Windows Secrets
Windows Secrets Lounge
VILRC error
IE 5.01 partly offscreen
Explorer not refreshing
Can't log on
Alt+Tab Not Working
Russian TV
Error Message
Clean up systray
Version Conflict Manager
Cleaning up SYSTRAY
Task Bar Empty
Moire pattern
File Extension
98 SE REINSTALL...from 0 to go
Winzip Icon
Silent modem, etc....
What is the latest on Win2K SP3
More start-up problems
Taskbar Trouble with Win98
Starting Win 98
SendTo trick
USB Plug n Pray
IE.6 & Juno - clash?
Recycle Bin icon lost.
Disappearing Printers
Lock on resume
Getting rid of Cyber Patrol
Shut Down
Win98 Upgrade
Tasks don't return when restarting Win 2000
Norton Utilities 2002
IE6 Problem- major one, to me, at least!!!! Help!
Microsoft Icons Disappear
DOS games in ME
'Event on Device' Does Not Show Any Applications
POST error with Numeric Keypad
Windows 98 Display
USB support from DOS
Win2K - IAS & Routing & Remote Access
Disk Cleanup
Changing Motherboards
Safe to delete this folder?
Exception in OE- VxD
User permission to burn CDs?
upgrading office to win 2k
same directory in two shares?
Minimize not on taskbar
Urgent Help Needed
Using previously installed Office/2K
Importing Registry Files
Norton - Shared Folder
Can't enable USB
Printing large docs
Strange process
kbdclass errors
No Buttons on Taskbar
Old CD-ROM problem
Mapped Drive Red X Hassle
missing mscoree.dll
Messenger Service
Win 2K SP3
Instant Messaging @ work
Restrict printing CPU usage
Start-up programs
Russia Language
NT4 startup order of execution
Major Problems Hard Drive Part IV -progress
Group Policies question
W98 won't boot from any drive.
Major Hard Drive partIII
Windows Explorer Title Bar path is truncated
win explorer default view
Major Problems With Hard Drive part II
DOS logon to Win Nt Server
DHCP Proxy
Terminal Services & Remote Printers
Reinstall WIN 98 SE
Win Config Program?
Primary Domain Controller
Major problems with New Hard drive Install
Multiple instances of app's from Explorer
Unable to send any data beyond a few kB
Batch File Programming
Local Login Log
Font size in windows Explorer
Run Time Error
Changing ICONS
Adding a Win98 laptop to a W2K domain
Simple TCP/IP Port
Missing Program Files
Track Shared file usage
When CHKDSK Fails
map network drives
Unable to Retrieve File from Floppy
W98 Protection Error
Update - Restart
Event Log Stopped
opening files
Too Many problems to list...
MSConfig for Win2000
Backup of Server
What Is C:\RECYCLED Folder?
CD-ROM doesn't work all the time when reading
Setting time & date
Printing problems in W2K
Dial Up Connection Screen
Special folders
Terminal Server Problem
Removing User login
Registtrey Keys
Max File Size
2nd Post - Mutliple Networks
Lost Win 95 CD
Windows Installer
duplicate monitor
Video Card HELP
Windows 98SE
Finding Duplicate Files
Print Subdirectory Tree
system32 window opens
Phone Dialer won't
Windows Hangs
Space bar deleting
Task Scheduler & Recycle Bin
Icon font
Master Browser?
Connecting to DSL Line
Where Paints Defaults To
Error Message on Boot
Wind 98 & Office XP
installing new fonts
CPU usage / Priorities
Task Scheduler & Recycle Bin
no taskbar buttons
network access to W2K computer
MS Security Bulletins
spell check denied
False 'new hardware' msgs., etc.
Desktop Icons Hidden
Disappearing Icons
WinNT to W2K Profiles not Working
Windows Explorer Malady
Win ME frustrations?? (Windows ME)
rotate a photo
Can't Read Floppy Disk
Can't see drive letter?
windows 98 explorer
Audio CD Player Has Taken Over D Drive (179805) was removed
Unknown files
Display Resolution Problem
Media player trouble
Recycle Bin
Not recognising cd drives
boot-up screen
trouble booting
Recycle Bin INFO2 format
Windows Backup
Offline Files Folder
NT4 & Viewing Chinese Characters
Safe Mode
Your comments on new network spec.
Mouse Trails in 2000
Does system restore work after September 8, 2001?
Windows 98
Windows Update fails...
Opening files
Large .BMP file
Missing Files
NT to 2k Domain Migration
Reinstalling OS
Fix a Virus
Faulty Start-Up
Unistalling AIM
Windows Media Player
Restoring NTBackup backup
cannot play sounds
DW Error Message
System Restore has stopped recording daily points
Bitten by a virus? or NAV?
Graphics incomplete
Win98SE scroll arrow problem
Lost servers
Eliminating Shutdown from the Start Menu
importing/exporting dial-up connectoids
Windows 2000 network sharing printers
change computer name
New message while booting
Can I edit the ScanDisk message?
Win 98 SR2
Sound Stutters (174926) was moved to the Hardware board
Fresh install - no floppy
Run-time error R6003
Program works intermittently - help
Em_exec Error
Print Win Explorer Directory
Losing Mapping
Explorer.exe error when viewing jpg files
Well...they USED to run...
Advanced Power Mgmt Support
No ISDN error mesage
Map local folders to drive letters
IE Favorites Gone
Getting rid of the OS/2 and POSIX subsystems
Can't get past opening Windows screen
Opinions -W2K over XP?
Anonymous Logon
Lock Folder Additions
Office XP won't load on Win 98
Dial Up Networking
Windows explorer response time
Task Scheduler Error
Browser Blown Away
E-Mail address changed when using 'Reply'
Can't Add Printer
Replace Notepad
MyDocs location
Compressed folders in W2K
Unknown event
DVD wont read data
Error messages
Communication icon in system tray
Restart and Shut Down does not work
CD-R disk freezes Explorer
Lock ups
Klez recovery
Print screen
Installer won't work after SP3 installed?
New Zone Alarm
3com EuSynth error
A Print and a Reboot!
Windows 2000 Logon
Assigning Drive Letters
IE 6: Two windows open when click on a URL
Reformatting ME
Timestamp on folders
How do drivers start?
buffer problem.
Recycle Bin Icon wrong
Find Taskbar or Tray Folder
Logon prompt
Removing XP from dual boot
Admin accounts unable to install software
Desktop Icons
Screensaver Password
Wallpaper broken
Windows Explorer Double image of my documents fold
Prompt when shutting computer down
VMM(01) Error Message
Uninstall Hangs
Batch file to change permissions.
W98 --> W2K Clean Install
XMS memory
Why is this file in Windows folder?
Freecell GPF
HD Activity
Win2k crashes Excel 97
Protecting Files
Generic Text Driver Issue
Finding MSPAINT (Windows95)
defrag takes forever
media player 7.01
CD ROM drive not recognized
Format C: and reinstall
My Documents
Tom' issue
Klez and System Restore
little 'ads' on dialogs
Explorer 5.50
File Attributes-ReadOnly
tweak ui not working
Chang User/Owner name
Find all graphics files
Norton SystemWorks 2002 Professional Edition
Invalid Disk Table In Boot Record
Desktop Highlighted icons
Function of ? 'Generic Host & Services Ctrl
Lookup Zip+4
Wierd behavior
Potential Service Pack 3 Problems
invalid page fault
Win2k pro v slow to boot after server change from
temp files
install MAPI in winNT 4.0
File Encoding Setting
System Freezes
Windows explorer auto refresh
Can't browse network for 5 minutes?
Can I copy a profile
Peer to Peer Win2k access...
ACPI Problem
Residential Gateway Device
Cannot Delete Briefcase
Print Startup Programs List?
Hidden Processes
The memory could not be 'read.'
Send-to Folder
Spool 32 error on boot up
Lockin Desktop Icons
Win2K install with driver?
W2K over XP
Where is boot.ini?
MS Backup -- Restore Problem
Hide folders within explorer
Backup Utility missing
MS Paint in '98SE
Reinstall WIN 98 SE
script for ntbackup
Slow login from XP Pro to 2000 server
Emergency - Need Screenshots of Win2K login and ..
Win 2000 doesn't open
Windows 2000 and Acrobat
Computer Freezes When Trying to Open Intranet
start up
Trigger Happy.
Cannot Login - HELP!
Problem with Offline Files
Peer to Peer Win2k access...
Win2000 Lexmark Printer Problem
Sound recorder
Win2000 Registry Virtual Device Driver Boot Error
Repair damaged NT Installation
zip folders in Win/temp
'Stealth' Program
NetMeeting color resolution
mouse problem
Web Server
send to x
Activate Image Preview
Blocking applications in Win95
Guide to Securing Windows 2000
Display Background Setting
Error opening task scheduler
URL: MailTo Protocol Association Resets Itself
window 2000
Spying on my Wife
details v. large icons
Help with My Pictures folder
Customizing Windows Explorer
Double boot caused NT4 to lose BDC status
Vanishing Act
Getting Rid of old Per Seat Licenses
Deleted windows Defrag
Edit AutoFill Passwords??
Log on to one station at a time
Changing passwords on both NT and 2000
Trikler.exe and other oddities
configmg error on startup
comparing 2 comp w/ win98se
.JPG and DC8.exe
Need to uninstall win95
Default to Details view
Screen Saver Password won't save timing
merge a reg file in dos mode
Backup Script
Win2k Pro pagefile problems..??
.reg file for word
Can't Use Files
How To !
Manually uninstall IIS 5.0
File Association - .sam
System Restore is set at Saturday 30 Dec 1899
Organize Media Player?
Audio File Upsampling - Win Sound Recorder
Win98SE Shutdown Hang / It's Back
Display Properties - Appearance
Record Volume Control
Can desktop wallpaper image be used as a screen sa
Adding W2K Server to NT4 domain
Windows 2000 Policies
Nero versus Philips
Rebuild with NT4 or 2000
Rebuild with NT4 or 2000
Lost access to Control Panel
Sys Resore and My Docs
Upgrading to WIN 2000
Screensaver Question
Dial Up Network Modem Errors
Display problem on start-up
Desktop Icons Mysteriously Moving
Windows Explorer lock-up
Skip Password
Modify Places bar in non-Office Windows apps
NT's equivalent of desktop.scf
System Settings - Painless Upgrade
date format
laptop doesnt switch off
Free Space Incorrect
PWS - Where From ?
Network PC Visibility and Non-domain Drive Mapping
IE Icon - Change?
Security in Group Policies
Group Policy not Updating
Casual security
New board, crash-free installation
Automatic Shortcuts
Context Menu Oddity
Random background generator
Missing DLL, Can't reinstall
Win98 se
Where is Regedt32.exe in WinME?
File structure error 1260
find files
Can't Backup User profile?
Unable to delete file
Backup/recover software
Map network drive ?
Display Files Details
NT 4 Boot Record
automatic reboot
My Documents Missing from the Desktop
Context Menu: re-order
page count
Batch file - Using FOR command
Installed System Font is missing...
Print Job PopUp
Jerky sounds at start-up
boot failure
Firewall penetration/access
Remote registry service
Modify Disk Partitions?
Win2K reinstall problems
CD Drive
1 fax machine, multiple printers
ME - pointer disappears
The New WindowsUpdate...
Target.dll error after installing Windows 98
Start up issue
Winkgj.exe (virus? trojan?)
Windows Explorer
Network printer problem...
System Monitor Woes
Disk Cleanup
Strange Key behaviour
NT 4 Server Machine AutoLogging Out...
List of %xxxx% global vars
Norton Rescue Discs
Monitor goes to sleep unbidden
Sound volume on Modem - Win 95 OSR 2
Picture viewer
Flushing printer stuff
WinME jumps into stand by mode
'Make a New Connection' Gone
Windows2000 Server Printing
Explorer trick - find files
DNS Query
IIS and W2K
Make startup app depend on service
File list
TCP/IP Display
Printing problems
Message windows appear/disappear
Sharing Mystery?
Unreadable 2.0 MB(!?) Diskette
Windows Installer
export registry value alone!!!
Registry value export
NT4.0 Explorer Default Settings