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Variable name in running macros (XL97)
Excel Automation (VBA )
GroupWise and ItemOpen - Help!!! (VBA/Word/97)
Opinions on Storing shared Procedures (Office XP)
Simple Macro HELP!(VBA/Project/2000)
Cool graphic effects (all)
I have 20 people that use Term (Outlook 98, Excel 97)
Expanding BINARY file length (all)
Field Update in Primary Header Story (Word 97SR2)
Outlook - Access integration (Office 2000)
Check status of Alt Key (VBA)
Refer to a specific outline in Excel (Excell 2000)
Getting a File Created Date (XL 97)
Workbook_Open command (Excel '97)
xlDialogSendMail syntax (Excel '97)
Associated Application (Win API)
FileExist Update (Word 97SR2)
Intermitant Error (Excel VBA)
Finding printers (Word 2000)
Changing Cell colours in Excel using VBA (Excel '97)
Outlook form control data from Access ? (Office 2000)
Printer page out notification (VBA / Access 2000) (87511) was moved to the Access board
How to search a Access Database from VB (Visual Basic)
Converting .txt to labels (Word 2000)
Who Has The Rights (Eng/O97)
All Files in FileOpen Dialog Box (VBA/Word97 SR2)
Language (Word 97 -SR2)
Horizontal Marquee (Excel VBA 97 SR2)
Excel/Word/Outlook Automation Problems (Office 2000)
Populating text box based on option button (Word 2000 VBA)
Victory! Finally a FrontPage Macro (FrontPage 2000)
Replacing text with field codes (Word 2000/VBA)
Error in DBGrid (VB6 SP5; True DBGrid Pro 5.0)
CR/LF in Control Tip text (all)
Answering the telephone (all)
Ole Container (vb6)
VBE Windowing Behavior (Excel 2000, SR1)
Control handle (Word 97SR2)
OT: Window Dressing (VB6)
Sizing charts with VBA? (VBA / Excel 2000)
Application File Search Error (Word97/Windows2000)
Advanced Find (97SR2)
CTRL-ALT-F9 (Excel 2000 VBA)
Creating multiple tables in Word ((VBA from VB6)) (English, VB, 6.0)
Execute PL/SQL at VB (VB 6)
ADO auto number (VB6 SP5)
What Does VB Offer for PCI/ISA Bus Interfacing? (VB)
VB with IE5 (VB)
Outlook Sent Item to Word Doc (Word97 SR2)
SSTab / MultiPage (VB6/Office 2000)
Using Numbers in Code (VBA / VB)
List Box Limit (97SR2)
Class 2 or 3 Authenticode Certificates (Office 97 and later)
Minimize document window (Word 2002)
Project group window (VB6 SP5)
Add a new record and not overwrite the current one (Outlook 98, Acces 97)
MsgBox text centring (Word '97 VBA)
Outside print area-how to remove/hide mesage box? (W97SR2a)
Existing CustomDocumentProperties (VBA - Word)
hiding columns in Excel (xl97 SR2)
hopefully easy string search (VBA - Word 2000)
Dr. Watson Error when exiting vb app (Win 2K / VB6 SP5 / Access 2k SR1)
Storing Data (VB6)
using excel in VB (VB6)
Formula to Delete cell data? (English)
Unrecognized Database format error (VB6 SP5/A2K SR1)
Range Names (Eng/XL97/SR2)
Insert a document object with relative path (Word 2000 VBA)
Create Event (97SR2)
Repeat Macro for all sheets on single workbood (English)
Confused about control arrays (VB5)
Word Document Properties (VB6)
Accessing Printer Properties (Excel 2000 print quality questions)
Disable CH13 AKA<Enter> (Word 97-SR-2)
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COM Add-in development in Office Developer (2000)
Understanding XL Ref in VB6 ..?? (vb6 XL various versons)
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SQL statement for first letter (VB6, w2000, office xp)
Problem printing forms with white background (VB5, VB6)
Voting program (vb6, w2000)
Passing Quotation Marks (Eng/XL97/SR2)
PCL Printer Commands (W97)
code help (office 2000)
adding buttons (VB6)
Looking for Experienced Contractor (Excel 97/2000)
Using a functionpointer in a DLL (VB6)
Licencing grid control (VB6 Enterprise)
Duplex Printing (Eng/XL97/SR2)
Drag n Drop (Outlook 2000/XP)
merge individually (2000)
Reading output from shell (English/Excel VBA/Office 2000)
Marking a Private Key exportable (Office 2000)
Menu names in macros (W97 VBA)
Variant Array For Subtot (VB6 & Excel)
Marquee Textbox (Excel 97 SR2)
Access/Word 97 Mergefield in User Form (Word 97/Access/VBA)
TreeView (Access 97)
TreeView (Access 97) (80474) was moved to the Access board
Word97 VBA Run-time errors (Word 97)
Passing Arrays (Excel VBA / VB6)
Automation Error (VB 6.0)
Changing filename using VB6 (VB6, win2000)
WOW! (VBA/Word97 SR2)
Adding a Drop Down Button to a Custom Toolbar (Word 97 SR2)
Macro - Last Three Characters in Footer
Can't open connection to password protected DB (VB6)
Filecopy (Outlook 98, Excel 97)
Search for soft return (VBA / wORD / 2000)
Insert File (97SR2)
Excel merged cells to word (UK/Excel97/sr2)
Outlook Custom Form (Outlook 2000, SR1)
Form Position (vb 6)
Last Three Characters in Footer to be 12 point (Word97 SR2)
Get Name of Installed Font using API (Vb API)
Exiting a Parent sub from a child sub (Word 2000 VBA)
Getting Outlook to Email at a Certain Date/Time (Office 2000 SP1A)
Select 'PageBreakPreview' (VBA /Excel97sr2)
Manipulating the Word 2002 task pane (Word 2002)
Basics for Sending Keystrokes with Windows API? (VB API)
How does one use the SetFocus API in VB? (VB API)
Where do the Comments Go? (VB 6)
File Conversion Help - RTE 3343 (VB6 SP5)
Word heading style conflict (W97 sr2a - VBA)
VBA to insert text of file in e-mail message (Outlook 2000)
Block comment/uncomment (All)
POP up form (VB Sutie v6)
vbHourglass (vb6, w2000)
Auto timed Reminder (Outlook 98, Access 97)
VB prog to compile VB (VB 6.0)
Online Help software (VB5)
Populate Distribution Lists (OutLook 2000 / VB(A))
Problem on Excel to Word VBA (UK/Excel/97)
VBA example for Outlook spelcheck (Outlook 2k)
VB6 long int var (VB6)
Missing ActiveEx Libraries (Win95b Office97Sr2)
Write to the registry (VB6 / NT4)
Weird Form Focus Problems With the Mouse (VB6 SP5 and Windows2K)
Removing Excel Sheet Macros (Excel 97 SR-2)
Bookmarks delete when editing text (O2k, SR1)
Split Function in VBA 97 (Office 97 VBA)
Excel Code Problem (1)
range has table-doesnt format next line after tabl (W97)
FRX Format (VB6)
Word Command for Add to Work Menu (English(U.S.)/Word 2000)
Enumerate Windows to Detect Second Application Ins (Enumerate Windows to D
NCSL (non-commentary source lines) (VB6)
Tip of the Day (VBA / Word / 97-2K)
Connecting to Sybase (Visual Basic 6.0)
Another no-brainer (Excel/VBA)
Very easy question (Excel/VBA)
Sentence, Paragraph Rules (Word O97 SR2 NT4)
range summation (xl97/xl2000 )
odd page header + fields (Word (VBA))
Way to Turn Off Computer Programically After Shutd (VB 6 Windows 2000)
Excel VBA (UKenglish/office97/sr2)
code to obtain operating system (VBA - word97)
How to find direct formatting using vba code (1)
Very Destructive New Virus (Word97 SR2)
Compile Error (VBA6 - Office 2000 SR1a)
Linking a userform to an Excel Cell (Excel 2000 SR1a)
How Does Make Sure Only One Instance of an Applica (VB)
Modal Userforms (VB6 SP5)
Using DataCombo to Navigate Records (VB 6 SP5)
DOS DIR Command to Excel (VBA/Excel 2002/10.2614.2625)
Color Recognition (English)
Property Get/Let Part II (Word97 SR2)
Adding all headings to a list box (VBA for Word 2000)
controlling Word from XL VBA (XL 97/2K, Word 97/2K)
Inserting, opening, and closing an object > IPF (Word 2000 VBA)
Macro to set field/record delimiters (Word 97 SR2)
All possible strings of n distinct words function? (Office 2000 / SP2 and VBA)
Enter new Product Button on Orders Form (Access 2000)
Preventing controls printing (Word97sr2 VBA)
Name Worksheet Dialog box (English)
Close multiple ADODB connections in VB (VB6)
Learning VBA (VBA)
how to create Horizontal & vertical scrollbar (VB.Microsoft.6)
Identifying the Paragraph Mark (Eng/Word/97-2000)
Test on Sheet Names (English_XL97_SR2)
VB6, Ado, Provider not found (VB6 sp5, officexp, w2000)
Prob2: Displaying paragraph style (Eng/Word/97-2000)
Prob1: Forcing a template (Eng/Word/97-2000)
XL97 Capturing button push (Excel)
List boxes (VBA)
Reviewing a Custom Function in VBA
Sample macro (Word 97 SR2)
Referencing Fields Programatically (Project 2000)
Automate Outline Creation (VBA/Project 2K)
Creating textbox/spinbuttons for characters/digits (VBA for Word 2000)
Passing Open Parameters (VB)
using Common Controls in Access VBA (VBA/Access/97)
Text Function Error (English_XL97_SR2)
Macro Error (access 2000) (72191) was moved to the Access board
Running Auto_Opens from macros (Excel 2002)
Excel VBA to powerpoint (Office xp, w2000)
Set Program Option via VBA? (vba/PPT/97 SR-2)
Arrays - passing and scope basics (VBA O97)
How do I Size Internet Explorer Window Programical (VB)
Future VBA to VB-Net Conversion (VB-Net)
Run-Time Error (XL97; SR2)
VBA Editor Tool to Add/Remove Line Numbers? (VBA)
Outlook VBA (Office 2000)
Code to Break Links (Office xp, w2000)
Try this find on this doc (97SR2)
Excel and PowerPoint Question (English/Excel 2000)
Continuous forms with subforms (Access 2000 / SP2) (71168) was moved to the Access board
VB Help & Windows Installer (Office 2000)
read registry with WinAPI (Excel 97/2000)
Form to enter data into an mdb (Access, VB6, W2000)
Compile = template bloat? (Eng/Word/2000 noSR)
Sharing Macros and Other Customizations (Word 97+)
Long Shot (97SR2)
Backup naming algorithm (VBA/Word/SR1a)
Discern Win98 from Win2000 (Word 2000 SR1a)
Dim As New (VB6)
Check application (Win 95)
Form Hides and doesn't save variable values (Word 2000 VBA)
Package and Deploy - to user templates folder? (2000)
Command Button for Print Preview of Form/Report (VB 6.0)
run out of memory in vb program (excel vb 97 SR2)
how do I debug AutoExec code when Word fires up? (W97sr2 - VBA)
Downloading VB 6.0 (Visual Basic)
Property Get/Let (VBA/Word97 SR2)
Select Position of Label On Merge (Word 97 SR2)
InStr Failing (VBA/Word97 SR2)
Outlook Message format` (VBA OL2k)
Open WorkSheet Object (VBA/PPT 97)
VBA Function (XL97; SR-2)
Add Footer to Sections (Word 97)
Saving non-sent email (OL98)
Visual Basic vs ACCESS (N/A)
Form to Word Tables (Excell 2000/SR-1 & VBA)
Transfer data into specific Columns (VBA.MS.excel 2000)
Application.FileSearch Frustration (Eng/Word 2002/Office XP on Win2000)
Autotext entries lose styles/numbering (Word 97/VBA)
VBA - Resetting paragraph numbers using code (Word 2000, '97)
copy range fails in xl97 (xl97, xl2000 )
Macros (VISIO 2000)
VB and existing Forms (VB6/VBA)
Preset the folder in SHBrowseForFolder API (Excel 8 SR-2 VBA)
Testing for Beginning of Paragraph (Word97 SR2)
VB to Return the Absolute Value (Excel 97 SR2 VB )
code for Holiday or Vacation? (any)
Formatting Currency (VB6)
Using Access97 to retrieve Project98 data (Office97) (67078) was moved to the Access board
EnterKeyBehaviorProperty (VBA for MS Word 97)
Doing something at print time (WinNT/W97)
Tables (VB6)
Sorting list boxes in VBA (Word 2000 VBA)
Comple my vb programs.. then what do I do (VB 6,)
selfcert error (Office 2000 SR-1)
MailMergeEditDataSource (Word97 (networked))
Builtin Document Properties (VBA/Word/2000)
Setting the Focus in a User Form (VBA/Word/2000)
SQL statements based on recordsets? (Office 2000 / SP2 and VBA)
VBA: Printing code in color (VBA - Office 2000)
AutoClose side effects (Word97/VBA)
Screen Updating (VBA/Word/2000)
Attachments Object (Outlook 2002)
"Macro" Property In Word 2000 Document (English / VB / 6.0)
Macro Secuirty Level (Excel 2000 SP2)
Set Calendar Control to Current Date (VBA Word 97)
Locking a Shape in Headers (Word 2000)
textbox contents entered into Access table (vb6 / access xp)
Moving from listbox to listbox (Word 2000 VBA)
Raising Error in Class Module (Powerpoint 97)
combine 2 codes? (XLS 97 / VB)
Getting addresses from GroupWise Addressbook (VBA/WORD 2000/SR1)
"permanently" deleting Cutsom toolbars (word 2000)
Conditional formatting & VBA (Excel 2000 SR1 VBA)
need 1 line of vb code (97)
Pastespecial problem in VBA with Word - Error 5342 (VBA/Word97/SR2)
SmartTag Action development (Word 2002)
Animated Pie Charts ((Office 2000 SR-2) )
Multi Table Database (VB6 Professional Edition)
Set Focus; SR1-A and VBE6.dll (VB6 )
How to end a repetitive search/replace routine? (Word2000)
Populating Project 98 Text Field ((Project 98) )
VBA Error 3617 (VBA 6)
shell function (VB6)
What do you think?(posting code?) (any)
Use the FileSystemObject, Luke! (VB/VBA)
VBScript goes away ? ? ? (VBScript)
Check if two files exist (Office 2000 VBA)
fraction superscript font (any)
Data Environments (VB6)
Creating network shares using VB (VB Version 6)
Logo and the top of the first page only (Visual Basic)
Default File Location (VBA/XL97+)
VB over Access (VB6/Access 97)
how do I MkDir with properties attributes= hidden? (VBA - word97)
Outlook VBA Send probs (Outlook 2k/xp)
AutoCad (62323) was moved to the Access board
Pasting rows in Word 97 (Word 97 SR 2)
Check Network Connectivity (VB 6.0 sp3)
Trouble with object reference (VBA - Word 2000)
Detect Network or Drive Accesibility (97pro upwards)
rename all files in folder (vb6 or vba)
Looking for good resources (Word 97 and 2000)
Speeding up this code (VBA/Excel/Win2K)
What's that keystroke? (VBA/ Word 97)
VB & DTS (VB/SQL Server)
Return string Filename and Dir Tree how? (Word 2000)
Excel 97/VBA (Excel 97 SR1)
VB6 - in toolbox - there is a timer control (VB6)
Active X - not able to CreateObject (Outlook 98, Office 97)
Find function (VB6)
Equivelant code/command (Access 97) (60502) was moved to the Access board
Slows down reading large files (VB 6.0)
sheets VeryHidden (Excel 97/2000)
Connecting to a dbf file to pick up data. (VBA/WORD2000/SR1)
What are the pros and cons of registering ANY DLL
Seagate Crystal Reports (Vb 6)
Automatically running a macro/VBA on slide view (PP97)
Project advice (VB6/Access)
International Postal Codes (any)
User defined Type not defined (VBA/WORD2000/SR1)
getting UserForm to popup (VBA/WORD2000/SR1)
AutoClose and Document_Close Don't... (O97-SR2a & Win98 SE)
put query results into combobox (VBA/WORD2000/SR1)
While Loc(intOne) < LOF(intOne) (word97SR2/Win95Collector's edition)
Looking up from database and validating (VB6)
capture default word msgbox & display custom (Word - VBA)
Search for Cell indicator (97SR2)
Researching Error (Excel 97 SR2)
ADODC and ComboBoxes (VB 6)
Document merge (VBA/Word/97)
New Hidden Doc from Template (97SR2)
Determining if insertion point is in a field (Word2000)
Coding Exercise (Any)
Copying from the Clipboard in Word (Word 2000)
Passing Variables in Code (XL97; SR-2)
Another 'End of' Request (97 SR2)
VB/VBA Call to determine printer type? (Word 2000)
-214 type errors (VB6)
What ADO's/SQL Server 7's Query Size Limit is (if (VB)
set focus (VBA/Word2000)
VBA Code to Change a Formula to Value (XL 97: SR2)
Not enough memory error (Excel 97 VBA)
If toolbar/macros exist (VBA/Word 97)
SQL Server v DB2 (VB6)
Populate combobox with data from a SQL table (vba/word2k)
Finding unused styles (Word 97 VBA)
A Better Envelope Dialog (97 SR2)
Search and replace ANSI character (VBA/Word 97)
runonce (VB6)
runas in WScript (VBScript)
Saving File w/o Overwrite? (VBA/Outlook 2002)
VBA: O2k vs O97 (Win98/NT O97)
Copying Code (Word97/sr2)
ActiveDocument.PageSetup Produces error (Word 2000)
HTML Editor (Outlook 2000)
Distribute Custom Toolbar in Outlook (Outlook and VBA)
Error: Argument not Optional (MS Visual Studio-Enterprise)
Excel Automation Gone To Pot (VB6)
Test Top Line (97SR2)
Top of Doc Test (97SR2)
System Design (Word97 SR2)
Extract Address Code - Done! (97 SR2)
Decoding e-mail attachments (VB6)
.SAVED not work (xl97/xl2000)
Using Offset (General Coding Problem) (Excel 97 SR2 VB )
Conditional Find (97 SR2)
Extract Address Code (Word 97 -RS2)
VBA Course (VB/VBA)
Copying Files with VBA (XL97; SR-2)
VBScript - Setting New User Password (MSVisual Studio 6.0, Access 2K)
.Find not Working? (Excel2k SR1a VBA)
New Version of Allapi API Guide (VB/VBA)
Buttons on sheets not keep names (xl97 (SR-2))
combo box width (vb6)
SendKeys (XL97; SR-2)
read two files (vb6)
Thread #54921 was moved to the Access board
Serial comms (Excel 2K)
Pop Up Action to alter DB calculation field? (Access 2000 - VB 6.0)
Word 2000 macro doesn't work in Word 97 (Word 2000/Word 97)
Renaming module (Excel 97/SR2/VBA)
Copying Message Text (Outlook 2002 VBA)
hyperlink fields (word97sr2)
Faster Form Field Updating? (VB6/Word2000)
Hiding Code (VBA 6)
Function strSqueezeConsecutive(strIn As String, i ( Function strSqueezeCo
Lost Password (Excel VBA 97)
"File not found" loading user DLL (Excel 97 and 2000)
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Find/Replace Picture (English PPT 97)
InsertAddress (Word/Outlook XP)
International Dates (xl97 and xl2000)
combination keyboard shortcuts causes app to crash (VBA - Word 97)
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Resolved: ActiveDocument.Printout problem
Thread #52952 was moved to the Access board
Project Explorer, File Not Found (Word97 SR2)
Selection (English)
Working with WinZip (Excel/VBA)
Edit, Paste Special, Unformatted Text in PPT (PPT 2k SR-2)
ListBox to Table procedure (Word97 SR2)
Pick a date (Access 97)
PPT2000 & MSGraph Automation (PPT2000, MSGraph, VBA)
Obtaining dataset from Lotus Notes Address Book (English/Word 97)
Triggering a scanner with VBA code? (Office 2000 SR-2)
VBA bugs with Word outlines (Word 2k)
Put a Word doc in a form (Office xp )
Simple SQL Question (O2K - Access - VBA)
Outlook to SQL? (Outlook2000)
How to create a new userform in a template? (Word97SR2)
Forms Spellcheck (Word 2000)
Fun and games with STATIC variable (word97sr2)
Automation Error (VBA Office 2000)
Help! w/MailMerge (W97 SR-2)
Displaying Results within a TextBox (VB 6.0)
Inserting a flag into rtf with vba (VBA for Word 97/2000)
How implement expiration date (xl97/xl2000)
Enter 0 in cell via Macro (Word 97)
Turning off AutoFormat As You Type (Word 97 SR2)
Shutting Off the Synchronizer (O2K Developer Edition)
init before workbook_open (Excel2k, Win2k)
VBA with Excel (Excel 2000)
Outlook 2000 VBA> Item.send sent but also in outbo (Outlook 2000)
Free VBA Developers tools
Sending plain text email
Print - output = Print to file
adding records to recordset
Parsing Data From Log Files
Class names for Excel's windows
Class Module Confusion
Strangeness in Excel 2000 VBA
VBA Word97-MailMerge and SendToEmail
list windows
API calls - where can I get more info?
PrivateProfileString Limit?
return via Hyperlink field
Creating a pivot table in VBA
Returning the current user name
Upgrading from Office 97 to Office 2000
Make Pub2002 SaveAs Button
Does anyone have code to open app from another app
Is there are a VBA pause function/statement?
Project definition
Range assignment in IncludeText field
Word 2000 Create Date
Outlook Views
what are the features of Office developers kit? Revisited Continued
Run Time Error 5151
Standardizing Table Width
Locking Fields
Word97 VBA & MailMerge
Layout Preferences
Access to Outlook
VBA Array issues
User Form Hide Problem
Put on Top
RegQueryInfoKey() in W2K
VBA to change printer properties
Toolbar's backcolor
Stumped with extra paragraphs
Triple State Boolean
VBA & Word MailMerge
Why 'Type Mismatch' when adding cell contents...
XL97 VBA Code to Calc
Listbox Population Code
Excel 95 Dialog Boxes
New on the Word MVP FAQ Page
Always available in Excel
Using Enter to Move Between Form Fields
VBE COM Add-in
Naming Macros for Functions
FileCopy command
Selecting the Current Table
Visual Basic/Visual Studio Service Packs
newbie question
Internal Application Error
Word's Letter Wizard
Set font bold on the SSTab control
Calculator program
Persistent Variable
Outlook addresses (from an utter novice)
How to export visdata query to Excel
Outlook - While You Were Out Template
Excel Automation and Styles
Scrolling a Textbox
Office 97: get formfield name
FrontPage Macro to use strong and em tags
Unexpected Error message
ADO Recordset fails
VBA - Open applicaition from another applicaition