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Excel, Validation list, change Event (Win XP, Office2003, Excel)
Create PPT Slide from Excel (Excel 2003)
Module works in Windows 2000 but not XP (Excel 2003)
Updating page numbers on protected form (WinXP/Word2003)
String connection... difference (6.0)
Input # or Line Input # (excel vba)
peraphs i am stupid - puublish application on web (6.0)
Delete Table in Footer (Word XP - VBA)
Divide By Gives Whole Number (Excel 2003 VBA)
Wscript CopyFolder (English)
Macro Problem in Word 2007 (VBA / Office 2007)
Using Variables across MSP, Excel in VBA (MSP 2003)
Scroll records
'Highlight all...' checkbox in Find dialog (Word 2002)
Show Toolbar at start of Powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint 2003 NL)
Replicating Table with Control Button Code (VBA/Wo
fill combobox1 (6.0)
Opening html link from userform (WinXP/Word2003)
Collect file names for opening (VBA for Project 2003)
Outlook Express (2000)
ChangeFileOpenDirectory (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Remove all coding and Macros (vba/powerpoint/2000)
Cascading Combo Boxes (VBA/Word/2000)
Concatenating table cell contents (Word 97-2003)
Disk is full, message (VBA/Word/2003)
Not showing screens on updating (2000)
Minimising windows (Access & Excel 97)
No understand the use... (6.0)
Selecting a Range (Excel 2000)
Inserting row/column (Excel Windows 2000)
Selecting Formfields (WinXP/Word2003)
Capture Array Items from Listbox (VBA/Excel/2002)
move files on remote computer (vbscript)
Extend my Windows Desktop (VBScript)
Procedure Separator Line (Word VBE 97/2000/2003)
Launching a website using VBA (Word 2002)
Test: Is selection in range? (VBA - Excel 2003)
Interior.ColorIndex (Excel)
Specifying pages in a section? (WinXP/Word2003)
AutoExec: reating a CommandBar at startup (English, Word 2003, SP 2)
WordBasic.DisableAutoMacros (Word2000+)
Ghost 10 and VB (6)
Using INTERSECT to get cell (VBA/Excel/2002)
Outform TO address (MS Outlook 2003 VBA)
Computer Data Capture (VBA) (582163) was moved to the Access board
AutoCorrect.CorrectSentenceCaps doesn't work (Word XP/2003)
Union Select (2003) (582021) was moved to the Access board
Desktop shortcut (2003)
connect to firebird driver (2000 sr-1)
Macro to map a drive (2003)
WordBasic to VBA 6.3 translations (VBA 6.3)
Run time error 60061 (Word 2000)
Browse for Folder Oddity (XP)
Versioning of templates (WinXP/ O2003 pro UK -SP2)
recommend Barcode fonts (Word 2002 /XP SP3) (580901) was moved to the Software Finds and Wants board
Identifying items on a ControlComboBox (Microsoft Excel 2003)
ByRef Hell (VBA/Excel/2002)
Outlook Tasks (VB6)
A grid alternative in Access (Access 2002)
PPT close method (Office 2000+)
Directing the cursor. (VBA Access 2003 SP2) (580052) was moved to the Access board
Restart Numbering (Word97 et al.)
Fonts and Objects in Forms (VBA/Word)
Licensing scheme (Word2000 et al.)
GetOpenFilename (multiple folders) (Excel 97 et al
MSN StockQuotes & Sorting (Excel XP)
Read contents of Note inserted in Outlook Contact (Office 2003 SP2)
Trapping untrappable CompileTime errors (Word/VBA)
Attached template deleting add-in (Word 2003)
Opening PDF Document via a Word Toolbar Button (Office 2003)
Print doc to PDF (2003)
Open Explorer with Focus (VBA)
Add autotext entry to menu (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
clear Word print margins are too small msg (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
mscal.ocx (2000 & 2002)
Style visibility (VBA/Word/2003)
Error trapping a specific error (WinXP/Word2003)
Debug ignoring breakpoints (WinXP/Word2003)
string represents a shortcut link? (VB/VBA any)
Toolbar won't become visible! (WinXP/Word2003)
Slow delete of names (Excel 2003)
HTMLHELP (Html Workshop 4.74)
Make New Document Active (Word 2003 SP1)
SHFileOperationW API (VB/VBA)
Overriding View Headers-Footers or protecting them (Word XP)
Get Value of BoundColumn (VBA/Excel/2002)
Resizing Texbox to Accommodate More Text (VBA - Word XP)
VBA - MS Learing Site (Office 03' Win 2K Pro)
compile error - cant find project or library (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Returning Paragraph Number (VBA/Word/2003)
cicling.. button in form (6.0)
newbie.... and stupid qst. (6.0)
Macro Definition (VBA/Word/2000 & 2003)
Understanding .Offset (Excel 2000 etc.)
transform userform in vb (6.0)
save form as an admin (VB/VB.NET)
Sending by email attachment (WinXP/Word2003)
userform excel an vb (6.0)
Launch and Print a PDF from Word (VBA)
WordBasic to VBA 6.3 (VBA 6.3)
Find unique combo and count as 1 (SQL Server/CR9)
Checking Internet state (VB6)
Trapping Microsoft Word Closing (Office 2003)
Restricting space used! (WinXP/Word2003)
Capturing data from a web page (VBA/Excel/2000;2003)
Wscript FTP applicaiton (VBA )
Formfield length restriction (WinXP/Word2003)
Oddity in Outlook Commandbar buttons (OffXP+OL03)
Removing an autonumber field (Access 2002) (572268) was moved to the Access board
Slowing down a macro (Word 2002 SP3)
Package Wizard (Off XP Dev) won't with OL2003
List Box Behavior (2003)
Help Oddity (Office XP VBA)
Combo Box Contents (2003)
'Tab' in code on a protected doc? (WinXP/Word2003)
VB tutorial on debug & test a project (VB6)
Survey with VBA in PowerPoint (Office 2003)
HTML help (HTML help workshop 4.74) (571681) was moved to the Access board
How do I determine if a Form (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Worksheet_Change Firing (VBA/Excel/97)
Trapping keys in Excel (2002)
Trapping Keystrokes In A Document (Word2000)
Use Of Modules (VB6)
Looping through Folders on a Network Share (WinXP vbscript)
Insertion of VB6 TextBox information into Outlook
Number in words?! (WinXP/Word2003)
ColumnHeads Property (VBA/Excel/2002)
Run-time Error 4605 in Word 2003 (Word 2003/XP)
Reference to MailMerge document (Word 2000 SR 1)
Pages collection; adding text boxes to every page (Word 2000 SR 1)
email as attachment (2003)
Paste problem (V.B. 6.3)
Save attached template in Startup folder (Word XP
Edit-Attach second doc (VB6)
view custom toolbars (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Identify Members of a Group (03)
Reading profilestring (word 9.0 sp3)
Editable replaces?! (WinXP/Word2003)
Changing 'DataSource' Property (VB 6)
Excel data vice Access data (Office/Excel/2k3)
Range place row of text in table (Word2000)
Saving images as bitmaps (Excel 2003)
Using the Open Dialog (Excel 2002)
Importing text file (Excel 2002)
Programming Solver (2002)
Watermarks on all pages (VB/Word/2003sp1)
Using Binary values (VB6)
Hiding Macros from users (English Word 2003)
Excel Object in Word (VBA/Excel/2k3)
Center Form in VB (VB 6)
wdDialogTableToText separator character (Word2000)
Preserving a Dialog object (Word 2000)
Prevent Pasting Multiple Sections (Word XP VBA)
Table/row page break (Word 2000,2002)
RichTextBox (VB6)
Deleting sections in Word doc. (Win XP/ O2003)
Writing to and retreiving data from Text files (VBA/Word/2000 & 2003)
Word commandbars.TOP (Word2000+)
Macro Pause (Word 2003)
Conditional Find (Excel 2003)
The Child of SetParent (VB6)
Find text with coloured background (Any)
Combine 2 Cells (Excel 2003)
Licensing a 3rd party ocx (VB6 SR2)
Username in SaveAs FileName (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Add-Ins (Again) (VBA/Word/2000 & 2003)
Add-Ins (VBA/Word/2000 & 2003)
Set range equal to field (any version?)
Calculated name of variable (Any)
Oh my god i've broken it! (VB6)
Determining Unused Modules and Procedures (Word XP/VBA)
Write Text message to Desktop (VB6 or VB Net)
Retrieve a Template FileName (WORD/VBA)
Can you insert a file into a template? (Word 2000)
Text or Number? (Word 2003)
Looping Variables (VB6 or .Net)
HFlexGrid not updating (Win2000 Office 2000 VB6)
A menu on a userform (2000, XP, 2003)
Unwanted Exit (VB 6.0)
Forms - parsing parameters (WinXP/ O2003)
Renaming a control at Runtime (VB6 SP5)
make a bkup of all files (6.0)
Find Missing Numbers (VBA/Excel/2003)
Existing Macro's (Excell, Office 2000)
Calling Userform (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Macro Security / Digital Certificates (Excel 2002 VBA)
Checking for drive availability with IPs (WinXP/ O2003)
Add Command Bar (VBA/Word/2003)
Flashing Cells (VB/Excel)
Help! -- VBA ListObject (VBA)
If.....End If problem (I think) (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Creating Macros (Excel 2000)
shortcut keys assigned to custom code (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
excel with Visual Basic (VB)
Rubberband effect (VBA in Acc2003) (558034) was moved to the Access board
Password Protect Files (OFFICE 2000)
Sending keystrokes to another window (VBA Word 2002)
Publishing a Form (Outlook 2002)
OpenFileDialog (Excel 2000+)
Field code in footers (VBA/Word/2003)
Using ShellExecute to start Excel (Access 2000 VBA)
Run Sub using Variable (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Identifying failed hyperlinks in Word document (Any)
Fire NewWorkbook Event (Excel 2003)
How to hide control bars from Word (Word 2000)
Registering ActiveX (Office 2000 VBA)
Attaching a new template (VBA/Word/2000 & 2003)
Controlling Hanging indents etc (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Find 'corners' (VB6)
Visual Studio error (2003) (555922) was moved to the .NET board
Print All (Word, Outlook)
Get Pixel Size In Code? (VB6)
Request help in learningVB (VB 6.3 function procedure)
Macro for Outlook (Office 2000 Outlook)
Random number (Access 2000) (554860) was moved to the Access board
Commandbutton.Picture from outside App. (2003)
How to check a new doc created? (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Test whether document have ever been saved (Word97/NT)
Headers & Section Numbers (VBA/Word/2003)
Selecting the next visible cell (Excel 2002)
Passing variables from a form ( VB6 SP5)
Mysterious Changing Date Format! (Access 2000 VBA) (553796) was moved to the Access board
Get Character Count (Word 2003)
Not too sure how to title this (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Programmatically Change the color index (VBA/Powerpoint(MSGraph)/2000)
Excel to DL (XP)
Adding events dynamically (VB6 SP5)
VBA charting (VBA/Powerpoint(MSGraph)/2000)
Default Drive (VBA/Excel/2000 & 2003)
Removing a toolbar IF it's there (VBA)
Control values explaination (VBA)
Collections (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Find obsecure characters (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
When is 'CALL' necessary? (Excel VBA)
Subscript out of range (Excel VBA)
Find and replace with font colour white (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
using selection can I obtain the heading style nam (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Multiple Image on a Userform Button (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Auto code and Missing References (Word 2002 VBA)
Variable in a file path (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Object Library Tree Display (Excel 2003 VBA)
PictureBox (VB6)
Insert object from another presentation VBA (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
How do I get a heading style name (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
fieldrange select doesnt select (Word 2002 /XP SP3)
Application.Version and the registry (Word (all))
msgbox (VB)
Macro rename (Office 2003)
Need help with loop statement in Excel macro (Visual Basic 6.3 / Excel 2003)
moving a toolbar (Word 2002)
END statement by itself (Word 2003 et al.)
Word Doc In Form (VB6)
Word - For In Do Loop (Word 2003)
Adding Word 2003 toolbars (Word 2003)
Access from Excel (Office 2003) (548535) was moved to the Access board
Trying to Call a Function (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
cell to variable to cell (Excel 2003 VBA)
Restricting PPT addin to specifiic design template (VBA/Powerpoint/2000)
Looking for a C/C++ forum (Visual Studio)
Naming Folders for backups (WinXp-Pro Sp-2)
Get Word heading style number font (VBA/Word 2000)
Select End of Column (VBA/Word/2000 & 2003)
Database Array (Excel 2003 VBA)
Removed Modules (VBA/Excel/XP)
Paragraph Number (VBA/Word/2000 & 2003)
Date.... (vb/vba)
Export Table to Excel (Access 2000) (546547) was moved to the Access board
clear clipboard choices (Excel 2003)
Shell command opens document underneath (vb 6)
Which version of 2003 (2003)
new directory, add files (Excel 97+)
add hand icon to link (Excel 2003)
VBA for Word & Document Conversion (VBA/Word/2000)
Write multi-line text box to merged cells (Excel 2003)
dynamic images with ImageControl (Excel 2003)
Awkward Names Code (VBA/Excel/All)
Workgroup Trigger (VBA/Word/2003)
Adodc1 (vb6)
Avoid Save Prompt (Word/VBA)
vba (vba)
VB6/Word Question (VB6)
Page # in Section (VBA/Word/all)
Pagination (VBA/Word/97, 2000, 2003)
Keep Source Format (MS Word 2002)
Can't Copy over Read-Only Folder (VBScript)
Fill list box with file names (vb basic)
'am' or 'pm' time stamps (VB\VBA) (542307) was moved to the Access board
VBA Help Isn't (Office 2K)
Clearing a Variable When File Closed (Word 2003)
MSHFlexGrid - updates not taking (VB6)
Creating a new Excel Worksheet Event! (Excel 2000 >)
Need explaining on 2 msgbox options. (Excel VBA)
Browsing and Multiple File F&R (Word 2003)
datagrid (xp)
Browsing (VBA/Excel/2000 & 2003)
SOAP programming (OfficeXP SP3)
Word Form Unhide Text (VB 6.3)
Message on screen (VB6)
Format as text (Excel 2002 sp3)
Project Protection (VBA/Word/All)
vb vba (Made2Manage)
Change textbox depth in ppt (PPT 2003)
html to excel (office 2003)
Mouse pointer inconsistent (VB6)
Find and replace (Access 2000)
Frame Problems (VBA/Word/2000 SP3 & 2003)
Printer select (WXP MSO2003)
automation error, missing (Win XP Word 200
opening adobe PDF files (Made2Manage w/VBA)
Getting user to select a path (Office 2003)
WordBasic.DisableAutoMacros (VBA)
Collection Class (VBA)
Missing Sound (VB 6)
Sudoku (VBA/Excel/2000)
Real v virtual path (WinXP, Wd2003)
Connect to DSN (VB6)
VBA - Macros (Excel 2000)
VBA Looping (Excel 2000)
Trapping what triggered AutoOpen (Word97/NT)
code interruption (Excel)
Windows Help File (Word 2000)
Converting to WordMac (VBA)
Edit Hyperlink dialog (Word97/NT)
Validation of FP2000 html (MS Visual Basic 6.3)
How To Dynamically Add and Run a VBA Macro from Vi (VB (Any))
PPT Guides from VBA (VBA/PPT/2000)
Inserting a Variable (Word 2003 SP2)
Test for condition (Office)
Shot down... via vba (2000 sr 1)
Excel 2002 on win98 (winxp, office 2003)
Protect/Unprotect (WinXP, Wd2003)
VB Recordset (XP - VB6)
Powerpoint VBA If statement (UK/PPT/2000)
With Statements get split unnecessarily!! (Excel VBA (Macro Recording))
Documents with embedded code (VBE/Word/2000)
Slide Finder PPT 2000 (UK/PPT 2000)
Break Links? (WinXP, Wd2003)
ScreenUpdating in Excel (Office97 + )
GetSaveAsFilename Dialog Display Issues (2000 sp-3/ 98SE/ VB6)
AutoExec (VBA/Word/2003)
Daylight savings time issues (VB6 SR2)
Code management tool (OfficeXP)
Applyfilter - subform (Access 2003) (531341) was moved to the Access board
Excel XML to ADO Recordset (VB6/Excel 2002)
Restarting List Numbering in Word (Word 2003)
Force PrintLayout view (WinXP / Word2003 NL)
Userform Help (VBA/Excel/Y2k3)
Mark double rows (WinXP / Excell2003 NL)
Saving a ppt file with an Excel code (Office 200
Invisible root in tree? (WinXP and down)
Undimensioned Arrays (VBA 2000)
Import dbase records marked for deletion (VB6)
Excel VBA, #NAME and Type Mismatch errors (Excel 2003, VBA)
removing all tool bars (Excel 2003 (all))
UserForm Control Absolute Position (XP/2002)
X - Close Dialog (Word XP)
Hyperlink security (Office 2003)
CommandBar attached to template (WinXP / Word2003 NL)
Find (VBA/Excel-Word/2000)
Printing ltrs w/o their envelopes (97-word) (529133) was removed
Run TIme 3001 (VB6 or VB Script)
Persisting an ADODB recordset to Access Database (Access 2K2, VB6)
How to run a VB command statement in a string (VB .Net 2003) (528329) was moved to the .NET board
Macro to hide rows (WinXP Excel 2002)
Items.Restrict(filter) (Outlook 2000+)
ADS - Is the account REALLY locked? (VB6)
Creating Master Word Doc from VB (VB 6 / Word XP)
Faster code (Excel 2003 VBA)
Disable a command button on send (Word XP)
Write to Excel from VB (Excel 97 SR-2)
Possible dll problems (VB6)
DateSerial Friday (CR9)
Sort order (VBScript)
Monitoring if process has finished in VBS (WinXP/VBS)
Strings into dates (WinNT4, XL97)
Setting Status in Scheduler (WinXP/VBS)
Exists in collection? (WinNT4, XL97)
Help Window Keeps Tiling (Word XP VBA)
Sort Problem in ListView control (VB6)
Peculiar variable behaviour (WinXP, XL2003)
Copying a Form (VB 6)
-Path Access Error (VBA/Word 2003)
VBA Developer position, NJ (2000-2003)
Excel VB code (Excel 2000)
Excel remembers texttocolumn delimiter (Excel VBA office2k win2k)
how do i display all my array values as a msgbox (WordXP SP3)
how do you read in data that contains apostrophes (WordXP SP3)
Save Issue (VBA/Excel/2003)
MailMerge datasource directory (WindowsXP / Word2003 NL)
Changing the Value of an Option Button (Word 2003 VBA)
Complicated chart source data (xl97/WinNt4)
Setting references on the fly (Office XP)
Searching revisions of particular authors (Word 2000)
Inputbox default (VBA 2000)
Time resolution (VBA/Word/All)
Initial cap in text to number conversion (Word 2000/XP)
Outlook on Send (Outlook 2003)
Bug...Word/Outlook (WinXP/ O2003)
.name double quotes space (WordXP)
Convert Text to Numeric (VBA/Excel/2003)
Why can't I make this dialog box disappear? (Word2K/WindowsXp)
VBA Data Storage (2003 Excel VBA)
Treeview & nodes (VB6)
VBA in Word (Word03)
Combo box properties (Excel 2003 VBA)
Accelerator keys (WordXP)
Trapping .saveAs formats (and other) (WordXP)
VBA or MSXML to read a .xml file (WordXP)
Switching ActivePrinter - doesn't (XP)
Passing an Array as an Arument (VBA/Word/2000)
Can't Open file with declared variable (Windows XP)
References-Browse error (Office XP SP3)
page break (office2003)
DAO 3.5 Library (VB6)
allow user to add image (Excel 2003)
Simple cllass module example (Word 2000)
Undo-ing text data-entry (Word 2000)
'Update links?' message on opening (xl97/WinNt4)
show comment over image (Excel 2003)
Select range of cells (Word 2003)
Referencing an Autotext File (Office 2003)
Append to text file (VBS)
Looking for Control Type property (Word 2000)
Setting the Language (Word 2000)
Print Setup Slow (VBA/Excel/2003)
Copying files (VB 6)
Database cannot be opened (Access 2003) (520290) was moved to the Access board
Search, instr check > next step (WordXP SP3)
Can I check for document protection? (Word XP)
sort array (WordXP SP3)
Using argument in an expression (VB 6)
Fun with Split() (VB6)
Problem Setting Focus (VBA - Excel 2003)
Listbox Backcolor (Excel 2003 VBA)
Search and replace page break (Office 2003)
Setting File Permissions on Network Share (VB)
I cannot install Visual Basic .NET 2003 (Windows XP SP1) (518944) was moved to the .NET board
Package and Deploy (VB6-Win98)
Hide Close Button (Any)
Strip out text (VB6)
Word Mergefield AddIf Method (2000)
Combine Forms into Multipage (Outlook 2000+)
VB Data (VB6)
ReDim to change Variable Type (Excel VBA)
Print in exlce using global and local variables? (Excel 2000)
Using OL Contacts to insert addresses in Word (English/Word2003/SP1)
vbCr vs. vbCrLf (VBA Excel)
Manipulate Selection_Change Event (Excel VBA 2000>)
Control When Events Are Handled (VBA (97, 2000, XP, 2003))
Exchange / Outlook Inbox Counter (Outlook 2003)
Procedure call (new) (VBA) (517179) was moved to the Access board
Addressing a collection 'out of order' (VBA/PPT)
Array of Arrays (VB6)
Procedure Call (VBA)
Date format (VBA)
set zoom on Print Preview (Excel 2003)
Path validity (VB 6)
Excel FileCloseAll (Excel XP )
complex fieldcode statement (WordXP SP3) (516251) was moved to the Word board
Method failed (Outlook 2003 VBA)
clear multi-dimensional array (Excel 2003)
Public Variables (VB 6)
Circular Reference Error Fix (Excel XP)
Can't Delete Object (VB 6)
Setting reference via code (Outlook 2003)
color-ize listbox (Excel 2003)
Hidden VB Form (VBA/Word/2000)
Corrupt Buttons from Control Toolbox (Office 2003/Office XP)
Custom Find/Replace from excel in access (2000)
Referring To The Current Form In Code (VB6)
Control groups (WinXP/O2003)
Replace cell in all sheets? (WinNT4, XL97)
Now() - 1 month? (XP)
Scope in powerpoint (winXP / O2003)
Powerpoint add-in, load on launch (WinXP / O2003)
Runtime references and global variables (2000 sp-3/ 98SE/ VB6)
Merging Word and Powerpoint (or multiple word docs (2000)
custom format (vb6)
Using SQL Server for Excel Forms (VBA/Excel/2003)
FullName Backus-Naur form with Regular Expressions
Attaching a new template (VBA/Word/2000)
Macro to list chart objects (Excel 2000)
'file not found' with OrganizerCopy (Word 2002)
FilesystemObject (VB6)
Modify an Excel document embedded in a Word doc (VBA for Word on XP2002 SP
Drop an Outlook Collection into an Excel Range? (Excel/Outlook 2000 +)
Open URL via VBA Word (Office 2003)
Add page references automatically (English/Word/2000)
Referring to XL from Word (WinNT4, Word97/XL97)
Run a parameter query from an Access form (VBA Access2003/WindowsXP) (510537) was moved to the Access board
Posting a completed Userform (VB6)
Delete duplicate rows (Excel 2000)
Creating templates for different environments (Office 2003/Office XP)
Conflicting References? (VB6/ Office 2000)
comparing dates within cells to system date (Visual Basic 6.0 and excel 2000 )
Help! Mouse Pointer Oddity (VBA Excel 2000)