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Date comes out as formula!! (Office 2000)
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Auto updates
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File growing by megs at a time?
Find Linked Cells
VLOOKUP (a new question)
Print titles
Finding largest value
Extendable data sheets
Pivot Table
Insert file name into a cell
Write number in letter form
clustered stacked chart
IF function using dates
Chart appearing/disappearing
Placing Worksheet Names into cells
Chubby spreadsheet
"IF" conditional question
Ignore Remote Requests
Calculating time
Adding alternating fields
Recently Used
Print Excel doc
Copy/paste to filtered list
Date span
Named Range Changes Each Time I Run Macro
Advice Please!
Excel Add-Ins
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Statistical Reporting: Data
Does Not Update
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Hide Macros Excel 95
Excel 95 Dialog Sheets
Popup MsgBox When Workbook Opens
Numbers displayed as exponents
Save a range
Copy/Paste from VBA
Extracting URLs from hyperlinks
Formula Locked
slow Excel 2002
Custom Lists
Currency Formats - International?
Update Autofiltered List
Excel Configuration at Launch
Double click won't open
Search and replace
Is it open?
Problemas con funcion
Printing Labels
Variables in Formulas
Toggle Text
If then on cells in a column
MisAligned .CSV conversion
Error using 'Match' WorksheetFunction in Macro
OFFSET() referencing a cell in a linked workbook
New worksheet for change in value
Row Height and 3D references
ActiveWorksheet.Close Question (easy)
Illegal Operation
Self-Updating Label
Autonumber field from VBA
Name a range
Application quit
Linking between workbooks
Combo Box in spreadsheet
combo boxes & userForms
List box contents
Creating new file from subtotalled entries
restrict entries in column
Linked values don't always round correctly
Linked values don't always round correctly
Clipboard bug
Path and Filename in Footer
Map Function Patch
Printing problem
Combining code from cmdClicks into 1 macro
Deleting solver constraints in VB
Title bar missing in Excel
Displaying Real Time in Excel
Adding Navigation Menu
Warning message
All Macros Stopped Working
Coding for cell{end}{down}
Tick marks
SR1/SR2/.Pagesetup/System Resources
Formula Help
Footer Format
VB errors open and closing Excel
Interesting issue, Date on file not updating
Coverting Text format to Number format w/macro
Linking data between different worksheets
Bar chart with 2 axis
Copying Formulae with skipped cells
Changing pictures
General Fault Protect Error
Data Changes
Column labels
Calling Next Sheet In A Macro
activeCell,Calculate Does Not Work or pass value
Comparing 2 Files
Average of values that meet a condition
Pivot tables
Finding latest entry for adjacent cells
Mac Excel 2k error reading Mac Excel 98 file
Conditional formatting w/ negative #
Send To Problems
Comment formatting
VB Runtime error when opening excel
Normal distribution of following range of values?
Developing an Application from a group of Macros
Array Formula Assistance
Column of numbers with a trailing space
Sorting by color
Excel - Worksheets
BROOKE : Attention ..inside...
VBA Help Files
Hyperlink on a User Form
Custom Toolbar
Calculating Business Days
Outlook message from Excel
E97: Personal.xls
Add Password Prodect/Unprotect to Macro
Combo box applied filters won't work!
Different Page Layouts For Multi-page Worksheet
Calculation on UserForm
Multi-page userform
Cut and paste changes chart font size... why
Right clicks & double-clicks
Delete rows
Run Macro from outside of Excel
Importing Text File
PivotTables - 'phantom' data
UserForm Label
search and select using a Userform
Autofill the alphabet
Formulas Displayed
Problems Filtering in Excel
Saving a spreadsheet image
Internet Assistat Wizard
Nightmare of Links
If statement
Keeping Graph Format
Scroll Box Control?
MSQuery/Excel 2000
Tab Order?
Rename Worksheet
Inserting Word Document
Book on VBA
Intercept Form Close Event
Change VBA code during runtime
excel 97 - hard returns
Copying subtotals
Functions in Excel 97
Macro to delete file?
Formatting - Cell Addresses
Excel 97 SetFocus
Increase No of Rows
Default View %
Activate Attached Files
Footer doesn't print
MsgBox Return Value
TPutting text in a value box
Macro problems
Simple Click button Macro Does not Run?
COUNTIF and blank cells
referencing a moving target
Formula to Value
paste special values
Use what to open Excel file
Microsoft Excel Metadata
Graphing secondary Y-axis
Calculating Pre-1900 Dates
Make IF False Condition Return Blank or 0
Zip Code Sort Errors
Zoom + new window
format cells
Save as HTML
Detecting if a macro is present
Stop Auto Scroll
Maximum Help Please!
Excel 2002 New Functions?
Print Pages out of order macro
calculating a new date
Formating inches to feet/inches.
Input Mask Excel 97
format cells
Clippy in O97 VBE
#NAME error
More Information
Three or more Y axis in a graph
AutomergeField???? Where are my variable names?
Hiding a calculated PivotField
excel dates to access dates
Excel run time error
Custom faces on buttons
Custom toolbar & macros
Selecting Last Value in a cloumn of values
Always make cell A1 visible on open
Designating a Range Using End(xlToRight)
auto fill / formatting
Object Library
Spreadsheet recovery
Dr. Watson Error Message
Print 3 tabs as one
Sum across sheets with INDIRECT()
On open event for all workbooks
word to excel (line breaks)
# of columns in Excel XP
Removing Macros from spreadsheet
Name of sheet containing this cell
Customise toolbar using macro
Macro to Mail spreadsheet.
Margins do not fit Page Size
Printing Selections on multiple w/sheets
Renaming a chart
User input for a VBA function
Modifying a CHART: Select Data Series
Default View II
Excel 2K - default to 75% view
Relative Sheet References?
Mouse pointer misbehaving
XL Date Formula
Advanced Criteria-RANGE or AND
select a date
excel - foxpro
XL 97 File Opens Multiple Times
Deleting Initial numbers in cells
Charts & X-axis labels
Return "****" for Pass
Borders in Filtered Lists
Passwords, Public Constant
Ctrl+End aware of deleted rows
Growing File Size for Spreadsheet
Sheet Numbering
MS Query - data truncated error message
Highlighting Color
new template from old w/sheet?
next saturday
Recently Used File List
XL 97 Calculation Error
File Transfer
Weighted average
Latest date
Cell-position Conditional Formatting
copy 1 worksheet to another
Excel Template
How Does QUARTILE Work
Show all cells, print only some of them
Spreadsheet looks hidden
Time Formats
Disappearing Window
Not Printing Cells
Data validation / combo box...
Registry Settings
Why does a Macro acts on a file that it opens
Alphanumeric Incrementing
Access 2000
Inserting longfilename into headers/footers
Text in front of object
Vlookup on second find
Deselect Sheets
Unable to disabable prompt before saving on autosa
Auto Footers
Textbox decimal places
Print Screen and E-mail
Macro 2Copy equations down to last row of a table
If has focus, then...
moving forward in printview
flexible search utility
Last name function
Non-relative copy
Data Validation Pop-up boxes
Excel & MS Query, Edit Query
Assigned Macros in Excel
Add months to date help
Paste comment into a cell?
Is this possible ? !!!!!!!
Named Range Automatically expand
Importing Access query to Excel 2000
Data Form
re-arrange a list of scenarios
insert date
make excel runs like ms access query...
wrap text drives me nuts.
Could someone please fix this code for me..thanks.
Blocking Rows within Data used by a Pivot Tables
Macro to paste fields from two lists into a sheet
Marco or not (Excel97)
Scroll Bars wont print WYSIWYG
Array Eqs w INDEX&Match that return a vector
Macro to Open all Files in Folder
Unique Identifying Number
Data Validation Percent Weirdness
Sort in a column by the 4th character
Excel - With Statement
How to reduce Merge and Center
Textbox Control Source Syntax
Numbers showing as text (Excel 97 with Win 98)
Forgot macro names
Printing Side By Side Pages
To see formulas.
Moving databases behind pivot tables
ActiveX prints wrong size
Pivot Row Limitations
Listbox Properties
Finding a string in an array of strings
Row "AutoHide"?
Opening Workbooks with embedded automacros
Linking to Bookmarks in Word Documents
Unwanted unhiding
Problem with macros/functions
Changing function in Pivot
Opens wrongly
Can't read memory
How to plot dates
how to send photo to background
choose highlight colour & select column
Wait Method
If/Then Statements (Formulas) And Cell Colors
Excel sort list
Comparing cell values
select all sheets discrep?
Macro Detective Work
Forecast, Growth Functions
need a check box in c2 thru c44
Named Formula
Excel Charting Resources
Random sort
Referring to sheet names
unresolved crash problem
Conditional Statement
Excel 97 - Graph not to show Zeros
Macro Button
Goal Seek - for a column of cells
Adding time
Data Validation across several worksheets
Maximum Size of Excel Workbook?
Printing labels
removing/breaking a link
Copying Format
Worksheet Name Reference
Use Criteria and Unique
Missing colors?
Inputbox data range
Footer with cell reference?
MS Query, DSN, Password location
Auto_Open Macro Problem
How do I change where XLSTART is?
VBA Find
duplicate numbers
Hyperlink: name or cell
more about links....
button to open doc from xl
asking too much of data validation?
Edit sheet with userform open
Analysis Toolpack problem
Lookup a value in a table
Patches Won't Install on Excel 97 SR2
Pivot Tables
Macro Compare Case Insensitive
Excel 97 - Restrict data entry
Macro going through function code
Change Drive
Grouping and Subtotals
Page numbering starting at
Detecting Shift-Click
Chart color formatting
Updating Cell
Data Table Font Color
using Match & Index Functions alone & together
Dual Axes
Saving as Excel2000 Only
chart with dates
Seconds to Minutes:Seconds
Changing font size in footer using a macro
Lost path
Input macros
beep me xl
Remove automatic hyperlinks
Dividing in Excel
Function Help?
Freeze Pane Across Selected Sheets
Show time over 24 hrs.
Prevent #N/A,Ref,etc., when equations ref "" cells
Cell Comments Black Out and other Color Anomalies
Excel and the internet?!?
make macro run every 30min
Autofit Row height
Worksheet size and resizing
SheetChange Event
Formatting with quotes
Auto close
Excel VBA FileSystemObject
Can't add control: Ambiguous Name
Assigning XL macro
Dynamic Dates
XL 2K: Using VBA to check if a sheet is present
Setting Persistence
animated gif on userform..
File Extensions
Fonts & Clip Art
Duplicate addresses
Excel VBA PageSetup
Summing Conditionally Formatted Colors
Track Autofilter Order
removing links
Print Setup
excel dictionaries
VLOOKUP Functions
Excel Help
Random Generator -Excel97
Rounding, Excel 2000 Chart
Pivot table formatting
Data markers on line graphs
Assign OnAction to button in Add-In?
Lowest value in Excel
chhose comboxes from userform to run macros..
Multiple Spreadsheets II
Finding data using wildcard
Hide my actions
Count specific character in cell
Problem with conditional sum addin
4th order poly fit
Auto-open-sort When a Target file is saved
Strange happenings???
Vlookup to a bold formatted cell
Roundup to .25
Conditionally launching macro
vlookup links
Row and Column Headers
Last cell beyond actual data.
Pivot Table Item List Corrupt
shrinking worksheet
Converting Dates
Formuli on filtered data
Pausing in a Macro
Removing macros on certain dates..
Choosing from Form
Excel 97
Excel 2000 Macros
Formula Help
mixing chart types
border line color
Count by Date Range
shortcut menus
customize your status bar..
Picture Links
PrintPreview vs. PrintOut