (Excel 97 SR2)
Minimising file size (2000)
personal.xls (Excel2000)
EXCEL and SAP (Excel)
Data Comparison (Excel 97)
Save without prompt (Office 2000)
File Types list in Dialogs (2000)
Subtotal Acsending (Excel 2000/97)
Macro behaves differently if attached to button (Excel97)
Workbook Before Close Event (2000)
shrinking (windows95 business)
Set File>Properties through automation (2000 SR1)
Selecting a particular range including blanks (Excel 2000 SR1)
Selecting a particular range including blanks (Excel 2000 SR1)
Pasting and Sorting
Highlighting (Office 2000)
HYPERLINK character limit (2000)
Add-in (Excel 97)
Hyperlinks (Excel 2000 (SR-1))
Freezing the Size of the Window (Excel 97 and >)
Paste Special-Transpose (2000)
Keyboard method to drag range of cells (Excel 97)
Create New Database Query (Excel 2000)
Copy Protection (97 SR2)
Not sure if this is possible (Excel97)
Sorting by Total (97 SR1)
Delete Double Cells (Excel 97)
Changing the default TitleBar Icon (XL 2000)
Control Array in VBA? (Excel 97 and >)
Using FIND results (2K)
Help files (Excel 97)
Rank consecutively (97+)
Name property (2000)
Formulaes used to change the Y axis (Excel)
Can a UserForm be made into a Class? (XL97 SR-2)
Changing Text (Excel 2000)
Excel 2000 (Autofilter on Userform)
Workbook Limit (Excel 2000)
Watermarks (Excel 2K)
Problem w/ importing numbers (2002)
Importing named ranges from a reference workbook (Excel 97)
On Error Function (97)
Formula (Office 2000)
Small Email Sheet Question (2000)
Forgotten Password! (Excel 2000)
Copying Formulas from the Lounge to Excel (97sr2h)
Style problem (XL2000 SR1)
Copying Web Page from IE (XL97/2000)
Formula Date (Excel 97)
HELP - Project is Unviewable! (EXCEL2000)
Putting Last Name in Separate Column (Excel 2000 SR-1)
DSUM Formula (Excel 2000 SR1)
locate or remove a link (Excel 97)
Screen view vs. print view (Excel 97 SR2)
Column Headers (97 SR-1)
Concatenating (2000/9.0.4402 SR-1)
locking cells (97 & newer)
UserForm Name (Excel 97 and >)
Formula (Excel 97)
Printing Problems (MS Excel 97/SR2a)
Data Form and Sharing Workbooks (Excel 2000)
Assigning a Macro to a Command Button (Excel 2000)
Creating a Named Range within a macro (Excel 2000 SR1)
Rank Formula with Constraints (Excel 2000 SR-1)
unhiding left most columns (excel 2000)
Date count (Excel 97)
MS Excel 2000 (Professional) this possible (Excel 2000)
Disable double-click Toolbar Customize dialog box (2000 SR-1)
SumIf problem (excel 2000)
Default file location (97)
Max columns in a pivot table (Excel 97 SR-2)
Adding hyperlink to excel userform (97 SR2)
Merging worksheets (Excel 2000 sr-1)
Insert Column (Excel 2000)
VariableRange sizes (XL2K)
Custom Colour Palettes (Excel 97 SR2)
Wrap control to picture (2000)
Conditional Formatting: ANY Formulas (2000)
Formula doesn't work with negatives (Excel 97)
xlDialogOpen ... handle 'Cancel' clicking (2000)
Excel Template (Excel 2000)
Problem with documents Excel, Word (Office 97 Professional, SR2)
Inversion of excel columns (Excel 97)
Formula (Excel 97 or 2000)
Links (EXcel 2000 SP2)
Showing a Calendar on a form (Excel 97)
search/replace numbers and make red (excel xp, w2000)
Charts Referencing Zero's (1)
sort (2000)
Remover Prefixes (Office 97 SR2)
Aggregating Time data (Excel 97)
Autosum ignoring empty cells (97 SR-2)
Excel Macro Vulnerability Patch breaks AutoFormat (MS Office 9.0.3821 SR-1
Macro (Excel 2000)
View Hyperlink Address (Excel 97)
Get FX rate from web (Excel 2000)
Macro to Close a Workbook? (2000)
.RTF to Excel (Excel 2k and Word 2k)
Show Full Menus (Excel 2000)
Excel Date Subtraction (Excel 97)
Define Last Cell (1)
Select Method of Range Class Failed (97 SR-2)
Slow to save (Excel 97)
Another Statistical Question (2000)
Saving a chart to a file (97/SR1)
Save a Sheet as a Workbook (2000)
Move files with vba within Excel (xp, win2000)
how to use a range Name as an argument by pointing (Office97 SR2)
Merging workbooks fun fun fun (97)
Procedure Name (97)
network-behavior of Excel.xlb unlike username8.xlb (W2K SP2, Off2K SP2)
Comparing Lists of Album Titles (2000)
Multi-Language Support (Office XP Professional)
Paste Special / Formulas (XL97)
User Defined Function (2000)
Working days calculation (97/2000)
=value function (2000 SR1)
Number of characters allowed forFunction arguments (Office97 SR2)
Metadata (Office 2000)
get data from columns to rows (2000)
If Function Surpress False (v97)
ChDrive and ChDir (Excel 97 and >)
Office 97 can't see Office 2000 Excel charts
Data Consolidation Ideas Welcome (2000)
Template files (Excel 2000)
View Excel on Web (Excel 2000) (111315) was moved to the Internet Explorer board
Mortgage Calculations for CANADA (Excel 97/2000)
delete blank cells (excel97+)
Encrypting VBA/macros (Excel 2000)-MULTI-Encrypting VBA/macros
OnTime (Office 2000)
Worksheet protection (MS Office/Excel 2000)
Manual Page Numbering-VBA (97+)
Office Binders & Excel (2000)
Cleanup of Named Ranges (Office97 SR2)
Comparing values in a column (2000/SR-1)
Shading alternate rows (XP)
Julian /Julienne Dates (97 sr2)
Sorting (Excel 97 SR@)
Sub_WorkSheet_Activate() (Office97 SR2 win98)
X & Y scatter chart (Excel 2000)
countif with two criteria? (2000 sr1)
Excel Year Function (XP)
File; Save problem with files containing Macros (Office 2000 - Excel (9.0.
Deleting Links (Excel97)
Listbox Rowsource Property (97 SR2)
Charting very small vs. very large data (2000 SR-1)
Importing Lotus 123 Workbooks (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Source Safe (97)
Copying names (2000 SR-1)
Excel form (97)
VBA form as macro (2000)-MULTI-VBA form as macro (2000)
IncrementTop, etc. with ChartObject (Excel 2000, SR1)
View protect individual sheets?? (Excel 2000/Win2K)
Custom Tool Bar Button (Excel 97)
Move/Copy Worksheets (2000)
Multiple files open in Excel (Excel xp, Win2000)
Writing to a workbook without opening (Excel 97/2000)
Personal.xls Read Only (2000)
Formula Showing up in Cell (2000 SR-1)
Copy Worksheet (2000)
finding last filled cell (2000 sr1)
Weird behavior in Excel (2000 SR-1)
Changing a Chart's Series Source w/VBA (Excel 97)
Formulas (Office 2000)
Calling code from another sheet (97 SR2)
Problem with Hyperlinking (2000 SP-1)
Saving Excel Files (2000)
Formula assistance (excel 97)
Referencing Names with Lookup Functions (2000)
Default setting for Excel (Excel 2000)
Excel Macros (2000)
Print Page No. (2000)
reading SuperCalc 5 files (Excel 97 SR2 on Win 2000)
Linking cells to a totals sheet (2000 (sr1))
Chart - sized with window (2000)
SUM function (2000)
select cells by color (excel97 +)
VBA Code-Filename In Header/Footer/Cell (2000)
Statistical Question (2000)
Automatic date question (Office 97)
Absolute cut and paste (2000 SR-1)
music accompany file (EXCEL 2000)
ListBox AddItem method (2000)
Multiple Macros In One Spreadsheet (2000)
Deleting Rows or Columns crashes Excel (97 sr2 and XP)
checking to see if query tables exist (2000)
Conditional Sum with Color (XL2000)
VBA- ControlSource - formatting (97 SR2)
Placing Objects behind the Cells/Text? (XL2000)
Counting (97 & 2000)
Summarizing across tabs (Excell 2000)
Macros Not Working (SR2 to SR1)
Data Validation-Custom lookup list? (2000XL)
textbox sellength (xl2000)
Seems to be rounding incorrectly (97sr2)
Query Sheet Reference (2000, 9.0.2720)
Conditional Sum (Excel 2000)
Selecting Offset Cells (Excel 97 and >)
Copy Toolbars (Office 2000 Prem SR1)
Spelling Checker character limit? (Excel 2000-SR1/Win2K)
Trapping #REF in code (XL97 SR2 A2K SR!)
Sending a Personal Form with outlook (Excel 2000)
Disable close button (Excel 2000)
Mouse Freeze (2000)
How to import text files to worksheet ? (excel 97)
Sorting left to right in Excel (Excel 2000)
VBA: Tell Which Series is Selected (Excel 2000, SR1)
Matching Dates (Excel 2000)
Missing sequence numbers (Excel 2000/XP)
FREQUENCY Function (2000 SR-1)
Range name (97)
Emailing Worksheets(Again) (2000)
Saving (97 & 2000)
Limit on rows export to Access (Access/Escel 97 SR-2)
Work menu (97/2000)
Moving linked files (2000)
multiple values in a cell (2000)
Invoice Numbers (97)
Calculating Age (Excel 2000)
Compare Sheets (Office 97 SR2)
Equations in EXCEL (EXCEL 97 SR2)
Different colored data points in a graph? (Excel '97 or 2000)
Columns (Excel 2000)
Selecting all listbox choices (2000)
Showing Days of the Week in Date Format (Excel 2000)
Rearrange sheet tabs (Excel 97 SR2)
Conditional formatting: alignment (Excel 97 SR2)
Adding buttons to cells? (Excel 2000)
statistical functions and procedures (Excel (version 5 and later))
Column Fill (V2000)
Macro inserts . (97 SR1)
Macro Disabled Message (xp)
need a formula (win98)
Filename Madness (97 SR2)
Swap Axes in Excel (97)
Still working on reproducing d (Excel 97 SR 2)
chart (2000 9.0.3821 SR 1)
Parse Blank Records (97 SR2)
Book of VBA Code (Excel 2000 SR1)
Macros in an *.xlt file (Excel 2000 SR1)
searching for help file (excel 97)
Calender Dropdown with TIME (EXCEL 97/2000)
Excel and SR1 and SR2 (Excel 97 )
Using find results in Excel (Office 2000)
Viewing Formulae (Excel 2002)
Spreadsheet to calculate ESOP? (2000)
Counting Rows (Excel 2000 SR-1/Excel 97)
x-axis formating with label (97 SR2)
Running balance (Excel 97 SR 2)
Formula Help (Office 97)
Database Query and Named Range Charts (excel 2000)
Rounding to 0.05 (97+)
How Can I Edit Many Formulae Simultaneously? (2000 SR-1)
Comparing columns in Excel (2002)
USing DAO to query XLS Table (Office 97 Win98)
Scatter chart data point colors (XL 97+)
calendar/spreadsheet (97 SR-2)
Sorting with blank rows in the sort area (Excel 2000 SR1)
.Visible command (xls 97)
Sorting and Page breaking (Excel 97/SR2)
Extracting data from phone fields (Excel 97/SR2)
Date Format (97 SR1)
Delete files from xls (xls 97)
#Value ????? (xls 97)
Using a CD-ROM (Excel 97 and >)
autostart macro (xls 97)
Excel Bug?? (2000 SR-1)
Split Screen (XL2000 SR-1)
Running Totals (Excel 2000/SR-!a)
Function NAME() to return Named Range (XL2000)
Closing a UserForm (XL2000 SR-1)
Excel Templates (Excel 2000)
Worksheet Links-Next Open Cell (2000)
Right click commandbars (2000)
Can' get date (97)
Unable to Insert Row(s) (XL97; SR2)
IF Formula - Date then amount (2000)
Save prompt?? (xls 97)
Calculating Age (Excel/2000)
Conditional Formating (Excel 2000)
macro to copy chart/ fix file name (xls 97)
Double-entry bookkeeping (Excel 97 SR 2)
Visual Basic 6.0 (Excel 2000)
Show last modified in Footer (Excel 2K)
percentage (Excel 2000)
SQLRequest (Excel 2000/SR1)
Calling a Private subroutine (XL2K, SR-1)
ScreenArea Visibility (XL2000 SR-1)
Auto start macro (off 97)
Range Name VBA (2000)
Maximising Excel (Excel 97)
.OnTime (Excel 97)
Search for Excel in different drives (Excel 97 & 2000)
Size rows/columns (97)
copy a formula into a comment . (Excel 95)
Link Problem (Off 97)
Adding an item to right-click menu (Excel 00)
Listbox multiple selections (XL 2000)
Excel 2000 (2000)
Format Cells - Currency (2000)
Returning text form of Weekday function (2000)
Referencing a cell from a header (Excel 97)
X-axis formatting - Help (MS Excel 5.0 _ 9.0.2720)
Filling cells with repeating values (XL97 (or higher))
RunCode error (97)
Compile error: (XL2000 SR-1)
What cell am I on (Excel 97)
sizing formula bar (O2000premium)
Happy New Year to all moderators ==> (2000)
Averaging Cells With Zeros (2000)
Formula Help - Range (XL2000 SR-1)
OnKey Didn't work... (XL2000 Sr-1 VBA)
ThisWorkbook Object (XL2000 VBA)
Can't print Landscape (Office XP Pro)
customising commandbars (any/2k)
unique write to file (excel97+)
Tiered Calculated Field w/ Pivot Tables (Excel 2000)
Date in header (2000/sr2)
correct syntax (excel 97+)
Remove Auto Link? (2000 SR-1)
VBA - delete last 7 cells (2000 sr1)
Import MSWord table (2000)-MULTI-Import MSWord table (2000)
Invalid Page Fault in VBE6.DLL (2000)
Excel autoformat (97)
Search for Alt-Enter (97)
Victim of my tinkering! (XL2000 SR-1)
Calculate timesheet and convert (Excel 97 sr2)
Xth-Day of Month (Excel any)
Who Calculates The Values? (Excel 97 (SR-2))
add delay in macro (excel97+)
Range selection with variable (excel97+)
Copy/Move a sheet with Validation (Excel 97)
All the Custom Formats You Want-Almost (Excel any)
Excel (Office 97 Professional)
write to '.txt' file (excel 97+)
Looking for a print driver (Excel 97)
VBlookup - problem (excel 97)
Displaying Zero Values (Or 'Un-displaying') (2000)
wizards in Excel 2000 (Excel 2000)
Using Outlook Dates/Times (XP)
repetitive data in colums (2000)
Count unique codes in a column (Excel 97)
Comparing columns of data (Excel 97 sr2)
Fill Special-Work Days (2000)
VBA Conditional Formats for > 3 Conditions (XL97 SR2)
excel, autofilter (any version)
Sloooow macro performance (Excel97 sr2)
Excel VBA Formula (2000)
Workbook distribution - Web versus fileshare (Excel 97)
Enable / Disable Macros (Excel 2000)
Disabling Excel (Excel 2000)
spreadsheet links to other spreadsheets (97 SR2)
Calculating Future Value (97+)
Renaming Named Ranges (97)
UpdateControls (Excel 2000)
Custom Function for Pivot Table (2000)
ColorIndex Problem (v5, v7, 2000)
Application.Screenupdating (Excel 2000)
Encryption Error (xl2000 SR2)
Calculate formulas (Excel 97)
formula for averages (IE - 5.0)
Multiselect from multicolumn listbox (XL2000)
Worksheet autofill reference in formula (2000/sr1)
Shortcut keys (Excel 97)
Excel Get External Data (Mac2001)
Excel.exe has generated errors (2000, SR-1)
Help with Run-Time err msg. (XL2000 SR-1)
Calendar function (EXCEL 2000)
Cursor Keys (Excell 2000 SR-1)
add durations - CD tracks (Excel 2000)
Sort of 'transpose' (excel97+)
MATCH function strangeness (2000 SR1)
Excel to Msmoney??? (97+)
Links:The OFFSET function bug (2000 SR1)
GetOpenFilename with shared folders (aka ChDrive) (Excel 97 SR-2)
Excel Add In - Template Wizard (Excel 97 on Windows NT)
List Box with multiple columns (XL97)
filename as variable (97+)
dates-us/european (97+)
Sorting (2000)
Graphics does not show bec. of low sys. resources. (2000)
ActiveX control properties (Excel 97)
Workbook slow to open when laptop is undocked (97sr2)
Multi-Cell Conditional Formatting (XL 2000)
Resizing a shape to make a pie chart (XP) (XP)
OT: Winzip 7 and > (Winzip 7> and Win NT)
.Filesearch problem (2000)
Subtotal Formula (2000)
Calculating Mortague Principle Due (Excel 97)
Excel 2K calculation problem... (Excel 2000)
Linked file usage (Excel 97 SR2)
OCX & VBA? (EXCEL 97/2000)
Copy Paste Special (Office 2000)
Change WB Properties (EXCEL 97/2000)
IF statment based on color of Cell (Excel 97/2000)
Saving Backup to a Different Location (OFFICE 97 SR2)
dragging cells (2000)
Copying Values ... (97/SR1)
ListBox selected colour (Excel 97)
Missing Cells for 3D Chart (2000 SR1)
Add date to a cell (Excel 2K)
huge duplicate problem (2000 sr1)
Insert|Name|Define (Excel 2000 SR-1a)
Excel Chart copying
Changing case (97)
Align in MSGBOX (EXCEL 97/2000)
Disappearing formulas (2000)