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Scanning into VB app (VB6)
Does VB 6 IDE have toggle button control? (VB 6)
Text color on Command Button (VB6)
Access97 - CommentBlock icons (Access97/sr2)
Recalling Edit Find (Word97SR2)
adding scroll bars to form (excel 97/2000)
Icon to represent a bookmark ((VBA versions))
Deleting Empty Rows (Excel 2000 VBA)
Application.SendKeys (XL97; SR2)
Remote Machine Names (XL97; SR2)
INI Files in VB (VB 6 or VBA)
vba excel replace text with special characters (vba/excel/2000)
Calendar Control (Excel 2000)
VBA - Passing form controls values to saved query (Access 97) (130311) was moved to the Access board
WinAPI calls - this works HOW? (Access 97/VBA)
Keybindings ((2002))
VB6 & Crystal Report (VB6)
Word 2000 Templates (Office 2000 -- SRa1)
Array Initialization (VBA / VB / any)
Filename Capture (VBA/MS Excel/97)
Passing Arrays between Templates WordXP/97/VBA
Trapping double-click in built-in Dialogs(wdDialog ((Word))
AppActivate with Startup Switches? (VB6)
Batch files / scripts in Windows (Win98 and higher)
Step Value in a For Loop (Excel Sr-2A)
ADO problem - 'Mutliple-Step OLE DB'... (ADO 2.5, 2.6)
Excel Add-ins Don't (MS Excel 2k, VBA 6.0)
Merging Similar Records (word97SR2 et al.)
Free Free Free articles and code samples (VB, .NET, Java, XML)
CustomDocumentProperties. (Word97/sr2
w2k Crash After VBA Selection / Ranges Searches (w2k / VBA)
ComboBox - ADODC - DB (VB6)
Change forms Unit of Measure (VB6)
Run-time Error Msg (XL97; SR2)
Control Arrays (VB 6)
Save screen resolution in an .ini file (w95, w2000, vb6)
VB.NET setup ( std)
Soundex (crude method) (word97/sr2)
adding lots of text in TextBox (xl2000)
VB6 opening excel in w95 (w95/w2000)
Visual Studio/Service Packs (Visual Basic)
FTP Transfers (Word XP)
Screen Saver (Access 2000)
vertical Split in Word table (word97SR2)
Triple clicking (Word97)
Build Access 97 frontend? (MS Office 97)
Form size on different pcs (vb6/w2000/office xp)
Word Table Manipulation (Word 97)
Automatically picking the CD Rom drive (Win98SE Office 97)
Excel macro opening Word document (Excel/Word 2000/Win%2
VB6 .exe won't run with W95 (w95/w2000/officexp)
Indexing big doc (W97, WinNT4)
how to cut a string! (vba)
extensibility library (Word 2000)
Printing using the Adobe Control (VB6, Acrobat Writer 5.0)
Graphics in Menus (VB 6 and VBA)
vba (word2000)
Userform variables (Word 97)
Multi Line Tips (97)
VBA Can't Find String Functions (e.g., lcase, Asc) (VBA for Word 2000)
ADO (VB6 & Access2K)
TableOfContents (VBA/Word/2000)
Word Story Ranges (Word97SR2)
Reset Find Options (VBA/Word/2000)
Spontaneous active document change (Word 2000)
Input Mask for Fax Numbers (Word 2000)
SectionManager (VBA/Word/97/97/2000)
trying to update an Access field (VB6/Access 97)
Problem with headers/footers when inserting files (VBA and Word97)
Get User Template Path in PPT (PPT XP)
Word 2000 Clipboard (9.0.3821/SR-1)
run VB6 exe files in non-VB environment (VB6.0)
Toolbars aligned properly (word97/sr2)
Option Buttons odd behavior (Word 2000)
XML format in field.How to extract? (vbscript/asp)
Inconsistent behavior inside Frame (2000)
Recurring e-mail message (Outlook 2002 )
Calling an AutoText entry in an Add-In (VBA for Word)
DAO (Access2K and VB6)
Merging Data w/ DataGrid in .NET (VB.Net)
XML data in field.How to Extract? (vbscript)
Write DATA into a text file by VBScript (vb 6)
Excel VBA Userform (Excel 97)
Built-In Symbol Dialog (Word XP)
This started off on the Word b (Reset Word Styles)
Cut apart long document (Word 2000/VBA/HTML)
Opening VB6 VBP in .NET (VB.NET)
Simple Combobox questions (VBA)
Applying WrapFormat to objects (Word XP)
Checking Shift State (Any)
Everythng is Grey (XL97; SR2)
Saving as a GIF (VBA Word 2000)
Spellcheck a textbox in VB6 (vb6/word xp/win 2000)
Iterating through folders (Outlook 2K / Object model)
Error 28 'Out of stack space' (VBA/Word97)
Selecting a table (VBA/Word/97)
Removing Broken References (VBA/Word/2000)
Public Variables (English, Excel 2k SR-1)
switch function/data factory (VB6)
Array Size (Acc2k VBA)
Is MSDN worth it? (All)
corrupted template while editing (Word97SR2)
vbaproject.otm goes 'missing' (Outlook 2K sr1)
AOD (Visual Basic)
ADO Controls Get Reset to Pictureboxes by VB IDE (vb 6)
FileOpen Dialog (VBA/MS Excel/97)
Accessing Common Dialogs (VBA6, Excel 2000)
Outlook VBA Find Method Wierdness (Outlook 2K, No SP)
Getting Changing FileAttr in VBA (Word 2000)
Why migrate to a Utility DLL? (Word97SR2 et al.)
Transferring PowerPoint notes pages to Word (VBA PowerPoint/Word 2000)
MDAC / ADO installed version (C++, DAO, ADO)
Frequent Saves - *.tmp files (Word97/sr2)
What style is that? (Word97SR2)
Timing problem? (VBA5)
Inserting Fields in Footer with VBA (Word2k, Access2k)
Applying non-existent styles (Word97SR2)
Change font of lists (VBA in Word 2000)
AMending ELectronic Docs (Word/VBA)
Can'r run exe (VB5 Learning Edit)
Can't find project or library (MS Office 2000, MS Word 2000)
Accented European and Hewbrew characters (W2000 SR1a)
Different headers and footers (Word 97 SR2)
Calling Office Get File Name from VBA (Access 2000) (122052) was moved to the Access board
Programically Controlling the ADO Data Controls (VB6)
Bug in XP with Margins? (VBA XP)
Word Autoshapes (Eng/Word97/sr2)
counting characters (Word97/SR2)
Bug in recording 'add new character style'? (Word97/SR2)
Demo - Multiple Instances of a userform (Word 2000 or later)
obtain the Range of a field? (Word97SR2/vba)
.ShowFieldCodes ' doesn't work? (Word97SR2/VBA)
wordbasic problems office xp (Office XP)
Value of checkbox (Word 2000 VBA)
Common Dialogs (Word 97SR2)
Find cell and shade it in another wksheet (Excel xp/win 2000)
Third Party API Call (Access 2002)
Add 'n=' to an ActiveCell (officexp, win 2000)
Result of Find.Execute Replace ??? (word97/sr2/vba)
SELECT CASE too insensitive? (Word97SR2/VBA) (uk standard 2002)
ChartObject in Excel graph (Office xp, win2000)
insertfile problems (Word 2000/VBA)
If Statement with a macro (2000)
Exit Codes from external program (Any VBA 6 client or VB 6)
open For Random As (word97/sr2)
test if document is open (Word97/SR2)
Reports: Writing directly to text (VB & Acces '97)
Replacing a double quote (VBA/Access 2K)
MISSING references (VB6/Word 2000/SR-1)
TCase? (as in UCase(), LCase()) (Word97SR2)
Cancel Workbook Close (XL97; SR2)
COM+ (Visual Basic)
That nice copy form (Win 9x and >)
Changes to data using cn.execute (VB6 & Access 2K)
need help with references, in VB6
Triple State Checkbox (VB6)
Word VBA problem: InsertFile command (Word 97 VBA)
Printer field =commands to printer using ESC codes (Word97 sr2a)
Using VBA to access bookmarks in the Header Area (Word 2000 VBA)
Automatic timed file backups (MS Word97/2000)
Autotext (English\Word 2000)
Limits to Formulae (VBA/MS Excel/97)
Downloadable Object model chart (2k/xp)
Menu Item Appears Twice, Sometimes (Excel 2000 / Various Wins)
Parse dir output (any)
Unknown dialog (VBA/MS Excel/97)
Protected Form - next field and fire on-exit macro (VBA - Word)
Step through all optionButtons in a Frame (Word 2000 SR1a)
Preserving range in Excel (Excel97-SR2, ...)
Modal Form Interaction (Office 2000, Excel)
A report from MoonWatcher (VB/any)
Auto Opening linked files (VBA Excel)
Referencing the current desktop (vb6)
Outlook IMO Accounts (Access 2000 SR1)
Help! My add-in won't go quietly (Word 2000)
determine the procedure type (Word97-SR2/VBE)
Insert Line Break (Word 2002)
'The VBA Project could not be signed.' (VBA 2000)
Default template other than (Word VBA)
Syntax of Setup.lst [RunCommands] Section (Office 2000 MOD)
Word Doc Version or Format (MS Word 97 or higher)
Outlook Sender (Outlook 2000)
Test for Doc Property Field (Word 97SR2)
software to allow MailMerges emailed (Word97 sr2a)
Finding and replacing a Style in a Word doc. (Word 2000 SP2)
Is there a Better Way? (VBA/MS Excel/97)
word97SR2/VBA & VB6 (default path in a VBs DLL?)
VBA equiv to 'Serialdate?' (VB/VBA)
Shameless plug (none)
Extracting pics and clipart from PPT files (vb)
Using apostrophes in filters (VB6/Access 2K)
Macro lost its umph! (Office 97/Win 98)
Toolbar macros misplaced (Word97SR2)
Training (VB)
Error handler (W97, WinNT4)
Extending FindText into text boxes in Word macros (Office 2000)
RTFM (all) (114554) was moved to the Scuttlebutt board
testing for external links (Excel 2k(SP2))
Search and load into array in Excel xp (Excel xp, win2000)
Acrobat Distiller Example (Access 2000 SR1)
Monitoring typing (Word97SR2)
Finding the size of an image (VBA Office 2000)-MULTI-F
Auto-export _many_ trans listings (Access '97) (113850) was moved to the Access board
Load array with cell location (Excel xp, Win2000)
Para Collection Index (Word 2000)
Make a new ppt from larger ppt (ppt xp, w2000)
Project (0) (Word97 (NT))
Cross-Reference listing for a set of VBP files (VB6)
COM+ Access Denied Message (VB / COM+)
FTP from a script (VBS or WSH)
Identifying Worksheet Menu Bar Command (XL97:SR2)
VB.NET and C# Syntax Comparison (.NET)
A (VBA/Office/2000)-MULTI-A (VBA/Office/2000)-MULTI-A%-MULTI-A (VBA/Office/2000)-MULTI-A (VBA/Office/2000)-MULTI-A%-MULTI-
Creating COM+ Application Proxy (Visual Basic, COM+)
Is Word Running? (Word 97SR2)
Document Activate problem (Office 2000 SR-1)
Accessing Excel functions from Word VBA (Office 97)
VBA version (VB6 SP5 / Office 2000 SR1)
Error accessing registry (Access2k, WinXP (home))
Statistics in EXCEL VBA (EXCEL 97/2000)
MOD XP and Code Librarian (MOD XP, no SR)
sendobject (VBA/Access2000/sr1) (112098) was moved to the Access board
Digital clock (VBA/Word 97)
Find and Replace (VB6 SP5)
Environment routines (VB/VBA (used Word97SR2))
An API call query (Acc2k VBA)
Embedding Acrobat in VB (VB6 & Acrobat 5.0 Writer)
select several items from a pulldown down list (Outlook 98,2K & Access 97)
CommandBar Humility (Word 97SR2)
common dialog problem (Office 2000)
Commandbar Agony (Word 97SR2)
Reading properties of unopened file (VBA macro in Word 2000)
More Bizarre Toolbar stuff (Word 97SR2)
Loop in Immediate window (Word97SR2/VBE)
Checking for cell value #N/A (XL97)
Stopping a loop at the end of a Word document (Word 2000)
Commandbar Presidence (Word 97SR2)
Key board short cut (Word 97SR2)
full address from InputBox (Excel 2000, SP2)
Can't load MSJTER35.DLL (Outlook 98)
GetWindowLong (VB API)
A Most Bizarre Situation (Word 97SR2)
Validating/checking a value (Word / Access 97 VBA)
Pass in Values when Opening a New Form (VB6)
DAO 3.6 Library Available in Standard Edition XP (Office XP)
Object Browser Conventions (VBA6)
What's wrong with this SQL (VB6/Access 2K)
Slightly Modify a Macro (Office 2000)
Search Fields on form Conditionally (VB6)
Greying Out Save Button (XL97;SR2)
Word 97 Macro Won't Work under Win XP Pro (Office 97)
fetching range from InputBox (xl2000, SP2)
ReadOnly Password Test (Word 97SR2)
What Happens... (Word 97SR2)
Checking whether Query Table exists (2000)
Iterating Through the Elements of a Data Type (VBA/Access 2000) (109144) was moved to the Access board
File In Use By... (Word 97SR2)
Populate ComboBox/Reusing User Form (VB/Word 97)
Data Reterival From WORD (WORD 97/ACCESS 97)
Populating List Box using CSV file (Word 97/2000 VBA)
Crystal Report Error (VB6)
Standard Code (VBA)
VBA ListBox problem (Excel 2000 SR-1)
VBA: Tell Which Series is Selected (Excel 2000, SR1)
Reasons To Upgrade (from any to Word 2002)
Userforms (VBA Excel '97)
Passing a Private Variable (XL97;SR2)
If statement termination (VB/VBA)
VBA Quote ? (MS Office 2000)
Object not being killed (Access 2K SR1 and Excel 2K SR1)
Creating a graphical representation (vb6 - all programming languages)
FSO File Methods (Any)
Cancel Property (OXP 2002)
Testing for File In Use (Word 97SR2)
Additional Controls (VBA Office 2000)
Those maddening String Operators (in SQL) (Office 2000 Sr1a)
Show Word builtin modeless dialog box (Word 2000)
vb6 - 'binary compatibility' (vb6)
Creating custom toolbar/button (VBA Excel 97)
VBA Tutorials (OXP 2002; ME)
Poor man's Replication (VB6)
Browse target (W97, WinNT4)
Copying modules from one workbook/doc to another (VBA Excel/Word 97)
Getting User Info (Word 97/2000)
SendKeys to External Program (Access 97, Win 95/98) (107176) was moved to the Access board
Setting up a Watch Window (97+)
Shell path woes (Word 97, Win 95/98)
Reading Outlook e-mail addresses (Visual Basic 6.0)
Removing an Addin (Word97 SR2)
MSXML 4.0 SelectSingleNode (VB6 SP5)
Hiding recently opened files (VBA W97)
Enumerate UD Datatype in 97 (Word 97SR2)
Jet 4.0 Index collection (DAO 3.6)
Capture Version Property of Project? (VB6)
ini file size limit? (VBA Office2K)
Function keys crash Word (Word 97SR2)
Office XP Developer Help (English)
Print Multiple Directory Levels (VBA/Outlook/Word/SR-2)
Excel97 Strange behaviour compilation error
creating Tornado charts (xl97 and xl2000)
DAO 3284 on CreateRelationship from VB (Access 2000/VB6)
Click Event (Word 97SR2)
Modify VBA in VBA (VBA Office 97 SR2)
Find text/change format of text/cell (Excel 2000)
Counting replacements (VBA W97)
FormsSpellCheck (Word 2000/SR-1)
Creating a Wizard? (VB/VBA)
Inserting row in data grid (VB6)
applying exchange rates (xl97 / xl2000)
PUTing an Integer into a Binary File (VBA)
New Way to Trim Template Bloat (Word 97SR2)
Procedure Name Where Error Occurred (Word 97SR2)
PowerPoint and AdvanceOn (VBA/PPT/2002)
How 2 resize forms (VB5)
2 Decimal Places (XL97;SR2)
Outlook2000 Print Macro (Outlook2000 VBA)
Window Position (Word 97SR2)
Style Schemes in Word 2002 (Office XP)
Distribute a VBA Module for Outlook (VBA/Outlook2Ksr1)
Forms (VBA, Office 2000)
Sort Numbers in 2 dimension array (Word 97SR2)
Array Dimensions (Word 97SR2)
DLL's out of date (VB6)
IntelliSense Now (Word 97SR2)
VB6 - missing references (Vis Studio Enterprise)
vb6 - globally change VBPs (VB6)
vb6 - how to change default MAKE location (Visual Sudio 6 Enterprise)
RunCode error (97)
Setup.lst (VB 6.0)
Yes/No, 0 or 1 in VB6 to Access (Access 2000, VB6)
vb6 - help files missing (VB6)
VB6 - Automation manager - removing it (VB6)
VB6 sample - changing screen background (VB6)
Userform Control Type (Word 97SR2)
File management (Word/VBA 97/2000)
Control Collection (Word 97SR2)
paste special module? (97)
Learning Visual Basic (Office 97)
VB6 Newbie seeks Forum
TextStream and FileSystem Objects (VBA in W2000 Vs W97)
uses for Office Developer (Excel/Word VBA)
Access from Word (Access 2000/Word 2000)
AND/OR statements (97)
Check box for list (97)
VBA MacronHelp Please (Excel 97)
Word Count Macro (Word 2000 )
List Box options (97) (102921) was moved to the Access board
Running code in a different Word template (Word 2000 SR1a)
Scrambling ((EXCEL 97/200))
Reset printer to default using VBA (Word 2000)
RegExp Reference (VB6)
Control document access (Word97SR2)
VB Installation Error (VB6/Access 97)
Encryption Error (xl2000 SR2)
Adding to a table (W2000, office xp, vb6)
RangeName Value From a Closed File (XL97; SR2)
Replace works in debug but not run time (Word 2k, SR 1)
Determine extension of a file (Word97/NT)
Using SelfCert.exe (Excel 97/2000)
Simplifying VBA Code (XL2000 VBA)
Simpler Set Reference Dialog (VBA Office 2K)
Find the bullet symbol (VBA for Word 97/2000)
Deleting Lines of Code Error (VBA for Word 97/2000)
Bye bye VB 6! (6)
Integration (VB6)
Opening an IE window using VBA on the Mac (Word 98/2001 Apple Mac)
Call to DLL (VB/VBA)
Way to fill out a form on a web page using VB? (VB 6)
Help!! Project locked, but I didn't lock it? (Word 2002 (Office XP))
VB / Crystal Reports (VB)
Using .SaveAs Filename with FTP (Word 98/2001 Apple Mac)
Addressing Spin Boxes on the Fly (VBA 2000)
Spell check protected documents (W2K SR-1)
obtaining page orientation returns nothing? (Word97 sr2a)
Intercept X (Word 97SR2)
Problem opening IE using VBA on the Mac - Urgent (Word 98 - Apple Mac)
Adding a reference to an object library in code (VBA for Word 97/2000)
A Eulogy for WordBasic (ALL)
WordBasic equivalent (VBA O97)
VBA Code Formatter? (Office 2000)
Using default System.MDW in connection string (VB6)
Blank lines between paragraphs (VBA - Word 2000)
Program PDF forms (Any)
Count Forms In VB6 Project (VB6)
Finding location where global templates are stored (VBA for Word 97/2000)
Check to see if a document is open (VBA in Office 97)
how were these sample checkboxes created? (W97 sr2a)
Link to 'Turn off auto update' post in Word
code to insert hole punch symbols in word docs? (Word97 sr2a)
Set node programmatically in treeview (VB 6)
ListType Confusion (VBA for Word 97/2000)
Sorting an Array 3 times (VBA for Word 97/2000)
Naming Template Projects & Modfules (Word 2000/SR-1)
Adding code to click event 4 runtime commandbutton (VBA for Word 2000)
Open files on another PC (Excel 97 SR-2)
Multiple column's in VB's ComboBox (VB6)
Combo Box Change event not firing on click (VB6)
FileSaveAs and Read-only documents (VBA/ Word 2000 on Windows 2000)
Explanation Needed - How Code that Recursively Sea (VB/VBA)
Print Hidden Sheet (XL97; SR2)
Passing Null Date to MS Access Table (VB6 / Access 97)
Displaying Animated Gifs (VB6)
DataCombo Dropdown List (Autofill?) (VB6)
Can I detect the Cancel event of SaveAs? (Word 2002)
Internationalize Excel VBA (Excel 97 and 2000)
How do I find what page a Bookmark is on? (VBA Word 2000)
Endless Do While Loop (VBA-Excel 97)
MS Progress ControlBar 6.0 (Office 97 / Access) (97805) was moved to the Access board
coding standards - dot field names (access/vba)
Opened From? (Word 97SR2)
Word-Macro (2000)
Accessing Group Collection in Access from (Access 97/VB6)
Count Array elements? (Office 2K / VB )
Delete Hyperlinks (VBA W97 SR2)
Adding hidden bookmarks (Word 97 (NT))
If Then Else not working (VBA for Word 2000)
reName to a different drive?!!! (word97sr2)
UserForm Initialize (Excel 2000)
Populating a drop down list box from excel file (word/VBA)
VBA / Excel - Initializing UserForm (XL2000 Sr-1 VBA)
Too Few Parameters connecting to Access (VB6 / Access 97)
how do you obtain a shape objects position?
Simple simple (Word 97SR2)
VBA for Access (Access 2000)
Writing registry security descriptors (VBA / O97 / W2K)
Illegal Operation (Word 97/VBA)
Distribute VB application with Word (VB)
selfcert error (Outlook 2002)
autoExec, autoOpen and autoClose being skipped (Word 2002)
Crystal Report (WIN2000 - Seagate 7.5)
Security in VB to Access MDB (VB6 and Access 2K)
Excel Macro (excel 97)
Saving a selected graphic as BitMap /BMP
Code stops on doc.close (Work 2k, SR1)
Selectively Deactivate Menu Command (Excel 97, SR-2)
how do u define a variable to store decimal values (W97 - sr2)
Changing Command Bars (VBA Word 97)
Installing .Net (Visual Studio .Net)
'action will reset' msg (xl2000)
Adding an Image File (Excell All)
Get rid of (renaming) built-in styles (Word 2000)
FileOpen (risky) (all?)
Tool tips in listbox (Word 97 Sr2)
Set Range To Text Box (VBA / Word 2000)
Clearing Unwanted instances of Word from memory (Office 2000 SP 1A)
All Docs based on Template (Word 97SR2)
How Do I write multiple If Not condition (Excel VBA)
Checking IsSelected in MS ListView (VB6)
ADO AddNew not Adding New (VB6 / Access 97)
Disable Events (Word 97SR2)
Sendkeys('someString') -> CMD.exe (Excel '97 VBA)
Mail merge (VB6+Sql Server+Word 97)
Populate Listbox (VB6)
Code to highlight all text between quotation marks (Word VBA)
Use VBA to create PDF File (VBA/Acess)
Image - stretch or size property? (VB 5 / 6)
Detecting which OS & service pack (VB6 SP5)
Help with Procedure (Word 2000 VBA)
Programmatically Updating Control? (Access 2000/VBA) (93791) was moved to the Access board
Using VBA to add controls (programmatically) (VBA for Word 2000)
64k limit in string functions (Wd2000)
Page navigation (Pub 2002)
Standard Naming Convention for Font Files (VB)
Change font properties (VBA - Word 2000)
Text To Speech (Word XP)
Excel Solver in VBA? (Excel 2000)
combo box in vb (vb6 access 97)
Compile Errors Hidden Module (VB 6.0, Office 2000 SR-1)
'Cannot initialize Visual Basic Environment' (German, Word 97, Win. 98)
Code to Import Styles from Global Template (Word VBA)
Me.Hide closes VBE window (VBA/Office 2000)
Please Wait... (Word '97 VBA)
can't disable events (Excel97/2000, SR2)
Cancel the Close dialog (Excel 97/2000, SR2)
Creating Outlook Task from Word (Word 97/2000, Outlook 98)
Finding multiply matches for a record (Visual Basic 6.0)
vlookup in VBA (MSO97)
GetObject (Word 2000)
Why does this sheet pop up? (Office 2000)
Tool tips disappeared (PPT 97 (User form))
External program (Office 97/2000)
VBA (Office 97)
Using filesearch (PPT97, Word97)
specify source file for image control (PPT 97 (User form))
Loading documents without templates (Word 2000 (SP2))
Crashin' VB Program (VB6(SP5) & Word 2000(SP1))
Search/remove textbox from Word Header (Word 2000)
Array Test (Word 97SR2)
Why I record macros (all)
Text Processor (Any Word Version)
WorkSheetFunction.Vlookup (XL97/SR2)
Find CURDIR of MS ACCESS (VB6, Access 97 and 2K)
Trouble with a MSKB article (Excel 97> VBA)
Variable name in running macros (XL97)
Excel Automation (VBA )
GroupWise and ItemOpen - Help!!! (VBA/Word/97)
Opinions on Storing shared Procedures (Office XP)
Simple Macro HELP!(VBA/Project/2000)
Cool graphic effects (all)