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Accessing Text in a Startup Template (Word XP)
Access VBA Books (2002 (10.2616.2625)) (373259) was moved to the Access board
Settings for recording macros (Word 2002 SP-2)
Automating Insertion of Graphics
MSDE (free SQL) advice (MSDE 2000 Release A)
Code to retrieve a macro for editing (Word 2002 SP-2)
Crystal Reports Pics (XP )
Range (VBA (Excel 97))
Excel VBA wksht protection (Excel 2000)
Extract Filename (vb6)
Updating Contact Field with Macro/VBA code (English/Outlook 2000 SP-3/VBA
VB6 Word Update all Headers and Footers (VB6 OfficeXP Word)
Selecting autofilter result (Office 2003)
E-mailing Word attachment with VBA (VBA)
Using string to reference a variable (Excel Office 2003)
Outlook References (Word 97-->XP)
unique id# in a listbox (vba)
Code Won't Run in Footnotes (Word 2003) (Word 2003)
VBA Merge (VBA (Excel 97))
FileCopy (VB6)
Make custom toolbar available (Word 2000/XP)
File Exists (VB6)
VB Script to Change Outlook 'created date'? (XP)
HelpContextID (VB 6)
More bubbles (Excel 2000)
removing default tabs in a dialog box (MS Word 2000 SP3)
lookup function to lookup information from another (excel VBA)
DevMode DeviceName (VBA 6/OXP)
Dataenvironment (368734) was moved to the Access board
VBA project explorer currently selected item (VBA/Excel/2000/SP3)
RoboHelp and VBA (2000)
Array Syntax Help (Office 97 and >)
creating a script file... (unix/linux and VI editor) (368235) was moved to the Other OSes - Palm / Linux board
dBase III to Act! (Word97/SR2)
recuring private sub (office xp 2000)
Detect Browser (Access 97)
capturing right click (VBA/Excel/2000/SP3)
Empty all Delete Folders in Outlook (vba/outlook 2003)
Inserting Autoshapes (Office XP Pro)
Replace Module (Excel VBA)
code to update TOC's in XP (WordXP)
Code for Smart Card readers (VB SP5)
Generating subroutine code automatically (Office/Access 2000 SP1A) (366363) was moved to the Access board
Macro code to highliht shade hidden text (Word 2003)
WinHelp and Word VBA (Windows XP Pro & Office XP Pro)
Setup Error (VB6)
Excel menus and toolbars (VB6/.NET)
text file parse (vba)
Error registering Object on Installation (VB6)
Error Handler doesnt catch error (VB6 SP5)
Sending a file attachment (Access 97) (365493) was moved to the Access board
No NoProof in range CheckSpelling (Word97/SR2)
Combo box 'invalid property value' error (Word VBA)
Masking Data in Dialog Box Controls (VBA Word)
ApplicationEventHandler Unloading (Word 2002/Office XP)
interate through non-contiguous cells (Excel xp)
Mouse Position and Hover (Excel XP)
Updating Object Properties in EXCEL VBA (EXCEL/VBA v2000)
Burn CD from VB program (VB6)
File Is In Use (VB6)
Programmed Custom view (Outlook XP)
Running Excel VBA from Intranet (VBA/Excel/2000/SP3)
Add in hangs (VBA in Excel 2003)
VSTO (2003) (363376) was moved to the Lounge Matters board
Installing VSTO (2003)
Replication (VB6)
Backward Compatibility (XP/2000)
recovering text from spool files (Word97SR2 et al.
Outlook COM ADD IN (Office XP VBA6)
Working Code doesn't work (Word 2000/VBA)
Weird Error Messages (WEM) (Office97/SR2 +)
Shortcut Keys - Userforms (Office 2000, XP)
Richtext Formatting (VB6)
Enable function in Excel 2002 (Windows XP) (VB/Excel 2002/Windows XP)
change alpha value to numeric (Word 2002 VBA)
make a new wbook with an internal macro... (2000)
Function (Excel VBA (97))
Excel crashes on workbook.close (Excel 2000)
Programmatically Select Item in Treeview Control (Word 2000/VBA 6)
Looping Help (Excel 97)
macro firing twice (WinXP, OXP)
add-on add-in plu-in (doesnt matter)
macro to specify number (VBA Office XP)
Code to store new text (Excel xp)
Obtaining styles from AttachedTemplate (Word97SR2)
Multiple Installation (vb6)
Control Dialog Box in PPT (PPT 2000)
VBA del VBA (Office 2000 ExcelVBA)
Passing control names from a string (VB6 SR2)
Import .txt file (VBA XP)
UpDown.2 Control (VBA XP)
DocumentChange Event (Word 2000)
PDW Endless Reboot (VB6)
Excel Sort Dialog (Excel XP)
Comment multiple lines (XP)
Event Handling of dynamic controls. (VB6 SR5)
Mapi - ccMail (VB6)
Screen Updating Not Working (Word 2000 9.9.3821 SR-1)
Populating Tabs (VB6)
Random Numbers (VB6)
How to Get Type of Component (VB6)
Run Access Update Query from Excel VBA (VBA/Excel/2000/SR-3)
multiple tab stops (office97SR2)
if yes if no (officexp 2002)
Arial/Tahoma default font (VBA/Word97 SR2)
SQL Server & VBA (VBA/Excel/2000/SR1)
fso Scripting (vb6)
Detecting Nested Tables (Word 200X VBA)
Run time error (VB6)
Get date from string (WordXPSP3/WinXP)
MSCAL Control (VB6)
Attached Template Wrong (Word 2000)
Forcing subroutine to hold while processing (VB6/Windows Media Player 8/9)
Owner Name (VB6)
Convert DAO to ADO (VBA/Excel/2000)
Macro switches windows (Word 2003)
Find if password set (WinNT/Word97)
SQL parameters (Excel XP)
Hard coding vs Dynamic (VB 6)
Excel vs Access (2000+)
PPT97/SR2 (Assigning macros to toolbars)
Macro security (Word 2000/XP)
PowerPoint: Controlling slides to be hidden (XP)
Eval command in VB (VB 6)
Find a controls type (VB6)
Save Suggestions (VB6)
Debug,Compile within VBE (Office97/SR2)
DCOM98 (VB6)
Check to see if Word is Open (VBA)
ADO & SQL Server (VBA/Excel/2000)
PPT - MRU (Office97SR2)
Add a sub form to a main form (Visual Basic 6)
Time Calculation (VB6)
List Boxes (VB6)
File Location (vb6)
MS Outlook - vb script (MS Outlook 98, VB script)
Selecting a file (XP) (354958) was moved to the Access board
uses for Office Developer (Excel (all))
Use VBA to read metadata in PDF file (Office 2003)
Select Case with dropdown list (Project VBA)
Get Data from SQL Server (VBA/Excel/2000 SR1)
Search for changes to folder (Visual Basic)
Chart on userform (Excel 2000 VBA)
Detect program? (Word97/XL97/WinNT4)
Job Descriptions (Office VBA)
Select Button (Word 2002)
Show Standard and Formatting toolbars on two rows (Word 2002 (XP))
Talk to Outlook/ Yahoo (2000)
Losing? Corrupting default printer (Word 2002)
Capturing TREE Command (Office 2000)
VBA/.net/XML??? (2002/2003)
Shortcut Code (vb6)
VB 5 recommendation (VB)
Anybody got a system without Office? (VB 6, but no Office)
Setting AutoText dialog to look in template (Office 2000 or higher)
Accessing folders in Other Shortcuts in Outlook (Office 2000 or higher)
FileSave Macros (Word 2000)
VBA Arrays (Excel 97)
Autosave VBE objects (97 2000 2002)
Excel VBA performance problem (Excel 2002 / 2003)
LOOPY confusion (Asp, Access)
VBA Help File for MS Project (VBA)
XL Properties?! (XL97/WinNT4)
VB6 (Registration tool)
Compare and Add Exceptions (VBA/Excel/2000)
Get zoom value on pagesetup (VB 6.0)
Re-assigning styles (Word97SR2)
Strings vs documents (as variables) (WinNT/Word97)
Copying excel range from worksheet to worksheet (VBA and Excel 2000)
Fonts (VB)
Write VB field to Access table field (VB6 and Access 2000)
WordBasic.SortArray (All VBA versions of Word)
VB Editor Windows (Office 2000 SP-3)
Macro to run after linked Excel file has updated (Excel 2000)
Error Trapping (VB6)
Calculate weekdays between two dates (Excel97)
QuickBASIC and Form Feed (I think 4, maybe 3)
Obtain VBA Code of Access Forms (Office97+)
Out of stack space (W2K, O2K, UK )
Document Variables - Scope (Word 2000 or Word 2002)
Compare 3 cols and delete rows if match (Excel xp)
Form Menu Editor (VB6)
Lost me references! (XL97/WinNT4)
Word header content (Word XP SP1)
VB and Access (VB6)
Form question (VB 6)
Application Runs On (VB6)
DeleteFolder - permisssion denied (WordXP)
Deleting blank lines (WinXP OXP)
'type mismatch' when add form control (Excel 2002 (SP2))
path variables (VBA)
Printer Dimension, Measurements (vb6)
Quick wininet api question (VB6 SP5)
AddIn event procedure to detect no workbooks open? (VBA/Excel/2000)
Links missing in help file visual basic help (Office 2000)
Representing a C structure in VB (VBA6)
Active Document (Word 2000)
Trim function in Word (Word xp)
Word 2000 replace specific word macro (Word 2000)
Getting Include Heading Level No. setting in Word (Word 9.0)
Programming Outlook (Office/Outlook 2000)
Color picker (WD2K)
Stopping the 'x' (VBA)
Distribution Package (VB6)
Search in Word using VBA (Word xp)
To VBA or not to VBA, that is the question (any)
Right Click (vb6)
Register Control (vb6)
All Day Event Default - Busy vs. Free (Outlook 2000)
Go to next record without processing current recor (VBA)
Project Protecion (2000/XP)
VB code to run macro on file open (NT 2000)
No text on calendar control (Word 2k)
VB6 - Declaration (VB6)
AutoNew not firing (WinXPP OXP)
Select case Word (Word 2k )
Losing one's mind tracking down a VB bug
Pivot Tables - Referring to Values in Cells (Excel VBA/ Excel 2000)
First & Last Filename (VB6)
Annoying code error in getting a DropDown value (VBA for Excel)
Message on Close of Update (VBA/Outlook/XP/SP1)
Read JPG Header Comment (VB6)
What Page (number) am I at? (Word97SR2 et al)
Array Fault (vb6)
Invalid NZ function (Excel/Access/VBA 2k) (342099) was moved to the Access board
Concatenating to form a variable name (Word 2000)
Replace values (Excel 2000 VBA)
Word Macro (2000)
Outlook Contact Forms (VBA/Outlook/2002)
Creating an Outlook rule in Session module (VBA - Outlook - 2002)
Prevent From Opening (VB6)
Troubles with Excel - Word Automation (Office 2k)
Word VBA Modal userform issues and hiding userform (engvba/word/xp)
XPp 'DOS' Variable (XPp SP1)
VBA 2003 & rich text boxes (Office 2003)
Text datatype with forwardonly (VB6/VBA) (339971) was moved to the Access board
Word fields or bookmarks (97+)
Change file extension (Word xp)
Retrieving Custom Document Properties (Office 2003)
Archive Files (VB6)
Search and replace in Word (Word xp)
Why Does This Work? (VB6)
insert a carriage return.. (excel 2000)
List Template List Error in Document (VBA / Word 2002)
join txt file (excel 2000)
Record Change (VB6)
OpenFileDialog problems VB.NET (English) (338448) was moved to the .NET board
Slash-0 (MSO 2000)
VB/VBA (Ah if I only knew that...)
Determining section number (Office 2000)
Access Database with VBA - Help!!!!!!!!!! (Access 2000) (337741) was moved to the Access board
MAPI Controls (VB6)
Forms in a Shared Workbook (Excel)
Will developer tools work with Office 2003 (Office 2K and Office 2003)
Access into XL (Office 2k) (336491) was moved to the Access board
Finding the network (VB6)
Sequence Files (VB6)
VBA in Mac Word Questions (VBA)
COM Addin sometimes getting corrupted (Excel 2000/ SR 2)
Syllables of a word (Word97SR2+)
Same prblm - new loginname (VB - VBA)
Userform - Setting Focus (revisited) (VBA/Office/2000)
VBE: Change back to default view (Excel2000)
VBA (Dunno - any version I suppose)
FileSaveAs 'fix' causes problem with conversion (Win 98 / Word 97 (both Dutch))
Command Button (Excel VBA)
Showing comments in Word doc (Win XP/OXP)
Outlook 2003 Automation (Office 2003)
Focus problem? (Win XP / Word XP/2003)
Attach template then run it (WinNT/Word97)
Format time > 24 hours (any ... ?)
DataReport without DataSource (VB6)
Creating e-mail with VBS (Outlook 2002)
Manipulating Tables in Word (Word2k)
Checking for valid date (WinNT/Word97)
excel column split in 2 (officeXP)
Send Files (VB6)
Good Code - Bad Code (Word97SR2)
Simple Line of Code (Excel VBA)
Hide-Unhide Pivot Items (2000/xp)
.DateModified (VB6)
Outlook 'autoexec' (Outlook - All Versions)
Sorting algorithms: Counting sort (VB/VBA)
Visual Basic Ver.6 (MS Visual Basic 6) (330992) was moved to the Access board
Document slow to open (Win XP OXP)
VBA: Insert pic into document (Word 2000)
Automate AutoText (Word XP / SP2)
Toggle numbered lists to restart/continue (Word 2000)
Synonyms/Antonyms et al. (Word97SR2 and on)
Ubound starting from '1' (Word97SR2)
Return Folder List (VB6)
Hidden variables in Excel (Excel 97)
Tall drop-down lists (Office97)
Custom Dropdown Button on Toolbar (Excel 97/2000)
Creating skins for VBA/VB forms (VB/VBA)
Multiple Worksheets (VBA/Excel2K)
AutoExec (Word 2003)
References in vba (Excel xp)
Office Developer (XP)
AddNew commands (VB 6.0/Access 2000) (327576) was moved to the Access board
Cannot get past prompt (Outlook 2000 SP-3)
VB cmd line exe to output results in DOS window (VB6) Styles (Word97SR2)
Attendance calendar (VB 6, Acces 2k)
VB 6 data connections to iMIS (VB 6.0)
Get Computer Name (VB 6 / Access 2000) (325095) was moved to the Access board
CommandBar run-time error opening Word (2000/XP)
text data in grid format (VB 6)
Logitech Mouse & VBA Editor (Office 03)
Width of a table (Word 2000)
ActiveX Controls for Outlook (OfficeXP)
Open a .txt file from Excel (Excel sp)
Keywords in searches
Cancel routine (VB6)
Sharing Excel macros (2000)
Dialogs and form names (VBA Off2K/ Wd2K)
Font size not consistent in Word VBA User Forms (VBA / Word 2002 )
Event not triggered with Data Validation (Excel97)
macrocontainer.fullname in Startup (Word97SR2)
Check for network (WinXP OXP)
Backup - Archive (VB6)
Combine 30 worksheets into 1 workbook (ExcelXP)
using multiple open documents (Word97/2000)
Heading Styles (Word 2000)
FileSystemObject (VB6)
Bookmarks straddle rows (Word97)
filesearch object (word xp dutch)
OLE Compound Doc (OLE2)
Append and/or Update (VBA/Access/XP) (322172) was moved to the Access board
Update Excel sheet from Visual Basic (VB6)
SQL Troubleshooting (VB6/Access 2K) (321739) was moved to the Access board
save images in pot template (powerpoint xp)
Custom picture on CommandBar? (VBA Office 2000)
self-installaing template (system) (Word97+)
Thanks (VB6)
Printer margins (VBA, Word 97)
Unhooking NORMAL.DOT via VBA (Word97)
Lost Form (VB6)
Copy macros from template (Word 2000)
SQL Script (Calling a Stored Procedure) (EXCEL 2000, XP)
Closing Form (VB6)
Inlineshapes are black boxes (Office 2000 / Word) (320557) was moved to the Word board
VBS script (Win95/98)
File Copy (B6)
Limiting textbox input (VBA Office 2000)
Activate Excel From Word (Excel/Word 2000)
Using FIND to return row number (VBA Excel 2000)
Fix Font Macro (Word 2000)
Installation Problems over Office2K (VB 6.0 )
API-Viewers (Word97+)
Common Dialog (VB6)
Template switching (Word97)
So Close (VB6)
Hijack save, close, saveas? (Word97)
Simple Function (VB6)
Print from VB (VB6)
Passing arguments from Excel to Word macros (XP/Excel 2002)
Efficient Code (Word 2000/2003)
Permission denied to create object (VB6, Excel & Acces 97)
Launch a PDF from Word (Office 2000)
Stopping document-close? (WinNT/Word97)
Macro storage error/references (Word 2000)
Use of ScrollLeft & ScrollTop (Word 2000)
Image Form (VB6)
fields in Footer (Eng/XP Office Small Bus)
Need Help With A Listview (Excel 2K VBA)
Printer Properties in VBA/XL2000 (VBA/XL2000)
Finding Subdirectories with 'dir' (XL97/WinNT4)
Digital Signing (Office XP)
Command Fails (Word 2003)
P&D Installation (VB6)
VB Pop Up Box if New Files in Folder (Windows 2000)
Microsoft OfficeXP testplan (officeXP)
Copy from Visio to Word (Visio 2002)
VBA Cannot find existing bookmark (Word XP / SP2)
Fit Form to Window (VB6)
F9 keypress down event (W2K / O2K UK pro)
pagenumber in footer (word2000 dutch)
VBA in Excel using Word (Office 2000)
Dynamic Toolbar menu Captions (Word97+)
Security Patch causing me fits! (XP and VBA)
Text Control (VB6)
Add Colums to MS Access table (English/Access/2000) (316485) was moved to the Access board
Calendar Control (EXCEL 2000, XP)
Using an Object Reference Reassign a Named Range (Excel VBA/ Excel 2000)
Quickie Excel VBA (VBA 6.3/Excel 2002 SP2)
Persistent/ global collection (VBA Excel 2000)
Embedding images in a Eudora message (word97/eudor
Full-Text Seaching in a Large Contacts Folder? (Word/Office 2000)
VBA: My Outlook VBA rule code does't work :( (Office 2003)
Detect Keystroke from loop (VB 6.0)
Lookup textbox for a listbox (VBA / Word 2002 / SP-2)
Excel & Palm (1997)
Copy/Paste column data (Excel 2000)
Hide macrobutton fields when print (Word 2000/NT4)
Time Clock - Wall time and work time (VB 6, Acces 2k)
Rich Text data (word 2000 )
TreeView Gray CheckBox (Access 2k)
Split() and Option Base (VBA Office 2000)
Reading from .INI file (VBA Excel 2000)
use 'form' in sent.items (Outlook 98, )
Add Attachment in Outlook in reply mode (OS 2k, MS Outlook 98, Acces 2k)
Out of Memory Errors (VBA Word 2000)
Trim Function (Word 2K SP3)
Using ListNum field (WinXP/OXP)
reDeleteing 'squares' in Word teable cells (Word 2000 SP2)
Optimise multiple documents printing speed (All)
COMMERCIAL (VBA) (313540) was removed
Repeating Input on error message (Excel 2000 (S1)
Message Boxes (Excel 2000)
Cancel cancelled? (VBA/ Excel 2000)
grid? list? (VB 6, MS Access 98)
Open all files in folder (Excel 2000)
Compatibility Options in Word (XP SP-2)
Updating VBA in a workbook (VB6/VB .NET/VBA (Excel))
Time pick control (WD2000)
Best practice to start Excel from VB6 (VB6 / Excel2000)
Writing to worksheet procedures (VBA/Excel 2000)
Add Reference (VB6)
VB6/Word 2003 Question (VB6/Word 2003 )
CustomDocumentProperties (VBA/Excel/XP)
PDF Control (VB6)
Printer codes (2000)
GetAddress Method Revisited (Word XP / SP2)
Pivot table addfields error (Excel 2000)
Combobox Values from Shared list (Word 2000)
Harvesting Images for Random Desktop Wallpaper (Wo
GetAddress Method (Word XP / SP2)
Commercial Applications (Outlook/VBA/VB Script)
Sharing VBA code between projects (templates) (Word 2000/XP)
Set Focus Of Program ( Not MS Based) (VBA)
Determine Version of OS (VBA / Access 2000)
Creating a DLL from a Template Project (Word XP(VBA))
offset and font change (excel 2002)
Search and replace inWord (vba Word 2000)
combo/Listbox population using VBA in excel (office 97)
Word RevisionsBallons (Word 2002 (Office XP))
RE: Input Box Screen Position (VBA)
ado programming (vb)
Controls on forms (WD2000/VBA)
Word 2003 Help not available in VB 6 (Office 2003 and VB 6)
Formatting Subtotals (VBA/Excel XP)
installed OfficeXP-windows installer screen appear (OfficeXP)
WordXP crashes - templates saved into profile dir (OfficeXP)
Convert number to/from binary (VBA)
API Viewer for VBA? (VB6 VBA )
Signature Lines (Word 2000 VBA)
Using Before Double Click (2000)
What code is this? (?)
Quit Macro Execution (Word 2000 VBA)
Switching Documents (Word 2000 VBA)
privateprofilestring (VBA6/Word2000/Outlook2000)
Lotus Notes Email (LN 4.5 - Office 2K)
Reorder Columns in Recipeint List (Word 2002, VBA)
Inconsistent look when changing context menu (VBA Word 2000)
Automation (VBS)
Module names (Office 2000 VBA)
Printing Macro in Word (Word 2002 SP2)
Showlevels (Excel VBA)
Aligning Tab Stops (Word 2000)
Driver development kits (DDK's) (Word97/XP)
Reappearing toolbar options (Word 2000/Windows 2000)
Creating tabs based on Column A (Excel 97)
Activating Word in Windows (VBA/Word XP)
Font list in combo (2000 VBA)
Instruction (VB6)
VBA Reference for WMP (2002/3)
Parsing Variable Contents (Word XP VBA)
Stack space (W2K O2K - Word)
More Assigning Variable Contents (Word XP VBA)
Assigning Variable Contents (Word XP VBA)
Control Select all from Mail Merge Recipients (Word 2002, VBA)
Dialog Flow Diagram Question (VB6)
Move files from one folder to another (Windows 2000/Office 2000)
Re-Writing VB Code at RunTime (VB 6)
Outlook Integration with Word (Office XP/SP2)
Mail Merge Dialog Box (Word 2002)
VBA library for Access & Word (VBA 6.3 / Office XP)
Internext Explorer automation problem in Word XP (Word XP)
ADv File Attributes (Office 2003)
documentvariable (vba word2000)
Adding a Textbox to a form at run time (Viual Basic 6.0)
VBA Class Modules (2000)
Control Array (OfficeXP - Excel)
calender control (vba)
Event that doesn't fire...?? (W2K, O2K UK pro)
Attachments to email (Outlook XP)
Add Autotext to a loaded template (MS Word 2000 / VBA)
Finding italic text in Word XP (Word XP)
Toolbar images (VB6)
Writing to an excel cell (VBA)
slider control (VB6)
Sub windows in a main window (VB6)
Signing a VBA project (Word 2000)
Active Document not Active? (Windows 2000/Word 2000)
Adding Control Array (VB6)