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image map of Italy (6.0)
Passing back a domDocument (Office 2007)
Calling Excel sub with parameters (VB6 and Excel)
mouse move event (6.0)
Change (all programming) (676025) was moved to the Scuttlebutt board
macro no get data from web.... (2000)
Delete 'numbered' columns (Excel 2003)
update fields (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Future of VBA (Word 2007)
Hiding the application window (xl 2003)
Return Text on a Button & its Color (English/Excel/VBA 11.2)
Print (VB6)
Allow Cell Drag and Drop (Excell 2003)
Passing Object Variable to a Second Macro (Excel2000)
Some questions for my education (MS-Office All)
Debugging Code (VBA\Word|2003)
OpenXML dll won't register (Word 2007/VBA)
Opening a file without running macros (Word 2003)
set radio button value (Excel 2003)
What Column(non-table) am I in? (Word2000+)
Add-ins in Macros (Excel2000)
Shell comand (6.0)
Transferring Information entered in a User Form (English/Word 2003)
Copy/Paste Code (Excel2000)
Difference Between Dates (VBA Excel 2003)
Crystal Reports parameter with formula field (Crystal Reports)
Releasing Claim on Folder (VBA/Word/2003)
Parent.Column (Excel 2003)
Trasnpose Range of cells (VBA Excel 2003)
Convert doc in pdf without virtual printer (6.0)
Sorting FileDialog (VBA/Word/2003)
Unhook Word Mail merge (Word2000+)
Move data in Excel (2007)
Adding Paragraph Marks in VBA (English/Word 2003)
Revisit to Trapping Keystrokes In A Document (Word 2003/2007 VBA)
Writing Registry Fails from VBA in Vista (Word all
For Each WorkSheet in Workbook (Access/Excel)
VBA Script - Data fr Access ((VBA Excel 2003)) (670328) was moved to the Access board
coding advice - preventing dupes (VBA/Access 2003) (670240) was moved to the Access board
VB/VBA ebooks (vb 6.0)
Freefile function err 67 (VB6)
Exiting Excel (Access 2003)
DIR function - sort by date (VBA Access 2003)
.Name vs .name (2003)
Weird behavior of Long type (VBA in Office 2003/2007)
Missing bits in VB6 (VB6)
Paragraphs don't copy over properly in form fields (VBA/Word 2003)
Opening MS Excel using HTML Scripts (VB 6.3 - Excel 2003)
Coloured characters, words, paragraphs (Word2000 e
GoTo Depending (all)
Redim (out of subscript error) (Excel 2K (VBA))
GoTo out of a For Next loop (VBA/All/2003 )
Cycle Through Cells in Table (VBA - Word 2002)
xml and database (6.0)
Move VB3 Win98 Application to VB4 WinXP (VB3 Win98)
UserForm1.TextBox1 (Word 2002 SP3)
Questions about VBA and VB (XL All versions)
Sending Outlook Message from Word VBA (VBA/Word, Outlook/2003)
track changes code (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Help with VB code to delete date rows (2003)
onmousemove event catching (VBA 2000)
Open csv file from Word VBA (VBA/Word/2003)
A Model For Best-Fitting Page Layouts (Excel 2000+
Change printer name for one print job (VB 6.3)
Macro to do what TXt Only with Line Breaks used to (English/Word/2003)
Microsoft gets it Right! (Publisher et al.)
Dynamic Formatting Of Worksheets (Excel 2000+)
VB Basics (Office Xp)
Edit-Undo for a GUI userform (VBA all)
VBA-Count and Loop (Excel2000)
VB6 IDE Crash (VB6)
ListBox Scrolling (VBA/Word/2003)
File Stream ReadWrite Access (VB 2005 Express/Vista) (665541) was moved to the .NET board
Change Case (Excel 2003)
Text analysis program/SQL Server ? (SQL Server 2005, Off 2K Pro)
Error Message (Word 2004)
Application.WorksheetFunction. (Excel 2003 SP2)
track changes code (Word 2002 XP SR3)
WAV/MP3 from VBA? (Ex2003)
Server time (VBA/Excel/2003)
General Question VB Program (664316) was moved to the Scuttlebutt board
VBA Grid Control? (Outlook2003)
button images (Powerpoint)
VBA to delete files (Word 2003)
VBA to get operating system - Vista (Word VBA)
General Question VB Program
Sporadic interrupts (XL2003)
trap excel application quit (Excel2000)
Convert to shape method fails (Word 2003)
Delete office clipboard (Word 2000+)
Drawing DIBs (VB6 - Access XP) (663115) was moved to the Access board
Undoing text entry (Word 2003)
Connecting to SQL (Office 2003)
Launching WMP from a VBS file (VBScript)
Footnotes techniques (Word2000)
Word code works second time only (Office2003/Word2003)
Currently referenced by another workbook? (Excel)
Signing Macros & Setting Read Only (VBA/Word 2003)
A check mark next to an item in the submenu (Excel 2003)
Adding Outlook attachment - can't find this file (XP Office 2003)
Syntax constructing references to forms (VBA/Word 2003)
Toggling Comments - can I? (VBA/Word 2003)
Best Practice - Forms, Calling external procedure (VBA/Word 2003)
Text wrapping in controls (VBA/Word 2003)
Excel - trap TAB key (Excel 2000+)
Gradient fills in Excel 2007 (2007)
New page when template used (MSO 2003 wXPP)
Close button on a usercontrol (VB6)
checking a name through a list of names (vbscript)
Can't Defeat Evil Tables (Word 2003 VBA)
Results written to cells, not message boxes (Excel 2002)
ADO vs ODBC (Excel 2003)
setfocus not work... (6.0)
Multiple lines in document variables (WinXP/WordXP
Why textbox with number... (6.0)
How to test that selction is a picture (VBA/Word 2003)
Approval Process (Office2003)
Assigning Macro to a Shape (Excel VBA 2003)
Macro behaves differently on different computers (
Macro to ease saving/invoking Excel scenarios (Excel 2002)
Accessing HTML Source Code in Program (Excel 2003)
Wsheet name... (6.0)
Loop in list box (2000 sr-1)
DataObject Compile Error (MSWord 2003)
Excel, moving data using arrays (Excel 2003 SP2)
disable userform (NL/Excel/2003)
Excel4 PAGE.SETUP (XL2003 VBA)
Registry-related Function Won't Work (VB6)
Understanding FSO (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Shutting Down an EXE (VBA XP)
transform userform in VB classic (2000 sr-1)
vb6 word com add in (vb 6)
Stupid Qst excel and VB (2000 sr-1)
Array Subscripts (VBA/Word & Excel/2003)
Connecting a front end to a back end (VBA Excel 2003)
Recording sub to format charts (Excel 2002)
Setting Folder Security Permissions (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Coloured tabs - is it possible (VBA/Word 2003)
deleting active button (2003 NL)
Updating all fields, including headers & footers
New form with existing file (VBA/Word 2003)
From Global template call local custom dialog (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Getting a wdproperty name into a variable (VBA/Wor
FaceId - Office 2007 (Vista/Office 2007)
test if a control is locked (VBA/Word 2003)
List of zip file names (Word 203/Windows XP)
Word DocumentBeforeSave (Word2000)
visual studio install (2005)
XML / INI (VBA Office 2003)
Automation Error (2005)
Open without a drive letter (VBA for Word2003)
startswith and replace function (Crystal Reports 10)
Document Close (Word 2003 SR1)
Parsing XML in VBA (Acc2K, Win2K, MSXML 2.0)
Speed up printing multiple jobs in Excel (Excel 2003)
Slow Excel row/column delete (Excel2003 VBA)
Identifying a New Unsaved Document (VBA, Word 2003 )
Trigger macro via doubleclick in cell? (Excel 2002)
Macros and toolbars (Word 2007)
Time staggering a macro for data animation? (Excel 2002)
The 'SendUsing' configuration value is invalid. (2003)
Errore ADO run-time -2147024770 (8007007e) (6.0)
File Access Conflict (VBA/Word & Excel/2003 SP2)
ListBox Lunacy (XL 2003 SP2)
Macro to Insert a Header (Word 03)
Literal '[%]20' in filename (Office 10+, VBA 6)
DocumentBeforeClose (Word XP SP1)
Clear cells that begin with a space (Excel 2002)
Running a macro from a different document (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Attach db and connect with taht (6.0)
VBA Script - Data fr Access (VBA Excel 2003)
method seek or find (6.0) (652721) was moved to the Access board
Naming a module (VBA/Word/2003)
Module Name (VBA/Word & Excel/2003)
My first project vb and excel... (6.0)
Combo Box Sections (VB (CorelDraw 12))
Macro to invoke a 3rd party add-in's feature? (Excel 2002 )
Sorting in List Boxes (Word 2003)
Macro in Outlook to Run Rules (Outlook 2002)
Outer Join in Recordset (Access 97) (650936) was moved to the Access board
matching problem with records... (6.0) (650906) was moved to the Access board
Auto-numbering sequence (Excel 2003)
User-defined error (Excel VBA 2003)
ADO connection (Excel 2003)
Hit any key to ... (O2K SP3 (Excel))
Create Internet Shortcut with runas (XP)
Export fr Excel to txt file (VBA Excel 2003)
Error in line... (6.0)
Listing an Object's Properties and Methods (Excel 2000 & up)
While not... (6.0) (649920) was moved to the Access board
set column width in filed of acces table (6.0) (649458) was moved to the Access board
Locking Styles (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Int into String (SQL Server/Win XP)
Printing Macro Problem (VBA - Word 2003)
Unsupported VBA in 2007? (En/Excel/2007)
Change VBA Project password (2003)
Adding info to summary and new sheets (Excel 2007)
Problem: VB / Visio 2003 / IE6 (English/Visio/2003)
Slow machine's VBA
Bloodhound virus in Excel code (VBA6 (XL2003))
Copying Data but not Conditional Formatting (Excel 2000)
Access deleting Redemption dll (VBA 6.3, Outlook 2002/2003, Access 2000/20
Read text (Word 2000)
User Name (VBA/Word/2003)
Deleting/Preserving Styles in Word 2003/VBA (VBA/Word 2003)
PPT paths (PPT 2000)
project passwords (VBA any)
Test that date hasnt passed (VBA Excel 2003)
Read from locked text-file (VB6 - VBS)
Backup before save (MS Project 2003)
Extreme slow code if hiding rows (Office 2003)
Save global template changes (Word XP)
Use of variables in MsgBoxes (VBA (Access etc.))
error 5941 (xpp mso2003)
Default File Locations (PowerPoint V2002/3)
How to access index number of Rows or Columns (Excel 2002)
Add custom toolbar name to 'customize' menu (Win XP SP2 - XL2003 UK)
stand alone exe save interceptor (VB6)
VBE multi-line S&R (Excel 2000 & up)
VBA creating folders (Offcie 2003 NL)
Inserting text immediately preceeding a Field (Office XP/2003 VBA)
Select folders/files with memory (Excel2003 VBA)
Hijack Excel built-in Worksheet function? (All)
Copy a cell and not a table? (Word 2003)
Connect to Network Drive Without Mapping (VB6 SP6)
Search Column (VBA - Excel 2003)
Project called ''building blocks'' (2007)
Writing macros in Outlook (2003 or 2007)
User Name & PW for MS Query (2003)
footer in templates (MS Word 2003 SP1)
String into Numeric please (MS XP) (641514) was moved to the Access board
Delete duplicates stopped working (mso 2003 xppro)
Win Eventlog in VB6 / VBA? (Office 2003 / VB6)
Populating a combo box from an external file (MS Word 2003 SP1)
Stop a running program (VBA 6.0)
Looking for Crystal Reports Help (Crystal Reports)
VBA mail merge stopped working (Word 2002)
cell VALUE into variable (Excel 2003 VBA)
hide doc code errors, show doc code works (Word 2002 XP SR3)
User form to create ordered list (English/Microsoft Office/2003)
Unicode Controls (VB6 SP5)
Automating hard coded numbers to cross reference (vba word 2003)
Print Access report from shortcut? (Any)
Cell Dependents (VBA/Excel/2003)
selection text - using ExtendSelection (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Add to Excel and PPT (XP)
Is this VBA book wrong, or am I? (VBA Excel 2002)
Get value from comboBox control (VBA/Word2003)
excel usedrange activate (2000)
Paste array data to sheet (Excel VBA)
Search Network (Access 2000 VBA)
Using JAVA inside VBA (EXCEL 2003 VBA)
Turn-Off Staple,Duplex Options (Word 2003)
Excel VBA (Office 2003)
VB Run Time Library for 2000 (win 2000)
Compare two excel workbooks (Excel97 and on)
Right Arrow Key Press (2000)
VB Code for Self scoring test in Excel (VB (Excel))
Stop All Sounds (VBA)
Focus (VBA/Word & Excel)
Updating An add-in Through the Internet (Excel VBA)
Sequential numbering of Word documents (Word 2002 SP-2)
Find OS Version (VB6)
Pivot Table Problems (Excel/2003)
Personalising a toolbar (Office 2003)
List of available references (Access 2000)
Excel menu with XML (Excel 2003/ XML (pro UK))
Calling all cells (well addressing really) (2002 SP3)
Word Shortcut keys and menus (Word 2002 XP SR3)
Function to Add Range to Name (Excel 2000)
How to connect DB2 database with vb or vba (6.0)
Buttons on spreadsheet (not form) (Excel 2003 SP2)
Add-In Confusion (VBA/Word/2003)
Startup path (VBA/Word/2003)
Word menu locations (Word 2002 XP SR3)
ADO Recordset Cursor Types (VBA/Excel/2003)
Ignoring AutoExec on opening Word (Office 2003)
Run-time error 5843 (VBA - Word 2003)
Hijacking (VBA/Word/2003)
WORD: Multi-page Template (2003 SP2)
How can I do to fill in a Word document usin g VBA (2/1)
Early Binding (Excel2003 VBA)
Use of comments text for compressing text (Excel)
Expanding formulae (Excel )
Create mailing list address array (Excel 2k VBA)
Missing property? (XP 2002 SP2)
Macro to cut one Word doc into many small ones (Word 2002 SP3)
Frames procedures (Word97+)
Tracking program progress (XP 2003)
Trace (VBA/All)
Fired with '_' character of join string... (6.0)
DoEvents (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Unlock Doc created by Form (VBA Word 2000)
EXCEL: track cell delete (Excel2003)
how to create sql database in visual basic (6.0)
Update fields after closing Header (Office 2003 Word)
VB/VBA Language Feature (VBA Office 2003)
Dynamic Array and Message Box (VBA/Excel/Y2k)
Get email address from name (VBA (Off2003))
Copy from 1 workbook to a hidden worksheet (Excel
Data labels in scatter (Office 2003)
Coding a Union query in VB6 (VB6 and Access)
VB Script 5.5 (VBS 5.5)
Does VBA have a Min() and Max() function? (Access/Word 2003)
Extracting only part of a Path (Word 2003 and VBA)
VBA: MsgBox and Timeout (Word 2003 VBA)
VB solution (VB/Office 2003)
Splash Screen Is Now Persistent (MS VB 2005 Express) (623222) was moved to the .NET board
Trusted Source (VBA/Excel and Word/2003)
Please Wait While Windows Configures Visual (Germa
register db sql on sql server (6.0)
PDF saveAS text? (Acrobat)
Select Select Array of Sheets in Excel (Excel 2003)
Downloading VB Express (n/a) (620984) was moved to the .NET board
Future of VBA (Office 2007)
Recent Files (all)
Read in/Write out Excel data in VBA (Excel 2003)
TextBox Control (VBA/Excel 2003)
CreateObject Function (VBA/Excel/2002-3)
Running a template when loading Excel (Excel 2003)
Outlook text into Excel (VBA/Outlook/2003)
Use of comments text for conditional values (Excel
Why Range.Delete failed? (Word 2003)
StoryRange code (Word 2002 XP)
Back Button on Userform in Word XP (Word XP - VBA)
AutoExec alternative (Word 2003)
Search Text in a Single Cell (VBA)
Confirm Sheet Name (VBA for Excel 2000)
Coding standards (all)
Deleting Bookmarks (Word 2003/VBA)
Word has insufficient memory (Word 2002 XP)
copy to clipboard in Visio VBA (Visio 2003)
Debug.Assert (office 2000+)
Command Bars (VBA/Excel/2003 SP2)
Docking windows in the VBE (97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007)
Application.GoBack (Word XP VBA)
Slow programming (VB6)
Hiding Sheets (VBA/Excel/2003 SP2)
Dialogs, filtering extract filename (Win2000 / Exc
error 3001 - open recordset (vba/Access 2003) (617910) was moved to the Access board
Error Handler (VBA )
Copy covered window (VB6/ .NET)
Convert VB Code From Word 97 to Word 2003 (Word 2003)
IF statement (VBA Script)
Sheet Type (VBA/Excel/2003/2003 SP2)
User error handling doesn't work (VBA Access2003/WindowsXP)
VBA Data Query (VBA/Excel/2003)
calendar control (vba and word xp)
Creating a Calendar Entry (Outlook 2003)
Calendar Entry in Custom Folder (Outlook 2003)
Mapi (vb6)
MS Outlook - assigned message (MS Outlook & VBA)
Question about date format... (VBA/Excel/2k)
Code VBA
Capturing Character 1 of paragraph (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
SetFocus to select text (VBA Excel 2003)
Wait until Startup template is loaded (Word97 +)
Installer Software (Advanced Installer)
MSHFlexGrid refresh (VB6)
Variable in Excel 4 Macro (Excel 2000)
Getting remote network info (VB6 or VBA Office2003)
Missing Form (VB6)
Making PivotItems Visible (English/2003/SP2)
Exporting SQL data to Excel in VB6 (VB6)
Database Access (VB 6)
Running with missing references (VB6)
Date validation and formatting (WinXP / O2003 SP2 - UK)
Obtaining Name of Chart Object (Excel 2003)
key binding code (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
API calls from VBA (Word 2003)
Poulating ComboBox (VB6)
FileSearch - PDF (Excel VBA 2003)
FileSearch - TextorProperty (Excel VBA 2003)
PDF Open and Save to Word (A2003 SP2)
Excel links square brackets (Excel 2003) (612227) was moved to the Excel board
Display listbox heading (VBA for Excel2003)
Registry Export (2002)
Public Strings (VB 6)
Activate option buttons with TAB (VBA Excel)
Capturing attributes etc from Unix (VBA/Word/2003 Sp2)
Macro to open any file in a directory (Word 2002 SP1)
Vista / automation code (VBA)
ElseIf Limit (VBA Excel)
COM Addin (vb 6)
Random Pdf (VB6)
Inno Setup Scripts (Any)
Send Appointment from Excel (Excel 2002)
VBA IDE refuses to appear (VBA office sr2 97)
Identify User Defined Charts (Excel 2003)
Word menus - shortcut keys (OfficeXP SP3)
Deleting Hidden Files (VBA/Word/2330 SP2)
Add picturebox at runtime (VB6)
Mailmerge Insert Blank Line (VBA-Word 2003)
Memory errors in my app (VB6)
Excel row insert (Excel 2002)
Application.DisplayAlerts = False (Excel/PPT)
Web App (vb6)
For Each Field in a Form (Office 2003)
Additional controls not available (Office VBA)
Using Split with an Array (Excel 2003)
RegSaveKey API (6)
Worksheet_change event (Win XP, Office2003, Excel)
Change caption at run time (Win XP, Office2003, Excel)
Populating the Chart Gallery (Excel 2003)
Microsoft Forms Library 2.0 (Word 2003)
Number format as bullet in a multilevel list (Word 2003)
WordTmpDDEMod (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Code to change default email account (Word 2000 / VBA)
Where do you put your code? (VB6)
Subroutine intermittently is missed (Word 2003)
495 Object or class does not support (Word2000 et
List a list of documents (VB6)
SetParent: To use or not to use (VB6)
field not post in database (MS Outlook & VBA)
Common dialogs - retrieve a value (Win XP / O2003 / UK)
Stopping an app hanging (VB6)
run macro only current document (Word 97+)
Using a fragmented named range (Excel 2000 et al.)
Building a form with a speadsheet grid (Visual Basics 2005 Express) (600991) was moved to the .NET board
Declaring an array of highlight colors (Word 2003)
Active Printer question (VBA/Word/2000)
Consolidate Projects Method (VBA/MS Project 2003/SR-1)
Change Directory (VBA/MS Project 2003/SR-1)
msoSearchInCustom (VBA/Woed/2003 SP2)
Odds & Evens (VB6)
Best Programming Practises (VB6)
VBA code no longer works :o) (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Determining Row Height (Word 2003)
Determining if you are in an end of row marker (Word 2003)
Add BLOB to DB (Win XP / Excel 2003 / UK)
Forgot function (SQL Server)
Finding a control from its hwnd (VB6)
destried var... (6.0)
INSERT IN RS.... (why this error....)
Save control to file (VB6)
combine fields (office 2003)
find value in table (6.0)
(SOLVED)Replicate effect on form... (6.0)
Database not sorted (MS Outlook & VBA)
Envelope Text (VB 2005/Word 2003)
run time error 4608 (English/Word/2003)
Do I have an active mousepad (Any)
With Statement Gotchas (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
migrate from excel to VB .... (6.0)
Resetting a number in the middle of a list (Word 2003 VBA)
Run Time Error 1004 (VBA Excel 2003)
Word PrintToFile Revisited (Word 2003)
Versions of Applications (Word/Excel, all version
Test for Worksheet (VBA Excel 2003)
close set.....connection... (6.0)
count record... (6.0)
BLOB's to Oracle through XL (Win XP / O2003 / UK)
COM Add-in development (Office 2003)
...update textbox and combobox
Application Quit (VBA Excel 2003)
Format WrapText in a loop (VBA Excel 2003)
Populate Word VBA Userform with Excel Value (VBA/Word/2000)
VBA in Word Form (Word 2003)
Insert text after bookmark (Word 2000)
VB 6 Package and Deployment Wizard (VB 6)
why flashing cursor ... (6.0)
Word controlling Excel (Word XP VBA)
Agency not present... (6.0)
To understand VBmodal.. sorry for stupid question (6.0)
Office API controlling Clipboard (Microsoft Office 2003)
textbox not filled... (6.0)
Object VHow do you reference a user control? (VB6)
VB - create .dll (VB6.0)
Handles of a User Control question (VB6)
Label Order (VBA Word 2003)
Capturing data from the results of a Dialog (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Recording what a user does in a word doc (word xp vba)
Task command (VB6.0)
Finding a 'clean' column of cells (Excel 2000+)
Office Assistant (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
VBA Removed from next version of Word:Mac (VBA Mac
On focus ... (WinXP/Word2003)
Reorder column list (Word 2003)
logical Or versus arithmetic Add (word2000 et al.)
Traps for young players (Word 2000 et al.)
Merging adjacent tables (Word 2003) (593097) was moved to the Word board
Vertical Alignment (VBA word 2003)
Copying a PowerPoint Presentation (Office 2003)
Excel, Validation list - has listindex? (Win XP, Office2003, Excel)
how do I call and run a .cmd file? (VB6.0)
Protecting a project (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Selecting objects within filter (Excel/2003)
Add-In problems (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Overide Save dialog box (2003)
connection string to sql db (VB6/SQL Server)
Page Object - Copy/Paste (Office 2003)
VB code no longer works :o) (VB6.0)
Search string for a number (Access 2003)
How to Close Dialog Boxes (Office XP/2003)
Unlinking checkboxes (WinXP/Word2003)
Dialog Box persistence (VBA/Word/2003 SP2)
Retrieving template name (WinXP/Word2003)
Activedoc vs modeless userform (WinXP/Word2003)
creating reports from VB (6)