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Temporarily hiding Taskbar (ENG/XP/HOME)
Fields become text and bookmarks vanish with merge (Word 2000/XP)
VB and Eudora (VB and Eudora needed)
Filter in Outlook (Outlook 2002)
Collection Key Problem (Outlook 2000 +)
printing macro (officew xp (word))
Copy Styles (Word 2000)
Converting VBA Project to Word:Mac (VBA Office 2000)
VBA Editor (Wind 2000, Office XP)
Excel Data->Word (Office 2000)
Get Enum & Type Lib Info (VB/VBA 6.0)
Call Excel VBA from VB (Officew 2000/VB6)
Identify a PC (Excel)
How to Delete Report Headings and Footers (Word 2K/XP VBA)
Numbers Truncated (VBA/Excel/XP)
Search using Range fails (Word 2002, VBA)
Access 2000 Database opened in Windows/Office XP (Access 2000) (294787) was moved to the Access board
Where are Thou User (Excel 97 and >)
List of Files in SubFolders (VBA/Excel/XP)
Creating a csv from ADO RS (VB6)
Modem Recognition (XL02:SP2)
Attaching file in Outlook (Outlook 2002)
Excel: Print to specific printer (Excel 2000)
Validating Filepath (word 2000 )
Find .exe path using VBA Only (2000)
MakeCompiledFile (Office 2k English MUI)
Prefix (Any)
Menu in VB (VB)
Monitoring File I/O (Problem with NT 4.0) (VB 6.0)
Export Excel to TextFile (VBA/Excel/XP)
Counting Items (VBA 2000)
SetSourceData in Excel (Excel - 2000)
Incrementing up bookmarks in formula fields (VBA W
Random Access of TxtFile (VBA/Excel/XP)
Outlook Folders (Word 2000)
On Error - Word (Word 2000)
Getting/Maipulating Image Properties (VBA 6)
Desperately Seeking Main Document (Windows XP/Word XP)
Print Envelope (Word 2000/SR-3)
Save As Dialog (word 2000 )
Style Separator (Lead emphasis text in TOC) (Word XP)
Excel BuiltIn Dialogs (VBA/Excel/XP)
Word version dependent VBA code (Word 2000 / Word 2002)
Extand and access the internat Ms Office objects (ALL)
Remembering a value (Word 2000)
Source Code Control (WordXP)
No Copy/Paste (Word 2002/SP2)
Simple Drop-Down Dialogue (Word XP VBA)
Selection - Is Char to Left a Space? (Word 2000 SR-3)
Adodc, Update error (VB6)
Combo Box- If statement (Word 97- VBA)
Grey out controls (Word 97)
Show Hidden Doc (2002)
Cancel button (word 97, word 2000)
saving Word doc (word 97, word 2000)
Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library (word 97, word 2000)
Visual studio compatibility (various)
WD2K: Bookmarks in HEader/Footers (VBA, W2K, O2K)
cube from txt file (VB 6.0)
Finding a table (Word 2000 SR1)
Excel 2002 and VS .NET 2002 (Excel 2002, VS .NET 2002)
Saving a value to use across modules (Word 2000)
Word file appended to Access database table (Word 2000/Access 2000)
VB6 DataField Question (VB6)
Enumerating the Elements of a Type (Access 2K VBA) (289345) was moved to the Access board
Deleting Controls (Word 97/2002)
Optimising documents with macros in it.. (word 2000, word 97)
Open Hyperlink as popup (Word 2000 SR-1)
Load addins in order (Word 2002)
Code for # of Keystrokes to Trigger Cursor Move (W
Digital Certificates and Signatures (Word/Office 2002)
Progress Bar (word 2000, word 97)
User Forms (Word 97/2002)
Screen Grab (Windows)
VBA Materials (2000/2002)
How can i change the color of a word in a document (word 2000, word 97)
code to check the operating system (Word97/XP)
Tables (word 2000, word 97)
Printing Modules (Excel XP)
VBA Security settings (VBA / O2K)
Suppress .show (VBA, Excel 2000)
Loop through Word document (Word 2000 SR-1)
Array of Objects? (Outlook 2000 +)
set focus to the beginning of the Document (word 2000 )
Change document focus (word 2000 )
default file path (word 2000, word 97)
const qualifier for procedure parameter (2000)
Two macro questionsSwitching Docs/Save Macro: (Word 2000)
Finding Symbols (Word 97/XP)
SQL in VBA / Excel (Excel)
Trap disable macros button click (word97, word 2000)
API call - printer properties Duplexing +more
File New Macro in Word 2002 (VBA Word 2002)
Contents of RecordSet to Worksheet (XP & SAP)
Adding Hyperlinks to a Table Crashes Word (Word 2002 SP1)
2 problems : Macros (Word 2000/ Word 97)
Finding Bold Codes (Word 97/XP)
Declaring Variables (Word 97/XP)
Using worksheet_change event (VB/VBA)
Excel Pivot Tables _Refreshing using VBA (english)
Default Printer Code (Word 2000/XP)
Determine end of selection (Word 97/XP)
anycode to obtain when file has completed spooling (Word97/XP)
Underlines in Word for spelling (Word/VBA)
Creating One-to-Many Reports in VBA (Win2KPro, Office 2KPro SP-2)
Word/Access (English/Office 2K SP3)
Populate a List Box from an array (Word XP)
Finding a Window (Excel 97 and >)
Tansfer Excel data (XP)
Combobox refresh problem (VB6)
printing VBA code (Windows nt/vba6)
Importing a Project (VB 6/Net)
Search and Replace (Word 97 and 2002)
Repeating Table Header rows (VBA/Word 2000/2)
Run-time error 4608 (Word 2002)
Query SAP from Excel (XP)
Word VBA / Macro problem with print & browser (Word 2000)
VBA Help Broken (Office 2000 sr1)
Transfer record set to Excel (A97, XL2K)
VBA Merge with Data Source screws Word XP on close (MS Office XP SP-2)
Digital Signature (XP)
VBA programmatic form creation? and setfocus probs (Word 2000)
Compile Error when closing workbook via code (2002)
Word Listbox from Excel Worksheet (Office XP)
Recordseparator (6.3 (nl))
ComboBox (Word xp)
Toolbar Macro buttons - remove path specificity? (Excel 2002)
Error messages (VBA generally (my is O2K, UK))
Designing Forms (Outlook 2002)
SendKeys and PrintScreen (2000)
Word counts disagree (Word 2000 / 2002)
getting user ID (windows NT VBA)
Passing a variable (Word 2002)
How to Find the Hard Drive Volume Label (VBA/Excel 97 and >)
VB Script in Outlook (2000)
Printing a record (VB6)
Disable shortcut keys in PPT (PPT VBA)
Assigning Variable (Word VBA)
Fast string concatenation (2000)
Passwords (Any Office Version)
Annoying Outline Styles (VBA/WordXP)
Searching through folders/subfolders for a file (VBA/Office 2000)
Insert Hyperlink in Excel Word (Word 2002/Excel 2002)
VBS script-needs error trap (VBS-custom script)
Form placement in VBA editor (WinNT 4.0. SP6, O2k / VB6.0)
Outlook Custom for VBScript (VBScript)
PrinterAdmin tool on the resource kit cd (WinXP)
Annoying WinAPI problem: ESC = Debug ((Excel VBA 2002))
Testing / Scripting (any)
Refreshing an excel sheet connected to Access (Excel 2000)
SIMPLE copy (Excel xp)
VB favour Please (English)
Forms (Excel 2000)
working with ranges (WordXP)
Key Assignment failure (VBA/Word/97 & 2000)
Event Handler Woes (Word 2000)
date field from UserForm doesn't paste correctly (ExcelXP)
Parsing in MS Access 2000 (MS Access 2000 )
inserting pictures (WordXP)
COM Add-ins (VB6)
Need help with VBA code (WordXP)
Can't find Mid$ (Office 2000/Sr3)
Excel 97 form (Xl 97 )
E-mail a workbook (Excel 2000)
Styles in document (Windows 2000 and XP)
Do you want to create another? (VBA/WordXP)
calculation working overtime (excel 2002)
SHELLing to DOS window (VBA / WORD 2000 /9-0-2720)
How much can VBA control? (PPT 2000)
Using Inbuilt dialogue boxes (Word 2K)
ActiveX sampler (OfficeXP)
Spell Check a Userform (VBA Office 2000 SR1)
Find/Replace CreateDate Field (Word 2K/XP)
Fiddling with the VBE (WD2000)
Datagrid (Excel VBA)
printing forms (VB6)
How can I get rid of a blank field (WordXP)
error msg access 2000 vba) (273570) was moved to the Access board
Word Constants (Word 2K/XP)
'Collections' (VBA Access 2002)
Print Label from protected document (Office XP)
acting on a Word field entry (WD97SR2)
Alt+F8 doesn't show macro (English/Word 2000/SR-3)
dlls (VB)
saving fields from a subform (access 2000 vba) (272856) was moved to the Access board
HTML Help images - only some appear (V1.0)
Using form ImageList within Class (VB6) - RESOLVED
Strange but True (VBA/Word/2000)
Elementary, Watson (VBA/Word/2000)
Data Type Question (VBA for Access2002)
VBA newbie needs help (Word XP)
Printing code (O2K sr1)
Headers and Footers Manipulation (English/Office 2000)
any code to change registry values (word97 sr2b)
Ceiling Function (VB6)
Database Advice (VB6)
gettting a count value (access 2000 vb6) (271204) was moved to the Access board
Current Section object select in Word (Word 2000)
Text Field advice (VB6)
Command Button font clour (VB6)
web link (10.4)
Copy all wdOrganizerObjects (Office 2000)
Heads Up Dev Dogs (2003)
Really Don't Know How! (Access 2000) (270830) was moved to the Access board
Filedialog equivalent in office 9 (Office 9)
Iterating through directories (Word 97/SR2 VBA)
DIR command (VB6 and Word97 VBA)
Ecxecutable appl (vb6)
Tabbed Folder Resize Problem (VB6)
Hiding Pivotitems (VB/VBA)
Open file disable macros (Excel 97/vba)
Correcting Words in Spell-Check: (Word 2000) (269627) was moved to the Word board
Read Excel Data into Word (VBA)
combobox events (vb6)
Returning an Array of Arrays (VBA Excel 97+)
Excel Pivot Tables - Changing the source data (English/Excel/2000)
Calling all WordPerfect to Word Interpretors! (Word 2000)
MonthView Control (VB6)
Compacting Databases (Access 97) (268790) was moved to the Access board
variable, concatenation and word constants (Word 2K)
Looking for a VBA Yoda (VBA)
Syntax of Update Statement (VB6) (268349) was moved to the Access board
Converting conditional format references in macro (Excel 97/2k)
Copy&Paste to new workbook (English/Excel 2000)
Need multiple columns in ComboBox (VB6)
subroutines, named arguments and arrays (Word 2K)
TabStrip Control (VB6)
Surpress Error or other Excel genrated dialogs (2000/SR1)
Missing Links in Help Reference (Access2000 / VBA) (267364) was moved to the Access board
Update delay with cn.Execute (VB6/Access 2K)
Code Comparison Utility (VB6)
Is cursor in a table cell? (Word XP)
Running Form (VB6)
Userform (Word 2002)
Nonstandard styles (Word 2000 SR-1)
Internet Transfer Control (VB6)
Select Picture object (Word 2000)
Sections Page Count (Word 2000)
Ignore 'Exceed Margins' (Word 2000/2002 VBA)
script editor folders (Excel 2002 VBA)
Word's Word Count (Word 2000)
Form Printing (VB6)
The Trouble with listboxes (word 2k office 2k)
Behavior of dropdown list's TopIndex property (Wor
Component not correctly registered (Word 2000 (9.0))
Reading an Excel file into a recordset (VB6)
FTP Via ActiveX in a VBA App (VBA (Access 2000))
Clear the clipboard (Excel 2000)
ProductID (Office 2000)
Import fixed-width Txt Files to Access (Office 2000) (265177) was moved to the Access board
Skip Excel messages in automation (VBA/Excel/Powerpoint/Word)
Registering A PowerPoint Add-In (PowerPoint 2002)
Printing (VB6)
spec documentation (word97 sr2b)
Comparing strings (2000/XP)
Interesting... (Word 2002)
Running list (VB 6) (264399) was moved to the Access board
Clearing the clipboard (Excel 2000 vba/windows 2000)
Userform and Access (Word 2002)
Office System developer tools (Office 2003 VBA)
Help Screens - Navigation & Bookmarking (Excel 97 VBA )
Eliminating an extra space (Urgent) (Access 2000)
Security issues for distributing template (2000/XP)
Programmatically removing references (2000/2002)
Help won't open (Office 2000 Excel & Word)
Substituting my docname for Document1.doc (Word)
File size grows when compiling (W2K/O2K pro UK,)
Stepping/Running Code (Word XP)
How can I trap the close button(X) click? (VB6)
VB Forms in Access (VB / Access 97) (263046) was moved to the Access board
Determining InlineShape or Shape (Eng/WordVBA/2000)
Control Arrays in VBA? (Word 2000/2002)
Linking many XLA's (Office 2000) (262695) was moved to the Excel board
Paragraph as a list item (Word 2k xp)
Run Macro When User Opens WorkBook or Presentation (VBA Excel and PowerPoi
IsType of Object (Word 2000)
InsertPageNumbers dialog (Word XP)
Word-Save As Macro (Word 2000)
Clos/ No Save (Word XP)
Opening Excell From Word (Word XP)
Headers & Footers - turning off Same As Previous (Word 97 and 2000)
accelerator key for text box (Word 2K)
VBA - Word2K, Change source on linked picture (Env: W2K, O2K both Pro, UK
VBA Modules (VBA)
Exporting Outlook Calender items (Office 2000)
De-Select (VB6)
Autorecovery: getting VBA control ( word 2002)
Books for beginners (VB) (260825) was moved to the Access board
Project VBA; payrate.delete (Project 2002)
Cells.Find not working (Excel 2K)
Resetting numbered lists in Word (Word 97/2000)
Insert option with Dialog Box (Access 97/VB6)
Pasting inline differences between Word 97 & 2000 (Word 97 & 2000)
Chart Sizing (Excel 97)
Using characters (XL97/WinNT4)
any code to count lines in a selection?
.setfocus not focusing (Word 2k)
Binary Registry Settings (VB/VBA)
Access Remote Inbox (VB6/Outlook 2K)
Update Field Codes (Word xp)
Modifying ContactItem Property (Outlook 2000 SR-1)
MAPI control probs (Access 97 SR2/VB6)
Excel Database update (Excel2000/vba)
Saving file as new name when it closes (Word 2000)
Inserting and resizing an image (Word 2000/Access 2000)
Copy TextRange--can it be done? (PowerPoint 2000)
Specifying a block of cells (XL97/WinNT4)
Checking for format (XL97/WinNT4)
Migrating COM Add-ins (OL 2000-2002/Win 98-XP)
How can I store a variable for the life of a doc? (Word XP)
Selecting and area of text. (Word XP)
Data Extract (VBA) (Excel 2000)
ODBC runtime 1004 (Excel 2000 9.0.4402 sr1)
FTP tables (Access XP- VBA)
Use of the MAPI control (Access 97 SR2 or VB6)
header and footers in word (vba/word)
Lookup (Excel VBA)
Changing focus (Excel 97)
Outlook Address Book (2000+)
List Template (Word XP)
Changing Text Size in a Message Box (Visual Basic 6)
Disablign Close Button On Forms (Excel 97 - VBA)
Command Button (2000)
DataObject (VBA 5 and 6)
Creating Your Own Merge Engine (Word2000/.NET)
Macro (Word XP)
object variable (office 2000)
random numbers (vb6)
Outline Scheme Used In A Document (VBA/Word 97)
What causes a style to be Nothing? (Word 97/SR-2 and 2000)
Msgbox with ListTemplates found (Word XP)
Application.Run macro in another template (Word 2000)
Error calling procedure (Word 2002/SP2)
Moving from Page to Page in UserForm (VBA/Wrd/97)
I've got to be missing something simple (Word XP SR 1)
Making UDF functions generally available (2000)
What's new? (Access XP VBA) (253714) was moved to the Access board
Closing a program after it has 'Run' (VB6)
Combo Box - Updating from a Table (VB (Access) 2000) (253328) was moved to the Access board
(re)Installing Office Developer (2000)
Project Scheduling (Outlook/Project/I dunno')
Grouping Range Objects in an array (Excel 97 VBA)
run code incorrect value - debug correct value? (word97 sr2b)
Customised Date Format (VBA - WordXP)
Pulling a Web Service (.NET & Excel vba)
Newbie needs VBA help (Eng/WordXP/Office2000)
VB (VB6)
Porting C code (Any)
Using dynamic control names (word2k/win2k)
Books for VBA for Word 2000 (Word 2000, VBA 6.3)
Copy Userform from master then display (Word 2000, VBA 6.3)
Get latest file in directory (VB6)
Choosing from a userform (WinNT/Word97)
Summing Textbox Values in Userform (VBA/Word/97 on)
Querying Excel from Word with ADO (Office2k/Win2k)
StrConv / Replace feature (Word 2000)
Run an Excel macro from a different Excel file (Office 2K SR-3)
Making a clean backup of modified files (Word 2000 VBA)
Excel Open Command (Excel 2000)
Clear clipboard (Excel 2000)
Error Trapping (Excel 97)
Custom Menu Showing Selected (Word XP)
Excel VBA - NumLock (Excel 97 VBA)
MSDN on a multiple boot system (MSDN)
Dialogs (WD2000)
dblclick event (vba on word 2k)
Visual Studio Integration (Office 2003)
If Active Document Contains Style (Word 2002)
COM+ Event Handling (VB6 / COM+)
Cumulative Totals on Userforms (VBA/Word/97)
Paid help wanted (VBA/Office Develper)
adding a date to a user form (office 2000)
Delete Rows using loop (Excel 97/VBA)
Run C or C++ Program (Office 2002 - VB/VBA)
Extracting data from Access database into Word (Word 2000) (247156) was moved to the Access board
Revisions in Word VBA problem (2000)
Resizing a table column in a footer (Office 2000)
Input Grid on a userform (Excel 2K SR1)
Using fields to change Footer styles (Word 2002) (246728) was moved to the Word board
Document_Close macro problem (Word 2000 SR-3)
Fill Access table from Word doc content:must do's? (Access 97) (246312) was moved to the Access board
Weird random problem with macro (Excel 2000 SR-1)
Fake System Menu/Title Bar (2000+)
Selective Smart Tags (2002 +)
Excel automating Word (Office XP SP-2)
Need to list lines from ComboBox (English/Word97/SR2)
GetAddress Dialog (Word 97 +)
Setfocus v. Activate (Word 2002)
Close and SAVE Word file in VB (Word 2000)
Debug Problem (Access97) (245108) was moved to the Access board
GetAddress from Global Address List? (Word/2000-SR1)
Drag and Drop (Excel 2K SR1)
Autosafe VBE version 1.0 (97 2000 2002)
open new workbook after closing current workbook (VBA/Excel 2000)
'scripting' and File System object (VBA/Excel 2000)
Auto Caption 'must be turned on' (Word XP)
Opening a blank Doc. (Word XP)
Word, naming shapes/inlineshapes (Win2K, O2K-pro UK)
Create Table (ADOX - VB6)
handling traditional chinese characters (vb6)
Function Override Not Functioning (Word 2002)
Word and htm files (Word 2000 SR1 with html filter)
Querying Active Directory (Win 2k, Office 2k)
Outlook Progress Indicator Needed (Outlook 2000 / VBA)
Moving hyperlink addresses (Excel 2000 VBA)
WORD XP (Template Installation Script)
Toolbar in Outlook w/ VB (VB6/Outlook 2002)
Urgent help needed with includetext field (Word 2000 SR1)
GetAddress Woes (VBA/Word 2000)
Custom file attributes (VB6, WIN2K)
System Calendar (Excel 2000)
Word 97 VBA LinkToPrevious problem (English Word 97)
syntax to obtain the line count (word97 sr2b)
Changing check box value prevents user change (Word 97 SR-2)
Automation error on modeless form (97 2000 2002)
Selecting Sheets by Name (VBA/MS Excel/97 on)
Timing Log On (VB6 with Windows 2K Pro)
Public Variable (access2000) (241285) was moved to the Access board
Template Question (Word XP)
Old Bug?? (Word 97 (Ok, Sammy?))
Seagate Crystal Reports (Seagate Crystal Reports 8)
Data Grids (VB 6)
Sorting ListBox Index (Word XP)
Statusbar Unstoppable (2002)
IBM DB2 (VB6 / IBM AS400 )
Record Source Problem (VB 6.0) (240383) was moved to the Access board
Sequential searchs in VBA (Word 97)
Select reference from list (Word2000 sr1a)
C++ HELP!!!!! (Visual Basic C++)
Field Code Insert (2002)
read web page from Excel (Excel 2000/2002)
Downloading from a site (VBA Word 2000)
VB app opening a report (VB 6 Crystal 8.5)
frame height change to cm (word97 sr2b)
Shape in Autotext (Word 2002)
Intellisense Tip (any)
SpinuButtons (Excel 2000)
Passing ParamArray argument for OpenText (VBA / Excel 97)
Re: Intigrating GroupWise 5.5 and Excel 97 (Excel 97)
Daring to go back to a class module (VBA Word 2000)
Tri-state problem (Word97/SR2)
manipulate strings (word97 sr2b)
Disable Standard and Formatting Toolbar option (Word 2000)
Office 11 (Word/2003)
Delete Rows in Excel (VBA) (Excel 2000)
SQL command (SQL server 7)
List Templates (Word 2000)
references - AddFromFile (Word97/SR2)
VB6 to ACCESS - Changing Required Field Property (VB6 and ACCESS 2000) (237413) was moved to the Access board
Select Current Cell Contents (Word)
Automating Acrobat Distiller from VBA (Word 2002)
Counter in VBA (Word)
Can I update variables (VBA (Word 2000))
Popup Menu for Control (2000)
Confusion with activecontrol (Word 2k sr1)
Can a macro read the call stack? (Word 2000)
Moving between fields (VB6)
Emailing using APIs (VB6)
Textbox value (WinNT/Word97)
set mouse pointer to selection.range (Word97/SR2)
Accumulate synonyms (Word97/sr2)
Excel & Web Query & Worksheet Formatting (VBA / Excel 2000 & 2002)
Referring to cells ... (XL97/WinNT4)
can you multiply/divide in VBA (w97 sr2b)
files/folders (vb6)
SetAttachedTemplate (W2000 9.0 3821 SR-1)
Odd Error (Word XP SP2)
File exists (xl2k)
Word OnTime method (97 2000 2002)
Double-click a word (Word97/SR2)
Signed project warning on certificate expiry
Please Help Stop Toggle Button Looping (Word 2000)
Find Footer Text Boxes (Word 97 VBA)
Copy/Paste Inconsistency Office 2003 (Office 2003)
VBA6.dll (Excel 2000)
move between docs (VBA office xp/2000)
VBA Code help (Word)
Open a exisitng Word doc (Microsoft office/excel)
Tools/References stopped working in VB editor (Word 97)
Access VBA Library (Access97/SR2) (234024) was moved to the Access board
OptionButton prob (Win2K/Off2K/XPP/OffXP)
Setting the Same Parameter for Several Queries (Ac (233680) was moved to the Access board
Display 'What's Happening' Window (VBA for Access2002, Windows Me) (233758) was moved to the Access board
Copy/paste within single doc (vbscript/Word/2ksr1)
Autosave VBE objects (97 2000 2002)
Moving Objects on a VB Form (vb 6)
Speeding Up Code (2000 En)
( Line Input ) Run time error '14' - Out Of String
Update Cell Contents (2002)
Re: document.saveas - want to create a folder (VBA/Word 2000)
Excel 97 Forms (Excel 97)
UNC Paths (Excel 97)
Comparing templates VBA code (Word97/SR2 et al.)
ListView enhancements (VB6)
Why Range.paste failed (1)
Copy/paste from Word to Outlook item (vbscript/Office 2k/sr1 (word to Outlook))
Name and Save New Module (Access 97) (232513) was moved to the Access board
Template/Form (VBA/Word 2000)