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Run-time access to methods (VB6 SP5)
winNT dir exists - code not seeing the dir (word97 sr2b)
Check something before user goes to next record (Access 2000/VBA)
Create a shortcut in the start menu (VB6)
Form replaced by bookmarks (Word 97)
Disabling code with code (MSWord97/VBA)
My Macro's code needs something to speed it up (MS word / VBA)
Where to Find a Developer? (Any)
DataCombo / DataList (VB6 SP5)
Office/VBA Internals (Office 2000/XP)
SendMail Problem (English/NT4.0/SP6)
Network name (Word/excel 97/2000)
Default date in Date-Formfield (WORD2000)
FileSearch for Folders (Word97/SR@)
Protecting a section(s) (VBA Word 2000)
Word Calculation Fields Format (Word 2000)
Using the VBE (Word 97)
How to use VB to change message format in Outlook (Outlook 2000 & XP)
Scatter graph labels in VBA (excel xp)
Ambiguous Name Detected (Office XP/2002)
Creating Word Document via Automation (Word 97 / VB6)
More problems retrieving text from Excel (Excel/VBA)
Automation Error on Sheet Copy (Excel 2k (SP2))
Multipage problem (VBA Excel 2000)
Outlook97/Word97 VBA (Office97/Win2000)
VBA Excel - Need help urgently (Offcie 2K)
Word 2000 - VB code for numbering (WORD 2000)
Attributes (VB6)
Access Other Users Folder (Outlook 2002)
Column Heading (XL97;SR2)
Charts count inside a sheet (VBA/Excel)
Sorting a listbox in VBA (Word 2000)
Pasting graph to Word from Excel (Office XP)
Retrieving text from a Excel sheet (VBA/Excel)
Class Properties Property (VB 6.0)
How can you tell when Save button pressed (word97 sr2b)
Administrator Defined Fields in Groupwise (Groupwise/VB/Word 97)
Word / IE Automation trapping Save Changes prompt (VBA Word 97/2000)
updating template libraries (word97sr2)
Massage Excel file from VB6.0 (VB6.0 and Excel 2000)
password protection (vba )
Avoiding a dialog box in Word (Word97)
Track changes (Word 2002 + Windows 2000)
Modifying the pixels in a control (Word97 (NT))
Export Excel to PowerPoint (Excel 2000)
Compile Button in VBE (any)
Best Way to Sizable Columns ListBox (Word 2002)
Obtain files from Recycle Bin (Word97SR2)
Using Conditional Compile (Excel 2000)
Viewing a text file (vb6)
Graphs with 8 waves of data (Excel / ppt 2002)
Template Names (Englishq)
Picture Library in Userform (any)
Counting files (VB6)
Charts collection in Word (VB/Word)
assigning formulas (vb6)
Default Existing Project Folder (VB 6.0)
Math functions (Vb6)
Envelope Dilemma, Final Episode? (Any)
Retrieving text from a page in Word (VB/Word)
Return codes (VB 6)
Word crashed (172251) was moved to the Word board
Word VBA Book list (All versions of Word VBA)
Starting fresh (vb6)
Option Explicit (Eng/Word2K/SR-1a)
Max limit of SQL Server (SQL Server 2000)
Linking SQL tables (VBA Access 97/SR2)
ListView Checkboxes (VBA Access 97 SR2)
Submitting (VB6)
Corel Draw Viewer (VB6)
Package and Deployment Wizard (VB6.0/Access 2k)
Disabling SAVE, allowing SAVEAS (VBA )
Custom sort order in VBA(XL2000) ? (VBA Excel2000)
FileSearch (.FileType ) (Word97SR2 & up?)
VBA Tutoring? (Word97/2000)
counting array elements (vb6)
Displaying Office documents in a window (VB6 / VBA Office 2000)
Template Caption (English/Office/XP)
Add Column and percent macro (excel xp)
Macro error is making me crazy!! (VBA/Word 97&2000)
Signed Project Error (VBA Word 2000)
Opening files from another application (VB6)
Find Item In Outlook (VB6 - Automating Outlook)
I need a hand cursor (VB6)
enter key code (vb6)
Excel macro to delete a row (excel xp)
VV09 Dictation Macro Dll Calls to Trigger Word Mac (Word XP, Via Voice 09)
Getting the name (vb6)
Referencing a function in another template (VBA (Word97/2000))
Macro does not run first time (Word 2000 SR1a)
VB Code for Count Function (Excel 2000 )
VBA (Word 2000)
Changing tab order in Tabstrip Control (VB6)
Returned Contents (XL97;SR2)
Outlook/vbscript: link to a pdf file (Outlook 2000/vbscript form)
Excel 97 VBA: Min Distance between Shape Nodes (SR-2)
Add code to new XL workbook ? (XL 2000)
Cells(xx, xx).Select Error (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Shapes (XL97;SR2)
ADODB connection (Office 2000)
Trouble with a class module (VBA Word 2000)
Can't get code to total variables (Word 97/VBA)
ADO/ VB6/Access 97...Runtime Error...URGENT (Access 97/VB6)
Custom Data Types for list box array (Word 2000)
ADO / Access (VB 6 / Access 97)
Playing WAV files (VB 40)
Configure Macro for Word 2000 (US/Office 2000 SR-1/ Windows XP)
Setting Attributes (XL97;SR2)
File or Folder? (VB 6 or VBA 8)
Column headings in user form list box (Word 2000)
Determining which ListTemplates item is in use (VBA Word 2000)
Naming New Workbook (XL97;SR2)
Handling Meeting responses in Outlook (VBA Outlook 2000)
Edit registry (VB6)
Disabling passwords/Custom Save As command (VBA/Word XP and Excel XP)
Run time error (Word 2002)
Email Address-Duplicates? (XL97:SR2)
Place Contents of MultiLine TextBox (VBA/Word/97)
Interrupt running VBA code (Word97 Sr2b)
ToolTips for Bookmarks (VBA/97-XP/All)
Partial Color Fill (XL97; SR2)
Printing a PDF from VB (VB 6.0 / W98)
Calculations in VB (Word 97/VBA)
Global Templates prompt to save at exit (VBA Word 2000)
RichText into Word via OLE (Word 2000) and (Office 2000/Windows 2000)
Formatting a Picture in Word (VBA / Word)
Convert cobol????? (VB/VBA)
Inserting Picture in Header (VBA Word 2000)
shortcuts (vb6)
Set Picture as Autotext Range (Word 97SR2)
Is it possible to get a PC Users Full Name (Access 97/NT4)
creating a helpfile (VB6)
Changing the recordsource (VB6)
Finding the right path (VB6)
Is there a boolean equivalent to InputBox? (VBA Word 2000)
Creating an e-mail message from Word VBA (VBA Word 2000)
End of statement error (6?) (164917) was moved to the Access board
Saving Word documents in XML format? (Word 2002)
Major problem when parsing and minimizing a doc?? (Word 97)
Using/Creating a File Open dialog but not opening (VBA Word 2000)
Hiding a built-in dialog (wordbasic/VBA)
Adding crossreferences for all Heading 4s in Range (VBA Word 2000)
Label Structure (W97 & 2000)
Envelope Dilemma, Part 1 (Word 97SR2)
Envelope Dilemma, Part 2 (Word 97SR2)
Can I save copied document text as a text file? (Word 97)
menu bars (vb6)
Replacing bookmark text (Word 97)
sorting (vb6)
Memory leaks? (Word97/NT)
ActiveDocument.Saved Property and Document Events (Word 2000/VBA)
Converting objects in Word 97 (Word 97/VBA)
Error checking on Active Directory getobject (VB/VBScript)
User form behavior, Word 97 vs. Word 2000 (VBA/Office 97 & 2000)
VB6 (Modules In Memory)
Running Code-Alt F8 (XL97; SR2)
Is 3rd Party App Running? (Excel 2000)
VBA CD (xp vb6)
script error at setting a range (OL >> Word) (Eng./OL2002, WD2002)
Bold a bar in a graph (Excel xp)
VB (VB 5)
Outlook 'From' Property (Outlook 98 VBA)
VBA WORD - end macro in Doc Properties box (WORD 2000 - VBA)
Emailing ActiveDocument Via Macro (Word 2000)
File Open dialog (VB6 / VBA Office 2000)
Read data from closed workbook (Excel 2000)
Reg Key Permissions (Any)
Create document variable, can't save document (Word97 (NT))
Retrieve VBA from corrupted workbook (Excel 2000)
Add a row using vba to Excel (excel xp)
Event not available if control added by macro (Word97 (NT))
Accelerator Keys Problem (Word XP)
VB Editor Bug? (Word2000/Win98)
Can I use VB? (VB) (160196) was moved to the Access board
Package & Deploy (VB 6.0 / W98)
Delete macros after they run (excel xp, win2000)
MacIntosh Compatibility (VB 6.0 / W98)
unhiding sheets (Excel 2000)
restoring toolbars (Excel 2000)
run code on Workbook Open (EN/Excel/2000)
comparing dates (Excel 2000)
Extend mode continues after macro ends ((Word97/VBA)%2
Object won't release (Word97/NT)
Enhanced Command Button Control? (VB6)
Sign-on Logging (Best Practices) (VB6)
Need right Data Type for SQL Server Field (VB6, SQL Server 2K)
The remote server machine does not exist or is una (VB6 / SP5)
Creating help files from code (Office 97/2000/XP)
Calling a macro in a different project (Word97 and Word2000)
How do you use the multipage control in VB6 (VB 6)
Private Sub Excecution (XL97:SR2)
(Re)logging in to FTP server (Office 2000)
Outlook Express (Access 97 SR2)
icons on toolbar (Excel 2000)
Got It-Not Really: XL File Reservation (XL97; SR2)
Opening Acrobat from a VB program (VB)
IDE Crash (VB6 - SP5)
Currently Running Sub/Function (Office 97)
VBA IDE and Designer components (Word)
ADODB connection module (VB7)
How can I detect if text is selected? (VBA/Word 97
Documents Collection Failure? (VBA/Word97 SR2)
Function: Count Weekday Hours (VBA (All))
VBA Automatic Formatting (VBA/Office2000/9.0.4402 SR-1)
connect to LDAP via Excel (Excel 2000)
Create/Open MS Word by VB from .asp? (English Windows XP)
AutoExec Macro - enough to drive a person insane! (EN / MS Word 97)
Toggle check box in customized menu (VBA Word 2000)
Mail Merge or Automation (Word/Access 2000)
Delete Query Syntax Error (VB6, SQL Server 2K)
User-defined type error (A2K/VBA)
Microsoft Scripting Runtime (Word VBA)
Document Revisions/ Track Changes question URGENT (Office 2002)
I am seeing a ghost in the list of Word 2002 macro
Bookmark Name rules (Word2000 sr1a)
scanner? activeX? (vb 6.0/.net)
SQL Statement (VB6 / Access 2000)
Choices (VB6)
Now what's Wrong with This SQL Statement?!? (VB6)
ActiveX Help (DBI Tools)
Is File Open? (XL97:SR2)
Close the Application (XL97:SR2)
Key Codes (VB 6.0 / W98)
Copy all files in folder using VBA (Word 2002)
ADO Data Control (Office 97 VBA)
Hide entire rows if 3 cols have a dash (w2000, office xp)
encrypting exported data (Excel 2000)
Can't run easy code? (off 97)
Installation tools for Excel (Excel 2000)
Code repository (VB6)
Document_New fails when template is used (Word 97 SR-2)
Building Setup w/ XML (VB6 sp5)
Form Border/Scroll Bars (VB6)
Pausing, clicking, and recording the click spot (VBA Word 2000)
Non-modal dialogs (Word97 (NT))
Logic According to Microsoft (VBA 6.0)
VBA Macro (Windows 98)
Control Home (XL97:SR2)
Word 2k vs. Word XP (cross post) (2K, XP)
What is this error? (VB6)
Attached Template Paths - Global Change (EN / MS Word 97)
ADO In VB (VB6 )
Returning the no. of files in a Windows folder (VBA / O2K / SR1a)
ComboBox, added programatically, won't fill (Word97 (NT))
VBA 97 & VBA 2002 (french/US)
Does this really run faster? (VB/VBA)
Metadata and path to the document (Word97 SR2)
Crystal Reports in VB (VB6)
How to view content of a long string variable (VB6)
Text in Progress Bar (VB6)
Disaster! (VB 6.0 / W98)
Change FileOpen Type (Word 2000)
Formatting TOC Page numbers (VBA Word 2000)
. listings (Access 97/SR2)
Uninstall? (VB 6.0 / W98)
LinkToListTemplate Error (VBA Word 2000)
Slooow Update Links in MS Excel 2002 (VBA/MS Excel/2002)
VBA/VB and IIF Statement (Office XP)
Find empty cell (VB & Excel 2000)
DateTimePicker (VB6)
Collections of Collections (Excel2000)
Bug in AddFromString???? (Word VBA)
Outlook AddIn (VB6 sp5)
VBA Word97 and Numbering (VBA/Word97/SR2)
List Boxes (VB 6.0 / W98)
Can anyone please help; I have (VBA)
Document Map (W97, WinNT4)
Document Variable field problem (W2000 SR1a)
Syntax Error in Insert Statement (VB6)
Removing Multiple List Items (VB6)
Conditional format from mailmerge (Word 2000)
Databases (VB 6)
select only checked boxes (vb6)
Viewing and editing a files properties (Excel 2000 SR1)
Mixed resolutions (VB 6.0 / W98)
Drive Path Name Extent (Word97/SR2)
EnsureDocument() (word97/sr2)
Update Title in Document Properties (Word 2000)
Dialog Removal Service (Word 97SR2)
Envelope Dialog Property (Word 97SR2)
Positioning a chart in Excel from VBA (VBA 6 / Exc
Owner Of Files (Access2000)
Autotext listing (W97, WinNT4)
VBA word to excel (Office 2000)
BuiltInDocumentProperties('Last Print Date') (word
Command Replacement (VBA Excel 2000)
Indeterminate number of arguments (Word97/SR2)
My Controls (Word 97SR2)
DoAtFind Procedure (Word 97/2k/XP)
See what I mean? (any)
Powerpoint and thumbnails (Powerpoint/VBA)
Paragraph Index Oddity (Word 2000)
deleting duplicate data in many rows (Excel 2000)
VBA Macro in Project to Save As (Project 2000 SR1)
Check Box as type of Control? (Word97/SR2)
VB & Macs (VB 6.0 / W98)
mshflexgrid (VB6)
ToolsCustomize (Word 2000)
Template references updated (Word97/SR2)
LDAP Queries (any)
Text Box Reference (XL97; SR2)
Get User's Email Address Part II (any)
Using MAPI (VB6)
VBA & IMAP folders in Outlook (VBA 6.3/Outlook 2002 SP1)
Get User's Email Address (Any?)
cross-referencing documents (Word97SR2)
Open form w/sound (VB 6.0 / W98)
VBE File Save anomaly (Word97SR2)
Control handle (VBA Word 2000 SR1)
Send Mail thru VB6 (VB6/Outlook xp)
Macro in Word 2000 to open 'SaveAs' (VBA - Word 2000)
Tutorials for beginners? (VBA)
Using VBA to Control MS Document Imaging Features (Office XP/Access XP) (145881) was moved to the Access board
Print a file (Access 2000)
Text Box Exit (VB 6.0 / W98)
Convert MS Access application into a Web app. (VB6 & DB2)
De Select List Box Item (Excel 2000 VBA)
How can I tell what procedure opened a form? (VBA Word 2k (SP1))
Setting Initial Focus (VB 6.0 / W98)
InsertCaption macro (Word2000 SR1a)
create dynamic formulas based on lookup table (xl97/xl2000)
Overtype in VB Editor (Win98, Word97)
A bit of Access code required (2K)
Control of Sheets (XL97; SR2)
utility library (Word97/SR2)
Help! File in USE (VB/VBA/API)
variable captions (Access97/SR2)
What telephone number is that? (Word97SR2)
Obtaining control ID from dialog (Word 97 ger / Access 97)
Where is my report? (Visual Studio 6 (VB6))
Missing Records (VB6 / MS Access)
Paragraph Style vs Hidden Text (VBA Office 2000)
VBE Code Pane vs. Object Pane (Word 97SR2)
Getting Current Paragraph Index (Word 2000)
Installation From CD (VB 6.0 / W98)
autonumber (word2000)
Background (VB 6.0 / W98)
Accessing charts in a presentation (VB,VBA/Powerpoint/W2000)
vbVerticalTab (Word97/SR2)
Clearing the statusbar (word97/sr2)
Function as sub/macro (word97sr2)
Run a WAV File (VB 4)
Ascertaining whether a variable has been declared (VBA Word 2000 SR1a)
How can I access the Office clipart application (PPT 97/2k/2002
Learning about VBA? (VBA Word 2000)
Scripting.Dictionary Experience? (MOD XP)
Data Report (VB6 sp5)
ADODC component in VB.NET? (VB.NET)
Iterating through Users in Active Directory (VB6 or .NET, Windows 2K)
VB Script (Vb6 /DB2)
What is version of VBA EXtensibility file? (Office XP)
Good book for VB.Net (VB6)
ControlSource Property (Word 97SR2)
Downloading a File from the Web with VBA (XL 2000 SR1)
Word 2002 and Acrobat 5 (Word 2002)
Dialogs (close thru VBA) (VBA/MS Excel/97)
help files anomaly (Word97SR2-VBE)
Save Preview Property (Excel XP)
CreateObject Method (VB 6.0)
Sounds (VB 6.0 / W98)
Macro to adjust scale of Chart Axis (Encligh/Excel XP)
Reporting functions (VB 6)
Examples for working with the Registry (VB-6, VBA)
Background Program to Trigger Access VBA routines? (Office 2000 Sr1a)
Mailling Labels (VBA/MS Excel/97)
FollowHyperLink Fails (Word 2000 VBA)
File List box on Word toolbar (Word 2000 Professional)
Code for Sequential Numbering an Invoice Template (Word97)
Determining if XL file is Open (XL97; SR2)
Dim as Bitmap (VB 6.0)
how to execute *.bat from vb (vb 6)
List/combo refresh (Access 2000) (140852) was moved to the Access board
Interrupt Process (VB 6.0 / W98)
VB/VBA code to change HP Printer settings? (Word 2000)
VBA Code with a SQL Statement to Filter Excel File (Word XP/Excel 97)
Error 53 File not found (VB 6.0)
Image on an Image (VB6 SP5)
Intercept/copy return of a Excel dialog (Excel (97 SR-2))
Launching Word in .NET (C#/Word97)
Outlook XP from Excel Macro Automatic Email Warn (Office XP)
xla Path (VBA/Excel 97)
How to distribute a font (VB6 sp5)
text search within attachments (VBA Office 97)
Updating a field (VBA/Word 2000)
Adding and Severing References on open and close ((Excel 2k sr1))
DAO - File Sharing Lock Count (Visual Studio 6)
Arranging the VBA Editor (Office XP)
Word Protected form w Macros (Word 2000 VBA Question)
Excel UserForm ListBox (Windows 98 SE; Office 2K)
Word Automation from Client Side Script (Word 2000/XP)
requiring the macro be run before a file will open (Office 2000/xp)
Disabling Copy/Paste (In PowerPoint 2000/2002)
Export adds lines (VBA Word 2000 SR1a)
Finding the page center (Word 2000)
When CHR$(160) = CHR$(032) (word97/sr2)
Simple question (Word 2000/VBA)
Chaining Templates (Word 2002)
Variables/Bookmarks (Word 97/VB)
VBA books (office 97)
utility for removing passwords on code (office97 sr2)
Data From Access To XL (XL97: SR2)
a few queries re coding in powerpoint (powerpoint97sr2)
Invalid qualifier for Err with Excel VBA (Excel 2000 SR1)
Range Address Reference (XL97; SR2)
Finding files modified after a certain date/time (VBA Word 2000)
Reading a text file to a variable (VB6)
Hi All <br><br>can someone hel (English/Word/Office 97 SR2)
Clear Excel 'Names' (O2K SP1)
Data from Excel to Access by code (VB6)
Determining if your on the first paragraph in page (VBA Word 2000)
error on protected document (US/WD/97)
Word Reg Strings v 8,9,10 (VBA Word 8,9,10)
Move data from local MDB to Internet Database (Access 2000/VBA/ASP)
VBEditor Utilities (Office 2000 SR-1)
Future of VBA? (VBA)
New Dance: The PDF.ocx sidestep (any)
Adding a Custom Control at Runtime (Word 97SR2)
user defined types? (Office XP + SP1)
code with cyrilic fails (Access 2000)
Project and Code Disappears (VBA/Word/2000)
Display Timing Problem (VB 6.0)
Paragraphs LeftIndent (Word97SR2)
FrontPage Search and Replace macro (FP 2000)
Apply font attributes to string (VB/Word 97)
Before Save Event in Word really isnt (Word 2000)
syntax to call & display Print dlg in powerpoint (powerpoint sr2)
Good book for beginners (VB/VBA/.NET)
Does IsZoomed Work? (VBA in Office 97)
User Logged in? (All)
More PDF fun (Word 97SR2)
Break Link thru' VBA (VBA/MS Excel/97)
Creating/deleting a commandBar in Excel (Excel 2K sr1)
A Real Good Find (VB6 and others)
Writing help files (Word 97 & 2002)
RichTextBox Control (Word97 SR2)
How do I detect user deleting/cutting text? URGENT (Word 2002)
Unzipping files in VB (VB6)
Automation on mac w. RealBasic (Office on MAC OSX)
Returning Value/Text (XL97; SR2)
Outlook VBA (2000)
ASP: Can't read persistent cookies (VS.NET/IIS 5.1/IE 6.0) (134409) was moved to the HTML / JavaScript / VBScript / etc... board
how do I add a button & code to excel menu?
Find and Replace settings (Word 97)
VB.Net vs. VB 6 vs VBA 6.3 ((Office XP))
file name on last page macro (Word 97)
Decompile (VB (any))
Application Events (Word 2000)
VBA Code for Inserting AutoTextEntries (Word97)
Duplicating forms & controls (Word 2000)
Some PDF Education (Word 97SR2)
Adobe is my Friend... (Any)
Move data between tables (VB6 and Access2K)
COM+ MTS VB windows 2000 (Windows 2000/Com+)
MRU in VBA Application (VBA Office 2000)
Activate IE with URL from Macro (Outlook 2000)
Visual Basic (VB 6 )
Spreadsheet control (VB/Word/Office 97)
test if file locked (Excel 97/2000)
Need help in structuring a text file (VB 6 or VS 6)
How to get contents of a Reportitem (Office2K vba)
Filling in ranges (WinNT, W97)
View hidden code (VB6)
RE: Selecting Ranges (VBA, Excel97, etc)
Re: Selecting Ranges (VBA, Excel97, etc.)
Selecting Ranges (VBA, Excel97)
Store Paragraph Formatting (Word 97SR2)
how do you add custom code to words native icons (Word97 sr2a)
Formatting Subtotals in Excel (Excel 2000 VBA)
Looking for some thoughts (VB6 & DataBases)
Problem with dynamic style sheet (VB 6)
Showing slides in a OleContainer (PPT 2000)
Utility for Chris Greaves (Procedure Usage Reporter)
Path for desktop in Windows 2000 (Access 2000/VBA)
'Tear Off' menus (Ideally, FrontPage 200x)
Outlook VBA learning source (O98, WinNT4)
Inserting blank lines (Excel 2000)
Identifying Selected mail items (Outlook 2000)
Capturing Logon Event (VB6)
VBA Help Files (VBA/Office 97/Windows 95)
Any changes necessary for a DLL in Win2K vs. Win9x (VBA Excel Win9x/Win2K)
Name a file automatically using bookmark contents? (Word 97)
Checking against 'Nothing' return (Outlook 2000)
Security & Digital signatures (Word 2000)
CSV Files (XL98, SR2)
Acrobat Fields (Word 97SR2)
Which Key? (Word 97SR2)
Hyperlink in a Label (VB 6)
A Bit of a Challenge (maybe) (Outlook 2000)
Learning VBA (Office 2000)
Line count in a Form (Word, VBA)
VB Code Profiler (AXP 10.2627.2625)
Updated older DLLs with Package & Deployment setup (VBA 6)
Check if Outlook is Running from Word (Office XP)
Error - Please help!! (.NET / Office XP)
Contact form validation (Outlook XP)
Finding XL off-sheet feeds (VBA 5 / XL 2k)
How do you get contacts properties from Exchange (vba)