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XL97 VBA Calculation Error
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SAMs Learn...21 days.
Portable VBA?
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Email form no longer working
Deadwood data identifier stripper
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Paragraph styles act like Character styles
Command to select Word2000 text to a strText var?
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Move Range Backwards by Cell in Table
Can one Inputbox a variable into Documents.Open F?
MS Hierarchical FlexGrid
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Macro-driven Word docs on Intranet
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That $%&^! Elusive Pimpernel
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Thank you, thank you, thank you.
can't get script to run
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VB6.0 newbie--need help
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VB, DDE, cc:mail and Windows 95
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Passing Userform Data to a Caller
Because I enjoy living in terror...
Office install - macro menu disabled
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Emergency Help! VBE.DLL crash
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Create Applications for PDAs - Visual Basic
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Some basic questions from a VBA beginner
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Simulating a Macro Pause in VBA
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Running DOS Commands Via VBS Behind an HTML Form
Print Current Page
String too long - trouble with exporting to Word
AutoText Entry Button
How many pages in document?
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Linked ODBC Query
Function ConvertToOrdinal
Spaces in field names
File Created Today
VB Error on ActiveDocument.Close
VBA novice - IF THEN / WHERE
Range is in Field
Active Application?
XL data into a text file
code to insert autotext entry - generating error
Cardinal Numbers to Ordinal Numbers
New Territory
Import Memo field to Outlook
Msgbox Text; Wrap to Next Line
Class Modules
code to check if directory exists
Form Window handle
Function gblnSetTrueFalseDocumentVariable
Find Method in Outlook
Word 2k Print Dialog
Macro in FrontPage
Immediate window
Putting blank lines in INI files -- how?
Folder Dialog
Public Function gblnFileExists
Read-only quandary
Mail merge inconsistancy problems
Active X problem with Outlook form
Formatted Text Container
Error log on closing database
Doc Vars in Header
Create barcode for window envelope via VBA - Word
Out of Memory Error
ShowWindow Function
Shapes and Lines
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Run-time Error 5
Which Stories?
Numbers only
VB 6 Masked Edit control
Pulldown - display column 2 not 1
font counting
Combining tests in Excel VBA
FileSystemObject woes
VBA Book
Add macro icon to a toolbar
snapshots of your screen to a Powerpoint97 presen
Automation Server Error
Not properly licensed
How do you get EXCEL VBA to update an Oracle DB?
E-mail a Screen Print.
Send HTML Mail
Macro to spellcheck protected form in Mac Word98
Sending emails from Access97
Function not available
Clear the clipboard
Insert AddressBook
Excel Chart
Range Names
Document event ->
Binary File
Office97 vs. Office2000
stop the user exiting an application
Trap App Close Event
Powerpoint 2000 and builtin dialogs
"Graying out" a menu item
LIstbox Weirdness - not reading value prop.
PowerPoint 97: How to ref text box collection
Access FTP Application
Print one sheet of labels for all files in a dir?
Using Workbook_BeforeSave
Word97SR2: ActiveDocument.Words
Automation Error
unexpected overflow
Use of FileSearch in VBA
Standby Macro
Title Case bug?
TreeView in Word97
When is an AddIn Loaded in Memory?
Set Property with user input w/o Case or ElseIf
Play a wav in Outlook?
Commandbar Events?
Who is Me?
Feedback from dialog boxes
Searching for a specific graphic
PPT2K displaying doc_properties on master slides
Create Word Borders Toolbar button
Opening WBks with Macros
Module Name
Chart Export from XL to PP: Weird Problem
Position CommandBar
ODMA and Powerpoint
size of the Immediate Window buffer
NAME of a dialog
Finding an item when on first line of a paragraph
Button Face Bizarre
On Error or???
Finding and Formatting Bordered/Nonborderd Tables
Case v. If/Then
Two Line Tooltip?
Executing a Word97 Find from Excel
vbDirectory attributes
VBA novice - multiple filters
Creating an NT service
Code for Get todays date & previous & next day
Get todays date & previous & next day
Mid() statement
Working with External Passwords in Netscape
Field Update woes
Need a Starting Point
output from vba
Del Excel WkBk from macro called by that WkBk
Excel - return column name in range
Customizing VBE toolbars in Word97SR2
Looping or Do While
Named arguments in user-defined functions
Out Of String Space" (14) error.
Variable Ranges in Excel
quick way to populate an array
Some macros in this template will not run properly
Intellisense in Excel VBA
obtain text from a text file without losing white-
test if a DOCument is locked?
Passing Parameters Option
Almost Real Time Updating of AddIn files
Opening Word in Excel
FileSearch replacement needed
Finding a group of paragraphs with the same style
Set objApp = Nothing
Powerpoint 2000 customising
API SaveAs
Creating custom menu in Access 97:- Help rqd
Finding automatic bullets and numbers
Creating a style array
Getting NT/2000 Environment Variables
Code: Function strScreenResolution() As String
What's wrong with this code?
Code: Function boolFULLDocIsOpen(strFullName As St
Sub Main
Determining Default Printer with VBA
Help with THAWTE
Change event bafflement
Error 4248: this command is not available
Proud of myself -- and grateful to you guys
Code: Sub cmd_Squeeze(lbLeft As ListBox, lbRight A
Access Forms all disappeared!
End of File
Crystal Reports & Visual Basic
Computer identity
Format a variable?
vb application to word document
Access97 & IE5 API Help
Clear Immediate Window
Code: Sub cmdCapitalize_Click()
Code: Sub udf_RemoveEmptyCells()
Code: Sub udfSplitRowsFromTable()
command button hyperlink
Word basic
Setting up clipboard data
Properties of a paragraph in Word 2000
Passing Parameters between forms
Access2000 Form VBA Focus
Printing a Character string with VBA
1st try - clear screen
Public vs. Private vs. My Sanity
Printer object in VB
Displaying TIFFs
Save As Dialog box
inhibit the execution of Auto_ macro?
add a toolbar to a template other than
Selecting Multiple Files VBA
VB6 to Btrieve
Select Chars of Range
Word VBA (XP)
A FindNextOneOfThese Function
Extract embedded notes
VBA IDE Add-ins
Getting a VBA procedure to wait a given time
Can VBA ring people up?
Passing data from a previous record in a query
Image source in Word documents
VBA Conversion
toolbars with identical names
Code: Sub cmd_KeepWithNext()
Show Dialog with Different Defaults
Word Application Events - Tip
Outlook 98 VBScript Question
Bionic passwords
MS vb editor opens all code for my db
Word 2000 Obj. Heirarchy
Parameter list for an Excel add-in call
Word VBA Commandbars
Excel97 open text file
How to Change MS Outlook Rules Programically
Function strAppendToClipboard(strSelected As Strin
Events in Outlook
How Do I Automate Word to Create Label and Print?
Word97 Dialogs File Open
Compile Error: Named Argument Not Found
SQL Question
VBA Beginner
Code: Function strLoadToClipboard(strSelected As S
Code: Function lngLoadList(frmMe As UserForm, lb A
Code: Function strDigitsOnly(strIN As String) As S
Invoice Numbers
What I did on my holidays
new to vb - simple question
Using VBA to get the NT Login ID
Documents to PDF
Updating fields in Multiple Header/Footers
Excel Toolkit Functions
INI File Manipulation Mess
INI File Manipulation Mess 2
VBA Training - L.A. area
Generating errors for Excel worksheet functions
Dir Dialog
Test for non-existent objects
Outlook 2000 - Choosing account on Send
Commenting code
Assigning text to bookmarks
Code: Sub cmd_OpenRecent()
Making Word Macro Pause
Access conversion
wonders of the registry
Code: Function strDropMacros(doc As Document) As S
Totally Bizarre Behaviour
Debugging Excel Functions
Code: Function boolTestLocked()
Access a data base from the web site?
Code: Sub FillLikePhil()
Lock record number?
How to start an application from VB6
Code: Sub cmd_ShrinkToPoint()
Dynamic Reports / Dynamic tables
Form font funnies
Code: Function lngIndexToListBox(lb As ListBox, st
VB to SQLServer
VBA 4 PowerPoint
Selecting first item in a listbox
Word : Adding and Removing References
Code: Function strTypeOfDocument(strFile As String
I would like to learn VBA
"Margins" in list and text boxes
Test for existence of AutoText entry?
On Error fails to catch
Code: Sub cmd_DisplayAllCharacterCode()
Code: Function boolWP51Doc(strFile As String) As B
Excel 95 VBA
View Spelling & Grammar Problem???
VBA 4 PowerPoint
Previewing a file in a User Form
compile error
Code: VBE -- Not to be outdone
Code: Function boolHex(intFile As Integer, strText
Copy Shape
Can't see macros within modules
Word 97 Accessing printers
Convert Word>PDF other apps default prnter changin
Code: Function boolChar(intFile As Integer, strTex
AddressOf won't compile
CommandBarButton OnAction
Passing variables in events?
WildReplace() - a RegExp demo (IE 5.x required)
Excel 95 VBA
Code: Function lngHexToLong(ByVal strText As Strin
InsertFile fails with a .. Bookmark
Word97 Listbox Scroll bars
Code: Function strHexToChar(ByVal strText As Strin
Calling routines in an Add-in
Compile this
detect keyboard inputs
Clicking Multiple Command Buttons
Link Lister for Outlook
Choosing Duplex Printing
VBA editor lost Courier New font?
Allow Page Breaks DOESN'T WORK!
using VBA to access varibles from DOS
Code: Sub cmd_NoSplit()
Code: Function lngGetTableIndex() As Long
Code: Sub cmd_GlueWhiteSpace()
Code: Function boolTableRebuild(Optional intSepara
Code: Function boolOnlyWhiteSpace(strIN As String)
Code: Function strTrim(ByVal MyStr As String, strW
Code: Function strGetWhiteSpace() As String
lost all my ControlCaptions
Code: Function lngInsertLeftColumn(rngTbl As Range
Changing Mouse Pointer - Update
Character Mapping
Go to a bookmark in the header
Excel PageFormatting Macro
Problems with
Word- Copying Procedures and Virus Checking
User Message
Code: A better elapsed time
Outlook Calendar Export
Array Sort
MsgBox fails when no document active?
Code: Sub UserForm_Click()
Easy Question: Insertion Point Test
IDE question
Code: VBE put to use
whats stored in words memory & ini files
Code: Function strEncodeAs(strIN As String, strKey
Ranges vs. Selection
Where to place code for change in cell
smooth line drawing
Using Outlook to add data into Access or Word97
email address from eudora5 to an Excel spreadsheet
Range Object - HOW TO with cells?
Code cmd_VisitBookmarks()
Code: Function lngRemoveBookmarks(strBkMk As Strin
Code: Function BkMkRanges(lngAr() As String, lngTo
Code: cmd_BookmarksFromHeadings()
Esc key to dismiss dialog?
Code to place figures in a document
Code: Function lngMax(lng1 As Long, lng2 As Long)
Code : Function SortArray(MyArray As Variant, intS
Don't try this at home, kids!
Restart at 1 (for any sort of numbered list)
ReDim Nightmare
SQL statement syntax
Sending E-Mail From Word and Outlook Security
Word 97 IDE Settings
Changing Mouse Pointer
Outlook form - Msgbox
oops, what have i changed?
Code:lngDropDuplicateRows(strAr() As String, Optio
Recursive- dangerous!
Can't record directly into a macro?
Return CD drive letter
Extracting email address from sender field
Shapes.AddLine question
Starting Excel from Word
Invalid Procedure Call
Web Browser from project
Word97/VBA "Count occurrences"?
Distribution list problem
Frustration Level Exceeded! W2K Shape Issue
A way to copy Word text into an Access control?
Code: test for existence of a style
obtaining names of procedures
Help! Word 2000 Formatting Watermarks
What data type is a constant?
NT Account Membership
Syntax error on multi-statement lines
VBE Tips'n'Tricks - GoTo
OPTIONAL with type declaration
Display AutoText in VBA form
Customising Current View
Substituting into SQL in place of a saved query
Word X
Code: Function strGp(ByVal strSect As String, ByVa
Code: Text - cmd_TypeEmail & cmd_TypeName
paste text
Can a Outlook form force someone to enter data ?
Code: cmd_ShowAll
Code: frmHeader - Save and Refresh
Outlook/E-mail 2
Zip Drive Detection
VBE Windows
Elapsed Time Function - Update
How many nest If Else can I have?
How does one handle rollovers when doing subtracti
Code: frmHeader - changing the captions
"Invisible" Word objects
Unset a reference via code?
Storing Values for Word Session
How do I capture the "SENT" time in Outlook.
correction for missing references in many docs
Using in Word
Code: fmrHeader - changing the colours
VBA Office 97
UK Responses only please !
Pick up path to Access database directory from Ac
Inserting a textbox in a header.
Code: frmHeader - initializing the form
range defiend insert autotext entry?
Code: frmHeader - initialising the text boxes
Disable a desktop shortcut
Code: Function strSplitStringAt(strIn As String, s
Thinking caps on...
skip step
Code: frmHeader - other controls
Virtual Regedit
text files
Code: frmHeader - other buttons
Insert autotext works on some pcs not others
Outlook Date & Time
Copying styles from a template into current doc
Copying menus between templates
Code: LogFile
Code: PrintFile
Code: frmHeader - OK
Registering dll
Separate Modules
Multi-Return Function
Events ??
Format MsgBox