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Compatibility Problem (2007 and 2002)
Sound won't play in PP (2003)
Graphic Flies In When Action Button Clicked (xp)
How to print a watermark (PP 2003)
Embed File With Music (PowerPoint 2003)
Inserting Slides from another Presentation (Office 2003 )
Replay animation (2007 )
Mail Presentatio To Users (PowerPoint 2003)
Resetting Layout Without Affecting Text Formatting (XP)
Font Questions Regarding Template (XP)
Automatic Text Adjustment Not Always Working (XP)
Second line in the same bullet point (Office 2003)
Hyperlink (2003)
Music (PowerPoint 12003)
.swf? (?) (671354) was moved to the Software Finds and Wants board
Viewing Notes With Show (XP)
Font Questions (XP)
Powerpoint Package for CD and PP Viewer (Power Point 2003)
Active slide font color (2003 SP2)
Converting Smart Art back to Bullets (2007)
Not snapping to grid (2003)
I/O error when saving (2000)
Weird Hanging Paragraph (XP)
Last Shape added (2003 SP2)
Power Point password (xp /2007)
Color Notes (XP)
Excel to Powerpoint Macro (1)
Slide Transition (2003 SP2)
Restart Presentations with Remote (1)
PowerPoint Recovery Software (2002)
flowchart decision branch labels? (PP2003)
simple query from beginner (pp2003 winxp)
Powerpoint Viewer (2003&2007)
Problem with master slide - level 1 vs 2 (Office 03)
Music? (Powerpoint 2003)
text wrap (2003)
Notes Master: Page <#> of ??? (2000)
Welcome Back!! (ppt 20007)
Docking me TP (2003)
Pasting text (Powerpoint 2003 )
Deleted Footer (2000/SP3)
Changin Music (2003/SR2)
Non-printing elements? (2000)
Powerpoint enahancement (2003)
Regrouping (2003)
Run code in Slide Show mode (PP2000 WXP)
Remove orgchart.exe (n/a)
Adjusting slide number (2003)
Playing sounds (PowerPoint 2003)
Veiwing a Slideshow (PowerPoint 2003)
Auto Slideshow (2002/sp2)
Vista to Xp? (Windows XP)
Slide transition question (2002 SP3)
Including movie file in pps and ppt (Powerpoint 2003)
Links to multiple files (2003)
Motion Path Slow Down (2002/SP2)
Presentation on multiple PCs?? (PP 2002)
PP Conversion Problem (2000 to 2003)
'Mail merge' in Powerpoint (2003)
Problem with migrating to PP2007 (2003/2007)
reduce file size (2003)
Narriated & Blank Presentation (XP)
pdf image as background (2003)
Multiple Shows (2002/2003)
Package for CD Missing (2003 SP2)
Macro anomoly (2003)
Hyperlink to Specific Excel Cell? (2K/03)
Multiple Displays (Powerpoint 2003)
Objects on Slides with motion paths
powerpoint 2007 to flash (beta ) (643967) was removed
Mixing Versions (2000/2003)
Importing multiple objects (2003)
Photos/pictures not displaying (2003)
AVI Files (2007)
Copying an Autoshape ForeColor (2002)
Text overlap (Powerpoint Office 2003)
Re-using a template (2003)
multiple jpeg imports (office 2000)
Loading a picture into a Form Image Box (2002)
New PowerPoint Artwork Site (97-2007) (650448) was removed
Copying Textbox text to another slide (2002)
macros in ppt (ppt2003XP)
print a slide for each animation (2003)
Run Powerpoint on TV? (2000)
Control change size when I save presentation (2002)
Where is Send To | PowerPoint? (PowerPoint 2007)
Inserting pictures gives different sizes (2003)
Hide mouse over (2002)
can't click on inserted pic (powerpoint XP)
Go to a slide by Name Property (xp)
Set AutoShapes Default Not Working (PPT 2000 sp3/2
Not wanting to resize objects (XP)
Powerpoint (9.0)
Auto Launch Specific URL in Browser (XP)
Select Multiple Objects tool (PowerPoint 2000+) (642707) was moved to the Excel board
scatter charts (office 2003)
Powerpoint with music (2003)
Recovered File Mac OS X (Powerpoint 2004)
Drop Cap (XP)
Converting PDF to PPT? (powerpoint 2003)
Display control (2007)
Sounds in Powerpoint (XP SR3)
2-sided bar graph? (Office 2003)
msoOrientationMixed (PPT 2000, 2003)
128 character path problem (2007)
Read Only (2K3)
Hyperlink to Folder (2003 (SP2))
custom animations on chart (office 2003)
pause an animated presentation (powerpoint 2002)
The missing font (PP 2002)
Videos do not play (PP2003)
Presentation on DVD (XP)
Template Toolbars (PowerPoint 2003)
Slide master (Powerpoint 2007)
Music (2003)
Going to next slide automatically (Office 2003)
Converting a PowerPoint Presentation to a Movie (XP Pro/Office 2003)
Show Taskbar During Slide Show (PP2003)
Chart (Excel 2000)
Presentation burned to CD (yes)
Basic Timer (2003 SP2)
Pie Charts (MS 2000)
swf problem possibly (2003)
SLIDE FORMAT (MS Office 2000)
controlling PowerPoint on the command line (2000)
HasTextFrame property (XP SP3)
editing Producer stylesheets (2002 SP3)
Disable navigation on PPS (2003 SP2)
large WAV files in transitions (2003)
Animation to trigger Transition (PowerPoint 2003 on XP)
Notes & handouts (PPT 2000)
Interactive world map (N/A) (630544) was moved to the Software Finds and Wants board
Powerpoint Timer (Office 2002)
Flowchart to simple basic shape ? (PPT2003)
Reduce File Sizes, Yet Again (2003)
Google Video Player (2002/SR3)
Moving between text boxes (PPT XP/2003)
merge cells in table (pp2003 winxp pro)
How to make PowerPoint video for YouTube and MySpa (3.9)
Hyperlinks in E-mailed Presentation (PowerPoint2002)
Powerpoint run code when creating from template (Powerpoint 2002)
New toolbar or menu Powerpoint 2002 (Powerpoint 2002)
PPT 2003 (Problem with custom animation)
Repeated horizontal scrolling text on slide (2003
Text over Video (2002)
PowerPoint on TV? (PowerPoint 2003)
Powerpoint Expansion (Office 2003)
Three ways to convert PowerPoint Presentation to D (3.9.1)
Saving as rtf (2002 SP3)
Manipulation of the Print Dialog (XP SP3)
ppSaveAsJPG (PowerPoint 2003 SP2)
Extended notes pages (2003/xp)
Midi files (Office 2003 Professional Edition)
3 Steps To Create a PowerPoint Photo Album - Slide (1.0)
Bullets Magically Appear (2002 SP3)
Tutorial about how to convert powerpoint to DVD (3.8.10)
Edit | Links command is grayed out (2002/2003)
Importing sides (2003)
Adding Slide Title (2002 (SP3))
Is Powerpoint right for us (N/A)
Music (2003)
Locking Presentation (2000 )
'Locking' templates (2002)
Importing PDF (PowerPoint2000)
Powerpoint e-card (v 2002)
Auto Numbering (PowerPoint 2003 SP2)
Random text quotes (Office 2003)
PowerPoint Animation (Office 2003)
Handout print problem (2003)
Design Templates (2003/2002)
Double Boss (2003)
PowerPoint crash (2002 SP3)
Importing from Lotus (2003)
Word Doc into PP (2002 (Both))
Colour combinations (2002)
Animation star icons (PowerPoint 2003/SP2)
Locking a Powerpoint Presentation (2003)
Image problem (2003)
mpg background, text box (2000/SP-3)
help recovering a PPT file (PowerPoint 2002 SP3)
Image Resolution (Powerpoint 2003)
AutoCorrect (PowerPoint 2003/SP2)
Embedding files (2002 SP-1)
how to keep text formatting? (2003/SP2)
Shortcuts to Views in PPT (2003)
Converting Word to PowerPoint (2003)
Export Meeting Minder Minutes (2002)
Paste As Word Document (2002)
Stop the Music (PowerPoint 2003)
Open hyperlink in new window when PPT is on Web (2002)
Button to send email (2003)
Shadow and 3-D Toolbars (PowerPoint 2003/SP2)
automatic sound problem (2003/SP2)
Animations Fail to Animate After Flash Conversion (Office 2003 Ppt)
Animating tables in powerpoint (MS Powerpoint 2002)
Arrows appearing instead of borders in tables (2003)
picture clearity (MS powerpoint 2003)
Presenter View (PowerPoint 2003)
code to animate (2000)
Autoshape to use for pie wedge (ppt 2003)
Replacing one template with another (XP)
Jump back/forth from Excel (2003)
Animate Chart elements (2003)
Slide With Six Content Boxes (XP Pro SP2 / PPT 200
linked file (PPT 2003)
Entering text into Datasheet - 2003 (SP2)
Pie Chart (2003)
Slide Show Change (2003)
How can I reduce PPT file size? (2002 SP3)
Google Video (2002 sp3)
sequence of scenarios in a slide (2003)
Export as tif - higher resolution (2002/SP1)
PPT 2003 music, custom animation (ppt 2003)
Text Formatting (2003/SR1)
Creating short cut keys in PPT and its macros (PPT 2000 >)
Pick Up Object Formatting (PowerPoint)
exit/close button (PP2003)
Can't change text color in normal view notes sec. (2003/SP2)
Font Size Automatically Changing (2002/2003)
PowerPoint (Windows XP)
Insert a custom slide? (2003)
Insert Custom Properties? (PowerPoint 2002)
Using wav file as transition sound (2003)
Links to MPG files and AVI Files (Office 2003)
Handouts (2000/2003)
Spelling mistake (2003)
Disappearing Slide Annotation (2003)
Rehearse Timing (2003)
PowerPoint add in (2003)
inserting multiple emf files (PPT 2003)
Corrupt file (Word 2000-03)
Excel file in active sheet (2003)
Bullets (Powerpoint 2002)
Bulleted text alignment (Ppt 2002)
Finally, a good reason for Multiple Masters (PPT 2
Help on macro to change Title Text (PPT 2003)
Music Question (PowerPoint 2003)
Prevent copy (PowerPoint)
Powerpoint text missing (PPT 2003)
Default Font (PowerPoint 2003)
SaveAs emf (2002 SP3)
Draft Watermark (2003)
Change color or text in a slide show (2003)
Automatic header/footer in Notes pages? (2003)
powerpoint link to excel (Powerpoint 2002)
move Getting Started column (PP2003)
Slide Show View (2000 SP3)
Display multiple pages of Word document (97 or XP)
Slides not advancing (2002)
Disguising presentation's origins (2003)
Running a DVD (2002)
Blank presentation..not rainbow (PP2003)
Shifted enlarged screen when projected (PowerPoint 2003)
Command to make words appear as called for (PowerPoint 2003)
Can not open PPS files (Win XP Home)
Clicking on link to ppt eratic results (Powerpoint 2003)
Playing music (2003)
Video (2002)
Color to Grayscale and consolidate (2002/xp)
Animation (2002)
Slide 1 of 10 in Footer (XP or 2003)
Finding fonts (2003)
Metadata? (2002)
PowerPoint vertical text (XP)
Font size in Text box (XP)
Finding Power Point Clip Art (2003)
Package for CD (Windows XP SP2, Office 2003 SP1)
Label on a Pic on a Slide (Office 2000 - XP)
Creating titles for slides (2002 SP3)
link PPT chart to Excel (PPT 2003) (551408) was moved to the Excel board
list of slides (2002 sp3)
Custom animation of lines and text boxes (PPT 2003, SP2)
creating image files (2002 SP3)
Footer Position (2003)
Powepoint Formatting Problems (2002/SP3)
Compare 2 presentations (Ppt 2003)
Producer (Producer 2003/Windows XP SP2)
Odd export-to-png problem (2003)
2-per page handout with notes (2003)
Background image (2003)
'Cannot display template; Installer error 1606 (20
Notes Master vs Template (2003)
'powerpoint mouse disappears' (PP 2003)
Slide transition Fadeout (PPT2000 SP3)
Changing rehearsed timings (PPT2000 SP3)
Show text box over image (PPT2000 SP3)
Animation settings - is there a quicker way? (2003)
Adjust Sound Volume During Slide Show (2003)
Custom shows and Webex (2002 SP2)
Paste tables into ppt (2000SP3)
AutoFormat reg setting (Powerpoint XP SP3)
RE: Displaying Text when sending to Adobe PDF (2000)
Build Pyramid or Triangle (2002)
Wireless Presenter (2002/SP2)
free background (ppt 2000)
PPT/Excel Combo (2003)
Yet another PPT to HTML Conversion (2002-2003)
2000 (vb help)
12 Charts - 1 Slide! (XP)
Links HELP!!!!! Possible Feature failure. (2000 sp3)
Change Relative links to Absolute (2000 sp3)
Change language setting (XP), entire presentation (XP)
Character spacing (PowerPoint 2003)
Adjust Org Chart Lines, Boxes and Spacing (2000)
Mirror-imaging a complete slide (any)
PPS won't play last slide (2002, SP 3)
hyperlink (PowerPoint 2000)
Two Axis, Stacked Bar Chart (Powerpoint 2002)
Picture Popup (PowerPoint 2003)
Carriage Return In the Footer (2003 SP2)
When is a blank not a blank? (2002 SP3)
Macros are not working (2002 SP3)
FYI: Death By PowerPoint (All)
Hyperlink with Sound (2003/SP1)
Line-Column Chart Type (2002 SP3)
Creating Jeopardy! Game out of PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2003)
Insert equation (97)
Legend Issues (PowerPoint 2003)
PPT image (O2003)
How to apply master slide to existing slides (2003)
Pasting Word tables as metafiles (2003/SP1)
Two Different Monitors (PowrPoint 2003)
moving lines (2003)
Scale drawings (PP2K)
2k3 wont open 2k ppt (2k3 and 2k)
Slide Show Pen Options (2003)
Hyperlinks (Office97)
Link Limit? (XP)
Save Chart as GIF (Powerpoint 97 SR2)
Mac PowerPoint to PC (PowerPoint98)
Pack and Go with Hyperlinks (PPT 2002)
View 2 files side by side (PowerPoint XP)
Interactive Powerpont Presentation (2000)
Finding Font (XP)
Slide Layouts (2003/SP1)
Underline Causes Black Block (2003, SP1)
Strange animation behavior (XP)
Text exceeds object (XP)
Wordwrap in Autoshapes (2002 sp3)
no sounds (Powerpoint)
Searching for space at end of line (XP)
Including x-bar symbol (XP)
Multiple screens (Any)
Resetting Animations (2003 SP1)
White Equations (XP)
Formatting bullets (MS PowerPoint 2003 SP!)
powerpoint menu items (2000)
Using Clip Art (PowerPoint 2003)
Audience Attention (PowerPoint 2003)
Task Pane (PowerPoint 2003)
Link to Web Site (PowerPoint 2003)
Compressing pictures (XP SP 1)
Format All Placeholders (XP)
Powerpoint, PDF (Windows ME)
Stop/Start programatically (XP)
Global Macros (XP)
Titles Do Not Work Well With Design (XP)
PowerPoint Keeps Trashing Format (XP)
Saving slide layout (XP)
Popping in narration (XP)
No sound (PP 97 win xp)
ppt to pps (office 2000)
turn bullets off -save close open>bullets reappear (PowerpointXP)
Styles (2003)
Determine transition used on completed presentatio (Office 2003 SP1)
varied (PowerPoint 2003)
Max File Size that is SAFE (office 2003)
a Utility for Embedding/saving non True type Fonts (office 2003)
create movie (2003 xp1)
Show Next Header on Slides (Powerpoing 2003)
Sound does not play (PowerPoint 2003)
Insert Excel table cuts off right-hand columns
Animation of elbow connector (2003)
PowerPoint and Screensavers (Any version above 97)
Space Background Needed (PowerPoint 2002)
Slide Layout Changes (Xp/2003)
exporting to Word (PowerPoint 2000)
powerpoint animater gif backgrounds (powerpoint 97
PowerPoint Seizing Up (PPT XP)
Background music (2003)
Powerpoint not Released from Memory (2002/SP1)
Customised design templates (2003)
Looping Animation (2003)
Add Many Pics (2002)
Import from or Link to Access Report (2000 sp3)
PPT Incompatibility (PPT 2000)
If a PPT file goes corrupt! (PPT 2002)
Request for Codec's (PPT2002)
Playing movies (mpeg) in PowerPoint (2003)
Marketing Spin (PowerPoint 2002)
Convert Visio to PowerPoint (2003)
Playing AVI's (Powerpoint 2000)
Extract Slide Notes to Notepad or Word? (PPT 2002)
Adding to GRUSRGAL.GRA (Office 2000/XP)
Change Context Menu (Office 2002+)
Template font shading (2002)
Inserting Movies then Transferring the PPt... (XP)
Printing slide background (WinNT4/PPT97)
Where is the original excel file? (2002)
Unicode Fonts (PP 2K)
Graphic and text-Custom animation (PowerPoint 03)
Equations (PowerPoint 2003)
Slide / Outline Bar on wrong side? (PPT 2002)
PPT Close on Exit Link (97 SR-1)
Motion simulation (XP)
Object defaults in template (Office 2002)
Dynamic Text Links ? (2002)
Powerpoint Locked up (PowerPoint 2000)
Music cannot play! (PP2003)
Painbrush Effect (PowerPoint 2003)
open presentation from web page hyperlink (2002 SP3)
Inserting symbols (XP SP2 / Office 2000)
Reservation (XP:SR3)
Web Presentation Printing (2000 SR-1)
Playing a Movie on click (2003)
Picture Format (XP; SR3)
Automatic import of multiple images? (PPT2000)
Debug Doesn't Work (2003)
VBA Coding in PPT (2003)
Html back to ppt (2003)
Powerpoint Show question. (2000)
moving toolbar problems (office 2K SR-1)
Can't Insert .tif (xp)
Moving shapes and lines (2003)
Programming Powerpoint with VBA (Any from 2000)
working with event PresentationNewSlide (XP SP1)
Starting Access (2002/SP2)
Voice Over (PowerPoint 2003)
Slideshow on Widescreen (2002)
Powerpoint as Training Tool (2000)
Viewer - Custom Animations Not Displayed (2003)
Text Box with prompt (PowerPoint 2000)
.mov in PPS (PP 2002)
auto clipart (2000 SP-3)
Varying Sound in a Slide Show (PowerPoint 2003)
Table to appear row by row (2003)
Powerpoint macros running from intranet (2000)
Slide Transistion after Animation (2002/SP2)
Inches vs Centimeters (97/SR-2)
Timer Countdown to Start of Presentation (Office 2000)
wave makes file large (XP)
flash object on mouse over during slideshow (2002 SP3)
Printing handouts without PPT (2000 - 2003)
Automatic Presentation (Office XP)
Powerpoint on DVD (PowerPoint 2000)
Modifying Powerpoint toolbars (Office 2000SR2)
Auto-Play (Powerpoint 2003)
PowerPoint to jpeg (2002)
AVI file in Powerpoint 2003 (2003)
Creating a shared clip catalogue (PowerPoint 2000)
Visio animation? (PPT 2000)
insert activex object with code (2002 SP3)
sending to Word (Office 2003 SP1)
Photos on a Slide (2000)
Metadata Finder - Powerpoint (2000Sr2)
Opening a powerpoint file in VBA (Office XP)
PowerPoint add-on to Home Office XP (?)
Shared Templates (PPT 2000)
Powerpoint & Windows Media Player (any)
Slide Layout Dialogue (Office 2k)
Converting a ppt to a word doc (2000)
Chart/Graphs created in PP aren't displayed (Powerpoint 2003)
Light bulb (Powerpoint)
Address bar icon (Front Page 2003) (439609) was moved to the FrontPage board
Animating Charts (2003)
Media Player Full Screen (2000/SP1)
Can I add Power Point 97 (MS Office 97 bundle PE @1983-1996)
Macro to compile slides from several files (PPoint 2000)
Importing multiple files? (Office XP)
Changing standard template (XP SP-1)
Screensaver (2003)
Creating Chart (XP)
Music in attachment (Version 6)
Font issue (Powerpoint 2003)
linking to movies (XP+)
Embedded sound files (Office 2000)
Sizing charts (2003)
Creating shared toolbars (2000)
Organization Chart Size Problem (2000)
Inserting a PDF or Word Document (2000 SR-1)
Excel Pie Chart Animation (PPT-XP)
Addin hangs PowerPoint (2003)
Extract Wav (FP2003)
Book for Power Point 2003 (2003)
Shortcut key assignment for PPT macro? (2003)
Returing to previous page (PPT 2003)
Timing a presentation (Office 2003 Pro SP1)
Go To Property (2002,2003)
Flipped images (XP to 2K)
Music (Powerpoint 2002)
PowerPoint Presentation On CD (97/2000)
Problem animating a Flash Movie (2003/Win XP)
Creating a 2nd master layout (PPT 2003)
Hyperlinking text to pages (PPT Office 2003)
Animation Looping (2003)
Auto Scale text (2003 or 2002)
Easy way to switch languages? Macro maybe? (2000)
Transition speed between slides (Office 2000 / Windows 98)
Pointer (PP 2000 SR1)
Creating new events (2000 SP3)