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Windows Secrets Lounge
Desktop Resolution vs. Fullscreen Resolution
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 in Windows 8, 64 bit . . .
Video Editing Issue with Camtasia 9 and Surface Book
Converting DVD to capture images on PC or Mac
Photo management software
List of files on USB stick
Poor Pogo games performance using IE11, no luck using EDGE for flash games
QuickTime Movies from Mac Play "Green" on Windows PC
Ripped CD in Japanese characters
Video download problem
Kirlian Bee
I want my music unshuffled (Amazon Music and Alexa)
Commercial DVD Ripper free until 2016-Dec-06
DVR tapes to flash, SD card or external harddrive to PC
Malfunctioning Sliders
Malfunction Sliders
Add multiple images in Photoshop Elements as layers
Multiple photos in one jpeg file
What's the easiest way to superimpose two JPG images, one on top of the other ?
amateur composer needs help with volume multi-file output
Graphics card capabilities.
New Wacom Tablets
Compressing and uncompressing psd and eps files
Shape Collage - A Simple and (Freeware) straightforward Collage Creator
Huge gift from Google; NIK Collection for photo editing
How to convert an EML file to a JPG file?
Picasa closing, move to Google Photos
Simple program to do layers
Windows Media Player documentation?
Need advice on movie making program
MP3 files in Windows 10 to IPad
Alternative to MS Paint
YouTube: same video content, different file sizes
Copy Entire DVD to HDD
Recommend duplicate photo finder?
Photo Gallery has stopped working
Photo format for Media Player app
green screen videos
Any free way to compress MP4 videos?
Stream Live Event Over In-House TV Channel
Software to play movies on DVDs?
Windows Media Player doesn't want to play
Batch Convert image files
Replacing Polderbits Sound Recorder
Need help extracting portion of DVD and recording it to another DVD
FLIF (a new lossless image format).
Recommend DVD authoring app?
Strange font issue only in certain windows
Looking for simple free software to scroll a webpage for copying and then cropping the image
Adobe Elements vs. Adobe Lightroom
Is Microsoft PhotoDraw v3.1.0.1811 real?
How to fix a scratched DVD?
Can anyone shed some light on this animation issue?
Why do video downloads require so much memory?
A/V synching
Show us your stuff
Photoshop: Can't get it to open .JPG extension from file.
DX 12 is incredible
Movie Maker: Getting a list of Pictures used in a slideshow
Shockwave FlashPlayer crashes almost daily
Windows Live Movie Maker crashes
Noise (tiny white speckles) in printed image
Corrupted AVI. files
Corrupted AVI. files
Unable to download YouTube video
How to scan legal size on Brother HL-2280DW?
Suggestions for consolidating and organizing photos?
Alternatives to Dell's audio-control program?
Internal sound cards
Screencasting (ScreenVidCap) software recommendations, please
Realtek drivers
Converting audio books to MP3 for thumb drives
Need help re-creating iPhone error message
Recommendations for sharing scanned photos
Trouble with Windows Movie Maker tasks
PaintShop Pro X and PaintShop Pro X5 freezing
Audio issue with edited video
Movie Maker rendering issues
Paint.NET 4.0 released
Playing .MOV files with correct orientation
Firehand Lightning Slideshow Replacement?
Camcorder tapes to play on HDTV via USB drive
Repairing music library?
MS PhotoStory Replacement?
Image editors: cheap, quick to load, and easy to use?
Programs to convert your photos into art
Need alternate DVD burner, simpler the better
Asus Monitor caused videos to freeze
WMP-11: Rip problem
Very strange situation
How to adjust aspect ratio and size of site videos?
Image editor features
LightScribe drive not recognized
Naming of scanned photos
How to view and copy video files from Sony camcorder
Importing two JPEG images into a single Photoshop file
Converting files to DVD player format
VHS capture software
Apple iTunes Update Install Jan. 24-14 - ERROR MSVCR80.dll (Win 7) error 126
TV tuner card
FastStone viewer won't retain view setting
Easiest software for making logo
Photoshop Premiere 12: Audio / Music Scores Stuttering
Paint dot net - still useful?
Just noticed that Irfanview was mentioned among the top utilities list for WS.
Recommend vector drawing application?
DVD Copying Software
AVI creation
Converting DVD files for use in standalone player
Query about VLC playback
Elements 12 opens but not with photo
Cookie-cutter shapes for pictures
Roku: How does it taste to you?
Interior design software?
No Photoshop uninstaller
2 questions re Windows Live Movie Maker & Nero 11 Video
PowerDVD/WinDVD alternative
Ten years of pictures onto DVD gallery: suggestions?
MPEG4 video files to DVD
Need help replacing Pinnacle Studio video-editing software
Need a photo album maker with nested albums
AMD/ATI drops Windows XP support
Audio low on created DVD's Pinnacle 16
Need help equalizing volume on single mp3
Need old version of Photoshop CS
Getting a Pan and Scan Virtual Desktop in Windows 7 or Windows 8
RIPping an audio CD with multiple tracks to one MP3
Ripping legal .wmv files
Nvidia Graphics Driver Website Driver Search
Video Tape Conversions File Sizes
Need a collage maker
Separate audio from video
Can the Flash Player buffer be increased?
Problem with NVIDA
Problem downloading videos in RealPlayer
putting titles on images for slideshow
How to share a large video in a secure manner
Instant Video PCI: what to use for editing?
Choppy video playback using iTunes/QuickTime on MP4/H.264 videos
Taming iTunes in Windows
Lucid Virtu MVP and video editing
Fraps or MSI Afterburner?
RealPlayer update
iSkysoft Video Converter Christmas Giveaway
Do I need NVIDIA software?
Photoshop CS 6 installation
Thoughts on a picture-taking event
Flash error message
Change NTSC to PAL and ???
Trying to download videos with RealPlayer
How to create an ISO from a DVD
BIG desktop = dual monitors = what video card supports?
How do I transfer video from Windows Media Center to DVD?
Need help getting high school annual online
Digital camera picture size
Video-card brand names
Tip - Youtube (Flash) video freezing/stuttering, NDIS_4 BSOD's
Copying TV shows to DVD
NVIDIA graphics driver confusing update
ITunes/IStore question
Winamp version 5.63 closes four security holes
Adobe Presenter/Flash playback
Adobe succumbs to user pressure and releases free security patches
Deduping hints
Burn jpgs to DVD and later use or copy jpgs from DVD?
Downloading from Internet
Program for burning video and photos?
How to repeat two music clips
Utube keeps stopping & loading then playing??
Adobe Elements 9 slideshow to VCD and WMV: awful quality
DVD/CD cleaning
Editing, Creating, and Rendering Blu-Ray (High Definition) Movies
Apple TV vs WD TV Live vs ?
'patching' Adobe Flash Player
Video Tape to PC software...
Problem getting Windows DVD maker to burn a video to a dvd
Permissions issue with Photoshop CS4/5 and XP Pro
Adobe Flash Player Question
Conversion to Corel Draw
Grabbing a still from a DVD
Pring paused DVD
Merry Christmas everyone! What are some good resources to learn Flash?
Adobe Flash CS5: all files have disappeared from Open/Recent lists
Javascript to CSS code
Flash player volume
Any Lightroom 3 users?
Computer's memory card reader not working
Windows Live Movie Maker
Blu-ray stutters
Real Player questionss
No more free CD info with EAC
Freeware to capture streaming video
Adobe Professional
Looking for a video player that will play forward and backward
PNG to JPG converter software
Adobe Automatic Updates - Disabling the Feature
Making a DVR with Win
WMP 11 and Album Art
Wanted: Multiple videos of same event merged into single video
Resize JPG to 800x600 AND to fixed max disk size...
A while back I networked my son's X-Box to my music.
Flash Player update
Video split for facebook or Youtube
Windows Media Player 12 will not open.
.chm files-program to convert to .pdf?
Unable to play created DVD on Sony DVD Player
Options for free photo editing software
Where to Find Best How-To: Stream PC Content to TVs over Network
Possible problem w/ Pinnacle Studio (DVD stops during playback)
Reduce volume of MP3
Photosynth and Silverlite
IrfanView protected images
Windows Media Player problem
Freemake Video Convertet
Help! I lost my iTunes Library!
Change default file size in Photoshop Elements 9
Kodak Pictures by e-mail
WMA to Mp3 Converter
Safe LAN Video, Chat and Text software?
HP Scanning Software Brings Up PC Cam instead of scanner
Looking for either a better way to manage iTunes or a good replacement.
Paperport 12
Photoshop won't update
need an easy to use color visualization program
Reinstalling TV in Windows Media Center
Music to the Cloud
QCP file
550 casette tapes to CDs
Burning DVD in Windows DVD Maker
HQ Wav's to DVD
Help with Blu-Ray and Windows 7
converting audio tapes for iPod use
Media Player database
No Sound
No HDMI output on Vaio VGN-FZ290 after downgrade from Vista to XP
Upgrade WMP Trimmer Plugin to version 2.x for free or with 50% discount
Trouble viewing full episodes on
large files in Windows Media Player[SOLVED]
Change White to Transparent
Multimedia Suite Question
Magix movie edit Pro 17 crashes
PDF print custom size on A3 paper
Geo Tagging
Viewing DVD Movies From Computer To T.V.
"Zap" sound at end of CD burned with Media Player
Software for my Brother MFC Scanner/Printer
Help with Flash Purchase
Create DVD Player Video on Computer
Archiving Audio CDs
Some WMV Files Play Upside Down
RealPlayer - Multiple copies of realupgrade
Save a youtube video
iTunes and Apple TV deleting shows
ATI Radeon 7000 installation fails
Copying audio CD's to hard disk
Downloads w/o Adobe Download Manager
Asus video card EAH5670 1Gb
TV software - real or scam?
Send Photos Gold, Need fix or alternate
Ashampoo 6 + need for IE 7 ???
Current media players
Convert DVD to File & Keep Menu Function
HDTV editing plus burning software
Updates to Adobe CS3
XP won't display b/w scans as thumbnails
iPod supported media player
Tag Entry for MP3 App's in W7
Print utility for printing Metadata
Windows Movie Maker
File Size's
Media Player/Center
Playing MP3 on car stereo off usb drive
Convert 1280x720 3gpp audio/video file
Podcast Receiver
Portable Versions
Windows Media Player 12
AutoCAD Map 3D 2009/WinXP SP3/IE7
Copy a section of a DVD
iTunes only downloading most recent podcast epis
Windows Live Photo Gallery
MP3 players - one good program?
Shockwave files
Anyone knows how to convert icod to avi or wmv?
Anyone Using InfraRecorder?
Best Codec Pack Suite
Test requested by Tim
graphic stitching program
Duplicate Photos
"Desktop" bigger than screen
DVD will not copy or play on computer
Digital Photos & Adobe Elements (PSE 6)
Multi Resize
Paint Shop Pro 5 and System Hook Function
Can you stop Media Player from resizing your...
Photoshop Elements Question
Burning songs to cd to play in car
Screen capture - Interactive
Changing Shape of P
Saving to disk
Place to upload photos for download
Win 7 Media Center Plugins
VLC Media Player
Windows Media Centre
Can't use my Pinnacle Dazzle!
Microsoft Image Composite Editor
DivX, Xvid - Why do I want these?
Microsoft Research AutoCollage
Making a medley
Clean Simple Install of Adobe CSx
Jpeg convertion to WMF
Converting AVI files to other formats using PMB
Convert .dream file to .wmv
Attachments Size
Download this video
Adobe Flash 10.1 beta/Java problem
Create a Menu for a CD
Winamp Pro 5.572 and Win7 not working right
Saving a YOUTUBE file = length ????
Slide Show to Movie Output Resolution
Look Inside a book
RealPlayer Sp Gold free
Photoshop Fresh Install from Upgrade
How Do I Increase Resolution
watercolour effect
greyed out folders?
ATI CCC fails to load.
How to capture VHS to the PC
Removing the backround of an image
WMM problem
Green screen software editing packages
Photo editing recommendation
lost audio in WMM
Donate your unused CPU cycles for research
Windows Secrets Article LP to CD conversion vs Irfanview - Which one is better?
Corel Clipart
Why Windows Media Player Tops Out @411mb?
WMA Incompatability with Earlier Versions
Edit files with 48 bit color depth
Baffling problem playing DVDs in WMP 11 on XP
Adobe auto-generated mailto
How to put 2 hours on a DVD
Need non-Adobe (cheap!) DTP package
Photoshop eye dropper tool
File Mapping - Pinnacle Studio
Photoshop basics
Clip Art
DVD Ripper
Hyperlinks in PDF From Publisher 2007??
Synching audio to a QuickTime video
Video Editing
Taming Adobe Acrobat
Windows 7 & Corrupt JPGs
Windows Movie Maker help
Windows Media Player 11 - Album Export
Securing a document for display
Windows Media Player 11 end on last frame
Photo backgrounds for webcam use
Duplicate images
Alter picture timestamp due to wrong time zone
Recording "Click"
Home Theatre
Corel Designer Technical Suite 12.5
Photoshop Elements 8
Ripping the audio from a dvd
Need help with Symbols
Scanning Newsprint with Pictures
Burning DVDs of recorded TV shows
How to edit a GIF in Photoshop solved
Searching for Text in an Image
Paint Shop Pro Dilemma
FastStone Capture
Digital Audio(SPDIF port) problem
Burn Digital Copy
Winamp 5.57 audio/video library disappears!
Win7 and Adobe CS4
Corel & Illustrator File Sharing?
Best consumer video editing software?
Illustrator in Win7 64 not scrolling
Changing colour of gif image
Another GIMP question
Simple editting of audio files - program advice
Adobe Elements messes up desktop icons
Elements messes up desktop icons
A GIMP Question
Opening a secure PDF in Photoshop
Why XnView IrfanView Wildbit over FastStone?
DVD playback in XP
Get Pictures from a Nero Video
How to open an IMG_xxxx.MOV file in WMP
Compress AVI file to email
sound problem?
Music - Zune 120 GB Setup Problems
Music - PC to HiFi Amp and Speakers
Vista & Jasc Paintshop Pro
Photoshop Elements 8
Photoshop Elements 8
Hard Returns in Text Mode
IE8 Non PnP Monitor
Picture Resizing
Flash Exe File
Repair Incomplete or Corrupted AVI Clips
Embroidery (DST files)
What is the best/Most frequent used by beginners
BumpTop has just launched Multi-Touch for Windows 7
Photo Shop CS2 Problems
Driver for Olympus camera
Paint Shop Pro X2
You Tube download failure
Making a Vector File
Reduce size of photos to email.
Photoshop-Making layers out of a JPG file
More smillies
Javascript failing
Batch manipulation of tiffs in Adobe PSE 7
Webcam Snapshots
Windows photo gallery error thats not an error
Burn .mkv to DVD.
Absent Menu Toolbar in Adobe Organizer
MapPoint files
MS Photo Editor or alternative (Office 2003)
Excellent Recoder (freeware)
JPEG Files to Slideshow on DVD
Reducing color palette from 16M > 256 optimized
Tagging Photos
dpi question
Help suggestions for photo
Web TV
Best way to scan photos for posterity
'Image size' simple rule-of-thumb
Scanner Installation
Photog Assistance Needed
Resize CS3 document
Besides MS
GIMP 2.6
Video capturing
Flash player
Photo Stitching Software
Picasa 3 beta
3 Color Gradient Fill at 45`
DVD Sound Problem (734794) was moved to the Other Software Applications board
Batch renaming files
Creating a (bigger) grid
Adobe flash player 'previous' version
Recovered jpeg's
Wacom Bamboo Fun
download pictures
Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0
Kodak Picture CD's
Over cropping a photo
Flickr vs. Picasa
Adobe Acrobat error message
flight sim
DS STORE file conversion
Circular Logo Cropping
Adobe Illustrator to MS Word
Not a JPG file?
White on black image
Picasa and Photoshop Elements
Edit Screenshots
Adobe reader picture tasks
Advice for a graduate
Two Images In One Lounge Post
Modern Graphic Design
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InDesign Resources
Adobe Photoshop
Find Size of JPEG (702814) was moved to the VB / VBA board
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Transparent Watermark?
Color Merging
Making scans equal
RGB colour of a pixel
Montage (XP 2002 SP2)
Minor Paint XP Questions
real player (675300) was moved to the Software Finds and Wants board
two scanners
Editing graphics for insertion into Word document
Slowing Down A Streaming Video
Image Size in Photoshop
GIMP 2.4
Freehand v InDesign
Free Graphics Programs
delete date stamp on photo?
Why not JPG?
What is the Best Program?
From Sunny to Cloudy
GIF Animation Software