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Why does NOTEPAD always open on Startup?
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Video Driver Fear!
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R Click 'Send To' For E-Mail
Win 95 install problems
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Multiple recycle bins
Need ntkern.vxd file.
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HP Printers & Win2000 5.00.2195
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Increase Icon Cache Size?
Adding Shorcuts to Quick Launch Bar
Printing memory error over W98-Me-XP peer-peer net
Printing memory error over W98-Me-XP peer-peer net
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Media Player skips
How do I REMOVE a program
Defragmenting C:\ drive
Memory question
Import Utility for Win2k Server for adding users
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Civilization III and W2k
Windows 98SE Fonts
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Bad Windows Socket
Missing 'New Office Doc' icon on Start menu
Which comes first? The modem or the OS???
98SE system file chkr
DUN vs. TCP/IP priority
Folder Opens on Start
Slow R Click
Defrag/scandisk registry settings
Unravelling 2 W2k Versions
W98 Reinstall
Cleaning the root dir
sulfnbk.exe question
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BIG or small?
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attrib set to read only
Change Default Email Program
Not Running Batch File
UnMapLS and AVIFIL errors
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XP, win32.sys
IE 5.5 Cumulative Vulnerability Patch
How to supress 'show files'
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Media Player Sound, but no Video
Hard Disk Problem :
Running ScanDisk
MicroSoft Network Client
Upgrade Windows 95?
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'Search' hangs after Service Pack installation
Control Panel problem
Windows 95 won't shut down
regedit disabled on 98 se laptop
Changing time delay on Start->Programs menus etc
Fatal Exception
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Garbage Can won't empty
Toolbar quits working
Editing Startup Items
1 Com Port - 2 devices
New Folder Name Problem
MS's really hidden files
Can't access folder
How to 'Set Device Print'
Login screen
No Defrag?
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'My Pictures' produces I.E. Script Error
Question re MyComputer
Toolbars in Windows
Rename 'Program Files' & 'Documents...' Folders?
Desktop Icon for Quick Launch
Unknown files
IE6 Uninstall
File deleted
USB Scanners
ODBC on control panel
Share folders across the network
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screen saver wont work
real jukebox error message
How to get Expanded Start / Programs list
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Where is MSCONFIG?
Internet access
Mprexe.exe performs illegal operation ?
Need advice on SP1 & 2
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Shortcut Icon Arrow
Lost recycle bin
Conecting Digital Camera
Home network & NT domain
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Taskbar desktop icon doesn't go to desktop
W2K & Standby
Badtrans.B recovery in Windows ME
reinstalling windows
Small Icons show black square
advpack.dll problems
Automatic pause/resume of a service
CPU Usage nearly 100%
gif grapics won't show in thumbnail
Task Scheduler
OLE Automation Functional Change
Windows98 Beep
Need to RE-install Dial-up Networking??
IE 5.5 shuts down after 30 seconds
How can I delete CD Player
Write-up On MOM Bar
Mouse - 'Snap to'
Order of Network Protocol Setups
Windows media player patch?
Multiple Active Partitions
Taskbar icon to change resolution
Map Network Drive Wizard (SR-2)
RAM Leak
Drivers for cards
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minimize/maximize/close buttons change
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NT Command Reference
SSDP Service
Is it a hacker?!
Automatically boots to safe mode
How to boot into Safe Mode
Digital Certificates
Environment settings
No operating system found
Slow as Molasses Problem
Windows 98 white becomes black in Windows Me and s
Stop Asking Me!
Drive D replace by E
Msgsrv32 Illegal operation
Temporary Files
Printer shortcut?
Problem loading Intel PC Pro Camera
Startup Folder
System Configuration Utility - Startup
Cascading permissions with NTFS shares
Administrator Password
display blacks out on startups (sometimes)
Installing Zip drive
Security updates
Weird Win2K problem
DOS Boot / Reformat C Drive
Program Submenu on Start Menu
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Upgrading from ME
Auto PLay
What you see is....
Max # Files in a Dir
Win2kPro and IE5.5
123 for DOS macro stops
Lost .wav file type
Print User Lists
Networking Problem
runonce.exe (98SE)
Internet FTP
Dial Up Networking:Missing files from Windows CD
CD RW problem
Win 98 backup
CD autorun
Hi All,<br> Has anyone tried
File extensions/layouts Win Explorer
icon targets
Local Application Administration
Shortcut Icons
Diminished Desktop Size
Opening update download
Uninstalling MDAC 2.5
Video card
Windows Explorer
Lost my system settings
Software Setup Problem - Mgmt Console
Is my RAM going bad?
Problem with IP Routing
Adaptec GoBack software on Win 98
Screen Saver Password
Removing Taskbar Icons
Win98 Startup disk
getting rid of print messages
Roaming Profiles (89365) was moved to the Outlook board
Deleting printers
Unattended shutdown
Modified Date
Moving Shares between domains
mouse (89466) was moved to the Windows ME board
Recent Documents gone
Backing up files onto CD's
2 problems
Error Messages
Run programs from active desktop?
Mysterious Browser Errors
can't install TweakUI - RESOLVED
Disappearing screen fonts
daylight saving time issue
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File/Folder PC Source
Running Defragmenter
Office 2000 Installation
Dial-Up Port Error
Installing WinME
Runtime error when 'View as web page'
Renewing Files
Unable to Access C Drive
Norton vs Windows...
Create a Log
Limiting search path
Desktop/Shortcut keys
Hardware requirements
Shutdown problem - explorer.exe
Default Printer Won't Stick
Software hangup
File Open paths
Registering Windows ME
Explorer Illegal Op. IPF in module unknown
Installing Win98
Only admin can log in
ISDN modem com port speeds?
Which Windows (85615) was moved to the Windows XP board
Password Extensions
Want to skip password logon
Win op 98 installed on compressed drive
File Sizes in NT Batch Files
Shortcut keys don't work
Win98SE File Ordering
Run Shortcut from BATch file
Mysterious error from Windows Networking
Sharing an internet connection
Win200pro on Celeron
File Associations >
Password caching won't
*.tmp files in c:\windows
CD Player
Win ME to Win 2000``
My Desktop Is Too Wide!
Winsock guru needed
DUN Settings Backup
Line in Printing
MSMQ utils?
Windows Explorer
can't use asterisk for Word97 File|Open w/Win2000
File format
windows arrows, buttons, etc. changed to other
Problem with shortcut menu
Explorer.exe error
Open Dialog Box
Cannot reslove name, using IP
Virus-like behavior
Win 2k recovery console
.jpg extensions
Win2000 Dialing into NT4 Server with SP 4
Which version of W2K to get?
Uninstalling Windows 2000
Share Name Issue?!
Can't copy files from one disk to another
Internet print
Saving screen resolution for users
WMP works only for Administrator
Dual Boot Win 2000 and Win 98SE
VMM32 fatal exception error
Hover window in File Explorer (windows 98)
Wingate internet client
DUN online icon missing
Of 97 under Win ME
Slow File Deletion???
NT Support
font problems
Folder Options
windows 98 exp
Cleaning System Tray for Windows 2000
Printing Multiple Topics in Windows Help Files
Missing Profiles
Start in DOS?
Filename Error
Error Msg on Download
F7 in spanish.
'snap-to' lost
Upgrading Win 95 to Win 2000 - What's new?
Dial-up forced as Window?
Network Browsing & 'Computer Description'
Post ME install re graphics driver
Export files?
remove programs at bootup
Disk Cleanup Crawls
Empty Folders Pane
Misinstallation of file
DirectDraw expired
Network Problem
McAfee, Vshield & Clogged CPU
Win Media Player 7 not reading audio CD's
printing problems
Formatting Diskettes
ERD Failures
Win98-Explorer Error
installing Windows 98
screen saver does not come on
media player streaming problem
CD ROM plays mujsic but won't load programs
Start-up Menu
Use Win95 media player with Win ME?
Recycle Bin
Win ME back up to CD
Empty buttons on taskbar
Needed: a Windows9x Registry Expert...
Insufficient Memory
Multiple Partitions
DCC Hell
Maxed out CPU
Anti-virus/ tool suite for Win2K server
Scam32.exe and Sirc32.exe
Error 1500.Another Installation in Progress
Win98 Peer-To-Peer Network Problem
Sort speed in Windows Exploder
NT Policy to set Screen Saver
Files on desktop won't open
green folders
Toolbars on the taskbar
swap space
Reformat hard drive
background photo credits
Shutdown Weirdness
Registry Problem
ie4tour.dlll message
Control Alt Delete
Network Neighborhood Icon - is it needed?
Network Problem
Microsoft Office Assistant Running Amok
System Resources
Reading Disk
Reading Disk
WinME's Intelligent Menus off?
Show Desktop keys?
Wiped out XP
midi configuration
Task Scheduler
Windows Explorer - customize where it opens
ME and Netscape
Windows ME won't close
Network Description
Recover User Profile
Registry Backup
locked file
The Computer won't boot
Invalid device parameters from device driver
Hangs on shutdown
Keyboard shortcuts
Fails to run in normal mode
Task Scheduler
Updating Hardware database
Win2000 virtual directories
Hard Drive Scrub
system fonts
Accessing Other Domains
Win2000pro controling admin privileges
System Crash
can not install printers
Registry BackUp
exe files won't run
Entries in 'Search-File/Folders'
Installing-'Administrator' vs. User w/Admin Rights
System Backup Doesn't Recognize CD-RW
changing jobs - need to sanitize machine
Volume Control
Minimised Tasks
Sound problem
CD Autorun
Lost my Toolbar
Mac folders in W2K Server
Dr. Watson
DUN save password grayed out
No video using Windows Media or Real on Windows ME
98 INstallation
0 (zero) key not woring in DOS window
Windows ME and VPN
System Restore
Run Files Locally or From Server...
How to remove EXT DOS partition?
Screen Saver on Taskbar
Folder Size
Recycle Bin Confirmation
WIndows 98 Shutdown
memory test failed
Auto Dialing Nuisance
My Documents icon gone
How to create a shortcut to a program in NT profil
Find Computer
add printer wizard
2000 Professional
Password problem
Drive Memory Error
Network Neighborhood Icon Gone
EMM386 in Win2K?
ME fights IE6
personal web server
Modem Disconnects
Windows Installer Error
VxD error
Help! Win2K system startup goof!
PCI Resources
Offline files storage location
Num Lock registry setting not persisting
dual boot DOS on a separate partition
Corrupt file
Lost access to desktop
System tray for Admin vs Power Users
Screen Res
Stopping load of progs during startup
Removing Games
Shortcut Properties
Computer clocks
Creating separate DUN
Printer Printing during start-up
Lost boot.ini
tech says OEM ME on C: drive
Win Ex. and Cookies
Start a specific program
Dual processors
Second OS on loading?
Renaming printers on a printserver?