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Comparing templates VBA code (Word97/SR2 et al.)
ListView enhancements (VB6)
Why Range.paste failed (1)
Copy/paste from Word to Outlook item (vbscript/Office 2k/sr1 (word to Outlook))
Name and Save New Module (Access 97) (232513) was moved to the Access board
Template/Form (VBA/Word 2000)
Re: Adding text to Header (VBA(JScript)/Word/2000)
Separators in Multi-Language Environments (VBA/Office2000/Word2000)
Coding the view of a document (W97)
Control Array Question (VB6)
Turning mouse pointer into HOURGLASS (VB6)
Checking states? (I think) (XL97/WinNT4)
Run Time Error 1004 (Excel 2000)
Creating PDF's through VB (VB6/Word Object)
Inserting a calculated number (W97)
Opening a PDF file from Word (Word 97)
PPT vs Excel/Word VBA (PPT97/SR2)
Generating an Email from a VB form label (VB6)
VB? to Create Folders (Office XP)
VBA/Outlook (VBA/Outlook)
AttachmentAdd Event (Outlook 2002/VBA)
Open directory dialog API (VB6)
Calculating Dates/Merge Fields (VB/Office 97/Word)
Detecting if VB Editor is Open (xl2k VB6.0)
A Control as an Argument (Visual Basic 6)
regular Expressions - case Study 1 (Word97/SR2)
Automark bug? (Word2000?)
Disable Track Changes in Word (Word 2000)
Oh No! Not CLASSES again! (Word97/SR2)
Hyperlinks in GroupWise messages (VBA/Office 2000)
Two strange CommandBar problems (Word 2000)
Downloading a Word/Excel File from the Web w/ VBA (Excel 2000SR1)
Folders VBE, Word8.0, Excel8.0. (Word97/SR2)
Naming ranges (XL97/WinNT4)
Toolbar not attached... (W97)
Form with a hyperlink (VBA/Office XP)
Word Macro Problem (Word 2000)
Select pivottable page value (Excel 2k)
Outlook XP macro start help (Outlook XP)
VBA Code - Find & Replace ((xl97,2000,2002))
Simple Code (VBA)
Unexpected Template Association (Win 2k/Word 2k)
'for each document' bug - workaround? (Word 2000)
Why Use IIF (general)
Corrupted Tools references saga (Word97/SR2)
String Commands Stopped Working? (VBA-OF2000 SR-1)
DAO - Connect String (VB ver6)
Word Hanging after Close (Word 2000/ VBA)
Opening database (Office 2000) (228878) was moved to the Access board
Working with Undo (Access 2000) (228822) was moved to the Access board
VB - SQL Server (VB ver6)
end of doc check? (MS Word 2k/xp)
Regular Expressions - Stephen Kleene (Word97/SR2)
Lotus Emails (VBA/Access/2002)
Visual Source Safe (VB 6.0)
Setup package puts installer in terminal loop (VB6)
Excel Protection with VB (Excel2000 VB6.0)
Detecting email client (VB 6/Access 97)
Custom MenuBar buttons (vb6.0 xl2000)
effect of moving cells (Excel 2000)
EditGoTo Dialog Box (Eng/Word2K/SR-1a)
absolute latitude longitude? (algorithms)
Date Format Problem (Excel 2K)
Message Box modality? (Word97/2000)
Word, Styles, setting bullets (VBA, W2K, O2K pro (UK))
Flashing Numbers (Excel 2000)
CloseFile, Document_Close, & closing files in code
Close without saving ? (Word 2002 VBA)
Why not seperate lines? (Access 97 VBA)
Date/Time stamp (vb6)
obtain only the leading alphabetics of a string (W
err The VB enviroment couldnot be intialized (word97 sr2b)
Is it possible to intercept Font Change? (Word 2002)
Selected text - Can i tell what the styles are? (Word 2002)
PreviousControl (access97/SR2)
Deleting Records (VB ver6) (225867) was moved to the Access board
Parent Folder (Excel 2000)
Bring up File/Find Dialog (Excel 2000)
Excel/VBE (What pane is that?)
Treeview - recursive (Access 97)
IE (MSHTML) v6 breaks VBA - fixable? (Office 2000 VBA/IE 6)
Populate document bookmarks from User Form (W97)
Add Address Book (any)
Bulk email - send vs save (XL97/WinNT4)
Test for Mac version (Excel 97/2000/2002)
Seaching for a string of numbers. (W97)
Getting from Excel back to VB (VB6/Xl2000)
Treeview and expand event (Access 2002)
ISAM / DBGrid problems (VB6)
Excel PasteSpecial Formulas (Excel2K)
Modify Menu bars - no VBA (Excel 2000)
IsEmpty? Not (Office 2K)
Break links from excel to word xp (Excel and word xp)
SpinButton Control (VBA/Office2000 SR-1)
Applying/Un-Applying (removing) styles (Word 97)
Word 2002 Template won't open in Word 2000 (Word 2002)
Is Outlook On-Line or Off-Line? (VBA/Word2000)
Moving specific data from one worksheet to another (Excel 97 - VBA)
Very basic VBA question (VBA (Access 2000))
Call sub procedure (VBA/Word 2002)
ADO Index (222413) was moved to the Access board
Image disappears when Stretch = True (VB6) - RESOL
Change the Number of Copies to Print (Word 2000/ VB)
Finding graphic's paths in VBP (VB6)
Custom list weirdness (Excel97/2000, VBA5/6)
Automatic Startup of VB program (VB ver 6)
Filenames Retrieve (VB ver 6)
Text File Information (VB ver 6)
MsChart Bar and Line Styles (VB6)
Selecting specific characters (WinNT/Word97)
Chart names in textfile (Excel xp)
Dynamic AddIns (Word97/SR2)
Disappearing ListTemplate names (VBA/Word/2002 SP-1)
VBA & PowerPoint (VBA)
Automation Webbrowser control (vb6/Office 2000)
Usercontrol Visible property alwasys returns false (VB 6 SP5)
Find base and add asterisks (Excel xp)
on click event for code created controls (xp)
postnet barcodes (VB 6)
Modify Grammar Styles (Word 2k-OfcXP)
Crystal Reports (VB6)
Open Excel Wbk from Word Doc (VBA/Excel & Word/2000)
Menu Bar Access Keys...Interesting Note (VB and IE)
Time an Inactive Cursor (VBA Word 97)
StandAlone de-Spammer (VB)
PATH environment variable changing in VB (VB)
Script to make IE 'reinitialize' (VBS)
Intercepting CTRL-v before RichTextBox Paste (VB)
Adding pictures to excel with a macro (Excel xp)
Overwriting files recursively (VBA Word 2000)
Finding fields (Word 2002)
Developer's Best Friend (Word97/SR2)
VB (VB6)
Attached Template AutoText Problem (VBA/Word/97)
Open/save WordPerfect Doc as Word (Word2000 Win NT)
DateValue calculations (Access97/SR2)
Read-Only (VBA/Word/2002 SP-1)
Determining properties (VB 6.0)
Arrays (Word 97 sr2)
Incorrect page count in Word (VBA/Office 2000)
Word 97/Windows XP(pro) anomoly (Word 97 SR2/Windows XP(pro))
Create folder (VBA - Excel XP)
Placing an icon in the system tray (Access 2002 SP1)
Invalid property value (VBA office97)
Getting around merged table cells (VBA Word 2000)
Omit Certain Fields from Spellcheck Form Macro (Word 2000)
{EQ} field width error (Word97/SR2)
Code on Worksheet or Module? (VBA/Office 2000)
Fill array with all possible combinations (excel xp)
Mail Merge (Word XP - SP2)
Display lots of text in VB (VB6)
test for 'online' (Word97SR2 or any VBA)
Finding in Word VBA (2000,XP)
List Declared VBA Variables V1.0 RC2 (VBA 6)
Document Properties (Any)
Search (XL97;SR2)
Office 11 update (11)
SendKeys not working with ComboBox? (Word 2002)
word/excel (97)
Deleting autosignature in plain text email (Outlook 2002)
Sort letters in a excel cell (excel xp)
Modify Heading how? (XP)
Variable Scope Problem (W2000 SR-1)
Numbered or Non-Numbered style? (XP)
Is UserForm Loaded? (Office 2K)
Word Macro (Word 2000)
Looping through styles & getting NumberFormat text
Copy and paste paragraph from Word doc to RichTB? (Word 2002)
Is it even possible to do this? Paragraph Preview (Word 2002)
Deploying ActiveX Controls (Word2002)
Status bar in userform (Office 2000)
How can I list all Numbering Styles? (Word 2002)
Check if entire document is selected? - SOLVED
Problem using SelfCert (Office XP)
How can I find the first period (.) in a sentence? (Word 2002)
VBE Host Application (VB 6.0)
Passing in Value when Launching EXE (VB6)
accessing list box in Form Toolbar (Excel 2000)
Access97 Charting (Access97)
WordWrap in ASP - solved!! (ASP) (211527) was moved to the Web Design, Coding and Scripting board
Reading Controls from a Word Doc (Office 2000 SR-1)
Removing a Member from Object Browser (Access 2002) (211888) was moved to the Access board
What's with the Range.Words.Count? (Word97/SR2)
What control is this? (Word 2002)
How can I do this??
Populating fields in forms (Word 97 SP2)
'Heading 1' changing to 'Heading 1,Heading char'? (Word 2002)
Securing SQL Server 2K (VB6/SQL Server 2K)
Directory searching (VB 6)
Why am I getting this error messgage? (Word 2002)
Accessing a specific folder on all users machines? (Word 2002)
Listview: Sorting by date (Word 2002; VBA)
How do I create a .exe for custom toolbar? (Word 2002)
Page orientation check (W2000 SR-1)
Application.Caller (Word 97, NT 4.0)
Dynamic Array use (Access 97/VBA)
Deleting Word Add-in from code in the Add-in (W2000/Office 2000)
Norton AntiVirus censors my VBA code (VBA Word 2002/2000)
Word 2002 Template won't open in Word 2000 (VBA Word 2002/2000)
Adding a custom function (VBA Excel 2000)
Could Not Find Installable ISAM (VB6/Access 2k)
Word Error Handling (Word 97 SR2) (210081) was moved to the .NET board
converting Line Draw tables (Word97/SR2)
File Properties (Summary Tab) (Word 2002)
String Contains any one of (Word97/SR2)
Finding a filepath (Word XP)
Word Error Handling (Word 97 SR2)
Page Number of Search Result (Word 97)
Opening a Mailmerge document (Word97SR2)
Connection best practices question (VB6)
Find/Insert (W97)
blank pages after deleting range (VBA / Word xp / windows xp)
extra spaces in results of VBA find & replace (VBA / Word XP / Windows XP
Why disable menu items and buttons? (Any)
Styles- organiser (Word97SR2)
Searches in Excel with VBA (VBA/Excel (all))
UnCalculated values (VB6 and Excel 2000)
BrowseForFolder (Any)
VBA Text Boxes (Word 2000 +)
Intercept Excel view change (Excel 2000 SR1a)
Avoiding Save Dialogs (Excel 2002)
Following Paragraph Glitch? (W97) (206425) was moved to the Word board
VBA Project Protection (Office 2000)
populate array with letters of alphabet (VBA excel 2002 SP2)
Searching for and deleting letter (Excel xp)
Finding the number of lines in a paragraph (VBA Word 2000)
ControlSource Reference (Excel 2000)
Delete detail subtotals in pivot tables (Excel 97)
International number and date formatting (VBA/Word 2000)
Extract current user E-mail address (VB/Outlook)
Word VBA password (Word 97 SR2)
Problem with statement (XP/Word 2002)
VBA Code for Word Form (Word 2000)
Changes to Windows Registry (English/Word/97Windows/98)
Can I loop through variable names? bln1,bln2,bln3 (2002)
Find/replace LanguageId (word97-SR2)
Copying to a path that may not exist (VBA Word 2000)
Multiple Worksheets (Excel 97)
How do I loop through all styles used in document? (2002)
Removing all manual page breaks (VBA Excel 2000)
Shortcut from StartUp to template (Word97SR2)
Selection in range? (EXCEL VBA)
Next Office VB (11)
MsoFileDialogType (Excel XP)
on our custom templates missing menus (word97 sr2b)
Value of Excel Cell (VBA Word XP)
Font selection User Form (Word XP)
Date/Time (VBA XP)
visible code (word97sr2)
starting a Dot file (Word 2000)
How do I customize the 'Modify Style' dialog box? (Word 2002)
Input box Issue (Excel 2002)
Outlook XP (Activities across linked contacts)
Looping (Excel 97)
Can I tag a variable value onto a label name? (Word 2002)
Multipage (Excel 2000)
GetAddress Method (word97)
Tool Tip on ListView (VB6)
COM Addin (O2K)
Column Headers in ListBox Control (VB6)
FileSystemObject OpenAsTextStream Sample (VBScript)
Obtaining Functions from a .DLL?? (VB6)
Search through rows and paste to another worksheet (Excel xp VBA)
Formatting database output (VBA/VB)
setting my own error (VBA - Word 97 SR2)
What does this code do? (Excel XP)
If statements (VBA - Word 97 SR 2 )
Document Saved (VBA Word 97)
Create a PST object in Outlook (Outlook 2000)
Initializing a form... (Word 97)
Section Breaks (word97/sr2)
Can VB6 do everything VBa Excel can? (vb6 office2k)
VB.Net (Microsoft Visual Studio)
Copying & Pasting Graphs (Excel 2000)
Select Case (Excel 97)
any code to obtain the current column (w97 sr2b)
Screen Displays (Excel 1998)
Renaming files (VB / VBS)
AutoOpen Routine (VBA XP)
Using VBA to importing CSV files into Excel (Excel 2000)
Check the clipboard's Contents? (WD97)
How can I create this?? (Word 2002)
How do I load data from a .mdb into a form? (Word 2002)
color pallete on VB form (VB 6.0)
VBA code not working in VB (Excel 2002 and VB 6.0)
Setting InputParameters for a report (Access 2002) (199989) was moved to the Access board
.Net RoadMap (any)
Setting checkboxes to true within a frame (Word 97)
How do I define a bulleted style using VBA? (VBA/Word/2002 SP-1)
Foxpro syntax (Foxpro 6.0)
Using Toolkit in Access (Office 97)
Convert ExcelVBA to VB (Excel2k)
Pasting a Table (Word 97)
Can I automatically open this window? (Word 2002)
Disable MRU commands & toolbars share row options (WinXP-Office2000)
AutoComplete in VBA Forms? (Office 2000 SR1/VBA)
Go to user-selected cell (Excel 97)
RESOLVED Variable inside string quotes?
Find/Replace (XL97;SR2)
AddressLayout Syntax (any)
Declaring a public variable (Access 2002)
Quick Question: Dynamic Array (VBA)
Control ppt from Excel (Excel/PPT xp)
Link excel .jpg files to Powerpoint (Excel/PPT xp)
Assigning What's This Help Text to a Custom Menu (Word 2000)
I Need a Favor Please. (Its a Small One) (VB6)
Crazy pricing on Visual Studio and .NET (MSDN Universal)
Can't add field to table cell (Word 97)
Font Problem With Labels (Word 2000) (Word 2002)
Checking & Changing ReadOnly Prop. 4 Closed File (Word 2000)
CDONTS MAIL (ASP/vb script)
VBA Editor lost Window docking (Office 2000)
Office Solutions Update (all)
Toolbar Button - Can I change SetFocus color? (Word 2002)
VBS/VBA/VB and registry editing... (VB6)
Where to find VB installation? (Office97/Windows 98SE)
Making toolbar visible depending on text selected? (Word 2002)
File/Open Glitch (VBA - Word XP)
Print Worksheets (VBA Excel)
Excel charts to Powerpt (Office xp)
For Each (XP)
Newbie Dumb Question (2002)
User Form in Word (VBA6)
Visual Basic (Error)
program not closing after hiding/showing main form (.net) (195147) was moved to the .NET board
Debug in Access 2002 VBA (Access 2002)
Multi-page control (US/Word XP)
Breaking Code (VBA Excel 97)
Temporary Interception of Print Command (Excel 97 VBA)
un-comple VB (VB)
Un compile CODE (VB)
send keys? (vb6)
Calling Code From Sheets (XL97:SR2)
Any way to print (or even see) a list of controls (W97/VBA)
Activate/Select method considered harmful. (Word/Excel VBA)
HIghlighting text in RichTextBox control (VB 6.0)
ascii codes (VB6)
Long shot references probs. (VB6)
Shape Trouble (Word 97SR2)
The Amazing World of msadoXX.dll (Any)
Defining form fields programmatically (WinNT4, Word97)
Option Private Module and ShortCut Keys (XL97;SR2)
REG_SZ Char Limit (Word 97SR2)
IDE Find (Word 97SR2)
Big -> Little Endian (All)
Using DLLs (Excel 2000)
Programming Best Practice (Excel 2000)
Outlook - Running Code on Exit (Outlook 2000 SR-1)
Page Setup in VBA (1 Page) (Excel 97)
InputBox (XL97:SR2)
Save a macro in a new workbook (Excel xp)
Calling Macros (vb6)
Forms compatibility (Word 97/2000)
VB6 (Visual Basic)
Access to VB (VB 6)
Excel VBA - Why Activate? (Excel97 and on?)
Pass a variable's value (OffXP)
Finding available space on a Novell drive (VBA - Word 97 SR2)
Selecting unkown amounts of text (W97)
CrossReferences updating (W97)
Can't Delete Temporary File (VBA Word 97)
Word Forms???? (W97)
Toolbar Buttons Toggle (W97)
Office FileSearch Object (Office 2000)
Showing a dialog box ONLY the first time (Word 97/VBA)
Is it possible to intercept user actions? (Word 2000/XP)
import/export from Lotus Notes (2000)
Variable variables (WinNT4, Word97)
Squirrely evaluation of object references (vba excel 2k)
Attachments.Add (XL97:SR2)
File open dialog for PPT (VBA / PPT / 97 SR2)
Recording Macros in Visio (2002 sr1)
Macro fail (WinNT4, Word97)
Template usage (WinNT4, Word97)
Toolbar buttons unavailable... (WD97)
Highlight a range for code in macro (Excel xp)
Open text file (vb6)
Applying a Custom Function to a Variable (XL97:SR2)
IP Address (Word 97SR2)
Programmatically spellcheck message in Outlook (Outlook 2000 sr1)
Disabling messages when opening Office files (VBA/Excel/Powerpoint/Word)
subscription (any)
ChDir not working as expected (Word 2000)
Convert Text to an Image of Text in VBA? (Office 2000 Sr1a)
Minimized Excel and displaying forms (XL2002)
IF-THEN with OR and AND (Excel xp)
Finding a partial folder name (VBA Word 2000)
SQL in VB6 (VB6)
Outlook VBA to VB COM Add-In (VBA/VB6, Office2Ksr1)
VBA Outlook (VBA Access 2000)
Access Excel Comparer (VB 6.0)
Returning List of Trusted Sources (VB6/Word2002)
OLE call slow when using Excel Cells.Replace (Win2K Excel2K)
Get Outlook Folder Size (VB / Outlook 98)
Insert>AutoText (Word 97SR2)
VB Equivalent to VBA Caller Property (Visual Basic 6)
Hiding Toolbars (Word 97)
Hiding Styles (Word 97)
Promote/Demote If/Then (Word97/2000)
Pass Objects In Excel? (Office 97 SR2)
Append Text (VB6)
Global variables (WinNT4, Word97)
Sendmail/Email (Excel97)
Field Validation (Word 97 SR2)
Routing slips (Word 2000 and 97)
Premature termination (VBA5 XL97)
Retrieving folder's path (WinNT4, Word97)
define a range based on two single cells (Excel97/
Style Desc to Code (Word 97SR2)
Hyperlinks or buttons ...?! (WinNT4, Word97)
finding the remainder (VB/VBA)
Random form insertion in Word Doc (Word 2000)
Dumb Question? (Word 97SR2)
Unable to open macro storage under Win XP (Word 97 running on Windows XP)
Browse for folder (Office All)
Reseting shortcut menus (VBA Word 2000)
Running a procedure in another document (VBA Word 2000)
Activate Contacts (Wd XP VBA)
Like v. Instr (any)
DAO-SELECT * FROM Only order by (Word97SR2)
font in autofilter list (XL 97)
Data validation (WD97)
Creating COM Add-Ins (Office 2000/2002)
VBA in Office XP (OXPSP2)
Error Trapping in VBA (Word 97)
MS Word VBA help needed please (W2000)
Mouse events on graph object? (Graph 97/ Access 97) (185842) was moved to the Access board
Word 2000 Shapes/Headers-- Fun Bug... workarounds? (Word 2000)
Assign rs to ComboBox (VB6)
ComboBox (VNBVB6)
Find Unused dll's and ocx's (VB6)
Word/VBA job in NYC (VBA/Word)
Returning index or name of next window (VBA Word 2000)
Cursor Problem (VB6/Word2000)
ambiguous name error locks Excel (Excel 2000)
Can't find project or library (Word97 (NT))
Exercise in string function simplicity (Word 97SR2)
Detect if Form is open (VB6)
SQL in code (A97)
How to pass a variable from Access => Word macro (Acc97)
Options.DefaultFilePath(wdDocumentsPath) (Word 97SR2)
Textbox Exit Event (MSForms 2.0)
Batch File (XL97;SR2)
Is file Open? (vb6)
Authentication inside of VBScript? (VB/VBScript)
Rename Modules (Eng/Word2K/SR-1a)
Adding Autotext (Word 97SR2)
Visio Org Chart (Visio 2K)
Network File Source VB6 (VB6)
Procedure finishes prematurely (VBA Word 2000)
types (VB6)
Assigning a RS to DataCombo control (VB6)
ADO Sorts (VB6)
Range Ranger (Word 97SR2)
Accessing SQL Server Table (Access 2002 sp1)
Autotext and The Style (Word 97SR2)
Combo Boxes (Access VBA)
Error caused by parameter value with comma (VB6)
Specifying table cells (WinNT4, Word97)
How to examine properties of a drawing object ? (E
declare function (VB6)
Using TreeView Controls in Access (Access 2000) (183833) was moved to the Access board
Com ports (VB6)
Disabling Form Icon in MDI Child (VB6)
Short Cut Keys (XL97;SR2)
Toolbar Button needs modified... (W97)
controls table? (vb6)
Xp/2000 incompatiblities (Word XP/2000)
creating tables in Word from Excel (W2K, O2K)
Can't get a date (VBA XL2000)
VB (VB6/Office2000)
Populate form (W97)
.TLB file wont register (VB6)
Word97 connecting to Access97 (W97/ A97)
msgboxs (WinNT, W97)
Running Macros (WordXP)
run macro a couple of times without registration (Word)
VBA Shell (Word XP sr1)
VBA in Excel (Excel 2002)
VB Subform like Access (VB6 SP5)
Word Automation from XL (Office 2k)
Need an IsConstant function (Office 97)
ByVal (VBA/Excel 2000)
identifying files by content (word97/sr2 et al.)
VBA Word Mailmerge Printer Dialog Box? (XP VBA and Word 2002)
Passing arguments to a sub (Word 2000)
VBA User Form (Word 2000)
Immediate Window buffer (Any Word Version)
Editing form fields programmatically (W97, WinNT4)
Changing control properties (XL2002)
Internet Package (VB6/VB.NET)
All-purpose CD installation routine. (Word97/SR2)
Master-Detail merge (2000)
Percent Complete (Word 97)
Registering an Excel Add-In (VB6/VBA)
Calcuating time difference (Word 97/VBA)
ActiveCell's RangeName (XL97;SR2)
WORD Save-event? (Word 97/2000)
AutoOpen doesn't happen soon enough (Word 2000)
Outlook/Exchange User info (())