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Finding data using wildcard
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Count specific character in cell
Problem with conditional sum addin
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Auto-open-sort When a Target file is saved
Strange happenings???
Vlookup to a bold formatted cell
Roundup to .25
Conditionally launching macro
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Row and Column Headers
Last cell beyond actual data.
Pivot Table Item List Corrupt
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RTF in Formulas
XL2000: Alternating row colors
Excel 2000 links problem in Excel 97
I need value in cell to determine the color
Excel Application Error
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Copying formatting in VBA
Excel chart problem - Excel 97
Pivot Table Format
Excel 97 Pivot Table Grouping Problem
Hiding data in Pivot Tables
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Opening an Excel 2000 document
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Format Cells - Default
Lock Rows in Excel
Formula Help: Sum If
Sum and then Square
Minutes & Seconds in Excel
Changing User Form Caption
MSQuery of a WEB site from EXCEL
Worksheet Event Order
Tab Order in VBA
Chart Printing problem
Not enough system resources
Excel 97 - Saving Toolbar/Icon Settings
Gant Charts
Changes could not be saved
Protect Formulas in excel
Find Blank Cell location in Range
Deleting data from the clipboard in VBA
Hyperlink tooltips
Date Default to Last Year
Date Format Defaults
Triggering a Macro in Excel 95
Getting the year out of a date
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Conditional Format
Retreive data from Access?
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Macro printing to Adobe pdf file
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absolute addressing copy problem
How to create a formula if 1 of 4 conditions....
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Problem with sums, average, etc.
Company Name in "Properties"
Modified Date in Footer
Excel filename w/spaces
Combine Many Sheets
Converting a *.123 File
WOPR for Excel???
Adding a Calculator
Resently used file list
Missing gridlines
unc names and local drive mappings
Excel 2K - Formula too long msg
Querying Access db from Excel
excel headers and footers
Hiding Formulas In Shared WorkSheets
Diff. between 2 dates, NOT including certain days
An Oddity?
Line Chart & Line Width
Polynomial trend line formula
Excel 95 VBA
Export Listbox Contents as Text
Zero Values
Excel Macro Help
Sheet Name References in VBA
Just the Formulas?
Error on Start-up and shutdown
Worksheet_Change event that doesn't!
Using Countif and Search functions
retain cell width when copying cells
freeze worksheet
Printing multiple ranges on one page
Cell linked to combo box moves on adding rows
Excel 97 - Using & symbol in header/footer
Data Link Madness!
Matching Via Code
time help
Out of Memory Error
Shortcut key for style?
Too Many Different Cell Formats
Create a List to Sum Data across worksheets?
Windows to Other Sheets
Enable/Disable a CommandButton
Excel 2000, Duplicate Information
Excel with SAP BW
GetSaveAs problem when filename already exists
concatenate different formats
Disappearing buttons
Excel file corruption
Taking Control of Printing
Pasting? in Excel 97
Macro virus protection and VBA
Excel 2000 Pivot Table Appends
address within Eudora to an excel spreadsheet.
Find Today
Delete Invisible Macro
Adding Values to Combobox Source
Referring to named ranges
Mock that App
Formatting Preservation
excel window gets partially minimized
Let's do a project together
can excel97 display like web browser...
Strange Behavior
Sorting Data messes up Check Boxes
Cannot Disable ScreenUpdating
Edit one person at a time
Immense Thanks
Excel 97 Annoyance (2 of 2)
Excel 97 Annoyance (1 of 2)
Copying page setup information???
In-Cell Dropdown Box
Displaying fractions in Excel
Opening workbook to current month's sheet
Date formatting in Text worksheet function
Changing Text from all CAPS
Array Formula Syntax
Networkdays and Today()
Analyze It with Excel
Excel 97 External Remote References
Excel 97 AcceptAllChanges
Print Spreadsheet
Animated GIF
Simple Time Addition
Leading zero's and sort
Formulas & VBA
Changing the sign of a number
Crystal report to PDF with colour charts
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Entering Formulas - =
Link to Web-Page
Check Other Tab Names
Hide Duplicate Rows
ComboBox List Fill Range
Colored buttons?
automatic file naming
Just checking signature
Making it smaller
SumProduct Formula
When to use array formulas?
Navigation Pane
Date format in header/footer
Service Releases
Excel97: printing too many pages
Adding Keywords
Hiding Part of a cell's contents
Learning The VBA Blues
Another COUNTIF Problem
Close with no save or prompt
converting a (julian) number into a date format
Help! Time Calculation
Month Calculation
Personal.xls File in XLStart Folder (Excel 97)
Set Print Area Across Multiple Sheets
Pagesetup Memory Leak
How to clear multiple cells & not lose formulae
Text cell fills with asterisks
Sheet and Directory Functions
Insert leading/trailing spaces in text
WHERE formula?
Macro execution at close
If statements
Tile Excel and Internet Explorer together
EXCEL Crash on File Open
Super large sheet
Excel Date Puzzle
replace a trailing hyphen
Move data to row from colume
Importing > 64K records
linking text cells
Footnotes in Excel 2000
Multiple Spreadsheets
Surface charting
"Page x of y" in cell
Msg/Input Box Password Char
Error w/ Pivot Table and External Data Source
Formatting data points
nearest 1000
Workbook Consolidation Design Advice
"File format not valid"
Illegal Page Fault formatting cells in Excel 97
Rolling 12 Months - Pivot Table
Data entry with a new Worksheet
Replacing worksheets
Data Validation and Dropdowns
Excel Charts "Bar of Pie" and "Pie of Pie"
Chart Out-of-Memory
split screen & view 2 pages within same workbook
Dim ....&, Dim ...%
Desktop Shortcut
find & kill macros
Page Breaks
Copying Tips
Sequential Page Numbering
Date Conditional Formatting
Mad absolute links
Creating an XML File with Excel
Array formulas
Sheet Name in .address
Excel chart not printing out X axis
Merging Excel 97 Workbooks
Custom Views (Moved from Access forum)
Format cells with same beginning characters
changing cell color on its value...
There's No Escape
Excel- find leading spaces
The MODE function
Private toolbar
A real challenge: Straight line depreciation
data filling
Excel 97 macro crashes Excel 2000
Adding a pathname to a footer
Creating Help Documents
Rounding Time Values Automatically
Wait, how do you CREATE an add-in?
Pivot Tables, Calculated
Action depending on contents of a cell
Excel sales commission plan
Custom Formats
Distorted font within Excel Org Chart feature
Cell format for swimming times
Pivot Table with Calculated Item
user defined function in footer
Retrieve Last Save Date
VBA Code to Disable Numlock
Open to a specific worksheet
Grow Only Part
Help with Simple(?) Formula
List Linked Files
Excel, ODBC, Access
Pivot Tables With External DB Queries
Hide rows based on criteria
Calculation Option Default
Here's a fun one...
Simple solution needed
Basic VBA for Excel
Hot Key for Button Click
General Information
Combo box to navigate to W/sheets
Deleting Link to another spreadsheet
Macro activation button
Understanding Arrays
conditional formatting
COUNTIF problem
Project management using Excel
Accessing document properties without opening
Array Formula to get text
Workbook Open/Activate
placing formula in whole column
Using VBA Array directly
Freeze Panes
Macro to Change Value to Label
Calling Help File
Merging columns
Macro to save filename as cell contents
Retrieving Workbook Filename
Automatic Links to Information in Another Workbook
Help with Macro/Function
Changed Column Headings
How to distribute a self-made add-in?
Excel Sheet Tab
Excel Sheet Tabs
Unable to access file in read-only mode?
how to display the Find dialog in VBA
writing a VBA macro
Excel 2000 Money Link Error
Can some1 help me..plzzzzzzzz..
Do it in 1 step
Opening Files
Embedded Links
Transferworksheet Fuction
Option Button Values
Access to Excel Tranferspreadsheet
Day of Year
Headers and Footers
Name That Tab!
Combo Box Source
Is it Recorded?
Detect Last Non-blank Row
Printing Multiple Worksheets
Excel 2000 (9.0.2720)
Magic Charts
Function Help
EXL97: printing comments
Excel Macro for Progressive Dinner
recapping scenarios
General Error Control
How to attached combo box to input/msg box....plzz
Autofilter & Summing
Finding Externally linked cells
Spontaneous Excel Password
Some update, some don't
Vanishing Menu Items
Userforms with a memory
Database Tables in Excel
Determine if a cell is within a named range
running an EXCEL macro in the background!
Hotkey Assignment
Adding time in hh:mm:ss
Format this like that
VBA Code to switch Active Workbook
Removing Name ranges in formulars
Differing formats for fomulas and constants
Brainstorm: Reports
Find and Replace Zeros
Cell Comment Author
Automatically Save as Date
Date format won't change..
Appending A Worksheet to A Workbook
Searching a worksheet from userform
Why does F9 not work all the time
Editing named ranges
Excel 97: Turn Display Off During Macro Operation
How to hide 0 value in index match...
VBA Code Help
protect Excel formulas
XL2000 - text wrapping
Pie of Pie
Control fonts
VBA Function in Excel97
Adding Status bar for Do.. Loop..
AutoOpen Macro
Adding Minimize Button to Userform
Lost a toolbar!
Project: Filesearch drop results into a worksheet
Display Proper Format on Userform
VBA code to save data
Margin Unit Conversion
Excel Resource Usage
Saving & Error Control
Do...Loop... Lockout
Userform on startup
Please fix this easy code for me...
Excel Loads .xls
Form-1st time
Any ideas - VB prob
Saving Real-Time Data Each Time it Changes
Calulating Elapsed Time
Using Macro to Import Delimited Text File
Excel pop-up filter
Time in excel97
Filtering a protected sheet
Password Invoice.xlt
Disable non-existant macro in Excel 2000
No question just compilment..cheers..
Inter Process Communications
Hiddne Links
Alphabetical sort
Stop user to print out our file ==>
Executing an Excel 97 Macro using task scheduler!
AutoSum and other Problems
How to scan a table in an editable form?
Increasing a cell value by one via macro
Save As- Without Confirmation
+ and - signs before cell references in formulas
PivotTable on template sheets
Embedded Word Object becomes corrupted
Data Labels and Charts
Strange Excel Problem
Date Function
Cell Reference
Switch Auto Links to Manual
Limit to Nested Booleans? XL97
formula help
Code to perform self destruction...
Importing Access Report into Excel
Custom Menus in Excel 2000
Day function
Cells across with value from other worksheet
Cell formula that increases by more than one cell
Need help formatting cell
MSQuery / Excel
Manipulating cell comments
Shortcut for Moving Columns
Application defined or object defined error
array formulas?
Joining 3 sheets into one
inserting a pic in the custom footer
Pasting "Special"-Links
Problem with Linking to External Workbook
Check if a sheet exists & if so, delete it
Date Calculations
Excel Addin suddenly protects itself
Filtering Text/numbers
Paste Special
Counting unique values in a list
Sorting protected worksheets
formating columns - HELP!!!!!
Number formats changed to European style
Random Number Generator
Template number
Excel 97
Export a Range as text
Comment Boxes Misbehavin'
Language Pack
Excel Workbook Capacity
Chart with label instead of points
2 Problems -1A bug(?) 2 A Help please
auto invoice #ing
Excel Recalculat Bug
Compare 2 columns?
import a word table
Notification of Changes
Excel Year Display
Function/Macro Needed?
sumproduct() annoyance
compute employees average workweek
Default Header and footer
Adress De-duplication
Big problem for me
Subtotal Question
Multiple sort in Excel
Insert File and Path in Footer
formatting columns
Combine two chart types
Excel find replace bug
Excel Charts
Workbook Capacity
Using Excel and Access
Excel (with Lotus ancestors)
Losing printer
XL Crashes with Formulae
OLE Link problem
markers on a log scale
Find and Replacing Characters in a Formula
Open Excel Files in new window
Limiting number of columns
Comment boxmber