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Counting cell > 0 in column (VB in Excel (2000))
Outlook 10 Object Library (VB6)
TextBox Question (VB6)
Unable to copy sheet (VBA/Excel/97sr2) (443132) was moved to the Excel board
VB Editor died..? (Office 2000 & XP)
VBScript - Ping (XP SP2)
Problem Setting Range (Excel 2000)
format textbox (vb6)
Create AD user session programmatically (VB6/Active Directory)
Extract Address (Word 2002/SP2)
Suggestion needed (Access 2000) (442113) was moved to the Access board
SystemDrive (Word 2002 SP2)
WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED WindowPos struct flags
Use VBA to make changes to a Read-Only document (VBA/Word XP)
Class Module (VBA (Access))
ADO/BAI2 File (VBA/ADO/2k3)
Icon in tray-area & restore (VB6)
Check for attached files (MS Outlook 2003)
Hyperlink Subaddress (VBA Word 2003 Win XP)
Excel to Access (VBA/Excel/2003)
Disappeared custum toolbar (english/Excel 2000/V1)
Ideas for breaking long email addresses (VBScript)
VB Error code (VBA Script)
copy and paste (Excel 2002 Windows xp) (439541) was moved to the Excel board
structure type as parameter (Word XP et al.)
Accessing document properties (VBA for Office 97)
printing forms with more text (vb6)
xp_sendmail stored proceedure from VB (Access02 VBA) (437760) was moved to the Access board
String Handeling Question (Access VBA) (437730) was moved to the Access board
Enumerating subfolders and files (VB Script & FSO)
Menubar & toolbar disappears (Word2003)
Shortcut to Customize Outline Numbered List (Word XP/2003)
Speech text (XP and ?)
Save Embedded Objects (2002 SP3)
Counting Pages through VBA (Windows XP/Office 2003)
Colour-coding all controls (XP) (436262) was moved to the Access board
Using DLL without registring it (VBA / VB6)
File save as name (VBA / Access+Word 2000)
contains activex controls (PPT/XP)
SQL array using VBA (VBA\Excel 2003)
Registry Problem (VB6)
Deleting subfolders by script (Server 2003/XP)
Excel Template in XLstart (Windows XP/Office 2003) (435455) was moved to the Excel board
Curbing the Help Screen (Word 2000)
On Error (WordXP/VBA)
.filesearch not finding .zip files (VBA 6.3 (in Excel 2002 SP3))
New Defaults Template (Word 2003)
Run DOS program minimised from VBA (Win2000)
Toolbars and menus in document (not template) (Wor (Word 2003)
no split over two lines (Word 2000)
Sorting Files in Word File Manager (MS Word)
Version of DB Engine loaded (Office 2003)
Selection position in Reviewing Pane? (Word XP)
press ESC key - dialog box closes (Office XP SP3)
What's wrong with this code? (VB 6.3)
Converting Text to Proper Case (VB/VBA 6.0)
Question RE Appointment requests (VB6)
Creating code in a .doc (Word 2000-97 PC-MAC)
Stop code (Office XP SP3)
Toolbar close event? (Word 2002 SP-2)
VSA (VBA/all/2003)
Macro flickering (Excel/VBA 2002)
Passing arguments to toolbar macros (Word 2002 SP-2)
Shell & wait (VBA - Access 97)
Tag all files in directory? (Word 2000)
Running code from a different file (VBA / Excel 2000 / SP3)
Macro stops after 76 worksheet copies? (Excel 2000)
How do I (VBA/Access 2002) (432621) was moved to the Access board
Multipage manipulation (Windows XP/Office 2003)
insert text file into a template (English/Word 2000)
PrivateProfileString (Office 2003/PowerPoint)
Displaying dialogs from VBA (Word 2002)
Calling VBA sub from TCL (Excel VBA)
Choosing sender for letter (Office Word 2003 VBA)
how do I make a menu view disabled? (Office XP SP3)
Outlook Bar Control? (VB6/Office 2003)
Bind a macro to the Hash key (Office 2000 / 2003)
Screen Resolution (VB6)
how do I hide a window? (Office XP SP3)
How to interact... (2000 sr 1)
whats the current paragraph index (OfficeXP SP3)
total count of pages in a document (OfficeXP SP3)
Print to File turn off (OfficeXP SP3)
Getting cells in other worksheets (Excel / VBA 2003)
Methods and Properties Joined (Excel 2000 > VBA)
VBA Strings (and a bit about Mac compatibility) (V
is there a max chars in Find strings (Office 2002 SP3)
Entering Passwords (VBA / Excel 2000 / SP3)
Add In Newbie (Excel VBA)
Recalling Dir fails in loop with extra code inside (97)
corrupt references links (Office2002 SP3)
Appending to a CSV file (VBA/Excel/2003)
line chart: editing symbol (excel 2002)
Use 1 or two scripts? (MS Office - Outlook & Access)
Differences between VB Script & VB6 (VB6 or VB Script)
Excel-VBA Referring to Modules (VBA-Excel)
WordBasic to VBA: An odd question (Word VBA)
Number of rows in a named range. (VBA / Excel / 2000)
buy new pc: run Excel macro
Learning VBA (English/Access2002) (426171) was moved to the Access board
Store Filenames in database from Explorer (VB6)
Combo Box Sort - Function or ActiveX option? (2002)
French VB runtimes (vb6)
Lesson in Loops, please! (WinNT4/Word97)
Bat file errorlevel in VBA (Win98 / Word97 (NL))
Indented Parts List (VBA6/Excel/2000)
Copying and Moving Subdirectories (VB)
remove multiple items from listbox (VB.NEt) (424653) was moved to the .NET board
DateDiff (VBScript 5.5)
Getting the UNC path for a file (VBA Word 2003)
inputbox that shows formula & edit formula purpose (excel 2002)
Saving defaults to (VBA Word 2003)
Disable CTRL C whilst certain forma are open (VB6 and Access VBA)
Wishlist? Print list of controls (WinNT4/Word97)
Compare records in a row (Excel 2000)
DropDown lists (VB6)
Detect Excel running in browser (Excel (all))
Search and Replace/Ranges (VBA/Word/2000)
Enter Formula into sum (VBA Excel)
Fill Array from Text Box (VBA/Excel/2000)
2 small vba codes (excel 2002)
inputbox property (excel 2002)
Fonts (VB6)
Hiding a Menu Item (Word 2000 VBA)
code that gives sound (office XP)
bookmarking (VB/Office2000 Word 2000)
Where it Shows (VB6)
VB6 Controls (VB6)
Save current date in file name (Word 2000)
coding POST to Public folder (O2k, O03, Outlook, Word )
variable for number of columns in a table (Word XP)
Another Mac VBA Bug (All Mac versions)
Mac OSX VBA (Office 2004)
Setting Ranges (VBA/Word/2000)
How to populate TO line with a custom prompt (Outlook 2000 & VBA 6.3)
Sending Outlook appointments (VB6 SP5)
Opening a document through Windows Explorer (Office 2003)
Inherited Menus (VB 6 )
Failed Find using Range (Excel 2003)
Insert rows across sheets (xp)
adding a line in a footer (office 2000)
screenupdating false = range? (Office 2000)
Legacy References (VBA 6 Word 2K)
VB scripting (WD2000)
Write text to a simple file (VB Scripting)
Inserting a page number in a footer (Office 2000)
assign macro to button on excel (EXCEL 2000)
Blank Splash Screen (VB6)
Julian Date return (VB Scripting)
Creating Word Doc from Access (Win2K/Office2K)
colour code my code (OfficeXP SP3)
Accessing hidden Worksheets (Excel 2003)
Selecting Images for Display (VB 6.0)
Find not finding style (ENU/Word/2003)
ToolTipText (VB6)
Delay code (Office 2003)
Run-time error 5174 (Office 2003/Windows XP)
Option Explicit (VB6 SP-5)
Loops (WinXP/OXP)
Word VBA and WordBasic books (all)
RE: Sheet View (XP SP1)
File Object constants (2002 SP3)
Display Yes and No buttons in correct language (Word (2000))
Counter (VB6)
Picture Controls (VB6)
Watermarks on all pages (VBA/Word XP SP1)
Using OnAction in Outlook (Office 2003)
Text to Speech (Vb 6)
#N/A (XL2K SR-1)
Defining a style (VBA / Word XP)
Design Issue (VB6)
Answer - Gurus - WebBrowser.Navigate (Office XP)
test if bookmark empty (XP SP3)
Text (Color?) (VB6)
Wrong field being selected (English/Word 2000/SR-3
Referring to folders (Outlook 2000)
Order of Entry (VB 6)
Retrieving information from an ini file (Office 2003)
Help with SELECT CASE! (Excel XP - VBA)
ActiveDocument.CheckSpelling (Word97/SR2)
Printing VB Code (VB ^)
Military time (Excel VBA)
Using VBA to make a dll library (VBA (XP))
CommandBars: Where's the documentation? (All)
test if Word document is already open in VB (Word 2000)
Save Worksheet as Workbook (Excel 2003)
Learning VB 6 (VB6)
Tree Control (VBA 2000)
'Please wait' screen (WinNT/Word97)
Compile command in Word VBA 2003? (VBA/Word/2003)
Extracting MSProject data using Excel VBA (VBA)
Avoiding Activate (Excel 2003 VBA)
UserForm file-picker control (Word 2002 SP-2)
New program kicks off old program's installer (VB6 SR5)
Converting VBA For Each to VBScript (Any or None)
cell equal cell (MS Outlook 98 Script)
Custom Function! (Excel VBA 2002)
VB program - Error 3211 (VB6)
FullName of PPT Application project (PPT97/SR2)
General question on Modules (VB/VBA)
Variant Declaration Question? (VBA for Excel)
Sorry i am a newbie (vba)
TreeView on Userform (VBA (any))
showing both formula and value (Excel 2000)
Activate VB app from IE (VB6)
IP Input Mask (VB 6 SR 5)
Global Toolbar in PowerPoint (Office 2003)
Word VBA: Failure to delete a toolbar (Word VBA)
Cursor , cursor where are you (Word XP/2003)
Moving between Documents (Office 2003)
Danger renaming UserForms (Word 2002 SP-2)
Forward Date (VBA/Excel/97)
Colour Fill (VB6)
controlname_Exit doesn't run in frame (Excel97/NT)
AutoOpen doesn't always run (Excel97/NT)
Combo Box Automation Error 2147417848 (Excel10-VBA)
computation on controls or variables (VB.NET)
Entering Values in Cells (VBA/Excel/97)
Insert Filename & path in footer (Eng (U.S.)/Word
OnExit procedure anomolous behaviour (XP Office 2003)
converting data (VB.NET)
Check for existence of Excel (xp pro)
UserForms and class modules (Word 2002 SP-2)
Export data via VB6 to Excel (xp pro)
Global variables (WinNT/Word97)
Option Buttons (VBA/Word/2000)
When is an error not an error? (VBA/Word 2000)
Find and replace (Office 2000)
Connection to HL7 I/F (VB6/HL7)
Reverting back to original size for inline shape (Word XP)
Specify which templates Autocorrect can use? (WinNT/Word97)
VB.NET compile (VB.NET 2003)
Shapes on Word forms (MSWD 2K)
Empty cell test in VBA (ExcelXP)
UserForm and WithEvents (Word 2002 SP-2)
Remembering Variables (VB5)
Calling a procedure in a module from a user form (Word 2003 VBA)
Determine if exe is running in memory (VB6)
Pivot item indexes vs. values (Excel VBA)
Moving focus off modeless UserForm (Word 2002 SP-2)
Which Sub called my Sub? (Win98 NL / Word97 NL)
Named Arguments (Microsoft VB 6.3)
Copy Down Excel Rows (VB/VBA)
display (visual basic)
Change color of table cell on exit from formfield (Word 2000 VBA)
Replicating WordPerfect's pauses (Word 2002 SP-2)
ADO Help (VBA/Excel/97)
Remembering variables? (WinNT/Word97)
Add to combobox from external File (VB6)
Terminate a SHELLed task? (office97)
CLASS and TYPE data structures (Office97/SR2)
Exporting Access Tables (Access 2000) (407123) was moved to the Access board
Printing Labels (VB6/Access 2000)
Verifying a Macro Exists (Word XP)
#NAME? when function moved from module to add-in (Excel 2000 VBA)
VB error 5097 (Word 2000 Norwegian)
Call XLA from PPT? (Office97/SR2)
deleteSetting (registry) (Excel97/SR2)
Checking the selection! (Excel VBA 2000>)
Sorting Information in a RecordSet (Word 2003 VBA)
Pulling a list of all users from Active Directory (Word 2003 VBA)
Compile-time differentiation (Office97)
VBS to download web pages (Win98)
Global Template Size (VBA/Windows 2000/Word 2000)
Identifying Corporate Computer (VBA/Windows 2000/Word 2000)
Async progress bar
End of Document (VBA/Word 2000 SP-3)
Active Table (VBA/Word 2000 SP-3)
Updatelinks in PPT from Excel (Excel/PPT xp)
Office Collections: Better to Enumerate or Trap? (VBA Any)
xcel cells (Border Count) (Excel97/SR2)
Registering Dlls programatically (VB6)
Obtain name from FONT dialog (Excel97/SR2)
Checkboxes in a grid (VB6)
Watermark Background (Office 2003)
Last cell containing value (Win98 / Excel97)
Unicode in VB IDE (VB 6 SP5)
Word 2003 and Norton Auntie Virus 2004 (Word 2003)
Code to change printer and specify save location (VB 6.3)
Change an existing Filename to the Active Filename (Excel XP/2002)
VBA in Excel (English/Excel/2000)
Excel Vba (Excel 2000)
Solid Edge 3D Modeler question
Get File Directory Name (VBA/Excel/2000)
Bad VBA code (Excel xp)
How to get Top 3 with ties (Excel xp)
Convert Text to Number (VBA)
drop down list misbehaves (Word 2002 SP1)
Setting Ranges (Office 2003)
Phone Dialer (XP)
VBA code in excel to go up at range (excel xp)
Code to delete 2nd percent in Excel (Excel xp)
Excel code to control powerpoint (Office xp)
Access Informix data base from WOrd Macro (Word2000/XP)
Reading from Active Directory in a form (Word VBA)
ListBox selecting without action (Word 2002 SP1)
Determining the target of a shortcut (VBA 6 Word 2K)
Scroll Bars in TextBox (VB6)
Opening a document from Windows Explorer !! (Office 2003)
Excel VBA - NetworkDays (Excel VBA)
Drives Collection (VB6)
Mouse Event (VB6)
ComboBox - Limit to List (VB6)
Click event firing and shouldn't be (VB6)
Programmatic Macro Generation (Word and Excel XP (2002))
Fully Qualify (Word 97 and >)
multisheet workbook (windowsXP officeXP pro 2002)
Error in VBA Help file (Office XP SP1)
Set object (from function) to Nothing? (Office XP SP-2)
Converting a Word Document to an Image (VB)
Creating a new doc with VBA (WinXP / Word+Excel 2003 NL)
WMI in VB? (VB)
Custom Print (Word 2000/2003)
Iterating through Options Group (VB6)
Secure Application (VB6)
Path not always correct (WinXP / Word2003 NL)
File Search and Shortcuts (office 97, XP & VB6)
ADO and filters (VB6)
Personal.xls save on exit (Excel 2000/2003)
Importing/exporting text files in Excel 2000 (Excel/Word 2000)
range not selected/active (WordXP SP3)
Referencing Table Cells (Word 2003 VBA)
import and export freeform as XY in PPT ( PPT 2002 SP-2)
Delete numbers and replace with % (Excel xp)
List Gallery Change (ENU/Word/XP)
Exporting modules (Win98 / Word97 NL)
VBA UserForms (Office 2K+)
ChangeFileOpenDirectory intermittent (Word 2000 SP3)
Suppress PromptForSave (Outlook 2002/XP)
Save template on exit (Word 2000)
If User Clicks Checkbox on Form then Focus is sent (English/Word2k/OfficeX
Sharing Forms (VB6)
Passing a Collection (Office 2003)
Save a document using staff number (Word 2000)
additem event failing (vba 6.3 Outlook 2003)
headers in a listbox (office2002 widowsxp)
'Distort' an image (VB6)
Word mail merge failure (Word 2000 / Access 2000)
VBA - Excel (English)
Save from RTF to TXT (VB6)
OleServerBusyTimeout (VB6)
List reports and their record sources (Access 97) (393081) was moved to the Access board
Generic comments about a Word template (All VBA versions)
Recognizing a screen selection as range (VBA)
Network Drives (Word VBA)
Format Currency (Word 2003)
Sometimes AutoExec (Word 2000 SP-3)
TabStrip Control or Tabbed Control (VB6)
Context-Sensitive Help in Word? (2000, 2002, 2003)
select multiple objects dialog in PPT (2002)
Setting Event Listeners in Word Add In (Word 2k/XP)
Adding to Footer (VBA/Word/97+)
PasteFace on CommandBars not quite right (2000-XP)
Trying to run a macro from a different project (VBA 6 Word 2K)
Cannot add reference to Word template project (Word 2000, 2002, 2003, NOT
code to change text orientation not working (WordXP)
Double Loop (VB6)
Unique ID (VB 6.0) (391163) was moved to the Access board
Resources (VB6)
PrintQuality code for Xerox Document Center (VB 6.3/Excel 2002)
Data from file (VBA/Excel/97)
macro points to username (Word XP Sp2)
Word Overriding Macros in Add-In (Word 2K/XP)
Footers/Same As Previous (VBA/MSWord/2000)
MonthName (VBA/Excel/97)
Excel VBA - Pasting Cells (Microsoft Excel 2002)
opening internet explorer in full window (v6)
Describing values in 'If' statements (VBA Excel 2000)
runtime error 5625 (VBA with Word 2002)
Intercepting Word document events from an addin (Word 2002 SP 2)
Mousewheel in IDE Update (VB 6, VBA 6.0)
Check for blank field (VB Script & MS Outlook 2002)
Parsing arrays (VB6 SR6)
Reading a drive 'name' (Excel 2000)
Creating File Shortcuts (VBA: Office XP)
Intercepting Word Commands? (Word 2K/XP)
Hex to Decimal (VBA/Excel/XP)
Crystal Reports (version9.0)
Extend my desktop (XP VB6)
Moving last document page (English/MSWord/2000)
Printing various pages from Excel (2002)
Minimise next to clock (VB6sp6 xpsr1)
Saving a Merged Document to Individual Files (2000/2003/XP)
Picture Boxes on an MDI (VB 6 SR6)
Hijacked FileSaveAs Saves the Wrong Document (Word 2002 SP 2)
Copying & pasting programmatically (Windows & office XP)
Richtextbox problem with Office XP SP3 (Word 2002 SP3)
Examine Outlook Message Item Attachment via code (Outlook 2000+)
'Not Junk' (Outlook 2003)
MSDN Mag 2000-2003 on CD for cost of shipping (Mostly .Net, it seems)
Disable Save and Print (VB 6 / Word 97)
Bookmarks in Header (Word 2003)
Open PPT slide show from button in Word (Word2000)
Open pdf file (Word 2000)
Detecting the files a program is using (VB6 SR6) problem (Word XP VBA)
Dialog to open multiple files (Word 2002 SP-2)
Export Multiple Macros (Excel 2000)
VBA migration issues 2000 to 2003 (VBA/Word/2000 to 2003)
MDI Form Error on Close (VB6)
DocumentChange infinite loop (Word 2003)
Mapi Cancel (VB6)
W97M.Ping.A (Word97/SR2)
Report doesn't run (VB6)
VB Code Goes Missing (Outlook 2002)
Update (VBA/Excel/97)
Open notepad and delete character (VB6)
GetObject (VBA 2K)
Program Launcher (vb6)
Variable doesn't keep value (internet explorer)
error handler code not (WordXP SP3)
Select Folder (Word 2002/VBA)
Address AES Encryption to MS Excel (VB6, Excel 2K)
VB Script (Script)
Pulling data from tables (VB6)
Distributing macros with documents (2003)
Order of Precedence (VBA 6)
Autofilter dead (Excel 2000)
Mapi vs Outlook (VB6)
Checking for text in Word table (2003)
Convert VBA 2000 to 2003 (VBA)
SQLDMO not working when not on network (VB6 (SR6))
Auto-Outlining via VBA (VBA/Excel 2000)
'Exit' event in a form, how to make it work? (Word 2000)
Treeview (XP)
Macro run on open (Word2000/2002)
ImageList (XP)
Replace styles and then some (Word 2000/XP)
Text files and dates (VBA/Excel/97)
Insert a row based on criteria (excel xp)
ListView Control repositions (Excel10)
Word XP Last page (Office XP)
change CR to LF (vba 97)
Distinguishing empty cells (Excel 2002)
Resources when running AVI's (VB6 SR6)
Control Break (AccessXP) (381655) was moved to the Access board
Replace styles (MS Word 2000/2003)
Conversion Problem (VB.Net) (381298) was moved to the .NET board
Custom Colors in Userforms (Office (Any))
Create Executable (VS.Net)
Files Open or Held (VB6)
Commandbar Manipulation (Office 2003)
Change Caption Numbering Style (Word 2000/Windows 2000)
Permission to Word.VBE.VBProjects (Word 2000)
Memory management (VB6 SR6)
Using .GIF and .JPG files to make Button Images (VBA)
Running a function on created Global Template (Office 2003)
Better Way? (VBA/Excel/97)
Who has File Open (VBA Excel 2003, Win XP)
Adding lines between headers text file (VBA/Excel 2000)
A blankline routine (Excel VBA XP)
Why won't this print ? (VB6)
Sub Menu on Customized Command Bar (Office XP)
Importing Text (VBA/Excel/97)
Separating Data (VBA/Excel/97)
Replace one line in a text file (Excel97)
Turn on the Caps Lock key in VBA (Access 2003)
Force a Save in Word (VBA for Word 2002)
Listbox to Textbox (VBA/Access/2002-3) (378545) was moved to the Access board
Sql and variables was moved to the Access board
Store Numbers in Table (VBA Word 97 / 2000)
Form fields (Word 2002 SP3)
Programmatically Add Image to RTF (2000)
Data Compression (VBA/Excel 97)
Exporting to Office (VB6)
Word hides the document (Word 97)
Detecting when file is open (Excel 2003 VBA)
AdvancedFind (VBA / Outlook / XP)
Dialog box to indicate in progress action (VBA for Word 2002)
Make cells relative (Excel XP)
Microsoft XP Developer's Guide (Outlook 2002)
Format Text (VB6)
Undo Buffer Depth (Word 2002 (XP))
Turning off Error Trapping in Word (W2002SP-2)
File Open (VBA Office 2K)
Identifing Textboxes (Office XP)
Dealing with form modal (O2K)
Worksheet.Delete without a prompt (Excel 200/2002/2003)
Error Handling Newbie Q (VBA 6)
WithEvents rules (VB6 SR5)
Format Code (Excel XP)
Reset Layout (VB6)
Finding 'My Documents' (VBA 6.x)
Password hide (VB6)
Custom Fields in Word (Word 2003)
Display Folder (Outlook XP)
Preventing Listview column resize (VB6)
vbscript combo box (vbscript) (374756) was moved to the Web Design, Coding and Scripting board
Invalid Charaters (VBA)
GetFileOpen (Excel XP)
Erratic behavior modifying UserForm control height (Word 2002 SP-2)
Send EM via Excel by date (English/MSO/2000)
Do loop (Word XP)
VBA for Excel (2000)
Getting a list of SQL Servers (VB6 SP5)
Performance problem in Word 2003? (Word 2003)
Waiting for OK (VB/VBA)