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shell command trickery
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Trying to gain focus
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SaveAs / Powerpoint
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Solid bullet
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It takes two?
Deleting text with sequential numbers: MS Word 2003
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Convert filter
Combo Box
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IF statement not working - Word VBA
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VBA Word Macros
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Newbie to VBA needs good book recommendations
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Set Word Manage Styles default properties programatically?
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VBA Rollover
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Copy Excel column widths via object
Excel 2010 showing compile error: "can't find project or library"
Excel 2010 vba AddChart.Chart vs ChartObjects.Add ChartWizard
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What is necessary prior to commercializing a VBA macro?
How to group shapes into two separate groups (Word 2002)?
Missing text box
How to name a Word 2002 shape when it's inserted into a doc (code attached)
How to use the 'Like' operator to match parentheses (brackets)
Determine which table... MSWord 2003
Code not working in 2010
Identifying objects in Word to format or delete
Need to remove extra returns at the end of a footnote
Zooming Outlook 2010 with Down arrow
Getting Find to stop at the end of a Word document
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VBA Merge
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Style updating (Word 2010)
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List box height
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detect Excel version
Array Variables in Excel 2003?
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PP FileNew
Outlook instance abnormally quits after Send
updating linked tables in some word doc by using VBA in Excel
Excel build-in commands
Permanently shading fields in a template
Word 2007 and 2010 - Editing Footers
vba for .rtf file types
Old code no longer works, why?
Folder type not recognized in Word docs and dots
Opening vba query in another Access db
Which page of a multipage control to display?
Macro to hide footer?
Excel charts data-point property for border
Word 2010: VBA code Style Source checkbox in Reveal Formatting Pane
ShapeRange.Name in Word: error in 2010
Using "or" in VBA for Excel 2007
Why the ""
Weird Word 97 macro problem
copy of masterdocument including all subdocuments
“Expression too complex (Error 16)” in Excel 2007.Excel 2003 and 2010 is OK
Control Printer from vba in Windows 7
Selecting and deleting text boxes
Copying workbook tab colour
deleting rows using excel macro
Sending Outlook e-mail from Access 2010
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Adding a tab and an indent after a footnote
items in listbox appear side by side instead of underneath each other
Excel 2007 create a copy of a file using vb on form
Reading Sharepoint Document Folders from VBA
Error handling problem from evaling code that raises error
Word 2007 VBA errors
Code to add additional info after an item in a combo box has been selected.
Tab Key - Keybinding
Array to capture File Names
Determine path of .xla
Need some code to find and replace gender in a template
How can I trap the ComboBox press of the down arrow to...
Changing the 'end' value of a for loop
How do you create a toggle button macro to put on the Word 2007 ribbon
Need tutorial for Visual Basic for Excel
How to Print VISIO UML Properties??
Change path to document
date time stamp on every line of a word document
Outlook 2003 Custom Forms - VB Script and dates
Updating chart automatically in slideshow view
Repurpose FileNew for Word 2010
Using VBA to automate MS Photo Editor
Removing Tabs Around Footnote Numbers
Getting password from user
ListBox Click & DoubleClick events
Command Button Paste Values & Worksheet Export
VBA userforms and Windows 7's custom dpi
Worksheets - protect/unprotect
Download Online Documents via HTTP
Excel 2007 Find and Select
VBA password box on exiting Excel (in 2007)
MSE 2.0 & Win Update?
Excel VBA error after 2003 to 2010 Excel upgrade
Using VBA Filesearch in Excel 2010?
VBA search error in Excel
Speeding up a Ranking Formula
Modifying the menu bar
Code for dates
Excel 2010 - "enable editing"
Strange constant evaluation
Need help selecting range for formating in Excel
Word 2003 - Find Bolded Strings
Word field
Visual Basic for Windows 7
Rename Building Block/autotext in Word 2010
I need a VBA expert for some paid work
VBA Word 2007 HowTo write conditioned Loop
Use VBA to Create Reminder for Outlook Appointme
Outlook 2007 use vba to change the editing lang
Build Cell Range in Formula bar
Environmental Variable for Users\Appdata\roaming
Random Colours
Waiting in VBA?
Controlling Outlook from Access VBA
Send Email with Attachment from Access
Common Controls / Datepicker
Older VB program won't open in W7
Resetting text boxes on Visual Studio form
Checking Out Sharepoint Excel File
Feeding data to access from excel
Selecting an item in a list box
Word 2010 VBA to Reset Spelling
Macro to open the Word 2010 UI to choose a docpr
Run macro when print selected
Totalling a variable column of numbers
Word 2010 Footnote Processing
Word - find text, replace with mergefield
Naming of macros
"Do you want to search remainder of document?
Ensuring textboxes are not blank
open PPS file from Excel macro
Text box numerical error-check routine
Converting Excelsheet to PDF (without distiller)
when a text box is disabled
Replacing formula values
Word template with email header
moving mails
going to a bookmark on opening a document
Button for stopping macro?
Form data not going to correct date tab
data in excel to receipt form for printing
Bad DLL calling conventin
going from excel spreedsheet to vba userform
Excel VBA For Next with Variables
VBA - Tools>References
Giving a program focus
changing true / false to yes/no in vb
making checkbox output got to spreedsheet
quantity, parts, amount tabbing
option boxs
Bound combo-boxes
adding to a textbox
Need Help Concatenating FormField Names
Script object in VBA
Fill array from "Selection"
Data not getting to spreadsheet
VBA reference book recommendation
Sort large file using vba
Change order By for Access Table
Using Access VBA to Populated PDF Form
counting on results in vba
Accessing Sharepoint Library Fields
Executing Custom Ribbon Controls
VBA7 and common controls
Problem with eval
Tell if an excel file has external links
VBA to Paste unformatted text in Outlook
Using a bookmark value in a macro
Re-write content of Access Module + Compile
How to break part of a text string to next line
Porting macros from Word 2000 to 2003
Export File sometimes changes case of variables
Screenupdating Not Working? (Excel 2003)
VBA Newbie Asks A Broad Question
Form automation from DOT to DOC
Forcing focus
Send email from VBA program in XL2003 or WD2003
VBA 2007 Performance Issues?
extend tooltips display time vb2008
Code problems in Excel 07
Regular Expressions ... Yikes!
Change ForeColor in PowerPoint
Access VBA in 2010
Can you check for the completion of Pagination
SFTP Libraries
Data labels code for 2 point sizes
Need a macro to search for underlines & remove
Help with creating a MsgBox
Collection, array or dictionary?
Registry query in Access under Win 7
Class events example
Class module - property set
Class Module method (returns)
Setting a range empties the range?
Changing tab colour in Excel
Get list of all users from Active Directory
Index with paragraph numbers
Adding text to the contents of Word table cells
Unicode in Word macro
Validating characters at run time (code attached
Auto outline an indented list
2 dimensional array is not working
Replace values with short text strings
Copy charts from Excel 2007 to Outlook body
What are the references to
Delete the last one old file based data acreatio
Check file existis on server dir
Excel QueryTable 1004 error
Overflow -- 6 error
Disabling macros when opening workbook from VB
Displaying a default value in combo box
Batch Change Password Protected Excel Worksheets
Run macro when workbook is saved?(Excel 2003)
expression with quotation marks
Global VBA variables getting reset
Counting Lines in a paragraph
Word 2007 run-time error 5224
Calling a DLL using late binding
VBE Edit .Find (WholeWord)
Creating a timed message box with no buttons
Is Addin installed?
Setting default dates in DTPicker- code attached
Macro to resize boxes in Visio 2007
Automate open and search of word documents
One set of variables, two documents
Toolstrip icons
create schema.ini dinamic...
Open Word Document Control
VBA book suggestions?
Date / Time input
Active cell-color (conditional format)
"on error" does not trap after a few cycles
Building an ActiveX control
Real Excel Sheet name
Excel cell-name in VBA
Open a web page from Word 2007 VBA
initialize numeric array to non-numeric values?
Parsing for forbidden characters in file name
PowerPoint toolbar
Compile and save VBA project bug?
Delete lines in txt do until the code found ...
INSERT clausole Where in string conn
looping in table field and return the name
Build a table function
Changing file location for Insert Picture dialog
Code for Closing Header by double-clicking doc
Stock and exchange rates
Extending Ranges
PowerPoint Global macro
Using A Separate "Index" Document And Passing
Process multiple cell selection in VBA
Toggling between language versions of Word 2003.
Extracting Outlook E-mail addresses by category
Strings in Excel (Office 2007)
Traps for young players
Where to find list of properties when using Dialogs()
Word 2003 - Multiple Search
Update Form document to DOCX Format
how to obtain correct attached template
Insert Video (VB6)
Converting English Dates to US format
Setup & Deploy
FTP file to Password Protected server
Dealing with open documents
VBA code to insert filename (with server)
error -2147418094 remote server doesnot exist
PDF Function
Loading & using an AddIn
Addressing Printers with VBA
Migrating Office 2003 VBA code to 2007
Deleting Printers through VBA
Copying Tracked Changes to a Table
MScomm Control 6.0
Is it possible to bookmark a Word field using VBA?
Get user info from Outlook user (Exchange)
outlook 2007 ribbon or toolbar?
program in Outlook 2007
Hide UserForm take to, and 2nd Criteria button code
How to "follow" a cross-reference
Word 2007 SaveAs - prevent name change
Word templates on top
code to remove Words menu
Printer ignores printer property change via VBA
userform is not executing properly
Cascading Ribbon Dynamic Menu Ribbon 2007 Word
VBA Code Help
speed up code
Insert Sharepoint document into Word 2007 document
password protection on Word documents
How you can FTP via VBA
code displays run time error 6068
Certifying Word2000/VBA et al.
Changing Coloured Text to black
Reset combo box value on Ribbon
surpress Outlook security warnings
Do while loop (I think)
Connection checker
VBA Module Add-In Load Behavior
Change property of a range of CommandButtons
VB Scripting and FSO.CopyFile
Logical Drive Info
Classes and referring to members of parent
Programming a simple webpage
Write Excel VBA Code to Target Bookmark in Word Doc
Runtime Error 1004 when viewing an Excel Dialog box (Excel 2007)
Programmatically accessing resource pool nonworking time, Is there a faster way?
Search Criteria
Problem using reusing a dialog box when several templates are open
Using VBA across 2 instances of Excel
Display/Update Picture Chart Dynamically in Word Using VBA
powerpoint 2002 - button properties & how to add text to button
insert data from userform into bookmark
Enlarging a chart by creating a "Chart Window"... but then?
Computing ranks from scores
FTP File
Recognize XLS file from text-file
Create a folder tree using vbscript
Powerpoint New icons and how to customise
Copying values between two workbooks
Open a folder (with default folder specified)
Running a Macro Automatically when a spreadsheet is opened.
Word 2002 - Word menus and toolbar code
Determining the items selected from a collection.
how to show the selected text in the document by using macro
"Pause" in code
Converting 2003 .dot file to 2007 .dotm
Forms/Routing in Word 2007
Format Date in Word 2007
Memory Resident Data ???
How to select text in text box in a user form?
Outlook Reply-to-All with attachments - different??
Word 2003 VBA: How to program the Clipboard pane
Count of folders and files (WinXP/XL 2003-UK)
making proof sheets
macro that is machine specific?
XML/HTML Character Conversion
Move files to folders based on MP3 tag
VBProject Filenames
putting a picture behind text using Word Macro
Write to File Without Quotes
Microsoft Office Excel encountered a problem ...
Running Excel 2007 macro w/arguments from Outlook 2007
Cant remove a submenu control via the onaction procedure
Macro to Hide Rows Based on "If" formula
Resolving Range Overlap
Alert Button
pop up a message box while entering text in textbox
Large VBA Problem
Run-time error '75'
Word 2007 - populate combobox with autotext entries
Excel VBA to send mail in html
VBA: What is the most elegant way of copying a range from a selection?
Find last cell with data in a closed workbook
VBA Project limits?
Code to capitalize text
Word VBA - check for network connection
Default Printer issue
Recordset opens
Inexplicable For/Step behaviour
MS VB 2008 Express Install Issues
Copy to New Spreadsheet brings empty column Label
Ugly VBScript code
Total and Sumif based on Groups
Query Access from Word VBA
Critique of Formula
Do Loop to open Text files
Excel VBA for Checkboxes
Call a subroutine using variable procedure name
Excel starts giving a Type Mismatch error
colorize font in cell of listview
file system object; zero length
Trap error - Excel file link
Show Completed User form in Word Document based on template
LISTVIEW... double click event
check if a worksheet is protected (XL2003NL)
looping only element in column 7 of listview
Insert totals on change in column
Removing redundant empty paragraphs
Ranges in Word
SetFocus won't in AfterUpdate
error in with statement.. in list view
error overflw....
compact mdb start other prog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hide / unhide columns depending on cell value (XL2003)
Getting VBScript to open Notepad
Access App distribution
VBA code that cannot be 'cracked'?
Alternate color row background similar ....
how to remove password of a VB project
list boxes
3 label 9 conditions?
Inserting Unique ID's into MSWord Paragraphs
count items/element in treeview...
font cahneged from office to my home and back my office
insert space in string
Linked graphic
store variable in array and controll if just existis...
Determining Audio Files Length
Resetting a document's Path and Name
User idle time
Word 2003 Deselect item in single select listbox?
tabstrip dinamiclly (vb6)
Drop Down lists in excel
Disableing the Lock-OUt in VBA when MsgBox Open
Remove References
More than one clause per line?
Modeless form behaviour in Word2000
switch active focus from Excel to PPT within Excel
how to populate word template by using VBA code for userform
Dynamically populating comboboxes
Excel to PPT (different object libraries)
Counting Zip File Contents
font cahneged from office to my home and back my office
Disabling the mouse and keyboard in Word 2007
Word 2007 Menu Replacement
Displaying the last 20 rows
Finding last row used in Excel
Returning current context menu in Word 2003
Randomizing to a historic date
WordBasic AppInfo "complete list"
Conflict with a template and macro
after document is generated how to update all fields
Error Handling Issue
Inserting Custom Building Block from a startup template (word 2007)
SORT/ORDER all itelms in listview by column 2
automated new month tab creator
VBA, Eval and vbCrLf
MID is not recognizing some strings
Attached template code
count element in table 13 html
Capturing Arguments passed to a Procedure
Calculating a file's MD5 hash/checksum in VBA?
Close Find and Replace Dialog with code
Opening a Multiple Files in a specified directory
Word 2002 OrganizerCopy With DM5
intercept scrollbar in listview
Sorting worksheets in an Excel workbook
how to I attach excel macro code to an excel button?