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Excel 2010 Locked Printing Inconsistencies
Insert Rows - colour filled cells repeated
What's in column B
What's in column B?
How to sum 2 sum_ranges using one SUMIFS? (Excel 2010)
Pivot Table-Displaying Current financials Years Data
Excel 2003: Filling a form with data from spreadsheet
Alternative to search and replace filename
Create new workbook with tabs from another (VBA)
Calculated Field function help IF X OR Y THEN =1
Skip if there is a blank in the range move to next row
Still struggling with VBA for copying a sheet
data validation not ignoring blanks
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Deleting Rows
Pivot Table Count No of Items per Category
Cannot save Excel file with macros
More VBA Help
Autofilter problem
Macro to move data from one sheet to another
Recorded macro in "Personal.xlsb" only works in original spreadsheet
vblookup problem
Compare data in two columns
table reformat
filling a form from data in separate worksheet Excel 2003
Model Railway Timetable Excel Spreadsheet - autosort help
Matching columns on seperate sheets
Clearing a Range of cells - size of Range not known
Extracting numbers and data
Another complication related to a drop down menu
drop down to reference drop down in another sheet
Using shapes in bar charts
Getting rid of the #VALUE error
Macro to copy all sheets into a new sheet
Weird happenings in Excel 2000
Excel 2010 Average Formula Changes
Apply Macro to Multiple workbooks simultaniously
Vlookup to look up interest %
Having the option of which input will effect calculations (CON'T)
Mortage Repayment question
Having the option of which input will effect calculations
Decoding HTML Encoding of Foreign Language Text in a Spreadsheet
Search String for Duplicates in Column C then sum of data
Input file name into a workbook
Error meesage if Report Stops
Copy data on string name
SUMIF? - Sum numbers if a condition is met
Macro to compare number
Format mask percent column.
Find "trigger" resulting from drop-down
VLOOKUP Assistance Please - Many Thanks
Issue - Range.Row in range in formula is offset?
Identifying the last break in employment
VBA code to capture dropdown entries on a web page
Spontaneous File Link Changes
Hiding Rows
formula for addressing
Use Keyboard shortcut in macro?
(9,8 - 9,1) - 0,7 = 0,000000000000001110223024625160 ??
How to format one cell(s) based on contents of another (Excel 2007)
Count down in # of days remaining
Highlight Approaching due date & ideally display a pop up box warning
Highlighting one word in a cell
Is there a "smarter" way to move a row to a different place in Excel?
indbedded if with a #value! excel 2010
Excel 2003 CELL function
Graph Problem
Email Workbook using Outlook with two accounts
Sending Email with two Outlook Accounts
Excel 2010: Copy from all worksheets to one worksheet
Hyperlink to a UserForm
Automatin selecting and relocating number data from multiple worksheets?
Pivotable and other linked data to external sheets
Count IF code for Excel worksheet
Allow Group and outline on protect sheet
Help w/simple excel log formula
Excel 2010 - Unsure How to Proceed
Counting # of occurences of a symbol
Excel 2010 Line Charts
Sorting Issue (2010)
Counting text that's only part of the cell
Count the text and fix to template
Date problem
"Average" a Range of Strings (Like They Were Numbers)
Create a Dir
clear cells based on a formula
need to remove garbage from eml
Unique Renaming of Worksheet
Excel not passing parameters in hyperlinks
Delete Worksheet
text extract
problem with array formula
Cannot open up column a
Wacky page numbering
Compute average start time
Array formula explanation?
Show Status bar running code
Need a COUNTIF formula
If function help
Memo Field - Access to Excel
can I create a jpg or gif from an Excel chart using VBA?
Can't open excel spreadsheets when connected to Wi-Fi with corporate laptop
Need help with VBA code
Help with VBA
Excel 2007: re-made pivot table doesn't show changes in underlying data
UDF for sub array
Help defining 4700 hyperlinks
Full Screen Save As Window
VBA Code for SUMIF
I don't remember how
formula displays in cell rather than result
Manage Styles for cell styles in an embedded worksheet
Growth Percentage
Excel Workbooks.Open fails when file needs repair
convert printed text pages to excel columns
What if Analysis One way table
Troublw with nested If statements...cant figure out vlookup, or renaming
Excel 2010 on 64-bit
Can COUNTIF do consecutive numbers by dragging the lower right corner?
Finding common symbols in 2 spreadsheets
Need formula to calculate time duration from 12:45 to 1:00
How to make headings without using row number 1
Adding cell values based on a percentage
Auto Number of Excel Purchase Order Form
Calculating dates
Vertical Scroll in Excel
Keep comment or note in view while scrolling
Multi Users In a Workbook
Adding only numbers in a row in non-contiguous columns
Excel 2007, Print preview crash when mouse scroll wheel is turned
Excel 2007 - Bizarre uncommanded format change from number to date
Need Excel Macro to add diff columns
finding pairings
Macro works in 2010 but not 2007
VLOOKUP Question
conditional format (or some other method!) using icons
Office Update of 4/11/2012 Screwed Up My Printers
Find Cell in a range if Empty insert 0
How do I lookup data in a pivot table
Constructing a histogram in Excel 2010
Show part of a word document in an excel cell(s)
XL07 Creates New File as XLS in Compatibility Mode
condtional format on a range
Remove duplicates based on two fields
Referencing worksheet name in formula on different sheets
Row capturing from txt file
Adding formula to Vlookup
Formula to find Value
Excel 2007 Match and Move question
SumIF If Range Is Blank
named formula vs cell formula
Sorting for specific letters
Merge rows
Ssumming colored values using UDF
Amount at Compound Interest
Formula to find highest number in single cell
Pivot Table question
Macro to delete rows with 1 in column B
Excel 2010 array formula defined name bug?
Summarising Data
Finding first letters in names
copy contents of cell c3 to empty cells in same row throughout spreadsheet
Automatic fill
Formula calculate months starting from november
Parse File Name
Need help with format
Convert VBA function to macro
Excel 2010 Maco Question
How to change the content of an Excel active cell based on a condition
Display Different year from current
Paragraphs in threads
Excel vba to attach workbooks to a spreadsheet
Spread Sheets Subtitle Questions
Power-Pivot and Excel 2010
CountIfs involving time calculations...
Saving filters
Data validation technquied in Excel 3003,
Cell Change event VBA
Pivot tables in Excel 2010 convert to 2033?
how to combine the subtotal() and countif() functions in excel filter
Validation Cell Formulas
Protecting only sections of a work sheet
Scenario Analysis Problem
Regression Analysis Help
Unprotecting certain areas of a worksheet
Formula and conditional formatting problem
macro to Copy data from excel and add it to a possibly existing word docume
how to get the reaction rate (V) on an excel graph.
Goal Seeking ???
getting a ITEM COUNT on a list of numbers. EXCEL 2003 and upward
Excel capabilities
hiding formula bar and remove option from user
Excel 2007 Copy/Paste behavior changes when opening Outlook 2007
Clearing cells containing zero-length strings (Excel 2000 and higher)
Adding double quotes around numeric data field
Consolidate Rows and columns
MS Outlook 2002 data into Excel 2002 spreadsheets
Summarize jobs from many tabs into one list
Is there an alternate for multiple embedded if statements
Double Cliicking on Names to Extract all data pertaining to particular Name
Work arounds for Cond Formatting in Excel 2003
Excel due to Data table
Pivot tables: Combining data from multiple columns (Excel 2003)
formula to count unique numbers
Macro to Extract Data & put into Outlook
vlookup to pick dates
Saving excel file on server and emailing it through Lotus Notes
hard coding the a personal list option
Conditional Formatting for dates
Extract from cells to rows
File prints from Excel 2003, but not Excel 2010?!
Macro to clear Data including additions, but not sum formulas
copy data to template not copy the whole range
Two linked excel files - How to get them to work on someone else's computer
Number to Text problem
How to do a last column sort?
Conditional formatting 2007
Excel files side by side
Macro to Copy data from one file and paste into another
Excel Print Problem
Custom header - Excel 2010
Excel VBA to select date range for a pivot table
MS Excel 2010 Redline Comment Spreadsheet - Need Corresponding Pie Chart
Excel 2010 Random Change to Cells with General Format
Data from 1 sheet (form with drop-downs) to populate another sheet
Find the maximum value over three variables.
Need help with formula
Transfering personal.xls to another machine
making a form from an excel spreadsheet
Conditional Format so that zeros do not show?
Conditional format with respect to value of another cell
hyperlinks and merging text
Pivot Table Dynamic Filter
Treating Large Number as Text - An Excel Bug?
ActiveX Combo Box font size keeps changing
Add chapter before heading 1 in table of contents only
Copy data on date criteria look first date in column A
Excel Exit Error
macro to hyperlink
vba code hangs use 100% usage of PC
paste link chart excel 2010
Control Mail Merge to Word from Excel
Save workbook in My Documents using VBA
Sum only fitered items in a table?
Sum a single cell across 31 worksheets
Macro Enabled Workbook Issue
Script to auto generate an email message (Google Spreadsheet)
display filter
Copying a protected Worksheet - Excel 2007
Active component cannot create object
Custom formatting assistance
Want text to spill into next column
Roundup ?
Can't open a website link from Excel 2010
Excel 2003 brackets around $0.00
Look for last data column and fix column like final sheet
Hide/unhide a tab based on a cell?
Create before process wkbook formating data like after process workbook
How many Tuesdays in a range of dates?
Macro for Importing a Hymnal Index into a Cross-Reference?
Printing off names?
File locked for editing by 'another user' (Excel 2010)
Transfer numbers for summary sheets
Delete everything in selected cells not 123
Detect if the user has moved horizontally on a worksheet
dropdown calendar
Solver: 2007 vs 2010
Excel 2010 - Complicated Formula - help needed urgently!
Excel reconciling function
Bulk Xfer of Word data to Excel
Titles and Legends Disappear when Printing (2007)
Including labelled lines in a line chart
circle a list numbers
Finding a UDF
Column A Based creteria
Finding a cell . . .
Use Excel VBA to access outlook mail folders
Date calculation article
Why Excel autoselect multiple cells?
code adjustement copy data from every B2 and go for last used range
Vlookup of negative numbers - keep getting N/A# error
Office XP SP3
Text in graph legend has too much line spacing, can I reduce it?
URL / Anchor / Hyperlink information in an Excel (2003) cell
Convaluted Lookup
Adding conditional combo box to spreadsheet
Linking Excel data to PowerPoint chart datasheet - Office 2007
Copying one cell and pasting multiple times based on value
excel formula for auto generating record numbers
Pivot Table in Excel 2010
Sorting Issue (2007)
Interest On a Simple Loan
Match dates then copy data to templates
Combining same data from worksheet 1 to worksheet 2
Grouping rows with same values into pivot table?
Lookup in Excel 2010
Store frequently used functions
Concatenating columns, some without data
Sum button event - based on validation
Excel 2003: subtraction error ?
Viewing sheets side by side from different workbooks
All Unique Values
Sum for a range that has #N/A cells
Excel Commands confusion
loess smoothing
Fill in a column based on contents of another column
Sumifs Formula
Please recomend a training book
round up to next 0.05
Used range tto one sheet specific column to master sheet A2
Charts when legend doesn't contain all data
Marker Type Change of Data Series for Scatter Plot Data Series
displaying max number
Excel calculation is 0, but displays 1.77636E-15
help with work schedule spread sheet
Excel Macro or VBA IF/Then, Do While, Loop, Arrrgggh
Date format to every last date of the month
Conditional Formatting where results of the formula is #NA
Data help - pivot table required?
Freezing more than one column
Is it Possible for an excel cell to contain / store/link a tumbnail graphic
DateDif "md" returning excessive numbers
Copying charts from one sheet to another
creating a pivot table field for multiple information
vlookup finding minutes and accumulating the time to hours
Fixed-row criteria
need line graph to omit plotting zeros
add string??
Breaking up one sheet into multiple sheets by a row identifier
Data validation with a non-contiguous named range
Macro connecting MS Excel and MSProject not working
Changed drive letters for Excel files
Need help with page breaks and orientation
Title over angle headings in columns
new chart hid my worksheets
Excel 2007 - Unable to Read File Error Message
Can geomean be used in an array formula?
Can someone explain this to me?
Adding Minutes and Seconds In Excel
Corrupted File
cost by date, this issue makes no sense
Excel macro Error 13 Mismatch Error
Track monthly expenses: Can I do this in Excel?
Summing hours and minutes
Dynamic Range of Data for Pivot Tables
Extracting sheet and attaching file
Complex Filter
Using SUMIFS to sum a column when another column matches year val.
Excel 2010 : change text type to date type
if,and added to nested ifs
Is there a limit on criteria length - Excel 2010
Importing Hyphenated Numbers
Excel Chart Help (Excel 2010)
Formula results in a text and need results to be a number
Function\VBA help (group by catagory, then by date & sum for pie charts)
Close a form automatically
Help with VBA code
Combine Excel spreadsheets
Pivot Table Mutiple Consolidation in 2010
Unable to remove sheet from workbook
Calculate Julian date for current year.
Macro to copy row based on color
Excel Macro Filter/Move Data To Existing Wsh from a VBA noob
Active sheet tab color
Index Formula Help
Shared 2010 Excel Workbook
Changing default 'smiley' buttons in Excel 2003 Custom toolbars
Apostrophe's everywhere
Formula help needed
Excel Data Validation
2003 vs 2007 macro functionality
Formula help
Finding average date
Can I create a "not" criteria range in Excel 2010?
Exporting sheets with multiple links
Multiple Condition Formulas - Excel 2003
Interesting Article on VBA
formula/code help
Clock display
Dynamic Content in Excel?
Date format
How to get dynamic form data into a static sheet
Display % sign
Excel 2010 Print as Columns
saving from excel2010 to excel2003 - sheet contains macros
Return column containing number 1
Paste link feature in Excel
Move text in column to another spreadsheet, if row contains data
Finding 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month
Variable time frames on x-axis
Excel won't calculate newly entered formula
Filtering help
New pivot table macro hard coding the range - I need a flexible range
Remove extraneous data or move relevant data
Excel (2003/7): Need simple auto running numbering - like Word's SEQ fields
Wagon Wheel Chart
Excel 2007 macro
Need help with formula
Fix two rows in a series
Search cell color
Vlookup Problem
Problem with protection of sheet that includes radio buttons
Excel 2003 - clear values but not formulas from a range of cells
Stock Chart in Excel 2010
Format variable series on X axis & Chart Styles. W7 - 64b, Of 2010 - 64b
Learning drop-down lists in Excel
Number of appearances in a matrix
Signature date stamp
Change Graph Type
Sort worksheets in MS Excel 2010
simple "print" and "save" macros
Exporting to SQL Server
Display an image depending on user selection
Splitting Text string
Msgbox based on contents of a range
Internet usage chart
Returning File Size from VBA in Excel
sorting by Column A and adding sub totals
choose more than one in dropdown list
Case-sensitve VLOOKUP not working with Lower Case
Creating a hyperlink based on the cell contents
Delete Rows
Enter positive number & have return as negative
Prevent Duplicating Times
Add totals below last row via macro
Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data.
Excel formula does not show values if formula edited
If a certain value is found, delete certain cells
Reducing formulas, calculating fractions in Excel
'Predictive' text in Excel; 'recognizing' previous data entries
Force Excel to open separate windows
Macro editing question
Post additional data to a bookmark
Format a 'time' cell
Need to know how to see 6 blank cells
Goal Seek-Changing %
Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data
Formula to Determine Accumulated Total
Running macro disrupts links on option buttons
How to annotate values in a cell?
Display "(Multiple Items)" in a pivot table report filter
Pressing "Tab" to move cursor to the right
Search, avoiding extra data
Sort not quite working...
Protect part of a worksheet - which checkboxes to allow all users to sort?
Combine Worksheets?
Unigue match
How do you remove table styles in Excel 2010?
Adding the active worksheet name to a formula
Need an idiot's guide on to putting a pivot table on my blogger site
Detecting an Autofilter on a worksheet.
@if question for Excel 2007
moving multiple charts to power points slides
Excel 2003 String Formula
Excel 2010 - show (PivotTable) report filter pages
Two-variable table brings the same value if I create a copy of the tab
Stumped by INDIRECT and an external 3D reference
Excel 2010 Mark as Final
Excel 2007 vs 2003 email macro
If Then Looping Macro
Formula to display year based on the financial year
New Window with freeze pane/pain (Excel 2003)
Macro to Change Pivot Table's CurrentPage
problem using excel w/macros over vpn
How can I email a range from a sheet ?
FTP Problem on New PC
Sum of calculation AND worksheet name that it appears on.
Worksheet Hidden / Unhidden Status
Help with formulas?
Document Maps in Excel 2007 - How do you create/edit?
Microsoft Works 9 Delete Personal Templates
Pivot vs Filter - strange results
VBA to delete data in last row of dynamic range
Workbooks with reciprocal links crash
Name of tab in sheet
combo stacked-column & clustered-column
Getting VB Modules to macro list - Excel 2010
Email a worksheet from Excel 2010
Minimum, excluding zeros
Excel - Solver to obtain compounding interest and future value?
Open Worksheet in Toolbar
Is this an If function?
Conditional Summing
How to autosave a template?
Insufficient Resources
Need Help with a Index~Large~Row nested function
Maxed out in nesting "if" statements
How to copy a cell's data to another cell on a time change? (2010)
Sorting on Pivot Table
Export Selection as CSV
Ifiserror problem
Unable to print proportional diagrams in Excel