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MS Excel
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numbr with 3 decimal
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Sorting multiple rows/columns excel 2007
rounding convention
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Front Page 2007
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where is/are the macros?
Multiple Parameters
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age calculation, XL2003 SP3
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insert multiple csv files into multiple workshee
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Maximum Size of a VBA Array in Excel 2007
Count and Sum on Multiple Criteria in Excel 2007
Missing User Form
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Delete Duplicates in One Workbook
Changes to Controls on User form are Lost
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Array Help
Annoying "Do you want to save.." Dialog Box
Convert entire column from F to C
Sorting With Formulas
Merge Sheet Data
How do I import web data into a cell
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Deleting Duplicates
Macros don't run, app don't ask
Disable On Open Event in VBA
Compatibility options
open excelXP in 2007 print drawing objects
Count cells with a future date
Deleting Rows With Subtotals
FOR NEXT control
Now function in Excel
Highlighting individual characters in a cell
Increment numbers
IF statement to find cells with subtotals?
Macro to sort by month
Hidding Contents Of A Cell In The Formula Bar
Highlight Cells
Macro to Copy & range value
Very slow Excel spreadsheets
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Using Offset Function where Column Changes
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Named Range Leads to Crash
Last date used for a specific client
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Category: dates
Copy and paste in Excel
Powerpoint - Excel stays open (2007)
Hide ribbon if present
.xlr to excel 2007
Time sheet woes
Entering serial numbers
Hyperlinks Everywhere
formula to return all matches from a list
Formula bar
Sheet/Tab Name Automatically In Cell A1
Count a column based on multiple criteria
Excel - macro enabled?
Transfer color palette
Totalling cell values by week over 12 sheets.
Refer to previous sheet
Data Validation
Entering dates without typing slashes
Conditional Lookup based on two values
Matching Dates
Confused about security level for macros
export in a FORTRAN format
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Help to change a formula please (Excel 2003 SP3)
Excel 2003 Screen Painting Error Patch
Cell format
Import External Data - Excel 2003
Pop-up calendar
Workbook says read only - non commercial use
Text LookUp More Than One Condition
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Print Two Sided
How to do Grouping
Lookup and add to cell
Strange request - probably needs VBA
Conditional Formatting
Can't change x axis min/max data
Counting Nonblanks based on another Column
Date Format not Showing Conversion
Removing pivot table formatting in 2007
automatic update of linked data
Database Query
Conditional Formating - Excel 2003 SP3
MS Excel
Layout / Feasability advice please (2003 SP3)
subtract on date
Getting back 2003 add-ins
Need to Always have Macro available
Attach ORG-chart
45 degree angle of chart text
Select Random Number of Rows in a Range
number of consecutive days of value exceedance
Color text or cell shading
replace blank space in a string
How to link Excel sheet with Powerpoint ppt
Cell evaluating to zero displaying as blank
remove blank dates from chart (2007)
Pivot table charts
Best way to insert values
Name a shape?
External question for internal data source pivot
Formula assistance please
Toggle SendMail Warning Message
Adding a text prefix to a formula result?
Frequent Numbers
Recovered PERSONAL.xls
xlColorIndexAutomatic (Excel 03)
Copy from worksheets into one based on date
Find merged cells
Moving XL windows to another screen - Excel 2003
Circular reference issue
Hyperlink works in Outlook, not in Excel
Change list Orientation
Using COUNTIF on cells with formulas
can't save or find excel schedules
Prevent macro from running when ...
Conditional formatting between worksheets
Make all formula references absolute
summing range
Batch Change Password Protected Excel Worksheets
Trying to Insert,resize cell and photo using VBA
Logical Function with Vlookup
Color Shape hierarchical
Remove one database's entries from another
Excel 2003: Cell inner margins
Add Word table data to Excel
Help - missing personal.xls
Enabling Macro prompt
calculate the weights
Adding extra data to Date Validation cell
Pop-up form leaves trail when drag across screen
VLOOKUP issue in Excel 2007
VBA Format Data Point Graphics
AutoFit height on a wrap text, merged cells
Paste Buffer in Excel
Colouring Cells (Excel 2003 SP3)
Reuse of XLA's (cross referencing functions)
"Too many different cell formats."
Name worksheets after a cell value
adding new items in pivot table
Counting colored cells
Assistance With Modifying Data Validation Entry
subtotal results "drill-down"
Cell show formula not result
Combo Box (form control)
Want a Pop-up to display a chart
StDev of sub range
Filling a cell from one worksheet to another
Chart with non-consecutive dates
EXCEL, Office 12, MS Office Home-Version
Same sub in many worksheets (Excel 2003 SP3)
Excel 4.0 Macro Functions
Change Event - Excel 2003
Cell reference problem (EXcel 2003 SP3)
Rounddown affecting caculations
Compare row with column
Compile error in hidden module: User Form 3 ?
Excel Lookup 2003
Formula to extract last filtered item
Formula to count characters in a formula?
Data Validation; match data in a column
Macro to clear data
How to count disparate values?
Excel 2003 Running Column Totals
Excel comments
Edit - Replace
Evaluate which quarter
Password protected files
Convert a % Column to $
runtime error 75
How to sort row cells?
Named Ranges in VBA (Excel 2007)
Problem using temporary recordsets
Formatting a Chart Axis Number (Scale)
Favorite in "My Places"
blank cell
Hidden Combo
Spreadshet only opens with the VIEW tab selecte
Compare and merge worksheets in Microsoft Excel
Excel 2003 thinks things are dates
Excel 2003 crash on reference to another sheet
Pivot table problem
Formula rationalisation / simplification
A universal directory for XP, Vista and 7 ?
Can I augment selection from a list?
Startup Template - Excel 2007/Vista
Error Handling
2 editors - 1 file - Excel 2003; Windows XP;
Counting Data Entries in Excel
MAcro cyping data info different sheets
file highlights
Transpose grouped items into single column
copying one worksheet to another workbook
Please check my Sumproduct
Excel cells erroneously selected
Fixing short date format in Win 7 (Excel 2000)
Lotus Symphony
compare several columns
Repeat rows in Page Setup is unavailable
Screen size issue
Counting addends
Can I add a yearly cumlative total to weekly sht
logic test for copying data
Data validation box size
Clearing Pivot Table filters
Spreadsheet In Use Error
Sort with multiple decimal places
Showing 2 sheets at the same time
Search function
pivot table set all row field sums to none
Export to Access
Calculate missing figure?
Have @Sum treat text in cells as zeros
Can I dock my form
Top left cell
SendMail to Notes
SUMPRODUCT letters and numbers
Matching one column in 2 sheets
Macros issues in 2007
Userform to unprotect and Unhide Cells
Truly Empty Cells
Get text out of a shape into a cell
VBA Solution to EOMonth
Event subs not running
Function Assistance
Link to another spreadsheet using Defined Names
Build Work Breakdown Structure in Excel
VLOOKUP result when no match found
Array Help
Macros won't run
Display color in Excel 2003
Reason to be
excel dropdown list
Multiple stacks in column graphs
Networking an Excel workbook ?
Displaying text in a template
Streamline printing multiple areas
Blank Excel Cells
UPPER function doesn't seem to work
COUNTIF referecing different file
Making a cell read-only
Formula in Excel 2007
Help with countif function (Excel 2000)
Indicator if condition is present
Display today's date within Chart
Max returns a Column Name
Preventing auto_open and Workbook_Open events
hotlinks to file system objects
Macro to add missing leading zeros before sort
Force User Defined Functions to calculate
colorindex problem
Annoying Prompt on .XLS Save in Excel 2007
Problem with excel userform printing docm
Open Office Programming / Automation
Replacing 2007 ribbons
Excel 2003 - links break
Sorting table rows containing merged cells
worksheet function
Read Only Files
Startup Excel and run macro sometimes
syntax for logical tests
autocomplete for lists
First Monday of the month - conditional format
Month Formula
Excel 2007 Is Very Slow
fill (color) only unfilled (uncolored) cells
Is there a formula for this?
Lotus Smart Suite & Win 7 64bit
Advanced Filtering (?)
Automatic saveas xls (Excel 2003)
Row shading changes when value changes
A Factorial List
Wrong Results
Syntax to check 2 cells sum zero
conditional formatting to detect nulls
Filtering Rows
Match, Index, Vlookup Combinations
Replace all formulas with values (& Pivot Tables
Autosave file recovery question
Excel Crashes on Copy and Paste
NETWORKDAYS function not working
Creating multiple copies of a worksheet
Excel 2007 and Win7 Taskbar Preview
Sorting limitations
Sort by formula in Excel
cell value repeats
Problem with "on change" VBS
Summarize data - multiple conditions
Excel to dial the Phone
"IF" odd number question
Quadratic Interpolation
Time formula problem
Printing Excel 2007 in Windows 7
Inserting file name and path?
Turn off query wizard in Excel03
Autosum in Filtered List
Multiple Substitutions
Updating hyperlink when inserting rows
Get rid of Personal.xls
Ensure that filter is null
save file as....
USING Multiple if and OR
convert date from texte but in antother format
Reactivate Excel once email sent
Advanced Filter Criteria
Negative times in formulas
Formula: Calender and Fiscal years
Want to read color of condtional formatted cell
Commandbar popup
OPEN sheet (tabele) with jet 4.0
Excel Matching
countif with changing range
Convert comma list to array
Can't see highlighted cells in Excel 2007
Updating charts
Macro to change Scroll Bar Maximum Number in For
Excel Formula
How to fill empty cells?
charts-conditional format data points
Unhide, refresh, hide problem
Hiding cells- set range object
Hyperlinks to bookmark in Word doc
Macro to go to end of the row
Calculating Mileages
Anchor shapes into shapes
Return address of commented cell
Business day math
VBA that will only open workbook 10 times
Selecting a list box item
Formula to insert worksheet name
Protect Cells in Excel (Formatting Only)
Copy a range of cells and paste into one cell
Removing a dash and everything thereafter
Concantenate and Dates
Create Access table
Cell clear contents
date of minimum value
Copy picture
ms query - fill down not resetting
Adding a trendline to a chart
SUMIF (if possible)
Screenupdating and listboxes
SUMIF with an OR argument
Object instead of a Picture
remove dashes in SSN
Default Chart format
Calculating Hours for 24 hour roster
If/Then based on day of week
Sumproduct (?)
Copy and paste charts
dll not found
How do I eliminate a 0 in a target link
Timer in Excel?
Goal Seek
Finding incompatibilities
Tiered Charges