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Free $27 Kindle book on effective presentations...Limited Time.
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Photo Properties - When Taken
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Presentation mode
Create table 'template'
PPS Viewer and Windows 7
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Cannot obtain entire paragraph
Length of selection is zero
Remote to bring in bullet points
Spell Check error
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Text box line spacing
embedding Powerpoint into Sharepoint
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PPS extension
PowerPoint 2007 Start with Black Slide
Adding field to master
Formatting Problems in PPT 2007
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On slide open event + Hide the Previous-Next arrows
save ppt as ppsx - works BUT link to website shows as ppt!
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Presentation from SQL Database?
Problem with Code
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power point 2003 versus power point 2007
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how to move page number from lower right to lower left
Changing default for objects in PowerPoint (2003, SP3)
Managing Large Decks
Power Point 2007 package to CD problem
embedding a movie file
Display pdf
Video starts then goes black
Page orientation for Photo Albums
Inserting images into PP 2007: filename in footer?
Two Projectors
Sound in Presentation
Music in Powerpoint
Set default for all PPT files to print handouts (03)
How to apply "Appear On Click" on all slides at once?
Graphic Images not displaying correctly (2003)
Venn Diagram
Create a Master for Charts
Break a Diagram
Lost Slide Master
Multiple Files in PowerPoint Viewer
underlining subscript
PowerPoint 2007 pps file
Motion Effect
PP 2003 won't play sound files
PPoint (2003)(Vista) not playing MP3 (MCI Device issue)
What are revisions
Perfect background image
Moving charts using keyboard keys (PowerPoint 2007)
Highlighter button not working
Links in PDF of PPT
No picture when inserting .avi clip
Slideshow help - adding another slide
Large WAV takes 2 min to begin playing
Window size in Acrobat links
Word wrap in footer
How do I keep the explicit path out of my hyperlinks?
Can't remove macros from .pps files
Problem saving PPT 2007 file to PPT 2003 format
How do I find an object's (or group's) name?
.pps causes crash
PPT Video Not Playing
View Flash file
Formatting pix on multiple slides
Convert PPT 2007 to PDF without date showing
Embedding unused fonts (Powerpoint 2003 SP3)
Transparency tool (2007)
Link to Bookmark or Named Destination (2002)
animated a chart series (PPT 2003)
Pause video while in presentation (PPT 2007)
Can't get this line out of first slide (PowerPoint 2003)
Getting movie files to run across slides as a back (Ppt2007)
Animate row-by-row (2007)
Using ENV vars in PPT (2003/SP3)
Auto resize screenshot? (2003/2007)
Seamless Transitions From Video to Next Slide? (20
Centering tables (2003 SP3)
Full Screen (2003, SP3)
Compare and Merge Missing (PowerPoint 2007)
Resize data labels on a char (2003 (11.8227.8221) SP3)
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cannot open file (PP2007 Viewer)
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Delay between slides (PowerPoint 2003)
Reviewing slides (Outlook 2003)
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PowerPoint Viewer 2007
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PPT Background (PowerPoint 2003)
Looking to hire a PPT consultant (PowerPoint 2003) (748470) was removed
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Inserting music (PowerPoint 2003)
Launching a PPT from an FTP site problem (all)
Old PPT Browse, Convert, Export ((Old!))
Change show content automatically (2007)
Finish Animation in Slide Show (2007)
Compare and Merge (PowerPoint 2007)
Presentation Files (2003??)
Speaker Notes Macro (2002)
Leaders on Tabs (2003)
Can't get sound to play (2003)
Macro (PowerPoint 2007)
Non breaking Hyphen (2003/SP2)
Track Changes (Office PowerPoint 2002)
get started (2007)
Drawing objects 'flash' in standard view (2003 SP1)
Double Lines etc (Office PowerPoint 2002)
PPTfile won't open (PowerPoint 2003 SP3)
Music - it worked, then it didn't??!!! (2007)
Showing each bullet point seperately (2007)
Gradient Fill (2007)
Change case (2007)
cropping (Power Point 2003)
Ling to Word Documents (PPoint 21007)
Sound (2003)
Help with ribbon (PowerPoint 2007)
copy custom animation to all slides (XP 2003)
Command Button Normal View (2002)
Animated Slide (2003)
PPT/Excel links (2003)
Printing Screen Tips (2003)
PPT Control CLick Issue. (2002 SP3)
Mouse over effect (2003)
End of text chopped off in narration (XP)
Red cross in slides when pasting (Win XP, O2003-SP2 UK)
Shortcut to delete slide (2007)
Multiply objects (MAC 12.0/071130)
Different footers, different slides (2003)
'Sliding In' text (2007)
Extract Sound Track From SlideShow (2002)
How to make PowerPoint only read-in? (2003)
Spelling & Grammar Woes (PowerPoint 2003)
Automation (PowerPoint 2003 SP3)
Automatically updating links/Links Manager (2003 SP3)
Prob inserting from file (2003)
Open PP 2001 files? (1)
new plug-in (2007)
Mixing landscape and portrait (2003)
Click button display picture (PPT 2003)
Animation element (PPT 2003 sp2)
Publish with narration (2007)
Lost cursor (2003)
Viewing Slide show (PP2003/Windows XP)
Saving individual slides? (2007)
View After Narration (XP)
PowerPoint Notes Page
Hyperlink to Excel workbook with embedded code (Word XP)
Wiz-kit add-in (Version 12.0/Office 2007)
Problem compressing images (PP 2003)
Animation sequence (powerpoint 2007)
how to convert ppt to dvd? (2003)
Insert, Object...Media clip (Powerpoint XP SR3)
Hover Text effect (2003 XP2)
Multiple Copies (XP)
Black area (2007)
Return macro (2003)
Org Charts (2003)
music in PPS (2007, SP1)
Print 2 Handouts Vertically (PowerPoint 2003)
PPT to PDF with transitions (2002)
Using Flash drive (PP 2007)
Animation of a sentence (V2000)
Interactive pie chart (2002/2003)
Stop Screen Saver when in slide show (2003)
Getting Videos to run consistently (2003/2007)
Footer text doesn't display (MSOffice 2003)
Mass Delete Text Boxes? (XP)
pps files can they contain viruses ? (1)
One slide appearing in multiple shows? (2003)
animating 3D column chart bars (Office 2003)
Adding show-length narration (PPT 2000)
Plain Text Paste (PP 2003)
Text from Slide Master doesn't appear in thumnail (2007)
PowerPoint Macros (Office PowerPoint 2002)
Play Sound Until Movie Slide (2002 SP1)
transitions in bulleted listsP (PowerPoint 2003 SP2)
Video clip confusion (PowerPoint 2003/SP3)
Linking to a master presentation (1)
flash movie (2003)
Automatically accessing a web site (2003)
Can't import from Word 2007 (Powerpoint 2007)
Excel 2002 (2007)
play part of an audio file (all)
Counting Button Clicks (2003)
margins, headings, bullet points (2003)
Tracking Changes (2003)
Template setup and design (2003 )
Design Templates (PowerPoint 2003)
Extract Soundtrack (Powerpoint 2003)
Wrap the text around the picture (PowerPoint 2003)
Tracking Changes (2003)
Shape Line Colour (2003)
Print Dialog Box (2002)
Adding text to a curve (2003)
'Package for CD' deletes all text (pp 2003)
dual monitor looping pps stops (PowerPoint 2007)
Time Left on Slide (2003/sp1)
Sound (2007)
How do I apply paragraph spacing? (PPT 2007)
Vertical Text Slide Layouts (PPT 2007)
WordArt in Master? (PP 2007)
Rotating Objects with Motion Paths (2007)
Forcing Horizontal or Vertical Lines (PPT2007)
Inserting yesterday's date into a presentation (2003)
How to convert producer in to a single movie file. (Powerpoint 2003 Producer )
switching out of slideshow causes white border
Copying Object from a Slide (XP)
Moving slides from powerpoint in to a video file (powerpoint 2007)
Convert File From 2007 to 2003 format (PowerPoint 2007)
Download picture from web and place in slide (2000)
Grid snap (2007)
Sounds (PowerPoint 2007)
timing (2003/2007)
Installing PowerPoint (2003)
Send To Back (2002)
Embedding a sound (2003)
Suppress Click To Next Slide (2000)
Adding to AutoCorrect (Office 2007)
Creating web links (2003)
restarting slide numbering (Office XP)
PowerPoint Viewer (PowerPoint 2003)
Custom Animations - slide is presented second time
Christmas Countdown (2003 SP3)
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Compatibility Problem (2007 and 2002)
Sound won't play in PP (2003)