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Close Find and Replace Dialog with code
Opening a Multiple Files in a specified directory
Word 2002 OrganizerCopy With DM5
intercept scrollbar in listview
Sorting worksheets in an Excel workbook
how to I attach excel macro code to an excel button?
bookmark in footer
Extracting only part of a field
Extracting only part of a field
SQL Builder (VB6) (760666) was moved to the Access board
Unload objects and instances (VBA)
SQL Triggers (SQL Enterprise) (760660) was moved to the Access board
Set Format for TxtBox that contains a date (VBA/Word 2003)
save restore chart series excel (Excel 2003 et al.)
Active Directory + SQL + VB / (SQL/VB/
Clicking on form crashes Word (Word 2007 / 2003)
Architecture / Design (WinXP/ O2003 / XL)
Efficient VB (VB/Word 2003)
errror 424 when add TAG (6.0)
Using SHGetFileInfo for Icons (VBA Any)
Event in listview (6.0)
SUMM + 1 in a string (2000)
simulate key ENTER and start sub (6.0)
Hiding document on load (VBA/Word 2007)
Code to Print Document as PDF in a Desired Folder (2007)
Word range (VBA Word 2003)
Request for code critique (VBA/Excel/2003 SP3)
method open of object workbooks failed (Excel2003)
Force Word to Complete Column Adjust (English/Word/2007)
single vs. double (all)
Excel Style Builder (Excel 2000+)
Office Mobile 6.1 - VBAable? (Office Mobile 6.1)
Limit number of pages (VB/Word 2003)
disable edit in treview elelments (6.0)
installer for Vb 6.0 (Wath is the FREE...)
flicker durig the listview is filled (6.0)
retrive name of all table in dta base ... (6.0)
Determining if a number is even (Word 2007)
Bad DLL calling convention (Excel 2003)
loop item in listview1 and fill report (6.0)
count record in field (6.0)
paging rset via ado and vb (6.0)
EXCEL CODE (English/Excel/2003)
RegKeys - Excel Addins, switches (WinXP, O2003 Excel UK)
PERMISSION on menu and toolbar... (6.0)
Make a Window Active - Word 2007 (English/Word/2007)
Search .xls sheet for keyword, move row to diff sh (Excel 2003 sp3)
Weird behaviour of runtime VBE (Excel2003)
Word: don't remove a space (2007)
In Excel, run an rundll32.exe + dll with variables ( Excel O'03 - WinXP SP3 - UK)
Function doesn't work if code runs? (Ex2003)
Don't want to resolve addresses in Outlook (Office 2003)
Looping elements in treeview (6.0)
Nullify Selection object in VBA (VBA/Word/2003)
Color palette - mouse over text (Excel O'03, Win XP, SP3 UK)
one to many (vb6)
Update User from Word Macro (Word 2007)
Inserting items into a collection (VBA/Word; Excel/2003)
What Cell am I in? (Excel2003+)
Doc VBA Issues (2003 SP3)
Randomly applying font colour (VBA/Word/2003)
sap and vb vba (6.0)
Fx to VBA (Excel )
VBA Word Footer (VBA - Word 2007)
mdi form and unload statement (6.0)
Force maximized (Office 2007)
Send Outlook email From-field (Office 2003)
Using CDO in VB code to get fields in GAL (Word/Ou
Search in macro (Excel 2003)
Change the timestamp of a file on my hard drive
bookmark (English/MS Word 2007)
VBA coding rates (office 2000+)
tbl.AutoFormatType (Word 2000)
table.ID (Word 2000)
Different languages in MsgBox text? (Word 2003)
printing data report (6.0)
Error 5101 (wxpp sp3 mso2003)
OnAction and Shapes (Excel 2003)
Portable code 2000 to 2007 (Word 2000/Word 2007)
Delete all records based value... (6.0) (747219) was moved to the Access board
Copy table rows from HTML (VBA/Excel/ 2000+)
Batch file variables (Batch)
References (VBA/All/2000+)
Store values and looping the array (6.0)
Automation, Excel 2 Outlook (Win XP / Office 2003 UK)
Action only during Excel save? (Excel2003 VBA)
Modeless dialog box (Word 2003 VBA)
Transpose array of cells (Excel 2000+)
Changing Inline Shape Size (Word 2007)
Multi-page control (Word XP)
VB constant for separator (Excel 2003)
CustomDocumentProperties (XP pro, Excel 2003 UK)
Inhibiting cheating (Word 2000+)
Positioning shapes in a canvas (Word 2003)
MySQL Connection (Word2000/vba)
Resolving email addresses in Outlook (Office 2003)
Colour Selected Text with in a cell (Excel 97)
Set cursor in combobox (VB6)
Insert stored images (Word2000 et al.)
Macros required (Word and Powerpoint (2000/2002/2003))
Display Color of Variables
Cannot find file when opening files in a directory (Word 2007)
Memo Field (2003/Access) (744318) was moved to the Access board
Limitation of Ribbon Control Repurposing (Word 2007)
overriding internal commands (Word 2003/2007)
SendMail in Word 2007 not working (VBA Word 2007)
Find NODE and SUB NODE ROOT NODE in treview (6.0)
if statement partucular... in treeview (6.0)
detect running Application.OnTime (Word 2000)
Cursor Behaviour (VBA/Word/SP3)
Converting a noninline shape to an inline shape (Word 2007)
colorize font in trreview (6.0)
Align VALUE i n column of listview (6.0)
Automation of File Name (Excel 2003)
Code help (2002)
insert a new node subfilter in treeview (6.0)
detect text that has been deleted (Word 2003)
Adding Data to a Form (VBA/Excel/2003)
QUERY ERROR WITH ''' (6.0) (741308) was moved to the Access board
Expected Expression (Word 2000)
lock on merged cells (NL XL 2003)
do while loop (English/Word/2003)
Most recent used files (Word 2003)
Find and replace from table using VBA (2003) (740711) was moved to the Access board
Series Collection variables (excel 2003)
Word Object Library (VBA/Office 10,11)
Start new app (vbs)
Error sintyax in selct distinct (6.0)
how do i get my menu items to behave 'stick'
Need to find broken hyperlinks in txt files (Word
Retrieving registry keys... (WinXP, O2003 UK)
Removing an extra line break (Excel 2007)
Extracting range values from XY scatter chart (WinXP, O2003-UK)
Error Tracking (VBA/Word/2003-2007)
Passing User-Defined Types to a DLL Procedure (VB6)
Start Outlook from Word (VBA - Word 07)
Uploading camera images (Word 2000+)
Module/Procedure Ambiguity (VBA/Word/2003-2007)
Error locating (VBA/Word/SP3)
Copy Word data to Excel (Word & Excel 2000)
Fax with VBA / Outlook (Access/Outlook 2003) (737932) was moved to the Access board
Extending selection in Word (VBA, Word 2003)
Need to exit macro if selection.copy not executble
Name charts in Excel (Excel 2003)
Export to Excel from Access (2003) (737362) was moved to the Access board
Read/Write DLL (VBA/Word-Excel/2003-2007)
Sorting Within ListBox (Office 2003/2007)
Launch time (VBA/Word/20003/SP3)
Chart Collections (excel 2003)
AutoMacro Inconsistency (VBA/Word/2007)
VB-Crystal (VB6)
suggestion in VB6 installation... (6.0)
Updating Text File from List Box (Word 2003)
easy way to move shortcut keys between templates? (Word 2002 XP SR3)
LanguageId/Noproofing (Word 2000+)
Manipulate file name and save as (VBS/DOS(?))
spreadsheet opening when running macro (2003)
Add style - BaseStyle (Word2000+)
Defined names using Ranges (Excel 2003)
VBA Regular Expression (Word 2003/VBA)
R1C1 Sheet Name (Excel 2003)
Previous Control in Word Userform (Word 2007)
VBA Do Loop Does Not Execute (Word 2003/VBA)
Excel macro (Excel 2003)
load testing (office XP SP3)
Referencing a template (VBA-Word 2003)
Backup before save (Word 2000)
Change links in Excel (Excel2003 VBA)
Cursor Position (VBA/Word-Excel/2007)
representation of color (Word 2000 et al.)
regular expression +ve/-ve integers (Word 2000 et
ON error go to ... (6.0)
Reactivating document window (VBA-Word 2003)
suppress messages at opening workbooks (NL XL 2003)
Scripting.Dictionary (VBA/Word-Excel/2003)
VBA error formfield Word 2003 (English Word 2003)
Automation Error (Word / Outlook 2003 SP3)
Visio with embedded Excel (Office 2003, Visio 2003)
Auto_Close Save Problem (VBA Excel 2003)
Run macro on opening (VBA Excel 2003)
ADO - Add/Update (VBA 6)
Open Recordset (VBA 6.3)
ADO Add Record (VBA 6)
Tables have data (Word 2003)
Need to increment pre-existing number by 1 (Word 2
syntax to copy filename to another filename (latest)
Word 2003 VBA vs Word 2007 VBA (VBA Word 2007)
Chart X Axis at Min (Excel 2003)
Scripting Dictionary - Enumerate Keys (VB Scripting Runtime)
use microsoft fax in vba (XP SP3)
Variable codes in ppt from excel (Office 2003)
Content of a Named Range (excel 2003)
Scripting.Dictionary (VBA 6)
Extract a variable from a CSV file (VBA / Word 2003 / SP2)
Use VB6 COM AddIn to disable Office 2007 menu item (Office 2007)
Assistant Replacement (Word/2007)
Command bar affects (Word2000)
Running code instead of Word function (Word 2007)
Outlook Paste (Outlook)
ReadOnly:=False is false (NL/2003)
class variable array (Word2000)
Hopeful question (VBA Word 2007)
Backspace when hitting the spacebar (Visual Basic 6.3)
Rename a File (VB 2008 Express Edition) (728738) was moved to the .NET board
Automation XL2Word (Win XP / O2003 SP3 UK)
Search and Replace within Autotext Collection (Word 2003 onwards)
Pasting *inside* a bookmark (Word 2003 onwards)
Searching Autotext entries (Word 2003 onwards)
Form content availability (Word 2003 onwards)
Click button display picture (PPT 2003) (727548) was moved to the Powerpoint board
Need macro to find non-slashed apostrophes (MS Off
Application integrity (Word2000)
Amending autotext collection (Word 2003 onwards)
Font with lreading whitespace (Word 2000)
subtracting time in cells (vb)
Loading a template as global (Word 2003, SP3)
Generic Question re Styles (Word 2003 onwards) (727066) was moved to the Word board
Selecting all instances of a style (Word 2003 onwards)
Quartile,3 (Excel2000)
sms send via email free getway (6.0)
If Exists for items other than bookmarks! (Word 2003 onwards)
PDF printer (Word 2000)
VBA border for picture (MS Publisher 2003)
Trap menu commands (Word2000+)
Create a macro in Word to show save progress (MS Word 2003 sp2)
Searching Autotext Collection (Word 2003)
Changing source in Excel 2003 (excel 2003)
Word2000+ (Framemaker MIF format)
Replace Refs to bookmark with Refs to doc property (Word 2003)
Help integrating pargph. mark and tabs in wildcard (MS Office 2003)
FileCopy (VB6)
Recorded Macros don't work? (Word VBA)
FollowHyperlink (Excel 2003 VBA)
Filtered list gives wrong range col (Excel 2003)
button ID for Paste Values (NL/XL/2003)
reading/writing data to excel (Access 2007)
To copy all a style's properties to another style (Word 2003)
Can I trap the Enter button pressed in a document? (Word 2003)
total files in a directory (2003)
Detect text with character styles applied (Word 2003)
I am inside the VBA code for an add-in; How can it (Word 2003 VBA)
control an standard Excel macro (NL / XL / 2003)
multipage in 2007 (Word2007)
Get info from second mailbox (Office 2003 / VB6)
Using Find for Data (VBA/Excel/2002-3)
VBA and subdirectory structures (Office 2003)
Opening embedded documents (Excel 2003)
Range/Address (excel2000VBA)
checking macrobutton name in marco (XL 2007 NL)
Word VBA UserForm behavior (Office 2003 SP3)
UDF & AddIn... doesn't work sometimes? (Ex2003)
Row Height based on cells (Excel 2003)
VB Threading (VB 2008 Express Edition) (721406) was moved to the .NET board
Need help to make a macro stop looping (VBA MSWord
Printing from a Macro (Word 2003)
Find and Remove a Toolbar Button (VBA/Word 2003/SP2)
Printer Changes (VBA-Word2000-SP3 - WinXP)
variable range selection before plotting (vb 6.3 excel 2003)
Application.Run (VBA/Excel/2003)
headers/footers Same as Previous formatting (Word 2002 XP SR3)
character formatting simplification (excel 2003 vb 6.3)
array value fails on test (Access 2003, XP SP 3)
Global Workbook variable in VBA (Ex2003)
Find a Registry Key (VBA/Word 2003/SP2)
Word VBA Error 5479 (English/Word/2007)
Excel to web (Excel2003)
Automatically resizing a header toolbar (VB 5)
is there a max length on variable names? (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Update a part of a string in code (Access 2003, XP
plot range and worksheet conflict? (vb 6.3 excel 2003)
XML How?? (Access 2007 + VBA)
Read from INI File (VBA/Excel/2003)
excel plot series attributes don't stay put (vb 6.3 excel 2003)
Using a Workbook name to trigger UDF behavior (Ex2003)
Calling a Form from a Form (Word VBA 2003+)
vb in excel - variable subst (excel 2003 11.8206.8202 sp3)
Code to Detect Disabled Items (VBA/Word 2003/SP2)
New Mail Event fails to trigger code (Office 2007)
Finding Numbers (VBA/Word 2000)
Scramble words (Excel97+)
assing shortcut key to Excel procedure (NL/XP)
Malleable GUI forms (Word2000 et al.)
IS rset opened???? (6.0)
Fire a macro on Exit (VBA/Excel/2003)
Programmatic document assembly in Word 2007 (Office 2007)
File System Object (VBA/Word-Excel/2003)
Working with a range (Excel 2002)
Excel VBA (Excel 2007)
What page of Userform Control? (Word 2000+)
Why $? (Word VBA)
'OR' Symbol or character (Word For Windows)
obtain the name of the launching script (word 2000
Save HTML as Text in VBA (VBA/Access 2007)
Zoom and Pan Charts (Excel 2000)
Determine range of chart cells (Excel 2000)
update to worksheet 1 (vb/vba / excel)
5987 the disk is full (Word 2000)
Analyzing the contents of a string (Word VBA)
Period as path element (Word 2000 et al.)
Fit table to page - by rows (Word2000+)
Bookmarks in tables (Word VBA)
Multipage - Cancel=True (Word 2000+)
Code in a macro that changes a file location (Word 2007)
Failing Statusbar (VBA Excel)
Delete All Character Styles (VBA Word 2003)
Variables shorthand (Word VBA)
No Beep (All)
Save email as file (Outlook2003)
Log File Browser (word2000 et al)
find files marked for fast searching (any)
Faster and FASTER searches (Word/Excel 2000)
Run-time error 13 Type Mismatch (Word 2000+)
Keyboard (Any) (712710) was moved to the Hardware board
Using .GIF and .JPG files to make Button Images (V
Pearphs stupid qst report via VBa... (excel 2000)
Formatting foreign language dates (Word2000 et al)
Regular Expressions Exerciser (Word 2000)
toolbars show on two rows (office XP SP3)
INI file to macro (Word 2000+)
Exit 'While' (any)
Triple State Checkbox (Word VBA) (Word 2000)
What's a Wizard? (Any)
Name Statement (Word 2000+)
too many line continuations (Word 2000)
File existis... (6.0)
Macro for Outlook (windows xp)
Does string fit in cell? (Excel2003 VBA)
excel chart axes control in vba (english)
Filtering Files (Word2000 et al.)
is possible to fill dialog box on web page (6.0 20
VBA 5479 Error (Word 2007)
WMI Diskdrives ( 2005) (711514) was moved to the .NET board
Lock the Date Field (English/Word/2003)
Correct Coding for wildcard filter (2003)
spilt string in 4 var... (6.0 2000)
Dufference in milliseconds (6.0)
RegEx for two consecutive numbers (Any)
Outlook VBA (2003 and 2007)
Location of the selection on the page (Word 2K & greater)
ADO and txt file... (vb.6)
Merging Spreadsheet via VBA (2003) (710243) was moved to the Access board
Delete Blank rows in a range of data (VBA, 2003)
Delete Bookmarks (VBA - Word 2003)
Compile Error - Expected End Sub (2003)
Coloring half a cell (Excel2003 VBA)
References (Word 2002 XP SR3)
VBE Format (VBA)
Posting Code (VBA)
finding two fields / compare. (vba/excel)
new spreadsheet/newmonth (vba/excel)
Macros unavailable in protected 2007 templates (Word 2007/VBA)
Locked Word Files (VBA/Word/2003 SP3)
Literate programming (all)
Runtime Error '462' (VBA/Excel)
VBA damage in Excel (Excel 2003/XP)
display full toolbars (Word 2002 XP SR3)
SendKeys & Immediate Window (Word2000 et al.)
Shell Redirect doesn't work (EN/VB 6.5)
Owner DL (CDO?) (Outlook2003)
repaint in VB classic (v.6.0)
VBA editor - Project explorer (Win XP SP2 - O2003 pro UK)
The Server Threw an Exception (Excel 2000 )
TOC macro (Word 2003 SP2)
Process WordDoc (vb6)
VB macro to check emails (VBA /VB)
Msgbox when opening Word + fields (Word 2003 + VBA)
Find Function (Word VBA 2003)
FileDateTime (VBA)
Thunderbird delete attachments (Word2000 et al.)
Run-time '3061' (VBA 2003) (705615) was moved to the Access board
Find New Line Charecter in Text File (Windows XP/Office 2007)
display Document Properties dialog (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Change Text in mid File (MSOffice 2007 VBA)
FTP - wininet.dll, How to? (WinXP SP2, XL 2003 UK)
Collapse shortcuts tree node (Outlook 2003)
VB errors keep occuring when start Excel (2003)
Sending macros to colleague (2003)
Macro Update Pivot Chart (VBA Excel 2003)
.ini Files problem (Excel 03(VBA))
Rename PDF Files and Create Access DB (VBA/Office 2007)
Copy cut paste in Excel (Excel VBA)
form disapper... (6.0)
Changing Template w/ macro (Word 2007)
Find Size of JPEG
what (printer) port is that? (Word 2000)
International Dialing Codes (VBA (Excel))
Protecting Course Notes. (Word2000+)
Service to Log Off (VB Studio 2005) (702161) was moved to the .NET board
Activate reference via code (Office 2003 VBA)
Array is Fixed or Temporarily Locked (Word 2000)
How to find GUID? (excel and autocad)
Auto Search Macro (VBA Word 2003)
Change From Address in Reply (Outlook 2003+)
Word crash (Word 2002 SP3)
CommandBars.FindControl ID List (VBA Word 2003)
delimiter characters in data files (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Search Statistics (VBA/Word/2003)
digitaly signing a word document (Word 2003)
updating crossreference fileds (Word 2003)
Traverse dir-tree & create files (VB6)
Importing Named Ranges (VBA/MS Excel/2003)
Query Data (VB6)
On Local Error (Access 2000 VBA)
Keeping form value (vba)
Printer settings (VB5?)
userform control (word/excel 2000)
trace operation on server NT (6.0)
File Save As - Word 2007 (Word 2007)
Axis Scale (VBA/MS Excel/2003)
Click on buton 'AvantI>>' (6.0)
Correlating document sets (Word97(!) +)
Help / Ideas for form template (2003)
VBA-SolidWorks 2008 (VB)
importing Data into Excel Real Time (Graphwrks)
VBA-Excel 2003 (Date Order Problem)
windows shortcut menu Print (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Font in Application.Statusbar (2000+)
selection text leaves last char behind? (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Macro for Outlook (2003)
Modify registry strings from a .BAT file (Win XP / O2003 UK SP2)
Save causing intermittent crash (Word 2000)
Find cell in table (97+)
Count columns in discontinuous range (VBA/Excel 2002 SP3)
Word 2003 template: Insert new formatted row (Word 2003)
setting from in an email (visual basic)
proposed VBA poll (all)
Test for toolbar button press (VBA Word 2003)
Create a User Form with drop-down checkboxes (Word 2003)
Exit Parent Sub? (vba for CorelDraw 12)
Need a VB error explaination (VB 2008 Express) (693529) was moved to the .NET board
Simple VBA Range Question (Office/VBA 2003)
how can I print Locals window values (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Automatic Print on Open (Word VBA 2003)
Word 2007 - populate drop-down entries in form (Word 2007)
Concatanate a string (VBS)
Display Excel table in VB Form (vb 6.0)
Beginning VBA (VBA 6.0)
Where is the Cope methor? (VB2008 Express Ed.) (691368) was moved to the .NET board
macro recording difficulty (VBA-Word XP)
How do add-ins differ from VBA macros (Any)
Windows Folder Properites (Win XP, VB 6, VBA)
Hourly rate (VBA)
Whats wrong with this function? (VBA Excel)
Specific Data fr Access (VBA - Excel 2003) (690404) was moved to the Access board
Emailing a word document (VBA - Word 2003)
Call A Macro (VBA/Word 2002)
CALL function ... (6.0)
Future of VBA in Office (Mac Office)
Obtaining Application type (Vista/Office 2007) (688904) was moved to the .NET board
Options - setting automatically (Word2000 et al.)
instructions about adding dialog (VB 2005 Express
Can a VBScript check the internet connection? (WinXP SP-2)
Counting color-coded cells (Excel 2003)
add new line in toltip balloon (6.0)
str Function (vba 97+ )
Issues with recognising USERPROFILE (Vista/Office 2007)
Print Word Doc To PDF Stripping Blank Page (Word 2003)
clean up strings (Word 2002 XP SR3)
ballon toltip.. (6.0)
app.path (6.0)
Testing templates, what systems to choose? (Word)
Triggers for Active Directory (VB)
Post Word Doc to Public Folder (Office 03/Outlook 03)
DIR NUL on network drive (Word 2000)
Get Attachment sizes from email (Office 2003)
Open Outlook PST from Excel VBA (Office 2003)
Custom menu shortcuts not aligned (VBA/Excel 2003)
Merry Christopher! (Word2000+)
Finding controls in a form (Word 2003)
MultiPage.Value (Word 2002)
Populating a combo control (Excel VBA)
Missing controls (Excel VBA)
Source code beautifier (VBA)
Save Web based PDF files to Disk (VB 6)
Error handling (in Word VBA environment) (Word 2003 ver 11.8169)
Picture Property (VB / VBA 2003)
Use vloopup in VBA macro (2003)
click on 'Cerca' in web page (6.0)
Ccopy value from web page VBA (2000)
Footer does not extend to margins (Excel 2003)
Open a table and import to Excel (VB)
Use proper SaveAS in Excel (Excel 2003)
Specify current cell in Word (Word)
Referencing Ranges Quickly (Word 2003 VBA)
Copy chart to Word (VBA)
Retrieving UserForm Properties (Office 2000 & later)
FileSearch Directory Wildcards (VBA)
Add tooltip (6.0)
AutoExec Conditional (Word VBA)
fill combo with mouse event (6.0) (678933) was moved to the Access board
Count Shapes in a Range (Excel/ VBA)
VBA code to rename file then copy to directory (2003)
Build email within Excel (Excel/Outlook 2003)
Coding required to rename file then send (2003)
Running Access macro automatically from outlook (2003)
Macro to automate sending of emails (2003)
Read and Extract Text from HTML Path (VBA 6.5 Access 2007)
Conditional Form Background (VBA Access 2003) (677431) was moved to the Access board
Put Vloopup in VBA coding (2003)