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Help! Mouse Pointer Oddity (VBA Excel 2000)
Trapping Mouse-Clicks and Keystrokes in Word (Word XP VBA)
Application.OnTime usage (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
Listing SQL Databases in VB (VB6/SQL2000)
Switch off Autofilter (WinNT4, Excel97)
Outputting an array from a function (Office XP)
Format data (xp)
Byte Count Using VBA? (Excel 2003)
ActiveX for CHM? (VB6/ Office 2000)
Count seconds between two dates (VB6)
Incrementing Cell Values on +/- Key Press (Excel 2
Alternative to Worksheet_SelectionChange (VBA/Excel/2000)
Strange VB Error (VBA-Excel)
Hide VBA Editor (Excel 2003 VBA)
Extend range using Find (Word97 (yep, it's still out there))
Bookmarks within autotext (VBA/XP/Word2000)
Building a DLL with VB6 (VB6/ Office 2000)
VBA Array Value to Variable (VBA/Excel/2k3)
MS Outlook form (VBA Script) (507276) was moved to the Access board
Control Array Selected (VBA/Excel/2003)
Automatically Close Dialog Boxes (Excel 2000, VB 6)
Convert numbers to text (Word 2000 VBA/XP)
Sendmail for Excel (Excel 2003)
Memory use (VB6)
zoom to 100% in Excel (Excel 2003)
Excel vba - slow down while reading text file (2000)
Charts size and position VBA (Excel and ppt 2003)
msoAutomationSecurity property (WinXP / O2003, Word)
WdBreakType (VBA/Word/2000)
Macro for powerpoint (Powerpoint 2003)
Name charts using VBA (Excel 2003)
Running Word VBA From Excel (VBA/Excel-Word/2000)
Duplicate Toolbar (Microsoft Word/Office 2003)
code to update TOC - get errors (WordXP SP3)
Get Windows user name? (VBA/Excel 2000 sr-1)
Create archive Word/Excel files at save? (Word/Excel 2000)
VBA compile error (WordXP SP3)
Saving Outlook Attachments (97) (505169) was moved to the Outlook board
VBA for Access 2003 (MSO 2003) (504723) was moved to the Access board
Version Info (VB6 SP-6)
Pause to re-sync a VB program (VBA Access2003/WindowsXP)
How do I remove my autonumbering via code? (WordXP SP3)
Project Names and Custom Menus (Word VBA 2002)
API - GetUserName, odd error message (XP/ O2003)
User forms In MS Word (MS Word XP SR1)
AttachedTemplate (WordXP SP3)
AutoExit at reboot? (WordXP/WinXp)
Toggle bold (VB.NET) (503390) was moved to the .NET board
FileCloseAll (WordXP)
Show/Hide On at Open (VBA/Word/2002SP3)
Word macro (Word 2000/XP)
listbox drag and drop (office2002 widowsxp)
Worksheetfunction (VB for Excel XP)
Create VBA from API of Calendar (xp)
Browsing for path (Excel 2003 VBA)
Changing activesheet (Excel 2003 VBA)
Inconsistent results running DLL's with VB (VB & Fortran)
Replacing modules with code (VBA/Word-Excel/2000)
Headers/Footers (Word 2003 )
Word won't print at other pc (Access/Word 97)
Converting all my hyperlinks (Word 2003)
VBA Excel Access (2003)
Auto run procedures (VBA/All/All)
Disk is full error (Word XP SP3)
Control of File Properties (VBA/Word-Excel/2000)
Test for Sheet Name (VBA/Excel/2002-3)
Print Dialog Box (Excel 2003 VBA)
Function optional variables (Excel 2003 VBA)
Access Windows ZIP functionality (VB / Windows XP)
What pane am I? (Word XP)
Set reference 'on the fly' (WinXP/Word2003 NL)
Hyperlink options in VB (VB6)
Current folder (Outlook 03 VBA)
is there code to run Start>Run (OfficeXP)
enumerate Text Boxes in word doc (Word 2002)
Insert Rows after each Date (office xp)
Use Find Next in VBA (Word 2002)
VBA Help Index/Answer Wizard (VBA 6, Retail 6.0.8714)
Parsing a Variable (Word 2003 VBA)
Intellisense with referenced add-ins (2000 sp-3/ 98SE)
wdNextCase (word97)
Cycling controls in a document (Office 2003)
What file formats do you use for 'terms of use'? (VB 6)
OLE container: How to reduce overhead? (VB 6)
Word crashing whilst template is open (Office 2003)
Userforms and worksheets (VBA/Excel2003)
RE: Error on copying a formula value (Excel 2000)
Retrieve Excel data using VB code in MS Word doc (XP (2002))
ByVal / ByRef in Sub Procedure Arguments (Excel VBA)
Outlook Macros (MSO2003/VB6)
Redemption & meeting invitation (Outlook 2002)
calendar control - no change (Word XP)
'Not' Found Action (Word 2003)
xla xls addins macros (Excel/XP)
Cause Access to Open on another machine? (Office 2000 or Office 2003)
'Accept' or 'Highlight' manual tracked changes (VBA/WordXP/SR3)
Automation trouble on object creation (Excel/Word 2003)
tab stop label user form (Word XP)
Dual monitors (WordXP)
Sometimes a .dot is not really a Template!? (MSWord 2000/ WIN XP)
Excel - File, New worbook .FileFormat (Excel XP)
Excel distinguish between save & saveas (Excel XP)
Store a range of formatting in a variable? (Excel VBA)
Display xlUpdateLink dialog (VBA/Excel/2003)
RE: Counting number of cells (Excel XP SR1)
CallByName in custom find function (Excel VBA 2000 and up)
%Include functionality? (MSWord 2000/ WIN XP)
Arrays in Excel UDF (Excel 2000 VBA)
add BookMk in header (Word 2003 ) Footer (VB 6.3/MSWord/2003)
VBA date/time type (Excel VBA )
Backward Compatibility (WordXP +/-) Opens (Office XP)
Using the Microsoft Excel Worksheet Insertable Obj
Help (Office XP)
FIND selection not changed? (WordXP)
Text control (VBA/Excel/2000 SP-3)
Template Menus Disappear (Word XP)
CommandBars: Top property (Word)
Addin Failed (Office XP with SP3)
Updating TOCs (VBA/Word/2000 SP-3)
VBScript ignores Debug switches (WScript)
CommandBars (VBA/Word/2000 SP-3)
Reading files (VBA 2003)
Can you Const an Object? (Excel VBA)
Formatting precedence (VBA/Word/2000 SP-3)
XML from Word (Win XP / O2003)
ChDir (XL2K3 SP1)
Searching for a specific Format (VBA/Word/2000 SP-3)
AutoNew in PowerPoint? (PowerPoint 2003 SP1)
Reading Text Files (VB 6.3/MSWord/2003)
Multitasking (VB 6.0)
how to use NET SEND in VB (VB6)
Check Text files and sent email notification (VB6)
VBA Code Scanner (XL 2003)
Turning Mouse on/off (VB 6.0)
Table formatting (Word) (WinXP/O2003)
Choose date to display on calendar (Outlook 2003 VBA)
Modifying a 'field' (Word) (WinXP/ O2003)
Dynamic daily options (Word/XP et al.)
Excel 2002 (Excel: vba code to strip html)
VBA & PhotoDraw (crazy?) (2003/2000)
Workbook name (Excel 2003)
Hyperlink 1004 error (VBA/Excel/2003)
CloseAll, save no changes (Word XP)
Word VBA Footer problem (Word XP)
Xcopy and registry keys (WinXP.../Word)
Export to a text file (vba)
Calendar Control (VBA/Access/97,2K)
Slider Control (VB 6.0)
VBA to submit data to SQL Server From Excel 2000 (VBA/excel 2000/sal datab
Updating Headers / Footers (Excel 2003 VBA)
Reading registry keys from VBA (WinXP / Office2003 NL)
Toggle Button (Excel 2004 VBA)
Programming to the VBE (XP 2003)
SSTAB - license not found (VB6 (SP6))
Function v/s Procedure (VBA/All/2000)
Breaking out of a Loop (XL2K3 SP1)
Error Trapping (XL XP)
For ... Next loop (WinNT4/Word97)
Identify active part of screen (Outlook VBA)
VBS - System Restore (XP SP2 VBS Script)
'invisible' code (VBA Word 2003)
UCase with Or (Excel 2002)
Word: What Table and cell? (2000, XP)
Access VBA and DB2 Connect (2000/v6.1)
Word 97 only: OnAction method fails (Word 97)
Having trouble with variable string (Excel/XP)
MsgBox Buttons Conundrum (VBA/All)
Excel Object to Powerpoint (VBA/2k3)
Not Not (2002 SP3)
Search (VBA/Word/98,2000)
MS Word booklet conversion (MS Word 2002/SP3)
VBA code for end of sheet (Excel 2000)
Picture Box (Excel 2003)
DIR: Is it really a Filename? (WordXP)
DateSerial/TimeSerial too lenient ? (Word XP)
Identify selected item in Inbox (Outlook 2003)
Create Title Page (VBA 6.3/Word 2003)
prevent workbook from closing (Excel 2003/SP1)
word cannot open this document template (word xp)
MyPlaces list percolation (WordXp)
VB6 form (Excel )
Form that's always visible (VB/Office 11)
PPT vba pastespecial from Excel (Excel xp, 2003)
msoBarBottom (VBA CommandBars)
Creating a pop-up (Excel xp)
VB6 executable can execute Access macro? (Office 2000)
Menus in VBA (Excel 2003)
Hidden Properties Revealed (2000-2003)
loop through a microsoft box (Excel)
Events fired when Word starts? (WinXP/ Word 2003)
progamming language (progamming language)
Formatting - Blank When Zero (VB)
Col. edit in ListView??? (VBA/2000)
track changes code - manual changes to trach chang (OfficeXP S_3)
Trust Access to VBA (Excel 2003)
Sreentips - on my custom toolbars how do i edit?
docs section breaks & footers (OfficeXP SP3)
Timesheets & Billing (WordXP)
set printer input trays - can you set output trays (OfficeXP SP3)
Spell checking (Word Office 2003)
Footers via VBA (XL XP)
User Defined Functions (XL XP)
Simple Code needed (Access 2000 Pro) (477015) was moved to the Access board
Combining documents in Word (Word97 SR-2)
volume on the WAV/audio device (Word/XP et al.)
VBA code for charts and data labels (Office 2003)
Excel macro to transpose rows and columns (Excel 2003)
Copy columns from one sheet to another in diff ord
Error on PowerPoint Toolbar (Office 2003)
Deletes Space in Variable (Word VBA)
ZIPping in VB (VB6)
Going to beginning of page (Word 2003)
Fixing a Frame in position (Word 2003)
Set Variable to Nothing (VBA for Excel)
Current Section, Page (Word XP)
vb script cannot find file (vb script)
API - SendMessage (OfficeXP SP3)
Call to Sub (VB6)
Way to reset Range.Find.Style? (Office XP SP-2)
Setting VBA Project Password (Windows Office)
Word/Excel FUNCTION communication (WordXP/ExcelXP)
Fad Box (XL)
VBE in Access 97 (Access 97) (474832) was moved to the Access board
PasteSpecial with merged cells (VBA/Excel/2000/SP3)
Reference for API parameter values (Office XP SP-2)
How do I add CR/LF in string? (VB)
Ascertain if a named range exists (Excel 2000)
User Defined Type Not Defined (DAO) (MS Access XP PRO 2002) (474375) was moved to the Access board
Setting desktop background in VBA (Win XP / Office XP)
Spaces in Filenames (Office 2003)
DAO Excel source (Office 2000)
clear Print to File setting (Office XP SP3)
Lookup in Excel workbook, insert to Word doc(2003)
VB to reset wallpaper? (Office XP SP-2)
Clear the clipboard (WinXP / Off2003 NL)
Quitting XL (XL2K3 SP1)
Autosize cols. in ListView (VB/VBA)
A setup utility to install your Excel add-ins (97, 2000,xp,2003)
Changing Multipage Colour (Office 2003)
listview positioning 2 (VB6)
listview positioning (VB6)
DAO SQL problem (Office 2000)
Open Windows Explorer from VBA (Access 2003)
VB.Net 2003 in Win98? (VB6)
Easy, but not for me (VB/Excel)
RE: Operationalising User Forms (XP SR1)
Odd use of VAL (WordXP et al.)
Controlling Word from Access (2003)
test to check if Cancel button pressed (Office XPSP3)
data validation + events (Excel 2003/ SP1)
How do a I make a form invisible (VB6)
Userforms as VBComponents (WordXP)
Public Array (Word 2000 / VBA 6.0)
Looking for Icons (XL)
Paste into an Application (Access 2003)
Merged cells (Win XP/ Wd2003)
Returning row info (Win XP, Word 2003)
Determine Document Type (Word XP)
Using VBA to Export an XL Chart (VBA Excel XP/2002)
Get list of available Spell check languages (XP, 2003)
Using a class (VB) (471091) was moved to the .NET board
moving item from list box to another list box (VB) (471086) was moved to the .NET board
Listbox drag & drop (VB6-Win98)
DetectLanguage error 4198 (Word/xp)
MYSQL ODBC Remote Link Driver Opens if NO Internet
ZA (470735) was moved to the Spyware - AntiVirus - Safe Computing board
Add Line Numbers (XL XP)
DOCument as a series of user-defined objects (Word
Protecting a worksheet (VBA/Excel/2000)
Menu Options (VBA/Excel/2003)
how can i track down what is happening and when? (OfficeXP)
PasteSpecial (VBA/Excel/2000)
Can't find Word field in VBA (Word 2000)
Determine Months and Percent (VBA/Excel)
FileCopy not copying (VBA (Access 2000))
Use of Shortcut keys in VB (VB6)
Performance discrepancy (Word 2003)
Outlook Prompt/Warning (VBA/Word/2003)
Efficient Code (Word 2003)
Strange Rename behaviour (VB6)
Picking-up User Form Entries (XP SP1)
InputBox (XP SP1)
Closing SSH Tunnel Problem (VB6)
Test if Adobe Installed (Excel VBA XP)
Error checking code (WinNT4/Word97)
Ascertain if an instance of Excel is opened in IE (Windows 2K Office 2K I
Quick Sort algorithm (Excel 2003)
wdGoToSpellingError Bug?? (Word 97, 2000, 2002, 20
Color Names (VBA/Excel/2003)
Error 5941: Autotext macro (Word 2003 SP1)
Text File from string (Outlook 2003)
File Object (VB6)
Add a name in the TO: address with code (MS Office 2003)
Print Order (XP)
shortcut keys to stop an endless code loop in Word (OfficeXP)
Count of selected Items in Listbox (VB6)
Arrays / IsEmpty (XP/O2003/Word)
Differentiate between list types (Word 2003)
auto adjust comments (Excel 2003)
VBA password (VBA Excel 2003)
Generate VBA code to reconstruct a document (Office 2000 SP 1A WinXP)
VB IDE terminates mysteriously (VB6 SP6)
importing from Excel to Access (OfficeXP Pro) (466580) was moved to the Access board
Docked and Semi Docked (XP)
Avoid 'locked for editing' dialog? (Word 2000)
Add data from excel into form on load (Excel/VBA 2000)
Fill array into multi column combobx (VBA/Word2003)
Loop Through TOC Table (VBA/Word 2002)
Editing Replace function Macro (VBA)
Send Mail in code (VB6)
VBA for Logo with text (XP 2002)
Run To Cursor (Word/XP)
Merged document doesnt run local code (OfficeXP SP3)
RemoveItem ComboBox (VBA/Excel/2003)
PortOpen (Windows XP)
Convert Case of Variable (Word 2003)
Filling in Explorer Form Fields Programmatically? (Office 2000 SP 1A WinXP
ODBC to locate a set of *.dbf (Word/Xp et al.)
building an error log file in excel (MS Office XP Pro)
Selecting paper source using VB (VBA)
Colour cells in PowerPoint (Office 2003)
Macro to remove unbolded text? (Word 2002)
Run method in script (.VBS/ Word2000)
Table Corruption? (VBA/Word/2003)
Populate Word document form checkbox, etc. (XP)
Changing default font in VBE (VBA/Excel/2003)
Fridays in Combo Box (VBA/Excel/2003)
QueryPerformanceCounter (VB6)
Permission Denied to create object (Access 2000 SR-1, VBA)
Toolbar Icon in Excel (Office 2003)
Portability (VB6)
Telephone Dialer (VB5/VB6)
Declaring variables (VBA/Excel/2000)
from access to web (sql) (XP)
Code Crashes excel (Excel 200 VBA)
Quick Sort (VB6)
Change event on a single cell (WinXP/O2003)
Sending mail from Excel (VBA/Excel/2002-3)
Load an Array from a Text File (VB6)
ghost links to user defined functions (XP office 2003)
Keep VB/VBA alive! (2002-2002-2003)
Read Binary (XL VBA)
Remove Close Button (VB/Word/11(2003))
Send html-table from vba (Word/Excel 2000) with variables (Word XP)
DIR bad for me (Word/Xp et al.)
Template Macros (Excel VBA)
create database method with Access 2003 (vb 6.0 and Access 2003)
A little less compilation? (Office XP SP-2)
Export SQL to Excel in VB (VB6)
Accessing Excel from Word (Office 2000-2003)
Opening OmniForm in VB6 (VB6)
Document Variables (Word/XP et al.)
MsgBox Position (VBA/Ecxel/2000)
List Box Visible (Excel 2003/VBA)
OpenConflict & OpenAndRepair (Word XP)
Calling a Class from another Worsheet (XL 2002, VBA 6.3)
Benefits of creating an object (VBAExcel)
Length of Input String (VB6)
byVal vs. byRef (VB.NET)
Simple problem, bad code (en/Excel2000/9.0.?)
Opening File After Selection (Access 2000) (459997) was moved to the Access board
Disabling A CommandbarButton (Excel2000)
code Structure highlighting (Excel 2000 and up)
Toggle CAPSLOCK automatically (Office 2000 SP 1A WinXP)
Obtain selections format & then apply format (office XP SP3)
Direct reference to Selection in other StoryRange? (Word 2002 SP-2)
2003 Markup Balloon in 2000? (WinXP/Office2k)
Combobox property for selecting entire text (WinXP/O2003)
VB Database capability with different Access Versi (VB 5.0 / Access 97 a
Iterate an Enum (Excel 2002)
Find/replace special codes (Word/XP)
Regular Expressions - replace multiple (WordXP)
Printer to IP Address Printer ( Word - any)
REALLLY {Private} fields (word/XP)
Word VBA Automation bug? (Office 2000 SP 1A WinXP)
WOPR from Outlook (MSO 2003)
Filename Counter (Word 2003)
Run a procedure when any cell is activated (VBA/Excel2000/SP-3)
VB6 - Validation (VB6)
Location of special folders (WinXP NL/Word2003 NL)
Mac VBA vs. Windows VBA (Excel 2002)
Iterating Word objects efficiently (Word VBA)
360 Day Basis (VBA/2k3)
Table Navigation (Word 2003)
telephone number layouts by country (W2000+, Outlook 2000+)
Printing to PDF (VBA/Excel/2000)
Selecting printer (VBA/Excel/2000)
Dialog Boxes in PowerPoint (Office 2003)
Printing highlighted FormFields (WinXP NL / Word2003 NL)
my Instr code isnt working
obtain the field type information (OfficeXP SP3)
Seach/Replace multiple terms (Word 2003)
Get API returned structure into userdef. type (VBA O97)
Language specific macros (word 2003, word 2000)
Couldn't find installable ISAM (VB6)
Launch PDF from Word (revisited) (VBA/Word 2003 SP1)
Mutually exclusive class attributes? (Office XP SP-2)
variant arrays on file lack descriptors (WordXP)
Contact Item vs. Distribution List Item (VBA/Word 2003 SP1)
Invalid Property Value (VBA/Word 2003 SP1)
field sperator (vba)
bad File name or number (PUT statement) (Word XP)
Digitial certificates have expired
array (97 access vba) (455801) was moved to the Access board
copy text to commentbox (Eng/Excel2000/1)
Simple sort (index) (ExcelXP)
VB Mschart legend (VB6)
vbCrLf (VBA/all)
shutdown modeless userform (Eng/Exce/2000)
Macro not working (MSO2003/winxppro)
How to find (VB6 & Excel)
csv behaviour (vba- excel 2000 vs 2002)
scroll within textbox (office xp 2000)
Run-time adjustment of commandbutton (WinXP/Office2003)
Change Insertion Point/Cursor (VBA/Office XP/Word 2003)
Locking header/footer (Word XP SP2)
Updating a TOC (Word2000/2002)
Code execution suddenly stopped (Office XP/VBA)
Valid dates formats (Office 2003)
Startup Task Pane - how can I turn off via code? (OfficeXP SP3)
Internet Input (VB6)
Detecting file/folder permissions (VB6)
Where am I? (PowerPoint 2003)
Cycling command bar controls in PowerPoint (Office 2003)
Modeless MsgBox (Excel 2000)
GetObject with multiple instances (Office 2000 sp3)
Setting references programmatically... (WinXP/O2003)
iterate through all paragraphs (Word/Xp et al.)
Modifying code remotely (Excel 2000)
Add Reference (Word 2003)
Running Long Jobs (Office XP)
Resize display (MS Office 2003)
Send Keys - Bullets & Numbering (Office XP)
Directory list box - replacement (VB6 )
Link a text file? (VB6)
Load excel list (VB6)
Web support on-a-stick (Excel/XP et al)
Macro Description (Word 2003 SP1)
Presentation Close (PowerPoint 2003)
Print Labels (VBA/Word/97+)
Highlight Hidden Text in Word (Word 2003)
Adjusting Formatting In All Sections of a Document (Word 2002)
Sendmail Failure (Excel 2000/2003)
FrameMaker VB6/Scripting (VB6)
Reference FormFields Data (Word97)
'If Selection.Find.Execute' failure (xp)
Word macros and auntie virus software (Word VBA)
Textboxes etc in PowerPoint (Office 2003)
Executing a batch file on a remote computer (VBScript)
FolderExists (Windows XP SP2/VBA)
Change Value on Another Form (Windows XP SP2/VBA)
Using Office Automation from Java
saveAs in IF statement (WordXP)
commentbox and freeze pane (1)
Learning to program ActiveX controls (VB6)
Custom Menus don't appear unless ... (Word 2003)
Outlook - Change to Font (Office 2003)
multiple styles in string (VBA/Word/2003)
Subtracting 1 from inventory (VB/Excel 2000)
UDF in C (Excel 2000 VBA )
Automatic program starts (English)
Normal Template Locked: VBA Backdoor? (Word 2000)
call other appl in own frame (vb6)
Transparent Command Button? (VB 6)
Hiding tracked formatting (Word 2003)
blackberry/vb(a) (vb/vba)
Week Number and Week Date (Access XP)
Popup calendar error (VB6.3)
Display Insert Picture dialog (Word 2000)
Collection class function (Office 2000)
Paper bins (WinXP / Word2003)
vbYesNoAll (all)
Closing WINWORD.EXE Within VB6 Program (VB6)
Closing without asking to save (VB/Excel 2000)
Opning New Worksheet in Excel w/ only 1 sheet (VBA/Excel 2000)
Paste into Blank Rows (Excel 2003)
Macro Cell References (Excel 2000)
Insertion of VB6 Textbox Information Into Outlook
algorithms - random sampling of files (Word/all)
Identifying page/line breaks (Word, any recent ver
Range is in Field (Word XP )
Finding EOF after Open (Excel)
Passing Control Arrays (VB6)
Column merge question (MS Office 97)
View whats in a field (VBA Script)
Userforms calling userforms (Outlook XP+)
manage Word templates & version control (OfficeXP SP3)
obtain the environment variables (OfficeXP SP3)
Type mismatch in split? (VBS)
Character before and after selection (Word 2003)
Inserting VB Data Into Excel (VB6)
Some of my Access/VBA help is missing (Access 2003
Counting cell > 0 in column (VB in Excel (2000))
Outlook 10 Object Library (VB6)
TextBox Question (VB6)
Unable to copy sheet (VBA/Excel/97sr2) (443132) was moved to the Excel board
VB Editor died..? (Office 2000 & XP)