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PP froma Pocket PC? (Windows XP)
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power point (PPT 2000 or XP)
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Insert Multiple Pictures (XP)
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PPT 2002 on Win 98 Machine (2002)
PP2000 and PP2002 Coexisting (2000 & 2002)
Clipart (PowerPoint 2000)
Searching Links to .pdf files (PPT'97) (PowerPoint '97)
Publishing to Frontpage web site (Office 2000 Powerpoint and Frontpage)
Textboxes (XP)
Printing Multiple Slides w/Comments (Office XP)
inches vs cm (powerpoint 97)
Macros (1997)
Write Windows/Read Mac (2000, 2002)
auto updating text (2000 SR1)
Snap to Grid (PowerPoint 97 & 2000)
Printing a single slide over multiple pages? (2000)
PPT Viewer (2000)
Stop text changing size (2000)
Macros for ppt files (97+)
Sound Object and AutoShape (Powerpoint 2000)
Use of WAV file in PPT/PPS presentation (PP 2000)
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Looking for a 'page turn' slide transition (2002 - XP)
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Can't open 97 presentation on 2000 (2000 SR-1)
Camcorder with officexp (win2000, office xp)
Change fill attributes of part of a group (PPT 2000 SR1a)
Convert ppt to avi/mpeg (97)
Add a new CustomDocumentProperties (2000, VBA)
Animating Graph Elements (PowerPoint XP)
Music in PPT (PPT 2k)
Keeping the cursor on display (2000 & 97)
Getting and Inserting a name
Organisation Charts (XP)
Powerpoint resize on pasting (XP)
Inserting a mpeg2 file (Version 2000)
Shortcut to insert a symbol or special character? (2000 SR-1 (9.0.4527))
Handouts Formatting (Office 97)
Automatic Update of Excel source (Office 2000)
Office XP: Word to Powerpoint OLE problem (Office XP SP 1)
JPEGS and Hyperlinking (97)
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Better Resolution Image Exports (PPT 97)
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How to insert Continuous WAV file in Presentation (PowerPoint 97)
Changing Bullets (97/2)
Back to Blank Presentation (PowerPoint 2000)
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Showing slides in a OleContainer (2000)
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Bar of Pie chart (Office 97 SR 1)
Insert Wav file (97)
Macros in PowerPoint (2000)
visio drawing paste problem (Office 2000)
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multiple talks at a seminar (Office 2000)
Playing movie in PPt (2000 Premium Ed)
How Can I Use Mpeg2 Video Files (PowerPoint 2000)
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Linking to Word file (2000)
Combining Presentations (97)
Textbox layout (PPT 2000)
Office XP Power Point - saved in HTM format (Office XP)
Read-only presentation (PowerPoint 2000)
Animation on/off (PPT97)
Printing during Slide Show (2000)
Send to Word in B&W? (XP)
Hyperlinks in webpages from Ppt (Ppt2000)
Inserting MS Access Reports (PP 2K - SR1)
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Opening PPS file (Outlook 2000)
PowerPoint 2000 and IE 5.5 (PPT 2000 and IE 5.5)
Auto starting a Powerpoint presentation (2000)
Slide Show (2000)
Timer for specific daze (MSPPT2000)
Can't Locate Powerpoint in Windows XP (Windows XP Home ed.)
Virtual Transparencies in Powerpoint (Windows 98)
Extracting Pics and Clipart from PPT (97/2000/2002)
Scrambled hyperlinks on action buttons (PP 97 SR-2)
tables borders (97)
Importing Excel charts into PowerPoint (97)
Music (97-SR1)
ALL text on slide to RTF? (PPT 2000)
Am I crazy? or what? (PowerPoint XP)
.PPS Extension (PowerPoint 2000)
MultiLine Axis Labels (Any)
PPoint missing arrows (PP 2000)
Odd Results using Animation Schemes (XP)
16bit vs. 32bit (PPT 97 SR-1)
Recently Used Files broken?? (2000)
PPT 2K ClipArt with MSO XP SBE Installed (2000 SR1
Slide shows (Office 2000 standard)
Multiple copies duplex?? (2000)
PowerPoint Animation (97)
Several Note Pages per page? (XP)
PowerPoint XP
Slide Show & Notes View (WXP - Office XP)
PowerPoint ezine 9 (All)
'Autoformat as you Type' (2000 SR 1)
Resizing a shape to make a pie chart (XP)
Web links in Powerpoint (Explorer 5.0)
Handout Page numbering starting at 15 (not 1) (97)
Sound Files On Web (2000)
Preventing ESC stroke in PPS (PPT 2000/2002)
Overwrite? (XP)
Adding a button/macro (Office 2000/SR-1)
Transition by Bullet (XP)
PowerPoint Viewer (XP)
Insert Graph from Excel File (2000)
Insert .HTM movie (PowerPoint 2000)
Chart colors getting cranky (PPT 2000)
PowerPoint97 Color Slide Printing Problem - Help ! (Microsoft PowerPoint 97 SR-2)
QuickTime Video Clip in PPT 2000 (PowerPoint 2000)
Hyperlink between slides in same presenation (Powerpoint 2000)
Master or background for printing (XP)
Printing in a kiosk presentation (2000)
Inserting pdf file (Powerpoint 97 SR-1)
Can't get Outlook to send presentation for review! (PowerPoint XP)
quality of VBA integration into PowerPoint XP? (PP
Format Painter vs. Pick up Style (2000)
Skip animation during a presentation (XP)
Bloated PowerPoint Files? (2000 SR-1 (9.0.5519))
Upgrading (2000 to 2002)
Animation (Powerpoint 97 - SR1)
eliminate executable warning message? (PowerPoint 2000, SR-1)
Tables with arrows (Powerpoint 2000)
My 2 MB file I sent for review became 12MB!! (2002)
find current slide index in slidesorter (PPT97)
File Name on Master Slide (2000)
suppressing a background (office 97)
Can't print landscape (XP)
Pwr Pnt Unexpected Error I/O error 6 (Power Point 97 SR2)
Object Animation Error (PP97)
file problem- can't open (PowerPoint 2000)
PPView32-Mistake! (PowerPoint Viewer)
Protect PPT/PPS files? (2000 SR1)
Can import PDF files into PowerPoint? (Powerpoint 2000)
PowerPoint (2000)
Need Print Dialog Only (PPT 2000)
PPT Thumbnail Previews Missing in Explorer (PPT 2002 XP)
auto run presentation (2000)
Powerpoint 97/Office 2000 (97/2000)
Powerpoint 2000 (W98 Sr2 PP2000)
Reset Properties Values (97/SR-2)
PowerPoint Security Problem (2000 SR-1a)
Import Word Form with Controls (97 SR2)
font change to Times Roman (Powerpoint 97)
Lack of MS Support for PowerPoint 97 (PowerPoint 97)
Mail handouts (PowerPoint 2000)
PowerPoint 2000 (4.9) Cannot Narrate Slide Show
I would like a large pointer (2000)
animated gifs by hperlink (97 sr-2)
Masters and Custom Animation (PowerPoint 2000)
pass word (office 97 sr-2)
If your having trouble with sounds read this! (Power Point 2000)
slide colour schemes & chart lines (97)
Sounds not saving (powerpoint 2000)
Standard language in Power Point (PP2000 9.0.2716)
Narration throoughout all slides (power point 2000)
Handout Master (Powerpoint97)
Using pens in Powerpoint (PowerPoint 97/2000)
PowerPoint sound effects by letter (97/2000)
Convert QT to AVI for PPT (PPT 2k SR-2)
Animated GIFs in Powerpoint? (Powerpoint 97 or 2000)
graphics compression (sr 2)
Copying formatting (Powerpoint 2000)
Selecting the whole presentation (2000)
Palette in Microsoft Graph (2000)
Set Program Option via VBA? (97 SR-2)
Custom Toolbar (9.0 SR-1)
PPT TO SCREEN SAVER (Powerpoint 2000)
animated gifs (offic)
Linking to Movies (PPT 2000)
overlapping circles (2000 (95 and 97 too))
Visible text over photo (PPT 2000)
Shortcut: Open Worksheet Object (97)
3D USA Map (Powerpoint 2000)
powerpoint gifs (ppt 2002)
mpg's no longer work! (PPT 97, SR-2)
web (html) into PP (2002)
Melding presentations (PPT 2000)
Big Red X - 2000
Animation Problem in PowerPoint Viewer (PowerPoint 2000)
Show & Return doesn't work in Custom show with avi (PPTXP)
Postscript Output (PP97)
Animated Gifs (PowerPoint 97)
Voice Overlays (PP97)
Red X (2000)
Macros in PowerPoint (Office 2000 SR1+2)
Zooming in PPT (97)
PP Viewer-Download (XP)
HTML to PPS (2000)
Exporting word to powerpoint (Powerpoint)
Best video format for PPT? (PPT 2000)
Can't Open the type of pres.ppt (2000/xp)
Custom Soundtrack (XP)
Run a Macro on Slide Open (PP97)
AVI Quality poor in Slideshow (PPT97)
Jigsaw effect (PP 97)
Powerpoint fonts changing (2000)
PPT Doesn't print what's on screen (2000 and 1997)
Imports (97 SR1)
Changing hyperlinks to plain text (Ppt97/Win95)
large file sizes for Power Point files with images (2000)
Word Outline to Powerpoint (2000)
need to create .cil files (PC Powerpoint 98)
Modifying a template background(Powerpoint 97)
Animate an object and advance to the next slide? (PP97)
Picture editor for PP97? (97)
Powerpoint to PDF (97 SR2)
Custom Show (PPT XP)
Paste Unformat Macro (PPT 2k SR-2)
Publish to .ASF option is missing (PowerPoint 2000)
Powerpoint 2002 Viewer (2002)
Placed .emf files seem to take more memory (PowerPoint 98 PC version)
Powerpoint Track Changes (XP)
Applying change to group of powerpoint docs? (powerpoint 2002/xp)
Multiple Masters (2000 SR-1)
file paths (Office 97)
Format multiple pictures at once
PowerPoint 2002 Viewer - Warning
picture object animation question
Book recommendation
PowerPoint 2000
more template questions
checking the template
Powerpoint on Dual Monitor setup
Drag and drop
Print the Properties
Remove Hyperlink Underline
Reduce File Size on Photo Slide Shows
Changing Templates
File name in header/footer
Presentation Total Time
Delete all logos at once
Fonts get smooshed on link
Printing jaggies
Design template differences in Pp2000
Saving as JPG
Auto-starting a macro
Default font, how to change?
View browser within a slide show
Default animation
Searching for Hyperlinks
Stringing presentations
Booklet in ppt
Notes Pages disappearing- PPT 97
Where can I find Free Design Templates?
goto slide
End show and start new app
Screen Beans (Beanies?)
Can't open project
Camcorder alternatives?
Password protection for presentations
Reversing Text
The Return of "Starting in Slide Show view"
Embedding Camcorder movie files in Slide shows
PPT 2K Charts possible on win98?
Snap to Grid default=ON
Missing Font Information
Handout format
Play Lists v Custom Shows
Text Box Auto Indentation
AutoExec Macro in PPT2K
Custom Date/Time Format
ODMA and Powerpoint
Truncated Excel charts pasted into PPT2K
animated line
Music in PowerPoint
Retrieving Animation Wav's
Hit a problem it couldn't recover from
Shortcut keys in Powerpoint 2000
Multiple animations at once
Animating an object off the slide
Speed of custom animations and transitions
Draw over slides
Part of the file is missing?
Overlapping Circles
PowerPoint for CDs
Web based PP2k sklides
master slide backgrounds
Template folder location
Hiding text in text box until clicked
Starting in Slide Show view
PPT97: Color Printing problem
Highlighted White Text
Argh -- embedded Word docs turn into pictures
supply and demand
Tables in PowerPoint
Automatic Formatting
Selecting Text in PowerPoint 97
Mixing chart types
PowerPoint 97
VBA animation variants...experts only
Powerpoint 97
Powerpoint HTML docs
Video clip path
PowerPoint 2000 Initial Screen Layout
Changing CD Drive
PowerPoint Shows Do Not Run
Acceptable font sizes
Formatting textboxes via VBA
White frame around background
Importing other ppt files
Applying a master slide
Colour clipart - advice on sources?
Publish to .ASF
Landscape & portrait on one slide show
Templates not showing up
Importing Pics from Word
Tables in Notes Page
Printing Notes in Binder 2000
VBA: Dynamically update content?
Playing CD under PowerPoint
Adding PP2000 Templates
Soundtrack feature?
Page Number + New...
Animation formatting-en masse
Special Characters
Slide numbers
Page layout
Paste Word Bullets
Continuation slides
right mouse click feature
Quiting an application
Flying Text
VBA script to hilight bullets
custom auto layouts
shortcut key for macro
video in powerpoint presentations
digital photos
Use of left/right mouse buttons
Combine a folder full of presentations into one
Correct grammer layout Capitals or no capitals
Excel link to PPT
Mailing One Slide
PowerPoint 2000
Invisible hyperlinks
PowerPoint 97 Printing problems
Powerpoint auto start
Filename and Path
Notes Master
Blank screen during presentation
97 vx.2000
Color Consistency
Text in the Outline Pane
"gosub" in Powerpoint
Slide advance doesn't work after media clip plays
Synchronize a CD