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include page weirdness
Copy Data (Frontpage 2002)
Changing Web Hosts (Front Page XP)
Referring to a .js file
Reset Counter (Front Page 2000)
Page not Loading (FrontPage 2000)
resetting a frame page
Scroll Bar (2000)
dynamic combo box
tracking the last page
how to know about web server errors
Does FrontPage include an HTML validator? (all)
Validating HTML files
Can't Publish Pages After Windows XP Upgrade (2000 and 2002)
Output to Excel
Publishing Pages (FP 2000 V4.0.2.3821)
a great article for all you web programmers
GoTo in VBScrpt
Converting Data Types
Hyperlink Default Name (FrontPage 2003)
Run Program from Link (2003)
no more mailto?
Formatting rich text in asp
Server, browser or javascript issue?
Script in ASP
Testing scripts
Replacement for MS Web Publishing Wizard
free gif clipart
Linking to framesets
Hangs during publish (FP2003 SP1)
Irritating Folders (Frontpage Office 2003)
Create a form - 'Personal web server' (2003)
Windows 2K truncating file names
Dynamic Web Templates (FP 2003)
Puting coding into one table
CSS and printing pages
VBscript Hibernation
Passing a value to an INCLUDE page
Front Page (2002)
RTF textbox in a web form
FP error msg-unable to access (Front page 2000)
database error (Front Page 2003)
Problem publishing to server (xp)
Adding a shared border (xp)
FrontPage Express (Windows XP)
cleaning up website files (xp)
PuTTY vs other telnet programs
Internet Searching
Web Security Strategy - Hints?
Dreamweaver Lounge?
Thumbnail page view
Password to open (2000)
Override CSS Link Color
Where? (2000)
Cell Corners and Shadows (2003)
jascript db connection
Javascript, IE, Firefox.
link inside div
Confirmation Page (2003)
HTML newbie
Layers and Behaviors (2003)
what's wrong with this code??
Adding Background Sound (FrontPage 2000)
Comments in CSS
restore a deleted directory (FP2000 Win2KPro)
Keyword stuffing - need to fix - how?
Web skills certifications?
Force Browser Refresh
Web Hosting Services (FrontPage 2000) (397636) was removed
Edit By.... (Front Page 2003)
Text loses carriage returns
Identifying Tables
Database Query (Frontpage 2003)
Dynamic tables in classic ASP page
XSLT Sorted Subset of XML File
More T-SQL!!!
ASP w/Access Database
Correct website sloth diagnosis?
Upload Files from Client to ASP Server
embedded email links
IIS 6.0 for....
Publishing Problem (FP2002/Windows 2000)
Returning a value from SQL Server Stored Proc
WOPR / FP error msg (FP 2003)
javascript for re-writing form field values
Hiding file structure (2002)
conditional drop-downs on a web page
Convert ASP code to a Stored Procedure
Fast & Easy photo slide show using ASP.NET
Full Screen (FrontPage 2002)
Usability (6.0)
VB Script - Activate Window
Identifying a Web Site folder (FP2002, Office 2003)
ASP Page
Word Art (FP2003 XP)
Title changed (2000)
Printing a Web Page (XP/SP2)
How much conflict am I asking for?
Underlined text (FrontPage XP)
Naming a web (FP2003 XP)
SQL Server weirdness (ASP)
Hyperlink Title
My Own Web Site (381948) was moved to the Other OSes - Palm / Linux board
Link to intranet webpage
E-mail link with Subject auto-populated
Search Component (2002)
Bold /
My Own Web Site
Odd behaviour in an ASP Class function
Adding graphics (xp)
Help with javascript (IE6)
password validation in a form input (Frontpage 2003)
CSS - Landscape Print (2002)
Downloading files (XP, I think)
Animated GIF software recommendations wanted (2003)
Open Page By Clicking Logo (2000)
Open Adobe Reader automatically
Web Hosting and Domain Registering
Setting up a LISTSERV
CSS Styles - custom (2k)
Launch new window
Annoying My Network Place additions from FP (2002)
I didn't put these links on my page. Who did?
FrontPage 2000 and Office 2003 (FP 2000)
Frontpage 2003 killing shared borders (Frontpage 2003)
Link to a bookmark? (xp)
vbscript combo box (vbscript)
Embedding sounds in a web page
MARQUEE tag (Mozilla Firefox 0.8)
creating a Back button (XP)
Disable Enter on NS6+
Where Art Thou O Extensions? (2000 SR-3/Win XP)
.js include file for holding validation code
Exit Frame in Navigation Bar (2002, sp2)
Date Validation
Web Design Newbie (wanna be)
Migrating to web base app
Any Code for Determining Screen Resolution?
string testing in Javascript
VBS - IP Address
Forms response FP2003 (FP2003)
Hyperlink in CDONTS
Frontpage SErver Extensions (Frontpage 98/2000/2002)
SSL on a webserver
CDONTS e-mail HTML format
X-Platform-ready Framed Site
Outlook items (FP2000)
can css do this?
Catching Session Expire Event
Web Hosting Services (FrontPage 2000)
Formatting a CDONTS e-mail
calling multiple functions in VBScript
Web hosting redux
Database Interface Wizard (2003)
where is a manual/guide to... (win2000prof)
Determining when a file on a website was changed
ASP Scripting Problem
Frame to Different Website (2002 SP2)
Document Rating
Frames (Frontpage 2002)
feeling lazy!
Downsizing Art
Hidding email addresses (2000)
Script Errors and Character Set
Javascript move to Link
Photos (2003)
Cannot use FP on IE (FP 2002)
ASP for SQL reports to Apache
Visits vs. Hits (FrontPage 2002)
Forcing a file to download (2003)
Website Data Entry (FrontPage 2002)
Bizarre code rewrite (2002)
Creating tables on the fly
Intranet Publishing Policy
Build a website
Search Results (FP 2002)
Installing Standalone Version in own folder (FP200
what's wrong with this javascript?
not working with XP (98)
Linking To MS Office Files (2002)
Automatic jump on Page Not Found
Feedback Page (2003)
YAVQ (Yet Another Validation Question)
allow others to post to web site
Discussion Web (FrontPage 2002)
Eye strain and website (mis)design
Site Server problem
Database/ECommerce (2003)
resetting a text box value
Web Server Idle? (xp)
Two Column Table
Followed Link
Dynamic checkboxes!
Writing code to Shared Borders (Front Page 2003/XP)
Publishing 2000 on XP (2000)
Javascript Validation Library?
javascript hell passing form values to a function
HTML basic question (??)
Right Click prohibited on websites?
Frontpage preferences (FP2002/Win2002)
Redefine UL tag with CSS
Javascript: Login Form (What's wrong with it?)
Problem using Word as an HTML editor
print a form on the web
What to use instead of Front Page 2003? (FP 2003) (349788) was moved to the Web Design, Coding and Scripting board
What to use instead of Front Page 2003? (FP 2003)
Nice, Neat Pictures (WINXP-FP2000)
Dreamweaver Jump menus
Masking Email Addresses (2002)
PSP method for placing screenshot onto monitor
Automatically updating/refreshing your webpge (Front Page XP SP-1)
Graphic File Names (2000)
FrontPage Help system (2003)
Forcing a NEW LINE in ASP
Blank photo
Include file not found (FP 2002)
Hyperlinks don't update (Frontpage 2000)
Navigation Bar (Front Page 2003)
Site print problem
Which programming language?
Changing Drop Down menu size
saving to MyWebs (2002-sp2)
Editing a Cold Fusion site with FP (Front Page 2002)
automated credit card tools
Perl - Validating Fields
Multiple links
Need a sound editor (2003) (340134) was moved to the Software Finds and Wants board
RE: Off -the-shelf websites
Dual image flip problem
Creating E-newsletter using Frontpage (2000/2002)
Problems with 'Publish Web' (FrontPage XP)
office icons (2002)
Picture Properties (2003)
Opening MMC files (Want to use clip on website)
Referring to a frame
WAP (2002)
Drop Down Menus.
Cleaning up HTML (97 & XP)
Error when changing Form Properties (Front Page 2002 SP-1)
Script Editor opens multiple temp files (2002)
Delete Root Directory (2000)
display 'new' image only once per view (any/all)
non breaking paragraph from GUI (2002 SP2)
Copy File Script
Send e-mail using client side Java script
Missing script code (Front Page 2003)
FP 2003 Table Properties window too long (Front Page 2003)
New Database in FP (FrontPage 2002)
Download Counter (2002)
Background design (332313) was moved to the Pix Place board
Microsoft Office Picture Manager Starts First (FP 2003)
menu design options
Setting fonts in a table
Interactive Buttons (2003)
Forms (FP 2003)
Submitting site with Google (XP)
force page scroll with JS
unusual request
Frontpage (2000)
Newbie having trouble with 'Publish Web' (2002)
force window to top
'Offshoring' (329761) was moved to the Scuttlebutt board
HTML Questions
Pass url to open a window then refresh to a new pa
JavaScript to append table data
Java question
Apache GUI/Front-End
A WOWser gets published
Forms (MSFP2002 )
clean nav bar
My website being spoofed by junk mailers
Navigation view (FrontPage XP)
Set pages to fixed size (2003)
changing default theme setting (2000/SP-3)
Hosting Excel on web page
Adobe PDF Files
Web develop tool advice sought
General Web development question (2002 sp2)
hover buttons and banner ads not working (xp - xp windows )
Can't See Hidden Folders/File (FrontPage XP on Windows XP)
Do MACs have trouble with
VScript and WMI
Form Result Problems (FP2003)
InMotion Theme no Longer in Motion (FP 2003)
Sharing content across sites (FP2002)
Command to open IE Control Panel on specific zone?
Making a call once menu system
Javascript shake function
Make VBScript's copyfile show a status bar in XP
Office Web, 2003
My FP HTML pages don't work on Macintosh (FP2000)
Microsoft Image Toolbar
Newbie struggling to publish (FP 2002/WinXP SP1)
Empty response from FrontPage Server Extensions (Front Page 2000 SP3 / XP
DHTML Puzzle Problems :-(
Feedback Response Form (XP)
Front page does not publish (Front Page 2000)
(VB) Downloading a file
Retaining My Webs when changing FP versions (Front Page 2003/WinXP)
A WOWSER gets published
Cannot run Web site templates (FrontPage 2002)
Automating software with MS Script
Is there a way to ban an IP from viewing the site? (2003)
MxDataGrid Display Problems
How to open page in frameset when page accessed
PHP web form/ mail (Any)
Password Protection (Frontpage 2002/2003)
Supressing Javascript print (2002)
Tip of the Day method...
Java script not working
Cascading Menus
Getting data from an OLEDBDataReader
IE6 Controls on forms
Subwebs (2000/SP-3)
AOL says 'page not found'
How To Find Actual Location of Web Files on Server (2000)
formatting output
No right-click for photos loaded in frames
Excel no longer pasting backgrounds (Frontpage 97
Downloaded Web Page - non-functioning script
Publish / Discussion Group (2002 / SP1)
JavaScript to insert into table
Safari trashs Web pages (FrontPage 2002)
Using an ASPx home page (2002 SP2)
Registering/transferring domains
Rules for web data
MS Access Passwords (303078) was moved to the Access board
Force Page Size (FP-2002)
Hyperlink rollover effects (XP)
Borders & Tables - Word 97
Got it; Can't Run It (OXP-SP2; WinME)
front page error #e0024 (4.0)
Showing PDFs (2000/SP-3)
Force a download of .html file?
hidden values on a form
hyperlink in a new window (FrontPage 2000)
Web Design
Javascript for a popup
HTML: Add Subject to hyperlink?
Finding unneeded files (97)
A new user of FrontPage (FrontPage 2002)
blasted pop-up messages at my website
Formatting an HTTP POST message...
Frontpage thinks everyone is in N Hemisphere! (2002 10.4128.4219)
Mark ActiveX control as safe
Associating new data to existing data (FP 2002)
word wrap in frames (FP2002)
User Account Problem
Creating A Site Map
Multiple Web Sites On One Server/IP
Preserving Format in Cut and Paste
ActiveX (Flash) and persisting user data
Last Edited Date Incorrect (Front Page 2000)
Images in web pages
Breadcrumb Trail
PDFs in searches (FP2002)
Active Perl & CGI Scripts
Untitled document index page
Passing Data from a table to a submit statement
not strictly a problem... (292192) was moved to the Software Finds and Wants board
FP 2000 vs. FP 2002 Compatibility (2002 SP2; 2000
form validation problem = easy??
Disguised email addresses (Frontpage 2000)
Database Results Wizard Error (02)
Vertical spacing on web page (any, really!)
Changing default font (Front Page 2000/WinXP)
original folder (98)
Pasting from Word into FrontPage (FP2000)
Default Folder (2000) anomaly
Getting information from CheckBoxes
Tables have beaten me up!
ASP Database Question
Print Checked Box (2000)
Network Folders (FrontPage 2002)
POST data format & ASP
Font size for list numbers
Loop Driving Me Nuts
Image Composer (FrontPage 2000)
Using attributes of pdfs to populate HTML pages (FrontPage 2000)
Checking source and saving a web page from the net
LOOP confusion
ScrollBars (FP2000)
transfer (1998)
Outline listing in HTML
web question
Combine multiple form fields into one db field...
FP2000 Server Extensions on Windows 2000 (FP2000)
FP 2003 beta (2003)
Search Functions for a single website
Another lapse in logic -- VBS
Converting a Binary Reg Value to a String??
Displaying Data from multiple tables
onclick syntax
Inserting into two tables
javascript ?
Cannot log onto web site using Frontpage 2000 (XP-SP1)
Advice on Management of Files
Loading Java page (272428) was removed
View Folders (2002)
Need a calendar (FP2K)
Creating e-mails with FP (FrontPage 2002)
O11 Beta (2003)
Total Text Fields in HTML Page (FrontPage XP 2002)
Database on the web - when does it make sense?
uploading (Front Page 2002)
Mouseover buttons
Hit counter image doesn't show (Frontpage 2000)
ASP upload & download
Remove line beneath Hyperlink (Frontpage 2000)
Frontpage & Swish (2000)
Office 2003 Web Components (2003)
Frontpage Counter? (Frontpage 2000)
Status Bar JavaScript Problem...
Creating a link to a folder (2000)
FrontPage 98 on XP (FrontPage 98)
Questions (98)
AutoOpen on Mac
Bookmark links (FP2002)
Data Access Page Events (2000/SP-3)
FP2002 and changing web service providers (FP2002)
rtf to links
Spaces in HTML
FP Directory Structure (All Versions)
Random String Grabber (2002)
FrontPage 2002 Overhead? (2002)
Web audio for beginners
Link to Word doc from template
XML to close the window
Can FrontPage connect to an XML file? (2002)
Hyperlink text code
Where are the FP2000 Server Ext for a Win2k Se (FP 2002 & 2000 SExt)
Email Custom Form Results (2002)
Removing duplicates from display in combo box
can't save image (2002 SP-2)
Finding include files that aren't included? (2002)
Criteria combos
Close HTML Page
FrontPage2002 Double load (FrontPage 2002)
Can I make FrontPage case sensitive (97)
FrontPage lies about file location (97)
WM_SETTINGCHANGE message -- not working?
FrontPage crashing (XP/SP-2)
Publishing Problems-Themed Buttons & Banners (FP 2002)
Enabling 'Search' feature on Web Server (FrontPage 2002 on Windows 2003 Se
XP and PWS (2000/SP-3)
FrontPage extensions (2002 XP)
files and folders now in CAPITAL LETTERS?
Making an asp bar graph
Search Form (Front Page 2000)
Attribute definition
ASP to calculate sum of records
swap images automatically (FrontPage 2000)
Broadband/Website Access
What Technology can I use to...
CSS and ASP.NET fun
Missing image names (FP2002 SP-2)
Visual SourceSafe w/ FP? (all)
Adding keywords to your titles (All)
Swish Movie on FP2000 (FP2000)
Password Protecting Web Space
Publisher themes in FP2k? (2000/SP-3)
Save As ASP - getting the file name (2002)
Bubble-sort on a single Recordset row
ASP page not displaying in Browser
FrontPage locking up after upgrade to WinXP (2002 SP-2)
Tool to obscure email addresses from spam robots
using HTMLDocument in ASP
Procedure 'spxx' expects parameter '@xx'
Hosting suggestions?
ASP page in email
Publishing FP2000 Problems (FP 2000 (2000 SExt))
A little form validation
Save content of forms (2000, SR1a)
Compare Dates in ASP
Perl Network Test Script
What do you code for?
Browser Compatability problems
Link (XP)