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Wordwrap in columns (9.0.3821 SR1/Win95A)
comment, note, annotation (Word 2000)
Spellchecker accessing the French Dictionary (Word 2000)
Tables not showing gridlines (Word 97)
On screen view (Word 2000)
Frozen File (WXP - Office XP)
Numbered Lists in Word (97/2000/2002)
Form Templates & Spell Check (2000/2002)
Control inserted picture size (2002)
Adding to the address book (2000)
Where is Hidden File Detector? (0)
Format Painter (Office 2000)
Dr Watson when using Fields (Word 97)
Custom labels - where's my error? (All versions, but mainly XP)
Templates (Word 2000SR1a)
Equation Editor 3.0 (Word 2000 SR1)
Work group Template Tabs (Word 2002)
ComboBox Populating (2000 SR1)
mail merge to separate doc's (with automation?) (97)
Envelope Address (2000)
Upgrade woes
Caption and styles (Word 2000)
Issues with 'Hidden File Detector' (Word 97 / 2000 / 2002)
Inserting contact address into a document (Word 97 / 2000 / 2002)
Rulers (Word 2000 SR-1 / W98)
Fields (2000)
Automatically-Numbering Headings - how? (All, but mainly XP)
Spellcheck inside a table (2002/SP-1)
Format Picture (Word 97, SR-2)
Clipboard (WOPR 1.00.0017) (184728) was moved to the WOPR Peer-to-Peer board
TOC Alphabetizing (2000)
Turning text in text box sideways (Word 2000)
WordFix by Cimaware? (All versions of Word)
Word and project (2000)
Shading (Word 2000)
Freezing Deleting Bookmarks (2000/SR-1)
Drop-down Box (Forms Toolbar) (Word 2K)
No header, footer and pagenumber option in menu (97 (2000))
Copy table from pdf (Word 97, Acrobat 5)
e-mail merge (Office 97 SR2)
Copying Doc (WordXP-SP1; WinME)
Refresh Mail Merge (Office XP)
Sending a Word form directly through Outlook (Office 2000, MS Exchange Ser
Tracked changes that can't be reviewed (2002/SP-1)
Phantom Template (W97, Win98) (WOrd 97, Windows 98)
Macro to Mail Document (Word 2K)
Cross References... (W97)
Language Complexity (Word XP, WinME)
Insert/Symbol & Macro (Word 97/SR2)
Problems with 'Whats This' (Word 2K SR1)
Deleting Reviewers (Word 2002 Version 10.0)
Form Field Date Formats (Word 2000/SR-1)
Printing Envelops (Win 98 SE Word 2000)
Numbered Lists (Word 2000)
Startup task pane disappears (2002)
Microsoft Forms Error (Word 97 SR-2) (183676) was moved to the WOPR Peer-to-Peer board
Table of Authorities Macro in Word 2002 (Word 2002)
Extracting text from multiple docs (Word 2000)
Back link in Word inside IE (Word97/2000 IE5.01/5.5)
Drop Down Fields (Word 97)
Individual TOC entries (Word97/2000/2002)
Field Sniffer Trashes Spell Checker! (Word 2000 SR1)
Checking Documents In/Out of Word? (XP SP1)
Document Collaboration Spyware Frenzy (W97 SR-2 Spanish)
Printing Avery 2181 Labels (2002 SP-1)
Protection suddenly 'on' by itself? (97)
Field Form Tabs in Table (Office 97 or XP)
Inserting Files Word 2002 (Word 2002/XP)
Content disappears in Print Layout View (2002) (2002)
Shapes in Headers (Word 02 SR1)
Showing last 4 files in File menu (Word 2002)
Cannot open excel,word (2002)
Woody's Field Sniffer - Not in Tools (Office XP)
Woody's Field Sniffer Causing Problems (Word 97)
Moving data between docs (Word 2000)
E-mail from Word (2000)
AutoRecover File Location (2000)
Suggested changes to spyware fields sniffer macro (97/2000/XP)
Extracting URLs from Word documents (MS Word 2002 SP2)
Counting characters (XP/2K)
How to delete the active ? (Word 2000)
Magnification (Word 2002 SP-1 on Win 2000 Pro)
Cell Value based 'Find' (Word2002)
Replace multiple UNDO/REDO with single (WORD 97/2000)
Split Word Forum ? (97 et al)
Documents VERY slow to open (Word 2000)
VBA Shell (Word XP sr1) (182266) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Which Update to Download and Install (Word 2000)
Auto Text (Word XP)
Varying footers (Word 2000)
PDF toolbar/button in Word (97 Sr2 or XP)
Closing user forms (WinNT, W97)
Small change breaks macro (Word 6)
Word 3 for DOS files (2002)
Word AutoFormat option (97)
Word Template Locked (2000 SR1)
Spellcheck doesn't work with OE (7.0) (181825) was moved to the Outlook Express board
Word XP Saving to Floppy (Word XP)
Opening file opens new instance of Word (2000)
Woody's new 'sniffer' not sniffing! (Word 97)
Grammar Checker Word97 (SR-2)
PAGEREF to bookmark in text box (Word 2000 SR-1)
Edit a PRINTDATE Field Code (97 Sr2)
Envelop Printing (Word 2000)
Delete return after a table. (Office XP Professional)
Document Collaboration Spyware - Wordmail? (Word in Outlook - all versions
Section selection (word 2002)
DDE link for Excel mail merge (W95 Office2000 9.0.2720)
Fonts in Word (Office 2000)
File opens in online layout view (97 SR2)
Removing hard returns in ezines (Word 2000)
Text Shifts in Labels (2000/SR-1)
Macro to toggle hidden text (Word 2000 SR 1)
Macro String Search (Word2002)
Finer Points of Mail Merge (Word/Excel 2002)
Table Not Accepting Style (Word 2000 SR-1)
Inserting & Resizing Excel Spreadsheets (2000)
Printed page not matching screen displa (WinWord 2000 SR-1)
Word VBA SaveAs bug (2000 SR1)
Accent Marks (2000)
Inserting a file (Word 2000)
Track changes (Win XP/O 2002)
Installing Clipart Word 97 (Office 97 Pro SR-2)
Removing Page Numbers from converted file. (2002)
Need code to set doc. to read only and vs (Office 2000 Word SR-1)
Coloured text in Equation Editor (Word2002 Sp1)
opening a password protected doc (97/SR2)
Macro Problems (97-SR 2)
Really BIG Word docs (Word 2000 SP2)
track changes views are reversed (word97 sr2b)
Add... option disabled in spell checking (97)
Macro (Word 2000)
ghost file (2000)
Launch .pdf file from Word (2000/9.0.3821 SR1)
Recovery File?? (Word 97)
Pasting text (Word 2K SR-1)
Table Properties (WORD 97)
Square feet symbol (Word 2000/XP)
Can't get at footer to format page number (Word 97)
Quick Switch (Word 97SR2)
WP 9 convertor (2000)
Table position on a page (WORD 97/2000)
Windows Registry error message (Word 97)
Macro Probem WOPR97 (WOPR97) (179531) was moved to the WOPR Peer-to-Peer board
Date Field Codes (Word 97)
Word macro code help please (Word 2K)
Word Window Problem (Word 2000) corrupts (2000 SR1)
Maximum number of autotext entries per template (Word XP)
Helpful marks? (Word 200 +)
Word shows and prints dots under baseline (2002)
Word Freezes of Save then Print - Word 97 SR2 (Word 97 - SR2)
print range in a mailmerge result (97)
Table Border Line Width (Word97)
macros not allowed in Win 2000 (word 97)
Does Word VB Look Ahead? (2000 (SR-1a))
Sniffing out Suspicious Field Codes (97-2000-XP)
Document Collaboration Spyware (Word 97)
Text Repeats in Printed Table (Word 2000 sr1)
Spell Check in Forms (2000)
Word Freezes Opening Files on Network Share (2000 & 2002)
Converting Word 97 docs to HTML (97/SR2)
Service Symbol (Word 2000)
Number lists reset (Word 97 SR-2)
Reset page numbers in VB (Word 97 SR-2)
hidden section break causing loop in word (word97 sr2b)
Delete confirmation (2000 / SR1)
Mail merge (Word 2000)
Updating another user's document with Styles (Word 2002 using Win Pro 2000
Getting info from Active Directory (Word2002)
Scrambled background colors (Word 2000)
Need Word template help! :) (Word 97/SR2 )
Formatting (Office 2000 Word)
Macros (Word 2000)
insert auto text is 'blank' (word 2000 9.0.2720)
Field brackets (97)
Columns (Word XP)
Avery 5160 Labels (Word 97/2000)
Documents with extra words (Word 2000 sr 1)
Placing template on a tab in Word 2000 (2000)
systray (Office 2002 / Win XP Pro)
Graphics and Text Layers (W2K/XP)
Question about tables (Word 2000)
word freezes (Word/Office 2000 SR-1)
Disappearing Pictures! (Word 2000)
Word form 2000 to 97 (2000)
File Open/Save Listing - Strange Behaviour! (2000 SP2)
Table Weirdness (Word 2000Win98/SR-1)
Printing 2 pages onto one sheet (Word2000 9.0.4402 SR-1)
Auto dates (XP)
Save changes to what? (word 97, SR 2)
Hyperlinks (Word 97)
Thesaurus (Word 97)
Word 95, time for a Eulogy? (Word 95)
Page numbering svcpack (Office2000)
WORD (WORD 2000)
A5 Format (Word 98)
Odd Word Find/Replace Behavior (Word 2000 SR-1)
Forms checkboxes (W97, WinNT4)
Word 97 Can I look at 2 files at the same time? (Word 97/SR2)
Linking tables, F9 - looses format (Win2000, O2K SP-2)
Screen vs Print symbol (WORD 2000 SR-1)
Can't Touch This! (2000/SR-1)
If then else statement in Word 2000 (2000)
Odd behaviour (Word 97 SR-2, Win 95)
Cell property not obeying recorded macro (2002/SP-1)
Using custom templates from 97 with Word 2000 (2000)
Track changes, not working in table cells (Environment: Windows 2000, Offi
Table on the run (97)
Spellcheck Unprotected Section of Protected Form (Word 2000)
Bizarre Document Section/Header problem - Urgent (Office 2002)
Templates & Outlook (Word 2000)
Sorting lists (Word 2000)
default text wrap for graphics (XP)
Tab inTable toggles between docs (2000 SR1)
picture appears as text (Word 2000)
Remove hyperlinks, en masse (2002)
AutoNew Macro (Word 2000 SR-1 )
Tracking (97)
Word Fillin Field template - need to add a next (Word 2000)
Show all except Hidden Text (2002/97)
Find by Font Size (2002)
Copy/Paste/Import PDF into Word (97 SR2 or XP)
default saves (Word 2000)
VBE folders - MSForm.exd (Word 97)
Pasting Excel to Word Table (Word XP SP2)
Scroll bar (Word 2000Win98/SR-1)
Word (XP)
What does my custom menu item do? (2000)
Differant Page Header (Word 2000)
Inordinately slow file closure (Word 97)
database info to database program (Word 2000)
2 printers, toolbar buttons? (Office 2000 SR2)
Word and htm (word xp 2002)
extra page in template (xp)
Side-by-Side Word Windows (Office 2000 SR-1A)
Table formula (Word XP SR-1)
Help required with rounding (2000)
Strategy Template (All)
track changes - how to change author tracks? (word97 sr2b)
IF field Formula (Word 2000/SR-1)
Generating TOC from TC Entry field in a footnote (XP SP-1)
Is Office XP SR-1 installed (Office XP)
Outline (Word 2000 SR-1)
Cell address (Word XP, SR1)
Word is Broken (2000 1a)
Font Substitution (Word 2002)
wrapping text in a formfield/table (2000)
How to make columns line up? (Word 2002)
Page Numbering again (Word 2000 SR1)
Document corruption (Several versions)
= rand (200,99) (Word 2000)
ATA2200 doc standard (W97/XP)
table/template problems (97/2000)
Clipboard Toolbar (Word 2000/SR-1)
I Want My Multiple Document Interface!!! (Word 2000/SR1)
Normal dot (XP 2002)
Automation problem (97/2000)
Legal Blackline (XP SP-1)
Caption Numbering Problem (2k SR1)
MIsbehaving graphics (Word (& Excel ) XP)
Startup sound (2002 sp2)
Is registration required?
Meta Data (Office Premium 2000)
File won't save properly (Word 2002)
Minimise space of a table (word97SR2)
Automatically Update Styles (Word 2k2)
footnote problems (Word 2000 SR-1)
paper size (97/98/200)
2 date fields in MS Word
Master Document Cross-Reference (XP)
Paragraph styles problem merging table cells (Word 2000/SR1)
Doc. won't save?! (2k SR2)
Word crashed&my file disappeared off my hard drive
Repeating table form on successive pages (Word 97)
Spell Check won't work (Word 97 SP2)
SPs or SRs ?! (XP)
How to fix doc ? (XP no SR or SP at present)
How to install SP1 (XP no SR at present)
Custom menu madness (Word 2000)
Catalog mail merge (2000)
Columns To Table? (2000)
97WOPR.DOT (wopr97) (171976) was moved to the WOPR Peer-to-Peer board
printing tracked file (Word XP)
Word Art print corruption (W98FE/Word 2002)
Older docs crash Word XP (2002)
Editing mail merge letters (Word 2002 (with Access))
Date Formats in Mail Merge (W2K SP1)
Change case during merge (Word 97)
Seq Field (Word 2000)
weird templates (97/2000)
how to use IF and ASK/FILLIN fields together (Office XP)
Tab Stops in Custom Outline (Word 97 SR2)
Exclusion Dictionaries
Setting workgroup templates path by policy (Word 2000)
Automatically delete a file after X days
Table Style (98, 2000, 2002)
Form Fields
Underlining (97/SR-1)
97 Styles mess up in 2000 (Word97-Word2k)
Track Changes - Original Author Not Seen (O2K SR1)
Word 2000 Corrupts (Word 2000 SR2)
Disk is Full error (Word XP SR1)
Paste Explorer to DOCument (word97/sr2)
Turn off file name autocomplete (Word XP (2002))
macro hiding somewhere (W97 SR2 on Win 2000 / NT4)
Updating Footer Fields with Code (Word97)
simple, clean HTML output from Word 2000 (2000)
Printing envelope on HP officejet (2000 9.02720)
Vertially Tiled Windows (O2002)
TOC inclusions (Word 97)
Tool Bar buttons unavailable (Word 97)
Tabs following Heading styles (w2k)
Dialogs not closing (Word XP /SR1)
Adding printer icons (Word 2000)
Foreign language in US version of Office 2000 (Office 2000)
Mis-Sized Labels (see WOW 7.38) (97, 2000, and 2002)
Word 97 & VB: Starter Book (Word 97, Windows 2000)
Column Woes (2000)
help with graphics (Word97/XP)
Comments (Word 2002 SP-1)
Creating a Set of Similar Handbooks (2000)
Moving Table Columns/Rows (W97, WinNT4)
Main dictionary filename (Word 2000)
Word2002 crashes after template used (OfficeXP SR1 + WinXP)
work documents (word xp)
Mail Merge font size in Word:Mac v.X (Office:Mac v
WinFax 10.02 Crashes Word 2000? (Office 2000 SR-1)
What purpose do Anchors serve (2000 SR1)
Restarting numbering in numbered paragraphs (2000
complicated form using needed (Office XP)
Recorded Macro Does Not Work As Expected (Word 2000)
Inserting a graphic in a header or footer (2002 SP1)
Word 2002 not responding (Word 2002)
MACROS (Word 2000)
How to determine if a UserForm is open (2002 SP1)
help with templates / file locations (97/2000)
HELP - Table Problem (Off 2000)
Opening Word 2000 doc in Word 2002 (W2000)
Automatically Update Document Styles (Word 97 or 2000)
Can Word Automatically Strip Graphics to make docu (2000)
Footer Boarder has numbering applied (Word 2000)
Macro to open excel file (97/2000)
Page numbering in Mail Merge is incorrect (XP)
TMP files - How to turn OFF! (Word97 SP2 - Win98se)
Printing dropdown lists (W97, WinNT4)
VBA to exchange Styles (W2K SR1)
Spellchecker (Word2000 9.0.3821 SR1/Win95A)
VB to access and change Document Properties (Word 97)
deleted track changes not printing out
Making business cards (Word 2000)
Word Table (Office 2000)
Word Mail Merge page length (XP)
Forms (Word 2000)
Word ToolBar Gone (2000)
Booklet printing problem (2002 sp=1)
VBA code for updating footer fields (Word 2000/XP)
WordMailmergeLimits (Word 2000)
Nasty Little command bar (Office 2000)
WHEN was master documents fixed? (U Tell Me)
Memory Problems - Hidden Bookmarks (2000/SR1-a)
Templates and Macros (2000)
Macro to Paste excel data to Word doc. (Office 2000)
cross-reference (2000)
clip art error 0x80004005 (word xp)
Ctrl+N (2000)
Disappearing Footnotes (2000 SP2)
Added custom word acting stupid! (XP)
Table printing problem in Word 2002 (Office XP)
View Word doc. on 1 page? (XP)
Index w/ more precision than page, LIne #, ?add in (word xp)
Creating command bar only in the current active do (2000)
Word 2000 page layout view (Word 2000)
Deleting Empty Paragraph Marks (Word 2000 Sr1a)
Competencies in Word for Legal Secretaries (XP)
Use a template vs. doc? (2000)
How to get document with controls out of 'design' (2000)
Problems using Clipboard (Office 2000 SR1)
Sharing documents between Word in 97 and in 200 (Office 97/2000 Windows/20
square root (2000)
Can keyboard shortcut be made for Insert>Bookmark? (2002)
word 2002 speller update failure (2002 SP-1)
Word XP Mail Merge and Excel (XP)
Defaults (Word 97)
SpaceBefore in VBA (Word 2000 SP2)
set text to not print (2000)
Insert AutoText using Macro from template (2000 SP2)
UK Grammar Check and 'Trade Mark' (2000 SR1)
Missing 'Page Setup' when document loaded (Word 97)
Word opens in different zoom sizes (Windows XP / Word XP (Word 2002))
Interrupt running VBA code (Word97 Sr2b) (166503) was moved to the VB / VBA board
Label Borders 'Disappear' (OFFICEXP SR1A)
Is there a method for copying shortcut menus (Word 2000)
Document Recovery (XP)
Word 97 - 2000 template conversion problem (2000 )
Wildcard find/replace (2000) unending bloat (2002)
List Styles (Word 2002) (2002)
Simple form (Word 2002)
Standard Toolbar Buttons Disappear (Word 97)
Identifying Outline Section containing a comment (Word 2000 SR1)
Word Slow Screen Redraw (Office XP)
Backspace in Answer Wizard (2002)
Word Doc (XP) Need some help with VB code (Word 2002 (XP))
PDF crashing (2000)
Bulk Mail Order (Word 2000)
Is Autorecovery = Autosave in Excel ? (97)
Saving slow due to FileSave macro (Word 97 SR2)
Close Access After Mail Merge (Word & Access 97)
TOC picks up entries, but not page numbers (Word 2000)
set dirty (Word 2000 SR1)
Hiding elusive cursor (Word 2000)
Mail Merge issue (Word 2000)
WORD - TABLE (2000)
Default # of copies (2000 SR1)
spin button (Word 2000)
Limit crash to 1 thread? (XP)
Web toolbar (Word 2000 SR 1b)
Computer locks up opening any document (Word 2000)
Hyperlink in document template (2000 (9.0.3821 SR-1))
Lost access to word file (word 2000 sp1)
Word 2002 Ruler (Word XP)
Tab to fields in a template (Word 97)
File Opening Word 2002 (Word 2002 SR1)
How to Track and go to Document areas that update (Word XP)
Typing in Portuguese (97 Sr2)
Merge One to Many from Access (97 Sr2)
Word Wrap (Word 2000)
Visual basic runtime error (97)
Page Border (2002)
Label Structure (97 & 2000)
Insert address smart tag (word xp)
Crazy Quotation Marks (2000 SR1)
TOC from Outline Levels & Marks (XP)
Saving as HTML to fix corruption (Word 2000, SR1)
Word loads on boot (XP/XP)
Anchor Symbol (OXP-SP1; WinME)
Invoking bullets or numbers changes everything (Word 2K, SR-1)
Copying control button with mac (Word 97 SR2 Win95)
Single Contents Page from multiple documents? (XP)
Footnotes (2000)
Vertical text (Word 97)
end of table - want to insert paragraph mark (w97 Sr2b)
Autonew macros (Word 2000)
Master documents and circular references (WIndows 98, Office 2000)
Slow typing (XP on WinXP)
Auto Oultine - Breaking Character (Word 97)
Organiser (word 2000)
Draw Curly Brackets? (XP)
Headings not to show in Contents Page? (XP)
DOC to TIFF (2000 SR-1)
Size of template (DOT) file (Word 2000/SR-1)
Hyperlink oddities (Word 2000 SR2)
Check Spelling As you Type not working (Word97/SR2)
Graphics-not printing (Word 2002/Word 2000)
Windows Explorer - run time error 5
File Bloat - Word (Win NT/Office 2000)
wopr 2000 and word 2002 (xp)
Calculations from multiple tables (Word2000)
Spell Check - Excluding Proper Nouns (Word 97 or 2000)
graphic borders on labels (word 2000)
Indenting Numbered Lists (Word 2000 SR-1)
Copying Tracked Changes (XP SP-1)
Filepaths (WinNT, W97)
Converting PDF to Word (W97 ACR5.0)
Switch off menu function? (XP)
Protect & Lock Word Doc. (XP)
Text box in Graphic Border (2000 SR-1)
Hidden Symbols & Finding Files (Word XP)
Auto # in Table Content (2000)
paste B&W PPT slide into Word in Office XP? (Word
merging into a form with text fields (97/SR1)
AGH! Tables in Word 2000 (MS Word 2000/SR1)
Work Command (Word 2000)
Send Mail Recipient Fails (Word 2000)
can this even be done with a Word doc?? (Office XP edition)
Date fields (Word 2k)
Page numbers across files (Word 97+) is missing (XP)
Update 300 documents quickly (Word 2000 & 2002 (xp))
Hide Spelling won't stay off (Word 2000)
Print Specified Pages Only (Word 97SR2)
Ruler not snapping to tick marks (XP SR1)
Reset Menu (2000)
Quickly reduce file size of docs with pictures (2000)
Center StyleRef over graphic in header (W2K SR1a)
Fixing Corrupt Word Doc. (XP)
Protected Forms - Grayed out menu items (XP)
word tables (Office 97)
Can only open existing docs (2002 SP-1)
Toggling bold and italics doesn't work (XP) (XP SP-1)
Reviewing toolbar automatically appearing (XP)
fontlist (word2000)
running more than one doc in word (2000 sr 1a)
Disappearing document (Word 2000)
Auto-text transfer? (2000/XP)
Alt File Open subdirectory change.
Zip Disk Template (Word 2000)
Can't Use Page Up or Down in Print Preview (word 2000/Win98SE)