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Excel & Labels (Excel2000)
Paste Conditional Formatting (Excel 97)
Formatted Numbers & statements (2000)
Update Date (Excel 2000)
Lotus Notes and MS-Excel (97 SR2i)
Retrieve code from a busted macro? (2000)
Microsoft Examples (97b)
Automate routine (Excel 97-SR2)
Data ValidationDropdown Lists (Excel 2000 SR1a)
A simple piece of VBA (Excel 2000)
Spreadsheet doesn't update (Excel 97)
Lost trailing zeros (Excel 2000)
Path in Caption (XL2000 SR1)
Investment tables (97/2000)
Select Range With xlDown Doesn't Work (97 SR2)
Running Macros (Excel 97)
Neat random number generator (2000)
Data Validation, List offset (Office 2000)
ISIS for Excel hangs on Startup (XL2K; I4XL 1.1.6; Win98)
controlling Word from XL VBA (Ver 97/2K)
Colour fill/dollar format not working (2000)
Zeros in blank cells (97)
Echo Off (xl 2k)
Forms-Combo Box (XL97_SR2)
Unique entries in column? (97/2000)
Excel bug in COUNTA (97)
File Conversion Wizard (2000)
Page Break Preview (97)
Selecting Multiple Ranges (Excel97 SR2)
using #DIV/0 in formulae (2002)
Email links (Excel 97 SR2)
Extraction of "comments" fields? (Excel 2000 SR1)
Insert Simple "If" formula (2000--VBA)
Excel - Sorting (Excel 97 - SR2)
Polynomial Regression (2000)
Browse for file? (2001)
Shared Excel file (Excel 97, SR2)
Personal Macro Workbook (Excel 97, SR2)
Controling SQL from VBA (Excel 97 SR2i)
Countif across sheets (Excel 97-sr2)
Average using date criteria (Excel 97)
Excel lookups for Word gurus (2000 SR-1)
Cells show formula rather then result (2002)
compile error in hidden module (Excel 97 SR2)
Macros (95)
Charts (2000 SR1)
Sorting Times Using VBA or SQL (OFFICE 97 SR2)
Halt Execution while User Takes an Action (Office97 Sr2)
Autonumbering? (2000 SR-1)
Date Field (2000)
Linked Files (excel 2000/excel 97)
Sort (Excel 2000)
Settings problems? (97)
Formula Help Needed (2000 SR-1)
URL glitch (Excel 2000)
A near password-no brainer (Excel 97 SR-2)
XLM marco (Excel 97 SR2)
Excel hangs system (2000)
Manual Links (EXCEL 97/2000)
Excel97 SR2 Win98 (SR2)
Pivot Table or other method (2000/SR1)
sharing wB for set of users (xl97/xl2000)
Numbers vs text (Excel 95)
Undo not working (97 SR-2)
Connect to specific instance of Access from Excel (Excel 97 SR-2)
Sorting (97 sr -2)
Change time to general format (Excel 97)
Question About Excel (Excel 2000)
COUNTIF across sheets of a workbook (2000)
Add command to Tools Menu (EXCEL 97/2000)
Negative Numbers (Excel 2000 SR1a)
Absolute Sum (Excel97)
protect and unprotect (Office 97)
Loading a text file (Ex97/SR1)
Graphing Error in workbook
Exported spreadsheet contain ' (Excel 2000)
Copy Until Done (Excel 97 SR2)
freezing screen during "refresh all" (excel 2000)
External data from Access & relocation of database (Office 97)
"File Error: Data may be lost" msg opening wkbook (Excel 97)
Disappearing Sheet Tabs (97sr2 and 2000)
Cutomize Toolbar (office 97 SR2)
Convert Numbers to Words (2000)
Autofilter macro (Excel 97)
Win 95/Of95 (SR1)
#ref (2k)
VBA Named Range ? (xl2000 sr1)
Calculating on dates (O2K)
Circular Reference Level of Hell (xl2000)
Autodave (2000 SR 1)
Move Down in Sheet: Macro (97 SR2)
Lotus to Excel (2000)
Remove "bad" name (Excel 97 (SR2) Windows)
Get worbook general properties (xl 97)
Limited protection (97-SR2)
AutoFilters don't work when Sheet is Protected (Excel 97)
converting columns to rows (MSoffice 2000)
Excel 97>2000 (Excel 2000)
blecch - comparing columns of data (Excel 97 SR2)
Excel - check how many instances are running (97)
Define Name (office 97 SR2)
Replace dash with a blank cell (excel 2000)
DialogSheets/Edit Boxes (Excel 2000)
Export/Save a report to a file (Office 97, Excel 97 & Compaq printer)
Changing Tab Color (XL 97; SR2)
IF(OR) (2000)
Pivot Table (Excele2000)
Excel Star Posts (All Versions)
Email Excel Spreadsheets (Excel 2000)
Mail Merge (E2000 W98SE)
Combine text frm 2 different cells into One cell (excel 2000)
Using ActiveSheet.UsedRange to define a print rang (Excel 97)
Saving a Value from one run to another (MSOFFICE97 SR2)
Disable "X" Box On UserForms (2000)
formula to calculate date in years and months (Excel 2000 SR1)
How to set 1-row Range with Variable # of Columns (Office97 SR2)
Template (2000, SR-1)
Lotus Conversion (Excel 2000)
Not displaying #N/A within an Array formula (Excel 97)
how to make functions (2000 sr-1)
Formula (2000)
custom stuff (2000 sr-1)
Change Range Names wo Asking User (OFFICE97 SR2)
Insert with Formula (Excel V97)
How do I get started in VB (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Names applicable to several sheets? (2000 SR-1)
Transfering Data Into Corresponding Fields (Excel 2000)
How do I close a Print Preview window from code? (97)
Seeking better way to 'fill" formulas (Excel 2000 SR-1)
How to Add Time Together (Excel 2000)
Useful Excel Customizations (Excel 2000/97)
Useful Excel Spreadsheets (97)
Limit number of decimals in a cell (Office 97 SR2)
View PageBreaks (Excel2000)
Vlookup Problem (excel 2000)
Xmas Tree (Any)
Copying a range freezes computer (2000 / SR-1 and SR-2)
DSum Formula (XL 97; SR-2)
Auto calculation (XP)
Menu Code Question (XL97SR2h)
General: For Loops (2000)
Header/Footer Defaults (Excel 97)
VLookup Case Sensative (SR-1)
Loan Amortization/Billing and Tracking (XL97; SR-2)
chdir in vba (2000/97)
dsum function (Excel 2000)
Delete a specific word in a column (excel 2000)
Year 1900 Err in Excel2000SR1 (OSWin NT-6)
Format cell won't open (Excel 2000)
vlookup question (v97 sp2)
Speedy Routine (xl2000)
Unexpected #Name error (XP)
COUNTIF "H" and "h" (2000/2002)
opening a workbook (2000)
Printing Really Wide Sheets on Regular Paper (2000)
Query problems (Excel 97 & Access 97)
Previewing a file with a Userform (XL2000 SR1)
3D data (97 SR1)
Arrays in Excel XP (XP)
Check to see if File is Open (OFFICE97 SR2)
Mouse Cursor during macros (2000)
Macro mailing (2000-sr-1)
Weird printing problem (Excel 97 on OS 95)
Loosing my links (Office 97)
Appending txt file to an existing spreadsheet (2000 SR1)
Array problem (xls 97)
printing a form (2000-sr-1)
Wheel mouse & VBE (2000, SR-1)
Toolbar button (Office 97)
Cell Protection (Excel 2000/Win98SE)
Excel Graphing (2000)
Add Special Conditions in a COLUMN (Excel 2000)
pivot table for multiple worksheets (2000 (9.0.2720))
Fourier Transform (2000)
Special formatting for output ('97/SR1)
Pivot Table Update in VBA (Excel 97/00)
Resizing a userform as large as possible (97 SR-2)
Using Find and also receiving row location (Excel97 SR1)
Trapping colorindex value of CFormatted cell (2000)
Link update on opening (Excel 97)
Reformatting Text List into Columns (Excel 97)
Combine 2 codes?(URGENT) (xls 97)
Copy/paste macros (2000 sr-1)
Countif ?? (Excel 97)
Shortcut Problems (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Conditional formatting & VBA (Excel 2000 SR1/ Win 95)
VBA Protection of Books ?? (Excel 95)
Excel prompt (97)
Progress Window (2000)
Sum nonadjacent numbers (Excel 2000 SR 1)
Add new name to list box??? (xls 97)
Vlookup Thesis Project (97 & Up)
VB code (xls 97)
Adding up only positives (2000)
Animated Pie Charts (Office 2000 SR-2)
MS Map and Excel 2002 (Excel 2002 10.2614.2625)
recreate WB w/o external links (xl97/xl2000)
Updating Links to worksheets that have tabs (Microsoft Office 98)
Accessing graphs created by the graph wizard (Excel 97 SR-1)
last 6 averaged (Excel)
tracking changes (Excel 97 SR2)
Saving array values (2000 Sr-1)
Sort/Count the number of occurances in a worksheet (97 or 2000)
Font resizes when printing multiple copies (2000 SR1a)
show numbers as thousands only (Excel 97/SR2)
Excel Solver error (office 97)
future value comparison (win2000)
Cell References & External Links (Excel 97 for Windows)
Find next blank cell in column (2000)
can't ZIP workbook (xl97/xl2000)
Converting text string to date format (Excel 2000)
E-mail workbook with custom toolbar (Excel 2000 SR-1)
how does Excel initialize itself (xl97/x.2000)
closing a workbook (2000/sr-1)
Default location for files didn't change (2000)
Highlight Row & Colum upon cell Select (2000)
Pause for User Input during Macro (2000)
Trace values to different sheet (Excel 2000)
Unable to double-click open Excel file (2000 SP1)
No. of days between two dates (2000/any)
validation list on another spreadsheet (2000)
Formatting on unlocked cells in protected sheet (Excel 97/SR2)
Rounding-calculations (2000 (9.0.2720))
Change in Data Source Location (Excel 97)
Traversing Sheets in a Book (2000)
ODBC problem (Excel 97 & Access 97)
Help with IF formula (Excel 97 SR2)
"Validating" a UserForm (2000)
running a form on various versions (200/97)
Second Y-Axis label (97 SR2)
expand cell to take all text (W98, O2k SR-1)
Deleting rows of check boxes (Excel 97, SR2)
custom page lengths (excel & word 97)
Offset time by -4 hours (Excel 2000/SR-1)
User must supply password before close excel... (Excel 97)
how do i check 2 sets of data? (Excel 2000)
sorting grades and marks...please help me.. (excel 97)
Displaying Strings (2000)
Open/close xls from Access (office 97)
seting focus (any)
Bullets/Numbering (Word2000 SR1 Win NT 4.0 (patch 6))
Sheet Based Range Names (Excel 2000)
Msgbox "No Return or Halt Function... (Excel 97 (SR-2))
List and auto complete (office 97)
ToolBar customizations won't stay (Excel 2000)
Moving down a Column.. (2000)
Deleting Links (2000 SR-1a)
fixing userform position (Any)
Copy/Paste/Clipboard (Excel 97, sr2)
blank records (any)
Spreadsheet appearance changing on opening (Excel 97 SR2)
Using a variable as Array() Argument (2000)
Auto correct Name Format Entered (xls 97)
Combine 2 text cells into 1 (xls 97)
combobox rowsource (any)
Macros (Excel 2000)
File Conversion from XL to ACCESS (Office97 SR2)
Workbook Protection (97 SR2)
Array formula which includes (1-n%) (XL97 Sr2h)
Color the Bars - II (2000)
Automatic chart ranges (2000 SR1)
Excel 97 (SR2)
Comments (Excel 2000 )
Feet and Inches (Excel 2000 SR1)
Time in Formulas (Excel 2000 SR-1)
formatting labels (any)
VB Code with charcter not numbers (xls 97)
Something of a reverse VLOOKUP (97)
printing worksheets (2000)
Updating Linked Information (Excel 97)
How to speed up a macro (excel 97)
Page Setup problem in Excel 97 (SR-2(i))
Importing Data (Excel97)
Autocolor & Update REPOST (xls 97)
Custom Time Function (MS XL97-2002)
Custom menu puzzle (XL2000 SR1)
Chart defaults (XL2000 SR1)
creating a formula using even or odd numbers only (excel 97)
Formula across several sheets (Excel 97 SR2)
Using Excel to retrieve and update SQL data (97,SR2)
Posting Spreadsheets to message board (2000/9.0.2720)
Array Formulas and Dynamic Named Range (Excel 97)
Save File as Diff. Name Each Time (2000/VBA)
Autocolor a cell (xls 97)
Hiding empty rows before printing.. (Excel97)
sheet protection (Excel 97 sr-2)
User Input inside a macro (2000 SR1)
Excel as web page (xl97/xl2000)
Prompt to update worksheets (excel 97)
Right-Click Conditional Formatting (97 / 2000)
Excel (97)
Validation Issue (excel 97)
Selection.Resize(2, Selection.Columns.Count).Selec (Excel 2000 SR1)
Xl startup (XL97)
Excel's Automatic color setting (Office 97)
Display date on useform... (excel97)
Color the Bars (Excel 2000)
Combo box/macros not working through IE (2000 SR1 & 97 SR2)
Blank from referenced cell came in as zero (Excel 97)
Date manipulation (2000)
Vlookup (Excel 2000)
Date Format in Header/Footer (2000 SR-1a)
Excel 2000 Header and Footer (Excel 2000)
Summarizing data (2000, SR-1)
Help With A Formula (Excel 97, SR 2)
Cell Referencing (xls 97)
Quick Reference Guide (97 SR2)
embedding graphic in header (2000)
Using text to create functions (Excel 2000)
Sort on Protected Sheet (Excel 97 SR1)
Data Range Stumper??? (excel 97)
is it protected ? (excel 97)
Grouping of Data into Formated report (excel 2000)
Distribute an Add-in that also requires a DLL (97 / 2000)
Filtering Dates (Excel 97)
VLOOKUP (2000)
Save with Visual Basic (97)
Auto answer Do you want to update links? (Excel 2000)
Deleting the first 4 rows of a range using a macro (Excel 2000 SR1)
Scenarios - auto (vba?) (Excel97SR2)
Do you want to save changes? (2000/2002)
Perhaps a "mask" (XL2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Data Validation, Again (XL2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Revisitng Data Validation (XL2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
Send activesheet as attachment (2000)
Sort DATA into groups and Formated it in EXCEL (1)
How to determine if a comment already exists? (Excel 97 SR-2)
Copying data that contains formulas and paste it a (excel 97)
Dates (97 SR-2(1))
Capture Worksheet Delete Event? (Excel 97)
Conditional Formatting (Excel, Office 2000)
comments on charts (2000)
closing excel (2000)
Ideas Welcome (Excel 97, SR2)
Rounding to the nearest Quarter hour (97/SR2)
Autosave and file size (Excel 97/2000)
Combination of cells to give a value (2000/any)
Finding Duplicates (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Percentages (Excel 2000)
Active Cell Color (2000)
Saving as csv (2000)
How to move to non-default cell after data entry (Excel 2000 SR1)
Insert worksheet clears clipboard (XL2000 SR1)
Looking For A Good Book (97)
need template wizard w/ data tracking help (Excel 97 SR 2)
Pivot table - counting instances (Excel 2000 SR-1)
"can't clear clipboard" (XL2000 (no SR!!))
minutes and seconds (office 97 SR1)
Cylce through buttons ((97))
How to print all cells as a list (2000/any)
Auto save Tables and Charts (EXCEL97/SR2)
Borders disappear (2000 SR-1)
File Format not Valid (97/2000)
run time error (97 and 2000)
Mk Color equal to serial number (Excel 97 SR2)
Automation Error (2000 SR1)
Making an XL table a database that can be queried (XL97/SR2)
Days in Month (97)
Copy subtotal values question (Excel 97)
Excel Pivot Tables Data Source (Excel 2000 SR1)-MULTI-Excel Pivot Tables D
Annoying Macro Msg. (Excel 2000)
Modifying Row Data in a Range (Excel 97/SR2/VBA)
Find Replace (Excel97 SR1)
Determine the HIGH Value (Excel 2000)
AVERAGE (2000)
Bug, Maybe? (XL2000 9.0.3821 SR-1)
"document not saved" (xl 97 (win NT machine))
Transpose (2000)
Help. I got a Pivot Table problem. (EXCEL97/SR2)
Auto date worksheets (Office 2000)
Strange Behavior When Copying Down a Column (EXCEL97/SR2)
importing a union query from Access (Excel 2000 (SR-1a))
Deleting rows from a range (Excel 97/SR2)
Msgbox doesn't work (Excel 2000 VBA)
Importing Numbers from a UPS program (Excel 97 on Windows NT)
Frequency chart (Excel XP)
Pivot Table sorting (excel 97)
Custom Color Palettes (Excel 97)
Non moving pagebreak (XL 2000)
Dynamic Ranges (2000 SR1 )
Sheet name in a cell (2000 SR-1)
Finding Last Row with data (Excel 97/SR2)
sorting text with "the" and "a" ignored (2000)
Saving as .PRN (2K)
Array Position (XL97; SR-2)
Force 4 digit year (sr1)
How to solved or avoid ghost links...inside.. (excel97)
Caomparing two databases (XL2000SR1)
Data Validation (Pick from list) (2000 SR1)
Macro for charts with dif ranges (2000)
Macro Code for Directory Selection (97 SR2)
Reference Outlook Custom Form field in Excel Fn (Excel 97/Outlook 97)
Pivot table sorting (Excel 97)
VBA Project Properties (2000/SR-2)
Locate chart data for a selected point (xl2K sr9)
new menu item subgroup (Excel 97/SR2)
Changing the Active Printer (Excel 97/SR2)
LOOKUP Problem (2000 9.0.2720)
Conversion from Lotus (Excel 2000)
White Dash Lines (Excel 2000)
Move new worksheet to far right (Excel 97/SR2)
Array argument with .WorksheetFunction (Excel 2000, SR1)
excel is read only (excel97)
I want a cell to only allow a specific text string (Excel 97)
sorting question (MS Excel2000)
Sorting row by value (Excel 97)
Add a worksheet (Excel 97/SR 2)
Formating column (O2k W98 Se)
variable data source (Excel 97)
Excel Template - dynamic chart (Excel xp)
Ejecting Zip Disk Crashes Excel (97)
Class detector (97)
Inserting a new row (Excel 97)
Average (2000 SR1)
Using Variable in Worksheets (2000 SR1)
Regression (2000)
Pivoting Data (Excel 2000)
Question about Rank Formula (Excel 97)
Sorting Cosolidation Code (2000 SR1)
Query another Excel File (Excel 97 SR2)
Counting consecutive non-zero values in an array (Excel 2000 SR-1a)
conditional formating (Excel 97)
Identify sheets with links (97/2000)
Ramdon Numbers and Information (97 SR-2)
extrapolate a data series (2000 SR1)
Different custom views on every sheets ===> (EXCEL97)
Hide all toolbar and some sheets... (EXCEL97)
Differences between Excel 97 and 2000 (97/2000)
Pie Charts (Excel '97)
Highlight plot area range? (Excel 97)
Option Buttons revisited (97)
Range name using offset (excel 97)
XL 2000 (XL2000 SR1)
Statistical Question (2000 SR1)
Macro with input box to choose range of dates (Excel 2000)
Years & Months between dates (2000-sr1)
Excel 2000 Colour chart prints in black and white (2000)
Linking Formats as well as data between sheets (2000)
Pie Graph Dispaly Labels (all)
Working with WinZip (Excel/VBA 97>)
How do I have a fn write a blank cell (not a null) (Excel 97)
Excel Query (2K)
True being changed to TRUE centre aligned (Excel 97/SR2)
PageBreaks (v97)
Format cell contents depending on value of functio (2000)
unlock protected project (xl97/xl2000)
How to make a toolbar button for find&replace (2000)
Programmatically detecting grouped sheets (2000, SR-1)
Making an code in an Event available everywhere (Excel 97 SR2)
Fail Result Detector... (Excel97)
Need help with index match functions...inside.. (EXCEL 97)
Application.OnTime (97sr2)
changing cell contents from access (Excel 97/SR2)
Save Active Worksheet as it's own work book (97 SR2)
Consolidating Data (2000SBE)
Problem with sorting data on a protected (Excel97)
List Select in XL 97 (Excel 97)
Quotation in VBA (Excel 2000 SR-1)
extend mode F8 (Excel 97)
Show file path on footer (2000)
Close without saving (Excel 97/SR2)
Update on wkb bloat & 2 requests to enable macros (Excel 97 SR-2)
Custom Toolbar blues in Excel 2000 SR1 (9.0.3821 SR-1)
actions before workbook_open (xl97 / 2000)
Sharing Macros (Excel 97)
Problem opening a 97 file in Excel 2000 (Excel 2000)
Implement expiration policy (Excel97/2000)
Create Directory in VBA (97 SR2)
Workbook_BeforeClose and DisplayAlerts (XL97 SR2h)
If stmt e-mail (Excel 97)
Unable to Print (2000)
Stacked Bar Chart (Excel 97)
Subtotals/related records (Excell 2000/SR-1)
Basic VBA (Excel 2000)
Excel Patches (Excel 97)
Option Buttons (97 /Not sure)
Worksheet CodeName Property (Excel 97)
Header and footer colour (97 SR2)
Print to File (Excel 97)
Concatenation and Lookups (Excel 2000)
Test format from All Caps to initial caps (O2k SR-1)
xlquery.xla and Excel97 (Excel 97 SR-2)
Data replication on multiple worksheets (Excel 97)
Width of name box (Excel 2000)
Print Embedded Charts (EXCEL97 SR2)
Print preview,scaling, hardcopy don't agree (Excel 2000)
Fourier Analysis tool (97/SR2)
Excel (2k)
Headers (2000)
Ctrl+End Behaviour (Excel 97 SR2)
Year-to-date (Excell 2000 SR-1)
Excel Auto Save add-in (XP)
How 2 know which cells reference a particular cell
MouseMove Event (97 SR2)
can't save file (xl2000 on W2k SR1)