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Master work book get reference from both .xls and xlsx
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Unprotect check box
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Click on first tab comes up with Windows Menu
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% discount
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Missing Sheet Tabs
Can someone please help with dates in IF statements?
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Sumproduct (I think)
consolidating multiple data ranges by using PivotTables
Sumproduct I think
Working with "ranges" within Excel
Get yr, mos, days returns
Trying to calculate polynomial trendline coefficients
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Poor Visibility of Selected Cells in Excel 2007 / Windows 7
How to determine investment value with IRR?
Link to another sheet
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Finding duplicate values
Problem with responding to "Save As" dialog box
Excel 2010 Remove both rows of duplicates
get string return if MAX returns 0
Delete Rows Based on Dates, etc.
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Return date value based on the results of another cell that returns a MAX
Creating bulk hyperlinks in Excel
Excel 2003 time-series charts: pre-1900 values?
Locating the column position of data in 1 array from another array
Marine Corps PFT spreadsheet (need help with run time calculations)
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Keyboard shortcut to Unhide Columns
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Exporting CSV file using Excel 2007
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Random numbers
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Copying sheets to a new workbook 2007
Need macro to delete unwanted data
VB or macro needed to grab N rows from a CSV file and move to a new file.
Pivot chart formatting options lost upon data refresh (Excel 2002 SP3)
Restrict value of cell to Yes or No but must be Yes if a lookup value is Ye
Formula to Extract Data
Excel 2010: Need to increase width between two columns
Test for empty clipboard ?
Reference Formulas for Data on Other Worksheets
Shortcut key to get to last cell with text
need help with query table problem
Merging multiple Excel files
change look of cell when changes are made
Sum for multiple Conditions; EXCEL 2003
Need help with a formula for multiple conditions
Calculation - pulling my hair out
Sort a Vector Into a Matrix
Pivot Table GETPIVOTDATA field reference
count unique dates
VLOOKUP accepts only typed values
Excel running slow - can't copy/paste
Default Cell Formatting
Indirect data is not always available
Excel 2007 Pivot Custom %
Custom Number Format
Excel doesn't have delete or add row event
Excel files opening in 2007 rather than 2010
VBA case fucntoin for conditional formatting to update entire row
Predicting future (home) prices
Unusual 'visible cells only' in Excel 2007
Problem with opening wk1 files in Excel 2010
VBA Text / Number format conversion when opening HTML file in Excel
Vlookup on a percentages, as opposed to a word/text
copy tab names from passworded workbook
Filtering to inculde multiple rows
Delete rows matching any of a long list of items
adding more options/variables
add error string to formula
macro to delete Duplicate records
time values
Data Validation - Dependent Lists - one to one relationship
Totals in footer / header
Mail Merge w/individual graphs
Copy certain rows of data to new spreadsheet problem
Using COUNTIF with multiple criteria
Formulas to Values - VERY slow
Pivot Table Cell reference and Macro
Need help with macro
Date formatting; adding a 'time' to the date
deleting rows using excel macro - repost
Macros won't record
Is it possible for a two way List box for data validation?
Automatically constructing text strings
extracting data
Excel unable to save file; huge file size
Extracting data
Compare and move
What the heck am I missing??
macro to bold just first word of a cell
Extract the columns and rows used for a sum()
excel 2007 file formats under save as
Way (VBA or other) to lock pie chart labels in place
Prompt for Updating Links
Worksheet Change Events; multiple instances in a single worksheet
Pivot Table Calculated Field (Excel 2007)
Formula for calculating Utilisation
Form Controls
Changing format to allow Excel to CSV with commas and quote marks
Corrupted Personal.xls
VBA Error
formatting imported data
Form controls
change normal template Excel 2007
conditional format help
Copy and paste sheets to a different workbook
$ and holding the cell placement in a formula issue
Newly Entered Number is Changed when Moving from that Cell
Unable to recollect an Excel formula
saving to xlsm from xltm template
How to Subtract Sum of Several Cells from Fixed Number
convert a number to a date
delete blank rows
formula help comparing colums for matches within a range
Help with resizing a table array fore using vlookup
Searching for a new sales commission solution
Macro to Hide Rows in Excel
Change the month only in a list of dates on my sread sheet
Using SQL to query Excel worksheet from within the same workbook
automatically update value in formula to last entry
Formula question
Excel Chart on Grouped Data
"freeze" ?? block of cells
Ternary Plot
macro to select from drop down header in 2007
compute average with moving data
Unique Bar Graph Look Requested
Excel 2003 - Two column sorting
Applying style to cells based on another cell's contents
Complex data gathering
What happened to Shift-Edit?
Is there a numeric wildcard for COUNTIF?
Formula Problem #value!
Excel 2010 - Make a list of dates that run every-other day
Excel AutoFormat
Bar Graph Question
Average with variable, and days to average
Excel loop - offset problem
Column Width Tooltip
Macro to delete rows
Data Plotting (Excel 2003)
Macro in Excel 2007
File Save Date Formula
Excel 2010 bug
MEAN function in Excel 2010
Password protected Excel file-promptTwice for password for Original & Copy
Using Countif with dates
Data entry forms in Excel2007
Excel 2010 - Pivot Table Totals at Bottom
Concatenate text including quotation marks - Excel 2007
Selective Suppression Of Gridlines Excel 03'
Specify data ranges in logical tests
Pivot/Chart: sorting data
Excel (Office XP, Win7) crashing on startup
Fuzzy id a name within an email address
Cut the last character after a space
E-Mail List
excel 2007
Get rid of space after a comma
Mutal Pick Lists
Change import dialog default settings
filtering in excel
Calculating deadlines
Loading a UserForm from a spreadsheet
Copy cell text above if selected cell is blank
Dates, Conversion and Sorting
Time duration in Excel 2007
color in an IF expression
Row from Worksheet A = Row from Worksheet B
Nix Auto Format and cut & pasting from Web format
Combining two columns into one with reformatting
Format over Conditional Format
I need a formula to calculate eBay listing fees.
formatting text field
need formula
Excel-applying formulas to sorted data
Excel-using CountA function after filtering
Change Date Font Color
Modify Pivot Table - Excel 2003
Excel - sort or filter based on bold font
Graphing and leaving out data with 0 quantity
Excel - effect on formulas when sorting columns
Macro to show message when there is a variance in
Left and Find functions - meaning of -1
Missing shortcut menu - Excel 2007
Axis Scaling Issue In Graph
Help on multiple conditions formula, please
Data Validation
Selecting multiple values from dropdown list
List of combinations
Enabling Macros for a specific sheet (2007)
combining, merging, matching data from one WB to
Problems with data source linking
Show parts per million in Excel
Print Macro for Excel 2007
PERSONAL.XLSB fails to open
Extract 1st entry if more than 1 entry
Filter on Multiple Colours in Excel 2007
Cell knows its position in a list?
Excel 2007 - chart data
Combing data from 2 cells into 1
Show serial values for dates
HELP "Save As" button?
VBA Code to compute Percentages
check a file name follows naming convention
Line chart to show stock movement
Sum WITHOUT a formula
XY Scatter with a Vertical Band
Formula calculation automation by value insertion
Traffic lights in Excel
"above lookup"
Best Practices - Location of Formulas
Subtotal in a filtered table
Missing data
Merging data
Calculating variable costs per item
Conditional Formats in Pivot Tables - Excel 2007
Sum cells based on a condition
Excel 2007 start up
Leading zeros in variable-length part numbers
Command Buttons - 2 types?
Help with charting
Storing macros
Making column titles print on multiple pages
Personal Macro Workbook
sumif the first word in a cell is the same
Countif formula to count number in a range
How to compare two Powerpoint 2007 presentations?
Why is print & print preview greyed out Excel XP?
matching cells with similar information
Embed a Word Document in Excel 2010
pdf to xk
Conditional formatting (Excel 2003 & 2007)
Using Index & Match Formula
Chart only cells with data
Excel does not print 6 or 8 (these two digits)!
Problem with Dynamic Range
Minimum Text Cell Length 25 Characters
Slicer option disabled - XL2010
Centering Text in cell using keystrokes
Determining Prev Months & Year
Online Excel Courses
Automate long task (Excel 2007)
Address of last non-blank cell in a column
ODBC Connection Failure
Help Needed to fix a formula
Freezing a particular column
Match (I think)
Use of Iserror within Formula
copy formatting while using formula
Password protecting excel over internet
Multiple Drop down list with spaces
Formula to change when new col inserted and mont
VBA Error in Excel 2010
Need help build tool in Excel
Extract the cell address
Alpha Numeric Sorting
Can't access function in my add-in
Excel 97 - formula virus help needed
Total from drop down list
2003 to 2007 Conversion of Inventory Spreadsheet
Use of OR within a Sumproduct
Excel 2007 dramatically increased file size
Is there a faster way?
Dragging cells removes borders and fill
have to click spreadsheet to return from printer
Pivot table - custom Calculation
Worksheet hangs approx every 30 secs
Excel 2000 Format changed mysteriously
VBA Solution to Load File to SFTP
Recent Documents list in Excel 2007
conditional format only if output from formula
Sorting data in cells with formulas
Chart Help
Named Cells
Array to row/column?
add another condition to iserror
Macro to zero values, except text & sum formula
Excel 2003 can't find personal.xls
incorporate cell name in output
Sort doesn't work (I think)
Adding a Function to Excel
Formula Help
Formatting Text with extra leading
Removing a password Excel 2007
Excel 2003 - Pivot Table
Converting date formats in Excel
copy original formulas from another spreadsheet
Formula Tracing Add-In
Annual interest amount using monthly formula
Faxing Workbook Sends 2 Blank Pages
Toggle Button
LOOKUP in OpenOffice sometimes retruns error
Excel Add-In
Decreasing Cell Reference
Time & Formula Usage
Help with SUMIF formula
Data Validation dropdown box
Find the Hidden Columns
Querying a spreadsheet
Moving comments closer to parent cell
Print with gradient fill in cell(s)
Click to Store Data
Date Range along with Week Num
Android Spreadsheet
Sharing VBA Events Code With Others
Excel 03 Correlation Analysis
Create a swim lane when I enter start and end dt
Automate data validation with vlookup
Moving Y axis - Excel 2002
Router problem
Excel 2007 Trendlines - Ignore Empty Cells
Open Excel
Subtract text/date columns
Detecting a referenced cell change - Excel 2003
Learning how to use arrays more effectively
Excel 2007 Delimiters
Problem with pivot table
De-nesting Columns in Excel Pivot Table
Variable doesn't want to work
do not Sum if a cell is blank
Random number
highlighting a cell relative to the active cell
left arrow during data entry - Excel
Hide / unhide range of columns with one click
Excel VBA halting on coworker's computer
Status Message userform
Pivot Table 2010 Layout
Smart Tags
Moving a formula from one cell to another
Daily Record Count Trends
Testing for the existence of a cell name
Hidden settings to prevent recalc?
Need Pop-up date picker calendar for Excel
Number to Text
Network printing from Excel 2003
Message Box activated quarterly
Measuring the accuracy of a prediction
Close one workbook, open another
conditional formatting