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Why is information missing in columns?(Excel 2000)
Control Source Alternative (2000)
Sorting Merged Cells (Excel 97)
sorting in Excel (Excel 2000)
Sheet-level range name discrepancy (2000 SR1)
Continuous printing (Excel XP)
Hiding a Pivot Table Field button (Excel 2000)
Macro with a loop (any)
Detecting if a file is open (Excel97/2000)
Copy-Paste Special-Transpose From Another File (2000)
Dynamically Select Graph Scale (Excel 97)
Profit and Loss Statements (Windows 98, Excel 97)
The Last Hurdle! (XL2000 SR-1)
Format Y-Axis to 'break' (excel 2000)
Worksheet Menu Bar (Hiding) (2000)
Invalid Page Fault in module ADOBEPDFMAKERX.DLL (Excel 2000, Adobe Acrobat
Empty Cell Reference In Another File (2000)
Adding to Validation list (Excel 2000)
Query window won't display (2000sr1)
Window Corrupted After Print Preview (2000)
Formula Gives Wrong Result (97)
Excel Spreadsheet in Powerpoint (Excel 2000)
excel 97 file will not open in excel 2000 (excel 2000)
hlookup (excel 97 sr 2)
Conditionally changing cell color (2002)
Autofiltering macro (Excel 2000)
As Datasheet (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Wrapping Columns (Excel 2000)
Default Page Setup for all new workbooks (2000)
Recalculate (XL2000)
UserForm Close (?) Event (2000)
Specify only Title and Prompt in a MsgBox.. (2000)
printing (excel 2000)
Compare VBA code tool (EXCEL 97/2000)
Password protected file (97 SR2)
Document info in a cell (Excel 2000)
Retrieve value from closed file (xl2000)
bi-monthly mortgage payments (Excel 2002)
Need to apply code to filter & sum (97)
return the cell colour as useful information? (97 SR2)
Userform error.. (Excel 2000)
Vertical Lookups (SR1, NT)
Backdoor to VBA project (2000)
Excel and PDAs (Excel 2000)
Excel 97 - Import of dates from text files (97)
Conditinal Sum Wizard (97)
No cell properties (97/2000)
Sending hyperlink via e-mail (Excel '97)
dynamic named ranges in pivot tables (2000)
Handling Large Data Files (Excel97/2000)
Killed by NIMDA, or ... what? (2000)
Constrint Value List??? (2000/9.0.3821 SR1)
Excel to Word (XL97 SR2)
Excel 5 Dialog Sheets (Excel 2000 SR1)
Combine Pivot with Autofilter (XL97 SR2)
Page Down (2000 SR1a)
Find method? (97)
No Workbook (XL97; SR2)
VBA Debug menu (Compile) (2000)
blanks vs. #NA (97)
selection of blocks of cells (97 SR-2)
Language problem?? (97 (&maybe 2000?))
Wanted - Recap of add-in functions (Excel 2K SR1a)
Tokenize Strings (2000)
Addressing 3D Ranges in a Function
stacked bar charts (97 SR-2)
Document vs. Print Preview (97)
Formula shown instead of value (Off2kP / sp1)
Sum of numbers function (Excel 2000)
Missing Formulas in Formula Bar (Excel 2000 SP2)
need help in excel (97 sr-2)
Graphing Format (97)
File Dirty Flag (O2000SR1)
From cell to chart title (97/2000/2002)
Corrupted VBA project (I think) (2000)
launch web browser, paste first value (Excel 97)
Control Source Property (2000)
Help (Excel 2000)
Duplicate workbooks??!!?? (Excel '97)
Unique values but no warnings with Data validation (Excel 2000)
Clear based on User Input (Excel 2000)
How to make a floating message.. (EXCEL 2000)
VB, Shapes on Chart (2000 SR1)
Reversing Before_Close Macro (O2000SR1)
What does Ctrl+Esc do? (Excel 2000)
AutoFill based on Cell Value (Excel 2000)
Hide All Rows with a 0 in 1 one column (200)
macro to copy graphs form Excel to powerpoint (excel 2000)
NonAdjacent print areas (2000)
Open AutoCAD txt file in Excel 97 (Excel 97)
Coded 'ENTER' key?(Win98 / XL10)
Autofiltering on Two Columns (Excel)
Another File|Open question... (Excel 2000/SR2)
ByVal vs. ByRef (2000, SR-1)
Date in Autofilter` (Excel 2000)
Multiple Spreadsheets (Excel 2000)
Counting names (98 and XP)
vertical text? (excel 97)
Read one Cell and Execute Action (Excel 97)
Paste Word Text in Cell (Office 97)
Auto sizing of charts (2000)
ImportWizard (Excel 97)
Restricting cell contents to numbers (XL 2000)
Data Labels on XY Charts (Excel 2000)
Multi Select with GetOpenFileName (97/2000)
coloured bars (Excel 97 SR2)
Unprotecting Multiple Sheets (2000)
Macro to Create Dates from Date-1 to Date-N (OFFICE97 SR2)
Displaying time per distance (2000)
Customized Functions (2000)
Autofilter (Excel 2000)
A Save in time (Excel97-SR2)
Disable Macros (97 SR2)
Open Word doc from vba (Excel 2000/SR2)
Charts (Excel 97)
Sort, Pivot Table, or What? (Excel 97 SR-2)
Lookup (2000)
automatically lock a cell (excel 97)
Custom cell format? (2000, SR-1)
UserForm / ComboBox (Win 98 XL2002)
Outsourcing an Excel project (Excel 97)
Statistics using Excel (Excel97)
Excel Page breaks (Excel 97 (SR-2)+ 2K 9.0.4402 (SR-1))
DMAX ?? (Office XP)
Hyperlink navigation on same sheet (Excel 2K)
Finding Embedded Links (2000)
Function For Days In Month (2000)
Referring to toolbar controls (2000)
Pivot table help for beginners (Excel 2000 SR1a)
no more custom format numbers can be added (97)
Setting up a Spreadsheet for Pivot Tables (2000 SR1)
Pop-up lists (Excel97 with Win98SE)
Macro help request (Excel 2000)
Fonts for Column/Row Identifiers (Excel 97-SR1)
COUNTIF or SUMIF (Excel 2000 SR1)
tab name equal to cell value (97)
Shaded area doesn't print correctly (Excel 2000)
Month function (Excel 2000 SR1)
Full Path Name and Doc Name in Title Bar (97SR2 or XP)
.SendMail and multiple recipients (97sr2h)
Working with date and time (2000)
Shareable Workbook-Options (Excel97-SR2)
System Crash/Reboot Coverage (97 SR2)
Controlling Toolbars (97 SR2)
Nimda.E & Excel (97)
Simple piece of VBA required (Excel 2k)
Data Validation not working (Excel 97)
ADD-INN (Excel 2000)
Problem run diff machine of my VBA/Excel (Excel 97 and 2000)
Print Area (2000/SR-1)
Slow linked workbooks/sheets and Jini (97)
Comparing Cells (Excel2000)
Filter a listbox (97 SR2)
Expand Excel? (Excel 2000)
Formatting (Excel 97)
Sum on Visible Cells (XL97/SR2)
Sorting a Column (Excel 2000 SR1)
Progress Bar: Saving (97 SR2)
Macros (2000)
Conditional formatting (XL 2000)
Web Query (Excel 2000)
Identify any 'corner' cell address of selection (MS-Excel 2000 (9.0.3821 S
Excel template directory (XP)
Open Dialog (Excel 97 and >)
Select Case and Currency (Excel 97)
Significant digit limitation (Excel all versions)
Does a number exist in an array (Excel 2000)
Calculating Elasped Time (2000)
Hyperlinks in Excel 97 (Office 97 SR2)
PasteSpecial class failed. (Excel 97)
New Records in Data Forms (Excel 97)
AutoFilter Excel 2000 (Excel 2000)
Data Validation List Box (Excel 97 SR1)
Automatic e-mail (Excel 97)
Advance Filter (Excel 2000)
copy paste worksheet (Excel 2000)
Excel (Excel 2000 SR1)
Subtotal method, breaks= true, fit to 1 page wide. (xl '97 vba)
User has macro that she views a flash
Combining cells in Excel (Excel 2000)
Removing an Item from ListBox (2000)
Data Validation (2000 SR-1)
Default page setup (Excel 2000)
Copy and Paste - INCLUDING COLUMN WIDTHS! (97 SR-2)
Conversion from 97 to 2000 (97 SR2 to 2000)
VLOOKUP Limitation (XL2000)
The Toolbar that won't die (Excel 97 (SR-2))
Insert Spaces (2000)
Accessing WB w/out Open (O2000SR1)
Info on xldialogs (O2000SR1)
Importing Form 2nd WB (O2000SR1)
Convert Word Tables (Excel 97)
Dates (97)
Limited Access to Trial Workbooks (Office 2000)
Worksheet (Excel 2000)
Run a macro when cell is entered (Excel 2000)
Insert rows & Nonblank cells (2001)
Concatenating a 'New Line' character (Excel 2000)
Hiding Personal.xls (98)
Cell Comments (97- SR-2)
Calculating Intersections in a Chart (Excel-Office 2000-SR1)
Record LogOn/Off (Excel 97)
Dimensional Fractions (Excel 97 SR-2)
Problem running sql in excel (Excel 97)
Adjacent Dependent Validation Lists (Office97 SR2)
Execute Code at Window Restore (97 SR2)
Add line to Stock Chart (XL 97 )
Nested If Statements (Excel 97)
Importing Text Fields (97/2K)
Addin corruption (Excel 97)
SelectionChangeEvent (I think) (E2000)
UnBound Listbox Headings (Excel97)
Macro Launch Keys (Excel 2000)
Editing a protected worksheet XL2000 (Excel 2000)
one sheet referencing several sheets (97)
make a list (Windows 98SE)
Quick Delete (Excel 97)
How do I start excel from a Script Shell (Excel 97 & 2000)
DisplayFullscreen=False doesn't work (Excel 97/2000)
Pareto Chart (Excel 97/2000)
Instead of 65536 (2000, SR-1)
Sharing Violation (Excel 2000)
Listbox items (Office 2000)
pairing up (excel 97&2000)
Changing Colour of Cells (Excel '97)
Delete Macro (Excel 97)
Excel (2000)
SUMIF Formula (Excel 97)
Reading Contents of Cell (Excel 97)
Linking one worksheet to another (Office 97 Pro SR2)
Extract first line of data group (XL 97)
Delete files in VBA (97 SR2)
posting a current date in macro (2000)
Paste macros (2000)
lots of rows (Excel97 SR-2)
marco ask for current mont (2000)
Directory Access (97 SR2)
Excel 'sub' worksheets (Excel XP)
Listbox Coloring (97 SR2)
Listbox Rowsource (97 SR2)
ISERROR Function (Excel 97/2000)
Excel problem (2000 SR1)
Graphing data -- Excel or Access? (2000)
Importing email addresses from Excel into Outlook (Office 2000)
Pivot Tables - totals(sum) vs count?? (Excel 2K)
Starting Excel Changes Clipboard (2000 SR-1)
Chart title linked to a cell (Excel 97/2000)
Sorting Blank Cells (Excel 2000)
Blank Workbo (Excel XP)
Please Help .....Dynamic Named Range (Excel '97)
Macro sending current wb (XL2000 SR-1)
Histograms and Class Frequency (97)
Special Cell List (Excel 97)
Excel98/PowerPoint 98 MS01-050 (Office 98)
Turning off automatic hyperlinks (2000)
Range to Print (Excel 2000)
Macros in Excel (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Alignment (exel 97 & 2000)
Breaking Links (Excel 2000/1)
06E0 triggers garbage in cell (Excel 2000)
Adding round function to existing formula (Excel 97 SR1)
Excel and Adobe Acrobat (Excel97/Adobe Acrobat 5)
Datevalue (2000)
Message Box (Excel 97)
Pasting Formatted Text (Excel 2000 SR1)
Excel Workbooks being corrupted (Excel 97)
Saving a Function (Excel 97)
Pivot Tables - Copying to a static file (Excel 2k 9.0 SR1)
Multiple line footers (Excel 97)
Average of several dates (97 SR2)
Reading Blank Data (English)
Userform Page Tabs (97 SR2)
Protecting a Cell's Value (Excel 2000)
Chart colours disappear (XL XP (2002))
Charts in separate window (97,2000, XP)
Update Links (Excel 97/2000)
Sum figures based upon text in bordering column (2002)
Range failded (Excel 97)
Search via Userform (97 SR2)
UserForm (Excel 97)
Sub Workbook open() & Worksheet_SelectionChange (Office 97 SR2)
Copying Info from one worksheet to another (Excel 97)
title bar missing (office 2000, win 98)
TXT to NUMBER? (2000 SR1)
XL97 Chart in XL2000 (2000)
Edit/Fill/Justify loses word separations (Excel 2000)
Disallow Typing for ComboBox (2000)
Excel to Outlook 2000 (Excel2000)
SumIF Accross Sheets (97/2000)
Calculating time ... (XL97)
Year planner (97)
Start VBA at Startup (97 SR2)
Link tick box to todays date (O97/O2K)
Formula Help - Re-Post (Excel 97 SR2)
Restore button minimizes instead (Excel 97 SR2)
Formula Help (97 SR-2)
unwanted conversion to dates (Excel 97 SR2)
Conditional Format to mutli cells? (Excel '97)
Cycle thru 5 WS with a copy, paste, print macro. (EXCEL 97 SR2)
Distributing a Toolbar Button and Macro to users (Excel 2000 / 97)
vlookup equations (excel 97)
Getting the first Character of a String (2000)
Copying Toolbars (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Range data type, Selecting a column (2000)
Recently Used Files (97, 2000)
Pivot Table - Ordering Text Data (Excel 2000 )
Links and replace data (Excel 97)
Excel crashes (Office 97 SR-1)
Change Management (2000)
putting records into a class (97)
Data Validation circumvented by data forms (Excel 97/2000)
Replace Text (Excel 2000)
eMail Macro (Excel 97, Outlook 98)
Nested conditions (Excel 97)
Excel Gridlines (2000)
Formula Bar (Office 97 SR2)
payment comparison? (Excel 97)
Counting number of weeks in a period (Excel 2000 SR1)
Finding Sum of X in a column (Excel 97)
Automation problem(Excel/Access) (2k)
Cell format protection (Excel 97 SR2)
excel searching (excell 97)
Adding A1 in ALL worksheets. (97)
AttachedTemplate.Path property for Excel? (Excel 97/2000)
Animated Pictures (2000)
Error trapping with Find Command (Excel 2000)
Copy Comments (2000)
Column width (97)
Macro to run when w/b opens (Excel '97)
Looking up a cell from user input (Excel 2000)
Save As Program Error (97 SR2)
Button Color (Excel 2000)
IsNothing (97)
LSD (Excel 2000)
Assigning styles to buttons (2000 SR-1)
Recovering from corruption (Excel 97 SR-2)
Concatenating (Excel 2000)
Custom Date Formatting (Excel 2000 SR1)
Calculate diff between dates (97)
Grouping/calculated items in pivot tables (2000)
Full pathname in Footer (Excel 2000)
Charts (Excel 97)
Memory recovery in Excel (Excel 97 SR-2)
Cell Name (2000 SR1)
Incremented Footers (2000)
Line charts don't display or print correctly (2000 and XP)
Excel/Power Point Patch (Office XP)
Footnotes (XL97 SR2)
Find/Replace dialog box changes (Excel XP)
Templates From Msft Website..?? (xl xp)
Formatting the difference between two times (97)
If statement (97)
EX2K Security patch executable file (EX2K)
Macros|Security|No virus scanner installed? (Excel 2k (9.0.3821 SR-1))
Shortcut in Excel 97 (97)
Concatenate (XP)
Snaking columns in Excel (2000 SR-1)
Start up macro? (Excel 2000)
Array formula (Excel 97)
Autofilter shortfall (Excel 97 SR2)
Drop Down Menu (Office 2000)
text frequency distribution (2000)
Freeze display (2000 SR1)
Random Number (97 SR2)
AutoMacro & command button (Excel 97)
Another Pivot table coding (97)
Pivot Table coding (97)
Stuck in Select (2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
print current page (Excel 2000)
Returning co-ordinates of the active cell (Excel 2000)
Dialog Sheet? (Excel97 SR2)
Post-Patch version number - MS page wrong? (9.0.4402 SR-1 (???) (Excel 200
Printed display not correct (Excel2000)
Creating and calling functions (Office 2000)
Lack of MS Support for Excel 97 (Excel 97)
Creating Forms (Excel 97)
Cell borders don't print on second copy (Excel 97/SR?)
Cycle Through a List Of Query Parameter Values (Office97 SR2)
Placing a SINGLE value into a cell (Excel 2000 SP1)
Rename a sheet - keyboard short cut (MSO97)
Weeks (97b)
Macro Problem - Saving Open spreadsheet (Excel 97)
Auto increment a list of numbers (Excel 97 SP2)
Saving Sheets as Files (Excel 2000)
Finding items based on criteria (2000, SR2)
Group Box Format (Excel 97 SR1 NT4)
Vertical Scrollbar Problem in Shared Wkbk (Excel 2000)
Rounding Figures in Excel (97 SR2)
Selection.SpecialCells (XL97Sr2h)
Active Cell (cursor) color (Excel 97)
Windows login name (97)
Formatting a single-precision value (Excel 2000, SR1)
Commas in Excel .csv files (Excel 97 SR-2)
Large scale printing (Excel97 SR-2)
Font color for worksheet tabs (2000)
VBA Copy/Paste Question (2000)
count text differences between two cell (ranges) (Excel 2000)
random lists (excel2000)
Adding Date to a Specific Column (Excel 97)
If statement (97)
Opening a HTML table in Excel (Excel 2000)
SAP Excel Intergration (Excel 2000/XP)
Subtotal Function under Tools (Excel 2000/XP)
Formula query (97)
ActiveX error when reading test file (Excel 2000)
Stack Dump (2000)
List Box... (2000)
dynamic named ranges (2000)
be prompted where I want to get/save a file (Excel 97)
.tif files to .xls format (2000)
SUMIF using 2 conditions (Excel 97)
Need help on count Fx (2000 sr1)
Multi-sheet report from Excel (2000)
VBA help screens (Office 2000)
Pivot Table Cache (Office97 SR2 & Office 2000)
Run Macro on event (excel 97)
Default Colour Schemes for Graph Series (XL2k sr1)
Default Summary Function in Pivot Tables? (Excel 2k sr1)
'Double Protect' (XL97/sr2)
File is being shared (not) (2000)
Weird Macro Behaviour (XL2000)
SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) (OFFICE 97 SR2)
Sorting array of data (97/SR1)
Convert Acrobat files to Excel Spreadsheets (2000)
Links closes spreadsheet! (Office 97)
2000/98 Windows Macro --> Run on Mac? (2000/98)
vba coding (97)
Sorting (Excel 2000 )
Getting information INTO a macro (Excel 97-SR2 on Windows 98)
Validation List (Excel 97 SR2)
Open File If Not Already Open (Office97 SR2)
Turn Button Red (OFFICE 97 SR2)
Want to break it (2000 SR2)
ASAP utilities (97/2000/XP)
Exporting information from Access (Office 97)
Send to / email recipient question (Windows98-SE, Office 2000, Excel 97)
Pivot table problem (97)
Creating a range name in VBA (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))
SelectionChange (XL97)
Filename Truncation Problem (Excel 97 SR2)
Constants and functions (2000 sr-1)
Tab to next cell (XL 2000)
Function question (Excel '97)
Find text in comments (Excel O97 SR2)
Wise counsel sought! (Excel 2002 )
Macros and relative Cell references (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Don't know what to call it (Excel 97, SR2)
Referencing sheets with FORMULAS (Excel 2000 (9.0.2720))
Excel won' t launch (2000)
Print a quotation mark in a cell's formula. (2000)
Conditional Format (97 SR-2)
Using Array Formula (97/SR 2)
Using WinZip with Excel/VBA (Winzip 7> Excel 97>)
Link to source data always changes (Excel 2000)
Sheets('MASTER').Copy After:=Sheets(33) (97)
Trusted Macros (Excel 2k SR1)
Compare spreadsheets (Excel 2000)
Sorting (97)
Reverse Pivot (97)
Userform in Excel 2000 (2000 (9.0.2720))
To notbrl in Ref to Migrate to XL2002 (XL2000) (Excel 2000/2002)
Migrate to XL2002 (XL2000)
When opening a single file, it creates two copies! (Excel 97)
Macro Code ERROR (Office2000)
Auto Generate Numbers (2000)
Type Checking (2001)
Excel (Office 2000 SR1-Wint NT 4 (sr6))
Have cursor appear in a textbox (2000)
Vertical line between two dates (97)
Close workbook w/out saving changes. (xl97)
Referencing sheets with VBA (Excel 2000)
Not enough memory (Excel 97)
How do I get my Ranged area to excapand ? (Excel 97)
Excel defaults (Excel 97 SR-1, WIN 98 4.1)
cell too small (excel 2000)
ODBC Query (Excel 97, Access 97)
reformatting a multi-page double column listing (excel 2000)
duplicate keys (Office 2000)
Printing Non-contiguous columns/rows (2000)
AutoComplete - switch off (2000)
Compare values via formula (2000)
VBA Help (97 SR2)
Report writing? (Excel97-SR2)
VBA UserForms (Excel 2000)
Delete Cell Contents (97 SR2)
Linking multiple worksheets (Excel 97 SR2)
Graphics (Excel 2000)
SUM function does not adjust the bottom anchor (97)
Autofilter showing particular cell (Excel 97)
Missing Printers on Printer List (Excel 2000 SR1)
Auto Save (Excel 2K)
Auto_Open Macro failing (XL 95)
Excel 97 (SR-2)
Code Documentor (XL2000)
Excel Amortization Template (Excel2000 sr1)
Custom format in XP (OfficeXP)
VBA execute on close (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Pivot Tables (2000 win NT)
Scatter Charts (Excel 2000)
Lookup Question (excel 97)