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2000 Professional
date and time
Problem clicking on C: drive
Sys configuration and settings report
Help with 'tray' icons
Automatically delete a file after X days
What Causes 'Device not Available' Error (144379) was moved to the Access board
Dual Booting
Missing Drive Letter C:
VGA to S-Video
Stuck in Safe Mode?
Pictogram for Desktop on Start bar
change boot drive after installing big new HD
MX Proxy 2.0 Routing
Win98SE upgrade to W2K
File Properties
Does an LCD monitor work in Safe Mode?
Disabling 'System' on DACL = Certain Death??
Clear 'documents' ?
Obtain Second Edition
SubDirectory Deletion
Win 2000 locking up
Win98SE Boot problems
Win98SE minimizing windows
Virus w32.Benjamin.worm
Workgroups across ODBC
Explorer thrashing all drives
Num Lock on?
Make 'Auto Arrange' default...
MUI Folder
Win NT 4 sp6 unexpected shutdown
Can't view just one webpage
Programs won't open from Program Menu
Display Properties Won't stay
screen saver password
Service Not Maintaining Starup Status
Scanreg & Scandisk Hangup in DOS
System Beep in NT4 SP6
Com+ rollup package 18.1
Strange ICS behavior
32bit Checksum Program Recommendation
System Restore for W2K?
dump of physical memory
File dialog Box locks up computer
Another Virus Hoax??
3GB of really hidden files?
AD and DNS Server on same machine?
disk write error
Service Control Manager Error
System Tray
File types
Win98 Altenate Desktops
Win Explorer alerting
IE loses connection
Auto logon not working
sound gone
Long file names
Win ME Help
IE Dial Class
New copy of cached local profile?
Blue screen with ARP1394.SYS
Virus in _RESTORE files
open all folders
Multi win2k Boot
set default file folder view
Win98 updates
dial-up connection
File extensions
Not enough memory to run
Networking Laptops
Removing Systray items
keystrokes for Office shortcuts
.NET framework & Win2k
unwanted shutdown
Boot up problem
OLE registration error
Loss of Mapped Drives
Error on startup
Win2K Server Licenses for IIS?
On-Board battery
Access Denied
ScanDisk Alternatives?
Win2k shutdown problem
Disk Fragmentation under Win NT 4 SP6
Peer-to-peer authentication
File ownership (NT, 2000)
Win2K Pro (SP2) and Boot Order
COM 1 unavailable
Enable Java
Where Do I edit the path For DOS Prompt In 98
Tab Causes Exit
upgrade win98 to 98se
Obtaining a RASDIAL.EXE Error State in a Script
code with cyrillic fails
Upgrading to a new server
BT Openworld/IE Access Problem
Copying fonts
'My Pictures' Script Error
Small Windows in IE6
MFC42U.dll missing
Moving an Application to a Second HDD
Right Click Menu Items
icon file locations?
Go Back
batch file question...
Detailed view in Windows Explorer
WIN95 RPC error
Default Printer
Fault Redundant Boot Disks
dummy CDROM
Application error log: perfctrs
Dual Monitor Problem
What's my computer doing?
Start Up Item Question
Windows Media Player
Win98 Font Cache Size
File Delete Permission problems
Clicking any Desktop icon crashes the system
Reading Apple Mac CDs
No keyboard
Merging/Combing Word files (134803) was moved to the Word board
No Audio Output
Background Tasks
Missing menu bar
Windows Explorer - ShowInfoTip Settings
SP6a problem upgrade
Start Menu Shows Extension (.LNK)
W2K Automated File Retention
'Flight Simulator' install woes
unassociating filetype
Network/User logon
Drive Letters
Strange Behaviour
CDRW speed problem
Disk Defragmenter does not finish
Downloading progs that save funny
Registry message when starting
Loopy Error
Scroll lags
Right Click functions on 'Start'
Win NT and MS Fax
Problem with Scheduled Task
DirectX Registry error
Defrag not defragging
Arrange W95powertoy DeskMenu items
Determine Where File Is Open
Single Profile, Mult User Names...?
detect modem
Win2K vs. Win95 about DLLs
Captions Buttons Garbled in Windows 2000
Trimming The Registry
Japanese IME causes bad English display.
Compaq printer Not Recognized
Win95 to Win98
CDO for Windows 2000
win2k slow browsing with NT
W2K Logon Scripts
Client logon doesn't ask for logon
NT Domain / Novell / Exchange Admin Question
Winsock Error
IP Addressing new system
Slow Boots
Windows Installer Problems
Mapping Network Drive - Can't see server
Changing DNS on Multiple PCs at the Same Time
Temporary Internet Files
Locks Up Saving Word Doc to Server
Error 1706.
Funny Icons
Critical file security
Computer Freezes
Instability Issues
Services don't run when scheduled
DCOM kills local connections
Shift Key Slow to Respond
no restart
Shut Down
Cascading Programs Menu
Windows 98
non stop scan the harddrive when boot
Install Win in different Directory
Terminal Server Logging...
Generic Text printer - default margins
Shortcut Vs. DOS Window
Home Networking
very slow + mouse random
Moving Program Files
Failure to recognise drive
A Different kind of Easter Bunny:
Explorer crash when deleting large number of files
Monitor won't turn on
Regestry back up
MinSPs: what are they?
Win 98 shutdown
Auto-Hid Taskbar does not reapper
Netmeeting ???
Internet Information Services
Terminal Services logging out
USB ports
Vanishing Printers Folder!
Internet over Lan
Need a sub for Norton
Compaq Shutdown Problem
DOS and Chinese Office XP
Start Up Problems
Connection Mgr Problem
regclean or cleanreg?
WINNT 4.0 SP 6a
XMS driver
I recently reinstalled Windows
Made it into SDI
Securing SQL Server from Domain Admins
Create new user
Folder Recovery
Client service for netware
Quick Launch Icon for Desktop Corrupted
missing sounds
Exception c0000005 (access violation)
Slow Windows Explorer
Downloads are VERY slow - 30 min sometimes
Pausing/resuming a service using the 'net' command
Office Shortcut Bar (124594) was moved to the General Office Solutions board
Wrong machine name
Internet connection sharing
Server Service Will Not Start
Unknown PCI Device
Phantom servers
Dial UP Networking - Lost passwords
WIN 98 files that can be deleted
Slow Boot, Blue Screens; & Duplicate .dll's
Xcopy not working
How to Backup files onto old hard drive
Poor Performance on SBS
Quick launch toolbar
No login window at startup
VB Compile Error
add / remove programs HELP
Print Problems Since Upgrade
Ethernet Card Install Problem
Ordinary users cannot write to CD-R
Start Button depresses but does not show menus
Shortcut arrows return! after Mar7 critical update
FAT 32
System Restore won't work
Edit 'Open With' list
Desktop Settings - where is the file?
File Dates Changed during File Restore using Win2K
Adding win95 to a W2k system
computer turns on by itself
Remotely adding user to local group...
Arrange Icons does not work
COM port conflicts
Error rebuilding Registry - W98SE
Missing Mouse Driver
Local network access triggers dial-up
Offline Folders Synch'ing tempfiles
Win95 IE5
Setup won't run to install
Finding Files Without Text
What is thought.exe?
DUN Settings Change at Startup
W2K Scheduler
Update Error Message
Networking with Win98/98SE & cable modem
Program List
Win2k/XP Terminal Server vs. Citrix
Protect Folder
find biggest file on hard drive
Connect to internet
Network Neighborhood
Multiple Selections
Power Save
Starting fresh
Startup ghost
W2K Can't Find Access 2000 Database File
Proxy server question
More desktop questions
Org Chart 2.0
Duplicate Name in TCP Network
boot from adapti cd rom - failure
Easy way to add user's to local groups.....
Graph, Office and Windows
Windows 98 startup screen
Unknown Device
COM Port problems
W2000 Startup Window Woes
Remote Desktop, VPN, ???
New to Internet/network/computer security and need (121381) was moved to the General Windows Solutions board
Where is Office XP SP1 file?
New problem with AD tools in W2K....
Open GL Screen Savers Fail to start for Non-Privel
Hard Disk Noise
Won't Shut Down--W2000/SR2
Sticky Printer Options
Adjusting time/date
W2K SP2 Pro. CD ROM Drive Letter
Autrun won't run - at all (120337) was moved to the Hardware board
Good Reference material on Upgrading to W2000?
Windows 98SE Upgrade
Woodgrain Toolbar Wallpaper
distinguishing 2000 from NT operating system
Dos and the '&' symbol
Icon Movement
ME hangs when shutting down
Get the right click menu using a keyboard shortcut
Where, oh where has my D: drive gone?
Explorer Problem
FIND command
mouse problems
MS02-009 patch installed?
Disabling On Board Video To Install New Card
CD & CD/RW in BIOS, not in My Computer
Help with HP LaserJet 5p issue!!!
Recycle Bin
Upgrading Hard Drive
number of seconds to display the Windows Startup
Need Generic Printer Driver
Sounds Problem
Disabling Logoff in the Windows Security Window
Fatal Exceptions
Customising W2K SP2 Search options
Offline Laptop Access Not Available
Using Direct Connection
Windows media Player
Defragmenting my mind
SENDTO folder
IIS Certificate
No USB ports for printer
Windows Telephone Dialling Rules BUG!!!
Creating Printers with scripts?
Persistent network printer connections
Auto Logon
Pasting and Sorting (116515) was moved to the Excel board
Customising W2K SP2 Search options
Shared C drive
Net Work Card
Icon Size In System Tray
ERD Revisited
Restart Hangup
Prior Searches
Insufficient Memory Problem
2nd OS
Some keys not working...
Fonts Disappear
Can't find CD Drives
Mapping a Network Drive
System Restore
Admin Rights
XP Style User Login Menu for Win2K?
MBR problem
Folder Tree Keeps Refreshing
Unwanted Automatic DialUp Connection
Unexpected Critical Error
Service packs, etc.
Service Packs
Monitor Refresh Rate
CMOS settings changed
Forced to Drive A:
Win2K Clients in NT 4 Domain
Controlling CPU utilization
Effective Searching in the Knowledge Base
Dual Boot W200
collapsed directory structure
Windows built-in Backup
Disk Thrashing
'Msgsrv32' is not responding...
Editing Options in Windows Games
won't execute login script
CD rom drive letter disappeared
start service from command line
Freezing up
Computer Management system information died
Multiple Users
No Windows Update access
Win 2k Thin Client screen saver
W2K Install from nothing
Creating afile
Increase brightness
infected kernel32.exe file...
Bring back AutoDisconnect?
Installing Laserjet 4p
Adding to task bar
Explorer crashes regularly
Standby Very slow
Apps Crashing
split drive space
Downgrading to 98
Out of Environment Space
Prevent Forced Shutdown of Windows 2000
can't change COM port
Boolean searches using FIND
Manual Uninstall of MSFT VC++ 6 Introductory Editi
C:\Windows\Temp File
Folder Limitations
Moving My Documents
CVtaplog.exe and Norton Systemworks Defrag
Network Printer Batch File
Boot Loader Recovery
Microsft Office Application Recovery
Dividing up the Hard Drive
can't remove program in Add/Remove
Win 2K Disk Checking
Win98 Startup menu - 5 seconds
Shutdown problems
Alphabetize Open File Dialog
When Word 2000 Crashes
System dangerously low in resources error
Dell W98 version
EnterNet 300
Briefcases v's Offline Files?
Need to Hide '.lnk' in Menu-MULTI-Need to Hide '.lnk' in Men
Event Log
SCSI Problem
W 98 SE startup problem
File Associations - default
Neat Trick - Explorer
ChmRBin directory???
Printers Greyed out
establish network questions
Bogus Windows File Protection errors?
Windows 98 Help Screen at Startup
restore default button appearance
Explorer Right pane disappeared
Java 2 Runtime Environment
Can't Open Recycle Bin
locking Keyboard in Win2K w/o hiding display
Timed Backups
Icon Cache
plus pack and RAS server
Error Messages
Administrators Passwords
Quotation marks
Files Safe to Delete
Can't open any programs
Service Packs reinstalling
SdcScheduler - What is it? PC Freezes on Shutdown
booting up
Internet Icon in Taskbar
Windows '98 with Iomega Hotburn Software
zip utility in WinME
'Open With' command not available in Explorer
Reformatting hard drive
Empty Recycle Bin from Command Prompt
font size in IE5
Sharing violation reading drive
EnterNet 300
Win ME error... wcs2000
FAT32 to NTFS w/o reinstall
Can't change .docs
e mail (107453) was moved to the Outlook Express board
Win98SE will not load the PCMCIA contoller
Use the Old Autoexec?
Please help me pick my Windows Ver.
VPN Dialup adapter conflict
Task Manager from command
Adding clean Win 2000 to a dual boot Win 98/Win 20
Problem with SYMEvent
Moving Print Queues
Running DOS Program under Win 2000