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After animation query! (PPT XP >)
Bring animated points in all at once! (PPT XP >)
Print slides with animations (PowerPoint 2002 (SP3))
Wheel of Fortune (97/sr2)
Embed TrueTypeFont into a template (2000)
Animation Effects (2003 and 2000)
PowerPoint to DVD (2003)
Tips for importing spreads sheets to PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2002)
print presentation as banner (2002 SP3)
Handling objects (PowerPoint 2003)
Macro to Resize and Center Visio Drawing (97/SR-2)
using video in a presentation (2000)
Slide Show Pointer Options (2003)
Compess pictures within presentation (2000)
Change of standard colors (2000)
Masster slides and animation (PPT2002>)
Object (Power Point 2002)
Using Images for a presetation (PowerPoint 2000)
Special navigating between slides (Powerpoint 2003)
Copying Animation (2002)
Zoom Out words (2002/any)
Make slides from bulleted list? (2000)
Compressing pictures (PowerPoint 2000)
Org Chart dotted line relationships (2003/SP1)
email as attachment loses extension (2002 sp2)
Delete all animations (PowerPoint2000)
Adding Text To 3D Cube (Powerpoint 2002)
Hide graphics to allow text to be shown
Hide PowerPoint's Navigation Controls? (2003)
sounds in PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2002)
attaching a slide to MS Word (9.0/2001)
Slide Show Refresh (Office XP)
Copy presentation from CD to hard drive (PowerPoint 2003/2002)
Producer plays audio too fast (2003)
Organizational Charts (PPT 2000 and XP)
Removing com addins automatically (2003)
No Locale Data (XP)
Auto_open in PowerPoint? (2000)
Format Object as Watermark (2000)
MPEG in PowerPoint Glitch... (WinXP PP-2002)
Code to add flag to master (Excel 2002 sp-3)
macro to paste as unformatted text (2002 SP-2)
Permanent change to colour palette (Powerpoint 2003)
Filling the intersection in Venn diagram (2002/xp)
Disappearing bullets (XP)
create new toolbar with custom macros (2002 SP-2)
Advance Slide Thumbnails During Show (XP)
Landscape and Portrait (PowerPiont XP)
Drop down menu hyperlinks open in show mode
Changing Zoom (2000)
Producer & other new add-ins (2003)
Printing in PP- 2 slides with lines? (2003)
select multiple objects dialog (2002 SP-2)
VCD (2000 )
Playing mp3 file throughout slide show (XP/sp2)
custom menu add to work with any ppt (2002 SP-2)
Locked out (PPT XP)
PowerPoint 2002 - Group Pictures (2002 SP2)
automate insert picture and name (2002 SP-2)
corrupt images (2002 SP-2)
Opening 2 sessions of powerpoint (Office 2000 and 2003)
Link excel chart to PPT (XP)
Excel Pie Chart Sizing (2000)
Showing Movie in PowerPoint (XP)
Powerpoint Macro (Office 2000)
hyperlink trigger animation (2002)
Embedded video (2000)
Ruler to milimeters (PPT 2000 SP1)
Fireworks show (2002/SR1)
Connector Alignment (Powerpoint 2002)
rotating Flash videos (Office XP)
Powerpoint Thesaurus (2000+)
Powerpoint save as .html>want to automate show (PowerpointXP)
End Show and Hyperlink (PowerPoint 2002 SP-2)
Auto-pan photos? (2003)
Animation (2003)
Template Overlay (PowerPoint 2002)
Mute Video sound (2000/SR1)
PowerPoint in NT to XP Migration (XP)
Is this PPT Corrupt? (2003)
Sending Presentation (PowerPoint XP2003)
Indents & Things (2K)
Videos (2003)
Outline View font unseen (XP)
Autosave everytime i quit power point (2000)
Removing Background (2000 & XP)
Pack and Go (PowerPoint 2002)
Change Color (PowerPoint 2002)
Save on Web Page (Powerpoint 2002)
Disappear effect? (2003)
Embedding Sounds (XP)
Extracting Sound (2002)
Protecting power point presentation (2000)
2003 Viewer Doesn't Show Some Animations (2000 and above)
animation timing doesn't work in XP (XP)
Linked Spreadsheet (2000)
Windows Media Presenter (2000/XP)
combine 2 presentations with different desins (Powerpoint97)
Embed TTF? (2003)
Frontpage SErver Extensions (Frontpage 98/2000/2002) (370984) was moved to the FrontPage board
Org Chart (2000)
Getting rid of hyperlink warnings (PowerPoint 2003)
Change language setting (XP)
Viewer (Powerpoint 2003)
PPT and MS Graph (Excel and PPT XP)
Scroll Wheel locks PowerPoint (Office 97)
Importing pictures - Making presentation (PowerPoint 2000)
Slide Preview (2000)
Powerpoints file location paths (PowerpointXP)
dictionary = US English change in registry (PowerpointXP)
Dictionary (PowerPoint XP)
Pasting text inside an existing box. Properties. (2002)
customized bullets in ppt (last version)
Bullet Text (2002/2003)
Make a section (dropdown menu) is powerpoint (Powerpoint 2000)
Powerpoint (2000 9.0.6620)
Insert Image in Powerpoint Through Code (2002)
Action Settings Undo (2k SR-1 (9.0.4527))
opening 2 separate presentations (Office XP 2002)
Bullet slide (PowerPoint 2002)
naming slides (PPT97/SR2)
Remove VBA Project (2000)
graph.exe reinstalling (2003)
Need Decompressors for AVI? (OFFICE 2000 SR-1)
Copying animations (PPT 2002)
Sharing Custom Toolbars (PowerPoint 2000 SR-1)
dispaly notes without the audience seeing (XP 2002)
Adding a logo (Powerpoint 2000)
Custom .dic words not recognized (PowerPoint 2003)
Displaying pdf files (2002)
Displying .dwg files (2002)
colliding lawn bowls (xp)
Accentuate slide sorter highlight (PPT 2000)
Customizing button images (PPT 2003)
control dialog box tabs (PPT 2000)
Animation - Automatic - Mouse Clicks - How? (PowerPoint 2000)
Corel Presentations (PowerPoint XP)
How to remove PPoint text shadow? (XP)
Powerpoint Slide X of Y
Correcting the Slide Master (2000 or XP)
Keep the Slides, Change the Music (XP)
Next Slide (2000)
set default spell language using registry (PowerpointXP)
Poblem with custom shows (2000)
Not Responding (PP 2002 SP-2)
Powerpoint/Excel link problem (powerpoint 2000)
PPS on the web (2000)
File Size Change (XP)
Continuous animation (97)
Task Panes (2002)
Animation glitch? (97 to 2000 upgrade)
Powerpoint XP (2002)
Shortcut Key for Jumping to a particular slide in (XP)
printing no line objects (PowerPoint XP)
Combine Two files? (PPT 2000 SP-3 (9.0...))
Password protect PPT File?? (Powerpoint 2000 SR-1)
Problem with File (PowerPoint 2002)
Movie Icon/photo and Movie Embedding (2003 office edition)
Chart toolbar part of Standard toolbar (2000 SP-3)
Disable Popup Menu (2000)
Text sometimes blotchy (2000)
New PowerPoint Viewer (2003/2002/2000)
Auto open as attachment (1997)
Advice reqd: Creating a standard colours toolbar (MS-PowerPoint 2000)
Code to stop mouse click Transition (2000)
Refer to a control using VB (PPT 2000)
Virus Scan (Powerpoint 2002)
Inserting Slides & Color Schemes (2000)
Need to reduce picture size (2002)
Helvetica font/Acrobat (XP)
Editing organisation charts (2003)
Maps of china for ppt (2002)
PPoint XP's Print Preview always jumps to Slide No (XP SP-1)
Paste Special disturbs content on slide
How to get rid of PPoint tabs? (XP SP-1)
PPoint Notes page big indentation? (XP SP-1)
Can only see first and last slides (Powerpoint xp/97)
Animating connectors? (Office XP)
Run Quicktime (MOV) clip (2000)
excel animation (2000)
Reducing file size (PPT 2k)
macro in menu (xp2)
leaving a trail (PowerPoint xp)
Drawing lines (Powerpoint 2000)
embedding a video (office 97)
autorun.inf (PP2002)
Graphics in a POT (PPT 2000)
Email a single slide (PowerPoint XP)
Powerpoint password problems (2002)
Colour printing changed since updating to 2003 (2003)
Unstable slide shows (Powerpoint XP (2002) - SP2)
Logo image at a footnote (PowerPoint XP)
Missing graph (Office 97/Win2k)
Style Checker (PPT 97 Win XP)
Comments (XP)
Move image (97)
Font substitution problem (97/SR2)
Go to Property (2002)
Search and Replace Formats (2002 SP-2)
Design Templates Don't Show (PPT2000 - Win2K)
PowerPoint (MicroSoft Office 2000 SR-1)
PowerPoint 3D (2000)
Emailing with audio (Powerpoint 2002 (Office XP))
Inserting multiple PP Slides into a Word Document (PP 2000 SP2)
Voiceovers in Presentations (2002)
PNG (P2002)
Permanent Show (P2002)
Inserting LastSavedDate (Win 2000, Office XP)
Power Point Show (2000)
fly in graphics/objects (PPT97,sr2 on Win2000)
Preview of pot files (Wind 2000; Office XP)
motion path (Office XP, SP-2)
Sound / Slide Transition (Office 2002)
Highlight Time for Mouse Over (PowerPoint 2000)
Shockwave in my Presenation (PP 2002)
Slide Master Tweaking (PP2002)
Struggling with a couple of issues (2002, SP2)
Mysterious Blank Pages (Unknown)
reversing .ppt (PP2002)
PowerPoint Dos and Don'ts (2000 SR1)
Recording (pp2002)
Screen show on 2nd screen (Point XP)
Cannot save as HTML (97)
Timed transitions without timings (PPT 2000)
recording (PP2002)
Create an AutoRun CD (XP)
pack and go (2000)
Automatic slide transition (2002/XP)
Hyperlink not a hyperlink (PowerPoint 2000)
Force mpg to full screen (PPT 2000)
How to modify Handouts Master - sticky (PPT 2000)
2003 Viewer (10.2623.2635)
On click go to new slide? (2000)
inches to pixels (2000)
PPXP: Show hyperlinked items with hyperlinks (XP SP-2)
PPXP: Shortcut for 'Animate THIS slide'? (XP SP-2)
PPXP: Graphics in Notes Pages? (XP SP-2)
PPXP: Make Notes pages's width same as Slide width (XP SP-2)
PPXP: Hide a Slide for Printing... (XP SP-2)
PPoint XP Page Setup Units... (XP SP-2)
Powerpoint XP Org Chart Tool Useless (XP)
Outlook hyperlink to Slideshow (Office XP)
Default Color/GrayScale (2002)
PPT 2000 Locking w/ VBA (2000)
Convert .PPS to .PPT (PowerPoint 2002)
Slide Master (2000)
Inserting photos (Powerpoint XP)
font size changed when printing (2002)
Title Master missing (2000)
Suggestions on Slide Show (2000)
white print on color in grayscale print (PowerPoint 2000 SR1)
Autotext equivalent (2000)
text placeholder changes color (2002)
Strange Protection Issue (PowerPoint XP)
Printing Alignment Problem (Office 2000)
PPointXP: Numbered/Bulleted List - Wipe from left (XP SP-2)
Auto Content not working (Office 97)
presentation won't advance (PP97)
Hidden metadata and privacy (2002)
Print Preview-Gray (XP)
Copy Toolbars (XP)
default slide transition (PowerPoint 2000)
File format (PPT 97/ PPT 2002)
Publishing PowerPoint Presentations to Intranet (PowerPoint 2000/Windows 2
turn off underlining hyperlinks (2002)
names shapes (2002)
mouse over, show information (2002)
PowerPoint Graphics (Any)
Looking for a way to disable ESC key while running (2000/2002/2003)
PPoint XP: Max No. of Slides/Page in 'Notes Pages' (XP SP-2)
PPointXP: Print Notes Pages WITH Lines for writing (XP SP-2)
Powerpoint 2000 (Powerpoint 2000)
running two presentations automatically (97)
Filename in Footer (PPT 2K SR1)
Open Outlines/Insert Slides from Outlines (PowerPoint 2000)
MPG1 videos won't work in PPT under Windows XP (PPT 2000 (9.0.2716))
Making a grid (97 SR-2)
Inserting Word Object results in Hidden Text (PPT 2000 SR1)
MS Organization Chart (2000 SR-1)
Importing a MS Word Template to Powerpoint (2000)
PowerPoint Viewer (XP)
Aligning objects (XP / 2002)
Duplex Print with PowerPoint? (XP SP-2)
Inserting Excel Spreadsheets (Powerpoint 97 SR-2)
Venn diagram coloring (PP2000)
Creating your own AutoLayouts (PPT 2k)
links to other presentations (xp)
Auto page numbering (Powerpoint 2000 SR-1)
Power Point crashing (Office XP SP2)
Error 1706 (2000)
Automatic macros (2K)
Using layout from 1 PPT in another (2002)
Link to a particular slide in an HTML slideshow (2002, SP-2)
Autostart PPT Presentation on a CD? (XP)
Corrupted PPT file? (XP SP-2)
Relative hyperlinks rather than absolute (2000)
links change when saved (xp)
Imbedding 9.5MB movie (2000)
Copied CD won't even register on another machine (2000)
Red X object in PResentation (XP)
Protecting Presentation (PowerPoint 97)
Capture Text in Animation Order (any)
Slide Show Not Maximized (any)
find/replace with carriage return (ppt xp)
Convert PPT to PDF (2000/SR-1)
dual projectors/different presentations (PPT 2000)
vba code for ppt find/replace (excel and ppt xp)
Hyperlinks (2K/2002)
Slide Show defaults to projector? (Win98/PowerPoint 2000)
Portrait in between Landscape slides? (XP SP-2)
View text border... (XP SP-2)
View WYSIWYG text for speaker's notes? (XP SP-2)
Save PPT2K theme as Word2K theme? (2000)
Change graphic in template (97 SR2)
How to stop PPoint Paste Special moving objects? (XP)
Powerpoint won't project (XP)
PPT: Selected text won't show (97, 2000 for sure)
Currency in tables (2000)
Powerpoint & dual monitors (OfficeXP)
Picture resizing (PPT-XP)
Add .pdf into a presentation (Acrobat 5.0, ppt xp)
Highlighting where I am (97 or 2k)
Auto filename in header (PPT2000)
Master Slide (PPT 2000)
Background music problems (2002)
Default View (2000)
Clip Art Window poppingup (PPT 2000)
Presentations an interesting conversation (PowerPoint all versions)
Macro Handouts 9 to a page won't (PPT 2000)
Print header on handouts? (PPT 2000)
Showing version number on slide (Office XP, PP2002 Sp-2)
alinging bulleted text (2000)
Slides to Powerpoint (Ofiice 2K/WIN ME)
Label control background not transparent (2000)
pps to exectable? (any)
Word Document--Word Picture (PowerPoint 2002)
Hyperlinks (2000/SR1)
Password Protection for PPS (Powerpoint 2000)
Slide shows from widescreen displays (PPT 2002)
video clip (ppt 2k)
Announcing PPTLive! (All Versions)
Lost audio (2000)
Programmatic copy/paste of textrange-- (2000)
entrance sound does not play in PP2002 (PP2002)
Excel & Powerpoint (2002 XP)
Digital Images in PowerPoint (PowerPoint 97)
transparent fills (2000 SR-1)
Slide Show Won't Play From CD Drive (PowerPoint 2000 / Win95)
Mpeg File in PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2000)
PPTTOOLS.PPA (PowerPoint 2002)
Microsoft LRN 3.0 Toolkit (PPT 2000 or 2002)
Slide Layout Default (2002)
POTs Opening to Slide Master (97)
Repeat (2000)
PPoint File Error (XP SP2)
Animation (PPT2k)
Group/unGroup (P2k)
Linking with Excel (Office 2K SR-1)
hyperlink hypertension (2000 sp-3) (251834) was moved to the Publisher board
Double axis charts (Office 2K SR-1)
Change Line Colors in an Organization Chart (XP)
object size disabled (2002)
viewing powerpoint 2000 (powerpoint 2002)
Text font size resize (2002)
How to set a certain pot file as default (Win 2000 Office XP)
Hiding my Notes (2000 sr2)
Image Sizes from PP (PowerPoint 97)
Time display (XP)
MS Organization Chart (Powerpoint 2000 SP3)
Compatibility XP vs. 97 (powerpoint XP serv pack 2)
Lock Graphics Position (2000 sr1)
Animatio Appear Disappear (2002)
PowePoint (Office 2000)
Book recommendations (2000)
Items shifting on different computers (PowerPoint 2000)
File/Open view (2000)
Font Shadow Control (PPT 2000)
Suggestions for Reducing Presentation Sizes (PowerPoint XP)
PowerPoint Viewer (97)
Design Master Problems (Powerpoint 2002)
Animation of Table cells (2000)
.Wav files (2002)
How to Rename Slide Objects (PPT 2K/XP)
Portrait and Landscape Slides in Same Presentation (PowerPoint 97)
Title master is grayed out (PPT 2K)
Word Outline-Numbered Document to PowerPoint (2000/SR-1)
AVI Files from digital camera (2002 SP3)
Slide Projection Chooser Software (Powerpoint 2000)
PPT on MAC run on Excel 2002 (Excel 2002)
Live, ticking clock on powerpoint presentation (2000)
Hyperlink to slide in same presentation (PPT XP)
Time Definitive File (2000)
Convert to EPS (2000/SR-1)
Incompatibility with Earlier Versions of PPT? (2002)
Slide Master and Flying Text (2000 SR-1)
Automatic clock timer countdown (2000)
Animated GIFs (2002)
Toolbar Shift with Excel (2000 SR-1)
Inserting Gannt Chart (2K SR1)
Handout with no animation (PowerPoint 2000)
Rehearsal Timings (2000 SR1)
PP 2000 'save as Web Page' and Netscape (2000 SR-1 (9.0.3821))
drop shadow as default (PP 2000, SR-1)
organisation chart wont load (xp on Win 2000)
design Template (2000 S - R 1)
Automatic Scanned Image & Placeholder Resize (PowerPoint XP)
Powerpoint 97 Spellchecker (Office 97)
create a chart from data on a file (office XP)
Color of Numbers (Office 2000 9.0.2716)
Updating date & time automatically (2000 / XP)
Pack and Go (2000)
PP picture transparency (PP 2000)
Nudge Increments (2000)
playing AVI movie clips (2002 with Win 2000)
Movies show as Blackboxes (2000)
Exporting a Soundtrack (2000/SR1)
PP XP Problems (XP)
Expand Slide (PowerPoint 2002)
Change Text Macro (PPoint 2000)
Lag Time in Rehearse Timings (PPoint 2000)
Saving Powerpoint files (Office XP SR2)
Arrow Connectors (2000-SR1)
PowerPoint Guidelines (PPT 2002)
What else is available (PPT 2002)
WEB Page in Presentation (PPT 2002)
edit background (2000)
Hyperlink problems with multiple users (Powerpoint 97 SR2)
Fitting text inside triangle (2000)
PowerPoint error 1605, corrupt install w/ template (XP SR2)
Reverse Image (2002)
old ppt files constantly revised (2000, SR1)
Changeing links to large video clip (2000)
Powerpoint Links (Powerpoint 97 SR-2)
PowerPoint/Excel twilight zone (2000 SR-1)
Send To > Microsoft Word Using VBA (Office XP)
Hyperlinks that don't need activ (Powerpoint 2002)
Uploading a Powerpoint presentation (Office 2K)
NetMeeting/PowerPoint & Movie clips (PowerPoint 2000)
Clone download woes (PowerPoint 2000)
Printing from PP97 (ppt97, winnt 4.0 SP6)
Powerpoint 2000 with Office XP Small Business? (Powerpoint 2000)
Hyperlinks change (PPT2000)
Hyperlink to Excel and back (XP)
inserting pictures (always have to resize) (97)
2 Page Slide Master (PPT2000)
Presenter View and Linked Slide Shows (XP)
Optimum setup (Powerpoint xp)
MID Sound File (98)
Downloaded MS Sound file won't play (Powerpoint 2000)
Cannot Paste Link in PPT or Word (PPT2000 )
Links don't work anymore (PPT/Excel xp)
Units of Measure (2000)
Picture Wrapping (PowerPoint 2000)
Read-Only? (PP2000 SR1)
How do I animate my background? (PowerPoint 2000-2002)
Teleprompter effect? (PPT 2000) (203582) was removed
Free PowerPoint viewer... (PowerPoint)
Can't move footer after upgrading to 2002 (2002)
Teleprompter effect? (PPT 2000) (203317) was removed
Table of Contents (Powerpoint XP)
Teleprompter effect? (PPT 2000)
Create Custom Slide Layouts (XP)
Moving Clipart libraiy(s) to new computer (97 ==> XP)
Numbering slides on handouts (PP97)
Maximum number of slides (2002)
updating linked graphics (PowerPoint 2002 SP-2)
Tab Control (2000)
Annotations (2000 all Sr's)
VBA StarPost Cross Reference (PPT 2K and above)
Animating bullet lists (2000 SR1a)
evaluation of picture size (PPT 2000)
File Size Limitation (2000/SR1-a)
'Turn Off' Save As Dialog Box (2000)
Go from one bullet list to another (2000)
Handout Page Numbering (PowerPoint 2000 (SR 1))
action button to another show (2000)
Making things blink (Office 2000)
Document Recovery Failed (PowerPoint 2002 SP-1)
Animation Using Action Settings - Mouse Over (PowerPoint 2002)
Insert Folder Contents as Slides (2002 SP2)
Round selection handles in PPT XP (PowerPoint 2002)
Overhead Transparencies (Office XP)
How to save embedded excel information (Powerpoint 2000)
Image Map (Also posted in Web Design) (None in particular)
Remove Side Number from 1st Slide (PP 2000)
PowerPoint 2002 - Multiple Problems (PPT 2002)
PPS D/L as PPT (2002 - XP)
Creating new presentation from a pot-file (Office XP PP 2002 SP-2)
standalone viewer on Floppy? (Office97)
Music in Powerpoint Presentation (97 and 2000)
Run Slideshow on Open (Powerpoint 2000)
PPT Object model (2000)
Importing PowerPoint Presentations (Word 2002)
PowerPoint Animation (2000)
Compiler for PowerPoint? (MS Office XP)
Change line spacing defaults (PPT 2000)
Jeopardy game (2002)
graphs from excel to powerpoint (97/2000)
Linking excel graphs to powerpoint (97/2000)
patterned fill not printing in b&w (Ppt2000)