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Macro (Excel 2003)
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dates in 'text' format need to be put in proper order for importing to outlook
If function
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Establish file size
Open Google map quest
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Page # in Background on Screen and Print
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Can items listed in a filter be copied to the spreadsheet
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EXcel to Outlook
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Send email using yahoo
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SUMPRODUCT with multiple criteria
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Using a UserForm to open a PDF file
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Calculation set to Manual and Workbook Size Limit
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Data merge code
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Cannot shift nonblank cells of the worksheet
Excel Conditional Totals
Insert Blank rows in Excel
Convert measurements to 1/16 inches
Filter disappears when Web Query refreshes
UserForm Startup Position
Need to enhance formula...
Removing * from cells (2003)
Looking for a Better Solution
using date - time
Custom Menu Bar
Conditional Formatting for a Drawing Object?
DIR Function
Personal XLS File
Excel Cell display more than 255 characters
Using VBA to copy and save a folder
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Boston Risk Matrix - Graphing
Go To New Record with SQL tables error
Add-in (Excel 2003)
Embed a Photo
What does CODE do?
Successfully killing Excel 97
Renaming File/Sheet (Excel 2003)
Adding functions to the Quick Access Toolbar in 2007
Pivot table and getting values over 2
FTP File
Auto Correct feature
Error Message
Opening Multiple .xls at once ( Excel 2003 )
Countif anomaly - Excel 2003
Yoikes! I just made the jump to XL2007
Default formatting
Default decimal places for percentages
And/Or Formula Assistance
To divide part of cells
Excel sorting help needed.
Formula appear to have stopped working
OOps.. help with screwup.
excel 2003 object model
IF THEN in Excel 2007 Formula
sum dynamic rows?
Locked project for viewing (Excel 2003)
Extracting thumbnails from Excel file
Copy sheet + chart problem 2007
Extract range error
Data validation
Editing Link Source
Reference Vlookup Result
VBA error
Save sheet in new workbook - VBA
Formula to convert number base
Persistent Command Button
Select File
option buttons
FIFO Balance (excel 2003)
Field Mapping
Excel 2000 - Properties - General vs Statistics
Disable Macros Excel 2007
checkbook coversheet
Calculate hours and Minutes
Text Boxes
Rounding off (Excel 2003)
Calc days for project
Days in a month
Check Box Text
analyse survey (array formula???)
HIDE workbook
Remove fill
Hyperlinking email addresses
Dynamic Chart
Auto-Filtering not visible to others
save workbook in dir
Excel Security Notice
Excel Macro Stops working
Shapes printed in excel are skewed
Dynamic Charts
Changing Sum Formula based on Number of Months
Buggy Behaviours: Missing Tabs and Scrollbars
Missing Syntex
Value instead of formula (Excel 2003)
font limit in workbook
Array Formula to Condense a List
multiple if criteria in sumif
Last Value
First point above trigger
Rounding Errors
Syntax again....
Conditional Format in 2007
Working with pictures in Excel
WeekNum is no good for financial year
Losing Defined Names Excel 2007
Importing/combining 2 seperate workbooks
Simple if function question
count # of records per year
Vlookup from a dropdown box
Problem with macro
Force Excel NOT to Open in Read-Only
Change/Rename a module name
Dynamic Tab Function
Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access
Macro in Excel
Replace with relative references?
Workbook_Open event fails to fire
Capture application.username
column insert not possible (XL2003NL)
Count entries, make graph
Set variable to use in other module
Count and store as variable
Find data in column and move rows
July 6th alert!
Data Validation
Smart Quotation Marks
Macro goto specific cell
Pivot Table (Excel 2003)