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Find Footer Text Box (Word 97 VBA) (235381) was removed
Table Headings Not Always Visible in PDFs (Word 2000 / Acrobat 5)
Can a template cell read another cell? (Word 2000)
Styles (Char) (Windows XP)
Colors in Track Changes (Word 2000)
Hyperlinked Table of contents (WD 2000/WD97)
Help with WordBasic (W97)
Dictionary Add-In for Word XP? (XP)
Take focus on Click (Win 97 SR2)
No spell checker (Office 97)
TOA - Mark All (Wd 97, 2000 & 2002)
Templates with 1 Prompt Window (2002/SP2)
Error message 5981 - can't open macro storage (Word 97 SR2)
Hidden garbage in WORD document (Word97/2000)
TOA's in Word (Word 2000)
Calling procedure in another template (XP)
Tools/References stopped working in VB editor (Word 97) (234442) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Word macro (Word 2000)
Metadata (Word 2000 SP 3)
Custom Commandbars in a merged document (97/2000)
Watermark questions (2000 SR-1)
Table sorting (Office 2K SR-1)
save turns into save as (version 5, word 2000 professional)
Loading own toolbar icons (Word 2000\SR1)
Questionnaire Template (2000)
Converting macros (W97 to W2000)
MS Manual Template (2000)
mail merge mergeformat (Word XP SP2)
insufficient memory (word97 sr2b)
Multiple autocorrect (Word 2002 SP2)
Non-printing user instructions in document (97 - 2002)
Block Delete (Word XP )
Object Changes Size (2000 SR1a)
Need CODES troubleshooting lesson (Office 2000 Pro)
If Statement and Text (2000 SR-1)
Default Alignment of Page Numbers (2002 SR2)
Gibberish when opening a 97 file in 2000 (2000)
Installing Adobe Acrobat (Windows XP PRO, Office XP Pro)
TOC field switches (2000/XP)
Catastrophic Failure (Office2kSP3)
Set default toolbars? (2000)
Word v. WordPerfect for litigation (Word 2000)
Autocorrect from Word 2000 to Word 2002 (Word 2002)
Edit .dic files (2002/XP)
Marginsoutside printable area (2000)
Template Saving with every doc save (Word 2K SR-1)
Need help Finding (Word 2K and >)
Remove items from the New Document Pane (Word XP/Win XP)
linked vs. embedded pictures (2000)
Can a macro start when copying a document? (Office XP, Word 2002)
Autosave VBE objects (97 2000 2002)
Macro Locations (Word 97)
Keeping flush & centered tab stops that way (all)
Read only templates (Word 2000/Win 98/2000 )
Inserting a Graphic (2002)
How to Optimize Microsoft Word (2000)
Printing Section Pages (XP)
Number of Pages problem (Word 2000 SR-1)
Odd Template Save (2002)
Installing and using custom templates in Word XP. (Word 2002)
Controling Window Scrolling (Word 2000-2002)
Remove all bookmarks (Word 2000 SR1)
Unmoveable objects! (Word2000/WIN98SE)
Hyperlinks in Word 2000 docs error (XP SR1 Home)
Document comparisons show same author (Word 2002)
Why Range.Paste failed? (1)
Strange happenings with template (Office XP 2002)
Delete to end of line in Macro (W2K)
Tab stop - Bar (Word 2002)
'Close' has disappeared from menu (Word 2000)
Word 2000 toolbars in IE (Office 2000 SR1)
Update a doc due to changes in content of template (Word 2002 / SP-2)
Zero with a slash (Word XP)
Multiple instances of a bookmark in a document (Word 2000)
Forcing enable macors to see pages (Word 2000)
Hiding text (Word 2000)
toolbars (2002 SP-1)
Word Minimizes on opening (Word 97)
Track Changes 'Changed lines' (2002)
Shift-Tab equivalent to WP (any)
Find Revisions (Word 2000 SR-1)
E-Mail (Word 2000)
save as text file warning (2000)
Policies and Settings (Word XP)
Linking between Word documents (Word 97/2000 and MSIE 5.01+)
Track Changes (Word 2002 SR2)
Word Hyphenation (WORD 2000)
File New Dialog box display (Word 2002 SR2)
Screen refresh (2000)
Creating a macro to print (2000)
Connect to Access query from Mail Merge Wizard (Word 2002 sp1)
Header Help (2002 v 97)
Easy Word Macro Help (Word 2000)
Automatic Style Updates in XP (Word XP)
Cross-reference problem (XP)
Office 2000 over Works Suite 2002? (Office 2000 Pro SR-1)
Images Printing Upside Down (Word 2000 SR1)
Automatic table resizing (2002)
Bookmark Add-in (Word 2000/SR-1)
AutoOpen (Word 2002)
Normal Template (97/2000)
Remove 'Read Only' (Woord 2000)
Custom dictionary automatically adds names (2002)
Change default grammar and style settings (2002)
Sections - Footnotes and Page Layout (Word 2000)
help - style, index and autotext (Word 2000 (9.0.6926 sp-3))
import data into personal address book (2002)
Mail Merge Word XP (Word XP)
Insane Printing Problem (Word2000)
General Templates location problem (Word 2002 SR2)
Change Indent of Toc header (Word 97 NL)
Autoshapes (Word2000)
TOC without a Tab Leader (97)
Scanning into a Word Document (MS Office 2000)
ipc.dll error (Word97 SR-2)
Disable an Options dialog box item (Word 2000 and XP)
Envelopes on a Merge (Word 2000)
track changes?
Extra lines in MMerge Labels (Word 2K)
Translating from English to Chinese (Word 97)
Insertions in Word 2002 (Word XP)
Word not opening (Word 2000 SP3)
Footnote formatting interfering with graphic (Word 2000)
'Restart Numbering ...' Not Available (9.0.3821 (SR-1))
can't change default font (Word 2002 SP-1)
modShadowmacros error (Word XP SR2) (229340) was moved to the WOPR Peer-to-Peer board
Footers appearing centered (Word 2000 - SR1)
Crop marks in Word XP - how to get rid of (XP)
Word/Excel (2002)
Word & Works
Smart Tags (Word 2002)
Word 2002 and Wordpad (Word 2002/SP-2)
I Miss Grandview (Wood 2000)
VBA: Mac vs PC (Word 97 and Word 98)
How to show File/Properties dialog box? (Office XP, Word 2002)
Help! Access to tmp file (2000/SP 3)
Tables & Text boxes or??? (Word 97/SR-2)
Word 2000 vs. Word XP (XP)
mailmerge (2000 and xp)
Document Variables (2000 SR1)
categories in word? (2000 SR1)
Word XP VERY slow (2002 sp2)
Auto Macros (2000)
Document Map Font Small (XP)
If you've been experiencing slowness.. (Word 2002)
Smart Tag Action Icon (Word 2002)
Odd Hdr/ftr Behavior (2000 SR1)
WLL file extension. (Word 2000 and 2002)
Word (All)
Why does WordXP constantly crash? (XP SP2)
Error on closing Word (Office XP, SP-2)
Printing multiple envelopes (Word '97)
TOA (Table of Authorities) (2000 (9.0.442 SR-1))
Flashing Taskbar (2002)
Reviewing Pane and Style Area (Word 2002/SP1)
Small size for plain text file (Word 2000 9.0.6926 SP3)
Can 97 & XP coexist? (Word97 SR2b)
WorkGroup Templates (Word 2000 v. 9.0.2)
Suppress Smart Tags in Web Page Preview(Word 2002)
Bates Numbering (Word XP)
Hyperlinks (Word 2k)
Access Violation working in tables (Word 97 SR2)
Show/Hide 'loses place' in document (Word XP SP2)
EDITTIME Field (97-XP)
Hyperlinks - unc or actual path (word 97 sr2)
Not showing word (Word 95)
Word Not saving (2000)
Word XP auto numbers don't appear (2002 (10.2627.2625))
Mailmerge -1 main doc with 2 datasources (word97 sr2b)
image prints from some pcs not others (word97 sr2b)
Mail Merge with Access query (XP)
The Reviewing Toolbar (Word 2002)
Drop-Down disappears (Office 2000)
Copy macro's from one template to another (Word 97 NL)
Word Crashing (Word XP SR2)
Print error message (word97 sr2b)
Open - Files of Type: (XP)
Fields - Number Seq (word97 sr2b)
Word & Explorer Lock-up (Word 9.0.2720)
Autotext (Office 2000)
lost password (2000)
Phantom Word xp typing (Office XP)
Lotus Word Processing (all)
Losing Default Settings (Word 2002)
Hyperlinks (Word 2000 SP3)
How to turn off the anchor for a bmp? (Word 2000)
Centering justifies whole doc (Word 2000)
loss of font colour on paste (Word & XL 97 sr2 in Win 2000/NT4)
Locking a Style (Word 2000 SR-1)
inserting clip art (word 10(xp))
Send to feature (Word 2000 SP3)
wrongly contnued numbered list. (word 97 SR-2)
extracting a picture from a word document (2000)
Forms & Protected Areas (Word 2000)
Word Bookmarks/Headers & Footers (Word 2000)
funny behavior when 1st opening doc (Word 2000 SP-3)
Hyperlink (Word 2000)
Enormous file size increase?? (Word 97 SR1)
How to... (Word 2000)
Address and Labels (Word 2002)
Lost my auto inserts in the footer. (Word 2000 (9.06926 SP-3))
Word opened from Taskbar (97/SR-2)
STYLEREF field (6.0)
Excel spreadsheet into Word (Excel/Word 2000/Win98)
Where do Label defs store? (Word 2002)
Line Spacing and Printing Problems (XP)
Mulitiple Decimal Place in a mail merge field (Word XP)
Hide/Unhide Graphics (2000)
Insert a field (Word 2000 /XP)
Locked for editing (WordXP)
Original templates that won't go away (Word 2000/Win 98)
Change InsertPicture to list view (10.2627.2625)
Neat, Printable Keyboard Shortcuts Page for Word (2002)
Paper Size (Word 2002)
Counting Syllables (WordXP)
= (formula) field error (Word 97/2000 (Spanish))
Keyboard Shortcut (word 2002) (224433) was moved to the General Windows Solutions board
Ruler displays wrong (XP)
Drag and Drop mixup (2000)
Table causes document file size to increase (WordXP)
Document Locked (Office XP)
Deleting Hyperlinks (Word 2000 SR-1)
templates (Word 2000)
Plain text mode for Word XP (Word XP)
Files on Network Slow to Open (Office 2002 SP-2)
Numbered Bullets don't restart from 1 (Word 2000 sr-1)
Save as returns (read only) (Word 2000)
Print view grid removal. (Word 10.4219.4219 SP-2)
Page Down key unintuitive behaviour (2000/SR1)
Find dialog box slow to popup (Word 97 SR2)
Clipboard Toolbar (2000 SR-1)
Changing Clipboard/Paste options (Word 2000)
Overwrote Alt-T and Alt-Z Keys (Word 2000)
Mail merging (Word XP Professional)
Show/Hide (2002)
Remove Headings from Template (Word 97 NL)
How can you Use Powerpoint links in a Word Form? (2000)
Protect file from being opened (Word SR-1)
Word 2000 Styles (Word 2000 SR1)
Combo Box Question (Word 2000)
File Sharing Problem (Multiple versions, cross-platform)
Word Deletion Confirmation (win2k/WordXP,SP2)
Word 2000 Clip Art Dialog Box (Word 2002)
Horizontal Lists (W2000 SR-1)
WORD Forms to use database (WORD2000+)
Font style has bold applied twice?
Web Page Wizard Problem (2002)
Unwanted duplex printing (2000)
Duplicate Form Fields on Demand (2002 sp2)
Checkbox in doc/table (XP)
Spanish spelling & grammar (Word 2002)
Margins problem with Laserjets (XP)
Word keeps on locking during merge (Word XP Small Business)
Runtime Error 13 (Word 2000)
Pdf file to doc file (2000)
Distributing toolbars (WordXP)
Word 'screen' partially missing (2000)
Bookmark references (2000/SP-3)
NAV & Word (Word 97)
Format behavior (Word 2000)
Mail Merge Interface (2000)
Opening Doc (2002)
Global templates? (2000/SP-3)
Winword. exe -invalid pg fault (Word97, SR-2)
Word 97 templates (97 NL)
Mail Merge (xp2002/?)
submenus (XP SP-1)
Diff. btw. Unload and Set obj=Nothing? (Win2000/O2K -UK)
Automatic update of fields (2000)
Word 2000 @#$! web toolbar (Office 2000 SR1)
Fine red dots (XP)
Inlineshapes - removing links to (WordXP)
outline numbering (XP)
Spelling & Grammar check disabled (Word 97)
SaveAll/CloseAll et al. (Word97/SR2)
Pictures turns in red X (Word 2002)
automatic footer in Word (Word 2000, SR-1)
Inserting Clipart (Word 2000 SP2)
activating new document (wd2000)
1706 warning Office Sr-3 upgrade (Word/Office 2000 SR-1)
wdDialogMailMergeOpenDataSource (2000/SP-3)
Data source filename (2000/SP-3)
How to turn the balloons ON/OFF (WordXP)
Word Locks Up When Changes Highlighted on Screen (W2K SR1)
Tables in Autotext (Word 97, 2000, 2002)
Phone Number Formfield Text Format (Word 2000)
Multiple TOCs in one document? (Word 2000 SR1)
Ancient Word (Word 1.1)
Auto Text (Word XP)
Task Pane (Word 2002)
Validate date in field (WIN 95 Word 97)
Draw Table (Word97/SR2)
Field Fill-In (Word 2002)
Printing Watermarks (Word 2000 + Windows 2000 Professional)
legal to letter tables (word 97 sr2)
Big Black line during input (Word 2002 10.2627.2625)
Word 2000 docs in 97 (latest version of 97)
Holding Selection (XP)
merging to Rolladex type file cards (Word XP Professional)
Mail merge one to many from Access (Office 2k, win 2k)
VBA - Scrrenupdating....does .View take precedence (Env: O2000 sr-1 on eit
Numbering 2nd page (Win XP Pro SP-2 Word 2002)
VBA Object Error 'AutoNew' (Word 2000 SR3)
Converting a Procedure Manual to PDF (2000)
Doc name or path not valid (2002)
Lost code when template is shared (Word 2K)
Multiple Page numbers in a document (Word 2002)
Hyperlinks in text (Word97 SR-2)
Compare Documents & Form Fields (2000 SR1)
Autocorrect Word 95 to 2000 (2000)
Calculated dates in Word (Word 2000)
Canceling a close (Word 2000 SR1)
Macros and Templates (Word 2000 SR1)
Rotating tables 90 degrees with page numbering (Word 2000 SR1)
Ghastly Line! (2k SR1)
Moving '' template between Word97 and XP (WordXP)
Styles by the 100 (XP)
User Cancelled (Word 2000)
Word 2000 printing (MS Office 2000 SR-2)
Custom Spell Check (2000 and XP)
Disappearing Code (Office 2000)
Word opens empty (Word 2002 10.2627.2625)
Hyperlink 'back button' limit?? (Word XP)
Envelopes & Labels (Win2k with Office 2K Premium SR-1)
Is there text in a Formfield? (Office 2002)
Word launch empties Clicpboard (Word 2002)
Word 2002 - books for beginners (2002)
Metadata (All Word versions)
Cut and Paste from IE (2000)
Fonts for PC and Mac (Win 98 Sr1 Mac OS 9.2)
Word Spy Fields (2000 SR1)
Mail Merge Problem (Word 2000)
Listing of Macros (W2K)
page numbers/2 per page (Office 2000 SR1)
Querying Word 2000 Bug (pre-SR1)
Can't Accept Changes in Routed Document (Word (Office) 2000 SR-1)
Word 97 + Excel 97 worksheet (97)
Word Doc Opens Outlook (2002)
hyperlink in word not working (2000 and 97 sr2)
Change Paper Tray Command Doesn't Work in XP (XP)
Word Document Gibberish (XPP/Word 2002)
Word Document Gibbirish (XPP/Word 2002)
Line numbered documents print with borders (Word97-XP)
Multiple users on Windows 2K (Word 2002 SP-1)
How to set the default document 'Save' properties (WordXP)
Text within graphic (Word 97)
Links in files for multiple users (Word 97 SR2)
Recent Documents (Word 2002/Windows XP)
Reminder to Re-protect document upon closing heade (2000/SR1)
Should a shared central template be READ ONLY ? (2k SR1)
Tracked Changes - Strikethrough Deletes? (XP)
Sort & Print Review Notes (XP)
Autotext different format then document (2002 WinXP)
Tracked Changes in Protected Form (Word 2000)
HTML Files Lose Graphics (Word 2000)
Blank Word doc opens for no apparent reason (Word / Outlook XP)
HTML files losing graphics (Word 2000)
Word 97 Problems (Word 97/ SR2)
Simultaneous editing in Word (2000)
Cascade Updates throughout documents? (2k SR1)
TOC Styles - how can I configure which ones I want (2k SR1)
rotate table (Word 2002)
Pasting and Resizing (Office 2000)
Linked files (word 2000)
Form Template (Word 97)
Put cursor in file list in File|Open (Word 2002)
Strange PDF Behavior (W97 + Acrobat 4.0)
Finding Substituted Font (Word 2000 SR1)
Help! deleted text switch (Word2K; Win2K)
Docked Toolbars (2002)
Carriage Return Line Feeds (Word 2000)
Controlling paper trays (2002/XP)
Formatting MSGraph from Word macro (Word 2000/XP)
Font size in linked Excel range (2000)
Storing info... but not in a document? (Word97/2000)
Marking Citation (Word 2000)
redlining disappears when printing (XP, sp2)
Word 2002 (current)
Disappearing Text (Word 2000)
Outline numbering (2000)
changing orientation in document (Word2000)
Word2002 exec error 5 (Word 2002-SR1)
Word automation (2000/XP)
Create CSS from Word XP document/styles (Word XP)
Word linking to Powerpoint (Word 97 SR-2)
Mail merge question using Yes/No fields in Office (XP)
TOC Alignment (Word 2002/SP-2)
New Office Document Dialog Box (Word2002 (XP) SP-1)
Creating Special Symbols in Word or other MS apps (MS whatever.)
Cancel Hyphenation for Single Word (Word 2000 SR3)
WordArt 2.0 - where is it hidden? (2k SR1)
Problem Printing Some Graphics... (2k SR1)
Don't add space between paragraphs (in a table) (2002/SP2)
Page numbering problem (2000)
Numbering (win2k sr1)
Embedded Font (XP)
Error merging Outlook Contacts to Word (Word 2000/Outlook 2000)
Confidentiality as email attachment (Word 2002)
Unable to Unprotect (Office 2000)
Tables of Contents and Headers Containing Quotes (Word XP)
Dialog Windows in Word (Word/Office 2000)
WIN 2000
Print just the pages with comments... (2k SR1)
Macro to change printing properties (2000/SR0)
Urgetn help required on Style numbering (Word 97 SR2)
word/excel (97) (214733) was moved to the VB / VBA board
TOC in Word (Word 97)
Do I need old Acrobat Reader? (2000 (Win2000)) (215894) was moved to the General Office Solutions board
Word Commandbutton problems (Woord 2002 SR-1)
Word VBA - Testing OnAction property (WordXP)
Replace with superscript (Word 2K, SR1)
Page Numbers in Footers Inconsistent (2002/SP2)
Mark text for non-indexing (2000)
Style problem (2000)
Replace with same value and something else (2000/2002)
Field Inserter for Word
Auto-Format Code (97 and >)
Document-based dictionary (97 and >)
FileCopy (Word XP)
Text cut off in print preview (2000 SR1)
Macro security settings keep getting reset (2002/XP)
AutoText in Document (2002)
Accept revision and jump to next one?
Page numbers don't work in TOC & Header (2002 latest updates)
File Size Shrinks When Breaking Links? (W2000 SR-1)
Save Word Embed Pictures to JPG File? (WORD XP)
Top margin changes when file saved (WordXP)
Paragraph Styles behaving like Character Styles (Word2002)
Full path on title bar (2000/SR-3)
Word 2002 and WP9- cut and paste (2002)
A 2nd Close Window 'X' Box in Menu Bar (2000)
Tax form - 1099 (2000)
A ... Z Hyperlink into Tables (2002)
Word program locks up (2002)
Word template problem (Office XP)
Selecting text in Word 2000 (Win98 SE & Word 2000)
increased line spacing with bold text (Word 97/WINNT/2K)
Paste Special - bitmap image (Word 2002 (SP1))
Mail Merge to a columnar format (Word 2000)
Word Macro (Word 2000)
Navigating Through Numbered Lists (2002/SP-2)
Desparate !! - Work needs to be in by 2pm (A2000)
Binder problem (Office 2000)
Print Preview v. Print View (Word XP SP2)
CD Booklet Template
Table of Contents Page Numbers (Word 2002)
Deploying ActiveX Controls (Word2002) (213693) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Inserting and resizing multiple pictures (2000)
Mail Merge Changes? (Word 2002)
Mail Merge (Word 2002)
cannot remove endnote (Word 97)
List of Figures Style Problem? (2k SR1)
Table borders now invisible (Word 2002)
Umlauts once again (Word XP - no SR)
'This one stumped Woody' (OfficeXP/SP-1)
inverting text (2000)
Recurring 'Save changes' for certain files (XP (2002) SP 2)
Using Enter to go the next table cell (Word 2000)
Links in Tables of Contents (Office XP)
Problem with locked document (2000)
Typing Speed (Word 2000 -)
Quick Removal OF Manual Paragraph Numbering (Word 2k)
mergefield testing (2000)
Shading Word Tables (Word2K)
Mail Merge (Word 2002)
Multi-doc TOC missing hyperlinks (Word 2000)
Track Changes - Print Reviewer's Initials (XP)
Macro for formatting a picture (Word 2000)
Umlaut character creation (Word (2000)
vertical text rotation (2000)
Word Templates & txt/ini files (Word 97 (SR2))
Opening Word 2002 documents in Word 97 (Word 97/Word 2002)
Global template (Word XP)
Macros Disabled (Word 2002)
VB Maestro needed! (97)
Attached template style list (Word2k)
Formating a linked Object with a macro (Word 97)
macroes migration (Word 2000)
Unsticky Settings for Insert Picture Dialog Box (Word 2002 (Office XP))
Images (Win98 W2000)
Virus checking (Word 2000 SR-1 / WXP)
UNC hyperlinks to hidden shares (XP/SR2)
Update field when document saved (Word 2000)
Compare Documents/ Merge Documents (97Sr2)
Word Startup From Double Clicking on FileName (Word 2000)
Word 97 's Dictionary (SR 2)
Favorites on Word toolbar different than in IE (Word 97/SR2 (Windows NT sy
If Mergefields (WinNT4, Word97)
Opening documents in new instance of word (97)
Printing Bookfold Doc's (Word XP)
TOC Style Problem (2k SR1)
CR does not activate highlighted button (word97)
Ballooning documents (Mac-> Word XP)
Styles & Numbering - best practices (Word: 97SP2, 2000 & XP)
Predefined FileName in wdFileSaveA Dialog (2000 no SR)
Mail Merge Link (2K SR1a)